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Final Fantasy VII Review


J L Tresidder from Cornwall England 10/7/02 5:28:30 AM
Hours Played: 450
General/Summary: Overall this game is one of the all time Classics i my favourite final fantasy game even in 2002 its very fun the play it beats the pants off FF8,9,10. Why? If you were brought up on old style games,(like me) you will know the old style methods are well mixed into a fairly modern game. Could we say this is a classic? Yes we could!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gameplay: The gameplay is generally good. You must remember RPG gameplay can not be compared with other game types, it is very very different. I find for a RPG the gameplay is good i think the materia system is the materia system beats the sytems used on all the other FF games. The main pont being its far more versatile. But as the game is an RPG i think like any RPG the gameplay is good but limited.

Graphics: I know this is an old game but come on these graphics are really really bad. The graphics do not make the game but i admit they do help. To be honest the graphics give it its retro feel. Still i have seen better graphics on Mega Drive!!!!! In this case i dont think the graphics matter, i also admit in battles they are not so bad.

Sound: This is possibly the best game ever for sounds. I can't get the tune from the fights out of my head. The music definetly makes this game. I would say the music makes this a Classic. Those dudes at Squaresoft have done very very well with this aspect. Sound effects outside the battles are sometimes cheesy but what can you expect from such an old game. One more point the fact the charcters dont speak adds to the feel and emotion of this game and any other RPG.

A.I. from fargo,nd 10/6/02 7:53:22 PM
Hours Played: 1000000000000000000000
Price Paid: $50
Purchased At: kmart
General/Summary: The best game ever made, this is the most addictive game that has ever been leagalized to be sold in stores. When i begin to forget why i loved it so much in the first place i play it again and it comes back to me. I bought this game in Oct. of 1997 and still play it.(i beat it 10+ times) this game made all the rpg's on the market made possible today. this game is the first game to ever spend $1000000+ on the grathics alone, and the list goes on and on and on.....

Gameplay: Materia system is made to perfection. Limit breakers will keep you playing if materia wont, weapons,accesories, and armor will make you keep if limit breakers wont, story, music,mini-games, side quests, and huge world map will make you keep playing if the whole other stuff wont and virsa versa

Graphics: The best at its time, it won a bunch of awards for it(not to mention created most of them, most people didnt know it was possible to make the grathics so good)

Sound: best soundtrack ever made. the background music creates perfect atmosphere.

sputz from midwest, usa 9/30/02 5:17:43 PM
Hours Played: 95
Price Paid: $10
Purchased At: used cd store
General/Summary: This game is a classic, every person who owns a PS/PS2 NEEDS to play this game. This was the first RPG I had ever played, and now all I ever play is rpg's in hopes of finding a game at least half as good as this one.(ya, it's better than FF8 and FF9, but i haven't play FFX yet, so i can't compare it to that) If you're a big rpg-er, this is the game you have a shrine building in your room, and the game you compare all others too (if you haven't played it you can't be considered a serious rpg-er), or if you're just some meathead(no offence, but rpg's do require a little more brain than the rest of the games) who's all in for fighting/racing games, this is the game you must play (and it will most likely convert you)

Gameplay: Awesome, I can't say enough good stuff about this game.

Graphics: They aren't the ultimate-super-de-dopper graphics, but they ain't so bad. You have to remember this game was made quite a few years back, so to yesterdays standards i'm sure they were awesome, but to today's standards, it's nothing new.

Sound: Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The songs and themes are incredable (infact, i just bought the soundtrack on e-bay).

wone from secret 9/27/02 9:04:51 PM
Hours Played: 100
Price Paid: $20
Purchased At: ?
General/Summary: This game was so awesome!
people said, this game's sound track was no good, but I think that's not. All the character has thier theme songs and it match well to the character's image. And I also don't think this game's graphics are sucks.
This game is like 3 years ago.
So In that situation, this game's graphics are not bad.
And I really don't think graphics matter to all the games.
Game is just the game. If you think graphic really matter to game, then how did you played the Super nintendo and that stuff?
It is not for you to watch.
It is for you to play and enjoy of it.
If you think graphic really matter to the fun of game , then you should sit down and watch the movie.

Gameplay: Nice story.. I like that material systems and limit break. It was really cool.

Graphics: I said, Graphic dosen't matter to games quality.

And I don't think this game's graphics are sucks.

It was nice and pretty.

and They also got big faces.

Big face always looks nice.

I think all the final fantasy games match well with character's big faces.

Sound: It was nice. Good match with character's image.

"Strife" Levin from California, los angeles 9/26/02 1:20:43 AM
Hours Played: 150
Purchased At: my friend gave it to me
General/Summary: best plot ever. It makes you laugh, cry, have nightmares, and ultimately consumes you till the end, which, may i remind you, gamers are STILL contemplating and making conclusions about. You are a renegade mercenary warrior striving to stop an evil organization. that endeavor takes you on a breakneck speed adventure with mystery, action, sorrow, and suspense. it is quite possibly the greatest game ever. heart-breaking, spine-tingling, battle enraging songs/background music. graphics: awesome for its time. this is FFVII

Gameplay: The limit break, weapon, materia, and ATB systems are all of the highest quality of FF i have ever played. the puzzles, especially temple of the ancients, were so mind boggling that i took at least 2 hours of play to get out of it.
the gameplay was so good, that i beat it, then started another file, then beat it, then another file, then beat it. this game is so addicting you will stop playing ALL your other games till you beat it

Graphics: graphics were great for its time. nuff' said.

Sound: The background music is totally awesome and the gameplay sound effects are hilarious (cloud hits someone. bishh!)

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