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Tolbi Docks

There isn't a whole lot to do in Tolbi Docks.  There's a simple puzzle to solve
that involves moving those boxes at the northwestern part of down so that they
allow you to jump from the ledge next to the house to the ledge 4 spaces down.
When you hop across them and go up you can find a treasure chest that has a
potion.  Now, head out of Tolbi Docks and go into Tolbi.


Tolbi is a bustling town that's loaded with tourists getting ready for
Collosso, an event sort of like the Roman Gladiator games where warriors battle
one each other in front of crowds of cheering people.  Usually in a town you'd
head for the inn, but because the town is so packed there are no rooms
available for you to sleep!  Instead, head to the weapons and armor shop in the
southwestern part of town to buy the latest upgrades.  Now, remember all of
those game tickets and lucky medals that you go earlier in the game?  It's now
time to cash them in the gambling capital of the world, Tolbi.  Head to the
fountain in the middle of the city and throw in a lucky medal.  If you can get
it to stay in the bulls eye you'll win some handy armor.  Here's a little more
information from Weird Ed [weirded_79@hotmail.com].
"The most imortant (and the hardest to get) is the Grievous Mace, a strong
weapon that both Isaac and Mia can equip. It's not as powerful as the Assassin
Blade, but it's great for Mia (in this point of the game, it's a true
blessing), and it performs a special attack that's very similiar to earthquake
spell.  To get this weapon you should throw your medal in the top-left part of
the fountain, outside the circle... and have luck ^_^.  Other good items are:
the Glittering Tiara, the Guardian Amulet (second blue circle or clear circle,
boosts your defense) and the Battle Gloves (boost attack)."

Next, head to the shop with a die on top of it (that's singular for dice) which
is located in the northeastern part of the town.  In here, talk to the man on
the left to start playing craps.  This game is *insanely* easy to win coins at,
so you shouldn't have any problem scoring a good deal of money if you play it
for a while.  Once you're done there, head for the large stairs located at the
northwestern part of the town.  Two guards will stop you and ask if you've seen
Babi.  They'll go on their way and you should keep going up the stairs to
arrive at Babi's palace.  Head to the door along the north wall that's all the
way on the left to enter a room with a lot of beds.  Talk with the lady at the
desk and she'll get you beds to sleep in, which will restore all your health
and PP just like an inn.  Once she's shown you the beds, simply press A when
facing one of them to go to sleep.  Once you're done sleeping, go out the door
of the room with the beds in it, and go up one of the large staircases on the
left or right.  Head north through the hallway to overhear a conversation
talking about how Lord Babi is somewhere in Altimer Cave, but no one can find
him.  Naturally, it will be up to you to find him, but let's save that for just
a little later.  Now, head out of the castle and go to the second floor of the
inn which is located in the northeastern part of town.  Here you'll see a
Djinn, but we won't get that one quite yet.  First, take you shots at the slot
machine here.  Thanks to AlphabetMan of the GameFAQs.com message boards for
this information on the slot machine and odds of winning:
(working from the center outward)
Center Blue Circle: Assassin Blade, 90%
Center Blue Circle: Earth Shield, 10%
First Yellow Circle: Earth Shield, 70%
First Yellow Circle: Assassin Blade, 30%
Second Blue Circle: Defense Bracelet, 50%
Second Blue Circle: Spirit Armor, 50%
Second Yellow Circle: Spirit Armor, 50%
Second Yellow Circle: Adepts Helm, 50%
Clear Circle: Water of Life, 20%
Clear Circle: Adepts Helm, 80%
Outer Circle: Water of Life, 70%
Outer Circle: Adepts Helm, 30%
FAR Outer Circle: Potion, 70%
FAR Outer Circle: Water of Life, 30%
Here's some additional information from Rotevni:  You can also get a Ninja
Hood, and a Burning Axe.  The stuff you get varies depending on how many of the
crabs or turtles you bank off of.
Note: there are other items to get but these are the most valuable ones.  Once
you're done in there, head outside and let's go get that Djinn.  Head south and
out of the gate in town, but don't go out of the city so that the world map
would come up.  Instead, stay very close to the outer cliff of the city and
proceed counterclockwise until you come to a vine.  Use Growth on this and
climb up it.  Once you climb up the vine you'll see a pool of water.  Surprise,
surprise, you have to freeze that puddle of water.  Do so, then head down the
vine and go back into town.  Go up two stairs facing east to find that ice
pillar you made.  Hop across it to get the Mars Djinn Ember without a battle.
It's now time to exit the town and start looking for Babi in Altimer Caves.

To Altimer Caves

From Tolbi, start heading northwest along the dirt path.  Eventually you'll
start heading in more of a due north direction, and there will be a bridge
going west.  Take this bridge and run around in this location trying to draw
random battles.  In this forresty area should be a Mercury Djinn.  He's really
not very hard to beat, especially if you've defeated Kraken on the ship.
Simply use fire attacks with Garet and do what you always do with the other
characters to beat him and get the Mercury Jinn, Hail.  Head back northeast
from this area and across the bridge.  Continue heading east for quite a while
until you see a bridge to the north of you.  Don't go up this bridge quite yet,
because there's another Djinn to get.  Keep going east hugging the coast line
until you get to the Northern Parts of Kalay Docks.  Simply walk down to get
the Venus Djinn Ground without a fight.  Now, head back north to that bridge
and cross it.  Keep heading north until you enter...

Altimer Cave

Head north along the hallway and notice how the cave starts to get darker.
This can be a hassle later on when you have to solve moving around rock puzzles
with only a small amount of light.  One way to combat this problem is to use
Reveal which will expose a large area of ground being lit.  any ways, keep
heading along the hallway as it does a U-Turn.  Go through the door when you
get to it to reach a room with several rocks blocking your path.  Use reveal to
get a better view, or simply go left, then up a square, then go to the right,
then up to the stairs.  The next room you enter will have a few lighted spots,
which can be helpful.  Head west in this room and head along the hallway.  At
the fork head left to find an outline of a man.  Talk to him and get very angry
at your stupid party members for not realizing that this invisible man is
actually Babi.  The invisible man talks about how he can't move because he's
out of Draught and it's up to you to go find him some.  He'll go into a really
confusing explanation on how to get the draught from the puzzle below.  Just
disregard it because I'll reveal the information later on ;-].  Once you get
back in command head past the invisible man and go down the staircase there.

Head west and then south along the hallway.  Keep heading along the wall even
though there appears to be a path going north that you can take.  When you get
to a fork head right and when you get to the top wall start heading west.  Go
down the door when you get to it.  Someone let there be light in the next room,
which is quite helpful.  Head down the steps and then up the stairs to the
north to get another Djinn.  Before you get that Djinn, however, you'll have to
solve a log rolling puzzle.  Push the vertical log in your way right, then push
the horizontal log at the bottom north.  Now, freeze that puzzle in the middle
and head around the rocks on the bottom.  Push the vertical log back left.
Now, you have to push the lower of the two horizontal logs down by going behind
the log that's sticking up on the western part of the screen.  After pushing
this down, push down the top horizontal log and continue on to the Djinn.
Warning: You will have to battle this Djinn, although it won't be too hard.
Once you defeat him you'll get the Jupiter Djinn Squall.  Now, head back east.
Push the logs out of your way so that you can get east and push the wooden
stump into the gap in order to jump across to the ledge and the door.
Unfortunately, the light that was once there is now gone, and you'll have to
operate in the dark again.  Head south along the hallway and then start heading
west.  Keep heading west until you reach a large wall of rocks.  You can get
through this rock maze by heading south, then head north when you see a rock
break (try using reveal for a better view.)  Head east, and then north when you
get back into the hallway.  Start heading west until you get to a staircase and
go down it.  This next room will be lighted, which is nice, but you do have a
log maze to solve.  Push the first vertical log left, then go southwest until
you find a staircase.  Go up the stairs and head counterclockwise all around
the wall and slide down the cliff.  Push the vertical log to the left and enter
the door.

You'll enter a room with 5 rocks.  Use reveal to find out the colors of them.
The correct rock that you want is the rock that makes a chime sound when you
press it.  So, press the left most rock, then the right most rock to reveal a
color wheel.  Press the rock that's color is on top of the color wheel three
different times until you solve the puzzle.  The color wheel will pseudo  and
reveal a door.  Enter it and open the treasure chest in it.  Inside of the
treasure chest is, you guessed it, the draught that the invisible man wanted
you to retrieve.  Now, use your Reveal psynergy then go back to the invisible
man.  Talk to him and give him the draught.  He will eagerly drink it and
reveal himself as Babi (didn't guess that one a lot earlier.)  Lots of talk
will ensue about Babi using Lamarkian powers to keep himself alive, and
eventually the guards will come and inform Babi that the finals have begun.  As
he starts to walk off, he'll invite you (as in Isaac alone) to enter in the
finals of Collosso.  Once you finally get command of your character again,
retreat out of the cave and start heading back southwest to Tolbi.


Before I start discussing Collosso, here is how to get the general Psynergies
listed below:
Growth - Equip an Earth Djinn on Garet
Frost - Have only Water Djinn active on Mia.  Also try equipping the Frost Gem.

When you get back to Tolbi, head to the castle which you can get to by going up
the stairs in the northwestern part of the town.  Head into the room with the
beds that, if you remember, you can get to by entering the small door on the
left.  Once you're all rested, head out of the castle and go north up the main
path in the middle of the town.  Here you will reach the stadium.  Head up the
stairs on the right to have the guards recognize you and take you to the
briefing room.  Here you'll be told that only Isaac is entering the finals, and
the rest of your party members can only cheer Isaac on.  However, the other
party members will have important roles.  Before each round begins, there is an
obstacle course that you have to get through quickly in order to get the best
weapon in the center rink.  There are also nuts and oil drops in treasure
chests that you can get that will help you a little in battle.  So, the
characters get to use 1 Psynergy before the match begins and can do useful
things such as grow vines to find shortcuts and freeze ice to hop over easily.
Once all the guards stop talking in the preparation room you'll be taken to the
stands of Collosso.  He'll explain the rules of the obstacle course.  Now, go
up to the first guard and get him to explain what the first event is like.
He'll show you a snippet of what the first leg is like, then ask if you want a
friend to cheer you on.  Select Garet for this task.  The next stage you'll
want Mia to go cheer.  The following one you'll want Ivan, but make sure that
he has a growth spell on him.  Take a look at the 4th and final leg of the
course, although you won't need anyone to cheer for you there.  Now, go all the
way back to the guard who's along the south wall.  Talk to him to go back to
the Preparation room.

In this room go over to the circle that's all the way to the right.  Step on it
and watch as the contestants are told that the matches are about to begin.
Once you leave the preparation room, you'll take command of Garet in the
stands.  Use his Move Psynergy to move the stump to the left.  Have Ivan use
grow on the vine, and have Mia just talk to the guard to say that she's ready
for the match to begin.  Now you will take command of Isaac.  As soon as you
can save your game in case you lose against the competitor you're facing.  In
this first round simply jump over the gap thanks to the stump that Garet moved.
Right after there you'll see a stump that's in the way of a path.  Move that
to the right and go up to get the treasure chest.  The next leg has a pipe that
you need to push west to make the water flow.  Once you do that, jump across
the gap thanks to the now elevated platform.  Now, go further right and climb
up the vine that Ivan grew.  When you get up here you'll see a path going north
that gets to a treasure chest that you'll want to get.  The next screen has two
logs.  If you just want to get across and don't want to get the nut this is
very simple.  However, if you want to get the nut (I recommend it because the
other guy is slow getting there) take the vertical log right, then go up and
take the horizontal log down.  Get off that and take the vertical log back
left.  Now, climb back up the ladder, take the vertical log right and hopefully
you'll get there before the other player.  If you get there first you'll get
the iron shield which will help in your defense.

Your first enemy will be Azart.  The first thing you'll want to do, like
always, is cast your one and only summon against him.  Judgment will do about
315 damage to him.  Now you'll want to use Ragnarok against him for the next
round.  You'll now be down to about 50 or less HP, so you'll want to use Cure
Well on yourself.  Continue using Ragnarok and Cure Well on him, with the
occasional helpful Djinn if you need it.  After he wastes both his nuts just
keep pounding him until he goes down.  He really shouldn't be overly tough, and
you should get an easy first round victory.

Once you win you'll be taken to the next set of stages where once again you can
get your characters to lend a helping hand.  Take this time to put all of your
Djinn on standby.  Take a look at all of the stages first to get an idea of
what they're like.  In the first stage you can get Garet to cheer for you, but
moving the statues around isn't going to help you one way or another.  The
second stage doesn't require anyone in it either.  Put Mia in the 3rd stage.
No one can help in the 4th stage, so don't worry about it.  Stick Ivan at the
5th place simply because you need to put him somewhere and head back to the
guard at the entrance to the stands.  In Lend A Hand mode have both Ivan and
Garet talk to the guard to say they're finished.  Have Mia freeze the western
puddle and then get ready for the match to begin.

As always save right at the beginning of the Obstacle Course.  The first screen
is very easy to solve, just head around the blocks.  On the next screen, make
sure you jump twice when the blocks are in the center.  When you get the
western most block, head up and get the treasure chest which is a nut.  Head
back down onto the block and continue left.  On the next screen take the bottom
log left.  Head down the stump to the ledge and hop over the ice pillar to the
other side.  On the next level climb the wall.  When you get to the top head
left and slide down the MIDDLE crevice.  Hop over to the next screen which is a
simple log puzzle.  Basically you just have to move each log twice, once to the
left then once to the right.  You shouldn't have that much trouble getting to
the rink first.

It's now time to fight Satrage.  This guy has a little more HP than his
predecessor and does a little more damage.  Get him with Judgment right away,
then use the Ragnarok/Cure Well strategy that you used before.  Once again he
shouldn't pose that much of a threat to you.  Once you beat him you'll once
again be taken the next set of stages.  This one is pretty dang hard, so make
sure to study all of the stages before you start.

As usual, inactivate all of your Djinn before you start placing your friends.
In the first stage you'll want to put Mia who has freeze.  In the next stage
put Garet who has move.  Don't place anyone in stage three, nor stage four, nor
stage five, and just stick Ivan at stage 6.  However, if you have the Halt Gem
(found in Vale) stick it on Ivan and stick him in Stage 3 with the moving wedge
blocks.  Head all the way back west to go the guard to start the next match.
When you start to Lend a Hand have Garet move the stump one to the right.  Have
Ivan use Halt on the man pressing the lever, and have Mia freeze the puddle
that's under the moving lever.

It's now time for the Final Round obstacle course.  This one is the toughest
yet.  On the first screen just run past that log and hop over the two gaps.  On
the next screen hop to the first stump, then head down to the stump that Garet
moved for you.  Keep going right until you get to the next screen.  This next
stage is pretty tricky if you didn't have Halt to freeze the man controlling
the pillars.  Take you time going past the moving traps that will push you off.
If you get really good you can get past two at a time, but don't push your
luck.  Ignore the easy to get treasure chest because you'll need all the time
that you can get.  The next stage, the wall, is pretty straightforward.  Just
climb primarily sideways until you get to the top.  Go down the stairs and run
across the conveyer belt.  The final stage is another log maze.  On this
screen, DON'T PUSH THE LOG WHEN YOU GET THERE.  You'll lose a lot of time if
you do this.  Instead, run past and push all three logs to the top, out of the
way of the log.  Then push the vertical log into the water and hop across to
the rink.  Hopefully you'll beat your competitor and get ready for a battle.

It's now time to battle Navampa, the final Collosso competitor.  He'll have
much more health than the others and do more damage.  Use the same strategy
that you've used for the previous two, summoning firs then using Cure
Well/Ragnarok.  Even though he has more HP and does a little more damage, he's
really not too hard to beat as long as you remembered to inactivate your Djinn
so that you had a 4 Level summon available.  Once you beat him you'll collapse
from exhaustion and eventually end up in your bed in the Castle.  The
characters will be annoying as ever and start talking about how you collapsed
after Collosso.  Once you're finally done and you're back in command, head out
the door to that room and go up the stairs.  Go up the hallway and through the
big door to meet Babi once more.  He'll start talking about how he needs more
draught and that the only place to get them is an island long disappeared.
Then he asks you to go to Babi lighthouse to find the island.  He'll also give
you the Lure Cap which you can use to encounter more monsters than you usually
do, which is useful in leveling up for bosses.

Once you finally get command back of your character, follow Babi off to the
west and down the stairs.  Go through the door and take the item on Babi's
desk.  This is Babi's sacred Cloak Ball and he says that he will lend it to
you.  It's now to time go rescue Lord Hammet from Lupna.

To Lupna

Head out of the palace and continue south out of town.  Head south along the
dirt path until the path starts going east.  Follow it east for a while until
you reach a cave.  Once you enter you'll be inside of Gonodown Cave.  At the
first fork head west and continue north through the door and into the next
room.  In here you'll find a large rock that you'll have to use the Lift
Psynergy to get past.  Keep going along this hallway and into the next room.
In this room there will be a small amount of water in the middle with a few
stepping stones to a ledge with a treasure chest.  This chest contains a Lucky
Medal that can be useful in obtaining items back in Tolbi.  Head across the
stepping stones the north and go back west a little until you find a treasure
chest.  In here you'll get an Apple that will boost your attack.  Once you've
done that head east along the wall until you reach the next door.  Head up the
staircase and then head south to arrive a log that's in your way.  Use your
Move Psynergy to move this log to the west and get it out of your path.  Keep
heading east until you come to a tree that you have to Move into a gap so that
you can cross the path.  Hop the gap, head south and go through the door to get
out of the cave.

Head around the cliff and then start heading north to reach Kalay.  You have no
business in Kalay at the current time, so head right past it and start heading
north.  When you cross the bridge head northeast and cross another bridge to
find yourself outside of Vault.  As with Kalay, you have no business in Vault
at the present time, so keep heading past it to the north.  After going north
for about 15 seconds you'll see the town of Lupna and an entrance to a cave a
little to the west of it.  You'll want to enter the cave entrance because the
guards won't let you through the gates.  In this cave head north along the
hallway until you reach a gate.  Under this gate you should see a small puddle
of water that needs freezing.  Do so to have the gate open up allowing you to
pass through.  Keep heading along the hallway and out the door to find yourself
inside the town of Lupna.

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