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Review by Emanex
  After Tekken 3, this is the best fighter and ever shall be. All of your favorite Tekken characters are here! Even Mokujin!When you hear the word ''Tekken'', you think of a fast paced fighting game with great sound, well designed characters, and crisp, top -notch graphics. This game totally lives up to it's sequels and blows them away at the same time! this game has every character from all the tekken games! Plus they have some brand new moves too! All the Tekken 2 characters are updated with side-throws, side-stepping attacks, and more! The soundtrack is no slouch either, with 20 techno-styled tracks, the music will get your aldrenaline flowing and blood pumping in no time! Plus all new aspects of gameplay are introduced in this game, such as tag throws, tag combos, low parries, and more! There are also brand new modes, like gallery, and Tekken Bowl! you'll have to find these out yourself

Now the total reveiw,

Graphics 10/10, perfect score! this game has the best graphics I have ever seen in my life! No Dreamcast could do this. You could see people moving around in the background, helicopters flying around, fire coming out of the walls, and more!Anti-Aliasing is used to the greatest effect in this game! absolutely no jaggies, ever! even with my glasses on, i still cant see any, period!

Sound 10/10, another perfect score! the music is exellent, no tracks are repetitive and boring! they get you pumped up!

Control 10/10, perfect! this game has great control! no slowdown whatsoever! everything runs smooth and sharp! the character moves perfectly and responds accurately!

Replay value 10/10, insanely high! i'll still be playing this for another 3 years! just like Tekken 1,2,and 3, when you're hooked, you stay hooked, indefinitely!

Overall 11/10, yes, it's that good! if any other designers manage to top this, it will be a miracle! the thing is, nobody ever will top this game, ever! this will remain the best playstation 2 fighting game, forever! if you have a Psx2, and you dont have Tekken Tag Tournament, throw that copy of DoA2 out the window, and speed right over to your nearest video game store, and buy it! you wont be dissapointed!


Reviewer's Score: 10 / 10
Review by JPeeples
  Tekken Tag Tournament was released in late October of 2000. TTT was developed and published by Namco, the makers of the Ridge Racer series of racing games. This is a thoroughly improved port of the arcade fighting game of the same name. Like all Tekken home ports, secret characters and modes are abundant. The object of this game is to beat a team of two characters in each round, you only have to beat one of the characters on the team because teams share life bars. Now then, without further ado, lets get to the review.

Graphics-10/10- The in-game graphics are among the best ever in a fighting game, they are quite simply stunning. The character models are bursting at the seams with detail, everything from muscle definition to hair movement is represented beautifully and realistically. The animation is another graphical high-point, it is very fluid with nary a hint of choppiness, the only qualm I have with it is that the animations are all recycled from previous Tekken games, Namco could have added more in this respect. The in-game environments also look wonderful, they are full of life and activity (i.e. people cheering for you), there are also little environmental touches that add quite a bit to game (i.e. the grass moving, or the reflections of the characters off of the rain-soaked street. The only real downsides to the graphics are the blocky background characters and the recycled animation.

Pros- Brilliantly detailed character models. Great animation. Beautiful, lively backgrounds.
Cons- Although it is great, the animation is recycled from earlier games in the series. The background characters are blocky.

Sound-8/10- The sound is great, the hard-hitting music fits the games theme perfectly and gets you into the mood to play the game. The sound effects are excellent, they fit their actions perfectly and are quite loud, they really get the point across for the pain of the moves; the only downside to them is that, like the animation, they are recycled from earlier
Tekken games.

Pros- Hard-hitting music that fits the games them perfectly. Sound effects are loud and get the point across.
Cons- The sound effects are recycled.

Gameplay-8/10- Its you and your partner against another team, the first to deplete the other teams life bar wins. The entire tag concept comes off as a novelty to me, its nice and all, but it lacks the polish of a traditional 1 on 1 fight. Thankfully, Namco included the ability to play in a 1-on-1 fight, thus appeasing some of my qualms with the game. This game also features a ton of modes, here's a description of each.
Arcade- You and a partner fight other teams.
1-on-1 Battle Mode- A classic fighting mode, it's only you against a set of opponents, just like the other Tekken home ports.
Time Attack Mode- Fight against the clock until you beat the game.
Survival Mode- Defeat as many opponents as you can before your health meter runs out.
Vs. Battle Mode- a 2-4 Player mode, 2 fighters fight at one time, the first to deplete the other's life bar wins.
Team Battle Mode- Create teams of up to 8 characters on each side.
Practice Mode- Study a character's fighting style by beating up a dummy.
Fair Play Mode- Allows multiple players to choose sides in in Time Attack, VS, Survival, and Arcade modes.
Theater Mode (secret)- Allows you to watch any unlocked cinemas.
Tekken Bowl (secret)- Allows you to pick a partner and bowl using the Tekken characters.

Pros- Great game engine. Tons of modes insures that you won't get bored for a while.
Cons- Tag concept is a bit of a novelty.

Control-9/10- As with all Tekken home releases, X and O control your lower limbs, while Square and Triangle control your upper limbs. Basic throws are achieved by pressing X and Square or Circle and Triangle simultaneously. The control is always very responsive, with nary a hint of Sluggishness. The buttons do not use the analog feature, but this doesnt bother me, the game simply doesnt need them.

Pros- Super-responsive control.
Cons- None.

Challenge-5/10- The AI is very stupid, even on the Hard difficulty level you can beat the opponent using only a few basic techniques.

Replay Value-10/10- There is a ton of stuff to do in this game after you beat it. There are numerous secret modes and characters to unlock, and if that doesnt satisfy you, try to beat your top score.

Pros- Lots to do. Tons of secret stuff to unlock.
Cons- None.

Presentation-10/10- Just like all the other Tekken games, silky smooth presentation capped off with excellent Computer Generated movies.

Overall-10/10- This game combines brilliant graphics, great music, perfect control, and ighly addicting gameplay to form one of the best fighting games to ever be released for a ome console.

Pros- Great graphics. Great sound. Perfect, super-responsive control. Addictive gameplay.
Cons- May get old after a while.

Buy or Rent?-Buy- This is a great game, if youve ever loved the Tekken series, rush out nd buy this game immediately, it is a classic and deserves to be n any PS2 owners collection. If you're not a fan of the Tekken series, rent it to see if you like it.

Final Thought- If you're a fan of Tekken, buy this game without hesitation, if you're not a fan of Tekken, skip it, it's probably not going to change your opinion of the series.
Reviewer's Score: 10 / 10
Review by Larcen Tyler
  Finally, after all this waiting and hoping I would get my hands on an extremely wanted PlayStation 2, I was able to get my hands on one, as well as a copy of, according to what I had heard through the grapevine, one of the best fighting games for the system. OK, so I'd played it in the arcades a few times, and it seemed good enough. Then I picked it up and discovered that Namco definitely has a way of giving new systems the jump-start they need, and this is no exception!

Graphics: 10/10
The first Tekken games ran off of PlayStation hardware, so porting them was a cinch. So now we have Tekken Tag Tournament which runs off of PlayStation 2 hardware, right? Should be a cinch here too, right? Well either way, you won't notice much difference between the arcade and the PS2, aside from the extra graphical details! You'll see things like fighters' mouths moving, eyes blinking, etc. You'll even get a variety of costumes you can use for each character, some new & some original. To top that off, all of the sparks flashing and things to that effect are always reflecting perfectly, just like the original arcade game itself were in your own home!

Sounds: 10/10
All of the original high intensity music from the arcade version returns in it's full high intensity glory! Wait, I don't think that's even proper grammar there! OK, you get the point, right? The announcer calls every fighter by name, and each fighter has his or her own voice for when they perform their moves or get knocked out. Too bad there's no spoken dialogue during the ending sequences. Other than that, it's still a very good game in the sound department!

Controls: 10/10
For those who are new to the Tekken series, you have four buttons. Two for your punches and two for your kicks. The thing is, each button controls an individual limb, so you can have left punch and right punch as well as left kick and right kick. For veterans this should be second hand news. The only new addition is the tag button which allows you to switch between fighters during a match. Some moves, if linked properly, will allow you to switch fighters and double the damage!

Unlike other tag team fighters, namely Capcom's vs. series, this plays in a true 'tag team' fashion. Only one person needs to be knocked out to win the fight, whereas in the Capcom vs. series, both fighters have to be knocked out for the other team to win. This adds a new strategic twist to the gameplay, making things a lot more tricky!

If you're wondering, the Dual Shock 2 controller handles the game fine, and with vibration turned on, you can feel each and every blow as it connects in full glory! You can even connect an original PlayStation controller if you are short on Dual Shock 2 controllers so a friend can play without having to shell out the extra money for a second controller!

Replay: 10/10
You can play tag team against the computer or up to four friends, where each player actually controls his or her own fighter, making it a true tag team fight! You can also go for standard one-on-one gameplay. There are even some hidden features to be unlocked! Also, there's a total of 34 characters to be found within this game, meaning that you'll be spending a lot of time with this baby!

Overall: 10/10
If you have a PlayStation 2, but you don't have this game, then what on earth are you waiting for? If Namco can jumpstart PlayStation 2, then why haven't you jump started yours? Join the tournament and tag into the fray!
Reviewer's Score: 10 / 10
Review by Me-sama
  I've never touched a Tekken game in my life, and this had made me an addict. I'll admit, when I got the game I was hesitant. The last time I have ever played a fighting game was Mortal Combat 4, and I feel like jamming a pitchfork in my cerebral cortex whenever I hear the mention of that filth, so you can see why I really didn't know if this game was right for me. Now I curse myself for EVER doubting a game like this.

Basically, it is a fighting tournament called 'The King of the Iron Fist,' where a group of superior martial artists compete for an incredible cash prize, and the control of Mishima Zaibatsu, one of the most prosperous economical corporations in the whole entire world. While there is no TRUE storyline, it doesn't effect from the gameplay. As a matter of fact, it improves the fighting aspect of the game, since Namco didn't have to work on the storyline.

Graphics- NICE! Not only do we get a few really cool CG scenes (THE FINAL CHARACTERS ENDING HAS TO BE THE BEST DISPLAY OF GRAPHICS I HAVE EVER SEEN) but my god, when I am blown away by the POLYGON graphics, you know this game is good! The moves of the characters are flawless! It looks like real martial arts! While some of the backgrounds are slightly grainy, and some of the characters (like Unknown and Devil) could have been done a bit better, you will be so glued to the good things you wont notice the bad things.

Music- Some of the songs, like Yoshimitsu's song, are VERY good. You will never hear high-class techno like this in a Street Fighter game. It goes really nice with the battles too! Now while it isn't RPG class music, it definitely is worth putting the sound on while battling the computer, or a friend.

Control/Gameplay- When you just get this game, and you kick, punch, block, maybe do a special move, you think you are the master. Then you learn more intricate moves. Combos. Jugglers. Throws. Different stances. I assure you, you cannot learn every character's moves. I have tried and it gave me several migraines and a brain tumor. I have not encountered a part in the game where I have not had fun. From fighting with my tag team partner against the Unknown boss in Ultra Hard, to bowling with the robots in the bowling mode, I found myself smiling throughout the game.

Replayability- Being that I play the game about 6 out of 7 times a week, I say this game is pretty replayable.


Overall- Hey, what can I say. I'm an RPG fan mostly, and I can't stop playing this game. I still find myself yelling to my brother, ''ONE MORE TIME! THIS TIME MY PAUL WILL KICK THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR LEI! HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING! COME BACK HERE!''
Reviewer's Score: 10 / 10
Review by Nonlamegamer
  I remember the first time I was playing Tekken for the Playstation. I thought that it was the greatest game in the whole world and to think they would come out with a Tekken that not only has characters from Tekken, but also from Tekken 2 and 3, plus a Tag system that allows you to play with up to 4 friends makes this game the best Tekken of all time and a must for the PS2.

The graphics have been enhanced, which will make your mouth water and your eyes pop. There are twenty characters to choose from when you start out, but there is an amazing 34 characters in all, and they look better than ever. There are tons of moves and tag combinations that are extremely powerful.

TTT's (Tekken Tag Tournament) opening movie is good, but not great. It shows off the PS2's graphics, besides it's pretty cool to see the look on the guys face as the cars crash. Too bad Namco didn't make this opening more like Tekken 2's, which I think is the most enjoyable of all the Tekkens.

The music isn't all that bad, actually, during my first battle I felt like dancing ^___^ I love the hitting and kicking sounds, BAAAAAMMM!!! KKKKK!!!! Turn up the volume and get in the mood to kick some rear end.

Control is an important factor in any game...well, this game has some characters for you button smashers out there and has other characters that require more skill, but preform better. All in all the control is exceptionally good, and will make any fighter fanatic happy.

Overall I'd give this game a 1...just joking, this game deserves a 10! I LOVE IT, and more than likely you and the three other peole that you choose to play it with will LOVE it also.

Reviewer's Score: 10 / 10