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After watching the opening movie sequence, you'll be brought into the
gameplay. Need I remind you to collect as many bolts and nuts as possible?
Remember, if you want to go through this game without having to stall your
story by trying to collect bolts, you should collect them in the first place.
Good luck!

(           PLANET VELDIN             )

You will start out near the ship. Your objective in this case is to find out
what happened, and what fell from the sky. To get there, just follow the path
until you reach a series of ledges on the wall. Climb and jump/double jump
the ledges, and don't forget to practice your moves on all the enemies. When
you get to the fork in the road, go right, as there will be a ton of crates
to bust open.

After popping the crates, head back and go to the left in the fork this time.
At this point, you will encounter enemies that have laser beams. Nasty. To
avoid the beams and destroy the robots at the same time, double jump over the
beam as it comes after you, then him the attack button (Square) while in the
air. This attack will do twice the amount of damage as regular swiping with
your wrench. Try experimenting with your Bomb Glove, too!

Follow the path and you will reach the crater. A cut-scene will appear.

(           PLANET NOVALIS            )

From the crash site, head right into the watery area with the platforms. As
you go farther, boulders fall from the ceiling of the cave to the ground,
thus, creating a path. Remember not to fall down, as it will drift you to the
beginning of the water. You will see yellow platforms that go up and down.
Time your jumps and reach the next area.

The room you enter will have red trim at the base of the floors that run
along the walls. If you want a Gold Bolt, which I suggest, then look to your
left. See those step-like platforms? Go over in that area, but do not climb
them. Instead, try wall jumping from side to side at the base of the stairs.
Eventually, you will reach the top, and there will be your Gold Bolt. Read
the FAQ section to see what these illustrious bolts do, and why you should
collect them in the Secrets & Codes section.

Jump down from the platform (in Ratchet & Clank, you cannot take damage from
falling above), and climb those steps we were talking about earlier. At the
top of the stairs will be a pretty straight forward area. Just follow the
path for a short while. Soon enough, you will encounter a room with two
streams of water; Jump in the water and float down to the other side, where
some stairs to climb up will be. Do the same thing with the next stream. Jump
on the yellow rotating platforms and follow the narrow path.

After the cut-scene, buy the InfoBot for Planet Aridia for 500 Bolts. You
should have double of that by now, so don't worry about the currency running
low. After buying it, search the room for crates, and destroy them all.
Remember that red crates will blow up if you attack them, so just brush up
against them. "G" crates contain ammo for your weaponry. After this, follow
the plumber's route by jumping in the sewer drainage. You will land at the

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

Back at the landing site, turn around and go in the back. You will eventually
see a screw sticking up out of the ground. Hold [] while moving the D-
Pad/Left Analog Stick clockwise or counter-clockwise until the door opens. Go
forward, but be careful of the cannon blasting enemies; If you're lucky, they
might kill each other. Take them out with the Bomb Glove. Find the lake of
water that has the hole underwater in which you can reach the next room by
using. Surface the water before you run out of breath, and jump out. Jump all
the way down and kill the enemies on the ground. On the left will be a
boulder that you can blow up; Do so with the Bomb Glove. Inside will be a
Gold Bolt. Unscrew the door and you're at the crash site yet again.

From that infamous landing site yet again, jump straight down. You will land
in a field that looks like a war has been taken place. Well, one is about to
be taken place, as there are Robo-Bees everywhere! The best way to get rid of
them is to use your wrench and chase them down, possibly in groups. After
this, you have robots that want you dead. Use your Bomb Glove or wrench on
them, too. You should be by the end of the field by now.

Look on the left and you will be a house that's pretty beat up... You can't
miss it, honestly, because there is a robot they're trying to kill you.
Destroy it and go on through... You'll see a cut-scene, after watching it,
kill all of the robots and cross the busted up bridge. You will be let out on
the other side of the "Field of Death." Follow another path and watch the
cut-scene once you reach the end. This is where you will want to use your
Bomb Glove ammo more than any other place on this Planet, as the Robots do
pack a punch. They aren't that tactical, so beat'em up and watch the cut-

The InfoBot given to you will provide you with yet another Planet to visit:
Kerwan (which was the only playable Planet on the E3 2002 Demo of Ratchet &
Clank). Don't travel there yet, instead, get in your ship and travel to
Planet Aridia!

(           PLANET ARIDIA             )

When you land in Aridia, you will notice a few things; First of all, there is
a lot of mud on this Planet, and if you fall in, you will have two chances to
jump out of it. After that, you will sink fairly quickly. Secondly, the
Pyrocitor is available at the Gadgetron Vendor for 2,500 bolts. It's pretty
good in this area, as the sandsharks can be difficult to defeat in groups
without it. So purchase it, if you have (and you should) the moolah.

From the starting point, go passed the back of your ship. You'll find a
survivor! Thank goodness! or some other cheesy saying! He will give you a
mission objective: Destroy all of the sandsharks. There's a good chance that
you may die during this mission, as the sandsharks are kinda sneaky, and you
may not notice when they are behind you. If so, don't worry. You will start
from the survivor's location, but you will have to kill whatever sandsharks
you manage to destroy again. So don't intentionally die for no good reason.

The sandsharks, as I said before, are quite sneaky little devils. By now, you
should have bought the Pyrocitor from the Gadgetron Vendor. You will be able
to bump these suckers off easily with the Pyrocitor. Be aware of the machines
that reproduce the sandsharks, as the more you kill the actual sandsharks,
the more it produces. Not very good. So be sure to destroy the machines
FIRST. Do not wait.

Search every remotely close area for the sandsharks and the machines that
produce them, and erase their existence every chance you get. Once you
complete the task of killing off every last one of them. One overlooked area
is up on top of the big plateau in the middle. There are rocks that work as
platforms to get up on top of it. After killing them all, a cut-scene will
ensue. Enjoy.

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

From the first survivor's location, go passed the metal bridge. Hang on to
the right and keep walking until you reach a second metal bridge. Cross it,
and cross yet another metal bridge. Look over to your right to notice a
boulder in which can be blown up with the Bomb Glove. Go ahead and do so.
This will open a new path with crates and a Gold Bolt.

From the ship, head to your left and jump over the little stream of mud. Kill
all of the Sandsharks and Pyrocitor Robots (jump over their flames and strike
them... Remember, jumping is a key element to success in this game), and keep
following the path. Eventually, you will see an elevator. Get on it and
travel up; in which you will see two paths. You can't take the left, so go

Battle the Pyrocitor Robots and keep on trucking. This path is pretty much
straight forward, so just keep moving. You'll come to an elevator, in which
you go ahead and take down. Kill the enemies and look for a ledge that should
have hand logos, as well as arrows pointing up. This is your basic climbing
techniques, so follow the directions by jumping and pulling yourself up. Keep
following the path, and you will reach the top of the factory. There should
be a ledge against the wall, so climb up. Head over the mud and find the
second survivor for a cut-scene. You'll be back later, so head to your ship
for Planet Kerwan!

(           PLANET KERWAN             )

For those of you that attended E3, this one will bring back memories.
Remember at the beginning of every new Planet you visit to check with the
Gadgetron Vendor. The same thing goes for this one, as well, as the Vendor
has something that ever pistol-spinning son of a gun will enjoy: The Blaster.
Make sure you purchase the Blaster for 2,500 Bolts, because it adds variety
to your weaponry, which is important. Very important.

From the landing site, go straight and to the right. Keep following the path
that is filled with Robo-Dogs and several Gun-toting Robots that won't take
kindly to you around them parts. Get rid of the Dogs with your wrench, and
blow the Robots up with the Bomb Glove. You will see a Helicopter Robot in
the sky. This is perfect for your newly acquired Blaster gun. You can careful
snipe the helicopter out of the sky, which will gracefully save your behind,
as the helicopter does quite the damage.

Continue on your route and go down the escalator. You will be in a circled
area. There is a mine robot in this area, so beware. The easiest way to kill
him is to sneak to one side of the circle to alert him of your presence, then
run in the opposite way that he is. You can catch him faster, and easier,
this way. Kill him off and continue to Big Al's shack. Watch the cut-scene.

Buy the upgrade to get Clank's Heli-Pack for 1,000 Bolts. You will NEED this.
Got it? So buy! Buy! BUY! Hey, Big Al kinda reminds you of Bill Gates, don't
he? Anyways... After getting the Heli-Pack upgrade, continue into the other
side of Big Al's place. You will be greeted with some directions on what to
do. This part is particularly simple due to the advanced directions, so just
let the computer tell you what to do. If you miss what it said, check your
Help Log on the menu.

Once you reach and go up the elevator, there will be a very long jump. Try
out that gliding ability, will ya? Glide down to the platform below... It's a
pretty long glide, but you will make it. Destroy the machine that is spitting
out the Robo-Pups, and then get rid of any leftovers, as well as the big
Robots. Take the elevator up.

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

When you reach the train station, don't board the train just yet. Instead,
against the right wall as you enter the train area, there is a ledge that you
can jump up on to reach a secret area. This is easily overlooked. Hold R1 and
jump while pushing towards the wall. You will grab on to the wall. Climb up,
and you will be on a narrow platform. Be sure to not fall off of this. There
is a series of hard to land platforms. They are, however, easy to spot. Jump
from one to another until you reach the Gold Bolt. Drop down, kill the Robo-
Doggies, and climb the wall again.

Go left from the entrance of the train station. You can board the train,
buuut... There's another area you might like to visit. You will come with two
options: Go right and board the train, or go left. Choose left, as you will
encounter a whole lot of crates, which means A LOT OF BOLTS! After you pop'em
all, go back and board the train (Finally... Yes, you can board now. Nope, no
more catches.)

The ride on the train is kind of catchy... The purpose of this is to find the
InfoBot for Planet Eudora, and the InfoBot is at the front of the train. So
jump (not glide jump) from section to section, avoiding the enemies' fire
along the way. Knock each robot off of the train, as they will cause more
ruckus if you refuse to. Continue repeating this until you reach your stop.
The InfoBot runs away. If you're low on health, go to the left and bust down
the crates to find one energy ball. Then go back and head to the right. Watch
out for the bullets! Dodge them and take out the enemy that causes it, then
find the InfoBot.

Take the elevator back to the lower level, which is near your ship. Instead
of going right near the Gadgetron Vendor, go left to Captain Qwark's Fitness
Challenge. Watch the funny cut-scene and climb the ledges and you will reach
a wall jump area. Do your stuff to reach the next challenge... Another one.
Hmm. Not much of a challenge, but, okay. At the top will be a green circle.
Stand in it and jump. It's fun.

On the second island, more platforms in many forms of annoyance await. There
are a few that move in and out of the wall... You kind of know what to do
here, but in case you don't, you time your jumps. A few more of these are in
the distant future, as well as the tricky wall jump area that goes in and out
of the wall. This takes timing, and you must be quick. It shouldn't be too
hard, though, so don't worry about it.

The third island is the last island. Finally, that prize is yours... for a
price. After the cut-scene, buy the Swingshot for 1,000 bolts. The floating
green hooks indicate that once you reach the destination, you will fall.
Yellow hooks indicate that you will swing and swing until you let go of the O
button. Obviously, the yellow are more fun, considering you can swing with
boredom all day long!

[If you want two Gold Bolts, then follow these paths; Otherwise, skip to the
paragraph after the next two and travel to Aridia.]

Go to Captain Qwark's fitness tryout, and get passed the first island. Go
toward the top of the second island, and look around off to the side for an
area in the distance that you can reach by gliding there. This will have the
Gold Bolt on it, as well as a few crates. Take the taxi back to your ship

Back at your ship, From the platform that your ship is on, center yourself in
the middle and jump off while gliding. Face the platform as you glide down.
You will notice traffic coming from a hole. Glide into this area and you will
find the Gold Bolt.

(           PLANET ARIDIA             )

Yup, we're back in Aridia! I bet you don't really know why, but I guess I
will refresh your memory. Remember back in the factory area? At the entrance,
if you go left instead of right, you will see a series of hooks to use your
newly acquired Swingshot on. This is the only way to get there, and now that
you have the Swingshot, you can access it!

Note that you will be using the Swingshot a lot in the game, and you may need
to select it when you're in danger to get out of a bad situation, thus, go to
your menu and put it on one of the easier to access Quick Selects. I chose
the Swingshot on the top square on my Quick Select, and it worked perfectly.
However, the Quick Select is based on your preference, so do as you please.

At the factory, go left this time. You will see the hooks that I was talking
about. Swing from one to another. The path consists of around seven hooks
that you must swing from to reach platforms. It may get annoying, but hang in
there. You will finally reach your destination. Grab the Trespasser in the
middle of the platform. The Trespasser is one of the "signature" gadgets for
Ratchet & Clank, and a part of the originality that makes the game work.
Enjoy it.

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

In the lava room you found the Trespasser in, look over the ledge; You will
see a rotating platform. Jump down on it. In the middle of this platform will
be a Gold Bolt. After you get it, go back to the outer part you landed on and
Swingshot up to the main platform.

The Trespasser is good for unlocking Invinco-Lock doors. Go to the Trespasser
logo on the ground with the Trespasser equipped, and hit O. You will enter
the Invinco-Lock code barrier. The concept of the Trespasser is to aim the
lasers into the flashing red/yellow sections, and make them all green at
once. Check out the section that RStein let me use in this guide, or check
out his own, for further explanation.

Head back to the infamous ship and head for Planet Eudora!

(           PLANET EUDORA             )

When you land in the tree-chopping Planet Eudora, be sure to check the
Gadgetron Vendor for the ULTRA SUPER DOOPER GLOVE of DOOM!~!~!~! Seriously,
though, this thing is worth every bolt you spend, which is an awful lot.
7,500 Bolts is the asking price, but you will use it a lot, I can promise you
that. Check out the "Weapons" section of the guide, if you're curious.

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

From the starting point, go passed the Gadgetron Vendor and drop down to the
area with the 4 Dual Saw Robots. Kill them, and then notice the two steps
ahead. Jump on the first step, then turn around and look in first person
mode. You will notice a ledge to the left with the only Gold Bolt in this
area. Hold R1 and jump towards the ledge. You should be high enough to reach
the ledge. Climb up and grab your Gold Bolt.

From the landing site, head straight. You will notice one of those infamous
screws by now, so take out the wrench and screw the thing down into the
ground. This builds a bridge for you. Cross the bridge and go forward a bit,
and you will notice a wall jump area. If you need energy, there is one health
point up there, but you'll have to do the redundant screw trick to get it. If
you don't, continue along the path...

You'll find another screw bridge up ahead. Yes, this stage revolves around
theses friggin' screws. So do the usual and cross the bridge. This path is
fairly straight forward, and along the way, you will see areas that contain
crates to bust. I encourage you to do so, and continue along the path a
little bit longer. When you get to your destination, you will see... Guess
what it is. Yup. A screw to turn. After turning it, get on top of the newly
designed platform and let it take you into the sky, then glide down upon a
platform in the view.

You'll encounter an Axe Swinging Robot, who is a tough cookie. So tough, in
fact, that it takes three hits to kill him. I know, I don't know how I did
it, either, but I did. There should be a wall jump area near; it leads to a
few crates, and crates are our friends. So destroy them and collect their
goods. Then jump down and go through the doorway. Another one of the Axe
Swingers is in here, so kill it. You will find a place to glide afterwards,
so do so.

Follow the path and through all of the enemies to see three of the Axe
Swingers in a room, guarding the Suck Cannon. Destroy the three of them with
the Glove of Doom or the Blaster, your choice. However, if you want to try
that Glove of Doom out, now would be the time to do so. Collect the Suck
Cannon after you dispose of the annoyances, and then leave the room by
gliding to some platforms. Continue doing this until you reach the landing

With that mission done, we look towards the back of our ship only to find an
Invinco-Lock puzzle, so get out that trusty Trespasser and use it to unlock
the door after the puzzle. Go into the corridor and to the outside. To the
left will be a ledge you can glide to, and thus, continue your mission, so
glide down. Jump over to the next platform and do the screw dealy, which will
present a series of hooks. Grab the Swingshot and have some fun!

On the next screw, turn it with the wrench and a series of platforms become
available. Jump from platform to platform to see another screw. Do as you
must and walk up to the Invinco-Lock; This one is more complicated, as it
presents the dreaded Invinco-Barriers to the puzzle. Once you solve it, the
door opens. Go inside and break the crates open, then collect the InfoBot for
the Blarg Tactical Station. Get back to the ship and take off for the Blarg
Station Nebula.

(        BLARG STATION NEBULA         )

Upon landing, check out your friendly neighborhood Gadgetron Vendor that has
an obsession with fuzzballs. He has the Taunter for sale at 2,500 Bolts.
Completely overpriced, and you don't need it at this moment. My advice is to
save your bolts for something you need on upcoming Planet Rilgar for 4,000
Bolts. So hold your horses on the Taunter unless it will kill you inside to
wait, then go ahead and waste your bolts on it.

When you reach the two doors closest to the Gadgetron Vendor, go right and
into the ship (not yours, the one they provide). This will take you to a
different sector. When you get dropped off, go through the door and kill the
Pyro-Ground Bot. Go through either the left or the right; They both contain
annoying frogs, and they both lead to the same place. I prefer left, as it
seems there are less frogs, but whatever you prefer.

At the end of the corridor, there are two Pyro-Ground Bots, so take them out
and continue. You will see a Lizard-like beast. Let the Glove of Doom do the
work, as the Lizard Beasts' resistance is futile against the Doomies. Use
about three rounds of the Glove of Doom, as there are three of these beasts
in the circular area. After destroying them, push the big red shiny button,
and a timer will start. Time to get outta dodge! In the first room, go left.
Ignore the Lizard Beasts, double jump the Poison Gas and reach the InfoBot
for Planet Rilgar.

You still have some stuff to do here on the Blarg Tactical Station, so don't
put your foot out the door just yet. Back near the Gadgetron Vendor, instead
of going to the door on the right, go to the left. It's blocked, right? Bash
the spinning globe with your wrench and the lasers cut off. Keep this in
mind, as you will have to this several more times in this level. Carry on and
jump over the Poison Gas, and watch out for the Frogs that clutter the area.
Keep going by destroying the two spinning globes and solve the Invinco-Lock
to unveil a lot of crates, so it's worth it to solve the puzzle.

After solving the Invinco-Lock and busting the crates, carry on to the Poison
Gas Chamber. This room is annoying because you have to time your R1 + X
jumps, due to the fact that the Poison Gas will hit you at least once, unless
you're pretty sly. Don't fret, however, as two energy balls await at the top.
Get out the trusty Swingshot and swing along until you reach a new room. Lay
two Glove of Dooms and hit the spinning globes. Lizard Beasts will come from
the test tubes and attack. Watch the Doomies kill them, and then continue
forward. Killing the Frogs in this corridor is not nearly as tough as before,
as they don't drop from the ceiling this time.

You can get a Gold Bolt along the way, so it's not really out of your way
this time. It's pretty good to grab it, as the room it's in is infested with
Frogs, which equals BOLTS! So in the room with the Gadgetron Vendor, take out
the enemies with two Glove of Dooms. Afterwards, but sure to reload you Glove
of Doom ammo at the Gadgetron Vendor. You'll notice ledges on the left and
right. The Gold Bolt is inside one of the areas you see atop the ledge. High
Jump (R1 + X) to get up there, and enter the area with the Frogs. Grab the
Gold Bolt first, in case you die from this assault. Then take out the Frogs
with your wrench. It's important to save your Blaster and Glove of Doom ammo,
as we have a boss fight coming up.

Jump back down from the ledge and snipe the Lizard Beasts in the next room
with the Blaster; but don't waste too much ammo while doing so. You will have
to go around in a clockwise fashion, so go left. Be sure to snipe EVERY ENEMY
before getting on the next platform. Take out the spinning globes that are
located near the core of the room with your Blaster. One or two shots should
do it. Be sure to unlock the final spinning globe, as you will have a
shortcut in case you die. In the next room is your first Boss fight.

>          BOSS: GIGA-LIZARD          <

This boss is a huge version of the Lizard Beasts we've encountered before;
The Giga-Lizard doesn't have any forms, really. However, after about 33% of
its health is drained, it will restart from it's original spot and summons
another set of creatures to attack you. This is extremely annoying.

First Form of Battle: Giga-Lizard
Second Form of Battle: Giga-Lizard and Frogs (near 40)
Third Form of Battle: Giga-Lizard and Lizard Beast (x2)

Now that you know the layout of the Giga-Lizard, it is time to plan your own
strategy. On the first form, use some of the Blaster, as this weapon is
tactical and will work with this version of Giga-Lizard perfectly, since
nothing is blocking your shot. You should have plenty for the second battle,
as well. If you get too close to the Giga-Lizard, dash out of the way by
hitting R1 + X while in motion. The second form of the battle begins, use the
rest of your Blaster to eliminate the Frogs, and hopefully hit Giga-Lizard a
few times. When you run out of ammo, use your wrench to kill any leftover
Frogs, and get out the Glove of Doom. Two to three Glove of Dooms should send
Giga-Lizard into the third form. This is the easiest fight of them all. Lay
about 10 Glove of Dooms and the Doomies will take care of everything.

Now that the battle has been won, go through the open doorway (the one you
came in from is blocked off). Kill all of the Frogs to engage a cut-scene.
Buy the Grind Boots from the scientist for 2,000 Bolts. After doing so, jump
on the metal line. Yeah, just jump. You will automatically grind on it. While
grinding, take note that you can go from side to side, and jump to get bolts.
These moves will come in handy later on in the game.

When you land, you will be back in the main area. With two missions done, you
have one more to go: Use your Trespasser on the door near the area you landed
in from the grind rail. After solving it, allow Clank to explore the outside
from here on out. As Clank, follow the winding path, but don't fall off, and
trust me, it is pretty easy to fall off here. You will see a Gold Bolt in the
distance, but ignore it. You will need to come back later as Ratchet to reach
it. Continue your path until you are inside a space ship corridor. To the
left is a crate; Climb it and destroy the crates in the new area. Jump down
and bust the crate you used as a platform.

Carry on along and glide down to the blue crates. You will roughly make it
without a scratch. Continue onward until you reach a dead end; Go right and
eventually you will see a ledge blocked with boxes. Jump on the ledge and
hold right. Jump up when you are clear of the big boxes. Enter the room, but
DO NOT go for the Lizard Beast! This would put Clank is danger. Follow the
trail of bolts and you will see you new buddies. They kind of look like
Doomies, yes? Break them free and watch the "How-To" cut-scene.

Get a little closer to the Lizard Beast, and then attack the Clank Doomies to
Attack. When they are done with that and the Frogs, command them to Enter.
They will enter the little house with the number "4" over it. "4" indicates
how many Clank Doomies are needed to activate the house. Grab the
Hydrodisplacer and go to the newly designed bridge. Head back to the
beginning and go through the elevator to reach Ratchet.  Take off in your
ship and head for Planet Rilgar, where that Hoverboard will come in handy!

(           PLANET RILGAR             )

When you arrive in Blackwater City, you will notice that trusty Gadgetron
Vendor. He has the Mine Glove for 7,500. A tad bit overpriced, but if you
really want it, go ahead and buy it. The Mine Glove comes in handy for Planet
Umbris, the next Planet you will visit. However, be sure you have 4,000
Bolts, as you will need then to continue the story and get that InfoBot in
the very near future. So save up and collect any bolts you see! The game has
started getting pricey, and you don't want to be left behind, now do you?

Blackwater City is where the Hoverboard Tournament is taking place, and it
also happens to be sponsored by Captain Qwark! So your first priority should
be to locate Captain Qwark himself. To find him, go to the area with the
hooks in the air. Get out the Swingshot and hook your way to the other side;
But don't fall in, as there are mutated sharks awaiting your arrival. Once on
the other side, get in the elevator and get out your Hydrodisplacer. Suck the
water out of the pool by going to the thing that looks like an Invinco-Lock
logo. This is the Hydrodisplacer Space. After sucking the water out, drop
into the empty pool and High Jump on the ledge to the left.

Place the water into the second pool. Swim over and jump into the circular
hole in the wall. Bust down the objects in the way and carry on with your
mission. Go through the circular right on the right, but don't steal the
water from this pool before doing so. Rise up and go through the slippy
tunnel. Hit the button on the ground and run like hell! The water will begin
to rise from this area, thus drowning you if you do not go as fast as
possible. Dodge Leap (R1 + X while in motion) to save a lot of time, as this
will be the key to getting out of here alive. AVOID ALL ENEMIES. Dodge Leap
at almost all times! You may die a few times, it's no biggie. Eventually, you
will do it by following these tips.

When you reach Captain Qwark's trailor, you will have to bribe the security
guard, which isn't cheap. 4,000 Bolts, to be exact. If you listened to me
earlier, you will have the bolts to pay him. If you didn't, you can come back
via a shortcut in the Hoverboard Race area. After the cut-scenes, you get the
InfoBot for Planet Umbris. You should go buy the Mine Glove soon, as well, as
it is a necessary weapon on Planet Umbris. After the cut scene, hit the
button on the ground to unlock one side of the gate. This is important, as it
will work as a shortcut around the city. Take the taxi back towards your

Buy the Mine Glove, if you have the bolts. Once again, it's 7,500 Bolts, so
save up, regardless if you buy it or not. Go right this time and jump the
platforms. Hit the button and kill the Riot Guard. Blow the Tank up from a
distance with the Blaster, or whichever long range weapon you want to use.
Open the next hatch and about five Riot Guards attack. This is kind of tough,
but jump attack them to get rid of several at once.

A new enemy will appear to you: You encountered smaller versions of these in
the Rising Water area. I call these things Slime Splitters. Every time you
hit them, they multiply by one. Hit them three times for the final forms.
They are more of an annoyance than a challenge, so just hit'em up with the
Blaster. Continue along your merry way and hit the hatch button. Snipe the
Guards in your vision and get to the platform that they were on. Follow the
path and take the taxi to the Downtown area.

In this area, let the Riot Guards kill the Slime Splitters, and then you can
take out the Riot Guards as they come for you. Take out the Tank with the
Blaster, and talk to the Dealer about the RYNO (Rip Ya a New One). Obviously,
you can't afford this at the moment, but take note that this dealer has the
more powerful weapon in the game, and save up for it after you buy the
Devastator and Visibomb Gun. This weapon will make the game a lot easier, and
yes, there is an easier way to get bolts than you have been, so don't worry,
I'll cover it when the time is right.

Get on the Manhole Cover to access a new platform that has a few crates on
it, as well as ammo. This is probably a good idea to grab these while you
can. Then jump down and get in the elevator. Up the elevator is a pit with 3
Slime Splitters. Jump down and hit the button. Get out of the way and let the
Riot Guards battle the Slime Splitters, and go into the passage that the
Guards came out of while they are busy. See? You didn't even get a scratch on
you. And if you did, I apologize.

At the top of this elevator is a maze, of sorts. By hitting a button, a laser
defense system will deactivate. In other words, you may get attacked by what
is in the laser room you deactivate. I will warn you which lasers get
deactivated when you hit each button, but just so we're on the same page, get
out one of your weapons and get prepared. The Pyrocitor is good, in this
case. Be sure to look on your screen to see if anything is in the room you
will open. This is in the order you will unlock them, NOT the order they are
in. Here we go:

1. Hit the button. It opens cell to the right. 2. Hit the button. It opens
cell to the right. 3. Hit the button. It opens cell upward. 4. Hit the
button. It opens cell upward. 5. Hit the button. It opens cell to the left.
6. Hit the button. It opens cell upward. 7. Hit the button. It opens cell

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

If you desire this Gold Bolt, then jump on the Manhole Cover. Turn to the
area you just exited and jump on the circular platform on the frame of the
maze. Facing this way, the Gold Bolt is all the way in the right upper hand
corner. So walk very carefully straight, then eventually to the right. Land
in the cell and grab the Gold Bolt. Hit the button and you will be put out
where you started out. No enemies, though. Enjoy!

Jump on the Manhole Cover and get out your trusty Blaster. Blow the Tanks up
and jump on that platform, then continue your mission to find the Hoverboard
Tournament entry... Hey! It's right here! Talk to the alien lady and enter
the race. This race is a pain, especially for the Skill Point (view Skill
Point section for details). The key to winning the race is to hit just about
every speed ring and speeder on the ground. Hitting the Slime Splitters also
helps quite a bit, actually. You may lose a few times, and practice makes
perfect. Just remember to remain cool. Get a good start, and that's all that
matters. Remember to keep you speed up, too.

After you win the contest, watch the funny cut-scene. Your prize will be the
Zoomerator! The Zoomerator isn't really a Gadget, just an item that you will
use rarely (only for races, actually). There are only two races in the game,
in which why you won't use it as much. This is perfect proof for the Agent
back in Aridia! The item he gives you is not important to continue on with
your journey, but it will make it quite easy, and you can pick up another
Gold Bolt, to boot! So head to Aridia to pick up your prize!

(           PLANET ARIDIA             )

When landing in Aridia, go to the pod that you took before as a shortcut to
get to and from the Agent. You will be presented with a cut-scene yet again,
and the Agent forks over the Sonic Summoner. What is it, you ask? Well, no
sooner should you ask that than the computer comes up and shows you a cut-
scene of "How-To's" and whatnot. The Sonic Summoner will allow you to summon
tiny mice out of mouse houses, which will help you destroy all enemies in the
area. See? That didn't take very long, and it was worth it!

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

From Skid McMarx's Agent's location, head to the lone island where you climb
up from the factory. Long jump (R1 + X while in motion) into the mud. Hop out
of the mud and onto a metal ledge, which is a top corner of the factory. From
there, jump to the nearest land. Look to the left (or the longer stretch of
land) and you will see the Gold Bolt. Go collect it.

Now you can safely travel to Planet Umbris!

(           PLANET UMBRIS             )

Watch the cut-scene after landing, and then you are rip-roarin' and ready to
go! There is only one path here, and that is straight ahead, so take it.
Swingshot twice and glide down to your destination. The new unfriendly foe
you've been met by is a rotating Bomb Spitter. Take it out from afar with the
Blaster. Then continue along the path. You will meet up with some nasty Bombs
that will cling on to you until they explode. Get rid of them with the Mine
Glove. Just throw out the Mines, and then tempt them to give chase. Lead them
back to the Mines and watch the fireworks display! Get used to this, as this
area is CRAWLING with these things.

In the next section, you will come across a Mega Turret. The Mega Turrets
will stop spitting fire after you attack them, but will resurrect within a
few seconds. Just jump over the Mega Turret's bullets to avoid them. There
will be about 10 of the Homing Bombs around here, so start throwin' those
Mines out in the area that they circle in. Or you can just use the Blaster.
Nevertheless, they must be destroyed. After destroying them all, continue

More Homing Bombs await, so do not hesitate to introduce them to their maker.
You will spot new objects on the ground. By walking over all three within the
timer given (listen to the sounds), they will open a new area. So don't be
shy and hit all three Activators to open the path, and then continue on to
the collapsing bridges. Yes, they collapse, so be cautious when running over
these bridges. Watch out for the fire by the Mega Turret in the maze of
fences up ahead. Swingshot over the gaps and land at the bridge.

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

To the right is a locked door. Go to it. On the right of this will be a ledge
with activators on it. Jump over and hit all three to make the door open.
Backtrack and go inside for the Gold Bolt.

Enter the area with the Mega Turrets Galore! Yes, there are plenty in this
maze-like hell. You will have to find the Activators inside this maze, but it
shouldn't be too hard. There are three ways to go: Straight, To the Left, and
In Between. Choose In Between. Kick the Mega Turret to the ground and hit the
first Activator. From the Mega Turret's point, move right. You will spot
another Activator. Hit it quickly and search around the wall of the building
for the third Activator. Once activated, go to the door and climb the steps.

There will be a LOT of Homing Bombs up here. Get out the Mines and go to war
with the Homing Bombs. You should have enough ammo with your Mine Glove. If
you do not, don't hesitate to use your Blaster, as it IS a man's best
friend... or was that a dog? Nonetheless, step on the three Activators and
march forth and up the ladder. At the top will be a Hydrodisplacer Space.
Drain the water. Kill the shark at the bottom and go through to the other
side. Kill those two sharks on this side, as well. There is a Gold Bolt you
can get...

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

Once you climb up from inside of the second pool, look off of the ledge to
see a closed in area you can jump into. It may seem like a place to kill
yourself, but it is not, so don't worry. Glide down and get the Gold Bolt.
Once the saving is finished, Activate the three buttons to get out of the

Climb up from the second pool. Before you fill the water in the next pool,
kill the mutated sharks. Now you can fill the water with no worries on your
mind. Once filled up, go reach the next pool. There are four sharks down
here, so take care of them. Then, once again, fill that water up to the top
and start a-swimmin'. Go underwater and to the left. Surface once you've
reached the new area.

Remove the water from the area and Swingshot over. Kill those nasty sharks
(kinda redundant, eh?) and fill up the water. Swim to the Platform in the
middle and hit all three of the Activators, which will open up one of the big
doors. You can't reach it by the water, as the ledge is too high, so go back
and drain the water. Once the pool is emptied yet again, walk over to the
area the door is in. High Jump (R1 + X) to finally reach the doorway. Don't
go straight just yet; Instead, bust the crates on the sides for some goodies,
and then go towards Captain Qwark for a nice cut-scene...

>          BOSS: GIANT ORGE           <

This boss may look huge, but he really isn't that much of a challenge. The
battle starts off with some simple, easy to avoid tactics. Just double jump
over the flames that the Giant Ogre pounds out. Get out your Blaster and get
into his range. When he becomes available on the target menu, blast him as
much as possible while avoiding attacks, and trust me, the only attack you
have to worry about is the Ammo Thief. This move will scatter all of your
ammo around the gigantic room, so look out.

After hitting the boss so much, he will have a force field-like shield around
him. It's not very easy to miss, considering it's a huge orange bubble around
the Giant Ogre. When this happens, make him follow you to one of the bridges
(there are three, and you will eventually use all three of them to beat this
boss) and cross it. He will step on the bridge and sink into the lava. Repeat
this three times to win this battle, and boy, is it easy or what? Grab the
InfoBot for Planet Batalia.

(           PLANET BATALIA            )

When you land in Batalia, please remember to stop at the Gadgetron Vendor:
This time, it is important. You will be able to buy one of the best weapons
in the game: The Devastator. It has a hefty price tag at 10,000 Bolts, but if
you want to continue, you're gonna need it pretty darn badly. If you don't
have enough bolts, don't worry! Visit Planets such as Planet Eudora, as more
enemies equal more bolts, and Eudora is a fine place for currency!

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

Near the start of the level, go down to where the two big buildings face each
other. Go to the one on the left. Get to where the Trespasser entry is, and
wall jump. You will eventually reach the Gold Bolt up there.

From the ship's starting point, you will have two options on where to go:
Straight, and do the main course of the Planet, or to the right. Personally,
I say right. Sooo, let's go that way! Go up the ramp on the right, and you
will notice that there are a few crates in the houses on the sides of the
ramp. Bust them if you want to or need to, then go up to the Grind Rail. Jump
on it.

Remember all of those tricks we talked about earlier? Well, they are about to
come in handy forever... or at least until you beat the game. When you are
close to another rail, you can hold the direction of that rail and jump. This
will jump you from the first rail to the second. You can keep on doing this,
but be warned to be on alert while on the Grind Rail, or you could die very
easily. Hold left and jump to hop over to the other rail. This is the one you
want to be on.

After a while, you will need to get over on the right, then back on the left.
Be sure to jump the bombs and the gaps. On the long bomb slide, be sure to
remain untouchable from those bombs. After the bomb slide, hop to the right.
You can hop to the left for a circle of bolts, if you like, but get back on
the main rail after you get the bolts. Up ahead, jump left and then jump
right before you hit the walls. Hit the walls and you will die instantly.
When you finally land, watch the cut-scene and buy the InfoBot for 2,000
Bolts. It leads to Planet Gaspar.

Return to your ship and take the straight path this time. When you come to
the two buildings, the one on the right has a Reproducing Machine on top of
it that is producing Electro-Bots. These are the suckers that keep zapping
you constantly. Shut it up and hit some crates. There's a Mouse House near,
so get out your Sonic Summoner and find it. This is one useful Mouse, as we
will encounter Tanks and annoying enemies that hide in the grass and shoot
you while you take care of other enemies in the near future.

Hop down from up there and go passed the "bridge" that is all crooked pipe.
Break the nearby crates to reveal a hidden passage that is filled with Ammo
crates, as well as bolt crates. After collecting them, step outside for some
fresh air, and kill those pesky Grass Hiders. Turn the screw to put the
bridge in place and blow up the Tank will the Devastator; Take caution,
however, as these Tanks are no lay-down Sallys. They are around 10 times more
annoying than the Tanks you saw on Planet Rilgar. After blowing the head off
of the Tank, continue along your merry way. You will spot a room filled with
ammo, health, and other goodies. Go inside to "freshen up."

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

If you want the second Gold Bolt on Batalia, Go right at the end of the
bridge. Glide over to the hard to reach ledge and cross all of the platforms
until you eventually will see a Gold Bolt in your sights. Grab the Gold Bolt.
Then backtrack to where you came out of the "Shelter" room with the ammo and

From the "Shelter" room, go to the right and into the stream of water. When
you reach the base of the water, you will have your hands full of enemies. A
Gun-Toting Robot will be awaiting your arrival with his pistol in hand and an
itchy trigger finger. Kill him with the wrench (no need to waste precious
ammo in this stage) and another one will greet you, but not in a friendly
way. Dispose of him, as well as the Grass Hiders, and blow the head off of
the Tank. Now the coast should be clear.

Turn both screws to complete the bridge. Climb the ledges to reach the area
that the bridge is in. Cross it to engage a cut-scene. After speaking with
the person, they will give you the InfoBot for Planet Orxon, a toxic Planet.
You will notice a magnet-based track to walk on, as well. After you have the
Magneboots, you will need to return to this Planet so you can complete all of
the missions here. As for now, walk along the magnet path and reach the taxi.
Go to your ship and depart for Planet Gaspar.

(            PLANET GASPAR            )

When you land on the beautiful, lava-induced Planet of Gaspar, troll over to
that sly cat, the Gadgetron Vendor. He will have a new weapon to buy: The
Walloper. This weapon does not need ammo, however, I personally found it
quite useless, and a little bit farther in the game, you will get 25%
discounts on new weapons at Gadgetron Vendors, thus, saving tons of bolts. So
if I were you, don't buy the Walloper yet. After all, it costs 7,500! You
should save that for your Visibomb Gun that will be coming up very soon.

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

At the start of the stage, get in the middle of the platform you are on and
look off the ledge opposite of the elevator. You will notice a ledge down
there. Jump down and get out your Swingshot, as there are many hooks along
the way. You will encounter Pumps that are hooked to Floating Ships. Destroy
the Pumps to destroy the Ships. Be sure to destroy every one of these Pumps
along the way. Keep going on until you will eventually reach a mountain area.
Climb the mountain and destroy the Pump. On the way down, you will spot
another. Destroy it. The reason I note these are the fact that they aren't
simple to find. Continue along the path until you reach the final island.
There are four Pumps here. Destroy them to reveal the path to the Gold Bolt.
Hop along the sinking platforms and reach it.

From the start, go forward and take the platform down. When you get released,
get prepared to destroy some Robo-Pups and their Reproducing Machine. Don't
forget that annoying Gun-Toter, either. We all know how they can be a pain if
you don't eliminate their threat. Get in the Cannon Gun and shoot the metal
door to bits! You may also want to shoot the few Clinger Robots down there,
as well. They can become a huge pain if not, as they aren't afraid to self-
destruct to harm you. Hit /\ to get out of the Cannon Gun and go towards the
door you blew up. There is a Clinger close to the entrance, so throw a Mine
in there so it will blow up.

Jump through the doorframe and take out whatever extra enemies that got left
behind in the killing spree. On the next platform will be a Gun-Toting Robot
as well as Robo-Pups. Let the Pups drown in the lava and take out the Gun-
Toting Robot with a Bomb Glove. Jump over. On the left is a Reproducing
Machine, which is where the Robo-Pups came from. Kill any other Pups it spits
out and be careful not to go too far right, or you will get clinged by a few
Clingers. Throw some mines and take them out.

On your left, you will see another door that you can break down with a Cannon
Gun. There is one above a series of platforms, so head straight and kill the
Clingers on the first platform with your Mines. Now follow the platforms
leading up to the Cannon Gun. Use the Cannon Gun on the door, and those metal
crates, as well. You'll thank me for it once you collect all those bolts.
Retrace your steps and reach the recently broken down door after collecting
your bolts. Take the elevator up inside of the door.

Once you are in this room, get on your Mine Glove, because you will need it
now more than ever... There are two ways to deal with the whole lot of
Clingers in this room. If you have all four energy balls filled, just attract
them all together and let them hit you once. It will kill them all, and no
ammo was wasted. If you have 3 or less, just play it safe and use your Glove
Mine about 10 times or more.

After this devilish room is the Tank Room. First thing's first, destroy all
of the crates. Beware that there are three rows of Gun-Toting Robots hiding
behind the Tanks. Kill them one or two at a time after they attack, then
quickly get behind a Tank to block your butt from gettin' hit a few times.
Repeat this again and again until they are all lost and gone forever. Once
you do this, head to the next corridor.

Before you even get to the access hall leading to the next room, you will see
a lot of Gun-Toting Robots. Fact is, there are over TEN in this room. So lay
three Glove of Dooms and watch the Doomies take care of most of those no good
Gun-Toters. If any are left, kill them yourself. Be sure to be equipped with
the Bomb Glove before walking in this dangerous room, as even if it looks
clear, a Gun-Toter may pop out and hit you at any moment. Once the room is
clear, use the Cannon Gun on that breakable door. Head for the outside...

Outside, it seems almost too quiet after those three hectic rooms... But
don't think you are safe just yet. Behind the busted up ship that crashed are
three Clingers and one Gun-Toting Robot. I think the programmers had an
obsession for those Robots. Nonetheless, destroy the Gun-Toting Robot from
afar. Throw two Mines near the back of the crash site. It should kill all
three, but take a look from a safe distance, just in case. Grab the Pilot's
Helmet. There is an optional Gold Bolt to get here.

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

Note that this is one of the harder parts in the game, so you should have
purchased several energy upgrades on Planet Orxon before attempting to get
this. From the elevator that you found the Pilot's Helmet on, look off the
northeast ledge to see a Volcano Hole. Glide down into it. This path is
simple in design, but very complex in battles. Tons of Gun-Toting Robots are
down here, as well as Clinger Robots, Pup-Robots, and Reproducing Machines.
Be careful. Reach the end to take the elevator up and grab the Gold Bolt.

(            PLANET ORXON             )

When you land, you will notice something strange... Ratchet? Where's Ratchet?
You must play as Clank only for now, as there are poisonous toxins in the air
on this Planet. You will need the O2 Mask, which you will find on a Planet
soon enough, so hang in there. You can't check the Gadgetron Vendors as
Clank, so don't worry about that, either. Clank can't use weapons, anyway.

Head straight. This place is like a big board game of chess, in a way. Then
again, if it were chess, I would have never beaten this game. Don't attack
the Crab, as that would be complete and udder suicide for poor Clank. Keep
going straight and knock off the Frog hopping around. Check out the warper...
Cool, huh? Free the first Clank Doomie, and go find the next one to the left
of the one you just found. Kill the Frog and free the Clank Doomie. Now that
you have two, go into the section where you found the first one.

Have them wait, then break open Clank Doomie number 3. After doing that, send
him into the warp by hitting "Enter" on the command list. He will join his
buddies. Get back up there with them and select the "Follow" command from the
menu. Have the Clank Doomies Enter the next warp, as well. Remember the Crab?
Walk towards it a bit and command the Clank Doomies to Attack. So long,
Crabby! Now have them Enter the house with the "3" above it.

Go on through and get rid of the frogs along the way. There is plenty of
health along these paths, so don't fret if you get hit a couple of times, but
that doesn't mean you can play very sloppy, either. Along the way, break open
two of the Clank Doomies and keep moving. Command the two of them to Enter
the House. You need 4 more now. Fall off to the right of the House and find
another Clank Doomie. You should find the other three right after this in the
same area. Go back up and make them Enter the House.

In the next room, two Clank Doomies await you! Aww, how cute. Free them and
jump the ledge. You will find a big button on the ground. Stand on it and
command the Doomies to Follow. They will reunite with you now. Break another
Clank Doomie free, and then stand back on the big button. Command them to
wait, and they will wait there on the button, as ordered. Now go to the big
button in the next room and stand on it. Command them to Follow, and they

Break open yet another Clank Doomie and jump on the ledge back there so you
can tap the TNT crate. Why? So you can get lots of bolts from those metal
crates that will blow up in the explosion! Now go ahead and carry on with the
mission. Make the Clank Doomies Enter the warp. Break open the Doomie and
command them to Follow you. Have Clank get on the moving platform...
Obviously, the Doomies can't make it just yet. Tap the line of TNT crates so
they will blow up, then bust free the new Clank Doomie. Command him to Wait
on the big button. Go collect your other Clank Doomies and make them Follow.
Continue towards the one you left on the button and get him to join the
Following, as well.

Make all of the little guys Enter the warp you see. Have them Enter the
House. This will open the door to the next room. Go through and look for the
exit; You will find the Magneboots, which stick to Clank, along the way. Now
that you have those Magneboots, you can go back to Batalia and get into the
battle area! But not just yet, as you have to get an InfoBot that is dearly
important on this Planet.

After all of this, go into the area where bombs are being thrown all over!
What a mess, eh? You will have to play another game of Clank Doomie fetch in
this adventure as well, so hold on tight, because this time it is pretty hard
to do. Break the Clank Doomie loose and head to the right. You will spot two
more Clank Doomies, so free them. Remember that if your Doomies get hit with
bombs, they go back to the spot that you got them in, and you will have to
backtrack to get them over again. Go to the end of the area for the other
three Clank Doomies.

After grabbing the six Clank Doomies, head for the exit, which is to the
right of where you found the last three Clank Doomies. This room is a maze
that has electricity bolts come through, which will kill the Clank Doomies
and do damage to Clank himself. Stop to watch the electricity's patterns,
that way you can keep your Doomies, as well as yourself, out of danger. Be
sure to give your Doomies enough time to cross without getting hurt, as well.

From the entrance, follow the path right. Go up the ramp. The path you need
to go is straight, but look out, as this is also the way the electricity
goes, as well! As soon as the electricity bolt passes the area, dart
straight, then to the left and follow the path to the ramp. The path is now
easy, but you should still be on alert at all times. You will eventually
reach a room with an acid pit below. Don't drop! Your little buddies should
be fine, as I don't believe they can fall off, as I've intentionally tried to
make them fall before. Send them into the House. If you're short one, it
probably got killed. Go back and check the regeneration spots.

In the next area, Clank Doomies, Frogs, and Crabs. It sucks, to put it
bluntly. Free some of the Doomies that you can reach without harming
yourself, and command them to attack! If they die, it's no biggie, as they
regenerate from the spot you freed them in. As they clear the path, break
open more Clank Doomies and command them to attack, as well. This is a
surefire way to kill all of the enemies with little to no trouble. Once the
area has been swept of evil, check everywhere for Clank Doomies. You will
need 10 of them to send into the House. Once you do, send them in. After the
cut-scene, go in. Don't worry, it's safe. Get the InfoBot and go back to your
ship to show Ratchet.

(           PLANET POKITARU           )

From the starting point, check out your Gadgetron Vendor for the second best
weapon in the game. The Visibomb Gun is now available for 15,000. I know it
is a lot, but trust me now more than ever, it is WORTH IT. You should pick
this up right away, and it you don't have enough bolts, earn enough
throughout this world (it's not necessary here) and buy it when we go back to
Orxon after this.

Okay, now we can continue on with the game. By going down the path, a cut-
scene will ensue. You must take the Resort Owner from one end of the world to
the other, and trust me, it is no walk in the park, either. The main part of
this is that every enemy here needs three plus hits to die! So you will need
to stock up on Blaster ammo before you depart, because you will definitely
need the Blaster for this world. Shoot the fish from afar with the Blaster
and continue. When you get to the water, get out the Suck Cannon and suck up
all the fish, then spit them out.

You will eventually reach a boat. The Resort Owner will jump on board and you
must follow. As the boat takes off, grab your Pyrocitor out and get ready to
fry some fishies. The fish will jump from the water up onto the boat, so
watch your back and your step. If you fall off, the boat will stop and wait
for you. And don't worry, nothing will hurt the Resort Owner, so just look
out for yourself. Eventually, the boat will stop and lead you to a new

Shoot the fish and the Squid looking thing with your Blaster, or you can
throw Mines at them, as both work pretty well on them. Throwing Bomb Gloves
in the water to hit the fish will work well, and you haven't been using that
many Bomb Gloves recently, so it works fine. Or, of course, you could just
use the Suck Cannon and save ammo. I prefer the latter. After the water, look
towards the bottom of the area. There will be a few fish, so throw some Mines
down there. That'll teach'em!

On the second boat, Get out the Mine Glove. This is the only weapon that will
work without fail in this situation. Lay two Mines towards the Resort Owner,
and three Mines against him. For every fish that blows up, lay another Mine.
Repeat this step several times, and as always, be sure to watch your back, as
these things will come at you non-stop for quite some time. When you finally
reach a platform, jump off and clear the fish, and there are a lot.

Keep your distance from the fish and use the Suck Cannon. Hey, it's worked
thus far, so why not now? Keep sucking up the fish, but be sure to use them
as ammo after every three fish or so, considering you don't want to get
caught with your Suck Cannon full. That would equal pain. Keep clearing the
path of fish and hit a button on the ground to build an awesome looking
bridge. Cross the bridge and watch the cut-scene.

After this, visit Bob's... Bob is the brother if Big Al! Remember him? The
Bill Gates-y one? Bob will want to fix up what his brother messed up, and
offers Clank the Thruster-Pack for 2,000 Bolts. You will definitely want to
purchase this gadget, as you will need to if you want to continue with the
story. After you buy it, go outside and Slam (Jump + R1 while in mid-air) the
lock down. You will get to FLY!

This is air combat at it's finest! This part is very simple, but, I'll
explain it, anyway. You can fire your guns all you like, but using missiles
will... well, use missiles. Collect more missiles by blowing up the smaller
ships. They will drop missiles or health, so if somehow your health is low,
be sure to blow up a few ships and collect the goods. You need to destroy the
big ships that look like centipedes. They blow up by sector, so just have
fun, as this is simple.

After you do it, you get the O2 Mask! Check the gadgets section to read
everything you can do with this bad boy. Take the portal back to the ship and
go to Planet Orxon. Now Ratchet can explore the Planet, but it will be one of
the hardest areas yet... Make sure your ammo is loaded for your best weapons,
if you can afford it. Oh, and don't forget the Gold Bolt here!

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

From the beginning, go forward and passed the first fish area. Go straight
and drop into the water. Along the side of this wall, look for a hole. Go
into the hole and surface in the next area. Climb the platforms and Slam
(Jump + R1 in mid-air) on the lock to build a bridge. Swingshot over. Climb
the platforms as you ignore/kill the annoying enemies. When you reach the
highest platform, put on your Heli-Pack and High Jump up to the ledge. Climb
it and collect the Gold Bolt.

(            PLANET ORXON             )

When you land, the areas you visited as Clank will be blocked off. How about
we un-block them? Yes! I think we should! Jump on the platform they present
to you and glide to the ground. A sleeping Crab will be at the bottom. Throw
out two Mines. These will be the choice weaponry against these creatures. And
you WILL encounter a lot of them. In fact, this Planet is hard partially due
to these Crabs. Be sure to have a lot of Mine Glove ammo, Bomb Glove ammo,
Blaster ammo, and Pyrocitor ammo.

Take out the Swirling Globe to deactivate the force field that blocks the
area up ahead. Enter the area now and watch out for a new enemy I will refer
to as Annoying Birds. Why? Because they are just that: Annoying friggin'
Birds. Jump attack each one of them. Trust me, you will know if you missed
one, because it WON'T SHUT UP! Finally shut it up for eternity by killing it
off and continue to the Biohazard Platforms. Be careful, however, as they
will fall if you stand on them too long, and take you with them.

A Flying Ogre on the next platform will wake up and scream at the top of his
lungs. Yes, this is quite the annoying level, isn't it? What is even more
annoying is the fact that this Flying Ogre will scream and wake up several
Crabs, who get angry and decide to abuse you because of it. Get out the
Blaster or the Mine Glove and start blasting them to bits. You CAN kill the
Flying Ogre, however, if nothing is there for him to wake up, there's no
point unless he's an easy target, which is doubtful. Carry on.

Hit the two Swirling Globes and move into this next area where a Second
Gadgetron Vendor awaits. I will refer to this part of the fork in the road as
the Second Gadgetron Vendor area. If we want to unlock those areas you could
reach as Clank, we will have to go left, so do so. You will notice a ship
flying and turning around, facing you. MOVE! This thing shoots with no mercy
until you die! Hurry up and to the right is your next area to be in. You have
to jump to reach it. To destroy the ship (optional), use your Devastator a
few times, or use that trusty and wonderful Visibomb Gun.

Inside this area is a Pyro Ground Guard, so take him out with your wrench.
There's no reason to use ammo on him at this point in the game. You should
realize that you can use your wrench on a lot of easier enemies, and even a
few harder ones. Save your ammo for tough battles, not the easy ones. Any
enemy that you can time is worth using the wrench on. If it can fly and is
out of reach, obviously use the weapons on it.

In the higher room are two Crabs and a few crates. Don't even bother with
this room, as it simply isn't worth risking your life with it. So instead,
head to the equal ground exit. A Pyro Ground Guard is here. Exterminate him
and hit the Swirling Globe. Outside, kill all of the Annoying Birds and climb
all of the platforms. Watch out for the shooting ship up ahead. Head along
the path, using the Mine Glove to destroy the Crabs.

You will eventually come to a platform with around ten Crabs on it. Don't
wake them all, obviously. Try to shoot the Swirling Globes. This will wake up
a few of them. Kill them with the Mine Gloves. Sneak around without waking
any others. Quickly (very quickly) kill the two Crabs on the next platform
with the Blaster. The ones from behind will more than likely attack you, so
quickly jump to the next platform.

Some Pyro Ground Guards will be in this area, so be on your highest guard.
You don't want to die after wasting all of the ammo back there! After
destroying the Pyro Ground Guards, follow the path and take the elevator up.
You can buy a health upgrade for 4,000 Bolts at the Nanotech machine. I
suggest doing this. Then you will also be tempted to buy another health
upgrade for 30,000. I suggest saving for this, as it REALLY comes in handy.
But remember that the RYNO is your top priority now, so buy the health
upgrade second, unless you feel as if you need it.

Take the path down and this will open the areas you could visit with Clank!
Yay! With this finally done, go back down to the Second Gadgetron Vendor and
go to the right instead of the left. You will see an InfoBot in the distance.
When you go towards it, it will zoom away. This is the beginning of a hateful
relationship between you and this devilish InfoBot, as you will have to chase
it around (almost) the entire stage! Ugh.

Kill the Crabs below with the Mine Glove. Once they are out of the way, find
a way to exterminate everything on the next ledge. Once you get done doing
that, Dodge Leap over to that platform. Climb up and use your Magneboots on
the metal walkway! As you walk along the metal path, watch out for the
flamethrowers on the surface. There are three of them, so be careful. After
this, you will get attacked by Annoying Birds. They are especially annoying
now, because you are upside-down, and you can't really tell how close they
are to you. After killing them or fleeing from them, exit the metal walkway
by reaching the end of the path.

You will be prompted to use your Swingshot here. You will land in an area
surrounded by Crabs! AHH! Quickly find the nearest part of the area and
Swingshot to the next platform. Take out the Annoying Birds and shoot the
Crabs from far away. Continue to skip away and take out the Swirling Globe.
Go up, and throw out Mines for the three Crabs in this area, then knock out
the Swirling Globe. There will be another firing ship. Blow it up with the
Visibomb Gun, or the Devastator, then get out the Bomb Gloves and take out
the mass of Crabs. That's good glove, baby. Go into the Magneboots Pod and
walk the walls to FINALLY reach the InfoBot for Planet Hoven!

Before we leave, there are two optional Gold Bolts to get. If not, travel
back to Planet Batalia.

[If you want two Gold Bolts, then follow these paths; Otherwise, skip to the
next Planet.]

In the field of bombs that you entered as Clank, come back as Ratchet after
getting the O2 Mask. You will see the Gold Bolt atop a disgusting looking
ledge that looks like the insides of a beast. You will need to blow up five
layers of skin out of the thing's mouth with Visibomb Gun ammo. Go to the
second Gadgetron Vendor that you can only reach as Ratchet and follow the
path to the right. It will eventually lead to the disgusting thing. Go inside
its throat and get the Gold Bolt.

For the second Gold Bolt, from the landing site, enter the area to your
right. Go to the newly opened left corridor right before three large pillars,
and you will notice on one of the walls in the tucked in area that it is a
wall jump area! Wall jump up to get the Gold Bolt.

(           PLANET BATALIA            )

Once arriving on Planet Batalia, go down the ramp and take the Taxi to the
left. You will end up on the metal walkway! Woot! Don't you love using the
Magneboots? So do I! Travel along to the left and destroy the Robots that
shoot you with electricity. Don't get hit too many times, and be sure not to
fall off. When you come to the ground, kill the Reproducing Machines, as well
as the Gun-Toting Robot. On the left are two Tanks. Don't go there now,
instead, go to the right. Screw the screw into place to connect the bridge.
This will be your new shortcut, in case you die.

Go back to the Tanks and take off their heads with the Devastator. This will
make things a lot easier on you, as there is a screw here to turn, and if you
refuse to take out the Tanks, they will take you out. It's not murder if it's
self-defense. That's what my lawyer said, at least. Watch the cut-scene after
you enter the doorway. Use the Turret, and watch your radar for incoming
missiles. Blow them up before they reach you. Destroy the bigger ships first
by taking out their engines. This is easy once you get the hang of it.

After you destroy the big ships with the Turret, you are rewarded with a very
neat little gadget: The Metal Detector! Yes, it collects bolts in certain
areas. Just be sure to always keep a look out for the Bolt logo and a red
exclamation point in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. After
collecting this, head back to the ship to go for the snowy Planet of Hoven!

(            PLANET HOVEN             )

Watch the cut-scene when you land. We haven't really visited a Gadgetron
Vendor lately, and there are a couple of new things you can buy at the
Gadgetron Vendor, so head over there to take a look at this. The first item,
and most useful of the two in my opinion, is the Decoy Glove. This will shoot
Decoys of Ratchet, and fool the enemies, thus, making it easier to kill them.
Secondly is the Drone Device. This will have you protected by a shield of
Drones, and any enemy that runs into you will die instantly. Don't buy either
for now, as we can get them for 5,000 Bolts each instead of 7,500 by just
waiting a tad bit longer.

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

From the start, keep moving and turn right when you get the chance. Kill all
of the annoyances in this area to get a Skill Point, then notice a platform
turned vertically. You can wall jump in between this and the mountain,
however, it takes very good timing. Once you are up there, grab the Gold
Bolt. Afterwards, jump down.

From the starting point or the Gadgetron Vendor, head straight. You will run
into a few Anklebiters. These enemies pack a punch despite their size. Just
jump attack them to shut them up. Keep heading forward and Gun-Toting Guards
will attack. These look a lot like the enemies that hid in the grass from
earlier, but these have nice firepower. Kill them with jump attacks, as well.

Keep going forward and you will notice something: There are a LOT of crates
there! But do not get too giddy just yet; It is a trap. Take your Devastator
to the crates. You won't get any bolts from these crates, either way, as the
crates are really Gun-Toting Guards. Four or five of them, if I remember
correctly. See that platform to the right? Jump up on it and enter the cave.
More Gun-Toting Guards enter the area. Beat them up with the wrench and drop
down to the left.

You will land in a watery area. This place is a big water puzzle, but easy to
solve. Go straight from where you landed and get out your Hydrodisplacer. Use
the Hydrodisplacer on the Hydrodisplacer Space and drain the water from the
tube. Go to the opposite side of the room and use it to fill the water up one
level. Go to the left of this to find some platforms that reach to the cave
with the second Hydrodisplacer Space. Remember this room, as after the room
is full, you can swim here and get a Gold Bolt by surfacing.

Take the water across the room and fill it yet again. You should look around
to spot a platform to jump on. Follow this and go into the cave and suck the
water out of the Hydrodisplacer Space. Towards the opposite side of the main
room will be a Hydrodisplacer Space. Use it there to fill the water. This
will raise the water level towards the top, so go get that Gold Bolt, if you
want to. If not, jump on the platform in the middle of the room, collect the
bolts, and jump over to the doorway and go through.

Follow the path, then once outside go left and follow the very narrow path.
To the right on the conveyer belts are tons of crates. I suggest getting
every single bolt in this area, because hey, who doesn't want extra bolts to
buy stuff with? Be sure to check every area. There are a few Gun-Toting
Guards around this area, but no bother, as there isn't that many to deal
with. So just collect all of the bolts, to go to the house at the end. Buy
the Hydro-Pack for 2,000. Port back to the cave entrance.

From the cave entrance, exit the area by falling off of here. Take out any
Gun-Toting Guards that happen to be in the area. See the platform that moves
back and forth? Get on it. When you jump on the platform, a Trap is set up
that releases four to five Homing Bombs. Get out the Mine Glove and blow
these up. When you jump to the next platform, a Helicopter attacks. Blow it
up easily with a Devastator missile. Then get on the platform.

Once on the conveyer belt, a few Gun-Toting Guards will appear. Blast them
quick with either a Visibomb (strike towards the middle to delete the
majority of them) or just your regular battle tactics. Get the health, if you
need it, and blow up the helicopter with a Devastator missile. You will spot
a Wall Jump area. Do the hustle (figuratively) and get on top. Eventually,
you will see another Wall Jump area, but it has a Homing Bomb Trap set up at
the base of the jump. Throw Mines out and go for it. Now wall jump.

Atop the wall jump is a cave. As you go further into the cave, three
Anklebiters will attack you. Dispose of them with the wrench (especially easy
if they are in a group) and continue on. You will reach an area where you
have to jump from platform to platform. This will be terrible if you get
nervous, as you can easily fall. Don't worry, however, because if you do, you
won't fall very far. After the platforms, you can take one of two ways: To
the right, which will have Homing Bomb Traps, or straight and into the
building, which has a lot of Gun-Toting Guards. I'd choose straight.

After the cut-scene, destroy the helicopter that is straight ahead with the
Devastator. After that, head left and dodge the bullets spread by the missile
carrier. Get into the turret. Every section of the ship must be shot down!
Hold O to make things easier on you, and be sure to take out every helicopter
to shoots at you. The key to winning this battle is defense, and you will
need to be on highest alert if you want to win! Remember; shoot EVERY section
of the ship until they fall off, one by one. Afterwards, you will grab the
InfoBot for the Gemlik Base.

Once you are done here, glide down. Go to the left of your ship for one last
area here on Planet Hoven, which is going to be quite slippery, indeed! This
path is pretty much a sheet of ice almost all of the time! Kill the Gun-
Toting Guard and hit the three Activators. One is straight ahead, the second
is to your right and over the water, and the third is on that hill up there.
I know, I know. "How do I reach it?" Right? Dodge Leap a few times. You'll
reach it eventually. Try jumping and pressing that combination, too. If you
miss the time, hit the top one first, then the other two. Go into the open

Enter the doorway and take a long, good look at the Wall Jump area. There are
Activators on the Wall Jump area! Hitting all of these is tough. If you miss
one along the way (the middle one is the easiest to miss of the three), jump
back down and try it again. You will eventually get it. Go through the open
doorway. When you reach the Swingshot hooks, swing over to the first one. In
the second, you will notice lasers going back and forth. When they are about
to cross paths, use the Swingshot.

You should land safely, unscratched from those nasty lasers. Jump to the icy
platform and jump to the land in sly fashion. More lasers before a Swingshot
hook comes into vision. Do these just like the last and time the lasers along
with the Swingshot's distance. It should be around the last's timing. Once on
that side, you will notice a series of icy platforms. Ouch.

After jumping those icy platforms with quick reaction, you will have to kill
all of those pesky Anklebiters without hitting a single TNT crate, which you
can tell by looking at it that it's not an easy task to do. Once you do this,
you will notice a VERY narrow path made of ICE! What's even worse is the fact
that you have to hit three Activators while doing it. Hit the first, then
jump and glide to save all the slipping. If you hit the second, stand on it
and jump to glide over to the third. Watch the cut-scene and get the
Raritanium. Now you can go back to Planet Pokitaru for something you'll LOVE!

(           PLANET POKITARU           )

Okay, now I know you want discounts at Gadgetron Vendors, right? I thought
so. Hence, why we are back at the beautiful world of Planet Pokitaru! By
giving a scientist in the sewers the Raritanium, he will give you the
Persuader, which is a device that you get around 20% to 25% off of every
weapon at the Gadgetron Vendor, hence why I told you to save up your bolts
and buy all of those weapons later!

From the starting point, go left and through the pod to take you to the
Resort's Sewers. Get in the water and go under. Go to the right and through
the area. Jump up from the water and get out your Hydrodisplacer. Use it to
drain the water, then return to the corridor you were in before. Get out the
Trespasser and solve the puzzle. After solving it, the door opens. Go back
into the room at the right and jump up. Fill the water back up.

Jump back into the water and go underwater. Go through the doorway and go to
the Trespasser's passage, and go through. When you surface, be sure to be
aware of all of the Slime Splitters in this area. There are way too many to
kill, so ignore them and go to the left of where you surfaced to jump up on
the red platforms. There will be yellow platforms, as well. These yellow
platforms will go tilting from side to side. Up along the path, you can use
the tilting to your advantage to reach the higher platforms. Do so.

Solve the Invinco-Lock to the left of the door and go into that area. There
are no enemies in this area, however, there is a scientist here, and he has
something for you, if you give him Raritanium. So trade him the Raritanium
for the Persuader. With the Persuader, you can now get discounts at Gadgetron
Vendors! You should still save your money for the RYNO, because it will NOT
give you a discount for that weapon, as it's not from a Gadgetron Vendor.
After this, get in your ship via the pod in the sewers and head to the Gemlik

(             GEMLIK BASE             )

Watch the intro cut-scenes. Once you land, there is only one way to go:
Straight. So go ahead and stay this way. Glide down, but don't fall
prematurely. Take note of what the computer will say, and kill all of the
Ground Birds. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, look for a glowing tower.
Shoot this tower with either your Devastator (I recommend) or the Visibomb
Gun. This will deactivate the force field that surrounds the upcoming
walkway. Now that the force field is down, go towards and enter it.

In the next area will be a Turret Guard. You can't kill him unless you use a
very tricky Visibomb, with I do NOT suggest. When you enter the room, go to
the right and jump on this platform. The Turret bullets will not hit you when
you are on platforms. Trying to get to ANY Turret Guard in a straightforward
manner is like going into a Police Office and waving a gun at everyone. It's
complete suicide. So jump behind the guard and take him out from here. He
can't hit you from back here, so don't fret over it.

Go into the next room after you solve that nasty Invinco-Lock and jump to the
step, so the Turret Guard can't hit you. Climb the steps, take out the Ground
Birds, and then go to the other side to take out the Turret Guard. Whee. Use
the Trespasser on the Invinco-Lock (getting sick of them yet? I know I was)
and go into the next room while Dodge Leaping over and over again. There is a
Turret Guard here and the only way to get him is to go straightforward.
Remember my thing about suicide earlier? Forget I said that. =P If you keep
Dodge Leaping, it is still dangerous, but you CAN reach him. Get behind him
and shut that baby UP!

On the ground below him are two Pyro Ground Guards. You can destroy them with
your wrench and collect the booty down here, then get back up and go through
the exit to the opposite side of the hole in the floor. Tap the TNT crates
and stand back! This will blow up all of the Chemical Tubes, as well, which
will more than likely destroy all of the Ground Birds. You CAN go into the
next room, if you want your head blown off by the Cruiser in the sky. So
unleash a Visibomb to destroy it. Now go through.

Two more Cruisers await your arrival outside of the room, so get out your
Visibombs and teach them why they don't want to, um, "play a playa," or
something. Follow the path and take out the Pyro Ground Guards. Be SURE to
not hit those Chemical Tubes, because it's the same as hitting TNT crates.
Not good. Go into the elevator after hitting all of the crates outside. Snipe
the Ground Birds with your trusty Blaster and then jump over to that ledge.
This upcoming part is fairly challenging the first time through.

There will be rising acid, as well as four platforms that sink. There will be
a platform in the center of the room (between the four small platforms) that
you should jump to and stay on until the acid has risen above the four small
platforms. Once the acid goes down, jump down to the last two and make it
across. Use your Swingshot ONLY when the Acid is low! Kill the Pyro Ground
Guards and get on the metal walkway. This is one COOL part of the game here.
Watch where the acid rises, then dart as fast as you can to the next part.
Remember to NOT fall off. You will die. Keep timing the acid and goes across
until you reach higher, and safer ground.

In this area, do NOT blow up the Chemical Tube to the farthest right. Kill
the Pyro Ground Guard and jump up on that Chemical Tube I mentioned to you
about. When the acid begins to go down, jump and glide down to the Chemical
Tubes far below and wide. Jump up on the safe platform and bust the crates
for health and the like, then carry on. Get into the elevator and hit the
button. When you go out, head to the right and up the stairs to the Second
Gadgetron Vendor on this Planet. Turn around and notice that you can shoot a
glowing tower from that hole. Get out your Devastator and do so.

Now the door is free to roam in. Jump down from the steps and head to the
left. Shoot down the Cruiser with a Visibomb that is in the next area. Go
through and eliminate all of those annoying Ground Birds, then head to the
right and unlock the Invinco-Lock with the Trespasser. Inside, go along the
left side of the wall. There are three Turret Guards that don't even know
you're here. Kill them all three with ease, but be sure to not get hurt by
hitting a Chemical Tube.

Exit the "Turret Entrance" area and head to where the Turret Guards would
have been shooting. Don't drop down yet, as there are plenty of Ground Birds
and Pyro Ground Guards waiting for you, but worse yet, two Cruisers that WILL
make sure you die. Take both of the Cruisers out with two Visibombs, and then
jump down to clear your path for the next area. In this next area, Three
Turret Guards are waiting, and you have to Dodge Leap them ALL. This isn't
easy, but possible. Don't worry, if you die, you will start right here. Go
into the elevator and take it down.

NOTE: If you're having trouble in this area, don't worry. Dave P. sent in
another way to go about the Turret Shooting area without getting hurt, and
quite frankly, it's better than my way.

"You know that part close to the end of the level before the big room 
full of enemies where the three turret guards in a row make access to the 
magnetic elevator difficult?  If you back a ways to where the robot birds 
were, a little before in the level and directly behind them you will notice 
there are holes or vents in the wall.  If you look through them, you can see 
the turret guards from behind! Kill them with visibombs or the devastator, 
and your path is clear."

When the elevator stops, go see what's happening downstairs by falling off of
the metal walkway. IT'S A DANGEROUS AREA! There are Pyro Ground Guards and
TONS UPON TONS of Ground Birds, as well as Reproducing machines galore! The
first thing to take out will be the legion of Reproducing Machines that
circle the room. If you are simply running from the enemies while doing this,
you're better off, as it will lose some of them. The Pyro Ground Guards will
be saved for last, as they are very few in numbers, thus, easy to take out
with ammo, but clear the path of the Ground Birds very slowly but surely.
Once they are gone, use your Blaster on the Pyro Ground Guards. Then go into
the elevator once everything is destroyed. Follow the path for a boss battle.

>        BOSS: CAPTAIN QWARK          <

This boss battle is actually among the easiest of any game ever, considering
how late it is in the game. You may die once, because you won't really know
what to do. If this happens, don't think you suck because I said it was easy.
You just have to know what to do against this gigantic ship, and the patterns
it possesses, THEN it will be very simple, and you will nod in agreement of
my claim.

The first thing you want to do is to start out against the engines on the
left side of the ship. You will work your way around from the outer engines
to the inner, bigger engines. ALWAYS FIRE. Never let up off of the fire
button, and since your missile ammo is very limited, only shoot these
missiles if you have a surefire shot. Otherwise, it would be a complete waste
of a missile, as they hardly have homing abilities.

After taking out a few engines, Captain Qwark will throw out mines to hit
your ship and possibly really badly damage it. This is the one really strong
attack that Captain Qwark has that is to be feared. Afterwards, keep shooting
those engines. He will eventually suck you in and lock you on target. Blow up
the missiles that come from the right and the left. This is absolutely
simple, and nothing compared to his previous attacks. Shoot missiles at him
when doing this, as the front of his ship is extremely sensitive.

After a little longer, he will summon quite a number of small ships to come
and shoot at you. These ships don't do a lot of damage, but you must take
them out to continue hitting Captain Qwark's shuttle. So keep blasting them
with your regular fire and precise aiming until they are all dead. Then keep
hitting Captain Qwark's engines. Now would be the time to aim well and fire
missiles at the remaining engines. You will thank me for having you save
those missiles for now, as well, as those mines get tougher and tougher to

Once you blow Captain Qwark up, watch the cut-scenes and you will find the
InfoBot to Planet Oltanis. There's no better time than now to visit this
Planet, because there's a lot to do here, and boy, is it ever annoying.

(           PLANET OLTANIS            )

When you land here, watch the cut-scene. Clank cannot go along this time due
to the severe thunderstorm, because he will get struck down by lightning, as
seen in the opening sequence. This will be a MAJOR drag, since you can't
glide, high jump, or any of the cool things like these. Don't worry, however,
as you won't need to, for the most part.

From the start, move forward and get on the elevation platform. You will
arrive in the Times Square of Planet Oltanis. Except it's not. To the left,
you will notice a metal walkway, so go ahead and go this way. When you reach
the upside-down elevator, hit the button. You will reach another metal
walkway. Follow the path. Jump on the metal crates. You will notice that the
wind will be blowing very hard, so run for the exit, but run AGAINST the

When you reach the doorway, there will be a metal walkway. Start walking, but
be aware of the bombs that circle certain parts of this path. Time the bombs
and walk fast, yet carefully. There are a couple of these in this path. After
the path, if you go to the top entrance, you'll get blown off of the
platform, so you'll have to go the long way. See the electricity on the ice?
Get on that ice and slide, but you'll have to be sly when getting across this
sheet. Jump over the holes, as well as the electricity. Slide over to get
onto the metal walkway.

You'll reach more ice, holes, and electricity. The tricky part about this is
the fact that eventually, you'll run into a small platform, made of ice,
which is extremely narrow. You will very, very carefully have to jump onto
this platform and the next. It's moments like these that you wish you had
your little backpack buddy by your side. Follow the metal walkway. If you
need health or ammo, bust those boxes with your boomerang move. Then continue
on the metal walkway.

You will see more of those pesky Bombs that rotate around the metal walkways
just to anger me. GRR! Anyways... Once you step off of the metal walkway and
onto the ice, get out your Visibomb Gun and shoot a Visibomb at the Ship that
shoots out the bombs. This will eliminate a great threat. Look to your right.
You'll see a Gold Bolt. If you want to, you can get it. If not, eh, whatever.
Destroy the Tesla Robot that comes out from the ground with your Devastator.
Go to where he was spawned and go left.

Jump on the ledge. If you want another Gold Bolt, inch over all the way to
the right on that ledge that you're climbing. Do NOT jump up yet, if you want
that Gold Bolt. Once you see the Gold Bolt, jump up and get it. Carefully get
back on the ledge and jump up this time so that the wind will carry you.
You'll have to jump the electricity. Once you reach the end, go over to
Capta... er... "Steve." After the cut-scene, buy the Gadgetron PDA from
"Steve" for 1,000 Bolts. Then go back to the main area of the Planet by
walking along the metal walkway and hitting the button.

This time, go to your left from the spot you are released from. Jump down and
take out the two Zap Bots, then continue onward. Several Tesla Robots will
come up from a Tesla Trap. These things are very tough, as you don't have
Clank to glide over their lasers with. Jump attack them, or straight attack
them. Be sure to watch out for their lasers! If you get hit, use the energy
crate over to the right wall and a little bit down from the Tesla Robots Trap
point. Carry on, and get out your Visibomb to take out the Bomb Shooting Ship
in the distance. Remember whenever you see these ships, be sure to get rid of
them as soon as possible with your Visibomb Gun.

Continue up the platforms and you will find another set of Tesla Robots.
These are that annoying, way-too-frequent enemy of this Planet. Destroy all
of them, and then in the next area will be TWO sets of Tesla Robots AND a
Bomb Shooting Ship. Jump up long enough to intrigue the ship, and then jump
back down. Aim up by holding L1 and shoot a Visibomb to blow it up. Then,
jump up on the platform and head forward and curve right. It is TOO DANGEROUS
to fight these Tesla Robots, so dodge them the best you can. The exit to this
dangerous area is to the right, which is why you hung that right.

In this next area, grind the Grind Rail and keep moving! Ignore the Tesla
Robots, as they do too much damage in big numbers like these. Jump on the
first "Line" platform. Turn around and use the Swingshot towards the upper
left-hand corner of the screen. This will reach a Gold Bolt, and the EVER SO
IMPORTANT Mouse House, so get out your Sonic Summoner. This Mouse is VERY
helpful in this area. Jump back down and follow that "Line" path again and
continue along. You will see a Tesla Robot (a single one) come from an area
to the left. Let the Mouse kill him, then go to where he came from.

Keep following the path until you reach the Grind Rails. It doesn't matter
which Grind Rail you grind on, just pick one. Three Tesla Robots will chase
you. They will shoot lasers at whichever Grind Rail you're on at the time.
Eventually, it will go into a normal view. There are lasers lined up in
certain areas. The left and right rails are clear on the first one. On the
second, only the left is clear. Watch out for bombs being placed at this
point. Only the right is clear for the third and final one. Watch the cut-
scene and buy the InfoBot for Planet Quartu. It is 2,000 Bolts. Hit the
button and jump down.

Take the taxi that is directed straight ahead. This will take you to the
upper city. When you get there, take out the nasty Turret and be sure to jump
its bullets. Hug against the wall to not get spotted by the Light Robot. If
you do, it warns everything of your infiltration. Up ahead, jump the two
platforms and take out the Reproducing Machine, and get out your Swingshot,
then use it on the hook up above. Dodge the Turrets' ammo, and then take them
both out.

To the right of the Turrets is a ladder. Climb the ladder. Up top, be VERY
sneaky and get passed the Light Robots. If you don't quite make it passed, a
few angry Turrets will start shooting like mad. Up ahead towards the lined
platform, it doesn't matter if you get caught. Two easily dodged Turrets will
shoot from ahead, but no worries. It's simple. At the end of the path,
there's a moving carrier that has a Swingshot hook on it. Use it to reach
this ship. Use it again to reach a platform to the right.

Inside here, make SURE to dodge the lights here. Reach the other side of the
platform and jump to the wobbling platforms. There is a Turret shooting at
you here, so dodge the bullets AND hop the platforms at the same time. This
is tricky. Kill the Turret as payback for making that difficult. Another
series of carriers with hooks appear, so use your Swingshot to reach the
first, then wait it out to reach the second and third. You will see a
platform with a bunch of enemies on it.

Do NOT use the Visibombs on the circling carrier, as it will glitch the game,
and you will fall to your doom! Use your Blaster to defeat the Turrets on the
ground. Take good aim and shoot them off. Then take out the lone Light Robot
in fast fashion with your Blaster, and then shoot around in the sky to
destroy all of the Zap Bots. Jump down to the platform, and climb the ladder
to reach the Morph-O-Ray! This weapon is hard to use, but fun, nonetheless.
Return to the ship area for a cut-scene.

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

After completing all of the missions on this Planet, a cut-scene will ensue.
Take the platform elevator down and hit the button to reveal several
Swingshot hooks. Swing across the yellow hooks until you reach a circular
platform. From here, look to your left and notice a ship that comes around
that carries a green Swingshot hook. Hook onto this and quickly hook onto the
yellow Swingshot hook. You will have to do this several times in the near
future. When you reach a platform with nowhere to go, look left for another
one of those green hook carrying ships. Hook onto it and continue until you
reach the Gold Bolt.

(            PLANET QUARTU            )

Watch the cut-scene before you land in Quartu. This Planet will be known as
$$$. Actually, it won't, but you can rack in a LOT of bolts here in a little
bit (around 110,000 per hour), but for right now, you can buy the Tesla Claw
at the Gadgetron Vendor for a discounted 30,000 bolts. It's your choice, but
I would save for either the health upgrade back on Planet Orxon, or the RYNO
back on Planet Rilgar. Your choice, and yes, the Tesla Claw is pretty darn

From the landing site, go left and up the ladder. You will reach a watery
area. Jump right in and swim to the three circles in the water. Always
remember to hold R1 when you are underwater now, as you have the Hydro-Pack
now. Hydro swim through the three rings to open a door. Go through and hit
the button on the platform to start a timer! Quickly jump in and Hydro swim
through this course. Try not to get hit by the lasers, as this is an easy way
to die.

As you swim through the corridors, you will find several sets of rings that
will open doors that are pretty much straight ahead. Eventually, you will
reach the end of this tunnel and you can collect the Bolt Grabber! This is
well worth all of that swimming, as you will collect bolts from far away! Now
that you have collected your graceful reward, you can go back to your ship.
To do so, just go through the nearby hole in the wall. You will land right at
the landing site. Now you can go to the bottom path.

Go straight and get rid of the Guard, as well as the Robo-Puppies. Hook a
left and use the Swingshot to swing to the next side. Go left and follow this
path for quite a long time and kill lots of enemies, as there is only one way
to go for the most part of this path. Once you reach the end of outside, go
left and enter the building with the Robo-Puppies. Exit the room via the
other doorway. Watch the cut-scene and transform Clank into Mega Clank.

As Mega Clank, you can step on any ground enemies that are in your way. Bust
down any walls that might be in your way to your destination. As for the
flying helicopters, take those out with your unlimited use of missiles. Pres
O to use them. When you reach the beginning of where you Swingshotted over,
head right and into the battle arena. Use your missiles on the Helicopters,
and mix it up against the Robots. Shoot the first Robot with missiles to get
the advantage before he lands. If a Robot is out of reach, use missiles. It's
that easy. After you win by destroying everything, you will get the InfoBot
for Planet Kalebo III. You will have to head there, but if you want extra
money, check the FAQ Section of the guide to see an easy way here. Moolah,

(          PLANET KALEBO III          )

After watching the cut-scene, head straight from the starting point. You will
encounter Elite Guards, which you can kill with the Devastator, or two jump
attacks with the wrench. I prefer the latter, because I am too cheap to pay
for ammo. But whichever you prefer, do it swiftly, as these L33t Guards
(okay, okay, I had to get the joke out of my system. Not funny. Sorry.) won't
take no crap.

Let the Clingers cling to you, then when they are about to explode, jump on
the escalator and take off away from them quickly. This will kill them all
without wasting ammo, and it makes you look cool, slick. Keep heading
straight. More Elite Guards attack, but ignore them and head towards that
yellow button. Slap it and enter the room quick! Whew, that was close... This
is the Second Gadgetron Vendor, just so you know for future references.

Go to the left and into the elevator. When the elevator stops, you will be
presented with a Grind Rail. Start grinding and be sure to jump all of the
hoops, bombs, and jump from side to side when objects are headed your way.
This place is filled with them all. There will be a Gold Bolt to get on this
path, and it will be hard to explain how to do it, so I guess I'll just wing
it. If you have a question or don't understand, just e-mail me
(zoopnova@aol.com). I will note when there is something to do with the Gold
Bolts, and end the place, as well, in case you don't want the Gold Bolt.
Enjoy the path.

On the first chance you get, hop left, and then back to the right after the
train car comes by. Jump to the right or left, then back to the center to
dodge the train cars. Jump to the left, then all the way to the right. [Gold
Bolt info] Hit the small button with the wrench on the right [End Gold Bolt
Info] then jump to the center. [Gold Bolt Info] Jump over to the right Grind
Rail. Jump over two objects and start swinging to hit the second small
button. After jumping more objects, you will notice that your rail is
swaying. Start swinging! You will hit the third. Jump back on track. [End
Gold Bolt Info]

You will need to jump once the grind rail turns white and blue. You will land
safely, but train cars are a-comin'! Jump left or right, then to center.
Three train cars will come at you at once. Wait for the one on the right to
go passed, and then jump to there. Afterwards, jump all the way left and jump
over the bomb. Dodge the rest of the cars like I explained earlier when the
three of them come at you at once. [Gold Bolt Info] If you hit all three
small buttons, hop to the right and eventually get your Gold Bolt. Then jump
back on track. [End Gold Bolt Info. Finally.] You'll eventually see another
blue and white track, so jump! Dodge the train car in the middle and see the
cut-scene. You'll have the Map-O-Matic! Very handy, indeed.

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

After the grinding area, go to the platform that the Grind Rail stands on.
Look over the ledge to find a platform. Jump down and go into the pod. You
will be in an odd room with lots of chickens. Grab the Gold Bolt.

Take the taxi back to the lobby where the Second Gadgetron Vendor. Go to the
area across from the one you were in. Attack the Elite Guards with Visibomb
ammo, then continue through and go through the door on the upcoming left.
This is the Weapon Testing Area. You will encounter four of these on this
path. Destroy the Testers, which will be simple, and go through the next door
and into the elevator to go up.

Take out one Elite Guard with a Devastator missile. Shoot the yellow lock
with the Blaster and quickly glide down there before it closes back up. You
will be attacked by a few Clingers. It's best just to let them harm you. Take
one for the team, you pansy! Afterwards, Go into the next Weapons Testing
chamber and get rid of the Walloper-using Testers. After this, go outside and
jump to the platform with the Clingers. Blow them up with the Mine Glove

Use a Devastator missile on the yellow lock, and quickly get out your
Swingshot right after firing it, and start swinging! You will more than
likely make it. Get on the Grind Rail and kill the Robo-Pups when you land.
Go into the Weapons Test Room #3 for some Pyrocitor Testers. These things are
harder than they sound. Destroy them all with jumping attacks. Go forward a
tad bit and take out the three Elite Guards with Visibombs. If you're lucky,
you can kill two of them at a time. Hide behind the metal crates if you
don't, and wait until they cease fire. Then shoot another. Keep repeating

After you get rid of the first three, another set of three will appear, as
well as an annoying ship, too! Destroy them all with Visibombs from the same
spot. Get rid of the Elite Guards the same way you did the first three, then
take out the ship with a Visibomb from the same spot. Notice that there are
more Clingers ahead, so get them in your view, lay some Mines, and provoke
them into attacking you. Lure them to the Mines and KABOOM. Continue along
the path now.

Jump over and crack the two crates for some very good health. Yeeeees. I love
it. Now, the outside Weapons Test features a mix of ALL THREE kinds, so watch
your back, your feet, and your fuzz, as it may get burnt a bit. Eliminate all
of them and take your time doing so, as if you rush, you will definitely take
major damage. After beating them, go through the door and to the right. Watch
the cut-scene and enter the race!

This race is FRUSTRATING. Thank goodness there were no children around me
while I played it, as they would have learned words their parents would've
fainted over. And some pretty original sentences, as well! The key to winning
is to gain a lot of speed, and using the missiles to take out the "First
Place" racer when you catch up to him. Try to hit all three Arches at the end
of the lap to open a shortcut to the right. This will help a lot, and is
essential to win the race. Also, get a good start by not hitting the second
ramp. After you win, you can get the Hologuise! Head out of the race room and
go forward, then right. Hit the lock on the right wall and go back to your
ship. Go to Planet Quartu.

(            PLANET QUARTU            )

From the start, go forward. Destroy all of the Robo-Pups and the Guard, as
well. Put on the Hologuise and go to the door. It will open. Wave to the
Guard by pressing O, and he will turn off the force field. My girlfriend
thinks these Robots are very cute, by the way. Turn off the Hologuise and
kill the cuddly Guard. Up above is another Guard, so jump up and show him how
you do things in [insert your hometown here]. Jump up again and go into
Hologuise Mode ASAP. Jump to the Center platform when the Guard turns it's
back. Kill him when you reach him.

Turn into the Hologuise robot and walk over to get on the conveyer belt. When
the Guards quit looking at you, jump up and turn back into the Hologuise
robot. Now take out the ones closest to the button first. Do NOT let them hit
this. It will hurt you bad! Climb up the ladder and kill the one upstairs, as
well. Jump on the ledge and inch over to the left. Watch out for the falling
Biohazard Crates and jump up when you reach the end.

Turn into the Hologuise robot and wave to the Guard. He will deactivate the
force field. One of the things to do, yet again, is kill any Guards that are
close to the button. If they hit this, you're screwed. So be sure to get rid
of their threat before it becomes your problem. Climb the ladder on the left
and glide down after the guards go inside. Turn into the Hologuise robot and
get behind them, then eliminate them.

Get on the conveyer belt and use your Hologuise again. Kill the guard inside
the building that the conveyer belt leads to, then jump up on the ledge and
put on the Hologuise right away. When the two Guards (there are three, but
one is facing away from you forever) turn away, jump to the conveyer belt,
then the middle platform and turn back into the Hologuise. Then when they
face you again, jump on their platform and kill all three. Once again, make
sure they don't hit that button!

Put on the Hologuise and look outside to get a feel for it. Use your
Swingshot and kill the three Guards in the area. Stomp on the lock to release
the door. Note that you can go into the two areas the Guards were patrolling.
Put on the Hologuise and go into the area. Wave to the Guard and then kick
his ass. Go into the next area and watch the cut-scene. You will get the
InfoBot for Drek's Fleet. There is a Gold Bolt in this area, as well. Look up
for a Swingshot hook. Use it to reach an area with the Gold Bolt. Enjoy. To
the Batmobile, Robin!

(            DREK'S FLEET             )

When you start out, jump into the water. Swim underwater and look for three
rings. Hydro swim and go through the three rings. Go through the newly opened
door. Notice your new Map-O-Matic, as it notes secret areas. Also note that
one is coming up, and you can get a Gold Bolt. Swim through the doorway and
hit the button to start the timer. You have one minute and twenty seconds
(1:20) to complete this course. I suggest you get the Gold Bolt, as it is
along the way.

Swim on through and avoid the biohazard-like electric outlets, as well as the
mines that are floating in the water. When you reach three rings, go through
them, then turn around and go to the right for that Gold Bolt. Once you grab
it, hit the button to restart the timer. Go through the path you were
supposed to be at in the first place! Go there to collect the Code Bot, which
you can use on Planet Quartu to get the other Gold Bolt there.

Return to the start of the level and go to the pod that leads to the Missile
Cruiser. Once you arrive at the Missile Cruiser, Kill the Guard and go into
Hologuise mode. Wave at the Guard to make him let you in, then dispose of
him. Jump the beam in the next room and kill off all of the Robo-Dogs. Jump
the next beam and into the next room. Pod up to the Dreadnought.

In the Dreadnought area, it looks clear when you enter the next room, but
turn into the Hologuise robot, as there are Guards that will patrol the area
every now and then. When they leave, turn back into Ratchet and jump the
beams in a sly way, then quickly turn back into the Hologuise robot. In the
next room, complication awaits. Robo-Dogs + Guards + Beams = Headache. You
have to take the Robo-Dogs out when the Guards are not in the room with the
Blaster, and then quickly turn into the Hologuise robot again. Switch back to
your Hologuise and enter the next room.

Wave at the Guard, but don't kill him afterwards. Once you're out of his
sights, switch back to Ratchet and pod up to the next area, Light Cruiser. In
this area, things heat up with sneaking around. Kill some of the Robo-Pups
with a Visibomb to clear your path. Use the Swingshot to get over there, and
then kill the rest of them. Put on the Hologuise and walk into the room. This
room includes a Guard, right by the button, that won't move, as well as Robo-
Dogs, AND Patrolling Guards. Once the Patrolling Guards leave, take out the
Devastator and kill the Guard in first person, then blow up the Robo-Pups
with the Blaster. Be sure to take breaks and put on the Hologuise so you
don't get caught.

After doing this, jump the beams and head into the next room WITH the
Hologuise on. Wave at the Guard. Again, don't kill these; You need to be as
silent as possible in these areas. Keep going and reach the pod to Drek's
Flagship. Go right and into space. Follow the path and head left. Hit the
button and it will take you to a ship you can use. Destroy the guns on the
ship with missiles. If you run out, destroy some of the little ships to get
more. This is extremely easy, as if you die, you start right there again.
Complete this mission and head back up.

Head to the left and follow the path to the elevation platform. It will take
you to the ceiling of a laser-filled corridor. Watch out for burn marks in
this area to tell where the lasers will strike. Keep on carefully going (it's
not that tough) and you will be placed rightside-up. Once you're on safe and
secure grounds, you can either finish the level, or get a Gold Bolt, then
finish the level. In case you want to do the latter, here's the directions.

[If you want a Gold Bolt, then follow this path; Otherwise, skip to the next

Once you are rightside-up, go back into the laser room. Go through the lasers
until you reach a door on the right. Stand on the right corner of the door
where the Guards can't see you, and release two Glove of Dooms. These Doomies
will kill all of the enemies, but don't go in until you're sure the Guards
are dead. Then follow the path. Shoot the Guard in the next room with the
Devastator. Keep going and reach a Gold Bolt.

Go into the room to the opposite of the laser room. Watch the cut-scene and
you will get the InfoBot for the Last Planet, Veldin. This is Ratchet's home

There's still a few Gold Bolts we can get on other Planets, so read the
following Planets and the like. If you don't need the Gold Bolts, skip to the
Planet Veldin walkthrough. I will not note the Planet Veldin Gold Bolts in
the walkthrough, as it is too dangerous to die on this Planet while trying to
get Gold Bolts. After you beat the game, choose to start from your current
file, and come back to get them. Their locations are in the Gold Bolt
section. Here's the locations...

(           PLANET NOVALIS            )

You will need Clank's Hydro-Pack to get this Gold Bolt. From the landing
point, jump down to the ground where all of the Robots and Bees are. Continue
until you reach the old house that leads to the busted up bridge. Jump in the
water and go underwater, continuing to go towards the house and eventually
under the house and leading to a secret area. Swim against the current by
holding R1. When you surface, you will be in a new area. Explore this very
easy cubbyhole to find the third Gold Bolt.

(           PLANET ARIDIA             )

You will need Ratchet's Magneboots to reach this Gold Bolt. On the left side
of the Agent will be metallic ramps you can walk up. Walk up and go into the
middle of the big building there. There is your Gold Bolt.

(           PLANET KERWAN             )

You will need one of Clank's gliding abilities to reach this Gold Bolt. Go to
Captain Qwark's fitness tryout, and get passed the first island. Go toward
the top of the second island, and look around off to the side for an area in
the distance that you can reach by gliding there. This will have the Gold
Bolt on it, as well as a few crates. Take the taxi back to your ship

(        BLARG STATION NEBULA         )

You will need Ratchet's O2 Helmet to get this Gold Bolt. Remember where you
used the Trespasser to let Clank out into space? Now you can visit as
Ratchet! This Gold Bolt is simple to get, and easy to find. Just follow the
path and get the Gold Bolt, and yes, it will be in sight no matter what.

(           PLANET RILGAR             )

You will need Ratchet's O2 Helmet to get this Gold Bolt. Remember the Rising
Water area that probably annoyed you? Well, now you can swim underwater
without drowning! So go ahead and return to the area. Remember the swirling
ramp where the Slime Splitters attacked? Go to that area and look where the
ramp begins. Go deep underwater and look for an entrance to a secret area.
Follow it. It will lead to a Gold Bolt.

(             GEMLIK BASE             )

After you win the spaceship fight at the end of the level: in the room with
the four platforms that get drown in acid every five seconds or so, jump onto
the middle platform that stays above the acid and look to your left. Jump
into this hole and collect the Gold Bolt.

(            PLANET QUARTU            )

YOU NEED THE CODE BOT TO GET THIS! Look around the area for the pod where
Clank transforms into Mega-Clank. Use the Code-Bot to unlock a storage area,
which carries a Gold Bolt and a LOT of bolts.

Now you should have 37 Gold Bolts... We now travel to the final Planet,

(            PLANET VELDIN            )

Before we start this level, I MUST suggest you do the easy money trick and
get enough bolts for the RYNO. I HIGHLY recommend you do this, as the last
boss is one of the hardest of any game you will ever play. Buy the RYNO, and
possibly the last health upgrade. The RYNO is on Rilgar, and the health
upgrade is on Orxon. Trust me now more than ever, you NEED this gun. Now that
we have the warnings out of the way...

Go forward and kill the Hoppers with your wrench. Eliminate the Elite Guards
in the area just using your wrench only; You'll need that ammo for upcoming
enemies, trust me. At the fork in the road, go right and use the Visibomb on
the following: There is a ship right here. You'll need to shoot it down from
a distance. From left to right in the background, there will be a Tank. Blow
it up. Take the Elite Guards out with Visibombs or Devastators, and dodge
their fire (simple) after you defeat each one of them. Take another Tank out
that is to the right of the crater, as well. If you couldn't tell, this is a
wonderful place to snipe from.

Okay, now go to the left and kill the Elite Guard with your wrench. After
this, head down and kill the Hoppers that will surround you. Follow the path
onward. Before the crater, get out a Visibomb and shoot down a ship in the
sky. After this, kill the Hoppers near the crater and carry on. Go solve the
Invinco-Lock with your Trespasser. Go into the area and knock off the Hoppers
in the area, then walk on the metal walkway with your Magneboots. You'll
reach the Second Gadgetron Vendor. Load up on Devastator and Visibomb ammo.
Yay! You're getting closer. Drain the water with the Hydrodisplacer, then
drop down and Slam the lock.

Go through the doorway and climb the ladder. Use several Visibombs to take
out the Tank, and the several Elite Guards. If you have the RYNO, use that.
It works better. Remember to dodge their fire after every time you kill one.
Wait for the calm and execute another one. Jump the narrow platforms and blow
up 6 Elite Guards in the background with the Devastator. After destroying
them and dodging their fire, you can take out the Hoppers on the platform in
front of you with the Blaster.

Jump the platform. There are two more Elite Guards that will appear to kill
you. Devastate them. High jump to reach the taller platform, Take out the
three Elite Guards in the distance with your Devastator; Just make sure you
have a clean shot. Take out the ship with a Visibomb. Use the Swingshot on
the hooks, and then solve the Invinco-Lock with the Trespasser that lies
ahead. Afterwards, follow the path and kill the whole lot of Elite Guards
with Devastators or Visibombs. Remember, if you have the RYNO, use it
instead! This round will be extremely fast with the RYNO. Blow up the ship,
as well.

Use your Swingshot to reach a new area. Go forward and when you come to the
outside, GO LEFT! DO NOT FIGHT THE ENEMIES! It will only waste ammo, and you
can kill them with Giant Clank in a few. Just follow the path, drop down, and
turn into Mega Clank. You know what to do now: Just bash everything in your
path! Bust down walls to reach the center platform, where you will have a
"boss" fight. Hit /\ once to defeat this "boss." The boss will run, and this
is where it all boils down to the end...

*Take note that you CAN travel to and from the starting point and here.

>        BOSS: CHAIRMAN DREK          <

Yes, it has all come down to the final confrontation! Good against evil, Pop
against soda, N Sync against the Backstreet Boys! Ahhh, yes, my friends. An
epic showdown, indeed.

Keep in mind during the battles and all that you DO have the Gadgetron PDA
system. This handy device will let you buy ammo for your big guns whenever
you like, including this boss fight. If you have the RYNO, you don't even
need many tips, as this boss will be a walk in the park. This will help you
when there are no more ammo crates, and you need Devastator ammo, as well as
Blaster and Visibomb ammo to defeat this boss. The best weapons to use in
this battle are the following with the Pros and Cons.

THE RYNO: The RYNO is the obvious choice. If you haven't bought this yet,
even with all of my warnings still lingering in your head, then try beating
Drek. He's tough, and 9 out of 10 people will say "Hmm... Okay, I trust that
FAQ guy. I'll go get that RYN... U... thing... now." See? You will. Trust me.
Drek will die very easily with this weapon, and he instantly becomes child's

THE DEVASTATOR: This weapon will be your second best option. While the
Visibomb does more damage, you can shoot faster and more accurately with
this, as with the Visibomb, you will be wide open for a counterattack. Good
in both close and long range combat against Drek, it will take a whole lot of
ammo to finally get him down, but you will do it, and that is all that
matters in battles like these.

THE VISIBOMB GUN: Like I mentioned above, the Visibomb Gun is the obvious
choice, secondly to the RYNO, for pure powered damage, and is the ideal
weapon for when Chairman Drek is done attacking, as long as it is up closed.
If you are in long range, this is NOT a good weapon, because if you get hit
while the bomb is in motion, you will be screwed and not only not hit him,
but you will lose your ammo, as well.

THE BLASTER: Not a lot of people mention the Blaster as a good weapon for
Drek, but I prefer it above everything except the RYNO in the first two
stages of the battle. It's fast, it takes down a lot of Drek's health, and
you can use it while jumping! The only bad parts are it can waste ammo very
quickly on things that aren't Drek, such as his Drones he releases towards
the end of the battle.

Now that we have that out of the way, get out your Swingshot and go to the
platform that Drek is on. Use the RYNO to eliminate this version of him in a
couple of shots. If you don't have the RYNO, shame on you. But, I'll still
give you advice... Take out the Blaster and pump Drek full of lead! This form
of the battle is fairly simple, as long as you know what you're doing. This
Drek uses several different attacks, and never in a variety of multiple
attacks at once, unlike his next two versions. This Drek will shoot out
missiles, which can be easily avoided (they will show the spot that the
missiles are aimed at, and most of the time you can even stand still and not
get hit. Drek is a terrible shot.) and the exploding flame bombs, which are
pretty tricky, but very simple to avoid. In fact, later on in the battle,
Drek will do this and it actually helps! After he gets done with either of
these attacks, hit him with a Visibomb, as long as you are up close. He will
break the floating platform you are on into several pieces and go to the next
after quite some time. Follow him by going from piece to piece of the
platform until you can reach those falling platforms again. Get out your
Swingshot and be prepared to swing. You will have more time if you glide
after you swing from the Swingshot.

The second form is a lot like the first, except Drek will have a new attack
in his ongoing assaults: The Mine Thrower. This thing is awfully pesky and
annoying, as the Mines will chase you around the stage if you get too close
to them. The good part of this, you ask? You can attack them with your wrench
and they will blow up without harming you, but the bad part to this,
obviously, is the fact that this will take your focus off of Drek and onto
these mines. Of course, he will still attack with both of the other attacks
as well. Reader Chloe McGenn also suggests using the Drone Device and Tesla
Claw on the bombs in this battle, as well as on the Third Form. Watch out for
his dreaded "Mine Thrower, Missile Firing" combo, as you will have to dodge
all of those Mines, as well as the missiles! I suggest the Devastator during
this part of the battle, unless you have the RYNO. Then you can make him cry
and go to the third platform in a few hits. You gotta love that thing. If
there are mines on the ground, and he uses an exploding flame bomb, it will
blow up all of the mines, which is a good thing that works to your advantage!
After you abuse him enough, he will crack this platform into pieces and go to
the third and final platform. Go from piece to piece again and get out your
Swingshot. Beware that the last platform will drop without you even touching

Watch the cut-scene, then rush to the center of the platform and stand atop
the lock. Shoot Drek with the RYNO, or if you're poor, shoot him with the
Devastator. If you've run out of ammo, buy more with the Gadgetron PDA in
your items section of the menu when you hit pause. When the counter gets down
to about ten seconds, Slam the lock down and Drek will chase you with a heat
ray. If you have the (ahem) RYNO~! Then you should be fine. Just shoot him
until he gets scared and runs away. If you don't, you can try Dodge Leaping
away from him, which will be very complicated. I surely hope you have eight
health circles by now, as this is something I made clear earlier that it's
important. If you have the RYNO, you need not eight circles. You could kill
him on one. ;-) Drek has another new attack, in which he sends Drones out to
attack you. This is very annoying, so get out the Blaster or the Pyrocitor (I
recommend the Pyrocitor) and get rid of them. If he attacks with an exploding
flame bomb, it will kill these Drones instantly. Keep attacking him until he
does the whole countdown thing again. Slam it down right away. Keep at him
with the RYNO or the Devastator/Blaster (when it's clear for the Blaster) and
he will set the timer yet again! Hit the timer and finish him off. Be sure to
watch your back and all around you, as this will be a tough battle.

Once you've finally defeated Drek, you will have to Slam the lock down. Sit
back, watch the well-deserved ending, and grin in victory. Congratulations,
you've beaten Ratchet & Clank. Be sure to SAVE in a SEPARATE FILE, as the
game is known for having bugs that may mess up your game, and you don't want
to lose all of your hard work, now do you?