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Mogall Forest

Note: It is not possible to go back through Mogall Forest.  However, it still
is possible to make your way through Mogall Forest without Force (just follow
the directions to go in this walkthrough.)

No, not Muggles from Harry Pottery but Mogall.  Here you'll see a green monster
climb into a tree.  Use force on this tree to see the Djinn run out to the
south.  On this screen you'll see another big stump, but you don't want to use
force on this or you'll have to fight an Ape.  Push the vertical log to your
right, the horizontal log down, the vertical log back to the left, and then the
horizontal log up.  This will land the horizontal log in the water and you
should jump across it.  Use Force on the stump you're now next to in order to
see the monster escape the east.  Follow him!  Use Force on the western most
stump to see that pesky monster run south, so yet again follow him.  On this
screen head east to arrive at a horizontal log that's being constricted from
moving due to a rock.  Use your Move Psynergy on this rock to push it in a hole
and move the horizontal rock down.  Roll the next horizontal log in your way
down, then move the vertical log to the right.  Move the horizontal log all the
way up, then once again move the vertical log west into the water.  Before you
hop over to the next part, go to the southwest part of the grass section you're
currently on to find a Djinn!  Save before you fight this guy, because you'll
need to battle him.  He's not very tough to beat, so you don't need to worry
too much as long as you have your Djinn inactive before hand to hit him with
summons.  Now, hop across the log and use Force on the stump there.  The
monster will jump across the island gap, but you won't be able to jump across
that.  So, head back from whence you came (9 I think) to the northern part of
the screen.  Walk across the log path that was already there, and go through
some trees to arrive at the big stump.  Force on the stump to have the monster
run off to the west.  Follow him and go through the screen going west.  You'll
now arrive at a place with three stumps.  Here you'll want to use Force on the
middle screen to have the monster run south.

Here is a tip from Benjamin Baker <baker@cms-stl.com>:
"Using Force on the stump on the right will cause an Ape to attack you.
After I used force on the middle stump to cause the monster to run
south, I went ahead and used force on the left stump.  Another monster
came out and ran west.  I followed west and you come to a screen with a
treasure chest on top in the middle, a vertical log and a rock that you
have to use Move on three times, once to push it east, once to push it
north, and then once to push it east again into it's hole.  This allows
the vertical log to be moved out of the way and you can get to the
treasure chest.  It contains the Elven Shirt, which boosts agility.
Defense +22, Agility +49.  It is best to equip it on Ivan, who should
have the highest agility of the group already, so this just makes him
super agile.  Isaac should have the Psynery Armor at this point and
Garet and Mia are left with Adept's Clothes, provided that you are
keeping your characters in the best stuff available.  After getting the
Elven Shirt, there is one one way out, to the east, so go back from
whence you came and you will be back at the three stumps."

Head west and then down the log over water path there.  You'll see a vertical
log blocked by a rock here, so use Move to move the rock into the hole.  Once
you've done this, push the vertical log right and jump across the water to the
island in the middle.  Use force on this stump to have the monster jump across
to the water to the south.  Jump back across to the west and head around the
mini-stumps counter clockwise.  Push the vertical log east, then the horizontal
log south.  Head around counter clockwise again and push the vertical log east
into the water.  Save before you hop across this log, because you're about to
get a boss battle.  Use your Force Psynergy once again to force the monster out
of the stump and to the south.  Follow him and make your way towards the stump
in the middle on the next screen.  When you walk towards the log in the center
you'll see the monster jump to the south.  Follow him, but get ready for his
BIG counterpart to ambush you.

It's now time for a boss battle against Killer Ape.  This guy has a lot of
health, and his attacks aren't too shabby.  The first thing you want to do is
cast all of your summons against him to do a good deal of damage (by now you
should have at least one 3-Summon) to him.  Now, Isaac should also have a nice
new attack called Ragnarok that packs a huge wallop (it's my favorite looking
attack in the game.)  Have Garet use his normal attack (I equipped that Arctic
Blade on him that I liked pretty much for this point in the game), use Ivan's
Plasma and occasionally Impact on Isaac, and keep using Ply with Mia to keep
your other party members alive.  When you beat this Ape you'll get 1500 coins
and Douse Drop that's required much later in the game.  Head south once more to
find yourself out of Mogall forest.  Note: You can't go back through Mogall
forest no matter how hard your try.

Head east and go north over a bridge to reach Xian.


Note: If you do not have Force, do not bother about knocking over the log in
Master Feizhi's temple, as you can't do it.  Simply continue along on your
quest, it will not affect your game in the long run.

It may not look like it, but the building just north of you when you enter town
is an inn.  Stop there and heal up all of your characters.  Right away you
should notice a Djinn on a cliff in the eastern part of town.  In order to get
this, you're going to need Frost.  Mia should have this if you equip two
Mercury Djinn on her.  Now, you want to talk to the girl walking back and forth
between the docks and near the cliff.  Where you want her is 1 from the top and
1 from the right in order to be able to jump on the pillar once you freeze it
from one side of the garbage blocking your way to the other.  So freeze it, go
up the stairs and hop over to the eastern cliff.  You won't need to battle this
Mercury Djinn, Mist.  Now, head back across the ice and into the building right
there on the cliff.  Here you'll see a tree stump surrounded by a white line.
Get *right* up next to that white line without physically touching it and use
force to knock it down.  If you didn't hit the white line the door will open
and out come Feizhi and her father, Master Feizhi, discussing her visions.
They also mention that Hsu is late and Feizhi will run out to find him.  Now,
Master Feizhi will come over and make you use Force on the log again.  When you
do this Master Feizhi goes into a long conversation about how you use Chi from
your mind (aka Psynergy) instead of Chi from you hand like him.  All of this
doesn't really do anything for you, as you don't get any items or anything
important, but you do get a little more feel for the plot.  Now, head to the
weapons shop in the northwestern part of the town and buy the latest and
greatest weapons.  You're now done in Xian, so head out of town.

On The Road Again...

The first thing you want to do is to go due north of Xian.  Continue going past
a forest and over a few bridges until you get to a small island.  On just about
all islands like this you'll find Djinn, and this is no exception.  Here you'll
find a Djinn in a random battle, so get ready for a fight.  When you defeat him
you'll get the Mars Djinn, Corona!  Head back south until you get past the
forest area and then head northwest over a bridge to arrive at Alpine Crossing.
Here Feizhi will meet up with you and will start moaning about how Silk Road
is blocked due to a boulder.  Before heading north, fine a puddle in which
you'll want to use Freeze on (equip only Mercury Djinni on Mia).  Then, you'll
want to use growth (equip a Mars Djinni on Isaac) on the small beanstalk plant
in plain site.  Climb the plant, and slide down the ledge once you get up
there.  Hop across the Ice Pillar and head down the ledge to a treasure chest
that contains Power Bread.  Once you're done that, head north at Altin Crossing
and you'll see the town of Altin.

Note: If you're having trouble going north at Altin Crossing STOP USING THE ROM


You arrive in Altin and things are a mess.  The water is overflowing and
flooding most of the homes in the village.  Head west a little and you'll see a
statue that you can move.  Use Move on it to enter a small cave with a treasure
chest in it.  This chest will give you a useful Psy Crystal that you'll want to
hold onto for later.  Head to the inn to rest up, then go down the ladder right
in front of the inn.  Head south to find a Water Monster who's spitting water
into the lake that was once a town.  He'll flee into the cave and you should
follow him.  Go a little north in the cave to find the monster hopping very
slowly up a ledge and to the other part of the cave.  You'll probably want to
save this point and inactivate all of your Djinn.  Hop across the ice and then
slide down the cliff and press A to battle the Living Statue.  These guys are
hard core water, so fire attacks are simply devastating against them.  Like
most of the earlier bosses, he has a lot of health but his attacks aren't all
that powerful.  As always, cast all of your summons against him off the bat,
then hit him with Ragnarok with Isaac, Heat Wave with Garet, Plasma with Ivan
and either attack or Ply with Mia.  Once he's been defeated, you'll obtain a
frost jewel that lets you use Frost when equipped (note: Mia should already
know Frost.  If she doesn't, make sure that you only have Water Djinn on her.)
Go down the ladder and frost the puddle.  Now, jump across the ice pillar and
go out of the cave.

You'll now notice that the water level is a little lower than it once was, but
it's still not what it should be.  Head to the east part of the town and go
down the two ladders there.  You'll now be able to go into the Mine Shaft

Altin Peak

To find the first Water Monster in Altin Peak you're going to want to follow
the mine track for several screens.  Eventually you'll arrive at a screen that
has a large lake with another one of those Living Statues there.  In order to
get this guy, you're going to have to take the mine cart, so head around the
bottom and Left walls clockwise to find the mine cart.  However, you'll need to
flip the switch a little east of the mine cart first in order to have the track
go the correct direction to reach this water monster.  After a roller coaster
ride of sorts, you'll end up right next to the Living Statue, so save your game
and inactivate all of your Djinn.  Approach the Living Statue and press A when
next to it to challenge it to a battle.  See above for my strategy to beat this
enemy.  When you beat him you'll get a Vial that restores 500 HP and the water
level will drain a little again.  You'll now want to head back from whence you
came (8) on the mine cart, then go east followed by south towards a ladder and
a door.  There is a treasure chest in this door, but it's blocked by a large
rock that you'll need lift to get past (more on that later.)  Head up the other
ladder, and go clockwise until you get back at the door.  Continue back along
the track until you get to the next screen.  On this screen continue going
along the track until you see a door to the north that you haven't gone in yet.
Proceed through this door and climb down the ladder in this room.  Go through
the door and head west.  You'll see a train track going south when you get to
the western wall, so go down from there.  Here you'll want to change the switch
to go west as opposed to east, then head north along the train track.  When you
reach the mine cart head in and find yourself across the lake next to a door.
Proceed through this door.  In this room head west until there's a fork where
you'll want to head south.  In the next room, don't go up the ladder until you
freeze the puddle of water in between two ledges.  Now that you've done that,
head up the ladder and jump over the ice pillar to the other side.  Go through
the door to find a room with a mine cart and a Living Statue visible.  Hrmmm, I
wonder if you'll have to use the mine cart to get this living statue? ;-]
Climb down the ladder from the ledge you were on and head west.  When you see
another ladder going up to a connecting piece of mine track (it's got jumps on
either end) head north just to the west of this and freeze the puddle there.
Don't go up that ladder just yet, though.  Instead, go west some more and go up
the ladder there.  Flip the switch from left to right, then go down that ladder
and up the ladder in the middle.  Jump across the ice pillar and hop in the
mine cart.  You'll end up on a ledge northwest of the lake.  Here you should
climb down the ladder, save your game and standby all of your Djinn and get
ready for another Living Statue battle.  See above for strategies.  By this
time you may even be able to beat him in one round ;-].  Now, use retreat and
head out of the cave and stop by the inn and weapons shops.

Now, you want to go to the lowest entrance of the mine and follow the mine
tracks.  When you get to a fork near the beginning of the track, head right and
continue until the track ends a few screens later.  When the track ends, go
clockwise in that room and then head south.  In this part, you'll want to head
east then start heading north.  Keep going along the path to eventually end up
a door that you want to go through.  In this room, you'll see a Djinn on a
ledge.  Let's go get another Djinn!  Go to the eastern part of the room where
you'll see a stump and a puddle of water.  Move the stump one square to the
left and freeze the puddle.  Head north and climb up the ladder.  Change the
switch when you get up there and head south along the mine cart.  Hop across
the ice pillar and stump and into the mine cart.  You'll first go in the
apparent wrong direction off to the right, but hop in the cart again to land
just north of the Djinn.  Head south and prepare for a battle.  By this point
Djinn really shouldn't be posing much of a challenge to you, especially if you
use the right attacks against them.  For example, fire attacks wreck havoc on
this Mercury Djinn, Spiritz.  Now, head back in the mine cart and get out.
Head west to find a water puddle that, surprise, you'll have to freeze.  Don't
climb up the ladder quite yet, as there's another puddle you have to freeze a
little further west.  Now, go back east and head up the ladder.  Ledge hop and
go through the door.  In this new room, take a left and head south for a long
time until you reach a door.  In this room, go north through a rock filled
tunnel until you find a sign and a dead end.  Read the sign that talks about
falling rocks.  If you didn't have Force by now Garet would get angry and kick
the tree causes a boulder to come after you.  If Garet does not kick down the
log, try using Psynergy on the log, getting as close to it as possible, reading
the sign again, etc.  He will eventually kick it.  If you do have Force, line
up facing the tree stump and use force on it.  A giant rock will fall and
you'll automatically run away.  It will cause a giant hole in the middle of the
rail road tracks.  Climb down the ladder then slide down the mountainside.
Now, head to the north part of the hole and climb down the broken track as if
it was a ladder.  Head west to find a paved area that apparently was a secret
buried deep beneath the mines.  At this point you'll want to save your game
because it's just about boss time.

It's time to fight the final boss of Altin Peak.  As always put all your Djinn
on standby.  Cast all of your summons against this boss to do a substantial
amount of damage.  Now, use Ragnarok with Isaac, Heat Wave with Garet, Impact
on Garet and Storm Ray with Ivan, and Ply with Mia.  This boss has a really bad
attack and the fear of dieing really shouldn't be there.  On his death you get
2400 coins and a Lucky Medal.  Plus, you'll get a treasure chest behind the
boss that contains the Lifting Gem that lets you lift large rocks in your way.
Now, use retreat and heal your wounds in the Inn.  If you haven't done so yet,
get the latest weapons and armor from the shops in town.

Once more enter the mine entrance at the lowest possible point.  Go along the
mine tracks until you reach the fork.  Here you'll want to go forward at the
fork, and use the Lift Psynergy that you got from that Lifting Gem on the brown
rock there.  The rock will now hover over your head allowing you to pass to the
door.  In this screen head left, but don't go to the far left unless you're
really interested in getting a Vial behind a statue.  When you head up the
middle path there will be another rock there that, surprise, you have to lift.
Continue along this path, and the next door you go through will put you back on
the world map, this time near...

Lama Temple

There's not a lot of things to do in Lama Temple except go up to the main
building in the northwestern part of town.  Before you get there, however,
there's a Psynergy stone that you really don't need but can get if you really
want it.  Walk in the temple to start talking with Master Hama (who is a girl
by the way.)  She apparently has the power of anticipation.  After a lengthy
conversation she'll reveal to you how to make Ivan use reveal (bad pun.)
Reveal is a very useful tool to find hidden objects, doors and other things in
the game and is required crossing the Lamakan Desert.  During this conversation
Feizhi who was off to find Hsu and the others earlier will pop in and said that
the transfer did work.  Then Master Hama and Feizhi will rush off to Alpine
Crossing where Hsu is trapped.  You'll want to follow them, but before you
leave town jump the small stream to end up on the east part of town.  Use your
new Reveal Psynergy to reveal a chest that contains some Water of Life.

Head directly east of Lama Temple to reach Alpine Crossing and to see the
trapped Hsu.  At first it appears there's no way to get to him besides going
back through Altin, but once again use Reveal to open up a secret door.  Pass
through the small temple to reach the other side.  Go up the rock and use Lift
on it to free Hsu from the boulder.  When you come back later the rocks will
now be cleared and you can freely pass through Alpine Crossing.  Once you save
him you'll end up back in Lama Temple where the characters go on and on and on
about whether or not Master Hama looked at Ivan.  Sheesh, what bad
storytelling.  Leave the Temple Area and head southwest to reach...

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