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The Legend of Dragoon Review

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sputz from souixfalls, SD 9/14/02 9:12:50 PM
Hours Played: 40
Price Paid: $12
Purchased At: mediaplay
General/Summary: Overall, this game is a good way to pass time if you're bored, but it's nothing to stay up to the wee-hours of day to figure something out. So, don't blow big bucks on it.
It's a pretty traditional rpg, but I don't really consider it an rpg since you're not really playing the role of the character. The story is set and you have to follow it as it says, they're no other way. Even for the very few times they actually let you choose something, it ends up the same no matter what your choice.
I guess the only reason why I'm still playing it is to find out why the heck I need to collect all this stardust!

Gameplay: A very typical rpg. hero goes on quest, pick's up weirdo's on the way, and saves the day for local village people on the way.

The Battle system was little more unique. It uses an addition system, which means when you go attack the bad guy, you can hit him more than one time depending on if you hit the buttons at the right time( and depending on which type of attack you chose to use, you can hit them 5 or 6 times). And your attack keeps getting stronger after you complete that attack several times.
Then there's also battles in which you can turn into a dragoon. You can think about it as a replacement for a summons, if you've played FFVII. But like a summons, it's very showy as the characters wave their sword arround and battle stage becomes full of flashing lights. It's kind of a waste of time, and the graphics, I think are kind of pathetic. But, at least its a powerful attack.

The storyline is pretty traditional; nothing that really grabs you or sparks much interest. Their were a few good moments, but they were mostly destroyed by bad dialouge. Yea, that was the other thing, the way the charaters talk is so corny! Nobody would ever talk like that.
Another thing that way annoying, was lack of information. The random people you talk to NEVER have any useful info, and many times you're left in the dark for what you're suposed to do next.

Graphics: it's an earlier game, with average 1990's graphics. Don't expect much.

Sound: Frankly, I hated it. The sound effects were very unrelistic. The music was very repetitive and got VERY annoying, plus I hated it to begin with.

Yasir from england 9/13/02 1:00:14 PM
Hours Played: 40
Purchased At: From a fiend
General/Summary: When Ifrst read about this game in a magazne 1 thing came to my head RIP OFF!!! the way the magazine make it look like a copy of FF7 was unbelieveable. Later on I found out that one of my friends had it. So I wnt hs house to check it out. When i saw the first scene I loved it, I had to beg my friend to let me borrow it.

Gameplay: The reaso why I liked this game was adition ability in the battles, it was one of the best types i had ever seen. The arrow was very useful, but it did get annoting sometimes.

Graphics: The way i would put the graphics are better than FF7 worse than FF8. Though the fmv squences were ludicrisly detailed.

Sound: I love the sound to this game, it is immense. Though sometimes it is out of place

Marcelo from Kenner La 8/31/02 9:48:32 PM
Hours Played: 100
Price Paid: $21
Purchased At: Wal mart
General/Summary: Alright first off, i must say i agree with Cristian. This game totally sucks and i'm going to tell you why.

Gameplay: Now first off the game has a crappy storyline. And the battle was jacked from Final Fantasy, the escaping and everything, the battle system sucks and takes all the good things that ff7, 8, and 10 had. Like the limit brakes, and the use of materia. Most of all it sucks because its not original. Now there are no side quests its just based on one story line and thats it. Its so linear.

Graphics: Now the graphics i must admit are average. The arent good but they arent bad. They had alot of popups from far away and the backgroud sucks. The character design really isnt that good, they are to many wrinkles in the main guys pants and the faces look un realistic. So the graphics are average for whatever year this game was made in.

Sound: Now the sound is wat really sucks bout this game. The sound when your main stars swords hits the enemy is like hearing a peice of paper being ripped. The music also suck and just keeps playing over and over. There are no good songs either.

Cristian from kenner La 8/31/02 9:34:43 PM
Hours Played: 45
Price Paid: $20
Purchased At: gametrader
General/Summary: i have to admit the grahics are good,but everything else sucks.why would they make such a game.It's a dicrase to the playstation.Sincerely

Ps.i really don't won't to talk about this sick game.

Gameplay: The battle system is a total copy of all FF's.
The battle is like the same exact thing of FF7,FF8,FF9,and FF10,because they don't move untill the enemy attacks and then they attack and after the match they gain exp and get level up and stuff it's a copy.also if u press pause it shows pictures of there heads and what level hp and stuff and it's like FF7 cause you can swicth weapons the same exact way and it has the same exact list of icons u can click on. i no im saying "and" alot and i can't really explain so good but, to me Legend of the Dragoon is a sick game.One more thing the way you enter the battle is like FF's.

Graphics: The grahics are the average game for playstation.
There enviroments are beutiful very realistic.The grahics the only thing good about this dumb game.

Sound: Well i don't really pay attention to the sound but the music is chessy and lame.The music isn't really cool or something you would like to listen to.That's all i have to say.

Dante from Canada 8/19/02 1:19:10 PM
Hours Played: 42
Price Paid: $35
Purchased At: Electronic Boutique
General/Summary: LOD is one good game. It is story is a little simple and good for RPG newbies. However, experienced RPG players will enjoy it too due to its unique battle system and other factors. Sony made a good game, if only they would make LOD2.

Gameplay: The one thing that drew me to this game was the battle system. Not only were the additions a nice touch, but also challenging enough to keep me busy in the beginning. One thing I did not like, other may disagree with me, was the little arrow over your head that told you when you got into a battle. It made some battle a little easier. Leveling up in this game is really a challenge, it took forever to gain levels fighting random battles. However, the special monsters made up for that giving anywhere from 300-3000EXP. All in all the gameplay was very good.

Graphics: Not absolutely mind boggling graphics, but they were good. When doing additions, the graphics got choppy and sometimes really made doing additions hard. Other than that, they were good. The cut seances in this game were very good and well chosen.

Sound: Very good music. The music was the one thing in this game I though was amazing. The beginning song is very good and somewhat deep. One thing, however, that made me laugh was sometimes field/battle music wound not fit. When there should be dark music they put upbeat music. This was minor though. The voice casting was okay, but got bad during battles. In addition, the people who did the voice acting made some minor and some not so minor mistakes (blossom storm). However, the sound did make the game a lot better.

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