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Lamarkan Desert

When you first enter Lamarkan Desert you'll notice something different.  There
is a heat bar on the left, and if it reaches the top you will lose about 1/4 of
your health on all the characters.  To make the heat bar go down, you must find
Oasases which are pulls of water surrounded by a circle of rocks.  In order to
find these pulls of water you'll need to use reveal.  However, some of the
rocks are traps, so use reveal when you're well away from them or you risk
getting sucked into one and fighting a difficult monster.

Head along the path for a while until you reach the first circle of rocks.  Use
reveal on this to reveal a pool of water that you should jump into.  Continue
along the path and at the first branch off go up it to find another rock circle
that has water in it.  Head northwest up the narrow path, and take the eastern
path over the western one.  Don't go in the rock circle at the beginning of
this path because it contains a crab ready to attack you.  Instead, continue
along in that direction to find a rock circle after the path starts heading
north that contains much needed water.  After cooling down, continue up to
reach the next screen.  This screen is much more open than the other screen, so
you have to know which way to go.  Stay south, finding in the first rock group
a treasure box with a potion in it and in the next one a pool of water.  After
cooling down, head north a little and go around the cliff there.  Shortly after
going around that cliff you'll find another pool, this one containing a water
hole.  Just northwest of there is the entrance to the next zone.  However,
don't go there quite yet, as we have a Djinn to get!  Head all of the way north
and the start heading east.  You're not going to be able to get enough water to
sustain yourself, so be prepared to do some healing.  Once you get to the
eastern wall, head one group of stones south then start heading back West.
You'll see a rock formation that has a full circle with a semi-circle on its
side (it looks like this: c0)  In the small semi-circle you'll find the Jupiter
Djinn Smog, who you'll get without a battle.  Now, start making your way back
north, then keep heading west until you get to the wall where you'll want to
head south.  Once you can move left to the next screen do so, and you'll find
yourself in an area with several sand waterfalls.  Simply run across these sand
waterfalls to the other side and they won't cause much trouble.  Keep your
bearings along that trail until you reach a "dead end" with a sand waterfall
where you'll want to use Reveal to reveal a hidden door to a cave entrance.
Head around this cave and come out the other side.  Cross the sand waterfalls
and get ready for a tough boss battle.  Here you'll see another "dead end", but
before using reveal save your game!

Now, use reveal on the sand waterfall to expose Manticore, who will scare you
off.  Approach him, press A and get ready for battle.  As always use all of
your summons against him right off the bat to inflict major damage.  You have
to watch out, though, as Manticore attacks twice every turn.  So, you'll
definitely want to just use Ply and Ply
Well with Mia each turn (if you have Wish or Wish Well you will want to use
that instead of Ply and Ply Well).  As always, use Ragnarok with Isaac, use
regular attacks with Garet, and use Plasma and occasionally impact on Isaac
with Ivan.  Manticore has some pretty lethal attacks that pack a whollop even
after the initial attack has been done.  Watch out for his pesky poison and
curse attacks that will take health away from you each time that character
attacks.  If a character is poisoned, have Mia use Cure Poison on him, and use
a healing item or Isaac's heal on that character to keep him alive.  Manticore
has about 1500-1800 HP, so don't expect to beat him in the second round as you
may done with previous bosses.  As long as all of your party members stay alive
you should be able to squeak past Manticore.  When you beat him you'll get a
load of coins, a Psy crystal and you'll be able to pass through the hidden
passage that he was blocking thanks to Reveal.

Head through the tunnel going through the linear path.  Head out of the door to
get back on the world map.  Head due north for a little, then cross a bridge to
reach a small island.  On this island is a new Djinn that you'll encounter in a
random battle.  Defeat him to get Vine, the Venus Djinn.  Now, head south and
cross the bridge going west.  Continue going west until you reach the town of


Kalay is just bustling with tourists who are eager to board the ship at Kalay
Docks that's heading towards Collosso.  Head to the inn and buy the latest
weapons and armor as usual.  Once you're done with that, head to the north part
of the town and up the stairs to reach Lord Hammet's castle.  The guards won't
let you in at first, but the Ivan (remember, he was originally Lord Hammet's
servant) will persuade the guards to let you in.  You then go meet with Lady
Lana and engage in an exciting (sarcasm alert) emotiocon conversation with her.
She talks about how she can't declare war on Lupna or they will kill Lord
Hammet.  Once she's done talking the talk (which, by the way, will take a very
long time) head out of the castle and down the castle stairs.  Head into the
inn, but instead of taking a rest talk with *everyone* in the inn in all of the
floors of it.  Now, head out of the inn and out of town.  But before you can
leave the tour guide summons everyone up and in a very pointless and very long
conversation the tourists will finally make their way to Kalay Docks where the
ship to Tolbi will be.  Once that's all over, head out of town and start
heading north.

You'll reach the bridge that was broken earlier when Lord Hammet tried to cross
it with his caravan before heading to Lupna.  Now that the bridge is fixed,
freely cross over it and the bridge just north of it to find yourself back in
Vault.  In most of these old towns there are now Djinn to get that you couldn't
get before.


Head to the northwestern part of vault and go up the stairs there.  Continue
past the graves and over the bridge.  Keep going counterclockwise until you
reach a large tower where you should climb up.  Ring the bell on this tower to
have the Djinn jump to the ledge to the east.  Now, head clockwise back around
the town until you get to a bunch of graves with a dog near them.  Use reveal
on this area to expose a secret ladder in the middle of the graves that leads
to the Vault caves.  Head down this ladder, and don't fight the treasure chest
that you see immediately because it's actually a Mimic.  Instead, head west and
then north and go through the door.  The next room you'll enter has some water
in it with several underwater doors and ladders.  Head east and then go down
the stairs to find a room with a movable torch.  Move this onto the Flame
square on the ground to open the gate there.  Head through the door to find a
room with a *lot* of water drops in it.  Head north to find a door obstructed
by a group of leaves.  Use Ivan's Whirlwind Psynergy to open up this door.  In
here there's a treasure chest that has an item that will boost your attack when
equipped, which is quite useful.  Head back down and climb down the ladder.
Freeze all of the water drops here expect for the eastern most drop, then head
back up the ladder.  Hop across all of the ice pillars you just made and enter
the next room.  In this room head down the one ladder and then up the ladder to
the left of it.  Head into the door, then go east a little and up the stairs.
Flip the switch here to force the water into the room you were just in with the
two ladders.  Head back into the previous room and go down the stairs in the
south part of that room.  Go down the stairs again to find a room with several
torches.  Push the torch that has a flame on it on the flame switch to open the
gate.  Now, go through the gate and through the door.  Take the stairs to the
west and continue south through this room.  You'll now be able to go down the
ladder that once was drowned by water.  Do so and proceed through the door into
the next room.  In here hop over the gap and up the ladder.  Go to the next
room and out the door to find yourself right under the Djinn.  Go up the stairs
to get the Venus Djinn Sap without a battle.  Head back into the cave and use
retreat to go back to the beginning.  Climb up the ladder and then proceed out
of Vault.

Bilibin Cave...Again

While there are not any Djinni in Bilibin Cave, there is are some useful items.
Head northeast of Vault to find this cave.  Here's a description from Thomas
Kim [tdkim@umich.edu] on a good way to get a few items:
"Enter the cave from the normal entrance. In the room with ice pillars, use
douse on the fire that's not on a pillar. An ice column should automatically
form. Exit the cave from the entrance you came in, and then take the alternate
entrance (the one after climbing the vine). Where the open treasure chest is,
use Reveal where the suspicious stone formation is and a door will appear. Use
douse on the fire in the next room. Now you should be back in the ice pillar
room. Go left and jump towards the ledge on the left side of the screen and
proceed to the next door. Inside, you will get a water of life and Psy crystal.
If you decide to head back towards the lighthouse, you can get Herme's Water
again. You can use Herme's Water like a potion or sell it for extra cash."
Once you're done with this task, head back towards your home town of Vale
(located to the west incase you forgot.)


Yes, there is a Djinn in your home town as well.  However, before you go get
this Djinn go get a power bread that's located in a cave behind the Shop in
town.  You'll need to use Ivan's Whirlwind Psynergy on this (equip just Wind
Djinn on Ivan to get this Psynergy) bush blocking the entrance.  Thanks to
Michael Sutton (suttmi@selwyn.ca) for this tip.

Now, go west from Vault across the bridge, then go north to find yourself back
in Vale.  The Djinn in Vale is in the far western part of town, behind the
fenced in area next to Kraden's house.  So, climb up the staircases then start
making your way west across the bridge.  When you get to the fence next to
Kraden's house you'll notice a large, brown rock.  Guess what, it's time to use
that Lift Psynergy (!)  Lift up the rock and proceed north to the next screen
and then into the cave.

Head north as soon as you get into the cave and you'll notice a circle of
stepping stones on your left.  At first it appears it's impossible to cross
these stepping stones, but a true RPG gamer knows that rarely are there
complete dead ends in RPGs.  So, use your Reveal Psynergy to reveal a hidden
square in the middle and hop across to the other side.  Climb up the ladder and
go through the door.  In this room jump across the stepping stones and hop onto
the platform to the west.  Face the large box and move it into the water to
create a makeshift stepping stone that you can use to jump to the log above
you.  Roll this log all the way east go through the door here.  In this room
take the western path and head north.  Keep following the path all the way
until it gets to a door.  Go through the door and push down the logs on either
side into the river.  Now, slide down the cliff via the indentation on the
western cliff and push the horizontal log north.  It will slide across the two
logs and allow you to hop to the ledge to the north.  Proceed along the hallway
until you get to the next room.  In here you'll see the Djinn you're after.
There's also another very important item that you'll need to get another Djinn
*much* later in the game, along with this Djinn, the Halt Gem that's in a
treasure just right after you climb the ladder to the north of the door.  Once
you get the gem, head south towards the Djinn who will slide down the cliff.
Follow him and he will continue to run away.  So, head down the cliff and use
the Halt Psynergy that you get by equipping the Halt Gem on the Djinn.  This
will freeze him in his place, and simply go up to him to get Kite, a Jupiter
Djinn.  Head through the door and continue south eventually getting out of the

Before you head back to Kalay, take this time to round up any Djinn that you
may have forgotten to get earlier in the game.  If you have all the Djinn, head
back from whence you came (hrmm, I haven't said that in a while... I think it's
9 now) all the way back to Kalay.  When you get back to Kalay heal in the Inn
and then proceed to Kalay Docks which you can get to by simply going around the
south pole of the caves.

Kalay Docks

Note: If you have not yet talked with the tourists in Kalay and went through
the cut scene with the missing passenger, please go back to Kalay and read the
topic about the tourists in that section.

Second Note: Before going on the ship, I recommend going back and getting all
of the Djinn that you don't have up until this point.  Not only is it more
convenient to get these Djinn now, but you will definitely need a good bit of
Djinn for the boss battle on the ship.  See the previous sections for more

As soon as you reach Kalay Docks Garet will run out and look at the Sea that's
not really an Ocean.  Someone in town will correct him, and so unfolds another
pointless plot development.  Once Garet is done, head into the building
directly north of you.  Talk to the lady at the counter to buy your ticket for
going to Tolbi for 800 coins.  Once you've bought it, head out of the house and
go west to the docks to board your ship.  When you get onto the ship head over
to the captain to find a crew mate and the captain talking about not setting
sail due to monsters.  The captain will come around and decide that the ship
should sail, but a crewman won't agree with him.  You'll notice that he's up to
something as he runs off into the Captain's Quarters.  Follow him and he'll
uneasily sneak back to the top of the ship.  Jee, could he have done something
wrong?  any ways, head into the room at the northern part of the ship and head
to the northern part of that room.  Several warriors /passengers will start to
get impatient about the ship not setting sail and will rush to the captains
quarters to persuade him.  Follow them down and enter the room in the southern
part of the ship.  Climb up the ladder here and talk with the guy blocking your
path.  In this (like always) pointless and dull conversation the captain will
realize that his Anchor Charm is gone.  Also, there will be discussion about
the sea being a dangerous place due to the monsters, and it's going to take
passengers to help row incase some of the rowers get hurt.  Once you get
command back of your character, head out of the room and go to the observation
deck which you can get to by climbing up a ladder in the middle of the ship.
Press A when you get up on the plank up here to find the Captain's Anchor
Charm.  Now, go back in the Captain's Quarters and give him the charm.  After
doing that it's time for *another* conversation where you'll be volunteered for
helping to protect the rowers down below decks.  Once you're back in command
head to the crew quarters (the room at the top part of the ship) and head down
the *very* hard to see stairs that are directly behind where the tour guide is
standing.  Once the crewman stops talking down here you will finally set sail.

Sailing, at first, is pretty interesting.  It cuts back between the different
people doing different jobs and the actually try to avoid the monsters.
However, this sequence is going to repeat 3 times, so it starts to get tedious
after a while.  Each time a monster attacks, 1 of the row men will go down and
you'll want to head upstairs and pick a member of the passengers to replace
him.  It really doesn't matter who you pick, although you can actually get to
Crossbone Island as a detour is you pick the following people in this order
(thanks to dbzman@ptd.net):  The lady with the green skirt, then the lady with
the blonde hair and a brown skirt, the old, bad guy, then finally the Merchant
who is not near the staircase.
According to Camelot's Japanese web site, you need to have a "weakness of
power" on the right side of the ship in order to visit the island early.  So,
stick strong people on the left and weak people like the Chef on the right.

The first enemy that you encounter will be three Man O' War squids.  These guys
are basically just normal enemies and you shouldn't have many problems against
them.  Once those squids are defeated, the crewmen will come down and realize
that a rower is unconscious.  So, go upstairs and talk to someone to make them
a replacement.  Pick someone, head downstairs, and get ready for the process of
setting sail to begin again.  The next group of monsters to attack are the
Lizard Monster and two rabid bats.  If you used any summons in the previous
round, walk back and forth along the top part of the rowing deck to get your
Djinn able to set inactive again.  Then, head down and get ready for a battle.
These guys are a little tougher than regular monsters because that Lizard Man
has a little more HP than usual.  However, one summon should beat them pretty
handily, or just regular attacking.  Now, go replace another oarsmen and get
ready to set sail.  Before you pick a passenger to row, I'd recommend healing
all of your characters.  Once the ship gets sailing again you'll be attacked by
two Man O' Wars and a flying blue bird called a Virago (sort of sounds like
Viagra).  Once again, these enemies are pretty easy.  One summon or just a few
psynergy attacks will take them down pretty handily.  Go replace *another*
crewman and get ready to set sail again.  Suddenly it will be attacked again,
this time by a monster that actually means business.

Here's some information on Krarken from Aditya Durgam [adurgam777@hotmail.com]:
"I have some info on the HP power of Kraken, the water demon you encounter on
your way to Tolbi on the ship. Kraken is the fourth monster/ beast you
encounter while sailing.
-He knows Ply Well, so be carefully.
-He has approx. 2447 HP. It would be best if you used all the appropriate
summons with the respective elemental adept (Thor with Ivan, Judgment with
Isaac, etc.). I works better that way (duh)."

Head up to the deck of the ship to fight Kraken.  However, make sure you're all
healed up and have all of your Djinn inactive for this battle, because you will
probably need them.  Kraken, just like the last boss you faced, will attack
twice each round, so you have to be prepared for taking twice the damage.  Once
you've cast all of your summons, start using Ragnarok with Isaac, Heat Wave
with Garet, Impact on Garet with Ivan, and Ply Well then Wish (get this when
the four water Djinn on her get set after a summon) with Mia.  As long as you
don't let your party members die, you should be able to defeat Kraden without
that much trouble, although he is tough.  When you defeat him you'll be awarded
5200 coins and some Water of Life.  Now, go select another oarsmen and get
ready for the ship to set sail.  This time, though, instead of seeing a
monster, the guy on top of the mast will spot land and you'll arrive at Tolbi.

Once everyone's said thank you and the likes, head off the ship to arrive at
Tolbi Docks.

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