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Ya know, there really isn't a need to put a walkthrough for this game on here. There is only reason to give strategical advice. So, here goes:
    • It doesn't matter what character you use, just remember that each time you complete the game with a certain character, you unlock either new officers or new characters.
    • Make sure you keep your supplies full. You don't want to get pissed off by losing that way.
    • Don't rush into battle. If your health is low, just kill the non-ranked soldiers, not the ones who are officers. This will eventually allow you to level up (provided that you are not already at level 10) and it will refill your health. Plan your route CAREFULLY before you do ANYTHING. And on that note, also remember that you may have to back-track if you notice that the enemy is getting close to your base camp.
    • Only use horses or elephants for quick transportation. Do not use them for anything other than that, because officers or generals WILL strike you down. This not only causes damage, but it also costs you time on the ground. That also means that you could easily be struck down again when you get up. Be careful.
    • I don't know what your opinions are, but there are certain generals that you should not mess with. They WILL kill you, no matter how good you think you are. You may get them down to one hit from death, but they will regenerate their life, and kill you *cough* Lu Bu *cough*.


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P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.