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               CHAPTER 4: GEYSER ROCK


Training Dummies - These guys are all over Geyser Rock. They don't
really attack, as would be expected. Some can only be destroyed by
spin attacks.

1. Find The Cell On The Path

To get this power cell, you need to go forward from the teleporter up
the small rock steps. Beyond one small spike pit is the cell. Kiera
will point it out to you. Undoubtedly the easiest one to get so far.

2. Open the Precursor Door

There's a big iris door that needs blue eco to open. There's a blue
eco vent beyond it, past a small bridge. Charge yourself with the
blue stuff, and the door will open to you, leading immediately to
a Power Cell.

3. Climb Up The Cliff

After the cinema where Samos explains green eco, go over the bridge
and jump the small spike pit. Double-jump onto each platform (follow
the arcs of precursor orbs). Jump to the next platform, and the
one to the left of that one to the Power Cell.

4. Free 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations:

- Past the second small spike pit near Power Cell One.
- Just beyond the first scout fly, in the shade of the palm tree.
- Up the first stone step to the right of the path past Power Cell
- On the second stone step to the right, just past the third scout
- Right next to the fourth scout fly.
- To the left of the fourth and fifth scout flies, one stone step
- On the highest stone step in that area.

They're all right near each other. If you really needed help, you're
in for a hard road ahead...

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions:

Go to where you found the flies.  Rather than following the grassy
path where there are lots of blue eco, fall down the cliff nearby
it to a beach. There are six precursor orbs, and they are easy to

                  CHAPTER 5: SANDOVER VILLAGE


None to speak of.

1. Bring 90 Orbs To The Mayor

Inside the windmill (from the Green Sage's hut, it's the first
building to the left) is the mayor. Aside from his mission to turn
the power back on (See Forbidden Jungle: Power Cell 1), he offers
a power cell for 90 Precursor Orbs. Bring them to him as a re-
election contribution. The Power Cell will be your reward.

2. Bring 90 Orbs to Your Uncle

The second house on the left from the Green Sage's Hut belongs
to your uncle. Collect 90 orbs and he'll give you a Power Cell
as thanks. (He can't just GIVE one to his nephew?!)

3. Herd The Yakows Into The Pen

The old farmer (past the right-hand suspension bridge, near the
entrance to Forbidden Jungle) isn't up to herding the strange
cow-like creatures into the pen on his own. To assist him, you just
get behind a cow and slowly walk to the pen. You can punch them
to get them moving, but it doesn't make any difference other than
it seems to make them more unruly. I had less difficulty when I
just walked them into the pen. The Power Cell is your reward for

4 and 5. Bring 120 Orbs To The Oracle

The Precursor Oracle is gouging you for those two Power Cells, but
it's not like you have something to spend them on anyway.

The only tricky part about this one is how to get there. On the rocky
island where you found the fourth scout fly, go to the second
highest step and roll jump (run into a roll and then jump) to the
nearest rock, then the next rock, then to the excursion on the side
of the cliff. You can double-jump, but it's a stretch.

Also, don't be surprised if you cannot get these cells for a long
time. These cells are very expensive. You may wanna leave them alone
for the time being, and come back when you are richer.

6. Free The Seven Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- In the fisherman's house, across from the windmill. Look for
the shark jaws over the door.
- Beneath the suspension bridge between the sculptor's house and
the windmill.
- Inside the farmer's house on the beach.
- On the large island nearby the farmer's house. It's the island
that also leads to the Precursor Oracle.
- On the rocky excursion where the Precursor Oracle is.
- On a beachy peninsula behind the sculptor's house.
- In the mayor's house, in the righthand room.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions:

There's a bridge beyond the bird-lover's house that leads up
to one of the Precursor Orb Elevator Holding Things. The island
beyond that one has enough blue eco to open it right up.

                   CHAPTER 6: SENTINEL BEACH


Crabs - There are little crabs in tall shells that wander the
Sentinel Beach. They hide under their shells for the most part,
but come out to attack you. Attack them when they are out of
their shell.

Mutts - The stupid barking mongrels that walk all over the
grasses and beaches. Nothing special to do to put them to
sleep; just whack 'em.

Sand Dragons - Along the beach sometimes the heads of dragons
peek up. Just cream them before they get a chance to attack.

1. Unblock The Eco Harvesters

The Eco Harvesters are on the far side of the beach. They have been
plugged up with stone, but it's no match for your attacks. The fifth
one will spit out a Power Cell.

2. Push The Flut Flut Egg Off The Cliff

There's a path against the stone wall near the Eco harvesters. It
leads along some bendy trails, blue eco, a few gaps and some mutts.
Beyond them all is a gigantic egg. If you haven't talked to the bird
lady, who lives by the beach in Sandover village, near the farmer's
house, you won't know it's a Flut Flut egg. For some ungodly reason,
you have to push the delicate egg off of the cliff. It breaks on
impact, but the Flut Flut is unharmed. A Power Cell, and a cinema
with Daxter freaking out, is your reward. But, of course, Daxter
freaking out is its OWN reward.

3. Get The Power Cell From The Pelican

It WAS just sitting there on the beach, but that moron pelican
apparently thought it would taste good. He swallows it and brings
it to his nest in the center of the small bay of Sentinel Beach.
Swim to the island (Don't worry about lurker sharks), climb up,
and punch him. He spits it out about a hundred yards, and all
you have to do is beat him to it and it's yours. Use the stairs
closer to Power Cell 6.

4. Chase The Seagulls

In a thoroughly illogical puzzle, Jak and Daxter must chase the
seagulls that sat minding their own business on the sentinels
on the distant part of the beach. Chase them to the second,
and then the third ruins. They'll somehow cause an avalanche,
and the Power Cell will fall near the Eco Harvesters.
I don't get it, either.

5. Launch Up To The Cannon Tower

This Power Cell cannot be done without first opening the Blue
Eco Vents. If you have not, see "Forbidden Jungle; Power Cell 3."

Near the sentinels are a lot of big tall islands that are
inaccessible. Unless, of course, you have the blue eco power.
With that you can spring up to each and every one of them,
until you arrive at the top of the cannon tower. Kill the two
baddies and the Power Cell is yours, as is control of the cannon.

6. Explore the Beach

Past the center windmill and the small rocky flight of stairs
is a gap in the rocks. There are some sand dragons there, but
just beyond them is a Power Cell, just waiting to be picked up.

7. Climb The Sentinel

The second sentinel at the distant end of the beach has a Power
Cell all alone at its apex. It couldn't be simpler, unless it was.

8. Free The 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- Among 11 treasure chests near the entrance from Sandover Village.
You'll probably be charged with blue stuff, so that'll break it.
- Between the Eco harvesters and the Flut Flut Egg, where you
will also be most likely charged with blue eco. You may get it
and not realize it.
- Beneath the farthest windmill, punch the poles up with the
uppercut move. Use one of them to hop to the otherwise
inaccessible cliff with some orbs and a scout fly.
- Whichever pole you climbed first, now climb the other one.
The same prize awaits you.
- In a corner of the beach one level below the eco vents.
- At the top of the first Sentinel, where you first bothered
the seagulls.
- On the small platform that overlooks the beach where the bombs
are being thrown, between the first and second windmill.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions

There are several in impenetrable boxes on the shore. Bombs
that fall from the sky can be used to blow them up. They
contain a lot of precursor orbs.

There are also a few impenetrable boxes on the big tall
islands leading to the cannon tower. When charged up, if
you land on one of them, it'll be destroyed, and you can
pick up the orbs inside.

                   CHAPTER 7: FORBIDDEN JUNGLE


Pythons - The pythons hang down from the trees in the Dense
Jungle and strike. Jump spin attack to kill them, but it
can be tricky. (Yeah, and I KNOW pythons are constrictors...

Night Frogs - Spined froglike hoppers with creepy nightglow
eyes. Just smack them any way you like.

Piranha - In the river in the Dense Jungle and the canyon,
be careful when you swim, because they'll chew you up.

Dark Vines - These spiky vines come out of the ground and can
attack you. When you kill them, they almost immediately come
back. The only way to kill them for good is to kill the Dark
Eco plant in the Precursor Temple.

This place was complex enough that I decided to give certain
sections of the map shorthand names. This will make discuss-
ing them loads easier.

Dense Jungle - What I call the first part of the level, where the
windy trees, river with bad fish, and other nasties are.

Precursor Tower - The big metal-stone building in the center of
the map. Kinda hard to miss.

Precursor Totems - The place beyond the dense jungle and a
suspension bridge. It has several slowly escalating pillars
surrounding one big one.

Bridge Plateau - The area beyond the Precursor Totems and a
suspension bridge, where there are two spiked logs and a spike
pit, and past them, a blue ego vent and blue ego activated bridge
to the Precursor Temple.

1. Connect The Eco Beams

There's a machine redirecting the eco beam normally used in Sandover
Village for power. It's located to one side of the Precursor Tower,
nearby the dense jungle. Hop on the pistons to get on top of it,
and then navigate the spinning doohickeys. Punch the foundation
of the mirror to kill the machines and raise the towers that
bring the power to the village. Each tower can be aimed by a
small scope thing in the base of it. You need to recalibrate the
towers by aiming the tower lens to where the flame-like icon is.

Here are the locations of the towers:

i. Right next to the thieving machine.
ii. Far into the dense jungle, near the waterfall.
iii. The area between the dense jungle and the Precursor tower.
From the thieving machine, walk around the Precursor tower,
heading around the dense jungle. It should be nearby. (It's kinda
hard to describe where this area is, but I hope that description
is accurate.)
iv. On the plateau above the Precursor Totems, past the
swinging spike trap.
v. Beneath the suspension bridge that separates Forbidden
Jungle and Sandover Village.

Return to the Mayor's house in Sandover Village to get, after all
that crap.... a Power Cell.

2. Get To The To Of The Temple

After activating the bridge on the bridge plateau with blue eco,
go past the weeds, and into the iris door. Take the left, and
keep going up. Watch out for the occasional enemy. There should
be another blue vent about halfway up. The saucers at the top can
be sketchy, so watch out that you don't fall. Once you surmount
the tower, the Power Cell is yours for the having.

3. Find the Blue Vent Switch

This Power Cell invariably follows Power Cell 2. Make sure you
did that one first.

At the top of the tower, there is a button. Stand on it, and the
roof sinks in and brings you to a room with two iris doors and
one regular hall. Since you aren't powered up, you have only one
way to go. The path is straightforward, but be careful of falling
off, especially when grabbing the Precursor Orbs that float above
a few of them. As you reach the end, there is a large, seemingly
dormant, machine with a Power Cell on top of it. Grab it, and
Blue Vents will open all over the world.

4. Defeat The Dark Eco Plant

This Power Cell invariably follows Power Cell 3. Make sure you
did that first.

Once you are in the room where you arrived when the top of the
tower dropped down, go to the only remaining iris door. Charge
up, of course. But be careful now. There are some platforms that
flip over for a beat. They stay right side up for about 2 seconds,
then flip for one second. It's easy enough to time.

Once again, there's only one way to go, but when you get there,
there's a mean-looking plant there. The Dark Eco Plant will send
out little spiky bugs. The bugs will pull their spikes in for a
short while, and that's when you hit them. The plant also tries to
bite you, so keep moving. After you deal with all his bugs, he'll
form two leaves that act as stairs for you to reach his face. Punch
him right in the face. Give him one to remember you by! It takes
three hits to kill him. After each hit, he releases another bug for
you to kill.

Once you hit him three times, you get the hard-earned Power Cell,
and you lo longer have to deal with the tentacles. Remember to
stomp on his head for some Precursor Orbs.

5. Catch 200 Pounds Of Fish

Beneath the suspension bridge that separates the dense jungle and
the Precursor Totems is the fisherman whose speedboat rests at dock
in Sandover Village. You can't use it without his permission, but
you can earn his permission by catching 200 pounds of fish.

In this game, fishing is mechanically simple, but still rather
hard for those who can't get the hang of it. You hold the net in
front of the river while you catch the fish that swim past with a
net. Little fish are one pound and big ones are 5. You can't miss
20 pounds of fish, or you'll lose. You also can't catch ANY poison
eels, else you'll poison the whole batch and lose.

As fast as the fish may go, they never go so fast you can't get the
net either away from them or in front of them. The fish don't ever
come more than one at a time, either. All you need to do is get a
rhythm for the net, and you're golden.

6. Follow The Canyon To The Sea

Hop down into the canyon and go towards the end of it. If you see
a blue spring pads and some blue eco, you've gone the right way.
You don't need the eco, though. Just continue walking and swim to
the lonely Power Cell.

7. Open The Locked Temple Door

There's a blue ego vent in the bridge plateau. Charge yourself full
of then blue stuff, and leap down into the canyon. There's a blue-
charged spring pad you can use to get back up to the blocking
machine area. Run up the ramp on the Precursor Temple to the iris
door. It'll open to a Power Cell.

8. Free The 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- Near the blue jump pad beneath the bridge plateau.
- Behind the blocking machine.
- Beneath the suspension bridge separating the Precursor totems
and the bridge plateau.
- On the outside of the Precursor Temple. You need to activate
the bridge, take the first right, and then use the trampoline
to get up to the ledge that leads outside. The scout fly is not far.
- Halfway up the Precursor Tower, with some treasure chests.
- Near the second redirecting tower.
- Near the fourth redirecting tower, up the thin rock platforms
near the weird bent tree.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions

When you are on the path to Power Cell 3, notice the Blue Launcher
that seems useless, since you are not charged. Once you open the
vents, a vent in the starting room will allow you to grab the eggs
hidden high above the launcher.

Also, don't forget to stomp on the Dark Eco Boss Plant's head.
He'll spew a few Precursor Orbs. HPrill noted that I forgot this.

                    CHAPTER 8: MISTY ISLAND

Before you can get here, you must complete Forbidden Jungle;
Power Orb 5. Otherwise, you won't be able to use the boat.

For navigational purposes, I'm giving names to some of the

Bone Center - I'll tell you exactly how to get here. From the
dock, you go to the springboard, to the left of a mud pile,
and into a place where the ground is sunken in just a bit. A
spine path runs overhead. This is going to be called the Bone
Center hereinafter.

Rib Bay - From the arena where you fight the horde (See Power
Cell 4), walk to the left, relative to the gates, over a mud
pool, until you come to a springboard. There should be lots
of ribs around. This position is going to be called Rib Bay

Ship Fore - The front of the Lurker's Ship, where the Scout Fly is
and the bridge inland ends.

1. Catch The Sculptor's Muse

When you talk to the sculptor in Sandover Village, he says
that he lost his muse, and that it's somewhere on Misty Island.
When you come here, you can see a beautiful golden cat-squirrelly
thing that's runs away from you whenever you get close. It will
run all over, so you have to see when it takes a corner where
you can cut if off at or goes on a long path where you can roll
jump to it. Punch it to stuff it in your backpack. Pass the
beautiful specimen to the sculptor to give him a reason not to
kill himself, and to give you a Power Cell.

2. Climb The Lurker Ship

From Ship Fore, just continue up onto the roof of the ship, and
the following scaffolds. Couldn't be simpler, but it isn't.
Also, you can reach it from Bone Center by going the opposite
way the mysts are and continuing that way.

3. Stop The Cannon

You'll probably get Power Cell 2 before you get this, but it
isn't mandatory. There's a long wooden path with several long
barrels coming down. Every third one bounces. The two first ones
can be jumped and the third can be run under. There are a few
tiers on the wooden path where you can stop and get your bearings.
Most of them have big green eco as well. When you reach to top,
beat up the cannon operators and you have another Power Cell to
your name.

4. Return To The Dark Eco Pool

From Bone Center, head towards where the mysty waters are. There
are lots of ways to get to the iris door you can see in the
distance. Any way will do, but keep in mind that the tall fangy
bones can be knocked down for makeshift bridges. When you DO get
across, grab the blue eco and open the door. The doors slams shut
behind you. Hordes of enemies come at you. If you keep spin
attacking and grabbing the red eco and green eco, you should be
fine. Once all the enemies are eliminated, stairs rise to where
Daxter was transformed. Above it is the Power Cell.

Conversely, you can go around the other way and avoid the myst
jumping puzzle, if you aren't very coordinated or something.
Go directly opposite the mysts and continue that way to the
scaffolds, and board the ship. At the end of the ship is a
bridge leading to Rib Bay. From there, it's only a hike to
the coliseum. There's some blue eco to open the door for ya.

5. Destroy the Balloon Lurkers

Get onto the A-Grav Zoomer a stone throw away from Bone Center.
While on the water, follow the six dirigibles. When they come
low to the ground, dice the pilot up. Don't hit the mines strung
around the poor schmos, for obvious reasons. Once all six are dead,
a Power Cell appears below the ship.

6. Use Zoomer To Reach Power Cell

When you get on the A-Grav Zoomer, you may notice some docklike
things in the middle of the bay. Aside from having a treasure
trove of Precursor Orbs, they also have a Power Cell a few meters
off one of the edges. Don't fly too fast up the ramp, or you'll
miss your exit. Jump at the very tip of the ramp and you'll
add another Power Cell to your vast collection.

7. Use Blue Eco To Reach Power Cell

From Bone Center, head towards where the mysty waters are.
There's one rock with a blue eco and a big tall bone. Knock
the bone over with few punches. Grab the eco next to the
now-broken bone, cross the bone, grab the blue eco there, drop
down to the platform below it, grab THAT eco (and ignore the
dark eco, and the bad guy if you can), leap to the near island
with a mud puddle, then to the next immediate land mass straight
ahead. Hop onto the stone in the puddle and, if you still had blue
stuff left, ride the platform to the Power Cell.

8. Free The 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- From Bone Center, take the two steps to the spine trail that was
above Bone Center. Follow it to a Scout Fly.
- From Rib Bay, Use the springboard to go up to the next stone level,
cross the mud, then go up another level. The scout fly should be
right there.
- On the ship, just before the bridge.
- On the second tier of the wooden path leading to the cannon.
- Use the A-Grav Zoomer to get on the ramplike docks, where a scout
fly is held.
- From Bone Center, jump to the mysty waters, go across the bone
bridge and leap left towards the stone wall. The scout fly is in
the alcove nearby.
- From the sixth, run adjacent to the stone wall, past some
collapsing floor, and onto the scout fly.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions

There are unbreakable boxes in the coliseum. Once you get rid of the
monsters running the cannon, you can use it to break the boxes in
the coliseum and fetch them later.

                      CHAPTER 9: FIRE CANYON

1. Reach The End Of Fire Canyon

Not much explanation here. Avoid open lava, dark eco, and pits. Aim
for jumps and coolant balloons. Don't worry about getting all the
flies in one trip. If you die, you can get the ones you missed. The
ones you DID catch are saved.

2. Free The 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- Near the first pit of open lava, in the center of the track.
- After the first full road-blocking pit of lava, in the center
of the track.
- On a zigzag portion of road, on the left side of the track.
- On a swiveling part of track, surrounded by open lava and an
infinite pit.
-  Very near the fourth scout fly, but a few clicks further down.
- After a blue eco vent and rock formation, to the right of the
- On the straightaway at the end.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions

I'm not sure, but I think there's just a box at the end with fifty
of them in it. I don't seem to remember any on the track. Just
don't miss that box. Could someone confirm this for me?

UPDATE: Version 1.01

No, I'm wrong. The boxes are just in obvious positions. I hit them
all and didn't realize it. Thanks go to Nate Stephenson to being
the first to realize my mistake.

                  CHAPTER 10: ROCK VILLAGE

Here's some more shorthand, coming at ya.

Town Center: The indoor place where you meet the gambler and the

1. Bring 90 Orbs To The Gambler

Not much action here. Just give the gambler in the town
center 90 Precursor Orbs and you have yourself something
to put with the rest of your dead presidents.

2. Bring 90 Orbs To The Geologist

That babe of a geologist stands between the bridge from the town
center and the Precursor Basin. She offers a Power Cell for 90
Precursor Orbs. What is it with these people and ninety?

3. Bring 90 Orbs To The Warrior

Alls ya gotsa doo is bring the warrior in the town center the cash,
and he begrudgedly brings the floats he knocked out of position to
trap Klaww on the mountain. He also inexplicably gives you a Power
Cell. If you pissed him off so much by doing that, why the hell does
he give you a Power Cell? Oh, well. A Power Cell is a Power Cell.

4 and 5. Bring 120 Orbs To The Oracle

The oracle is between the rocky stairs leading down from the Blue
Sage's Hut and where the Geologist is. At 120 Orbs apiece, he's
ripping you off, no doubt. But you are in no position to haggle.

6. Free The 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- Hidden between two of the diagonal stair-like rocks that lead up
to the blue sage's hut
-Near the flaming rock, blue eco and a bridge leading to the
town center.
- The sexy geologist is standing in front of a big columnous rock.
Behind that rock is a path and a scout fly.
- The first float en route to the machine, right outside of the town
- Stone dock near the town center, by the path to the Lost Precursor
- Balcony of the Blue Sage's hut.
- On the ground before the entrance to the Swamp.

                 CHAPTER 11: LOST PRECURSOR CITY

Unlike Mystic Island, this place is confusing, but more straight-
forward and ropy. These rooms roughly connect in order as they are
in the list.

Starting Room - Where you start out.

Platform Room - The room immediately following the Starting Room,
with the several platforms and pulsing electrified water.

Y-Room - The room immediately following the Platform Room, with a
dual spinning platform and a Scout Fly.

Throne Room - The immense room you come to after the Y-room, with
just about everything you could imagine. Trust me, you'll know
it when you see it.

Solar System Room - Through the doorway at the left of the Throne
Room. This room has spinning arc platforms and a stationary one at
the center with a Power Cell, all floating over Dark Ego.

Tornado Room - The room following that one, with two places to go,
a water cyclone in the center, and three spiked hover lurkers.

Matching Room - The path to the RIGHT in the Tornado Room. It
leads to a set of thirteen platforms.

Dangerous Pool Room - This is the path to the LEFT of the Tornado
Room. It has a large electrified pool, a horseybacking lurker,
a switch that raises three platforms, and an exit to a slide.

Slide 1 - The first slide you encounter. This leads you to the
Chamber Raising Room.

Chamber Raising Room - This place has several spiked hover
lurkers, a blue eco vent, and the chamber you raise for Power
Cell 1.

Slide 2 - The slide you ride after passing through the Chamber
Raising Room. This leads to the Slide Tube.

Slide Tube - A tall cylinder with several platforms running up
it. Dark Eco lays at the bottom. It eventually leads to the
Dangerous Pool Room.

1. Raise The Chamber

After going down the first slide, you come to a room with several
spiked hover lurkers. Deal with them before attempting this puzzle;
they will get in the way like nobody's business. After they are all
extinct, charge up with the blue stuff and touch the five globe
totems that are around and on top of the machine. You shouldn't need
to recharge, because if you don't do it fast enough that you keep
the energy throughout, you aren't going fast enough to begin with.
The globes only hold the charge for a limited amount of time, so
beware. Once all the globes are powered, the iris door on the
machine opens. Stomp the button inside, and the machine rises.
But, DON'T LEAVE JUST YET. There IS land you can theoretically jump
from to get the Power Cell on top of the machine, but I was never
able to do it. Instead, bring the machine back down, and climb
the machine there. It's sitting peacefully on top of the pod.
Yahoo! Another one.

Version 1.50 Update: Rick Donnelly of Westwood Studios/EA writes:
To get the precursor orb on top of the chamber on the surface of
the water requires a double jump immediately followed by a spinning
kick for those extra few milliseconds of float time. Easier on the
bottom, though, as you mentioned (this one took me about ten minutes
to figure out).

I haven't confirmed this, but it's just damn easier to do it my
original way.

2. Follow The Colored Pipes

In the Throne room, to the far left, are some buttons with chambers
in front of them. One of them has a Power Cell. Press the button in
front of it, and it travels through the pipe to high up along the
left wall. Use the rectangle bricks to get to the top. Jump just as
the brick you are on is retracting. The Power Cell awaits you.

3. Reach The Bottom Of The City

Go past the Solar System room, past the Tornado room, down the slide,
past the Chamber Room, down another slide to a Power Cell alone on a
totem. Double jump and the pleasure's all yours....

...and so's the pain (See Power Cell 6)

4. Quickly Cross The Dangerous Pool

Take the left path from the tornado room and deal with the horsey-
backing lurkers. The switch on the floor brings up two platforms
that rise just long enough for you to double jump off of each of
them to the platform to the left, where a Power Cell lies.

5. Match The Platform Colors

There are thirteen platforms over electrified water in the
Matching Room. You hop onto a platform, it lights up. Hop onto
a lit platform and it turns off. You can't just jump in place and
turn them on and off either. There's no defined way to cross it,
but they ALL need to be lit to open the door. If you have all of
them lit, but then need to get to the platform where you can reach
it, you just have to play hotfoot around them. I have a solution
which tells the right way to go, but I can't describe it accurately
in text. If Ceej can't post the .gif I have of the solution,
I'll give the text in an upcoming version.

Version 1.50 Update: Meyerowitz wrote me their solution. I'm giving
it as they wrote it:

before jumping on a square go to the square farthest to the left
and closest to you go forwards to the next square and so on when
you come to the last square in the row don't go right look back
and jump on he unlitt square closest to you keep jumping to the
unlit square closest to you when you are at the square farthest
left and the farthest you can go jump to the square in front of
the door a sequence will roll and after you go through the door
and you have your power orb I hope this also helps.

6. Climb The Slide Tube

This Power Cell invariably comes after Power Cell 3. It starts
right after you get it anyway.

Once you grab Power Cell 3, the Dark Eco rises up. You can charge
yourself with the wonderful blue stuff and use the jump pad to get
a head start on the glop. Run along the platforms, whack enemies
if you can, and watch out for the rectangle traps. Eventually,
you'll reach another spring pad, and a spring pad in the center
of the Slide Tube. It'll spring you right out and to another Power

7. Reach The Center Of The Complex

There's a platform beneath the rectangle box stairs in the Throne
Room. It leads to a doorway, which leads to a series of concentric
arc platforms surrounding a platform with Power Cell on it. I've
dubbed it the Solar System Room. The arc platforms tip periodically.
Just find ones that have just tipped and you are gonna be swell.

8. Free The 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- On a platform at the bottom of the first room.
- Right-hand platform in the Y-room.
- Far left of the Throne Room has a button you stomp to teleport
the fly to a pillar not far from there. You must grab it before
the time runs out.
- Another button brings a scout fly closer to you, but the time
limit is shorter.
- Far right of Throne Room beyond second-story electrified pool.
- Far left, in the middle of the folding rectangle staircase, en
route to Power Cell 2.
- On platform in room after Chamber Raising Room.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions

There are some Precursor Orbs on the two slides, and on parts of
the Slide Tube. In a rush, they can be easy to miss.

Also, the orbs that sit over a hot coil with a moving platform
underneath can be grabbed by jumping into the orb as the
platform is moving with you.

                  CHAPTER 12: PRECURSOR BASIN

And here they be, more shorthand names.

Moleville Tier - The section of the Precursor Basin where the
mole hole is.

Poison Plant Tier - The section of the Precursor Basin where the
mole hole is.

Both sections span until the arch with the jewel in it. I've just
given them those names to divide them in half so it's slightly
easier to describe.

1. Herd The Moles Into Their Hole

When you talk to the geologist, she says there are blind moles
that were disturbed out of their hole. But since they are blind,
they can't help to find themselves back to their hole. The mole
hole is nearby the entrance, and all the moles aren't far from
it. Ok, they DO look more like foxes than moles, but at any
rate, you can scare them by chasing them into the hole. Just
get behind them and aim for the hole. When they're all safe and
sound, the geologist will give you a coveted Power Cell.

2. Catch The Flying Lurkers

There are four lurkers flying around the Precursor Basin. There
are two in each tier. When you fly into them, they disintegrate.

In The Poison Plant Tier
- One flies around the base of the columns you leap on getting
Power Cell 4.
- One lurker flies around the "O"-shaped platform near the
dark eco plants.

In The Moleville Tier
- Flying around the mole hole.
- Flying over and around the entrance arch.

They tend to take wide turns, and the one near the columns
can be cut off rather easily. After mincing all of them in
the rotor blades, you get... a Power Cell?! Whodathunk?

3. Beat Record Time On The Gorge

>From the entrance, take a hard right when you reach the gateway
to the Poison Plant Tier. There should be some checkered tape. If you
talked to the gambler, you'll know this is the race he wants ya
to beat. I can't offer strategy except the only thing that will slow
you down more than not going fast enough is going too fast and
hitting the archetypal Precursor Obstacle. I never made a time
under fifty seconds, so the only relevant strategy is to keep your
head on straight and watch out for obstacles. Once you beat it
less than 45 seconds, the gambler in the Town Center of Rock
Village will give you a Power Cell.

4. Get The Power Cell Over The Lake

In the Poison Plant Tier, ride up to the "O"-shaped platform and
ride to the end of it. Hop to the closest rock, and then jump off
of the grassy ramp to the rocky excursion. Continue going up, make
a hairpin turn, and leap off the top to the nearest column, then the
one nearest that one, and so on, until you come to one last ramp.
Jet it as fast as you can, and jump right before you leave the
ramp. A very high Power Cell is your reward for the stunt work.

5. Cure Dark Eco Infected Plants

In the Poison Plant Tier (duh...), there's a patch of ghastly black
plants that are infected with Dark Eco. There's also a Green Eco vent
nearby. This vent gives you a fairy dust-like ability. Fly over the
crops and dust them with the green stuff and they'll perish. However,
they grow back slowly. It may take a few trips back to the green eco
vent, but you'll eventually extinguish the threat. A new plant
sprouts up and gives you a Power Cell.

6. Navigate The Purple Precursor Rings

There's a solitary purple ring sitting on the second-story platform
that leads over an arch in the Moleville Tier. Go through the first
ring and another will appear, and go through that one and another
will appear, and so on. It takes ten seconds for the purple rings
to evaporate, so grab them before then. I'm not going to say where
they all are, because 90% of them appear right in front of you,
unless you entered it backwards or something. If it isn't clear,
get some eye drops.

Towards the end, the rings do get a bit tricky. When you ride over
the entrance arch, you have to hop off to get the ring, from there,
go to the "O"-shaped platform. Once finished, grab your prize; a
Power Cell.

7. Navigate The Blue Precursor Rings

In the Poison Plant Tier, ride up to the "O"-shaped platform and
ride to the end of it. Hop to the closest rock, then jump off of
the grassy ramp to the rocky excursion. Don't go up; go left.
There should be a blue ring there.

Not all of the rings are in plain view when you grab the preceding
ring, but none of them are in wholly illogical decisions. For the
seventh ring, you must bound off a rock to grab the ring.

I'm not a big fan of the A-Grav Zoomer, but all I can say is it beats

8. Free the 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- On second-story "O"-shaped platform in Poison Plant Tier.
- Inside the center below second-story "O"-shaped platform, near
Scout Fly 1.
- En route to Power Cell 4, on the platform with the last ramp.
- A stone's throw from the mole hole.
- At one end of the entrance archway.
- Just prior to the jump that begins the purple ring puzzle.
- Just prior to the jump that begins the blue ring puzzle.

                    CHAPTER 13: BOGGY SWAMP

Here are a few names for the swamp.

Sinking Mushrooms: The pink mushroomy platforms. When you stand on
one of them, it sinks and the other rises.

Field Of Everything: The place with a lot of Dark Eco boxes, crates,
and four yellow Eco orbs behind an L-shaped log gate. It's beyond
the first three tethers and before the last one.

Before I go to the strategies, I want to warn you about a strange
bug J.Basset wrote me to say. He said:

My 8-year-old sun has inadvertently done something whilst playing
his J&D game which has caused the game to be placed in perpetual
darkness. He cannot remember how he did it, only that he was
riding Flut Flut in the Boggy Swamp somewhere, he jumped, the game
ceased temporarily and then the game was cast into darkness. It
took me 30 minutes to get out of the swamp for him, but I cannot
seem to reverse the problem. If you press the triangle button,
then you can see everything in day, but of course you cannot
move whilst in that mode. Very frustrating.

I've never seen this bug, but he said the bug ceased after a
rebooting of the game. I just have it here for completeness.

1. Ride The Flut Flut

Remember your Flut Flut friend you saved in Sentinel Beach? If you
didn't push the egg off the cliff, you may wanna check out Sentinel
Beach; Power Stone 2.

The birdy you save is a Flut Flut, and Kiera has suited it with a
harness. From the station between the third and fourth tether (Check
the instructions in Power Cells 4, 5, and 6 on how to get there),
ride the Flut Flut up the wooden stairs you past to get to the Flut
Flut and over the scaffolds that circle the area. Several easy jumps
separate you and the Power Cell.

2. Protect Farthy's Snacks

The redneck that lives out near the Field Of Everything has a problem
of rats eating his bait. He's trying to lure his pet back home. He
asks you to defend all the snacks. (Sometimes what he says comes
off as "Keep at least one of them uneaten.") You are in first person
view, and can only look left and right and fire. Not much help I can
give you here except to aim close, but you don't need to aim too
close, and make sure to keep all your eyes on all of the land.
He'll give you a Power Cell in thanks.

3. Defeat The Lurker Ambush

There's a spring pad nearby the spring pad you take to get to the
third tether. Charge up and fly like an eagle to a small enclosure
where, again, you are ambushed. You get a lot of Yellow Eco, but
you don't really need it. Spin attack when there aren't too many
men around, and retreat if there are. After more enemies than you
probably have toes and fingers, a well-earned Power Cell is yours.

4, 5, 6, and 7. Break The Tethers To The Zeppelin

The path to the first tether is straightforward. Avoid the briar,
duck beneath the bats, watch out for the spiked logs, etc. There's
a small fork, where you can go either left or straight. Go straight.
Break the rock at the center of the small area with the yellow
eco. In there is a yellow eco vent. You can use that to destroy two
rat nests. Beyond there are sinking mushrooms. Use them to hop high
enough to blast the tether and grab the Power Cell.

One down, three to go. Return down the path you didn't go through
before, and continue as you would. The direction is
straightforward again; watch our for frogs, don't stand too long
on the floats in the hurting water. Another tether holds down
the dirigible. Shoot it with the yellow stuff, and a Power Cell
smiles upon you.

Two down, two to go. Go right and backwards into the caves. Use
the yellow eco to wreck the Dark Eco blocking the way through. Use
the blue eco there to hop on the spring pad (the one PAST the
wooden wall, not before it). It will lead you to a small area with
a yellow eco vent. Bust up the rat nest and the tether for another
wonderful Power Cell.

Three down, one to go. Go to the field of everything. From the Field
Of Everything, continue down the hurting water path until you reach
a Yellow Eco vent on solid ground. Charge up, hop on the docks and
over the two sinking mushrooms, and blast the tether for all it's
worth. The dirigible fails, and you get a Power Cell.

8. Free the 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- On the log bridge over the briar in the beginning.
- In the cavern where the first blue spring pad brings you.
- In the cavern where the first blue spring pad brings you.
- From the second tether, go forward until you reach a wall.
It's in the right-hand corner.
- In the Field Of Everything (I Think... Can someone please
confirm this?)
- On the scaffolds nearby the Flut Flut station.
- On the scaffolds nearby the Flut Flut station, en route to Power
Cell One.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions

There are a lot of unbreakable boxes in this level. You can use
either yellow eco or the Flut Flut to break them. For metal boxes
floating in hurting water, use yellow eco to break the box, and
then use blue eco to attract the orbs.

                   CHAPTER 14: MOUNTAIN PASS

1. Defeat Klaww

Once you meet this armored, biomechanical maniac, get used to
seeing his face, because this battle may take a while. Don't be
discouraged by dying. You will probably die at least once, and
if you don't, what the hell are you reading this for? You could
write your OWN FAQ, you're so good.

Double-jump to the center of the three rocks forming the "V."
Klaww will throw rocks at you; I believe eight in the first volley.
Jump away to the other platforms when he shoots at the one you are
on. Once he's done firing, he'll go under the lava. That's when the
blue eco will appear. Grab it, and a bridge will form from stuff
since hidden. When the bridge is formed, Klaww will retreat a
little and shoot boulders that roll down the bridge. They will
only be either on the left, center, or right. Those are also
easy to dodge. Get to the high end of the bridge, and he holds
his arm over his head and charges up a real big boulder, but he
left his stomach exposed. The yellow eco at the end of the bridge
can be used to shoot him eight times in the gut, which will break
his concentration and make the boulder bounce on his head. The
boulder still comes at you, but this time breaking the bridge as
it rolls. So make like Indiana Jones and get back to the stones
at the back of the arena.

Basically, you need to do this thrice. He throws twelve boulders
at you the second time and sixteen boulders at you the third time,
and they come faster each time. Also, the bridge loses pieces each
time the boulder rolls over it. First it loses pieces that make it
s-curvy, then it loses pieces that give it checkerboard gaps. (I
had ASCII art, but it didn't work. You're just going to have to
imagine.) The jumps are tricky, but there should never be a time
where there's no place you can go. If nothing else, you COULD
retreat, but I've never needed to.

With the third boulder, Klaww falls and a path across the lava
rises. The town relaxes, but you can't relax just yet.

2. Reach The End Of The Mountain Pass

Hop onto the A-Grav Zoomer and try to keep ahead of the lurkers.
Speed isn't as important in this race as control is. If you touch
one of the dynamite barrels, you'll be blown to smithereens. Once
you are safely ahead of the lurkers, you can ease off the gas a
little bit to help control, because in the mountain, there are a
LOT of Dynamite barrels to dodge. Pay particular caution to the
infinite pits inside the mountain, and before the jump with the
Dark Eco on the landing pad. If you take that jump too far to the
left, you'll hit the ramp and fall. Beat them there for a Power
Cell, and to be allowed continued existence.

3. Find The Hidden Power Cell

Don't even bother trying this one the first time around; you
need to open up the Yellow Eco Vent Switch. See Snowy Mountain;
Power Cell 1 first.

After you take the huge jump, grab the yellow eco and lean left.
There should be stone that you can shatter with a blast. Hop
the exposed jump and a Power Cell is yours.

Version 1.50 UPDATE: "Kurai Seraphim" has written me, claiming this
Orb can be grabbed immediately after clearing the race. I include
it here just as it was sent to me.

"I just wanted to let you know that it is possible to get the "Find
the Hidden Power Cell" from the Mountain Pass as soon as you've
cleared the area's race mode. You don't need the yellow eco. I just
went back to the start of the level, got off the zoomer, and ran
back. With all of the blue eco vents, it didn't take as long as
I thought and you can roll-jump across the big gap if you roll to
the right (where the return ramp is). When you get to the big rock,
go to one of the corners of it and do a crouch jump, followed by
the Aerial Attack (if you want, it might make it easier). If you're
lucky, you'll go right over the rounded corner or at least get
"stuck" halfway up the rock, where another jump will let you get
over it. Once you grab the power cell here, I recommend you just
kill yourself on a conveniently placed explosive, because it's
faster than walking back and to my knowledge they aren't counting
lives in this game. I'm currently at the Volcano Crater and I
haven't missed a power cell yet."

Scout Fly Locations

For goodness sake, don't worry about them until you stop them
from blowing up the pass! Where ARE your priorities, man?!

When you DO get a chance to see them, here they are.

- Just before the first jump.
- In the center of the road, just after where the shortcut ends.
- Just prior to the bottleneck road.
- In front of the four chests after the really really big jump.
- Midway through the mountain
- Before the jump with the Dark Eco on the landing platform
on the right-hand side of the track.
- Right before the detonator. Hit the detonator first and walk
back to the box.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions

None of them are especially difficult to get. It's not irregular
to get most of them the first time through. None are hidden, near
as I remember.

                 CHAPTER 15: VOLCANIC CRATER

1, 2, 3, and 4: Bring 90 Orbs To The Miners

The miners are located through the cave directly in front of the
second suspension bridge. They won't need much of the four Power
Cells you can buy off of them for 90 Precursor Orbs apiece. As you
can see, they'll be there for a long time.

5 and 6: Bring 120 Orbs To The Oracle

From the second suspension bridge, take the left route down towards
the lava to see a hidden Oracle. Once again, he's gouging you, but
you need Power Cells at any rate. Cough up the dough.

7. Find The Hidden Power Cell

If you noticed, just before the entrance to Spider Cave is an
impenetrable box held in the stone. There's a yellow eco vent near
the arch over the entrance. Charge up with that one, and haul ass out
of the cave, up to the volcanic craters. You should almost be out of
eco, but you only need to get one shot off to free the trapped Power
Cell, probably forgotten for a long time.

8. Free The 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- Near the miners, behind a rock.
- En route to the Oracle.
- On the rocky columns between the mine carts and the gondola.
- On the rocks near the third set of tracks.
- On the rocks near the first set of tracks.
- In front of the entrance to Spider Cave.
- Just before the entrance from the Mountain Pass, off to the
right (if coming from Mountain Pass).

                   CHAPTER 16: SPIDER CAVE

Here's some more shorthand for you.

Baits Motel - The first room in the Spider Cave, where the gnawing
lurkers are.

Spider Scaffold - In the Baits Motel, the four levels of scaffolds
where two support columns are and a few floating platforms are.

Crystal Path - From the entrance, walk forward, staying near the
left wall. Hop off of two cobweb springs, and continue in that
direction, past a spider, until you see a Dark Eco pit with three
spiders on it. Everything past this is Crystal Path.

Hidden Way - From the top level of the Spider Scaffold, jump
backward to the spider-web spring, and leap to the nearest landmass.
Go around the hairpin turn and look to the Dark Eco pits and
Precursor Platforms. I'm giving this place a shorthand name (and that
name in particular) because I spent roughly a DAY looking for where
the hell in this level I was missing the other Power Cells (2 and
3, specifically). Aargh.

1. Use Your Goggles To Shoot The Gnawing Lurkers

There are several support columns in the Baits Motel. These
centipede-like creatures don't pose a threat personally, but you
still need to eliminate them before they collapse the cave. There
are a handful of yellow eco vents around the Baits Motel. If you
stand on them and stay there, you'll have infinite shots. You have
to kill all the gnawing lurkers with the Yellow Eco. The three
things to remember are: Don't get too close (they'll retreat),
don't get too far away (it'll be too difficult to estimate his
position and movement) and remember that the Eco aren't bullets
(they take a bit to move, so fire a little ahead of the lurkers).
You should be able to kill them all from vantages by standing on
a yellow eco vent, but some of them are tricky. When you
exterminate them all, a Power Cell appears at the base of one of
the columns.

2. Destroy The Dark Eco Crystals

From the top level of the Spider Scaffold. There should be one
platform heading towards it. Get on it and hop to the left. One of
them should take you to the crystal, suspended high in the air. Bump
into it, and it starts a warning. Don't be near that thing when it
goes off.

The second Dark Eco crystal gave Crystal Path its name. Right at
the beginning is the Dark Eco Crystal. Whack it and extinguish that

The third Dark Eco Crystal is at the start of the Hidden Way. If
you charge up with Yellow Eco and blast if from afar, you won't
need to ride the platforms there.

The fourth one is on the right side of the Hidden way. Roll jump
over the small gap to the last thing you thought you'd see in these
caves-pure water! Swim down and touch the evil crystal to move on.

The final crystal is along the dark cave path (See Power Cell 3).
When you reach the fourth light-up crystal, go left rather than
right, and dive under the water to destroy the last crystal.

3. Explore The Dark Cave

From the hidden way, cross the Dark Eco pool and head to the left
side. Continue down and see the grayish crystal. Hit it and light
up the room. Continue down the path, uppercutting big spiders and
spin slapping little ones. When there are trap doors before a
spinning platform, make sure to jump a little ahead of time, before
the platform comes around. Another important note: The last two
trap doors fall a little bit slower than the other doors. They
give you enough time to duck and high-jump to the last platform.
The timing can throw you and misestimate the exact time the
door will fall. Grab the Power Cell and head on.

4. Climb The Giant Robot

After the Crystal Path, run up the front ramp in front of the large
structure. Avoid the grinders. Stomp on the drilling lurker when he
turns away. Take the right turn and kill that driller. Hop over the
gap with the yellow eco and continue down. Take the next right and
hop over the fire jets (when they are off). Continue down, killing
another driller, hopping over a grinder onto a trap door, and quickly
over another grinder, then another grinder. Await the elevator and
have it take you up to the second floor. Hop onto the trap door,
and quickly onto solid scaffold. Stomp another driller, and double-
jump the pair of grinders. Hop over the double trap doors and whack
a standard lurker. Jump over another grinder, and then another fire
jet. Take the right, then kill another lurker, hop the trap door
and grinder. Near is a spinning pole with a platform you can stand
on. Use it to get directly across to another trap door and another
lurker. Take this elevator up to the fourth floor. Down the way,
there are six trapdoors. Hop from them the second you land on them,
but when you reach the last one, leap right to the one perpen-
dicular to you, and from that, double-jump to the swing bar. But
don't jump until the flame jets are out. When you get back on
the boards, use the two spin bars to get over the large row of
grinders. Then leap to the next spin bar, onto the trap door,
quickly onto the next spinner, over the flames, and watch out for
the lurker. Round the bend, then hop up the spinbars till you are
on the one highest and closest to the platform you are trying to
get to. Finally, only three more spinbars and ANOTHER trap door
are all that stand in your way before you get that glorious Power

Hard, huh?

Version 1.51 Update: God, just READING that ungodly paragraph gives
me a headache...

No new news, just my current thought.

5. Launch To The Poles

This will help you train for other pole use. Behind the robot is a
solitary blue eco. Grab it and jump down into the abyss. If you
aim right, you should land on a spring pad. Use it and be
catapulted into a matrix of spin poles. Navigate up and left to
get to a blue eco powered platform, which will take you to a
Power Cell.

6. Navigate The Spider Tunnel

After going through the Crystal Path and arrived at the big
machine, turn around and see the path with three spider-springs
over Dark Eco. There is a tunnel at the end, and inside are a
large number of spider-babies. Plow through some, but you don't
need to kill them all. At the end is a Power Cell. Use the Blue
Eco to spring outta there. 

7. Climb the Precursor Platforms

From the top level of the Spider Scaffold, you can hop onto the
platform that arrives there. From there, there are some that
lead forward. Hop to one of them. Then, a platform will go
right, and one will go left. Hop onto the one that goes right.
From there, it's a skip and a jump to a lonely Power Cell.

8. Free The 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- While on the second floor of the Spider Scaffold, there should
be a solitary bridge leading from it. It leads to a Scout Fly.
- From the top level of the Spider Scaffold. There should be
one platform heading towards it. Get on it and hop to the
floating platforms that lead to the Dark Eco Crystal. At the
end of the road should be a Scout Fly.
- Atop the high archway over the entrance. From the top level of
the Spider Scaffold, get on the platform that goes right up to
it, then take the platforms that will lead you directly vertically
across. They will lead you to a Scout Fly.
- On the first floor scaffold past the first elevator, it is at
the end of the platform.
- On a small island in the Dark Eco pool in the Hidden Way.
- En route to Power Cell 3.
- When on the last elevator when climbing the robot, use the
circling platform to get to another route. It will lead you
out the last Scout Fly.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions

At the Hidden Way, there are two invincible boxes near the fifth
scout fly. Charge with the yellow vent, hitch a ride, and shoot
them when you get close. You don't need to hop onto the island.
If you do, you may waste too much time.

There are also similar boxes just before the Crystal Path. Charge
up with the Yellow Eco vent near entrance to the Hidden Way.

Also, there are similar boxes in the spider tunnel, but you need
to unlock the Yellow eco vents before that becomes available.

There are also some down on the bottom floor of the robot scaffolds.
Take the first elevator down and watch out for the trap doors.

                  CHAPTER 17: SNOWY MOUNTAIN

To get here, you need to have the gondola, outside of the Red Sage's
Hut, activated. I'm not sure what activates it, if it's the amount of
Power Cells you have, or whether or not you talk with a certain NPC.
Whatever the reason, at some points, it may not be accessible. Don't
worry; Kiera will fix the machine for you at some point.

1. Find The Yellow Vent Switch

If you talked with Moron Miner, then he probably told you about a
"pretty place in the snowy mountains hidden real good behinds some
trees." Well, it's not hidden that good. It's to the right side of
the fort. There's ice all over and it makes running hard. The
archetypal Precursor Obstacles are a pain; they'll push you over the
edge. After a mercifully short run through the traps, you find the
Yellow Eco Vent Switch; a well-earned Power Cell awaits you.

2. Stop The 3 Lurker Glacier Troops

The first troop is off to the left of the snowball slide. Charge up
with the red eco vent before facing this enemy. Get his attention
and kick his butt. One down.

Go down the valley parallel to the snowball slide and fall down the
suspension bridge. Charge up with the red eco vent, and run down the
large snowy steps that lead right. Disable this ice-breaking punk.
Two down.

Cross the suspension bridge you fell down. Go far to the right and
reach the ice elevators that run along the slant of ice. Tackle
them with some simple double jumping. You should be on a great big
field of ice with a Precursor Blocker in the center. Pass it and
charge up with the Red Eco. Go around the corner and smack the last
lurker glacier troop. A Power Cell is your reward. Of all things!

3. Deactivate The Precursor Blockers

They are all over the landscape. You may not have even known what
the hell they are for a long time. They are the forcefielded things
that freckle the white landscape. If you double-jump at the right
moment, you can get past it and land on the top of the button and
deactivate the forcefield. It's not solely about height, however.
You also need to be going pretty fast horizontally.

Here's where they all are:

1 right in front of the gondola.
2 along the snowball slide.
2 outside the fort on the left road.
3 in the ice field after the ice elevators.
1 just off to the right of the ice field.
2 on the small iced island that leads to the lurker cave.
1 past the suspension bridge from the iced island.

After the last forcefield croaks, you can grab the Power Cell it

4. Open The Frozen Crate

Note: This puzzle can only be completed once you get Power Cell 1.
Make sure you snagged that one first.

Off to the right of the large ice field near the third lurker glacier
troop, go opposite the way you go to get to the lurker. There are
some stones around, and an entrance to a cave. If you noticed,
there's an unbreakable box frozen in the ice. Down a bendy snow
road is a yellow eco vent. You can CAREFULLY jump over there,
charge, CAREFULLY jump back, blast the box, and be golden.
The Power Cell thanks you for the warm backpack. There's an
alternate entrance near the end of the snowball slide.

5. Get Through The Lurker Fort

Climb the observation tower in the center, and take the bridge
on it to the right side of the fort. Climb around the railings,
swing on the poles. When you reach the fort. Hit the button. It
will make a log rise there, so you will be able to start from there,
rather than at the beginning. From there continue swinging and
landing (remember to only jump from a pole to a platform if it is
heading towards you, not when it is already there.) and watch out
for the ice. After all the acrobatics, the Power Cell is yours.

6. Open The Lurker Fort Gate

The gate to the fort is mighty big, but you can get through it.
There is a suspension bridge near the third lurker glacier. Cross
it, and meet Flut Flut. She's the only one heavy enough to push
down the giant button near her, and the only one who can jump far
enough to get across the platforms that appear. Even though there
is a time limit, don't sweat it. It's more than long enough that
you can get across each gap, but you have to be patient, or you'll
make an error and fall. Once you cross all three platforms, you get
to the gate door switch and the Power Cell.

7. Survive The Lurker Infested Cave

From the fort, go far left. Cross the two suspension bridges, dealing
with the nasty lurkers in between. Reach the gap and find a floating
platform. When you do, hop on and charge yourself with the red eco.
You'll need it to exterminate all the little lurkers around. Don't
worry about the Dark Eco; the spin attack will work from far enough
away to blow it up, so long as you are charged. The Power Cell is
it's own reward.

8. Free The 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- At the bottom of the gorge nearest to the gondola.
- At the bottom of the first suspension bridge, that led from the
valley near the snowball slide, en route to the second lurker glacier
- Near the sliding Ice elevators that rung along the slant near
the fort.
- Off the cliff near the third lurker glacier troops. You can also
take stairs near the farthest to the right part of the fort.
- On top of the center tower in the fort.
- On the roof of the fort.
- Near the frozen crate (Power Cell 4).
- Just before the blue eco jumping puzzle (it's to the left and
easy to pass by).
- Right after the blue eco jumping puzzle, there are some dinner
plates that need to be passed to get the final Scout Fly.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions

There are a lot of indestructible boxes you can't open till you open
the yellow vents. (Like the ones around the Power Cell 4)

                    CHAPTER 18: LAVA TUBE

1. Cross The Lava Tube

The Lava Tube isn't that much different from the other mountain path
you had to fly over. For the most part, thankfully, you can ride on
metal girders, which makes heat irrelevant. It also has two points
among the race that you can regenerate at if you happen to die,
which makes it even easier. After the spinning obstacle thing you
had to destroy, take the rightmost path. Also, watch out for dark
eco brigades that cross the way.

2. Free The 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- Near the beginning on the right-hand side of the track, next to
a column.
- In the center of the three-way split landing.
- Left hand metal platform, right after the spinning chamber.
- Amid the mined lava field.
- Right next to Scout Fly 4
- Before the second mined lava field.
- After the second three-dark-ego trap.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions

None I can think of.


1. Free The Blue Sage

Go to the left and go across the brick bridge. Kill the lurker
and cross that bridge. Hop over the two platforms and onto the
rotating brick. From the next platform, you need to get on the
farthest end of the platform and roll jump to the quickly spinning
platform. It may take a few times, but it'll be worth it. From the
wooden platform nearby it, roll jump to the donut-shaped platform,
and then to the platform that leads from that. Grab the blue eco
to activate the slowly rising platforms. They lead to a conga line
of suspended platforms. When you reach the flames shooting down onto
the bricks, leap past the brick before it gets flamed on. Get past
two traps, and you can free the blue sage by breaking the light on
the machine. The Power Cell is not entirely like the others.

2. Free The Red Sage

From the entrance, go right. Follow that path until you can see
lots of pie piece platforms. You must conquer these before you
can continue on. Not too hard. When you reach a button bringing up
a bridge, there are only four colors this time. Blue, green,
yellow, red. Hop to the blue one on the left, then the green one
off to the left, then the closest yellow, then the only logical
red. If you keep falling, or end up hanging onto an edge and
THEN falling, you should space your double-jump a bit further out,
to get more distance. After that, get ready for a huge ambush. Go
in swinging, but keep moving forward. Eventually, you'll see the
machine making unlimited lurkers. Smash the machine up, and deal
with all the remaining lurkers. The iris door is now open. Hop
across the three last pie pan traps and you'll free the Red Sage.

3. Free The Yellow Sage

From the entrance, take the path to the left. Don't cross the brick
bridge at the end of the deck; jump t the large platforms. Navigate
through them (for the ones on top of each other, leap off the lower
one as the upper one sweeps over it). Go down the hallway and into
the door. This is a jumping puzzle in which you have to jump between
blue springers. There's a blue vent, so fill up and hop to it.
There's plenty of time in the air to navigate and renavigate. So
even the small ones shouldn't be too much of a problem. Continue
down until you reach solid metal once again. Go through the door
and slap the glowing blender-like machine holding him captive. I
don't know 'bout you, but I'm getting damn sick of Power Cells.

4. Free The Green Sage

Don't even bother until you've freed the other three sages. After
they are free, platforms rise to give you a route to another pie
pan puzzle. This one is REALLY tricky. You have to not only get
to higher platforms as they pass over you, but be on a certain
part of the platform to jump to the next one almost immediately.
Once you've conquered that, you can see parts of the machinery
swing towards you. I don't think I have to tell you to jump to
it, even though I just did.

After surmounting the jumping puzzle (there's no real trick), go
RIGHT and break the energy structure holding the green sage in
his cage. You'll get a Power Cell, but there's no time to

5. Free The 7 Scout Flies

Scout Fly Locations

- Take the left path on the beginning circle, continue down to the
hourglass float, and look to the scout fly on a nearby platform.
- To the right of the entrance door.
- En route to freeing the Blue Sage.
- After the pie-piece trap leading to the Red Sage.
- Atop the giant machine, en route to the Green Sage.
- Just after the door to the left of the blue eco jumping puzzle.
- After saving the yellow sage, go to the left to the jumping puzzle
there. Continue on to the very very last Scout Fly.

Tricky Precursor Orb Positions

Where to begin? Some are over collapsing bridges, some are over
floating platforms, pie piece puzzles, on top of the machine, high
above springboard puzzles... Ooch.

                  CHAPTER 20: FINAL BOSS STRATEGY


Use the Blue Eco to get over to the Dark Eco silos the machine
is trying to break open. Grab Yellow Eco and shoot them in the
laser until it breaks. They will unleash a bomblike weapon that
will detonate after a certain amount of time. Grab blue eco and
spring up to dodge it.

Then they will shoot fire at the small opening forming in the
silo's top. Enemies will begin to pour out. Use the yellow eco
scattered to kill them; don't even bother punching because it
does no good. Then they release another bomblike thing. Blue eco
spring over that as well.

Then they start shooting fireballs at the arena. When a fireball
explodes, it sends a relatively easy to avoid shockwave through
the arena. Just jump it. Sometimes they'll be in a way that you
can land on one that just went off, but that doesn't happen often.
While jumping to avoid them, try shooting the fire cannon with
yellow eco.

Another bomb-thing later, now they are shooting huge fireballs.
Move perpendicular from them to keep from getting hit. One HUGE
disadvantage you have is not being able to predict how long he's
going to be charging for. He could charge a little while or much
longer. Once again, shoot the Yellow Eco to fry him.

Now, the four sages bring the powers together and create something
the world may have never seen before: White Eco! Grab it quickly!
It will bring untold powers to Jak, devastating the machine, and
bringing a happy ending to all.

If you have gotten one hundred Power Cells, you'll get something
slightly nice. Otherwise, as Daxter says, "Here we go again!"