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Final Fantasy IX (PS1)

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<!--StartFragment-->1. In the Prisma Vista

After the cool-looking intro cinema, you'll get to control Zidane, the main
character of the game. He has a monkey tail, short blonde hair, blue trousers
and some funny-looking "gauntlets". He is member of the Tantalus thief gang, and
you're currently on their headquarters. Head forwards and ignore the candle.
Enter open closet, which has a few goodies on it. On the right side and left
side you'll get some nifty items, as well as some amounts of gil. You could also
examine the purple lettering on the right of the closet opens door to get more
information regarding the Prisma Vista. Once you're ready, light the candle.

You'll see a real time cinema. The people on the other side of the door will ask
who is. You'll be prompted to select a name. The default name is Zidane. Yes,
the same one as the soccer player. When you select the name, a masked man(the
mask is green and has a dragon shape) will enter the room abrubtly, and a battle
will start.

HP: 160

This is a really, really easy boss. He'll attack occasionally, and sometimes
he'l miss. Use the character named Quina to use the command "steal". Steal
enough times so you get an item called the "Mage Masher", which is rather
important. Have Marcus and Blank, as well as Zidane to use the attack command on
Baku to cuase some nifty damage. Once you cause enough damage, the mask will
break revealing a purple haired man.

After the battle, Baku will call the crew for a meeting in the room adjacent to
this one. There, Baku will explain you the plan. Apparenlty, we need to kidnap
Alexandrias hottes babe, the heir to the throne, Princess Garnet. All of the
crewmembers will tell you a bit of information. During the conversation, you'll
have to make a choice. Once of them is worth a scream from Baku, and the other
is the correct. The correct one is the one with the word Garnet on it. Once you
make the correct choice, we are off Prisma Vista.


After you leave the Prisma Vista, we'll see another CG where we'll be introduced
to Vivi, a black mage with blue clothes, yellow pointy hat and an eerie looking
black face with yellow glowing eyes. He is pretty scared about visting
Alexandria. He's here to see the play "I want to be your canary" like everybody
else. Once you get to control him, head backwards(south) immediately, to get to
a circular plaza with a statue on it. The statue has some interesting
information you may want to learn. Check the corners and everywhere until the
field icon pops up and you get your cards. Return to the main street again.

This time around, head north, and a little mouse will then bump into you.
Another little girl will help you out. Grab the Potion below the cartel on the
bottom of the screen, near the entrance to the plaza. Enter the open house here,
and check below the bed and at the top of the ladder to get another Potion as
well as a generous amount of Gil. Return to the main street and go north once
again. You'll then see three Treno Nobles. They're heading towards the same play
you are going to see. When they leave, check the grass to get some cards and
items. You could also check the lettering here. Enter the bar, and look for the
Flan card which is by a barrel.

Advance forwards then to the screen, which has as background a portal. There is
a man named Doug here who owns the item shops, and you may enter it and buy
items if your 500 gil stash(plus bonus gil you may have gotten by doing
exploration). Then go through the big portal, to get to a circular plaza, which
is way bigger than the other one. There are also several shops here, including
the armory and the weapons shop, but you can't biy a thing in any one of them.
You could also visit the Inn to get a cinema including the hippo family and
their reservation problem.

Visit the booth right down the middle, and press X once the field icon pops up.
Vivi will then talk with the man there, and he'll examine your ticket. Lucky for
you, it is fake, so you're stuck here. When the poor Vivi starts to cry, he'll
give you some cards to stop you from crying. I guess that's better than nothing.
You could also visit this guy again to get some information regardin the play
that is currently playing(redundance?). You could talk with the girls on the far
right corner of the area and play the jump rope. Head towards the alley by them

There, you'll witness another real time cinema, and afterwards, Puck, the same
mouse that bumped onto you at the very start of this city will appear. He'll
give you a "slaving" proposal. Decline now, and head forwards. You'll come to a
houses complex. Enter the houses, and examine them for some nifty items. If you
ring the bell at the bellhouse, you'll get some extra cards. When you're done,
return to the alleyway, and wait for Puck. This time around, accept. Once you do
so, wait until a text box shows up. Say that nobody is coming, and move on.

If you wait too long in the alley, alleyway jack will appear. If he gets too
Near you, he'll steal a stash of gil from your pocket. If your timing is right
And you press X before he mugs you, you'll then learn that is nothing but a
Tetra master guru. He'll take you to the bar, where he'll give you a lesson on
How to play this addicting game, the Testra Master.

Follow Puck to the bellhouse, and try to climb the ladder. A pink creature
called Kupo(a moogle) will fall down from the sky, and talk with you. He'll then
give you a tutorial on how to talk with Moogles and what they do. Once he
finishes, another moogle, Siltzkin(something lile that) will appear and tell
Kupo he's leaving soon. When the conversation ends, Puck will be waiting for you
in the top of the tower. Talk with Kupo, and save your game. Then select the
Mognet option and you'll get your first delivery.

From now on, each time you find a Moogle, select the mognet option and they may
Give you a letter for you to deliver. Delivering letters to the moogle is worth
Nothing(unless you're playing the Mognet central sidequest). Normally, the
Moogle tou need to deliver the card to is the next one you'll find, but some
Times you may need to do a bit of backtracking

Climb the ladder, and you'll end up on the Alexandria rooftops. Follow Puck
instructions, and follow him. Check the rooftops for some nifty Gil. After
following Puck for a while, he'll ask for your name. Input it and head towards
the end of the rooftop complex and the play will begin. Witness the play, and
you'll end up on a battle in the middle of it. This is a really easy battle,
rely on physical attacks, but do not use the SFX option because the SFX spells
cause no damage.

After this cinema, continue looking at the play, and once again, you'll have to
do a bit of button pressing. Blank and Zidanw will do a choreography, and you
msut press the buttons Blank screams. Press them correctly, and you'll impress
the nobles and get gil. Press them incorrectly, and you won't impress the
nobles, and therefore, you won't get gil. You can repeat this as many times as
you want. Once th play is finished, Blank and Zidane will get into the castle.


ENEMIES: Steiner
ITEMS: Phoenix down(x2), Elixir, Phoenix pinion

Go up the stairs, and don't try to go through the portals next to them, because
the guards will stop you. When you go up the stairs, you find Garnet. You'll be
given a choice. Either one of them will trigger a cutscene where you'll see
Garnet escaping. Zidane and Blank follow her. Afterwards, Zon and Thorn will go
towards the queen's place and inform her about the situation. Beatrix
intervenes, and queen Brahne sends captain Adelbert Steiner to look for the

After Steiner finishes with the kingths of Pluto, backtrack to the queens place
and talk with here to get a silk shirt. Get back to the hallway and go down the
stairs, and go through the door to Steiner's left. In the next room, go down the
stairs, and head forwards towards the exit. Keep heading forwards to reach the
lake. Talk with the knights of Pluto you find, and head throught the left
passage. Talk with the knight of Pluto and go through the door to the prisons.

Head forwards the hallway towards a big, big stair(which is by an old desk).
Climb them(on your way there, talk with the knight of Pluto). When you reach the
top, you'll see a FMV, and then take controls of Zidane again. When you do, go
through the door the princess went. You'll see Ruby. Talk with her, and go
through down the stairs. You'll see another real time cinema, and then go
through the door. Cinna will open a passage for you then.

You'll fall on the ship's engine room. Immediately behind you is a wheel. Turn
it to the right and to the left then. This will make two chest to fall. Go left
from the wheel, up, and down the stairs. Check behind the machine for the first
chest and in front of it for the second one. Go through the door then, where
we'll meet Steiner, and we'll also have to fight him.


Use steal with Cinna to get the goodies he's holding, and use both Blank and
Zidane to attack. This should be easy.

After the battle, the action will shift to the play. Pay attention to it.
Afterwards, Steiner, Garnet and Zidane will accidentally get into the play, and
they'll had to improvise. Once the play is almost finished, Vivi will come and
wreak some havoc. After this, Steiner will realize that he was pursuing you, and
a battle will begin(Your party is conformed by Marcus, Vivi, Garnet & Zidane).
Use Vivi to cast fire, both men to attack, and Garnet to heal. After the fight,
the ship will try to take off, but Brahne attacks it, and sends a bomb. Now,
another battle will begin. Attack Steiner until the bomb explodes, and you'll
see a cinema.

The other day, I gamesharked and gave Garnet 999 MP. Then, when I fought
Steiner, I used Bahamut, which caused about 3.000 points of damage, and...
Steiner was STILL alive!. This makes me think that Steiner has no HP in this
Battle(the one with the bomb)

The ship manages to escape even though it was badly damaged, and with Garnet on
it. You'll then see a real time cinema where Brahne curses the fact her daughter
escaped. There is something fishy going on here... Brahne seems to be needing
Garnet for something...

  ENEMIES: Fang, Goblin, Prison Cage, Dendobrium, Plant brain, plant spider
  ITEMS: Phoenix down, Bronze gloves, Etherx3, leather hat, Rubber Helm
         Potion, Wrist, Blank's medicine, continental map

Once you arirve, watch at the cinemas, and you'll be then able to control
Zidane. You'll also be forced to watch your first ATE, which is a glimpse of
what you'll confront next. Once you can move, talk with the moogle here and
save, then go through the trunk. In the next screen, random battles will finally
ensue. I suggest you to fight a few enemies to gain levels. Don't forget to
steal; these guys normally give potions. Afterwards, head towards the right.
You'll see a cinema. When it is finished, you'll have to fight.

BOSS ENEMY: Prison Cage
HP: About 200.

Zidane trances at the start of this battle. If you equipped the mage masher,
then this should be a cinch. Use normal attacks with Steiner(or the Minus strike
if he loses a considerable amount of HP). With Zidane, select "Dyne" and then
select "Fre energy". Don't use "Tidal Flame" because this WILL kill Garnet,
finishing the game instanltly.

Once you beat this guy, it'll catch Vivi once again. This time around, he'll
help you by casting Fire, but Zidane won't be on trance. Use normal attacks and
rely on Vivi's fire. Once the Prison Cage its finished, it'll launch some spores
which will affect both Vivi and Steiner. Zidane, hopefully, evades them. The
action then shifts to the Prisma Vista.

You'll see Zidane and Baku having an argument regarding Garnet. Zidane then
decides he'll have to look for Garnet alone, without any help. When you regain
control of him, return to where you argued with Baku, and get the items in the
chest. Return to the spiral staircase and go down. On your way down, you'll have
to see several ATEs. Once in the bottom, head a bit left and snag the item on
the chest, and then head right. Talk with Blank and enter the room. Inside, talk
with Vivi. Once the chat has been finished, check the treasure chest here, climb
to the bed's top(the one next to Vivi's) and snag the gil. Return to the room
with the staircase.

Zidane will suddenly have a flashback, and you'll be given a choice. Bow to save
Garnet. Blank then suggests you to talk with Baku. Head left from Blank's
position into the next screen. Snag the item on the chest, and go down the
stairs. You'll be on the cargo room(where you started the game) once again. Go
through the door across the stairs you used to get there. You'll find Baku
inside. He'll chat with Zidane, and then leave the room. Snag the item here, and
go outside, where Baku will be waiting. In order to leave Tantalus, you'll have
to beat this son of a gun.

HP: About 160

I would recommend you to steal the items he's holding, since they're pretty
good(an Iron Sword as well as a high potion). Otherwise, stick with the attack
command until he gives up.

Once the battle is finished, read Baku's messages, and head left once again. Go
through the door directly across the stairs, when you'll find Steiner. After a
lot of persuation, he'll decide to go with you, and suggest you should visit
Master Vivi. Go down from the room Steiner was one, and then all the way right
to Vivi's room. Talk to him, and then exit the room. Backtrack to the cargo
room, and go through the door at the south. You'll find Blank, who'll gie you a
medicine. Snag the item on the chest, and go outside. Cinna will be selling
items here, but for a price. Buy what's necessary and save youe game. Enter the
evil forest once again then.


Level up both Vivi and Steiner here. It's gonna be a lot tougher because you
have two more party members, and the enemies will give you less exp. This makes
this a lot tougher, as stated before. You should ba able to take them to level 3
though. Once you're finished, go to where you fought the prison cage, and go
down the ramp. Then head all the way forwards(You may find Dendobriums who give
you more exp.) to a spring, where you'll find a moogle. Heal yourself on the
spring, and deliver the mognet card to the moogle here(save your game, too).
Then go towards the road at the right portion of this area. Head forwards and go
trhought the hole. Watch the cinemas, and then you'll have to fight the Plant

BOSS ENEMY: Plant Brain
HP: About 960.

This is your first real boss fight, and as you can see(Hp, Hp...) is very, very
tough. The plant brain likes to use the Pollen attack, which is terrible for
Zidane(and for Steiner, but don't worry about him). But what's worse, is the
Thunder attack, which hits everybody. I've seen Lv4 Vivis falling against this
simple yet powerful attack, so watch out!. Rely on offense, and not stealing(fro
now...). Use sword magic with Steiner(Fire), Fire magic with Vivi and attack
with Zidane. After you caused enough damage to the Plant brain, Blank will come.
Use him to steal, and finish the fight.

After the fight, watch the cinemas, and fight enemies as they come. Watch the CG
at the end, and you'll be out the forest. The party will then make a tent(I'm
not sure if this Tent heals you) and a moogle will give you the moogle flute,
which is used to call for the moogles on the world map by pressing SQUARE. That
way, you can save. You'll be out in the world map once the cinemas are finished.

You're now out in the huge world map of FFIX. Here, random battle will ensure.
I would recommend to fight a little bit to gain new abilities and more levels
(specially for Garnet). Your next destination, the Ice Cavern, is just south
from where you are, but you could go east to a gate, where you can get some
nifty items and you'll be also able to buy medicine(by knocking the door).
Either way, enter the Ice caver when you're ready.

ENEMIES: Fang, Wyerd, Cave Imp, Flan, Black Waltz(Boss), Sealion(Boss)
ITEMS: Potion(x2), Tent, Ether, Elixit, Leather wirst, Phoenix down, Mage

After the little chitchat with your characters, you may move on. Go up, and then
go down the ledges here and snag the item on the chest. Go down the ledge and up
again until you arrive on the nexy screen. Here, you have two paths. Select the
one on the right, and go up(be sure not to touch the wind or else...). You'll
bump into an ice wall. Examine it, and Vivi will melt it. Grab the item, and
backtrack to the start of this path. Then, go around the right path, and grab
the potion. Backtrack again, and this time around, select the right path and
head forwards towards the next screen.

In the next area, head right, and you'll see a trunk. Use it to get to the
ledge, and snag the item. Then, have Vivi cast Fire on the trunk, which will
make it fall. Use it to go down and to get the Mage Masher, which is the same
weapon you(hopefully) got from Baku the first time you fought him, so you wasted
your time(unless you forgoted to steal this weapon from Baku). Afterwards, head
all the way north, and grab the elixer on the chest. Head a little east from the
chest to the next screen. Here, grab the items and melt the wall on the left to
get an item, then go north.

You'll arrive at a branch. If you're feeling unlucky today, go left first, and
melt the moogle here to save your game. Afterwards, return to the branch and
break on through the right path. In the next screen, a cinema will ensue. The
cold mist makes everybody pass out. Zidane will awaken a while later. Equip him
correctly, and head towards the "door" on the right. You'll find Black Waltz
Number 1, who si the main problem 'round here, so we gotta do a bit of killing.
Time to fight wise guy!.

BOSS ENEMY: Black Waltz # 1, Sealion
HP: 229/472

This is a very tough battle. I was on level 7-8 by this battle, and it was easy.
Being on low levels will make it a lot tougher of course. Steal the items from
the sealion(Mythril Dagger & Ether), and attack the Black Waltz then. With the
Mage masher equipped, about four hits should be enough. Go for the sealion then.
Heal by using potions, and if you get into trance, use Tidal Flame, which should
be enough to kill the icy beast.

Once the battle is finshed, Zidane will go check on his friends. Once you regain
control of the party, go up by using the ramps and exit this place once for all.
Outside, the party will spot a city near where you appear. Zidane then suggests
Garnet to change her name. Surprisngly, Garnet agrees with the thief, and
changes her name to Dagger. You'll be able to select another name though. After
all real time cinemas are finshed, you'll be on the world map. Dali(the city you
saw after you got out the ice cavern) is just north from you.

You could go to the south gate, which is to the left of the ice cavern exit.
There, you can buy items from Mary. On your way to Dali, you could visit the
Observatory mountain and talk with Morrid in the house on it to start the Mr
Morrid sidequest.

Immediately after you arrive, we're off the sleep. After Zidane wakes up, he'll
notice that everybody else is gone. Is up to you to find them. Check the room
that, although little, has some items and nifty information on out. Go out the
inn then. Directly across the in is the item shop, where you can stock up on
armor and weapons. Sadly, there is no medicine to stock up from. Go out the
shop, and head north, where you'll find Vivi. After the cinema, head to the
right and enter the medicine shop. Stock up, and head south. Read what Zidane
has go to say, and enter the weapons shop once again. Watch the cinemas, and
then return to the inn.

Zidane talks about his adventures and mishaps with Garnet. Is not that Garnet
ain't interested, but she's worried about Vivi. Go out the inn then(with Garnet
in your party) and head north to where Vivi was, where you'll find he's
underground. Watch the cinemas, and enter the windmill. There is a hatch door
here, but ignore it for now. Go around the machines, and get the stellazio. Go
up the stairs and grab the items on the windmills rooftop. Go down then, and go
through the hatchdoor.

You'll be under...ground(you thought I was going to say "cover"!? Mwhahahahahah.
Ok, move on). Go forwards and use the little "lift" to go down. Snag the items
on the chest here, and head north. Garnet stops you, and you'll hear two men
talking about Vivi. Once the cinemas are finished, enter the little room they
were holding Vivi on, and get the items there. Afterwards, head to the right of
the room Vivi was on. In the next screen, you'll see a couple of boxes, a
barrel, and a wheel. Use the boxes to get an ether, and kick the wheel to get a
potion. Examine the barrel then to find a moogle, who'll gladly save your gane.
Move on then.

In the next area, use the boxes to get the items on the chest. Then go through
the the door at the north. In the next screen, we'll finally find Vivi, who is
hidden on a coffin(the men we saw a while ago put him in there). After the
cinema, grab the items, and head to the right(use the walkway by the machine).
Sdvance until you see a cinema. During that cinema, somebody discovers you, but
Zidane does the proper thing and saves the whole party. The action will shift
back to Steiner. See the cinemas, and then follow mister morrid down the
observatory. On the bottom, search for items and grab them. Then enter the
house. Mr Morrid will say the ship should have arrived. Go out the house and go

Steiner will spot the ship, as well as two men taking some things out the
ground. The two men spot a "crazy knight running towards them" and flee. Steiner
spots a moving barrel and slashes it. The party coms out, and as usual, Steiner
argues with Zidane. Suddenly, a blue figure comes flying and attacks your party.

BOSS ENEMY: Black Waltz # 2
HP: 1030

This guy is really easy. Have both Vivi and Steiner use Blizzard and Blizzard
sword(respectively) and rely on physical attacks with Zidane. Garnet should use
Cure in order to maintain the party at good ship(casting Protect on your party
is also a good idea).

After the battle, you'll be given a choice. You'll be able to enter the ship
immediately, or to go to the inn and rest and buy items. The second one is the
most recommended, as you'll be able to spend a little gil on items, weapons and
to regain your Hit points and magic points. When you're ready to go, head
north(from the inn) and all the way right to the sip to get into it.

  ENEMIES: Black Waltz Number 3
  ITEMS: None

The cargo ship is cinema full, and gameplay-less, so there are spoilers here.
After Garnet gets mad at Zidane for touching her ass, you may control him. Go
throught the door. In the next area, you'll find Vivi trying to speak with the
black mages, but they don't answer. Vivi gets sad then. Afterwards, head north
towards the end of the room, and go up the ladder. You'll be at the deck, where
you'll find Steiner. Watch the cinemas, and you'll get to fight yet another
Black Waltz.

BOSS ENEMY: Black Waltz # 3
HP: 1128

Vivi will be on Trance on this battle. You'll have Steiner and Zidane as your
backup. Have Vivi use two consecutive Thunder, and Steiner use Thunder Sword,
and Zidane to steal. Once you stole all of the BW#3's items, have Zidane attack
too. This battle should be really easy. After the battle, watch the cinemas, and
you'll end up on Lindblum Grand Castle.

  ITEMS: Kupo Nut, Mini Burmecia, Autograph, Moogle Suit, Glass armlet, ether
         Hi Potion, echo screen, Tent(x2), Leather plate, Silver Gloves, Ore
         Leather wrist, Bronze Vest, Mimic card, Wyerd Card
  ENEMIES: Fang, Mu, Zhagnol

Immediately after you arrive, the party gets amazed by Lindblum's genial
architecture. Garnet feels normal because she's been here before. Before the
party can do a thing, a couple of guards will come, and demand for a proof that
Garnet is Garnet. She'll show them the falcon claw, and they'll call for
Artania. See the cinemas, and after them, you'll be on a place with a fountain,
a stair to the right and a lift directly across the fountain. Take the stairs on
the right.

In the next area, head right and go up when you first can(do not take the staies
down). You'll be on the guestroom. Head left and then up the short stairs, and
then left again, where you'll find a moogle. You shoud save your game now. To
the left of the moogle is a treasure chest. There is another one north of the
moogle, too. Once you gotten all of the items, go out the guestroom and return
to the area with fountain, and go to the lift across it. Artania will then
explain you about the different levels the castle has: bottom, middle, and top.
We are heading to the top one.

There, we'll see a cinema where Cid is finally introducedto you(what a surprise,
eh?). After the cinemas, you'll see Zidane entering a bar, where he'll order the
stupid special. While there, he'll meet an old girl he knew before. After a
while, he'll finally remember who she is. Freya is the name. They'll talk about
the festival of the hunt. Afterwards, you'll see a cinema regarding Garnet and
Cid, where you'll finally learn what happened to Cid. After this cinema, you'll
see Zidane on the inn. Talk with Vivi, who leaves, and go out your room. Enter
the room next to yours and save your game. Then go down the stairs.

Check the tea-table for more gil, and go out the inn. Directly across it is the
aircab, but don't take it just yet. Instead, head all the way north to the next
screen. In here, you'll see two paths. The left one takes you to a church. Enter
it, and go up the ladder behind the altar, and snag the item on the chest.
Return to the path split again, but take the right path this time around. You'll
reach an area with a big pillar in the middle, as well as shops. Here you'll
find the armory(right) the medicine shop(north) and synth shop, which is
northwest. I recommend snything some weapons, specially the Ogre. After you are
done, head back to the inn and enter the aircab across it. Go to the theater

After you arrive, go out the aircab. In the next area, go a bit south and enter
the house to the right. This is the artist house. Grab the item on the chest
here, and then exit the artist's place. Head towards the stairs ad go down. In
the next area, you'll see a big construction site. Enter it. This is the
tantalus hideout. Here, Zidane will start to sleep, and you'll see more ATEs.
Afterwards, grab the gil on the chest, and grab the Mini Burmecia which is in
the second level of beds. Go out the hideout, and south, then go down the
stairs. In the next screen, you'll see a lot of Lowell fangirls, as well as a
big moogle.

After the spectacle, go back to the aircab, but don't enter it just yet.
Instead, enter the artist house, talk with the artist, and go out his house, and
go down the stairs. Go south and head towards you found the moogle. Talk with
fangirls, and then Lowell will appear, as well as the moogle. The moogle will
then leave. Follow it to the artist house, where you'll find Lowell. He'll give
you his autograph. Check on the barrels for the moogle suit. So, Lowell was the
moogle!. After you laugh your butt out, head towards the Aircab and head to
Lindblum Grand Castle. After you arrive, head south to the next area. Then, head
left, up the stairs and right. Head south then.

You'll be on the fountain area once again. You'll hear Dagger's voice. Try to
use the lift, but some punk ass guard won't let you pass. You can kiss my @$$!.
Oh well, I cannot be helped, so go up the stairs on the east part of the room.
Head right, but this time around, go down the stairs, and head left, where
you'll find a guard snoozing. Talk with him, and Zidane takes him to the
guestroom, where he puts the guard to snooze once again, and takes his clothes,
Head towards the elevator once again, and select to go to the "upper level". In
the upper level, Zidane takes his clothes out. Avoid being seen by the guards,
and take the stairs on the left.

Go around the big machine here, and go up the stairs. You'll arrive at a
lookout. The guard here won't pay attention to you, so, head to the left and
then north, where you'll find Dagger. Zidane will talk with her. After they are
finished, Zidane will look through the telescope nearby. You must mark all the
locations in the map before you can exit the telescope view.

Ceebell River = By the south gate(below it)
Marshland = Right in the middle of the map, around the forests.
Aerbs Mountain = They surround Burmecia
South Gate = To the north
???? Forest = Around where you see Chocobos
Aerbs Mountain(right) = They surround Alexandria.

Afterwards, watch the long cinemas. After all of this worthless information and
cinemas, you'll see a lot of people preparing themselves for the festival of the
hunt. People will give freedom to Mus and Fangs. You'll then see Zidane and Co.
on the guestroom. A guard will then come and ask for what you want to receive if
you win the festival. If Zidane wins, you'll get 5.000 Gil, if Freya wins you'll
get a coral ring. If Vivi wins, you'll get a card(Prisma Vista). The best bet is
obviously Zidane's(even though Vivi's is not so bad). Is really hard to me to
give you an exact strategy, so all I can say is...

Good Huntin'.

Once the festival has been finished, you'll be taken to the upper level, where
you'll get your prize. Regardless of who won, you may get a different item(the
ones listed above). You'll also get the "Master Hunter" key item. After you
receive your prizes, a wounded Burmecian guard will come. He'll say that
Burmecia is being attacked, and ask for your help. He then passes out. As a good
knight, Freya will offer her help. Zidane then adds himself to the mix. Same
goes for Vivi. Garnet wants to go, but Zidane won't let her. Watch the following
cinemas until you can control Zidane once again. You must go to the bottom level
and take the trolly to the dragons gate. Level up and buy items first(heal
yourself at the inn, too) and save, because you won't be able to return Lindblum
for quite a long time. When you are ready, take the trolley to the dragon's
gate. Save your game, and go out the world map.

ENEMIES: Serpion, LadyBug, Ironite, Vice, Hedheog Pie, Axolotl, Gigan Toad
ITEMS: Moccha Coffee

Go north from the dragon's gate and you should find a marsh. Enter it then. This
is the Qu Marsh. Head north, and you'll find Mogster. You can talk with him for
information about the game. You should also notice several paths by him. Take
one, and head north. You'll arrive at a pond. There is a Qu named Quina here who
is catching frogs. Catch one by yourself, and offer it to he/she(Quina). After
you do so, you'll be taken to a house in the marsh. You'll find Quina's
professor, who'll tell Quina that there are so many yummy-things in this world
he has to see. In other words, Quina joins your party. Leave the marsh and head
north until you find the Gizamaluke's grotto.

ENEMIES: Black Mage, Hornet, Skeleton, Lamia, Gizmaluke
ITEMS: Gizamaluke Bell, Holy bell, Bronze Vest, Mythril Gloves, Magus hat

After you see the cinema, you'll be on the grotto itself. Head north and try to
open the door. Zidane will say the door won't budge. Head right from this locked
door, and talk with the guard lying on the floor. After you talk with him,
you'll get a bell, and the guard will pass out. Use the bell on the locked door,
and go through it. You'll see Zorn and Thorn, the same you saw back at the
beginning of the game. They'll throw at you 2 black mages. When you beat them,
Zorn and Thorn will escape. Take a right and go down. You'll have to beat a
black mage. When you beat him, you'll get another bell. Now, go north. There are
two doors atop a set of stairs, and one to the right. Open the one on the right.

You'll come to a big staircase. Advance through it, and pick up the items along
the way(by making use of the field icon). Once you reach the center of the room,
you'll see a female Moogle. She'll say that her husband is trapped below the big
bell here, and she can't do a thing about it. She'll then notice Vivi has a Kupo
Nut on his possession, and will ask for it. Vivi will hand it over. The moogle
will then offer the nut to her husband, who comes storming out the bell, just to
get the kupo nut. Both moogles then enter a door to the left.

Follow them. There are two moogles here. The female one will save the game for
you, and let you use a Tent as well as mognet. By the male one is a rope. If you
use it, you'll appear on a plateau above the grotto. Here, you'll find certain
enemies... what enemies?. Oh, you're going to be surprised... you'll find Grand
Dragons and Garudas. This enemies are very strong and WILL make mincemeat of
you. So, avoid this rope from now. Try to exit the room the moogles are on, and
they'll give you another bell. Use this bell on the door to the left, and go
through it. Watch the cinemas.

BOSS ENEMY: Gi§amaluke
HP: 3175

This guy is really, really tough. His two main attacks, tail attack and Water
are extremely powerful. Both of them cause around 300 points of damage. Have
Quina use Potions to heal, and have Vivi cast Thunder. Freya should jump(it
causes more damage than her normal attack) and Zidane should steal(you can get
an Ice Staff from this guy) and attack. This is a really tough battle, but you
should be able to win.

After the fight, the action will shift back to Garnet.

ITEMS: Gate Pass, Multina Racket, Potion

You'll arrive at the entrance. With a lot of persuasion, Steier will be able to
get inside the gate. In the next area, you need to get people far away from a
nearby alleyway. Talk with the Part time Worker May, and she'll just move when
you console her. Talk with the Earnest Young Man, and tell him you are here to
work. Then, go and talk with the worker on the left, who is actually slacking

Go and talk with Earnest Young Man once again, and he'll move. Then, enter the
alleyway, and Steiner will vigilante then entrance. You'll be given a choice. If
you select to watch to the "other direction", Steiner will see Garnet
naked(he'll turn around rapidly). After Garnet puts her clothes on, you'll be on
the are where the cable car is. Buy items and save your game, and equip both
Steiner and Garnet with the best items. Once you're ready, get into the cable

ENEMIES: Magic Vice, Black Mage, Ironite, Mimic, Basilisk, Beatrix
ITEMS: Potion, Soft, Germinas Boots, Ether, Tent, Phoenix down, Mythril spear
        Lighting staff, cancer stellazio, protection bell, kupo nut.

Go north after you are out the world map to enter the city. As soon as you
enter, your party will have a little chitchat, and then enter the city properly.
Inside, check behind a brown, flipped box for another Stelazzio, and then head
all the way north. You'll see Zorn and Thorn on a balcony once again. They'll
throw at you two black mages, who'll attack you. Beat them, and enter the door
to the right. There are two chests here, grab them(you can't get past the second
floor, sadly) and get out. This time around, head to the right and go up the
stairs. Enter the door at the top. Grab the item behind the stairs(which is on a
chest and is a soft) and go up the stairs(ignore the chest because it is ab
ebemy) and then head left.

You'll come across a big door, like the one you saw the grotto. It also requires
a bell to be opened. Head left once again. You'll be on the third level of this
place. There is a chest to the other side. WALK across the the bridge, and get
the Germinas Boots. Then return to the place where Zorn and Thorn threw at you
black mages, and enter trough the door to the left. Go up the second floor, and
head towards the door here(the path above fell and formed a bridge). In the next
area, go to the lower right portion of the room, and select to go out to the
balcony. Outside, Zidane will jump to the other balcony and enter a room.

There, talk with the wounded soldier, and he'll tell you that there is something
hidden below the bed. Go around the bed, and search until the ! sign pops up.
Press X then and Zidane will retrieve the bell then. Return back to the
balconies, and head all the way back to where Zorn and Thorn threw at you the
black mages, and go through the door to the right. Then, head towards the big
bell door you saw before, and use the bell you just got to open it. You'll be on
a big staircase. A couple of burmecians will appear, and when they see Vivi,
they'll think you're part of the enemies. But they spot Freya, and everything
will be all right. Go up the stairs then.

In this area, enter the door right down the middle(ah... brings back memories
'bout "Parent Trap"). You'll see two Burmecians. The female one wants to take
his wife/bf out, but he's seriously wounded. The statuse behind them will
suddenly fall, But Zidane will save them before it does so. They'll thank you
and then leave. Afterwards, head to the right and go up the stairs. There are
two doors here. The right one is blocked, so ignore it out. Instead, go through
the left one. Grab the items and head north and go through the door.

You'll see two "warehouses". Enter the one to the left, where you'll see a short
cutscene. During it, you'll get the Mythril Spear, which can be used by Freya.
After the cinema is finished, go out the warehouse, and enter the one to the
right. There is a moogle inside. Save(you can also buy items from him) and get
the item behind the moogle. There is a lighting staff. It lets you learn the
spell Thundara. If you already go the ice staff(from Gizamaluke), you should
already have the Thundara and Blizzara spells. Afterwards, sae your game, and
head north by using the path on the middle.

You'll be at the outskirts of the castle. Freya will jump in, as well as Zidane.
Vivi can't, so he'll have to find another way in. Inside, the party will hide
behind some statues, and heard what the fat-ass, ugly-butt Brahne has to say
about. You'll also spot general beatrix next to her, and a "man" with white
clothes and wuss-looking clothes(he looks like a woman you know). During the
conversation, a Burmecian soldier will sneak in, and try to challenge Beatrix.
The guard is no challenge against her, so the party intervenes. You'll then have
to fight the toughest woman in the world, the femal version of General Leo(Final
Fantasy Six).

HP: 3630

Beatrix is definitely not pushover. Her attacks(specially Shock) do a lot of
damage and normally kill characters in one hit. Immediately set up Rei's Wind
with Freya to regain HP gradually. Use as much as magic as you can with Vivi(Ra
spells such as Thundara and Blizzara[which are the only ones you have] ;) and
have Zidane attack(you could also Steal if you're feeling like a stupid today).
Quina should use physical attacks/potions/blue magic(if you have Mighty Guard,
USE IT GODDAMIT!!!!!!!!). Once you caused Beatrix enough damage, the battle will
end, and the first disk will end.


ENEMIES: Black Waltz # 3
ITEMS: Phoenix down

Finally, rest after those lengthy battles and everything. You'll be on the
Summit Station, and Garnet will finally spot her beloved Alexandria. To get
there, they must wait for the next cable car. Therefore, we should go to rest.
Use on of the walkways and head right to the rest room. There is a lot of people
here, as well as a moogle, who'll be more than happy to save your game. Next to
the moogle is a man who sells medicine and weapons. Buy he necessary, and talk
to the attendant to continue with game.

Garnet will then hear two voices outside she apparently recognizes. Fast as a
thunder, she goes out and finds two of the infamous Tantalus thief, Marcus and
Cinna, who are going to Lindblum in order to save their bro(Blank). Marcus is
headed to where you are heading(Treno). When the cable car arrives, Marcus
leaves his pal stranded, and enters the cable car leading to Treno with the
Garnet and Steiner. Inside the car, select a seat, and then you'll see a couple
of cutscenes, and you'll learn that Marcus is going to Treno to get a rare item
called the supersoft, which can be used to de-petrify Blank. Suddenly, some
ruckus is heard outside, and your party must discover what it is---and eliminate

BOSS ENEMY: Black Waltz # 3
HP: 1292

Black Waltz 3 is a pushover this time around. He can use attacks such as
Thundara and Blizzara, as well as Freeze, which is a new spell to you that
freezes(duh) characters instantly. After they're freezed, if they receive an
attack, they die. Use both Steiner and Marcus to attack, and Garnet to heal and
cast protect on the party. Keep the pressure up, and you should win. After the
battle, you'll arrive on the South Gate.

ITEMS: Elixir

In the first screen, a certain somebody will tell you that in the next scree,
the path branches, and the one to the left takes to Dali and the one to the
right to Treno. You can also buy items here. Afterwards, go north into the next
screen, to the branch. Head to the right. Now, keep moving forwards until you
reach a wrecked bridge. Garnet will jump across the gap instantly, so don't
worry. At the other side of the bridge, go down towards the bottom of the
screen, and grab the gil on the chest. Then, go up and then right towards the
gate. Show your gate pass to the guards, and you're off the world map.

ENEMIES: Ghost, Mandragora, Carve spider, trick sparrow
ITEMS: None!

Treno is very near from where you appear. Go north, and then take a right and
you should see a city which looks like an Italian colosseum from the Cesars era.
But don't go there just yet. Instead, head all the way north and walk across the
forest. On the forests, you'll find an enemy called Mandragora, which are very
tough, but they also give you a lot of experience. Don't fight them just yet,
though. Keep heading north until you reach a "dead end". Then, look to your left
and you'll see a hole. Enter it.

ITEMS: Scorpio Stellazio, Phoenix down

From tne entrance go all the way north and search for a rope. Go down it, an
dhead towards the pond. This pond replenishes all of your MP and HP, and should
be used if you're serious about training your characters by fighting Mandragoras
outside. Direclty south of the pond, at the bottom of the screen, is another
steallazio for your collection. Once you get it, take the rope back to the main
level and head to the next area. In here, use the ladder to get an Ether, as
well as a note about Vivi. From the ladder, go right, and you'll arrive at a
lookout(the "peak"; that's how I call it in this guide). There is nothing there
by now, so, leave.


Head south towards Treno. Enter it.

ENEMIES: Griffin(disk2), Catoblepas(disk3;first 1/2), Amdusias(disk3;second 1/2)
ITEMS: Mythril Dagger, Power Belt, Tonberry card(defeat Griffin), 15.000 Gil
        (defeat Catoblepas), Runing shoes(defeat catoblepas or Amdusias)
        Circlet(defeat Behemoth)

Treno, like Lindblum, is one hell of a city. There are lot of items and secrets
here, so you should follow this guide. Because a lot of people will using this
portion of the guide, I'll exclude the spoilers. Ok, after both party members
leave Steiner(you:) alone, watch the ATEs and head a bit left to a pond. Throw
Gil at it, and the 11th time you'll get yet another Stellazio. Afterwards, use
the path to the left. In this area, head left, and take the ladder down. If you
continue heading left, you'll get to a locked tower, so ignore it.

Watch the ATE that comes out, and then head up, and take a left. Enter the big
mansion which is just above the Café. Inside, go left, and then south. You'll
find the four armed man that pickpocketed Garnet a while ago. When he notices
you're her bodyguard, he immediately hands down the Power Belt, the item he
spend the money on. Once he leaves, keep heading south to the next screen, which
is the synth shop. Synth necessary items, and then go out the building. Outside,
head all the way north to the next screen.

You'll find a circular house with lots of pigeons around it. This is the house
of Queen Stella, who is looking for the famous Stellazio. Enter the house, and
talk with the woman on the throne to deliver all of the stellazios you've found.
When you deliver one, Queen's Stella assistant will give you a certain prize. It
is very important to get the Blood sword, specially if you're serious about
leveling up Steiner. Once you have gotten your prizes, go out Queen's Stella
house and head south to the next screen. In here, head all the way south once
again. In the next screen, head right to find the card stadium. There, you can
buy cards from, and challenge the people outside to card games. You should avoid
this since you're pretty weak at this moment. The Usher can also tell you about
the basics of card gaming. Once you're ready, continue to the right past the
card statidium.

In the next screen, you'll see a moogle who is trying to escape from a dog. Wait
her for land, and talk with her to save your game or to deliver some mognet
cards. Directly to the right pf the area the moogle is one is a big door, which
is the entrance to the weapons shop. There, you can challenge the griffin below.
If you have the blood sword and you're feeling confident, then do it. You could
also buy new equipment and weapons here. Once you are ready, go out the store
and head south. Ignore the flight of stairs. In the next area, enter the big
door, where you'll find Garnet. You'll now control her.

Once you control Garnet, go out the auction house(you could bid if you have
enough money...), search to the left of the door for gil, and then head to the
right to the next screen. In here, head north(forwards), and take the first
right you can. Go up the stairs(ignore the drunken man :) and head south towards
the screen to the next area. In here, you'll be on Treno's poorer portion. Go
down the ladder across the inn. Grab the items on the chest, and buy items if
you need to. Go around the stand, and get the Treno stellazio. Once you've
gotten these, go up the ladder again and enter the inn.

In the inn, you could rest if you want to, or go down the stairs, where you'll
find Marcus. You can tell him that you're ready whenever you want, so you can
continue with the history. Prepare yourself, and tell him you are reayd. He'll
take you to Baku, and both of them will take you to the docks. Head to the right
and then down the ladders until you arrive where baku is. Afterwards, you'll see
a short cutscene involving Kuja and the man at the action house. Once it is
finished, you'll se a cutscene, with Garnet and Steiner. When it is finished,
you'll be on a house. The party will start looking for the supersoft, and
suddenly, somebody will appear. It turns out to be doctor Tot, which was
Garnet's tutor. Watch the cutscenes.

After the party returns to the inn, go out it, and head all the way south, to
the town's entrance. Head to the left, to the next screen. In here, head all the
way to the left, to reach the now unlocked tower. Talk with the little guys
here, and then go up the short stairs, and go through the big brown door. You'll
be on the bottom part of a big, big ladder. Go up this ladder, to reach the
summit, where Doctor Tot is. Marcus immediately takes the supersoft. After the
cutscenes, talk with Tot, and you'll see a flashback. After it, Tot will tell
you he knows a way to take you to Alexandria. You have to go down the stairs
here. Before doing so, go back to town and save your game, and buy items. Then
go down the stairs to enter the Gargan Roo.

ENEMIES: Dragonfly, Crawler, Ralvurahva
ITEMS: Chain Plate, Phoenix down

You appear on a circular room, with two paths. Tot tells you that in order to
use the "ancient transportation device" you must some levers 'round here in
order to call for the Gargan. First off, use the moogle here and save your game.
Then, take the left passage, and look for a lever. Pull it, and return to the
circular room with the moogle. Take the right path then. Go to the right, and
Tot will come immediately, and give you in depth information regarding the
gargans and the gargans roo. Once he's finished, pull the lever, and a massive
insect will come. We must make it stop. Run to the left side of this area, and
pull down the level with the "feed" lettering. Once you do, the gargan stops for
a while, and the party gets in. As you travel to the exit, a massive snake

BOSS ENEMY: Ralvurahva
HP: 2296

This battle will be really easy. Use Garnet to heal, and both Marcus and Steiner
to smackdown the snake. You could also use Minus Strike with Steiner, specially
if he has a lot of HP to share. Garnet should also cast spells such as Protect
and Shell. This is a really easy battle anyway.

Watch the cutscenes, and then the action shifts back to Zidane. After the party
exits Burmecia to the world map, head to the west until you find a furious
sandstorm which is the representation of Cleyra. Before entering, you may want
to do a bit of level-up. In the outskirts of Cleyra, sand scorpions normally
attack. These guys give a lot of exp. Sadly, they're rather infrequent. Once you
are ready, enter the vertex... er, the sandstorm.

ENEMIES: Dragonfly, Sand Golem, Carrion Worm, Zuu
ITEMS: Phoenix down, ice staff, Flame staff, magician shoes, ether, tent,
        Needle Fork, Kupo Nut, Desert Boots, Remedy, Mythril Vest, Mythril
        Gloves, Potion, Elixir, Hi Potion, Gyshal Greens

After the short cutscene at the start of the trunk, go north until you reach the
next screen. Here, look for a switch at the top of a short set of stairs, and
flip it off. Now, go north, and grab the phoenix down along the way. Keep
heading north until you reach the next screen. Look at the bottom of the screen
south of the tree and get the partially hidden Magician Shoes. Hidden by the
tree is also an Ice Staff, which will come useful later. Then, head to the right
to the next screen. In here, just make your way to the north to the next screen,
and grab the ether. Go down from the chest, and examine the hole. This will make
the room below to flood. Go out then.

Now, head south, but stop about half of the way. Use the rope, and go through
the hole(the rest of the path if flooded with sand, making it a blocked path).
In the next area, walk across the sand to the left and go through the hole in
the "wall".  In here, you'll see a ramp leading up, but instead of taking it, go
around it and get the needle fork. Then, take the slope north until you find a
split. The left is a short path which leads to a moogle. Deliver a mognet card
for him(if you have it) and you should receive a Kupo Nut. Afterwards, go a bit
right and take the ramp and head north. You'll come to another branch.

Take the path directly to the north, and snag the flame staff. You now have all
of the Ra spells in your possession. Backtrack to the branch, and take the other
path into the next screen. In here, you'll spot a bridge. Cross it and go
through the hole. You'll get in a place with three different paths. In the
center one, check behind the pillar to the north, and the behind the wall to the
left of the pillar to get two items. Then, head forwards to the "darkness". In
the next screen, flip the switch to make a chest available in other place. Go
back to the area with the three paths, and take the one to the right.

You'll see yet another branch. There is one leading to the north(forwards) and
the other leading to the east(right). Take the east path. Head forwards towards
the chest you just unlocked before, and get the item inside it. Double back to
the branch, and take the north(forwards) path. You'll arrive at a room with
whirpools, and two chests. To get the chest, get into the first whirpool, and
mash the X button. Point the left stick BACKWARDS, and when you come out the
hole, you should land on the hole next to a chest. Do the same thing, and grab
the item on the chest. Get into the whirpool once again, and press X a la lata.
When you're about to come out, point the stick to the right. Grab the item, and
head through the hole on the wall.

You'll reach a ladder which leads to Cleyra settlement. Grab the gyshal greens
to the left of this ladder, and take It up. Go right, and then north into the
city of sand.

ENEMIES: Antlion, Type B, Alexandrian Soldier, Beatrix
ITEMS: Phoenix pinion(x3), Remedy(x2), Ether(x2), Ore, Thunder Gloves, Mythril
        Gloves, Mythril Vest, Gyshal Greens, Echo screen, Yellow scarf, elixir
        Phoenix down, emerald


As you arrive in the city, Freya rushes towards the cathedral where the
Burmecian King should be. One of the oracles will then offer you a tour. Go
ahead and take it. The oracle will take you to a lake, whose waters are clear as
a day. Thinking about it makes me thirst, you now. Anyway, on to the tour. After
showing you the water's splendor, the oracle will take you to marketplace. Next,
you'll be taken to the windmill, which maintains the sandstorm alive. You'll be
taken to the observatory then, where Cleryans look at the sandstorm's beauty.
Lastly, you'll be taken to the cathedral. Ultimately, you'll be taken to the

Go up the stairs to the next area, which is the one with the lake on it. In
here, take the stairs leading up, and keep taking ladders and slope until you
find a group of rat people(burmecians). These are Dan and Co., and even though
seeing Vivi with you doesn't make them happy, they'll still sell you armor as
well as weapons(items?). Directly behind them is the inn, which you should
enter. Inside, there is a very sad Vivi who you can't help. Search on the in for
items, and talk with the moogle on the second level, who has a letter from Ruby.

Once you've done your thing, go out the inn and take a right. Go up the stairs,
and head north until your reach the cathedral. Enter it. Inside, head forwards
and talk with the oracles, who'll tell you Freya's messages. According to Freya,
you should wait her at the inn. Go to the inn, and somebody enters the inn, and
tell you the Antlion is attacking a little kid. The oracles ain't any help, so,
save your game, and go out the inn. Then go south all the way to the bottom(the
entrance). There, take a right. You'll find the Antlion, who's holding Puck, the
same guy you found at Alex. He is a prince!. A battle will then start.

HP: 2938

This guy is extremely easy. I've read various guides, and all of them say this
guy is hard, but is actually easy. All you need is a level 20 Vivi with Blizzara
and the Ice Staff equipped and Rei's Wind. First off, set up Rei's Wind to
maintain a good level of health. With Vivi, launch Blizzara like a madman. It
causes like 1.000 points of damage. Have Zidane rely on stealing, and Quina do
nothing. This guy counters physical attacks, so be sure you're in good shape. It
should be really easy though.

After the fight, You'll see more cutscenes. Freya will be taken to the
cathedral, were the burmecian king will tell her to participate on the ceremony
to strengthen the sandstorm. Freya will accept ipso facto, and she and the other
Cleyrans will start to do some weird dance. Suddenly, the harp strings will snap
out, and you'll see a cinema in where the sandstorm finally disappears. The
Burmecian king is scared. After this scenes, the action will shift back to
Alexandria. You'll see a couple of cinemas, and you'll also have to make a
choice on them. Once the cutscenes are finished, you'll return to Cleyra.

You'll be on the lookout. The party wants to go to the bottom of the trunk to
learn what's going on here. Zidane will say he'll go and search for Vivi. You'll
then control Freya for a short time. Head towards the inn, and enter it. There,
you'll find Siltzkin as well as another moogle. Siltzkin is selling one of his
popular combos, which is a Hi Potion, Phoenix down and an Ether for 444.
Afterwards, go out the inn and head to the entrance, where the party will
regroup. Now, head towards the trunk.

NOTE: As you advance through the trunk, Alexandria soldiers will attack.

In the trunk, go down the ladder you used to enter Cleyra settlement, and head
to the right. You'll come to the whirpool room, but the whirpools are down. Head
to the right to the next room. You'll come to a branch. Head all the way south,
and you'll be on the on the room with the three paths. Head a bit to the right,
and then south towards the TV screen. When you reach the next area, Prince Puck
will come and tell you that Cleyra is being attack!. The plan was to take you
out Cleyra so they could attack full-force. You'll be taken back to Cleyra.

As you arrive, two black mages will appear. You'll need to kill them in order to
advance. Once they are finished, take a right. There, you'll find Siltzkin as
well as a save moogle. Save your game because things are going to get tricky
soon. Head to the entrance again, and go north up the stairs. You'll find two
oracles. You'll know must select the correct way to take them through. Select to
the right. In the next screen, go north onto the next screen. In here, you'll
see the Burmecian family again, and you must guide them. Select to go to the

You'll come to a Black Mage. You'll have to beat it. Once you do, Zidane will go
through the left path. In the next area, you'll have to guide the Burmecians
once again. Take the right path, and go through the bridge. You'll then have to
fight two Alexandrian Soldiers. Once you beat them, you'll follow the Oracles
and the Burmecian. When prompted, tell the burmecians is still not safe. Then,
you'll spot two Cleyra in the lookout. Zidane suggest to go to the Cathedral so
everybody can be safe. You'll then head to the north. When you arrive at the
cathedral, a couple of Black Mages will surround you. It looks like everything
is lost, but then a Burmecian, Sir Fratley will come and liberate you. You'll
the enter the cathedral.

Inside the cathedral, the party will talk with Fratley(Freya specifically). But
there is something just odd here. Fratley can't remember Freya. Zidane then
comes as well as the Burmecian King. Fratley won't be able to recognize the king
either. Puck will then come and clarify the situation. During his journey
through the world, he found Frately, who couldn't remember him. He's been
suffering amnesia. He'll then leave. The high priest will then give the party
the freshest news. Beatrix, the toughest woman in the world has stolen the
emerald used to maintain the sandstorm. Watch the cutscenes, and you'll be then
able to control Zidane. Talk with the people you saved to get some nifty items,
and save your game. Then go outside the cathedral.

HP: 4736

Beatrix is a tough as ever. First off, set up Rei's wind to maintain your health
up. Have Vivi cast Slow on Beatrix to prevent her constant shock attacks. Then,
start attacking. Use Fira with Vivi, and Lance with Freya. Zidane should perform
normal attacks, and use Potion on the party. Remember, her Shock attack does a
lot of damage('round 900) and is normally enough to kill a character.

Once the battle is finished, Beatrix will use the black mages to escape Cleyra.
Zidane and the rest of the party will do the same. If you have Quina in your
party, she WON'T follow you. After you arrive at the Red Rose, you'll see
Brahne, who wants to test out her new Eidolon, Odin. You'll then a cinema win
where Brahne calls for Odin, who throws his Lance at Cleyra and tears it up.
Brahne is astonished.

Once in the Red Rose, both Freya and Vivi will be very sad because of the
incident. Then, Zidane will spot somebody is coming, and he'll hide. Is Beatrix.
Read what she's got to say. When you can control Zidane, go up north up the
stairs, and then head to the left. You'll come to a door, and the party will
eavesdrop at Brahne. Beatrix hands over the jewel, and Brahne tells her plans.
Once Zidane hear this, he'll decide he's to go to Alexandria ASAP!. We must now
search for a way to get there.

Once you can finally control Zidane again, go north(right)to the next screen,
and then go south(left) to find a moogle. Use it to save your game, and then go
north(right) and go down the stairs. In here, move south and talk with Vivi.
He'll tell you he knows of a way to go to Alexandria easily. There are tele-
transporters  here, and they'll take you to Alexandria. The party will then use

ENEMIES: Alexandrian Soldier, Bandersnatch, Zorn and Thorn, Beatrix, black
          Mage, Ralvuimago

You'll start on a cage, where both Marcus and Steiner are being held. Now, you
must go out your prison. What you should do is to press right after the cutscene
is over. Once you see the cage is stopping, press left, and do this
successively. In other words, if the cage reaches the extreme right, press left,
and if it reaches the extreme left, press right. Once you are free, equip the
blood sword. Head to the left, and wait an Alexandrian Soldier catch you. Once
she does, kill Marcus, and kill the soldiers. Because you have the blood sword,
you'll be healed. If you equip the level up ability, you'll get a lot more exp.
This way, you'll be able to level up Steiner very fast. Once you are ready,
climb the ladder at the end.

In the next screen, Marcus leaves Steiner so he can go and look for Blank The
party will suddenly appear. Zidane will inform Steiner about the situation, and
as always, Steiner doesn't believes you. Vivi will intervene, and Steiner will
finally understand. You'll advance to the next screen then. In the next screen,
you'll be taken to the south, and Marcus will lock the door. He'll finally
leave. Once you can control Zidane, go south to the next screen. In here, go
through the two Alexandrian Soldiers and take a right.

In the next screen, go a bit to the right, and then head north. In the next
screen, head to the north to enter the castle. Head north and go up the stairs,
then either go left or right, and then south. Take a left/right and go through
the door. In the next screen, go up the stairs to the left(you could enter the
room to the right; there is a save moogle there, I believe. Go up the stairs
then. In the next screen, head north and through the door. In this area, head
north and advance through the door. You'll arrive at Brahne's room. Garnet ain't
here. Examine the candle to the right of the chimney to open a secret passage.
Go through it.

In the next area, you'll see a moving platform. Advance a bit forwards so you're
in the edge. Wait the platform to come by, and press X. You could grab the items
on the chest, or just ignore them and go towards the stairs to the right. Go
down the stairs until you reach a circular platform with missing piece. You can
head north, or south. Go north. You'll reach the place where Garnet is being
held. Go north towards Garnet, and watch the cutscenes.

BOSS ENEMY: Zorn and Thorn
HP: 4896/2984

These guys are pretty easy. Have Freya set up Rei's wind, and then use Lancer.
Steiner and Vivi should Blizzard type attacks, and Zidane should steal. Keep in
mind that the twins will every now and then charge the "Meteor" spell. If they
do, hit the one who's charging the spell to nullify it. Once you finish one of
them, the other goes down with him.

Once the cutscenes are over, you'll have Garnet in your hands. She's been badly
wounded, and you must take her to Brahne's room. Go south out the room Garnet
was on, and head right. Go up the stairs towards the spinning platform. Cross
it, and enter Brahne's room. In there, Zorn and Thorn come, as well as
Beatrix(you know that this means...). Watch the cutscenes, and the toughest
woman in the world will challenge you to a final, decisive battle.

HP: 5709

She's as tough as always. She'll use Shock, which causes around 1.000 points of
damage. My first time through Freya, Zidane and Setiner were able to resist this
attack, because they had around 1.200 Hit points. Problem is, that this takes a
helluva lot of time. Anyway, she'll also use Climhazzard, which hits everybody
quite hard, and Thunder slash, which is a thunder element attack. Set up Rei's
wind, and start bombarding Beatrix with Lancer, Blizzara attacks(sword
magic/normal magic) and stealing. Once you've caused her enough damage, she'll
use Stock Break once again.

Zidane finally makes Beatrix change sides. A bandersnatch attacks them. A party
conformed by Freya and... wait for it... Beatrix will have to fight it!. This
battle is a definite pushover, because of 'Trix tremendous strength. Once you've
finished off this monster, you'll have to control Zidane. Use the spinning
platform and cross to the other side. Go down, and beat the black mages. Near
the bottom, a bandersnatch catches on you. Beat it, and continue down, until you
get to fight more bandersnatches with 'trix, 'teiner and 'eya. Once you've
beaten them, you'll switch back to Zidane. Go down to the bottom, and then
south(you could go north and you'll find a moogle. Save if you want/use a Tent).

You'll be apparently trapped, but then, Marcus and Blank will save you. Watch
the cutscenes, and board the Gargan. This ain't going to be a pleasure ride

HP: 3352

This boss is also easy. Have Vivi cast Blizzara, and Garnet act as a medic.
Zidane should use physical attacks and steal items. If the snake coils up, avoid
physical attacks. You can still use magic even if it is coiled up. Once you've
beaten the monster, watch the FMV, and you'll be then at Pinnacle rocks.

ENEMIES: Sand scorpion, Zaghnol, Seeker Bat
ITEMS: The Ogre, Mythril Vest, Mythril armlet, Peridot

After you arrive, you'll see a short conversation between your characters.
During the conversation, an old man will appear. This old man will talk about
how Eidolons follow their masters, and only their masters. Odin followed a
greedy master, therefore, he destroyed Cleyra. The old man will then give you
his name, Ramuh. Garnet immediately recognizes him as an Eidolon, and asks for
his help. He says that if you assemble the hero story, he'll let you summon him.

After the talk, you'll appear on the next screen. Go right, and examine the
ledge to find Ramuh. He'll recite the Hero's piece. Go left to the next screen.
In here, head left, and talk with Ramuh, who'll tell you the beginning part of
the history. Afterwards, head a bit right, and then go south. Talk with the
moogle if you want to save your game. Then, go down and to the right. Grab the
item on the chest. Go right past the slope, and then go north, and then right.
You'll find Ramuh below the save moogle. He'll tell you the human part of this

Go left into the next screen. In here, you'll se two chests and a slope. Try to
get the chest to the left, and Ramuh will appear again. He'll tell you the
cooperation part of the story. Afterwads, go up the slope, and head north, and
then take the first right you can. Go south a bit, and then to the left. Head
left until the field icon pops up. Pres X then. Grab the chest, and then jump
down. Here is the last part of the story!. Is the Silence portion. After Ramuh
tells you this part, go south, and then go up the slope. Head all the way back
to where you jumped, but this time around, continue to the left.

You'll find Ramuh. You'll know have to assemble the story correctly. I'm not
sure about the combination, so I'll have to rely on A Tadeo's. He used the
Beginning, cooperation, silence & ending. For the ending, you can make any
choice you want. Once you assemble the story, Ramuh will talk a bit with Dagger,
and then give her the Peridot, as promised. Afterwards, watch the cinemas, and
when prompted, select to go down the cliff. You'll then see how Atomos, another
Eidolon summoned by Brahne, destroys Lidnblum. You'll end up on this city

ITEMS: Ether, Phoenix pinion, Ore, Bandana, World Map, Lindblum Card

Both Garnet and Zidane will get into town, and Vivi will decide to do a bit of
exploration. After you can control Zidane, head to the inn, and heal your
wounds, and save your game too. Go out the inn, and head to the north to the
next screen. In the next screen, head to the north to the debris, and examine
it, and you'll get the Lindblum card. Head to the right then. You'll find
Minister Artania, and you'll be taken to the castle.

In there, Zidane will be glad Cid surrendered, or else Lindblum would have
turned into a memory. Vivi will then appear, and soldiers will imprison him, but
then let him go. Cid will then talk about Kuja, the man who's been providing
Brahne with weapons. Cid will say that this guy traveled to the far north above
a silver dragon. The party will then decide to go to the north and find Kuja.
Unofrtunately, airships and boats have been seized, so we gotta find another
way. This way is called the fossil roo. You'll be given 3.000 and you'll be then
taken to the town itself.

In there, a man will wait for you until you talk with him. Go to the right where
he is, and enter the shop. The man inside will tell you that he ain't selling
things to the Alexandrian soldier, but that he'll make discounts for you. Buy
items, and go out the shop, then head north. Talk with the woman by the
destroyed house, and she'll sell you item. Then, head all the way to the left
into the synth shop. In here, I suggest you to get the Exploda. Then, go out the
shop, and head south. In the next screen, head south into the next screen, and
head south again. Enter the inn, heal and save your game. Then go and talk with
the man. You'll be taken to the base level, where Cid will give you the world
map. You'll be taken to the dragon's gate then. Buy items from the man, and save
your game. Then go through the north door to the world map.


Head north to the Qu marshes

ENEMIES: Gigan Toad, Axolotl.

In here, you have two ways to go, regardless if you got Quina early in the game.
This first explanation is for those who go Quina early in the game. Head to the
north where Mogster is, and go through the path right behind them. In the next
screen, head all the way to the north until you arrive at the next screen. In
here, talk with Quina, and she'll rejoin your party. Then, head to the south to
the screen Mogster is on, and head to the far right, until you reach the limit.
Then, head north. You'll see a cutscene, and Quina will take you to the Fossil
Roo entrance.

                                   * * *

For those who didn't got Quina early in the game... head to the north where
Mogster is, and then head to the far north, until you arrive the pond Quina is
on. Ignore her, and head to the north into the next screen. Enter the house, and
talk with the man inside, who directs you to Quina. Head to the pond again, and
catch a frog for Quina. Present it to her, and you'll be then taken to Quale's
house. IN here, Quale will tell Quina he has so many things to know. Quina will
join your party then. Afterwards, head to the south to the screen Mogster is on,
and head to the far right, until you reach the limit. Then, head north. You'll
see a cutscene, and Quina will take you to the Fossil Roo entrance.

ENEMIES: Armodullahan, Lani, Abomination, Griffin, Seeker Bat, Feather circle
ITEMS: Elixir, Fairy earrings, Ether, Lamia's tiara, Survival Vest

Move on until a monster comes out a prison. Now, you'll have to run away from
it. Run and evade the swinging blades(or else you'll have to fight it). After a
quite long chase, the monster will fall into a hole. If you get to fight this
guy, you'll have to inflict it about 1.000 points of damage in order to make the
fight finish, and you'll be then able to run away. This guy is pretty much a X-
ATM# from FF8. Once you finish this chase, you'll come into Lani. She'll try to
get the falcon claw from Garnet, but she'll refuse. Lani will then have to get
this item by using other tactics...

HP: 5708

This battle is very tough. Lani uses strong physical attacks which cause a lot
of damage. She also uses the Water spell, which hits everyone, and also causes a
lot of damage. Have Dagger cast Ramuh and use Cure spells occasionally. Zidane
should steal his items, and use his Exploda to attack. Quina should use her best
blue magic, and Vivi use Ra spells.

After the fight, go down the stairs(to the north) into the next area. In the
next screen, go a bit south and then head to the left until you find a couple of
flowers, and use them by the hole(make use of the field icon). A gargan will
come and pick you up, and take you to the next screen. Go north to a place where
you'll find a man. Zidane will ask for directions, and the man will explain you
the roo system. Afterwards, go a bit south, and you'll find a moogle, as well as
Siltzkin. Save, buy Siltzkin combo, and then head north and up the stairs.

In the next screen, grab another flower, and call for the Gargant. Then, when it
drops you off, head to the right into the next screen. There,  you'll find a
switch. Flip it off, and the Gargan direction will then change. Head back to the
previous screen, and call for the Gargan. After you arrive, go up the short
flight of stairs, and then head to the north to the next screen. Grab the item,
and return to the previous screen. Go down the short stairs, and head north. In
this area, move around the path to next screen, and flip the switch. Then,
return back to the Gargan and call for it.

After the Gargan drops you off, head back tot switch number 1, and flip it off.
Now, call for the gargan. After the ride, head towards the room with the man who
gave you directions, and head south, and then to the right(if you've been
fighting a lot of enemies, heal by using a Tent with the moogle here). Grab the
Gargan. After it drops you off, talk to the man to the left, who'll offer you
items... for a price. Then go up the stairs. In the next screen, flip the switch
off, and head to the right onto the next screen, and call for the Gargan. This
take you to an area with a Lamia's Tiara on it. Ride the gargan back.

When you arrive, head to the left and flip the switch off(the same one you
flipped off a while later). Afterwards, go and call for the Gargan once again.
After you arrive, go through the hole to the right. In this screen, you'll see a
wall with vines. Climb it up, and put yourself below a "face". It'll shoot a
burst of water, and you'll fall into the water. Press X to get out. You'll
appear in the left side of the screen. Go up the slopes, and head to the right.
Go towards the bottom right portion of the screen, and grab the item here. The
man here will also let you dig for items if you give him a potion. Go ahead and
give him a potion. Now, head to the end of the circular path, and dig on the
wall. After various hits, a moogle will come out. You can buy items from it, and
you can also save/rest. Once you're finished, talk with the man again and tell
him you're off diggin'. Then, return to the room with the Vines.

In here, climb up the vines, and head to the left. Flip the switch off, and let
a burst of water drop you to the water. After you fall, press X. Now, it took me
a long of time to figure this out. Head south(not up the ramps). You'll arrive
at the end of this maze. Call for the Gargan. We are finally free!.

<!--StartFragment-->WORLD MAP

You're far away your home. Call for the moogle(press SQUARE) and use a tent.
Save your game, too. Then, go north, until you see an structure which looks like
a bridge. Go around the cliffs around it, and head towards it. Welcome,
properly, to Conde Petie.

ITEMS : Phoenix down, Diamond

After you enter, the dwarves will greet you with a warm Rally-Ho!. If you don't
return the greet, you won't be able to enter. After the cutscene, head north and
go through the hole on the left part of the wall. You'll be at the inn. In here,
you can pay 100 Gil in order to heal your wounds. Afterwards, go out the inn and
head to the north into the next screen. You'll arrive at a holy area, where the
dwarves are united by marriage. To the north(top-right) is a dwarf blocking the
way, so you won't be able to go any further. Instead, go south from the dwarf
blocking the way, and head to the left. You'll see Vivi, and he'll run off.
Follow him to the item shop, where you'll see a black mage!. Follow it to the
exit, and the man there will give you information regarding these strange
fellas. Before leaving the town, buy items, as well as weapons, and save your
game(there is a moogle on the items shop). Then, go out Conde Petie.


Go south from Conde Petie until you reach a ledge. From there, you can see a
dome shaped forest, which is your next destination. Head to the left down the
slope, and enter the forest-filled path. Follow it until you reach the dome
shaped forest. Press X to enter.

ENEMIES: Zemzelett, Myconoid
ITEMS: Virgo Stellazio, Elixir, Gyshal Greens, Ether, Black Belt

After you see the black mage escaping, examine the lettering, and go to the path
marked as "where there are no owls". Keep doing this until you reach an area
where the black mage opens a secret path. Your party will follow this strange
creature automatically.

After you enter, the party splits and you'll control Zidane. Go to the left of
the entrance. This is the weapons shop. To the right of this house entrance is a
bucket with an elixir on it. Enter the shop and buy items if necessary. Leave
afterwards. Now, go to the far right part of the screen. In here, you'll see a
moogle, and a little noodle house. Enter the house, and you'll see two black
mages raising a baby chocobo. Quina will try to eat it!. Go out the house
afterwards, and talk with the moogle. Then, go south. Now, in the next screen,
go up the short flight of stairs, and head to the left.

You'll come to two houses. The one to the far right is the inn, but you can't do
a thing there by now. The one to the left is the items shop, where you can
finally buy Hi Potions. Buy at least 99(14.000). It is a lot of gil, but it is
worth it, specially if you're serious about using the Auto Potion ability. Now,
go out the store, and enter the house to the left. It is the snyth shop. Garnet
is here. After she rejoins you, tank with the black mage here, and you'll be
able to snyth items. Go out the shop then, and head to the left. You'll see Vivi

Follow him to the inn. When you finally catch on him, Garnet will suggest the
party to take a rest. Accept her proposal. In the middle of the night, Vivi will
go out the inn. Dagger shows herself a little worried, but Zidane tells her not
to worry. Vivi may had found a place to call home. Zidane will then tell Garnet
a story. There was a man, with no family, no past. He tried to get answer, but
he got nothing. Then, an old man raised him. The man tried to escape in order to
find his past, his family, but he found nothing, and when he returned his house,
his adoptive father beat him up. But the man was happy. He, at least, had a
place to call home.

The next day, Garnet finds out that Kuja is on the northwestern part of this
continent, and to reach that portion of this continent, we must convince the
dwarves at Conde Petie to let us pass. After the chat, go and save your game,
buy new items and get some weapons remodeled. Leave the town afterwards.


From the dome shaped forest,  go north, and then go up the slopes. Then, go
north until you reach Conde Petie.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - *
- * - * - * - * - * - * - *

After you arrive, go north into the next screen, and go up the stairs by the
inn. Then, in the next screen, go north and talk with the dwarf. The party will
tell the dwarf that they need to get past him. The dwarf will then tell you that
you need to get past the "ceremony", and if you want to do so, you should talk
with the hooliness(that's what they say:). Go south afterwards and down the
stairs. You'll see his hooliness wandering around. Talk with him, and he'll say
Zidane gotta get married with someone in order to past the blockade. Zidane asks
Garnet, and Garnet accepts Ipso Facto. You'll then see the ceremony. After it,
Vivi and Quina will ask you if it is OK to marry. Say yes, and they'll marry!.
After that, go into the items shop and go through the door to the right. Talk
with the dwarves here, and advance into the next screen. In here, head all the
way to the north to arrive at...

ENEMIES: Gnoll, Troll, Ochu, Hilgigars
ITEMS: Blue stone, Red stone, yellow stone, green stone, remedy, Tent, Ether

As you enter, the party will find Eiko trapped. They'll free her, and she'll
join your party(and Quina will leave... again!). Afterwards, go up the vines
here, get the item on the chest and go to the right. Go up then, and get the
stone from the alter. Then, return to where you found Eiko, and head to the far

In this screen, go up the vines, and get the item from the chest, and remove the
stone from the altar. Then, go down the vines again, and head to the right into
the next screen. In here, go all the way to the right, and go north up the
slopes. In this screen, you'll see Siltzkin, who's, as always, selling you a
combo. There is a normal moogle in here too, so you may want to save and rest.
Now, there are three paths(two if you don't count the one you used to reach this
area). To the right is a place where you can put the stones you just got, and to
the left, your next destination. Now, just move on until you see a pretty FMV.
Afterwards, keep moving to the left, and the earth will rumble. Is Hilgigars!.

BOSS ENEMY: Hilgigars

this battle is really easy. First off, cast Float on your entire party.
Hilgigars uses a lot of earth type attacks, so you'll be able to evade them.
Now, you may want to set up a character to heal, but that's not necessary.
Instead, go nuts, and unleash arse-kicking attacks such as Ramuh, Fenrir, Ra
spells(or Bio). Zidane should steal and attack physically.

After the battle, get the Yellow stone, and then go right into the next screen.
In here, you'll see two paths. Take the right path first, and get the Green
stone. Afterwards, go back to the previous screen, and take the other path.
Then, go through the  other path. Head to the north until you exit this place.


After you go out, head to the north into the Madain Sairi

ENEMIES: (Outskirts) Blazer Battle, Goblin Mage, Troll, Yeti.
ITEMS: Libra stellazio, Kirman coffee, Tent, Ore, Phoenix Pinion

After you enter, the party will talk a bit, and then moogle will come. You'll
then move on the fountain, where Eiko will ask Zidane all kind of things.
Afterwards, you'll be finally able to move. Check behind the fountain and get
the Libra Stellazio. Then, go through the path to the bottom left. Go a bit
forwards, and talk with the moogle here, who'll tell you that Eiko is preparing
the meal, and that you should wander around for a while. You'll then see an ATE,
where you'll have to control Eiko throughout the meal preparing process. Select
any moogle you want and send them to dig for potatoes, fishing, and help in the

Afterwards, you'll be on control of Zidane once again. Head north into the
fountain area, and head to the north. In here, you'll see a moogle who'll tell
you that you won't be able to continue. Quina will then appear, and launc itself
into the water. Afterwards, go south into the fountain area, and then to the
left. Talk with the moogle again, and he'll offer you a tour. Now, head to the
restricted area(where Quina threw himself into the water). You'll see another
ATE, involving Eiko. You'll have to select for how many people you are going to
prepare money for. Select 11-12-14-14... Just more than 10 people. Then, select
NOT to put an Oglop in the meal. Afterwards, select to lend a hand to the guy

Afterwards, go to the restricted area. You'll then have to look for Garnet.
Return to the fountain area, and go trough the right path. You'll see Garnet
then. Now, take her to the restricted area, and you'll be taken to the Eidolon
Wall. Garnet will recognize the drawings on the walls. She'll then want to be
alone. Go out the Eidolon wall. You'll see an ATE then. This time around, ask
for Quina's advice. She'll call for Vivi to increase the heat.

After the ATE, you'll be on control of Zidane again. Now, head back to Eiko's
house, and enter it. In here, the party will have their meal. During the meal,
the party will ask Eiko about her summoning capabilities and so on. After the
dinner is finished, you'll have to take the dishes to the kitchen. First off,
open up the chests in the dinner area, and then grab the kitchen, and take them
to the kitchen, which is to the left. In there, put the dishes on the table.
Now, search behind the table for the Kirman Coffee, and then talk with Eiko.
Talk with her about 4 times, and then return back to the dinner room. A moogle
will ask you if you want to heal. Tell the moogle that you DO want to rest.

During the night, Zidane will see Vivi thinking. Zidane will talk with him. The
next day, Eiko will come and join your party, and tell you that she'll help you
to enter the Lifa Tree. Now, we're off the lifa tree!.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - *
- * - * - * - * - * - * - *

You'll be in the world map. Head back to the Mountain path, and follow the path
until you appear outside the mountain path again. Now, head to the north until
you find the Lifa Tree. Save outside/heal, and enter it.

ENEMIES: Stroper, Myconoid, Zombie, Dracozombie, Nymph
ITEMS: Ruby, Phoenix down, Hi Potion, Ether, Lamia's Flute, Remedy, Brigandine

At the start, the party will try to enter the Lifa Tree normally, but a barrier
will stop them. Now, you'll be able to poke it, or to do a body slam onto it,
but neither one of them will work. Eiko will then use her powers and break the
seal. In the process, you'll get the Ruby Gem, which lets you to cast the
Carbuncle eidolon. Afterwards, go inside the tree.

In this screen, just follow the path. This path is pretty straightforward, so
you should have no problem. Keep moving until you reach an area with a moogle on
it. At this points, you should be exhausted thanks to the battles. Heal, and
save your game. Then, keep moving until you arrive at a circular platform.  Have
Zidane stand on it, and then the rest of the party. The next area is also very
straightforward. After it, you'll reach another weird place. Step on the leaf,
and you'll go down. On your way, you'll have to fight several monster. You'll be
able to heal between battles. You'll arrive at the bottom of the Lifa Tree after
three battles.

After you regain control of Zidane, go down the stairs here, and search behind
them for an Elixir. There is also a Brigandine around here. Afterwards, talk
with Eiko, and look at the pretty green light with her. Then, go check the wall
to the right. Zidane will notice it is moving, and something will fall from
above. You'll then have to check on Garnet. Check on her, and return to where
the thing fall. You'll see Soulcage, who presents itself as the one who creates
the mist. He'll tell that he is the one that's providing Kuja with the power of
mist so he can create the black mages. Vivi(and the rest of the gang) will get
mad at him, and you'll have to fight.

BOSS ENEMY: Soulcage
HP: 9.200

This guy is really hard or extremely easy. For the hard way, you should Heal
with Garnet, and use Fenrir with Eiko. Zidane should attack physically(or use
Solution 9 if he trances). Vivi should use the Bio magic. And if you're feeling
cheap, use a Phoenix down on soulcage. Problem solved pal!.

After the fights, watch the cinemas. You'll then have to return to Madain Sairi.
Once you get there, the game resumes.

* - * - * - * - * - * - *
* - * - * - * - * - * - *

When you arrive here, head towards Eiko's backyard, and go down the stairs, and
go through the door there. You'll find Eiko, who'll tell you that a stone that
was passed through summoner generations has been stolen. Eiko will then leave
for the Eidolon wall, and you'll hear her scream. Now, head towards the Eidolon
wall. Outside it, you'll find a moogle, who'll give you several choices. Select
to be healed, and then to peek inside. You see Lani and Eiko. Then, ask for Mog.
Laslty, select to save Eiko. Inside, watch the cutscenes. Be prepared to fight

BOSS ENEMY: Scarlet Hair
HP: 8.985

This guy is very easy. If you have Auto Potion and Hi Potions, just attack
him(be sure you attack him when he says "Here I go"; don't attack him when he's
far away) and use Solution 9.

After the battle, Zidane will demand for the stolen item. Amarant(Scarlet Hair)
will hand it over. Then, he'll ask you to finish him(kill him). Zidane won't,
because he already go his item, so there is no point on killing him.
Coral(Amarant) will then go away. Now, after you can move, head back to Eiko's
backyard, and enter the little room. IN there, the party will find Eiko. Eiko
will then ask Zidane if she can join your party. Tell her yes. She'll then say
she'll wear the stone that was once stolen so it'll never get stolen again.
She'll then exchange some words with Mog. It results that mog is a "she"!.

Go out Eiko's house(outside the dinner room). Now, look for the !, and press X.
You'll go down to the docks, where you'll find Garnet singing. Zidane will then
tell her the story of Ipsen and his friend. After the story, Dagger will finally
remember... something. Remember the cinema at the start of the game, where you
saw a little girl on a boat during a rainy night?. Well, that was Garnet!. She
was escaping Madain Sairi because of a rainstorm that fell(along with the
Invincible eye). Garnet will then pass out.

After she wakes up, she'll finally figure out she ain't from Alexandria. She
lived here in Madain Sairi(and was called Sarah) until that day. Now, watch the
rest of the cinemas until they end. You'll have to select your party along the
way. I recommend Zidane, Eiko, Amarant and Vivi. Once you are ready, go out
Madain Sairi into the world map, and swing your leg towards the Lifa Tree.

- * - * - * - * - * - *
- * - * - * - * - * - *

In here, just move and watch cinemas. After a while, Kuja will send at you mist
spawns at you(Mistodons) and you'll have to beat them. When Garnet decideds to
look for the trapped Eidolon, follow her. On your way down, you'll fight more
Mistodons. Then, watch the rest of the cinemas, until the disk-change screen
appears. We've finished the second disk!.


ITEMS: Leo Stellazio, Athlete Queen, Opal Topaz, Amethyst, Phoenix pion(x2)
        Ironite card, Fang card, Goblin card, Shiva card, Ramuh card

You'll see Zidane on a bar. He's pretty sad because Dagger is going to become a
queen, and therefore, he'll lose her forever. Then, the Tantalus will come and
talk to Zidane, who's still sad. The tantalus gang will then leave. Outside, the
gang bums into Vivi. Blank then tells Vivi why he doesn't join them in the
theater. Vivi accepts.

You'll get to control Vivi then. Enter the bar, and talk with Zidane. He's still
a bit sad, so he doesn't answer. Now, from the bar, head to the right. In the
next screen, head south, and talk with the Hippo Family. If you want to do so,
check the subquests section of this FAQ. Once you've raced Hippaul, head north,
and in the next screen, to the left. You'll arrive at the area where the item
shop is located. Enter it(is the one to the right) and save your game. Now, go
outside, and head north through the portal.

You'll be on Alexandria's Main Plaza once again. In here, you could go to the
left part of it, where both the weapons shops and snyth shops are located. Both
of them are communicated, so you should have no problem finding them. Synth new
weapons and armor, if necessary. Directly across these stores is the inn, where
you can rest if you want to do so. To the north is the entrance to the castle,
but, we can't enter it. Not yet. Instead, head towards the bottom left part of
the screen.

You'll arrive at an alley. You should spot Marcus and Blank here; ignore them by
now, and just head south. In the next screen, go right a bit, and then south.
Enter the bellhouse then. In there, you'll see Kupo the moogle, as well as
Siltzkin, the combo selling moogle. He'll have another combo for you, which
consists on a Phoenix Pinion, Hi Potion, Elixir for 777 Gil. If you've been
buying all of his combos(ALL) you'll get a Circlet after he gives you THIS
combo. After doing so, climb the stairs in here, and ring the bell above for the
Ramuh and Shiva car. Now, head back to  where you saw Blank, and talk with him.

You'll then see Garnet in his room. She'll ask Steiner about Zidane, and then
Doctor Tot as well as Beatrix will come. Tot will hand over the Opal, Topaz &
Amethyst, which contain the essence of the eidolons Ifrit, Atomos & Shiva(NOT
respectively). Garnet will then have to prepare. After this, you'll see Eiko,
who has decided to write Zidane a love letter, now that he's far away from
Garnet. Tot will then come, and because he looks so nerd :) Eiko will ask him if
he could write the love letter for her. Tot will accept. He'll then remember

You'll see Garnet once again, but now with an elegant dress. After the scenes,
you'll be able to control Eiko(whose letter has been finally finished). Head to
the right onto the next screen, where there is a save moogle. Now, go out this
room, and head north into the next screen. In this screen, head north once
again, and go down the stairs. Eiko will bump into Baku, and will skyrocket
towards a branch and get stuck there. Eiko will then ask Baku to deliver the
letter to Zidane.

You'll see Baku on the fountain area. Steiner will the come, and he'll have a
short talk with Baku, Baku will leave. Steiner will also leave. Beatrix will
then come, and find the love letter(it escaped from Baku's pocket). She'll read
it, and she'll assume is from... Steiner!!!.

Anyway, you'll then see Zidane, once again, in the bar. The Tantalus gang will
come again, and encourage him to see Garnet. Baku will the  enter, as well as
Vivi. Vivi will want to go and see Garnet, and Zidane will finally agree. After
you regain control of Zidane, return to the main plaza. In there, go back to the
mini theater, and search inside it for gil and other goodies. Return to the main
plaza, and head north. Enter the castle. There, you'll see Amarant and Freya
about to fight. Zidane will prevent the fight.

After the cutscene, examine the area for more items, and then board the boat.
You'll arrive at the castle. Now, enter the castle and head to the set of stairs
where you met Garnet for the first time. Garnet will appear again, and talk with
her friends. Everybody will be happy with the exception of Zidane. Eiko will
change jewels with Garnet, and then the game will resume.

                                  * * *
                                "Bro, My nose is bleeding!"
                                "Then stick your thumb on it!"

You'll then see Eiko on the fountain, mad at Zidane. Blank and Marcus will
suddenly appear, and Eiko will hide. Steiner will then come, and Blank(as well
as Marcus) will try to hide(they'll drop the letter in the process). Then,
Beatrix will come, and both she and Steiner will start to get near each
other...(that's when Marcus & Blank say the quote above). But then, you'll
hear(read) an ACHOOOOO!. Is Baku!. Damn, he broke the momentum!. Then, everybody
will leave mad at Baku. The, the party will be at the bar, and they'll finally
decide to visit Treno.

ITEMS: Doga's artifact, Une's mirror, Rat Tail, Griffin's heart, Mini Cid,
        Feather boots, Anklet, Madain's ring Dark Matter, Burman Coffe, Chimera
        Armlet, Rebirth ring, Cards(the one you win in the tournament

The walkthrough for Treno is divided in two portions: Optional Stuff and Story-
driven stuff. I won't mention ATEs unless is necessary(like in the rest of the

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *
                         O P T I O N A L   S T U F F
- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

============================================================= THE AUCTION HOUSE

The auction house, which is located to the far west of Treno, is where you can
get some excellent equipment as well as key items unavailable otherwise. Like
the name implies, you'll have to bid in order to get these items. The higher
bidder is the one who takes the item. The better the item, the higher the
starting price, and therefore, the higher the bids. The key here is to let the
prize get a bit high, and then bid the current price plus 3.000 Gil(or less, if
the current price is 10.000 or 5.000). That way, you'll ensure you get the item.
The item you can buy are random, and you'll have to enter and go out the house
back and forth in order to get the item you're looking for. The items that are
being sold are: Dark Matter, which enables its wearer to summon the dark warrior
Odin, Mini Cid, a miniature version of Cid, Rat Tail, the mighty item that was a
pain in the ass to get in FFIV, Doga's Artifact---don't know about it, Une's
mirror, and a Griffin's heart.

=============================================================== RESELLING ITEMS

The nobles around the café carta will try to buy the items you got at the
auction. Talk with them, and they'll offer you money. Decline once, and they'll
offer you a better amount of money. Decline twice, and you're f**ked. They'll
send you flying. So, don't be greedy, and accept their second offer.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *
                       S T O R Y  D R I V E N  S T U F F
- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Now, head to the card stadium, and talk to the man behind the counter to start
the tournament. You'll first have to fight the Attic Man Wake. This guy uses
magic cards, which are 1M. Select cards with 2M, 3M, 3P attack ratings, and go
for the killing. Try to attack him from the diagonal, and but do not enclose
your cards with his, or this could end up in a combo, which is bad for you. Try
to make him put a healthy group of cards all together, and then make a combo.

Secondly, we'll have to beat Cardona Bishop. She likes to use cards with lots of
arrows, so using cards with few arrows is basically losing immediately. Use
cards with lots of arrows, and play offensively. Don't try to make Cardona form
a bunch with her cards so you can combo her. Instead, go ahead, and try to flip
down all of her cards, because she WILL do so. Don't neglect a combo chance,
| Before tackling into the third battle, head to the weapons shop, and look    |
| for the flying moogle. Save!. It is important, because you CAN'T repeat the  |
| third fight. Beat the third opponent, and you get a valuable Rebirth Ring    |
| (which teaches you Auto Life). Draw, and you'll fight immediately again. Lose|
| and you get nothing. That's why is important to save!.                       |
The third fight is against Sailor Erin, a cutee who is Cid personal airship-
flier!. Anyway, she uses ONLY Oglop cards, which are pretty weak, and have no
magical defense. Use card with lots of arrows and with strong magic power. When
you beat her, Eiko comes and explains the situation.

ENEMIES: Mistodon, Tantarian

You'll see Kuja first, who'll call for Bahamut. Bahamut will come from the sky,
and start throwing flares at Alexandria. Garnet watches from her  castle.
Beatrix will then come and tell Garnet she needs to give orders to the soldiers.
Each soldier has a different task to accomplish, so this IS NOT random. See
below to know what each soldier should do.

Blutzen & Kohel    = Gather information
Weimar & Haager    = Protect the citizens
Breireitch & Lando = Send for reinforcements
Dojebon & Mulkedheim = Pepare the cannons.

If you do everything OK, Beatrix will give you an item. Afterwards, you'll see
Beatrix and Steiner in the main plaza. You'll have to destroy every Mistodon you
find. In the main plaza is one. To kill it DO NO USE some nasty skills like
climhazzard or stock break. Save those for later(and multiple) Mistodons. Once
you destroyed the one on the main plaza, advance south, destroying all of the
Mistodons. Once you finished the last one, the action will shift back to Garnet.

After you regain control of her, go up the stairs, and then south. In the next
area, go up the stairs, and go through the doors at the north. Now, in the next
screen, go through the door to the left, and go up the stairs. After you go up
all of the stairs, go through the door to the right. Now, just keep moving and
seeing cinemas until the action shifts back to the airship the party is on.

Eiko's amulet will shine, and she'll jump put the airship. She'll land directly
next to Garnet, and both of them will start to call for Alexander. You'll then
see a FMV where Bahamut tries to penetrate Alexander's wings, but it can't.
Alexander then hits Bahamut, who disappears. Kuja will then call for the
invincible. Now, just see the scenes until you can control Zidane. When you do,
take him to where Garnet is. Zidane will save Garnet, but Alexandria will be

ITEMS: Elixir, Remedy, Lapis Lazuli, Strange Potion, Unusual potion, beautiful
        Potion, Egoist's armlet, Sagittarius Stellazio

After Zidane awakes, look for the chests in this room, and save your game if
necessary. Either way, try to go out the guestroom, and Blank will come. You'll
be given a choice. If you ask for Dagger, he'll tell you she's at the telescope.
If you select the other option, he'll tell you should go to the throne room.
After the chat, go out the guestroom, and head to the left. In the next screen,
head south onto the lift, and take it to the upper level.

After you arrive, you could go north, to the meeting with Cid, or you could go
to the left. Go left. In this area, go around the machinery, and then up the
stairs. In the next area, go left and up the stairs, where you'll find Dagger,
who doesn't says a thing(she actually lost her talk, because of all of the
incidents; the destruction of Alexandria, the murder of her mother...).
Afterwards, head to the meeting, and hear what  the regent has to say. You must
get three special potions: the unsual potion, the strange potion and the
beautiful potion.

Now, take the aircab to the theater district. In there, go out the aircab, and
head south. You'll find the couple you helped in Burmecia. They'll show you
their sons. Now, form the couple, head right and enter the artist's house. Look
on the bucket on the lower portion of the stairs, and you'll find the Strange
Potion. Now, go out the house, and head to the left, and go down the stairs. In
the next screen, head south, and talk with Cinna to get the unusual potion.
Enter the hideout then to get more gil.

Now, head back to the air cab, and head to the business district. In here, go
out the aircab, and head to the house across it, which is the inn(you can read
the guestbook; Zidane will leave a note!). Heal yourself, and save your game.
Now, go out the inn, and head to the north into the next screen. In this screen,
head to the right onto the next screen. Here, synth a couple of new weapons and
buy armor. Then, talk to the woman by the item shop, and she'll give you the
beautiful potion.

Now, return to the castle, and head to Cid's room. Tot will give the potion to
the regent, but it won't work!. Instead, it'll turn Cid into an ugly frog!. Cid,
however, decides the party must continue on their quest for Kuja, no matter
what!. The party then decides to visit the black mage village so they can look
for Kuja. Now, grab the lift, and head to the base level. In there, take the
right trolley to the serpent's gate. Board the blue narciss then. Select your
party members(screw of Dagger; because she has so many things in her mind, she
tends to miss her commands[actually, she doesn't perform them] at times)


Because you already have the balck mage village marked in your map, head towards
it. Dock at the beach south of the black mage village, and head north. Enter the
black mage village then.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *
- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

After you arrive, enter the inn, and search behind the beds(counter) for the
Virgo Stellazio. Now, head to the far left part of the town(cemetery), and there
you'll find Vivi talking with a Black Mage, who'll explain you about the
situation. After the little chit chat, head to the chocobo sack, and enter it,
where you'll find two more black mages. Now, just keep watching the cutscenes.
Return to the cemetery, and he'll tell you that Kuja is below the sand at the
eastern part of the continent.


Steer the boat the to desert at the eastern part of the continent. Now, there
are four quicksand holes in here. Enter the one without the puffs of sand coming
out of it.

- * - * - * - * -
- * - * - * - * -

You were captured in the quicksand, and Kuja trapped you in a confined room.
Kuja will then talk with you. He'll open a hole in the floor, and shows you the
lava below. He has a work for you, and if you neglect, you become roast chicken.
When given the choice, select you have no choice. You'll go out the room then,
along with Cid. When you can move, head south to the panel between the black
mages, and stand between them. You'll be transported elsewhere in the Desert

When you arrive in Kuja's room, talk with him. He'll tell you he wants you to
vist Oeilvert, city of the ancients, and retrieve the Gulug Stone. He says that
if you decline, he'll do something to your friends... he tells you he wasn't to
go there because in that place people can't use magic, and he's a magical
person. You'll know have to select the party members you want to use in
Oeilvert. Pick CAREFULLY! I suggest Freya, Amarant, Zidane and Quina(yes Quina).
Once you are ready, you'll be transported into another area...

In this area, go a bit south from the transporter, and then head to the right.
Go up the stairs to the north, and then head to the left. Go down the stairs,
and head north, and then go up the short bridge into the Hild Garde 1(yes, Hilda
Garde). After you do so, you'll be taken to a new continent. When you arrive,
turn, and "talk" with the airship. You'll be able to buy medicine then. After
you do so, check the map. Hopefully, Oeilvert is marked on it. Head south, and
maneuver through the mountains(there are chocobo tracks around). Use the map for
more reference.

ENEMIES: Epitap, Ogre, Garuda, Ark
ITEMS: Gulug Stone, Remedy, Rising Sun, Elixir, Diamond sword, Shield armor,
        Power Vest, Feather boots, Gaia Gear

As you enter, you'll encounter the moogle Mimoza, who'll save your game, and let
you use a Tent. She'll also sell you items. I recommend to go out Oeilvert a
train for a while until you are around level 40(when you exit Oeilvert, you'll
be at about level 50... believe me). Afterwards, head to the north, until you
arrive at the next screen. In here, you'll see a short talk between all of your
party members. Afterwards, the doors of Oeilvert will open. Enter the city of
the ancient gods...

# * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # *

The Epitap

The Epitap is a stone monster which appears ONLY inside Oeilvert. This guys used
the mirror attack, which mirrors(duh) one of your characters. With this guy, you
can get a lot of XP. Now, first, let him mirror someone THREE times, and kill
every mirror, and then, kill the Epitap. If this monster mirrors somebody in
your party, that party member will die soon. With this guy, you can reach the
level 50 easily

# * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # * # *

In this screen, you'll see three paths. One to the right, other to the left, and
other to the north. This screen is called the main screen. Now, go north and go
up the slope, and get the rising sun. Then, head to the left(don't go down the
slope) and examine the magic globe, which changes from blue to red(or vice
versa; it doesn't matter anyway). Then, go down the slope, and head to the left.
In here, grab the items on the chests, and try to go down the stairs at the
south part of the screen. An holograph will appear. Then go down the stairs.

In this screen, you'll see two projectors. If you examine them, nothing will
happen. Go up the stairs on the right side of the room, and get the item on the
chest. In here, you'll see two more projectors. Now, examine the leftmost
projector, and then the one to the right. Continue this way counterclockwise
until you arrive at the last projector. You'll get more information regardless
airships. Now, go up the stairs again, and head to the left. In this screen,
keep heading to the left until you find a black ball.

When you find it, a cinema will be played. This shows some kind of weird city.
When it is finished, continue to the left until you arrive at the next screen.
In here, you'll appear next to a previously locked door. Go through it. In this
screen, the ancient god who protect Oeilvert will talk with you. They'll talk
about Terra, and how Terra assimilates other planets in order to live(they also
assimilate the planet's souls). Afterwards, go out this area. Head back to the
main screen(where you could go to the left, right and north). This time around,
head to the right.

In here, talk with both moogles. One of them will sell you items for 888(The
good old Siltzkin) and the other one will heal you/save your game(save now).
Then, go around the pit here, and another globe will appear. This shows more
about Terra. After you go around it, go through the door. In here, stand on the
platform, and a FMV will show you going down. When you arrive at the bottom, try
to retrieve the Gulug Stone, and its guardian attacks you!.

HP: 20.002

This battle is really tough. I hope you've equipped the Clear Headed ability.
Anyway, this guy likes to use an attack which confuses your party members, as
well as some strong attacks(there is one that reduces a party member HP to one).
Start off by setting up Rei's wind to maintain your health level(if you have
Quina's white wind, then don't bother). Have Amarant throw Pinwheels(which you
should have bought at Mimoza's shop) and Zidane attack and steal. Freya should
use the Lancer ability. Once you beat him, the action will shift back to the
guys who stranded at the desert palace.

ENEMIES: Ogre, Grimlock, Drakan, Torama, Valia Pira
ITEMS: Hourglass key, Promist ring, anklet, Shield armor, N-Kai armlet
        Black hood, Venetia shield, Namingway card

Kuja will double-cross you!. He won't guarantee your party friends safety,
unless Zidane arrives at the palace within 10 minutes. Cid, who is the only one
free, will be mad at him. You'll then hear two black mages talking about traps.
After you can move, head to the south, and then take a right onto the next

In here, you'll have to get the key. Press Circle as fast as you can when the
monster here is not looking. Once you get the key, you'll have to place the
weights---which are made from wood, iron, clay and stone---in the dishes
correctly so Cid can reach the hourglass and turn it upside down. To do so, put
the weights in this order: Clay, Stone and Iron. That way, Cid will be able to
reach the hourglass, and he'll flip it, freeing the party and securing their

After you can control the DP(Desert Palace) party, head to where you flipped
down the hourglass. In here, talk with the moogle and save your game. You can
also buy items from this moogle. Then, head to the left, and go up the stairs.
Welcome, properly, to the Desert Palace. Now, you'll see a flight of stairs to
the north. Before going towards it, examine the candle here. It'll turn out to
be a bloodstone. After you get it, head to the north. In this screen, you'll see
three statues. Examine the one to the left, then the one to the right, and the
on at the center. Then head to the left.

A blue set of stairs will appear. Go up them, and light up the
candelabra(candles are the ones with bloodstones whereas candelabras are the
ones you must light up). Then, go down the flight of stairs, and head to the
left. You'll see three candelabras in what a call main room. Light all of them
up, and then go through the top left door(which opened a while). You'll arrive
at a balcony. Go through the door to the right. In here, light up the candelabra
to the bottom left part, next to the statues. Then, return to the balcony, and
go back to the main area.

The statues to the left were removed. Now, light the candelabras in the left and
right part of the top of the central stairs. This causes the right set of
statues to disappear, as well as the stained glass to the right. Then go down
the central stairs, and light the candle at the bottom. This causes the
bloodstones to appear. Now, go up the stairs and get the bloodstones. Then, head
to the right and go through the door previously covered with glass. In the next
area, move forwards, and check on the candelabra about halfway. You'll get the
Shield Armor(and you'll activate another bloodstone). Now, continue  moving
forwards until you reach the end. Then, go up the stairs.

Now, light up the candle at the top of the stairs, and continue towards the
library. In here, light the candle to the left, and a stair magically appears.
Go up them to the top level, and examine the fixture to the left. A portion of
the library disappears, revealing a hidden hallway. Remove the bloodstone from
the candelabra then. Then, go back to the library, and go down the stairs to the
bottom, and go up the short flight of stairs to the left. Light the candelabra,
and go through the newly opened doorway.

In here, go up the spiral staircase, and light the candle halfway up. Then,
continue heading up, and light the candle at the top. Return to the library, and
light the candle at the bottom right portion of the screen. This opens a new
path. Go through it, and advance forwards towards the next candle you must
light. Light it up, and head back to the library. A path located to the bottom
left part of the library will be opened. There is a moogle there. Save your
game, and continue to the left.

In this screen(called the "balcony screen"), you'll see a gargoyle statue, and
three candles. Light all of them up, and extract the bloodstone from the
candelabra. Then, go through the door here. You'll be on a balcony. Head to the
left, and go through the doorway. You'll arrive at the other side of the balcony
screen. In here, light up all of the candles, and then get the bloodstone from
the candelabra. Afterwards, light donw the left candle under the angel statue
here, and then return to the part of the balcony screen(the one with the

Light down the candle to the left(and below) the demon statue. This makes a
staircase to appear. Go up them. In the next area, head to the north, and you'll
be suddenly attacked!(equip the N-Kai armlet on Vivi before this battle)

BOSS ENEMY: Valia Pira
HP: 12.119

This guy toughness depend on how mnay bloodstones you collected. The more
bloodstones you go, the easier. The less bloodstones, the tougher. If you got
EVERY bloodstone, then this guy will be a cinch. Have Vivi cast Water, and
Steiner Water Sword. Eiko should set up Carbuncle, as this guy uses a lot of Ga
spells(yes Ga---Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga). Dagger should cast Leviathan(as you
can see, this guy doesn't likes Water) and Eiko act as a healer, by using
items(you have reflect on, remember?). Leviathan may miss once or twice(thanks
to Dagger problems) but that's OK.

After the battle, check on the candle, and step on the shining panel on the
floor. You'll then see Zidane's grupito arriving at the Desert Palace. Zidane
must go alone and deliver the Gulug stone. Enter Kuja's room, and watch all of
the cutscenes, until you can move again. Then, examine the little table at the
left side of Kuja's room to get the Namingaway card and then go out Kuja's room.
Step on the light.

You'll be transported to the Hilda Garde's docking bay. Go up the stairs, and
head to the left. The Hilda Garde is gone!. Now, head to the north until you
arrive at the next screen, where the party will talk for a while. After they
stop, you'll notice an staircase. Use it to go down, and then follow the path
until you arrive the world map. You'll see the Blue Narciss docking at the icy
continent(name made up by me:). After you land, head to the left and enter Esto

ITEMS: Wing Edge.

Ah Esto Gaza... you'll be on the outskirts of this beautiful city. In here,
monsters called Garuda will attack you. They are easily beaten though. Anyway,
head to the north and enter what looks like a building. Inn here, you'll be
greeted by the local bishop, who'll tell you what happened a while ago. Kuja
came her, as well as an army of black mages and Zorn and Thorn. They headed to
the Mount Gulug and entered it. The Bishop will then offer you healing by 100
Gil. Rest, and whn you can move, head to the right. In this screen, you'll be
able to buy items. Buy an Octagon Rod, as it teaches you the Ga spells, and you
won't be able to buy it again in a long time. Once you are ready, head back to
where the bishop is, and head to the north. Then, follow the path(save on your
way there) until you arrive at Mount Gulug's dooor. Enter then...

ENEMIES: Worm Hydra, Red Vepal, Grenade, Wraith, Red Dragon, Meltigemini
ITEMS: Ether, Red Hat, Golden Hairpin, Wing edge, Gaia Gear, Demon's Mail,
        Elixir, Ribbon.

NOTE!: This portion of the walkthrough only takes you to the end of this area,
and I won't explain how to get items in the other parts of this mountain.

After you can control your party, enter the house the left. In here, examine
among the debris for 9693 Gil and a Red Hat. Then, go out this house, and head
to the far right. In here, just keep moving to the right(there is a moogle along
the way as well as several items) until you reach an area with a well on it. In
here, you could keep advancing and explore further into the cavern, or just go
down the well. I normally go down the well, so sorry, no walkthrough for the
rest part of the mount. Pull the lever in here three times in a row, and then go
down the rope. You'll be assaulted by a Red Dragon. Use Blizzaga and Blizzaga

Go through the hole the red dragons made. You'll see Zorn and Thorn doing the
same ceremony they did on Garnet to Eiko. They'll be unsuccessful because Eiko
is not 16 year old. Kuja will obligate them to do it again, because he believes
there is an Eidolon stronger than Alexander in this world. Then, Eiko wakes up.
She enters a mini fight with the twins. Mog will appear and tell you to use the
Terra Homing. Madeen will then appear and do the Terra Homing attack,
successfully beating both twins. You'll then get the Ribbon, which lets you
summon Madeen, the strongest Eidolon(better than Ark, IMHO). Kuja will leave,
and Vivi will follow him. You'll then see the twins merge. Party time!.

BOSS ENEMY: Meltigemini
HP: 24.348

This thing uses the Virus attack a lot,  which prevents you from gaining AP
after this battle. Anyway, your party will be Vivi less, but Eiko plus. Have her
heal, and use your strongest attacks. Have Steiner and Zidane(if you have them
in your party) physical attacks, Freya should cast Rei's wind and attack with
Lancer or Dragon skills, Amarant throw weapons and Quina use her best blue

Now, just watch the scenes until you're taken back to Lindblum.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *
- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

In here, you'll see Cid talking with his wife. He'll apologize for having a
lover(or something like that). Cid will then ask Hilda if she can turn him into
a human again. Hilda will agree, with condition that Cid never touches another
woman. She'll kiss Cid, and poof, Cid was reborn. You'll then get to control
Zidane. Go up the stairs, and use the save moogle to save your game. Then, go
out the guestroom, and go to the left. In this screen, head south towards your
TV screen, and enter the lift. Now use it to get to the top level.

In the next screen, advance to the north and enter the conference room. Now,
watch the scenes. Hilda will tell you that Kuja is planning to return to Terra
to gain more powers. She also tells you that the connecting portal to Terra is
on Shimmering Island, but it is locked. She then tells you that Kuja,
accidentally, told her that to unlock the connecting portal you need to get the
four mirrors which are located somewhere in the Forgotten Continent. The party
will call that place the Ipsen Castle. Then, everybody will notice Garnet is not
around, and Zidane will be off to save her.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *
- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

In here, Zidane will look for Garnet. As he is about to give up, Beatrix
appears, and hands over the Garnet for Garnet(hope it is worth the redundancy).
Zidane then goes to Queen Brahne resting place, where he find Garnet. Garnet has
finally let go the past, and she can talk again. She's now a new woman. To prove
so, she'll grab Zidane's dagger(who thinks she's going to slice her neck off)and
cut part of her hair off. She'll know look a lot cooler. At the same time, Cid
finishes his masterpiece, the Hilda Garde 3, which is given to your party.

Now, press the triangle button and you'll be taken inside the ship. The woman by
the ship "wheels" will take you to the world map again if you talk with her. The
man to the left will let you change your party members. From now on, select a
solid party, the party you are going to use for the rest of the game, because
for now on, you'll be training a lot, and training certain party members you'll
use for the rest of the game is imperative. Now, instead of heading towards
Ipsen Castle, head towards the south portion of the world map, around the
Salvage Archipielago. Now, look for the Daguerreo. Keep in mind that getting her
is not mandatory.

ENEMIES: (Outskirts) Grand Dragon, Gimme Cat
ITEMS: Elixrx2, Flare Card/Meteor Card, Capricorn Stellazio, Rank S award

This city is a great city, and I love it. If I need to buy something, I come
here. If I need to rest, I come here. If I need to train, I come here(well, in
the disk four I go to Vile Isle and kick some Yan ass). Anyway, from the
entrance, head north, and examine the large painting at the bottom. Now, head
south a little bit, and head to the right. There is an elixer in the water, too.
Then, head right onto the next screen. In this screen, you'll see the four armed
man, who'll give you his real name if you meet the requirements(Rank S Hunter).

Go up the little lift. You'll see a moogle, as well as the synth master(second-
in-range; the first one is Hades). Save your game, and synth if you have the
items and the money(an Item of your interest is the Thief Gauntlets). Now, go
though the door to the left. In this screen, head to the left, and look for a
pedestal on the wall. Examine it, and something will happen. Talk with the guys
next to it, and agree with either the item seller, or the man near the item
seller about five times, and you'll get either the meteor card, or the flare
card. Buy items if you have to.

Keep heading to the left towards the library(ignore the doorway by now). Talk
with the man who's looking for the books "The Eidolon and I". Then, head to the
right, and look for a pile of books. Examine it, and you'll find out that the
book the Eidolon and I is there!. Return with the old man, who moves out to go
look for the book. You'll be able to use the ladder the old man was blocking. In
the screen below, talk with the man to the left, and if you have the Namingaway
card, you'll be able to change your characters names. Afterwards, return to the
library, and go through the doorway by it.

In the next screen, talk with the man behind the counter to learn about his
dilemma. Now, return back to the entrance, but now, go through the left path
instead of the right one. In here, you'll see a Cleyran!. He'll recognize you!.
Now, you'll have to solve the weapon's smith prob. To do so, first, examine  the
levers here, as well as the pillars, which serve as lifts. Examine the levers to
the left of the Cleyran. Pull down the left level until the bottommost
pillar(the one south of the librarian) is at its bottom. Then, examine the hole
that has appeared. Then, examine the staff by the Cleyran.

Zidane  will take the staff to the hole you just found, and put it in there.
Now, examine the levers once again, and pull the right lever. You've fixed the
problem!. Use the pillars to get to the weapon's smith, and talk with him.
You'll be able to buy items from him now!. This guy has really good stuff. Waste
a lot of money on him. Don't worry. After you do so, go outside Daguerreo, and
TRAIN!. Fight a lot of Grand Dragons for a lot of XP. These are worth 8.000 and
something XP. Once you are about level 50-55(or 60:), fly the Hilda Garde o the
Ipsen Castle, and enter it. Equip the weakest weapon you can before you enter

ENEMIES: Agares, Gargoyle, Cerberus, Veteran, Tonberry, Taharka
ITEMS: Aquarius, Earth Mirror, Fire mirror, Wind mirror, Water mirror, Broad
        Sword, Dagger, Cat's claw, Javelin, Rod, Barette, Maiden Prayer, Air
        Racket, Golem's flute, ancient aroma, Fork, Mage staff

As you enter, Amarant goes all egocentric and tells you that he doesn't needs of
your help. He'll go alone. Then, select your party members. I would recommend
Eiko, Vivi, Steiner and Zidane. Now, go up the flight of stairs to enter the
castle properly. Inside, search to the right and to the left for some goodies,
and then go through the door at the end of the room.

In the next screen, advance forwards, and grab the item on the chest. Then, go a
bit south and talk with the moogle, who will save your game and also has a
mogshop. He sells Vaccines, which are very, very rare, so you should buy them.
From the moogle, go a bit to the right and go down the rope. Then, go up the
ladder here, and then head to the north onto the next screen. In here, climb up
the first ladder you see.

Keep climbing until the field icon pops up. Climb to the left, and grab the
goodies. Then, return to the ladder, and head to the right. Follow the path to
the end, and get the Broad Sword. Then, return to the right, and head up to the
top(bottom, because the castle is upside down, you know). Keep climbing up until
you get into the next screen. In here, jump off to the ledge and go through the
doorway. In the next screen, you'll see a lift to the north, and a short path to
the south.

Head south. You'll see a huge painting in the wall. This is the fresco door.
When you examine it, you'll be able to do something on it. Do something, and
another something appears. Just keep doing "something" on it until the door
opens. Try different combinations, and to the other side of this door you'll
find something. Return to where the door is, and take the lift to the north.
You'll see Amarant. After he leaves, examine the mirrors on the wall. Each time
you pick up one, you'll see a different message:

Wind  mirror        = My power is protected by wind, behind a tornado.
Water mirror        = My power is protected underwater, surrounded by earth.
Fire  mirror        = My power is protected high atop a fiery mountain.
Earth mirror        = My power is protected under the shaking ground.

After you grab all of the mirrors, the guardian of this place will come. He'll
tell you that one is all, and all is one. What the hell is this guy talking
about!?. Sorry. You can't know the meaning of that word just know. Because you
have to fight!.

HP: 29.186

Taharka is very easy. Have Zidane use the steal command on this guy to get the
Orichalcon, which is the strongest weapon to this far for Zidane. Have Vivi cast
Flare(you should have synth the Black Robe back in Daguerreo) and Steiner use
either the Firaga sword or the Flare sword(Vivi could also use Firaga) and Eiko
beat the crap out of Taharka with Madeen(if she's using Boost and is about at
level 50, she should deal out 9999 points of damage). Having skills like auto
regen and auto potion, as well as auto haste, and other support abilities is

Now that you've finished with the mandatory stuff you had to do here, return
back to the room with the moogle. In here, three trap doors have appeared, and
you must trigger them in order to get some nifty items. Start off by triggering
the one which is directly to the south of the treasure chest at the top of the
room. The next one is diagonal from the pole, near the first one you triggered.
The last one is south of the pole, by the moogle. See the map below for more
+-------+------------------------------------------+  ---
| Chest |                           \___________/  | Chest:  Chest(...)
|       |                             ____         | ####:   Trap door
|       | ####                       /    \        | @@:     Pole
|       | ####                      |  @@  |       | Moogle: Moogle
|       | ####                       \____/        +------------
| ####  |
| ####  |
| ####  |                 ####                     +------------
|       |                 ####                     |
|       |                 ####                     |
|       |                                          |
+-------+---  Moogle   ----------------------------+
    |       \_________/
To the

Now, return to the entrance. From the door you come out, look to the left.
You'll see an staircase. Go up this staircase, and go through the door right
down the middle. Now, just keep advancing until you find a lift. Use it to go
down, and you'll arrive at Odin's room, where you'll see Odin's Zenetsuken-ish
sword. You'll also see a couple of pots here. You must move her in order to
drain all of the electricity around the sword. To do so, move them from shelf to
shelf counterclockwise. The vases will drain all of the electricity, and you'll
get the ancient aroma. Now, return to the outskirts(the place with the big

Amarant is missing, and he doesn't wants to come out. Zidane gets worried, and
decides to go look for him. Inside the castle, head to the courtyard(where the
moogle is) and slide down the pole. You'll hear(read) Amarant's groaning, which
is at the bottom of the screen. Zidane will pick him up, and he'll join your
party. You must return to the outskirts again. On your way there, you may end up
fighting a few enemies, so equip Amarant with the cat's claws. Return to the
outskirts, where the party will decide to use the mirrors to open the path to
Terra. You could now continue with the adventure, or do different kind of
things. Let's continue with the history please!.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *
                          WE ARE OFF TO TERRA
- * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

You must take each party member to their respective shrine, where you'll have to
beat the boss there. Don't worry. You'll only have to fight in the earth shrine,
with Zidane and Quina, so you should train both of them(and equip them with very
good equipments). First, head to the water shrine. It is in the center of the
forgotten continent. Press X above it to drop off your party members. Then,
hover towards the fire shrine, which is a fiery volcano north of Esto Gaza.
Press X above it to drop off the next set of party members.

Now, head to the southeastern part of the forgotten continent, between mountains
and slopes. This shrine is represented as an X. Drop off your party members, and
then head towards the last shrine. This one is to the east of the outer
continent. Press X her, and you'll drop off Quina and Zidane, which are the
party members you'll control. Go down towards the TV screen(south) and you'll
see a short cutscene. Press X when prompted to preven death. Then continue
south. The earth guardian will appear, and will challenge you to a battle.

BOSS ENEMY: Earth Guardian
HP: 20.756

This guy is very easy. I hope Zidane is in trance and is able to use his best
Dyne skills. Otherwise, stick with physical attacks and the Thievery skills(by
now, you should have stolen enough items to make it a worthwhile attack). Quina
should stick with her best blue magics or use items. If you have Bad Breath, use
it. Also, equipping yourself with the auto float ability before this battle
makes it a lot easier, considering this guy loves casting earthquake, which is
earth type attack and causes a lot of damage.)

You are now free to leave to Terra. To do so, go to the shimmering island by
esto gaza on the icy continent. Before doing so, do a bit of this and that,
because when you return, some things will be changed forever. Once you press X
above the shimmering isle, you'll see a FMV, and you'll be on Terra.

ENEMIES: Hecteyes, Mover, Ring leader, Malboro
ITEMS: Coronet, Dragon Wrist, Elixir, remedy, Mythril racket, Demon's vest
        Minerva's plate.

After you are greeted by Garland, go down onto the next screen. Move forwards
until you find a girl, which looks a lot like Zidane. Now, just follow her. On
your way there, you should take a few detours in order to get some goodies
'round here. The path is pretty much straightforward, so I guess you should have
no problem with this part of the game. You'll eventually reach an area with a
bridge. Cross it, and you'll reach the bran bal.

ITEMS: Wing edge, Elixir, Flash Hat, Angel earrings, Minerva's plate

As you enter this medieval looking town, you'll see a short FMV showing a ship
on the sky. Is the invincible!. Dagger will look at it and remember that day in
Madain Sairi(when it was destroyed) She'll then faint. You'll see a short
cutscene, and you'll be then able to move. Go down the stairs to the left, and
enter the first house you come across. Zidane decides that this is a great place
to rest. You'll then see Eiko trying to talk with the locals, with no avail.
Apparently, they're as cold as the ice. You'll then see Zidane again, and you'll
be able to control him.

Visit every house here. There is one with a set of stairs to upper-right part of
it. If you go down these stairs, you'll advance with the history, so ignore it
for now. You'll also come across with a house with a moving bucket. Examine it,
and a moogle will come out. This moogle will let you save your game, and will
also sell you items. This little fella sells the good stuff, so you should waste
a lot of money on him(about 20.000-25.000---there is still one more shop you
must waste your money on...).

Now, return to the house with the stairs on the upper right corner(by the inn)
and go down the stairs on the upper right corner. You'll find a woman who looks
a lot like Zidane(like everybody here :). She'll the unveil the shocking truth.
She'll reveal that everybody, including _Zidane_ is a puppet, a test-tube
offspring, without a soul, without feelings. Cold as ice. But Zidane is
different. Zidane was given a soul, so he can feel and do what he wants. The
woman will then invite you to Pandemonium, where you'll be able to get more

You'll get to control Eiko for a short while. You could go out the bran bal and
fight some random battles to get some nifty experience. The enemies in the
outskirts of the city are very powerful, but they are also worth a lot of
experience. The Movers also give a lot of experience(not as much as in FFV
though) but they can kill you with one hit(Delta Attack). Anyway, once you are
ready, chat with Amarant("catch my drift?") and go through the green portal.
You'll learn that Zidane has already leaved.

ENEMIES: Amdusias, Malboro, Shell Dragon, Mover, Abadon, Silver Dragon, Garland
ITEMS: Holy Milter, Carabini Mail, Elixir, Battle Boots

As you enter this place, you'll be greeted by Garland, the master of this place.
You must follow him by jumping from platform to another platform, and hearing
what he has to say. He unveils more shocking truths. Apparently, Zidane is
Kuja's brother(or vice versa?) and Kuja also has a tail! It is only
hidden!(DBZ?). After this, Zidane will pass out. He'll be then awaken by Vivi
and Eiko, who finally caught up him. But, Zidane has changed his aptitude. The
weight of the truth has made him a sad person. A soul less genome.

As he crawls out of his confinement, he'll fight an Amdusias. This thing is
pretty hard, but you should beat it. He'll then find Quina and Steiner having
trouble fighting a monster, so he joins in and fights. Beat the monster and
continue. This time around, he'll bump into a shell dragon, who'll cause a lot
of damage to Zidane, leaving him near death. Fortunately, Garnet comes in and
applies a healing spell on him. You'll then have to beat the shell dragon. Once
you beat it, Zidane finally puts himself together, and the adventure resumes.

After you can control Zidane, talk with the moogle here, and save your game. You
can also use this moogle to buy items and to switch party members out. From the
moogle, head north into the next screen. In here, head north, and examine the
chair, and you'll get a Holy Miter. Return to the previous screen(the one with
the moogle) and head south. In this screen, head to the left onto the next
screen. In here, you'll see several buckets(they are not exactly buckets, but
they look a lot like them) and a big button in the center. Approach it, and
press X. Three buckets will catch on fire, and a timer will appear. You must
travel to the next screen by using the doorway to the south within the time
limit. If you touch any of the lighted up buckets, you'll have to fight a Shell
Dragon, and to try again. Cross the holographic bridge, onto the next screen.

In here, you'll see another weird gadget, which you should ignore by now. Keep
heading to the left into the next screen. Go up the slope to the far left, and
examine the floating platform. There are several platforms of this kind here,
and you must use the panel you saw in the previous screen to control these
platforms, so you can reach the top. This is HARD!. Keep going back and forth
until your friends offer to help you. When they do so, return to the room with
the platforms, and press select. You'll be able to handle the device. Keep
switching from one party to the other until you reach the top. Then, step on the
tele porter.

In this area, there are several teleporters you must use in order to continue
with your adventure. Head to the right, and take the first teleporter, and go up
one floor then, go left and teleport down. Grab the items here, then teleport
back, head to the right, and use the teleporter there. Then, move up to the top
teleporter, jump up the red platform and teleport back to the landing
platform(yes, it's the same thing the brady games guide says; I couldn't explain
this part, sorry :()

Go down, and then head to the left. Stand on the tele porter, and you'll be
taken to tele porter room once again. Head south, and then to the right. Step on
the tele porter, and head upwardly twice. Then, teleport down again to the
lowest path(using other tele porter, if I remember correctly), head to the
right, and head upwardly twice(by using the tele porter here). You'll see
another moogle. Save your game, and go through the doorway by it. You'll see a
couple of cutscenes. Then, you'll have to fight a series of enemies, in
succession, without rest(only a few cutscenes). The format used below is
different from the one used on normal boss fights.

NOTE: The strategies listed below are mainly for a party conformed by Freya,
Zidane, Eiko & Steiner/Vivi.

The Silver Dragon

Weak Versus: None                 AP given: 13
Hit points: 24.055                Spoiled items: Wing edge
Stolen items: Kaiser Knuckles, Dragon Mail, Elixir, Ether

Strategy: Thus guy is really easy. The party I used for this fight(and the party
I used for the rest of the game) was conformed by Freya, Eiko, Zidane and
Steiner(or Vivi). With Freya, I used Dragon's crest, which caused about 8.000
points of damage. Steiner used stock break, Vivi used Flare, and Eiko Madeen. I
also had a lot of ethers(because the attacks I used waste lots of MP). For the
other party members, use her/his strongest attack.


Weak Versus: Physical attack(equip man eater) AP given: 0
Hit points: 40.728                Spoiled items: None
Stolen items: Dark Gear, Ninja Gear, Battle boots.

Strategy: He's also very easy. He uses the Flare spell, which is the most
powerful thing he has, but hopefully, it is not that strong. If you equipped the
ability man eater, Zidane, Freya and Steiner will deal a lot of damage on this
guy. Amarant and Quina are also useful here, specially if you have the mighty
guard blue magic. Eiko should use Madeen and concentrate on healing.


Weak Versus: None                 AP Given: None
Hit Points: 42.382                Spoiled Items: None
Stolen Items: Light robe, Carabini Mail, Ether.

Strategy: Kuja, unlike the others, is no pushover. This guys uses a spell called
Flare Star which causes a lot of damage. Have Freya use Dragon's Crest, Steiner
his best sword skill(it could be either climhazzard or shock, if you've been
doing a lot of choco exploration). Zidane should steal items and attack
physically, and Eiko act as a healer. Dagger is reduced to a healer too(she
chould also summon Bahamut) and Amarant throwing abaility is very useful for
this battle.

After the battle, Kuja kills Garland, and trances(becomes super
saijajin[sajaiyin in Spanish] in other words). You'll then have to escape. Just
watch the cinemas. You'll then end up on the invincible, the best ship in the
world, and the third disk will finally come to an end.


At the start of this disk, you'll see the party at the black mage village, whre
the genomes from Terra have been taken. The genomes and the black mages have
started to be friends. You'll see a couple of cinemas, and after that, the party
decides to go after Kuja. You'll then appear outside the black mage village,
inside the invincible, the best ship in the world. Before heading towards the
endgame, you may want to do a bit of this and that. When you are ready, head to
the Lifa Tree, and press circle when near the glowing ball. You'll see the best
FMV in the game(at least in my opinion) and then you'll have to fight.

HP: 55.000 HP

This guys is very, very hard. Its tidal wave attack will cause a lot of damage
on your party, and it hits everyone. I hope that before this battle, you've
equipped abilities such as auto regen, auto haste and auto life. I also hope you
are at quite high levels. The party you should be using is Vivi, Zidane, Freya
and Eiko. Have Freya use Dragon's crest, Vivi cast Flare and Zidane use physical
attacks(steal). Eiko should be concentrated on healing and on casting an
occasional Madeen.

You'll then enter Memoria. For this last area of the game, I won't give you a
walkthrough, but a boss guide. Why?. Not, it is not because I am lazy, but
because I consider that this last portion of the game is not that hard. And...
if spoiled all of the game for you, so there you go. Bosses may be a little
hard, so I'll give you some short strategies for them.

HP: 54.500

This guy is also a bit tough. Follow these strategies: Have Eiko cast Madeen,
Vivi cast Blizzaga, Freya Cast Dragon's crest, and Zidane steal(this guy has a
lot of nifty things on his possession). By now, you should have dealt about
30.000 points of damage. Repeat and he's done for. Once he dies, he'll unleash a
final attack, so keep the HP up.

HP: 54.500

This guy is also very, very tough. First off, be sure you are equipped with auto
haste, auto regen and body temp(the last one is the most important). For a cheap
strategy, cast reflect on all of your party members, and then cast Blizzaga on
all of your party members to do a x4 attack. Have Eiko cast Madeen and heal,
Frey cast dragon crest and Zidan steal.


For this battle, I would recommend using this abilities: auto regen, auto haste,
auto life and body temp. Have Eiko cast Madeen, and Vivi cast Firaga on the main
body. Zidane should steal as usual, and Freya cast Dragon's Crest on the main
body. You don't have to kill the tentacles, but two madeens kill them.

HP: 56.000

This guy is also very hard. Be sure your levels ain't multiple of five(50-55-
60...) and equip the abilities auto regen, auto haste, auto life and auto float.
If you don't have auto float, then equip something that drains earth type
attacks. Have Eiko cast Madeen, Vivi cast Flare, Zidane steal and Freya use
Dragon's crest. Keep the pressure up and you should win.

BOSS ENEMY: Deathguise
HP: 55.000

This guy is also very hard. He likes to cast Meteor a lot, and like Ozma, it
causes random damage. But unlike Ozma, is very hard to see a 9999 meteor with
this guy. Have Eiko cast Madeen, Zidane steal, Vivi cast flare and Zidane steal
and use physical attacks.

BOSS ENEMY: Trance Kuja
HP: 60.000

This is one tough hooshee!. He'll use Flare star almost every turn, which causes
a lot of damage. He also likes to cast Holy, Flare, Curaga(on himself of course)
and reflect(on himself). Set up Eiko as your healer, and have her use an
occasional Madeen. Freya should use dragon's crest, and Vivi Flare. Zidane
should his physical attacks and trance skills.

HP: 60.500

This is also a very tough enemy. His neutron ring is very powerful(it takes a
character HP down to one!). His grand cross causes random status to your party.
Have Freya use Dragon's crest, Eiko heal and cast Madeeen, Vivi cast Meteor or
Flare, Zidane use remedies to cure statuses that grand cross causes and use
trance skills if he trances. Once he's finished, sit back and enjoy the ending.


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P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.