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Part 1: Summer School.

After hearing a garbled conversation between two evil-sounding people,
you see Lan and his PET, MegaMan, race into class for the last day of
school before summer. It's report card day, too. In any case, you're
free to wander around class. Check out the bookcase in the top-left
corner of the room and talk to the girl standing beside the front row of
desks if you're new to the game or just want to freshen up on PET
basics. After talking to the girl, you'll receive today's MailNews,
"More viruses". Seems like the net of the future is just as annoying as
today's (Klez appeared! Norton threw an antivirus! Klez captured!).
Check the rightmost desk for a chip: PanlGrab P! It belongs to the kid
near the storage bins on the left. He'll let you have it. It's not like
a 5 grader could beat you up...hehehe. In the back of the class, Yai
will force you into a conversation about Netopian fans. What good will
those do? Anyway, talking to Dex reveals that he has a plan, but the
bell will ring and the kids will have to race to their seats before Ms.
Mari, the teacher, walks in.

After some chitchat, Ms. Mari will pass around Report Cards...uh-oh. Lan
and Dex have some pretty bad grades, it seems, but put that aside for
now. Speak to Dex and agree to meet up later to head to the Square and
take the City Netbattler test. After speaking with everyone, you can
take either exit and leave school.

Part 2: Little City Remix
Explore the now-groovyrific ACDC town. The town is essentially the same,
except some new people have moved in. Mr. Higsby's Chip Shop is
temporarily closed, huh. Too bad. Also, a bus connection has been made
near the Metroline Station. No one's home yet, but you can visit your
friends later. You can't skip town just yet, even though the bad grades
in your pockets tell you otherwise. Swallow your pride and head home.
Standing in front of your house is a Repairman. DenCity must be proud to
have such evil-looking repairmen. Talk to him, then go into your house.
Talk to your mom, who'll have trouble remembering something, then sprint
up the stairs. Home free! But wait...she's remembered. Watch a familiar
scene take place. You can almost feel her yelling. After she takes off,
you'll have to do your summer homework. Explore the house if you wish,
but when you're done, jack in to your computer with the R Button.

Part 3: That was a PC of cake.
Ms. Mari's NetNavi will appear and begin to give you lessons on Virus-
Busting. A few thing have changed, though, so I'll tell you as we go

Battle 1- Selecting Chips? It's about the same. Now you can press L to
try to run without an Escape Chip. It works against weaker enemies.
However, the RPG Run rule still applies: You CANNOT run from boss
Battles. Get it through your heads. Oh, and you can't run from the
lesson. Sadly. After a bit of tutoring, you'll have to defeat 2
Mettaur's. Yes, you CAN DIE in these training fights, but if you do,
then obviously you need to stop playing video games. Forever.

To defeat these guys, you don't even have to move. Simply press A when a
Met moves into your row and blast it, then blast the other one behind

Battle 2- Selecting Chips with the same code remains the same. A new
code type is *, which means it can be used with any other type.

With AreaGrab, you'll steal a column, limiting the virus' moving range
to 6. Then Wide Sword will kill of 2 of the Mettaurs. Now, you have no
Chips left. No Chips? No problem. Use the B Button to fire your Mega
Buster. It's slow and weak, only causing 1 damage to that last Met, but
use it to pare down its HP until your Custom Meter fills up. Then press
L or R to return to the Custom Screen and grab an attack chip,
preferably a Shotgun or Cannon. Fire away and clear the fight.

Battle 3- One of the most radical changes in the game is the concept of
Open Folder. In the last game, selecting ADD was effortless. All you had
to do was give up one turn in order to receive 5 more chips. Uh-uh. In
Battle Network 2, you have to select chips and click ADD. The selected
chips would be discarded and you'll give up a turn. When you open the
Custom Screen again, new chips equaling the number of chips discarded
will appear. For example, let's say you select a Shotgun K and a
Minibomb K. Then you select ADD. After fighting with only your Mega
Buster for a single turn, you open the window again. In place of the 2
chips will be 2 new chips, as well 2 more chips. This gives you 7 chips
for a turn instead of the usual 5.

In this scenario, you'll discard 3 Recov10s. Guard and shoot for a turn,
then open the window when you've recharged. Select 3 Cannons and stay
still, blasting those silly Mettaurs to oblivion. Lesson complete!

After the lesson, Dex will mail you and tell you to hurry the $#%@ up.
Speak to the program robots, then take the upper teleporter to the

Part 4: If you thought Ebay was expensive...
Welcome to the Internet. Head north past the robot and the roadblock
until you reach a green square and a 3-way road. The northern path is a
dead-end, so head west.

By now, you probably have fought your first real battle, maybe against
Mettaurs, Bunnies, or Canodumbs. They have some good cards. Especially
Mettaurs, which have multi-damaging Shockwavs and Canodumbs with their
Cannons. Can't have too many Cannons. Well, yeah, but you know what I
mean. I find that Minibombs are hard to aim on moving enemies, but cause
one-hit kills on the non-moving Canodumbs. Cannons are great against
Mettaurs, since they always try to move into your row to attack, so
they're easy to destroy with Cannons. Bunnies are the hardest, because
they're always hopping around. Wait until they charge their attack, then
use a Cannon on them. I find the ADD feature still lacking. Use it only
in boss battles or when you have no attack chips in your hand.

Anyway, heading west, you'll pass a purple bot and reach a green
platform. That cube is a SecurityCube. You need a passcode to open them,
but you'll get them all open eventually. Take the bottom-left path to
reach a mystery data (for lack of a better term). It holds an PanlOut1*!
Take the path above it afterwards. You'll see a second story up above
you, which you'll explore later. You'll reach a Navi and a billboard
soon. Taking the path to the west will take you to a teleporter that
warps you to a CyberStore. Fat chance you have any Zenny, but you'll
have some on your return trip. So return to the billboard and head east
this time.

Back on the purple platform, go north now. The eastern path is blocked
by Mayl's SecurityCube. Stupid net had to be reformatted...

Take the only other available path to the next area of the Internet.

Part 5: www.downloadfreeviruses.com
This new area doubles the danger. Don't forget that the green program
you see at the beginning will recover your health for free. Very useful.
Anyway, follow the path through the cyberforest until you see a path
branching out with a mystery data on it's edge. You'll get a Shockwav U!
Now continue on this surprisingly straightforward track, busting viruses
as you go. Now you'll get to another purple platform. Keep heading north
onto the next path to get a CrossGun S. Back on the purple platform,
follow the path east once more to reach another platform with a green
Navi on it. North is Area 3, but it's blocked off and has nothing of
interest for now. Take the lower path down to another billboard. On the
way, you might find a BugFrag. Ignore the fact you picked up a dirty,
useless thing off the grimy road. Dex's PC is also blocked off, but the
eastern way is free and clear, and has an entrance to THE SQUARE!

Part 6: Press any key to continue
Upon entering the Square, you'll find Roll and Gutsman (Mayl and Dex's
NetNavis) waiting, and angry. After they run off, you can explore this
area. Two of the four teleporters are "under construction", so take the
north one to reach the main Square.

No viruses here, so explore freely. On the west side of the area is The
Board. However, it's under construction (It seems everything is under
construction. Lazy Navis). To the south is the shopping area. You may be
able to afford some subchips, but subchips aren't really necessary if
you practice busting defensively.

On the east side is the Zlicense exam room. Gutsman is already there.
Talk to the Navis to get some info, then talk to the green one and
select "Yes!" to begin.

You must find "HeroData" and "HopeData", without getting deleted by
viruses once. Sounds epic, but they're just floppy disks. Heheh. Exit
back to the first area of the station, then out to the Internet again.

Part 7: www.dotcom.com
Back already? Whoa. Return to the purple platform with the green robot,
then go north to Area 3 of the Internet.

Follow the path up to the billboard, Navi, and two SecurityCubes. See
the red spinning thingy? That's HeroData. Yoink. Now return to Area 2.

Make your way back to beginning of Area 2. Head past Gutsman, past the
yellow robot. Remember the healing program? Talk to it and restore, then
continue back to Area 1 of the net.

Back in Area 1, you can make your way up to the Net Merchant and buy
something and speak to Roll. I suggest you save your Zenny for something
USEFUL. Continue south...You should know your way by now, thanks. When
you get to the fork you saw near the entrance to the net, take the dead-
end north. You'll find the green HopeData there.

Time to head back. Make your way back to the Square. You might find a
mystery data underneath a bridge containing BugFrag. Whee. You should
also heal with that friendly program. Now let's move.

Part 8: License to Kill
The instructor will give you your Zlicense after coming back with both
sets of data. He'll also give you a chip selection system, which lets
you equip a chip so you always have it in every turn of battle. You'll
receive mail from Mayl. She'll hand you her PC code (ooooooh) and wish
you luck. Talk to the pink Navi to get the lowdown on Chip Selection.
Now, you can head into The Board, over on the west side. Speak to Guts
and Roll if you wish, then head into the board.

Scan the topics (what a cool idea, hm?) and then be sad. Despite what
the robot says, you can't post your own topics...I mean, YOU can't.
Maybe MegaMan or Lan can, but NOOOO. Not the player. Okay, I'm done

Now return to the Internet.

Part 9: It's Part 9!
If you fear for your life, don't care about chips or your level, or
you're just damn lazy, you can jack out right away with R. However, if
you wanna get something special for that NetNavi in your life, keep

Make your way back to the Net Merchant. Hopefully you have at least 1000
Zenny. If not, run around a fight some enemies. Once you have 1000, buy
HPMemory. Your Max HP will increase to 120! That's it for now. Either
jack out or run back to the entrance, which will net you some Chips and

Here's something of use: Don't return to your PC: Head over to Mayl's
PC! Head north from the Netdealer and check the SecurityCube: It's
Mayl's! Now that you have the code, unlock it and take the warp to her

In her PC, head down and grab the data: a MiniEnrg Subchip! Move onto
the purple bridge thing and continue on. You'll reach the warp, but it's
not turned on. Eh. Leave a trip to your girlfriend's house for later and
jack out/return to the beginning.

Part 10: My friend's dying from gas inhalation? I nee- Ooh, Chip Data!
Upon exiting the computer, you'll get a call from Glyde, Yai's NetNavi.
Yai's been in the bath too long, and the water heater's messed up. Mayl
will also call you, and tell you to get going. But RPGs let you do
something very evil: Collect powerups while listening to tense music!

Head outside the house. You can jack into the doghouse! Like in the last
game. Duh. Inside, head to the bottom-right corner and collect the
FullEnrg Subchip, then jack out if you don't wanna risk a battle with a
Fishy. However, if you wanna fight it...The best counter to fighting
these powerful guys is...SWORD. Equip it, then when it dashes to hit you
for mega-damage, take one good swipe at it. Boom, it's down.

Time to collect our dues: Head next door to Mayl's house. You might
wanna jack in to her PC. You've already been there, but you should just
go in to activate the warp connection.

Dex's house is the yellow one near the Metroline Station and Bus Stop.
He's not home, but his Game Boy Advances are. Hehehe. Jack in! They're
on the table. A MiniBomb* waits inside. One unique thing about battles
in here is that 4 of the panels on each side are missing, so the battle
areas look like two plus signs. ++

Ghosts abound here! These disappear and appear often. When they
disappear longer than usual, they're gonna attack you in the face, so be
read to slash them with a sword or any other weapon.

After jacking out of the GBA, jack into Dex's blue computer of mystery.

Inside, run north along the path. Watch out for the Beetanks. They're
slow but fire heavy bombs. Right before the warp to the Internet are 2
mystery datas. One contains GutPunch B, another gives you 800 Zennys
(!). You can warp out to the Internet, but Dex's annoying SecurityCube
is 2-way. Can't get out either. Jack out.

Back outside, people will be talking about a weird smell coming from
Yai's Mansion. A scientist will be walking around outside, who sells
Subchips. You have 2 good ones, so you don't need to buy any. That weird
guy that was standing in front of your house is hiding in some trees to
the north of Yai's house, muttering about his plan. Unfortunately,
there's no "ass-kicking" button, so you'll have to go help Yai instead.
Approach the door to her house to talk to Mayl and Dex.

Dex will run in by himself. After 5 minutes, Lan decides to go look for
him. Sigh...Doesn't having Dex as a friend really suck? The auto-locking
door will shut, meaning you're locked inside. The same happened to Dex,
so he must be trapped and breathing gas! And so are you, by the way. So
get moving.

Part 11: Gasses and Hackers and Fans, oh my!
Mega will download a gas sensor to your PET, so you'll see the gas and
avoid it. Lan won't deliberately run into a cloud, so you can forget
about killing him. You'll also get mail from Mayl, containing a Roll R
chip. Didn't we have all these chips last time??? Looks like Lan sold
them all or something.

The stairs are blocked off, so go north instead. Upon entering the
bathroom, you'll see the bath shrouded in gas and Dex passed out on the
floor. Checking the panel to the left will be no good, so jack into the
fan and get ready for your first real challenge!!!

Follow the path, checking on the green robots. One of them will try to
cross the path of a device shooting clouds of gas. It'll get smacked
down. Badly. Time to try it out. Time your run and hopefully you'll get
across. On the other side is mystery data containing 200 Zenny. Check on
the unlucky program, then continue on. You'll reach two of the blowers.
Go north this time, and try to avoid the gasses. If you get pushed down,
you'll have to try again. On the other side is Recov10*! Now return to
the blower and let yourself be pushed across.

This next move is tricky. You'll have to run DIAGONALLY across the path
of a gas blower. Position yourself on the edge of the tannish yellow
square and RUN! It's easy after a try or two. Back on the yellow,
cotton-y insulation, run on. Follow the yellow road to end for a V-Gun A
chip, then return to the road you saw going west.

Here, you'll find GutsMan. Dex won't answer. Let him be, then press A on
the unactivated blower nearby. You'll turn it on! Head to where you can
get in the gas's path and use it to cross the hole. Now talk to the
program and then go up to the green box and press A. That's the
ventilator's controller. You'll fix it!

Lan will help Dex up, then run off to unlock that blasted door. Time to
help Yai!

You'll return to MegaMan. Follow the path up and to Area 2 of the
system. The left route is blocked by gas, to go to the right and speak
to Yai's Navi, Glyde. He can't pass gas! Hehe...Okay, it's not funny.
Get pushed down intentionally to get access to an HPMemory! Your Max HP
should rise to 140. Return to Glyde and get ready. Stand on the bottom
side of the tiles and dash across when it's firing gas. You should pass
both of them. To reach the next safe area (with mystery data), stand on
the north side of the path and press against it diagonally. You should
slide along the edge and up to the safe area. Wow, BugFrag...Remember
the diagonal dash? Use it to get to the next safe area. Head up the path
and grab the MiniEnrg. Then go around the back of the gasser and turn it
off. Head past it, now that it's off, and continue north. A concentrated
cloud of cybergas is in the way, so take the other road. It leads to
another ventilator box. Clear the error!

The ventilator will start, but not the right one. Time to get a fan!
Taking control of Lan, return to the main hall. The gas blocking the
stairs is gone, so go upstairs to Yai's room. The fan is the first room,
inside the drawer near the door. Return to the bathroom and get to
waving that fan around. You'll see Yai, but before you can pull her out,
the gas will return. MegaMan will spot a blue robot arrive.

Back as Mega, you'll see that the cloud of gas is gone. Head south and
over to the stopped gas shooter. Turn it on and ride the cybergas to a
new platform. Time your run across the next stream of gas, then collect
the RegUP1, which will add 1 Megabyte to your chip space. Follow the
path to another gas shooter you have to turn on. Now use the previous
gasser to return to the platform, then use the stream coming from the
one you just turned on to get to the final platform.

Airman's waiting. That weird guy is his operator, and you're gonna have
to fight him to save Yai's life. Let's Execute!


HP: 300

Tactics: You can play it from afar and blast him with Cannons, Shotguns,
Crossguns, and Shockwavs or use Swords, WideSwrds, and GutsPnchs to hit
him when he comes close. You'll have to do a lot of dodging with the
Swords, but you'll inflict more damage. I suggest you pick the tactic
that goes with your first 5 chips: More close-up attacks, go with Plan
B. More projectiles, go with Plan A.

Watch out when he uses his fiery gas attack, which travels the whole
row. His 3-Tornado attack is easy to dodge. Simply stand at the back of
your area. The tornadoes travel at different speeds, meaning a gap will
appear that you can go through. The annoying thing is that they'll
deflect any attacks, so don't waste your chips. Also, watch out for his
Twister attack. When tiles flash, and long thin tornadoes come down,
move outta the way. They home in on you.

300 HP later...


Mr. Weird will tell you that he'll get revenge before running off.
MegaMan will clear the final Ventilator and you'll go off and save Yai.

Part 12: M0re P0rn
Lan, Mayl, and Dex will be at Yai's bedside after rescuing her. Yai
accuses Lan of looking at her naked. Thankfully (?), Mayl carried her to
bed. R. Kelly would have loved this.

Meanwhile, the guy (named Arashi) is trying to skip town. Talking to his
boss from the Metroline Station, he goes out with a BANG when a suitcase
bomb blows him into dust. Man, the Netmafia sure knows how to throw a

Back at Yai's, it's time to download some more chips. Check Yai and
you'll get a passcode for her Cube. Jack into the old phone nearby.

In the bottom-left corner is mystery data containing 100 Zennys (!!),
and the top-left corner has a RegUP1 thing! Exit the phone.

Now go and jack into Yai's orange laptop!

Follow the path. Ghosts are common here, so be careful. You'll get to a
wide open area at the end. Go north past the teleporter and snatch some
HPMemory: It's 160 now! Now get to the net.

Use the code to unlock the cube...and get conveniently placed near the
Net Merchant! You can buy another HPMemory for 2000. Don't bother
getting chips, plenty can be earned through battle. Now go to the
Square, you lazy bum.

The Board has 2 new posts at the Battle Board, so read on those. You can
buy yet another HPMemory for 2000! We've hit the 200 HP mark. Battles
should be survivable now.

Train until your HP gets low, or just jack out. Now go to Dex's house.

Dex is there. You can NetBattle his Gutsman. Your HP is pretty good, so
get ready!


HP: 300

Tactics: Use Swords, Guns, anything. Fire blindly. You're bound to win.
Easy fight. Exactly the same as last game except you're stronger and
better equipped.


If you got a good rating, you'll get a GutsMan chip. You'll also get a
DexCode, good for unlocking his Cube. It allows easy access to the net.
Now, you can use Mayl's PC to get to the NetMerchant quickly, and Dex's
PC to get to the Square quickly. Now you can explore, or just go home.

Upon entering your house, you'll get MailNews on the station bombing.
Read it, talk to mom, then go upstairs. You can level up on the net a
bit if you'd like, or just explore. When you're positively done, go to
bed and save your game. Day 1, done!

Part 13: This Lan is my Lan, This Lan is your Lan
Lan and MegaMan decide to go camping with their friends. However,
talking to Mayl's friend reveals that Mayl took her books and went
somewhere. Go to the school, and there she is, doing her summer
homework. Let's check on Yai...or not, since her house is locked up and
she left a note saying that she's gone on a trip around the world...
Dex says that he can't go because his mother wants him to keep house.
That sucks. After talking to Dex, you'll see Lan sulking at the park.
Soon, you'll get an e-mail from the Center over in Marine Harbor,
declaring that all Zlicense holders should come and try to become an
official netbattler. After you've done everything you want to, head to
the Metroline station, get a ticket, and take the train to Marine

As soon as you step off the train in Marine Harbor, Dex will mail you
and agree to a camping trip bright and early tomorrow. Talk to everyone,
and when you're ready to fight, talk to the cute television reporter.
She doesn't mind a commercial break, as long as the commercial involves


HP: 300

Tactics: Toadman's tricky. At the beginning, you'll see two lily pads
floating back and forth. Toady will appear on one of them. Fire away!
Beware of those little sper- I mean, tadpoles. When he ribbits, avoid
the musical notes (???) by moving forward, because they home in if
you're in the back. The ribbit attack is the most dangerous, especially
when the floors crack. I used Gutsman, and well...I barely escaped. Be


After you trounce Ribitta's Toadman PET, you'll get RibiCode, which
obviously is her SecurityCube code. Now, go and jack into her remote

Again, just follow the path and remember to pick up 1000 Zennys in a
mystery data. Beware of those Shrimpys, they have 100 HP and shoot
annoying bubbles. They move like Mettaurs do (They move into your row to
shoot bubbles at you), so you can blast them with Shotguns, Shockwavs,
and the WONDERFUL Dash Atk to deal heavy damage when they're lined up.
Before warping out, go behind the teleporter and get an ElecSword E!

Welcome to floor 2 of the internet! If by any chance you got an Unlocker
Subchip, you can unlock the data here. But if you didn't (and you
shouldn't have), you can get one later. Just follow the roadways,
passing a green robot and a NetDealer (expensive...), then to the next
area. Collect mysterydata on a platform. This one's random: I once got
1500 Zennys! Sometimes you'll get Sword or 200 Zennys...it's a random
data. Beyond here is the link to Koto Square, but it's under
construction. Jack out or just run back.

Back in the real world, enter the Official Center building.

Right by the door is a red box, a coffee machine. Jack in.

Right up there, in the upper-left corner of the cyber-area, is a RegUP1
item! You should have 7 MB of memory now. After speaking to the programs
and nabbing the RegUP1, leave.

Back in the Center, people are talking about a kid called Chaud. If
you've already beaten Mega Man Battle Network 1, you know Chaud is an S-
Class Netbattler.

You can't use the elevator, but you can jack in to that big
supercomputer, which is the main server for the Square. It'll take you
to the main area of the Square, where The Board and Shop is. Check all
of the Boards for a lot of new posts. Jack out when you've read them

Back in the center, speak to the lady at the counter and answer "Yes I
am!" (common sense...). Show her Mega, and you'll get a test form. Take
the southern door and go down the stairs. Remember that red door near
the water? You can now use it for easy access to this room. There's a
request Board, but it's empty. You'll get to see what it's about later.
For now, talk to the man at the counter and enter the room beside him.
Now jack in anywhere in the room.

Part 14: Training Day

Mega will appear at the Square, but in a new area. Yai will send you
some mail, agreeing to go camping tomorrow. Now walk forward and talk to
the Navi up ahead. It's a three-part Blicense Test! Part one is a 5-
Round survival battle!

Round 1- 2 Mettaurs. Easy. Slightly harder if you don't have any cannons
in your first hand. If you lose any HP in this round, you need to
practice some more.

Round 2- 2 Canodumbs. Easy, maybe even easier. Use MiniBombs and Cannons
to take them out. Don't stay in their rows too long, and move down to
the safe center row when their purple crosshair is in the square before

Round 3- 3 Mettaurs. Normal difficulty. 3 Mettaur, all in different
rows. It can get frenetic. Take out at least one right from the start,
then use your MegaBuster until you get a second draw of chips.

Round 4- 3 Canodumbs. Normal difficulty. They're in the same layout as
the Mettaurs in the previous battle. Use Minibombs, Gutsman or Roll, or
several guns (Shotgun, CrossGun, Cannon, etc.) to take out one or two in
the first turn, then take out the last one on the second turn.

Round 5- 3 Bunnys! Normal/Hard difficulty. The difficulty depends on
what your first 5 chips are. Watch out for their shocking rings, and use
guns to fire quickly.

After these battles, you'll be asked to find a Navi in need, located in
the Den area. Now, the laser bars separating this area from the rest of
the Square disappear, so go to the teleporter and warp to the entrance
of the Square.

Now you can use the teleporter in the top-right corner of the area! It
leads to the second floor of the Internet. On the second floor, take the
left path to reach a WideSwrd Y chip, then take the other path. Go past
the NetDealer, then talk to the Navi on the corner of a green platform.
He says some bad Navi stole his walking program, which he needs to move.
Agree to help, then read Mayl's mail (I can't help it. I have a thing
for her, hehe...stop looking at me). She agrees to go camping.

Now run all the way back to the Square, and take the southern
teleporter, which you've used to go to the first floor of the net. Now
run back to the purple platform near the beginning of Area 2. You'll see
a purple Navi, who's part of the Netmafia! He'll send some viruses after
you. I don't know if it's random, but I got 3 Beetanks!!! Youch. After
deleting them, the bad Navi will give up and give you the WalkProg. Now
return to the Square entrance AGAIN, and take the second floor
teleporter. Find the Navi who the WalkProg belongs to and return it.
You'll get NiceData in return. Now run back to the Square once more. Go
back to your instructor and show him the NiceData.

The final part of the exam is another 5-Round survival battle, but with
harder monsters. Get ready!

Round 1- Mettaur 2, Flappy, Canodumb. Hard. Mettaur2 occasionally hides
under his hat, which nulls all your attacks. Flappy moves around quickly
and transforms into a huge weight, which will crush you if it falls on
you. However, while it's slamming down, the transformed Flappy is open
to attack, so get behind it and fire. The Canodumb is just plain
annoying and will pick away at your HP while you try to deal with the
other guys. Good luck.

Round 2- 3 Mettaur2s. Normal/Hard. Three Mettaurs. Who don't move, since
they're all in one column. Firing damaging SuperShocks. Yay.
Fortunately, you can see their attacks coming from far away, so dodge
and fire.

Round 3- Bunny, CanoDumb2, BeeTank. Very Hard. You have Bunny running
around, paralyzing you. While you're paralyzed, Canodumb2 is firing. And
BeeTank is firing huge explosions. And even if you're not paralyzed, you
have to avoid BeeTank's bombs while the coward hides behind Canodumb and
Bunny. Be very careful, and take your time.

Round 4- 3 CanoDumb2s. Normal/Hard. This is sort of a breather. Run back
and forth firing. Just don't get hit, k?

Round 5- 2 HardHeads, Beetank. Hard. Hit HardHead when it opens its
mouth to fire. I can't say much except move quickly.

Congratu-frickin-lations! You have the BLicense, and you're now an
official City Netbattler! You'll also get a yummy RegUP1! Chaud will
mail you, and decline to go camping (When did Lan tell him???), but it's
alright. Lan hates him anyway. Jack out, you must be tired.

Part 15: World's Wildest NetNavi Chases!
Bad Bugs, bad bugs, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when Lan comes
for you? Bad...okay, I'm done.

Now that you're fighting cybercrime, you can take requests. Remember the
request board? You'll see it on your way out of the center. Read it and
take any requests. If you feel up to it, take the first request.

---Request 1---

Head to the cafe, at the entrance to the Metroline. Talk to the guy in
the red jacket. He wants a virus Navi deleted. Time for Lan the Hitman
to take out a suspect. You might be thinking "I have to run all over the
net AGAIN???" but it's simple! Return to the Center and jack into the
main server. Exit the Square through the southern warp like usual. The
purple Navi near the teleporter is the suspect. He's right there! Talk
to him and delete the 2 Fishys and the MettFire. The Fishys can be
struck down with Swords. Watch out for Mettfire's flamethrower, which
toasts a full row, and his fire attack, which is signaled by flashing
squares. They fall down quickly, so move!

Now jack out and exit the Center. Talk to the guy by the cafe again to
receive an HPMemory! Now return to the Request Board.

---Request COMPLETE---

---Request 2---
Back at the Request Board, accept the second job. Now use the MetroLine
to return to ACDC Town.

Back at your hometown, skate up to the school. Talk to the girl beside
the door. Hey, remember her? She's Mayl's friend. Her little cousin took
a ride on the Metroline, and is probably somewhere else. Return to the
Metroline and ride back to Marine Harbor.

Go up to the top-left of the area, where you talked to the guy that had
a crush on Ribitta. The little girl is there. Talk to her, then ride
back to ACDC, and return to the girl that gave the request. You'll
complete the request, get a RegUP1, and if you want, you can go back to
the Request Board and read the replies for you.

---Request COMPLETE---

Now, finally return to ACDC. You can speak to Mayl and go on the net.
After doing your business, go to your house and get to bed.

Part 16: Campfire Tales
That night, Chaud's Navi, Protoman, will spot a "troll" on one of the
message boards at the Square. And what a troll it is! Gospel, the
Netmafia, is planning an attack somewhere in Electopia tomorrow. Chaud
talks about some secret file before moderating the message and going to

Lan will oversleep. Read the e-mail that Dex sends you, then get moving.
Speak to the townspeople, then meet up with your friends at the bus
stop. The bus will arrive soon, and you'll board it and ride to the

Once you get to Okuden Valley, you'll get off the bus and spot Chaud.
He'll join up, if somewhat reluctantly, and you'll be left to play. Head
through the archway.

Continue past the mother and her kid. But LOOK OUT! Hehehe...well,
there's a swarm of bees blocking the way to camp. See that guy in red?
He tells you that trash is everywhere. Check the tree he's standing next
to: Newspaper??? Take it and talk to the woman with her child. She says
you might be able to scare away the bees with fire. Okay! Use the ramp
to get down to the riverside, then go down and jump onto the rocks in
the middle of the river. Check the rock for a stick. Now as far up the
river as far as you can until you get to the edge of the area. You'll
notice a lighter in between the rocks. Collect it, then return to the
bee swarm. Use Lighter+Stick+Paper on them to scare them off. Now
continue down the road.

Hey, check out that statue by the waterfall. Jack into it!

The top-left corner of the area has HPMemory! 240 now! Explore if you'd
like, then jack out.

Talk to anyone, then continue down the road. HOLY HECK! IT'S A BEAR! Yai
will wet her pants, but you'll all escape safely. The Bear is still
blocking the path, though. Remember the little kid down by the river who
said his dad lost his binoculars? Time to find them! See the waterfall?
Go to the north side of the falls and go behind the water. Press A to
pick up some binocs.

Approach the bear and take a good look. It's a robot! Move in and jack
into the doppelganger bear.

Inside, go down to the bottom-right to get another RegUP1 (I believe we
have 10 MB of space now), then speak to the program near the center.
Just as he finishes telling you what's going on, the virus will attack!

You're dealing with 3 Spikeys now (Why does everything end with ey?).
Avoid their fire shots and hit them with ShockWavs and Shotguns when
they line up. Simple.

After deleting them, you'll turn off the robo-bear and continue on. Go
up into the next area.

Now, you'll have to gather supplies for an old-fashioned Barbecue. Talk
to all 3 of your friends to learn about their problems. To get wood for
Dex, talk to the old man on the other side of the river. He'll cut some
up. Bring the wood to Dex, who's running around near the entrance. Talk
to the woman with her little sister (hanging out by the river on a
picnic blanket) to get a cutting knife for Mayl.

While you're at it, jack into the rightmost stove near Mayl and Yai.
Collect the MiniEnrg behind the teleporter, and in the middle on the top
of the area, is a Bubbler R Chip.

Now, to find some fish for Yai, talk to the strong-looking guy on some
rocks in the river. He'll teach you to catch fish. Get one.

Before you return to Yai, notice that Ribitta is here. If you beat her
already, she won't fight you. The scientist on the other side of the
stream will give you a Bubbler J chip and tell you that the Dam beyond
him is only for authorized personnel. Now, bring the fish back to Yai
and eat up!

But...as you finish eating, you hear a huge explosion! Mega says it's
most likely from Okuden Dam! You set off to find Chaud...sigh.

Part 17: Dam it
Time to find out what the heck's happening up at the Okuden Dam. Speak
to everyone, then go to the dam through the place the scientist was.

Run through the forest (There's a SubChip peddler near the sign) and
across the dam. Check the door to the control center to find out that
it's off limits. Chaud will call you now, asking you to find remote
detonators to the bombs planted right in the dam. Time to find some

Upon leaving the Dam Area, Chaud will mail you a simple message: Find 4
bombs! Run ahead until you see a "bridge" of rock, and a green PET on
the rocks. Jack into it.

Your mission is to find a round control detonator. However, explosions
destroy the path often. It's like a maze. Here are the directions:

Since the game has a 3D Isometric view, North/South might be confusing.
WEST is the direction that your HP Box is. That should help.

At 22, take the path West.
At 21, take the path North for 500 Zennys, then return to 21.
At 21 again, take the path West.
At 20, take the path North.
At 10, take the path East.
At 11, continue East.
At 12, take the path North.
At 02, take the path West.
At 01, take the path South for Cannon C, then return to 01.
At 01 again, take the path West.
At 00, take the path North.

Simply run across the green path and press A at the console. After
MegaMan deactivates the bomb, jack out.

Continue ahead, but wait! Remember that canteen and backpack that
belonged to no one? Jack into that canteen!

At 61, take the path north all the way to 91, and collect 600 Zennys.
Return to 61.
At 52, take the path to 62.
At 62, go to 63.
From 63, go north to 93.
Then go up to 92.
Cross the bridge...
You'll be at 32.
Run to 22.
Head east to 23.
You'll find some HPMemory to the north, at 13.
Go to 03, then race west through the long path.
02 will almost blow you up. Go to 12.
From 12 to 11.
West from 11 leads to a WideSwrd L!
South from 11 takes you to 21.
Hey, keep going, it's 31! (It's obvious I'm getting bored?)
Just go west, round the corner, and keep heading north.

You'll get to the controls and deactivate them. Then jack out.

Run back to the waterfall area. Remember how you found the Binocs?
Search behind the falls and jack into a new device.

You start at 03.
Go to 02.
South to 22.
East to 23, then cross the green bridge.
At 33, go west to 32.
Go south now, and collect the PanlGrab L, then keep south.
At 52, go east to 53.
Go south again.
Go west at 63.
All they way to 60. Then go get 1500 Zennys from the mystery data.
From 50, go east to 51.
North to 91.
West to 90.
North to 30.
Go east, then cross another green bridge.
On the other side of the bridge is a RegUP2 (!). That's 12 MB.
Go west to 20.
North to 20.
East to 11.
Now just run around the blown-up holes and cross the final green bridge
leading to the control console.

After turning off the detonator, Chaud will tell you that the last bomb
is probably on the person carrying it. If you've already solved the
mystery of who it is, congrats. If not, hehe, too bad.

After jacking out, return to the first area of the forest. See that guy
in red? That's him. "Ask Again" and "Get Suspicious". Dave will be
curious to see if you can stop Quickman, so he'll let you jack in.

Oh, come on! This maze is huge...Navigate it yourself. It's not HARD,
just walk and if the path blows up in front of you, go back to the
number you came from and try another road. Keep an eye out for Recov50 N
near number 31. There's a PowerUP at 95. You should increase your attack
with it. There's a BugFrag on the green bridge between 22 and 23. Near
03 is an Atk+10*. Near 01 are 3000 Zennys (I kinda forgot to double-
check if it was random or not...)! At 00, you'll find a LONG green
bridge that leads to...Dave and his Quickman!

>>>Boss: QUICKMAN<<<

HP: 400 (!)

Tactics: Pretty fast and very hard. He deflects ALL attacks, and he's
only open to damage right after attacking or while he's moving (more
like teleporting) around. Frustrating, eh? Bide your time, fire when
he's just finished attacking (or while he's moving, but it's hard to
aim). His main attack? Tossing his Quick Boomerang. It's fast, so when
he finishes jumping around, move up and down quickly. Then hit him for
damage. Persevere and you'll take him down really QUICK. Pun intended
but reluctantly put forward.


Dan tells you that destroying QuickMan was like pressing the detonation
switch. The dam's gonna blow! Wait...Protoman jacked in and cut Quickie
in half before he could blow. Great. Game over for Speedy Dave!

Part 18: Croissant
Lan will be shyly interviewed by Ribitta, while Gospel foams at the
mouth for the defeat of both its lower-rank members. Time to bring out
the big gun: Dark.

Meanwhile, Lan relaxes in the park at sunset. He finds a balloon. It's a
letter from Yumland, a foreign country! Lan decides to do his summer
project on food, meaning you'll have to visit Yumland.com...

Before you log on, though, go to Dex's house and battle his Gutsman! Dex
seems to have bought a new chip for Gutsy, so be on guard.


HP: 500 (!)

Tactics: Guts is faster now. He'll also use AreaGrab to pen you in a
smaller space, so be careful. His Rocket GutPnch will send his fist
flying at you for 100 DAMAGE! Yikes. Use fast weapons against him, and
Roll is handy, too. It gets difficult, since he uses AreaGrab and his
attacks are fast. Just Hack and Heal, my friend. I managed to deleted
him with 10 HP remaining...


If you survived, you'll most likely get a GutsmanV2 chip. Congrats.

Now, if you'd like, take the Metroline to Marine Harbor. A kid at the
Harbor Station will tell you about a new chip trader. Upon entering the
Official Center, you'll get a forwarded message from Mr. Higsby (huh)
also stating that a new trader has been set up in the Center.

There's a shady-looking guy from Hikari Labs (Your dad's lab) who's been
sent to the Center to battle City NetBattlers. His name is Mr. Famous,
and he uses Gateman. If you think you're up to it, battle him.


HP: 600 (!!)

Tactics: You might wanna level up some more if you lose at least twice.
For now, do your best. Gateman's attacks include him depositing 3 robots
onto the field, which seek you out and hit you for 30 each. They're easy
to destroy with a good Mega Buster. Later on in the fight, he'll use
RemoGate to create a shield. It moves up and down and gets in the way,
blocking your attacks. Shoot around it carefully. The gate can attack
you, as well! It rushes toward you and a hand reaches out of it, hitting
you for 40 damage. Also later in the fight, he opens up his chest and
fires a blast at you. Be careful. As far as I know, the RemoGate can't
be destroyed.

I advise you to use Gutsman to limit his running area, allowing you peg
him with guns. Swords and Dashes are riskier, but more damaging. If you
lose, at least you tried your best. Come back later in the game. If you
won, you've obviously either beaten MMBN1 or are just really really


If you win, you'll get a cool HPMemory. Now, look around the floor. See
anything different? Your good friend Mr. Higsby has left a Chip Trader
down there. It's all luck of the draw, but beware: Your game is saved
every time you use it, so there's no going back. After you're done
screwing around, go back to the Station.

Now, you can either explore around the Camp and Dam, or head back to
ACDC to continue with the real storyline.

Back in ACDC, you'll notice a broken toy lying in the playground, near
the climbing dome. Jack in!

In the southwest corner of the area, you'll find 3000 Zennys!!! On the
eastern side is mystery data containing a RegUP1 upgrade. Warp out when
you're done.

Now go to your house, climb upstairs, and jack in to your computer.

When you first enter the net, you'll see that the roadblock is gone,
leading to 4 teleporters. They're all unactivated, and you need a key to
turn them on. However, you can use the new area as a shortcut to the
other side of Area 1. Yum. Anyway, continue to Area 2.

Collect any mystery data you find (Some mystery data regenerates in the
same spot you collected them before), and continue on. Stop by at the
Square (don't be freaked when you see the entrance empty- everyone's at
the main Square), and buy all the HPMemorys you can (I had 2 left, and
got them both). Check the board for a lot of new posts, then you can
head up to the second floor of the net to check for mystery data (if
you're in the mood). After wrapping that up, head back to the net and up
to Area 3.

Problem. There's one of those SecurityCubes blocking the way, and you
need an Alicense to deactivate it. Jack out and take the Metroline to
Marine Harbor.

Part 19: Virus Hacking for fun and profit
Once at the Harbor, use the southern door to return to the exam hall.
Talk to the man behind the counter, and he'll tell you to finish the
requests on the Request Board. Then you can take the test. Well, it
seems like in a magical second, 3 new requests have appeared on the RB.
Check them. Let's do Mission 1 first.

---Request 3 (Mission 1)---
You'll have to meet this poster in person. Use the Metroline to return
to ACDC Town, then talk to the guy waiting right outside the Station.
This scientist needs you to find 3 Navis that escaped. They're not on
the internet, but they're jacked in to some appliances connected to the
internet. First up: That broken toy in the park.

The Navi you need to attack is waiting in the top-left corner of the
area. It sends 3 Spikey2s after you. It's a pretty challenging battle,
so use summon chips to deal some heavy damage. Swords are useful, if
you're quick. After deleting the viruses, the Navi will vanish and you
can jack out.

The next evil Navi is in Dex's Game Boy Advances. Go to his house and
jack into them. The Navi is in the same position as the last one: Top-
left corner. 3 Handys. Watch out for their bombs. If they lay their
bombs all at once, sacrifice your chips and use them on the bombs to
stay alive. Use AreaGrab to claim their most prized column (the one
nearest to you) and deal some damage.

The final Navi took me a while to find. Go to school and jack in to the
blackboard. Check the northernmost area for a Sword L chip, then fight
the Navi, who's in the same exact position the other two were in. He
unleashes a Flamey2 and a Flamey3. Pretty advanced stuff. Chip away
their HP and watch out for their divebomb attacks.

After all 3 are in the recycle bin, return to the scientist and he'll
give you a RegUP1 for your troubles.

---Request COMPLETE---

---Request 4 (Mission 2)---
Now, return to the Center and take on the second job. Time to head to
Koto Square! Use the main server in the Center to head to Den Square,
then use the second floor warp and take the north path. Buy a PowerUP
from the NetDealer on the way. If you can't afford it, just head south
to Area 1's second floor and pick up the mystery data, which offers a
random amount of Zenny, or a chip. If you have at least 5000, you'll
afford the PowerUP. Upgrade your Rapid, so you can fire your Buster even
quicker (Hopefully you're around Level 20 now). Now head south and cross
into the next area.

You're now in the Koto area! You'll know when the background becomes
orange. You can't cross over the rolling blue tile because it's one way.
Go to the left and cross the pulsing yellow path over to the black
platform. Take the left yellow path to a mystery data. Be careful. It's
random, but it also may be a virus in disguise.

Return to the black platform and take the yellow path to the right of
the one leading to the data. Continue down the wide road, ignoring the
yellow branch leading to a SecurityCube, and take the green ramp to a
second floor. You'll find a friendly Navi a little further up this
second floor walkway, who tells you about one-way moving walkways. Use
the one above him to reach a new platform. Take a new green ramp back
down to floor one, and speak to the purple Navi. Before stepping into
the warp, grab the mystery data nearby for a LongSwrd L chip. Now use
the warp to Koto Square (which is supposed to be a main hub and easily
accessible. But look what you just went through. It's like driving
across 8 bridges to get to Wal-Mart).

Now you're in the safe Koto Square Entrance. It's just like the one you
have in Den, except a orange hue. Take the only other active warp to the
main Koto Square.

Here, there's a room with an entrance like the one for the board in Den
which leads to the Shops (A purple girl Navi is standing next to it).
You can use your BugFrags to buy stuff from the Navi not standing behind
the counter. I had 4 when I got here. That ZeusHamr looks really
tantalizing, but it's way too expensive. Save up if you want it badly,
but I just bought a Recov80 and saved 2 BugFrags for later. When you're
done, talk to the purple Navi standing by himself (opposite the purple
girl Navi), and he'll reveal himself to be the poster of the request.
Heh, almost forgot amidst the hustle and bustle of getting here, hm?
He'll ask you to take out an evil Navi hiding inside the Coffee Machine
at the Center. So jack out.

Hey, you're already in the Center! How convenient. Head over to the
Coffee Machine nearby and jack in.

This Navi you need to defeat is on the north part of the area. Just head
straight from the teleporter and head past the colored center. He's
right there. In one of the cooler pre-battle conversations, he'll give
you back the program and then give you a sucker punch when you thought
it was getting simple. In this unexpected battle, you'll have to fight 3
Spooky2s all lined up in a wonderful row. They'll move out quickly,
though, so unless you have a summon chip, they'll disperse before you
can attack.

After deleting this guy, jack in to the server again. Now you'll have to
trek ALL THE WAY BACK to Koto Square. Have fun!

After returning the OddProg to the purple Navi in Koto Square, jack out
with your new Recov30 L and return to the Request Board to take on the
final job.

---Request COMPLETE---

---Request 5 (Mission 3)---

This time, you'll have to return to Okuden Valley (the campsite). Take
the Metroline there, then head to the back of the camp, where all the
tents are. Talk to the guy standing on the bridge of rocks, and he'll
tell you that his son has lost a PROGRAM (ughhhh...) on the net.
Metroline yourself to ACDC. Fortunately, finding the program will be
simple. Go to Dex's house and borrow his PC. Jack into it, then head up
to Area 3 of the Internet. Talk to the green program going in circles to
inform him that help is on way. Then take the Metroline to Okuden again.
Return to the man and speak to him to complete your final mission. He'll
give you an HPMemory and his thanks. You should have 340 HP by now...oh,
yeah, go back to the man behind the desk you talked to before back in
Marine Harbor to confirm that you've completed all the missions.

---Request COMPLETE---

Part 20: F is for fantastic
Your A-Rank is in sight! Talk to the man in the Exam Hall behind the
desk and he'll check your PET and tell you that you're able to take the
exam now. Head through the door nearby and jack in anywhere!

Head down the silver path and speak to the Navi. He'll sign you up. From
now on, you can take tests whenever you'd like. Cool. For now, though,
try out the Alicense Exam.

You'll face 5 survival battles first.

Battle One pits you against a Swordy and Hardhead. Easy stuff.

Battle Two is against a Spooky and two Spooky2s. Medium stuff. Their
constant vanishing is annoying, but when they get right in front of you,
strike them down.

Battle Three is a fight against 3 Handys. Medium-Hard stuff. Their bombs
are a major pain in the ass. Just use summons and swords.

Battle Four is a simple one. 2 dashing Fishys and a Beetank. Medium
stuff. Sword the Fishys first, then take on the Beetank.

Battle Five has you on the receiving side of an onslaught by 3 Flappys.
Easy-Medium stuff. Their high HP is annoying, but not dangerous. Stay
off the back column and remain in the first 2. When they pound down in
their weight forms, dodge and get behind them and attack.

Congrats. Now for the second, and most irritating part of any exam: The
Internet search. There are two bad Navis out there. Search and Destroy

The first naughty Navi is on the first floor. Simply head up onto the
purple platform near the warp to the Den Square Entrance, then take the
blue pathway to another purple platform. The Navi in question is
currently standing in the corner. This battle is tough, with a Swordy of
every kind: 1, 2, and 3. Their high HP is worthy of a #@$%! And they
also have AreaGrab, which they used to pen me in to the back column and
then used their WideSwrds on me, which brutally beat me down to 40 HP
before I managed to beat the last one.

After the battle, the baddie will drop a BadDataA. Now, return to the
Square Entrance. Use the second floor warp, then make your way to the
Koto Area. Follow the path towards the first green ramp. The Bad Navi
will be standing near the ramp. Attack...again. This time around, there
are 2 Mettaur2s and a Metfire behind a rock. Take out the Mettaur2s
while dodging Mettfire's comets. Then kill off Mettfire. You'll snag a
BadDataB. Now return to the instructor. A cool shortcut is to simply
jack out and jack in again. You won't fail the exam.

The final problem is yet another survival battle.

The first battle is against a Sparky. Medium Stuff. All he does is move
in a zigzag across the whole battle area. But I wouldn't know. I used a
Dash and an Attack+10 and killed him in one hit. Hehehe.

The second fight is against a Spikey2, a Spikey, and a WindBox. Hard.
Take out the Spikeys first, and then destroy the WindBox.

The third one is versus two Shrimpys. Beware the bubbles and hit hard
and fast.

Fourth: 3 TuffBunnys. Medium Stuff. Like Bunnys except quicker and with
more HP.

The fifth and final fight will have you dealing with a Sparky, Swordy,
and a Mettfire. Very Hard. The Mettfire's fireballs will be whaling on
you constantly, Sparky will be running in zigzags like a retard, all
while Swordy slashes. And slashes. And slashes. Sigh.

Congratulations! You know get your Alicense and a RegUP2!! That's 16 MB
of memory. Now, go back out and talk to man behind the desk. You'll get
a Recov50*.

Now you have to head on over to Yumland. On the net that is. The fastest
way to get there is through Dex's link. So get on the Metroline and go
to ACDC, into Dex's house, and into his computer.

Run through the Canodumb infested computer and get on the net. From
there, just head up to Area 3.

Go north and unlock that SecurityCube! Ahh, the satisfying beep and
whoosh makes me feel so proud of my Alicense!!! Okay, stop staring. It's
a good game, and I think I'm blasted awesome for writing an FAQ. Anyway,
follow the new road a little ways and you'll be on Yumland Internet!!!

Part 21: Nothing but net
Something's going on. The Navi near the entrance will tell you that the
area is unusually empty. It seems like it, too. Well, empty except for
those blasted viruses. These people need Norton badly. Anyway, you
should see three other paths. The one heading up (This isometric view is
getting annoying) by itself leads to 2 sets of mystery data, one of the
locked. Use an unlocker if you have one: I don't. So...uh...surprise me.
The mystery data that doesn't need unlocking is a random one, so be
jealous of my 1500 Zennys I got from it. When you're done there, take
the any of the other two paths. Now, you see that blue rolling tile? Use
it to get to a path that heads down and eventually leads to a RegUP1
powerup. W00t. Use the other blue roller to return to the main path. Now
head up past the blue tiles.

You'll see a sign. Behind the sign is a sparkling BugFrag! Now, take the
path to the right of the sign to reach a NetDealer. All he has are
chips, so indulge in them if you'd like. If not, take the blue tile to
get back to the billboard and take the left path.

Keep heading past the wrong-way rollers and the dead ends until you get
to a brown platform with a purple robot on it. Again, she's about to
turn back due to the lack of Navis. Continue on. You'll see a teleporter
and 2 rollers. The rollers lead to a locked SecurityCube, so don't use
them. Instead, warp.

The new area you reach will lead to a path, which will take you to the
second area of Yumland net.

Now in Yumland 2, take the rollers to the next platform. You'll see 2
accessible blue rollers: A long one with 3 in a row, and a single one.
Take the single roller to a path that lets you grab mystery data: It's
random again. After snagging your prize, use the roller up ahead to get
you to the platform you would have gotten to had you taken the long
rollers. Take the path in the corner of the platform, and use the really
long bridge of rollers to get to an area with locked mystery data.
Again, unlock it if you can. If not, take the rollers right ahead of you
to another brown platform.

The roller bridge north of here takes you to a locked Cube and back to
an earlier platform, so use the one near the bottom. Now, to your left
is a path with three branches heading up. The center branch leads you to
the previous platform, but the paths on the left and right lead to two
mystery datas. The one on the left is random (I got 3000 Zennys, neener
neener), but the one on the right has a Navi+20* chip. Now to continue
with this $#%& maze. You'll reach a confusing tangle of pathways. Don't
use the blue roller, or you'll be taken back to the beginning. Instead,
go up as far as you can until you can climb up a green ramp to a second
floor of this place. Finally, a warp, which according to the purple
Navi, leads to Yumland. However, as you approach...

It seems like the president or someone similar is under attack by a
single Navi. Just as he summons his loyal troops to attack, evil Navis
jack in and take them all out. Then this Navi slices the guy in half.
Ouch. The Navi reveals himself to be under the control of that Mr. Dark
dude we've heard about. After the assassin jacks out, a good robot comes
to the aid of this guy: The King! Unfortunately, the King loses all his
strength and is deleted.

Meanwhile, MegaMan has reached the safety of Yumland Square. Take the
path pointing down and teleport to the main Square. However, upon
arriving, it's also empty! You hear someone typing on a keyboard, which
is weird, considering that no one's here. Just follow the path around
the area, past the counters the NetDealers were using. You'll hear the
clattering getting louder, so keep going and go into the door shaped
like a house. Inside, you'll find that yellow Navi. He'll tell you
Yumland was DESTROYED (!!!) by an evil Navi. After a bit of speaking, a
mysterious Navi (and my favorite) will beam down. This is Cutman, and
he's hear to clean up any survivors that Mr. Dark couldn't delete. Time
to cut the rug with Cutman!


HP: 600

Tactics: Cutman will send out a homing cutter, which will follow you as
you circle around the rock in the middle of the area, and hits for 80.
Destroy the rock if you want, but you can use it as cover from Cut's
attacks. Cutman will also use a boomerang attack for 100 damage, and if
you get too close, he'll slice you for 100 as well. The only way I know
of to destroy that pesky homing cutter is to use Guard against it. The
most evil enemy in this battle is not Cutman, but the confined quarters
of the battle. Stay alive, and heal as much as you can. Good luck.


Cutman tells you that Mr. Dark's Shadowman is already on his way to
Electopia, and will delete everyone there too. Then Cutman goes boom.
The green robot reveals that he was the sender of that balloon. Wow. Lan
will promise to return, then Mega will jack out.

Part 22: Checkmate
Meanwhile, at the Center, a telegram is received which details the
destruction of Yumland by Gospel and their intended visit to Electopia!
Chaud will run off, and you'll see Lan's dad getting ready to start up
the high-security measures.

Back at home, your long-absent Dad will e-mail you, telling you to come
to the Center. But didn't Mr. Hikari work at the Government Center (It
must have been closed due to asbestos influx =P).

Anyway, you can explore the town, which is quiet for now, but the
citizens are slowly realizing something bad could happen soon. You
should go to Dex's and challenge him one last time: His best form of


HP: 800 (!!!)

Tactics: Gutsman is real tough this time around. His attacks are faster
than ever, and with a single pound, he can shatter every tile in your
square. Use quick attacks and use a lot of healing chips as well as
guards. Be quick and practice. I think you should level up a bit more
before taking him on. I lost about 5 times and beat him on the sixth.
Good luck.

>>>BOSS DELETED (?)<<<

From now on, you can fight Gutsman3 anytime you want, over and over...

When you're done here, head to the Station. Mr. Higsby will e-mail you
again, and this time, he's set up a Retro Trader. This trader lets you
insert Mega Man Battle Network 1 chips to get a very valuable chip in
return. To find this Trader, simply take the train to Okuden. Go around
the bushes to the left of the entrance gate and it's right there. Weird
place. Use it if you'd like...I can't. Heh. Can you guys e-mail me and
tell me about your experiences with the trader? Thanks.

Explore the camp if you'd like. Heh, you might be surprised when you see
a NetNavi walking around the camp, but it's just a guy rehearsing a

Once you're at the Center, you can speak to Ribitta to fight against her
leveled-up Toadman.



Tactics: Not THAT hard. Avoid those pesky tadpoles and dodge his
croaking. Heal and Hack, as I always say. A little practice is good,
too. I beat him on my first try, though. Not to brag. Heh. The notes are
almost impossible to dodge. Good luck.


I'll spare you all the directions. You should know your way around by
now. The Request Board has some new requests. You can complete them now,
if you'd like. The "Chip Please!" request requires a FireSwrd F.

For now, let's take on the next request.

---Request 7---
Scoot in through the crowd of NetBattler gathered around the server and
jack in. At the Square, read up on posts at the Board. You have to meet
the Navi at Yumland 1, so go to Area 3 of the Den net and then to
Yumland. Head through the area as if you were going to Area 2. You'll
find a purple Navi looking at a billboard. Answer yes and it'll give you
the GateKeyB. However, it turns on you and tries to take all of your
Battlechips! Fortunately, defeat its viruses (Sparky, Flamey2, Flamey2)
and you'll take it out. Now you can jack out. You've completed the
request-by killing the requester. Good job.
---Request COMPLETE---

---Request 8---
This next request will have you playing matchmaker. Accept it, then take
the Metroline to Okuden.

It turns out to be an old man. After Lan gives him some advice, he'll
write a love letter and ask you to take it to her. He doesn't know where
he is, but she's always near flowers. Think: Flowers. Nothing yet? I'll
save you the time and tell you to go to Marine Harbor. She's standing in
the flower path. Deliver the letter, then take the reply back to the old
man. Then check it out: YOUR REWARD IS 10000 ZENNYS! YAR! You're
stinkin' rich! I'd advise you to wing it and head online, then go to the
second floor of the Den net. Find that expensive NetDealer and buy all
three HPMemorys from him. You should have 400 HP now! Yar!
---Request COMPLETE---

Now you can head upstairs using the elevator to meet your dad. Go down
and into that office. Your dad's there. There's also another Retrochip
Trader here. That thin hallway leads to that large monitor. Speak to
everyone, then jack into the small green button to the right of the

Aqua+40* is inside mystery data to the left of the entrance teleporter.
BugFrag's inside another data in the top-right corner of the area. When
you're done here, jack out.

Back in dad's lab, go to his cubicle and guiltily search is lab coat on
the wall for a PowerUP! Now upgrade MegaMan's Charge! You can now hold
down the B button to power-up your MegaBuster.

Now go and talk to your dad in front of the big monitor. He tells you to
be careful, and find a program called Chng.bat, which will make MegaMan
even stronger. In the meantime, jack in to the big screen (even though
you're not supposed to, ehehe).

Up in the top-left corner is a RegUP2 item, so snag it. You should have
19MB of memory. Jack out.

Now return to the first floor via the elevator and jack in to the

Now enter the Board. Remember where the Street Board is? Check it and
Mega will post a message there asking for help on finding Chng.bat, but
you have to wait for a reply. Trust me, waiting for a reply is just like
in the real world...long and boring. Run around the net and level
up...or just run around. Or just go back out and come back in. Hehehe.

You'll get a reply. Guess what? Some nerd comes in and tells you to
introduce yourself before asking a question. AUGH! Just jack back out
and back in.

Now talk to all the Navis in the Square. After they all tell you that
they don't know any programmers, return to the Board and see if IronMan
has posted a reply.

If he has, he'll tell you that a good programmer can be found at ACDC
park. So jack out, get on the Metroline, and go to the park at ACDC

Find the guy in the green shirt at the park. His wife is the programmer
you're looking for. He'll give you a battery for her PET, and ask you to
give it to her at Okuden Camp. So head to Okuden.

Once here, run all the way to the back where the tents are. She's
standing at the farthest tent. Talk to her, give her the battery. She
says that the .bat file should be in Koto Square. Forgot all about it,
huh? Hehe.

Use the Metroline AGAIN, this time to Marine Harbor. Go to the Center,
go to the Square via the server, then go to the Den Net's second floor.
Follow the path to Koto Square like before.

Make your way through Koto net again. Once at Koto Square, you should
have enough $$$ to buy a PowerUP from the NetDealers. Upgrade your
Attack, then go to the bottom-left corner and speak to the girl Navi.
The purple one. The scavenger hunt continues, as it tells you to hike
yer ass all the way to YumSquare again. Fortunately, you'll get a
Yumkey, good for...opening something in Yumland. Now go to Yumland

Back at YumSquare, head into the area where the penpal Navi was. Then
use the Yumkey to unlock the purple bars, and continue ahead. You'll see
a purple mystery data, but don't fear: You don't need an unlocker. Just
pick it up and get Chng.bat! However, an alarm will start blaring, and
you'll discover that you've just stolen Yumland's national treasure! You
can't jack out either, so it's time to escape the way you came. Just

On your way out, a Navi will stand in your way. It'll send some viruses
at you. Two Spooky3s! Delete these warping wackos, then continue on.
Another Navi will appear and will send 2 TuffBunnys and a Mettfire at
you. Take them out like you did before, then fight a Swordy3 and two
Spooky2s when the next Navi comes to defend the .bat file. The final
Navi beams right in front of the only exit out, so defeat the viruses it
sends out (Mettaur2, TuffBunny, and Mettfire). Then get in that
teleporter and warp to safety!

Back at the entrance, jack out.

Part 23: Mother of-
Now go up to the second floor and speak to your dad. He'll painfully
install the file on Mega. However, an alarm will ring! Navis have
invaded DenSquare!!! Go down and talk to all 5 officials near the
server. One of them will give you a FireBlde R. Jack in to the

Too late. The evil NetNavi has already deleted everyone. However, when
you talk to that purple Navi, he'll attack!

The enemy will be a GoofBall. Whoa. The only way to damage it is when it
detaches its mask. Attack then. It has high HP but is rather weak. Its
mask shoots a poison gas that decreases your health rapidly! Stay away
and hit it with summons and cannon attacks.

Now go upstairs and speak to your father again. He'll tell you to help
the NetBattlers fight off the virus at the Mothercomputer. Run to the
other end of the hallway and enter the door that was locked before.

After Lan finishes gawking at the Mother Computer, run ahead and talk to
the three officials standing near a console. After some Official
Barbarossa uses the Dangerous Barbarossa Cannon (I wonder how much this
chips costs. X_x), the officials delete the virus and deactivate the
security door. They'll run ahead, so keep following the path to another
console. They need some help, so jack in!

The Mother Computer has several layers of protection. You'll need to
input passwords to pass these layers. The first two programs you see
will tell you about this protection, and give you the first clue.

1. Curiosity killed the ---!
Answer: CAT.

To input your answer, you need to step on the right letters on the
orange panels. When it's correct, the 4 panels will light up and let you

Now follow the long path, warding off viruses...You'll reach a blue tile
which will warp you to a new area. Now keep running along...You'll reach
a fork in the road. Going to the left will take you to the next
password. Taking the other path up leads to 800 Zennys and a Navi with
no useful information.

When you've grabbed the mystery data, go to the new password area.

2. I lie in bed but never sleep. What am I?
Answer: RIVER.

After solving that one, you'll see a program who says that the next
password will deal with the letters that fill in the blanks...but he's
forgotten the question. I love you, program. Before going up, take the
path that splits, and take the upper path (the lower leads to an
unuseful Navi). You'll grab an HPMemory from the mystery data. That's
420 HP. Return to the forgetful program and take the other path up
through more viruses and to the next Password.

But wait! Another fork! But it shouldn't be that hard. Just grab the
Recov30* and speak to the purple Navi at the end of the short path.

3. What are the 2 missing letters? "-et-attler"

(I've lost my Mega-Virginity! Well, not really, but a bit of news: I ran
into a battle I couldn't run from after getting the clue, and
afterwards, I got the AquaGuts style! Is this battle preset or did it
just happen because I fulfilled the requirements for the style? Please

Anyway, the password is just ahead. Pick the N from the 4 letters
available, then the B from the next 4. Now continue on.

You'll find a green console. Activate it and you'll jack out just as the
Official Navis arrive, belonging to the 3 Officials that came in ahead
of you. They'll sacrifice themselves to save the Mother Computer. Sniff.

As Lan again, continue past the gate you turned off. The Mother Computer
is just ahead, but there's one more gate. Jack in to turn it off!

As soon as MegaMan jacks in, so does Chaud's Protoman. After he accuses
you of not being a real NetBattler, Proto will run off. Take control of
Mega and follow the path, then get ready to be confused.

To the right of the path split are 4 programs in little squares. They
all tell you passwords, but they all say different passwords and tell
you that the other 3 are lying. Ignore them for now and go all the way
past Program D to find mystery data with Spreader P in it. Now go the
other way, ignoring the Programs, and follow the path to the next
Password. There's another program here who will tell you which programs
are more honest. But program Slick is more honest than all of them!
Okay, that was corny. But you get it.

4. One hell of a confusing riddle.
Answer: AFBECD

That was easy. Hehe. Now follow the path a little ways to another split.
The one going down takes you to this riddle:

5. Clue A: 2 Hands, no arms. 1 face, no nose. On your arm.
   Clue B: What do you call a chronometer you can wear?
Answer: WATCH

Hehe, that was a fun one. After clearing this one, collect the nearby
mystery data for 600 Zennys.

Up ahead is a fork. The south path takes you to 3 programs with clues to
the next Password, and mystery data for Wrecker Q. Listen to all of the
programs, then go up to the Password.

6. Just shut up and look below.

Almost there? It feels good to have the game reassure you, doesn't it?
Run ahead.

You'll find ProtoMan about to fight Mr. Dark's Navi, ShadowMan. Chaud
will tell you to get to the Mother Computer, and leave Shadow to him.

Back as Lan, run to the Mother Computer and jack in!

Shortly after jacking in, you'll run across a program warning you that
grass (GRASS?) has been spread all over the Mother Computer. Great.
Anyway, at the fork, you should take the right path to find mystery data
with a BugFrag, and a program with a clue (MASK WIG). Return to the fork
and take the left path, and then you'll find another split. The bottom
path takes you to a Shotgun*, and a teleporter which leads to a program
with another clue. Now head to the Password and input this (IN ORDER).

7.In the bottom-left square of letters, input WIG.
  In the bottom-right square, input GEM.
  In the top-left square, input MAS.
  In the top-right square, input K.

(Be careful! The Ks look a lot like Hs. An H has straight lines going
down, but the K has its left vertical line crooked. I know it's weird)

Go back to the bottom-right square, input K.
Go back to the top-right square, input NIFE.

That was confusing, I know. Sorry if I couldn't explain it better.

If you managed to solve this tough one, continue on. The green console
says that you can't escape now. Ignore the warning and go ahead. Another
password. The program tells you to read the letters on the green
consoles. Keep going past the Password to read more console warnings and
get a PanlOut3*, and get a clue from another program. Now input this:

8. Read the warnings.
Answer: UCANGO
           ^Use the rightmost N, the one not touching letter 3, the A.

After that tricky one, go up. Another split, with the north path leading
to mystery data containing Recov80 F! The left path leads to a new

9. A quick brown fox.
Answer: DUMPS. (Dumps? Hmm, wow.)

After that Password is in the green, go up and into the second area.

The 4 programs here are all chanting something. This should be easy.

10. Itsy Bitsy
Answer: SPIDER.

After that simple Password, you'll reach a fork. The one going down
eventually nabs you mystery data containing 1000 Zennys! Back on the
other path, head over to the next Password.

11. What did William Tell hit with his arrow?
Answer: APPLE (All the letters are in a straight line)

The next one...

12. What insect starts bathing, and ends up drab?
Answer: B. (hehehe)

Up ahead are 3 paths. The leftmost one has a password, OTIEP, and the
center one has mystery data with WideSwrd L and a program with the
password DNGVU. The rightmost path leads to a Password area, where you
should enter this:

13. Answer: DONTGIVEUP

Heh, don't give up. Now keep going, young one, you're almost there.
Collect the Hammer T mystery data that's in plain sight, then go up
ahead to Area 3.

The next Password is up ahead.

14. I'm an animal. I wear a mask.

At this next split, take the right road to a program with a clue and
1400 Zennys. The left path takes you to a Password:

15. Answer: CIHMOQSUWY

Continue on to yet another split. The path going to the left takes you
to a program with a hint. The north path goes to the next Password. Use
the leftmost S to begin.


System ahead? Yay. Continue on, past the Password (talk to the two
programs for clues) and go into the blue warp. This new road has a
RegUP2 item!!! Yay, that's 21 MB! Follow this path to a program with
another hint, then go back to the Password via the warp and enter this:

17. Answer: SYSTEM
Then right after it is another Password field...
    Answer: CLOSE

After this one, you'll find a program telling you that this next
Password is the last lock. Take the path with the dots nearby to 3
Robots who will give you tips on the Password and on ShadowMan. Collect
the FullEnrg subchip and use it if you need it. Now enter this final

18. Answer: VIRUS

Congrats! Now SAVE, and step onto those red tiles...

ShadowMan tells you that ProtoMan is currently fighting a fake version
of himself. Meanwhile, Lan's dad comes with the weapon he was working
on: The Ultimate Blaster. Lan will install it on MegaMan.

There's a problem. It has only one shot, and if you miss, you'll hit the
Mother Computer Core and...screw everyone. So don't. Then Lan will say
"Damn". Which is amusing, hohoho. Just in time, though, ProtoMan will
jack in and hold ShadowMan. He'll be deleted along with Shadow, but can
be revived, so Mega takes the shot. But it fails, because 3 of those
annoying Shadow Puppets come down and take the blast. Proto will jack
out due to heavy damage, and you'll have to fight ShadowMan on HIS


HP: 800 (!)

Tactics: ShadowMan has a 40 HP fire attack, and can duplicate himself
until the real one is damaged (but the real one has an HP count, so it's
easy to tell him apart). Shadow also fires Shadow Blades at you from
above, but if you keep moving, they'll all miss. Later on in the fight,
he'll summon blue ghost duplicates, which will appear in YOUR area, so
watch out! I don't know of any way to destroy or get rid of these blue
duplicates, but I managed to win the battle. It's a hard one, so good


ShadowMan will blow up, and MegaMan will jack out. Back in the real
world, Chaud will refuse dad's help and leave with the injured ProtoMan.
Anyway, Dad will tell you that all the deleted Navis had backups and
were safely restored.

Meanwhile, that evil voice returns, and uh..."destroys" one of his
scientists who failed him. You find out that these people are in some
sort of "chat room" for evil masterminds. Someone new shoes up and
swears revenge on Lan and Chaud. Whoowee, we're in for it now.

Part 24: Airport Security, Muggers, and non-taxed Alcohol!!!!
One lazy afternoon, Lan will get an e-mail from the Official NetBattlers
inviting him to a global meeting in Netopia. Coolness. You'll get a
plane ticket, too.

Dad will send you some mail about styles, so check it out. Now go
downstairs, say goodbye to your mom, and talk to everyone in town. Then
head over to the Metroline Station. You'll get mail from your Dad and
from Mr. Famous (with Gateman). Read them, then board a train for Okuden

Go all the way to where the tents are, then talk to the girl you gave
the battery to. She'll give you GateKeyA. Now explore if you want, or
head to Marine Harbor.

You'll see Chaud at the Marine Station, but he won't be in any mood to
talk. Exit the station, then go down the stairs. If you stand near the
red door going to where the Request Board is, you'll see a girl peek
around the corner of a wall. Speak to the hidden girl for a Geddon3 Y
chip! Now enter the Center.

In here, you can challenge Mr. Famous to another battle against his
Gateman! Watch out!


HP: 800

Tactics: Same as last time, except with more HP. Also, his RemoGate no
longer moves up and down; It actually BLOCKS You constantly. Oof. Use
summons and quick moves to get around this. Difficult fight.


If you win, you'll get Mr. Famous's very own FOLDER! Now you can Equip
different folders as you please.

You can jack into the Square and read up on new posts on the Board,
which I advise you to do.

Now go upstairs and to your dad's office. He's not there, but check his
desk anyway: He leaves you a SilvFist I chip!

Go downstairs and talk to the lady at the counter (The one by herself,
not with the guy). You'll receive your passport!

Before you leave, let's do some requests!

---Request 6---
Remember this one? We skipped it because we didn't have a FireSwrd F.
Well, now we do, so accept the request. Make sure the FireSwrd is in
your PACK and not your Folder. Then go to the lobby of the Center and
speak to the large woman there. If you DON'T, go get one by beating a
Swordy2 with a high rating (8 to S).
---Request COMPLETE---

Anyway, now you can go to the Airport! Go to the Metroline Station and
grab a ticket for the Airport, then take a train there!

Go up the stairs. Aww, how sweet! Mayl is here to say goodbye. She'll
give you Roll V2 R chip, and a Wireless. Chaud is also here, and he's
been invited to the conference as well. Now go to the blue board and
jack in!

To the right of the entrance teleporter is a BugFrag. Now talk to the
programs or just jack out.

Now you can board your flight! Go through the turnstile and insert your
ticket. Now you're on the concourse, so be happy. However...

As you pass through the metal detectors, it buzzes (hehehe...priceless),
and you'll have to go back through again. The attendant will notice your
PET and take him away! You'll have to leave MegaMan here and get a
MiniPET in exchange, so you'll have to pick up Mega when you come back.

All you can do with this MiniPET is read mail, check on your key items,
and Save the game. You'll get mail from Yai, so read it. Then talk to
the man behind the desk. Answer honestly to leave the country, heh. On
your way through the Airport, a French man will bump into you. You'll
drop your MiniPET, but the nice man will pick it up for you. After he
leaves, you'll notice that all your Zenny is gone!

Bummer. Go talk to Chaud and answer "Go away!" and he'll give you a new
PET, with MegaMan already in it! Great! However, you'll see that other
people have also been robbed, heh. Talk to the little kid near the gift
shop. His name is Quiz and if you answer his questions right, you win
something cool! Answers:

1. Elephant
2. The Selection
3. 3
4. Restaurant
5. Zeta Cannon

You'll get a Cannon*! Now board your plane!

A short, 10-hour flight later...

Welcome to Netopia! The people here talk weird, but that's because
they're foreigners. Go down the stairs and talk to the man behind the
desk. Mega will start up the translator if you want. If you choose to
NOT translate, just answer yes to both questions and MegaMan will be
stunned that you can speak Netopian! Hehehe.

As you continue through the airport, you'll find that French man who
stole all your Zenny! Talk to him twice to fight him for your hard-
earned money! You'll have to deal with a Fishy3, Fishy, and Flamey. Be
careful, it's a tricky fight.

After deleting his viruses, he'll apologize and give you your money
back! Now, a little further on, you'll see Ribitta and her cameraman.
Now you can challenge her final version of ToadMan!


HP: 900 (!!!)

Tactics: It's Toadman again. This time, though, his NEAR-IMPOSSIBLE to
avoid "Musical-Note" attack takes away 200 DAMAGE! You'll be dead in
less than 30 seconds if you get hit twice. The Tadpoles take away 50
damage if they slam into you. His GRABBING attack, when he pops out in
front of you, hits for MORE (I don't know exactly) THAN 220 DAMAGE!

This battle is totally end-of-game material. Take him on once or twice
to see if you beat him by luck, and to study his moves. But there's a
90% chance of you being decimated now. Fight him just to scout him out.
Don't expect to win.


When you're done here, head down to the red exit. As you look around for
a bus into town, some big guy pushes you back in. He'll offer Lan a
ride, but before he can say no, the man pushes him into his car and
roars off.

Lan arrives at Netopia Park in one piece, but something's wrong! The car
door won't open! Lan's trapped! The guy grabs Lan, steals all the chips
in his Pack, pushes him out, and roars off.

Fortunately, Lan and Mega are all right, and you still have the 30 chips
in your folder. So, after your money's been stolen, your PET almost
lost, and most of your chips lost as well, how do you feel? I bet you
won't be sending any postcards soon, that's for sure.

Part 25: Foreign Pains
You can explore the area now. A blonde girl near where you are also had
her chips stolen. The little black boy will tell you that Electopians
are targets of robbery here, so be careful. Now go up and enter the

In here, you'll find a friendly scientist peddling SubChips, so that
should make you feel a little more at home. You'll also find Chaud, who
doesn't want to hear your story. Before heading upstairs, go and jack in
to that beautiful gold angel statue!

Fortunately, the square format of appliances you can jack into is the
same here. In the northernmost area of this place is an Unlocker
SubChip. After speaking to all the programs, jack out.

Leave the castle and make your way to the road to the left of the
castle. Take the white/green path to the City.

Near the entrance is a guy who looks like the thief, but just looks like
him. Everyone looks alike in this game, so forget it anyway. Farther up,
past the Bank (which you can't enter...darn), is a Chip Trader Special.
It works like the one in MMBN1: Insert 10 chips and get 1 back. You
SHOULD try it out, when you can, since right now all your chip are in
the backseat of a dang car, heh. The hotel is up ahead, so go in if you
want. If you'd like to keep exploring, keep reading.

Next to the Hotel is a dark path. We'll come back at the end of our
tour. Notice a guy that looks like the one who stole your chips go in.
Ignore him and continue down the path. There's a restaurant up ahead,
but you can't enter. There's another alleyway entrance, but don't enter
just yet. Continue up, and you'll see a jewelry store. Enter!

Speak to everyone and check everything if you'd like. In a small
sideroom is Mrs. Millions and her bodyguard. She won't talk to
"commoners", but you can jack into her handbag! Hehe.

Looks like Mrs. Millions has a thing for snakes. The battlefields you
fight on are pretty grassy, too. Follow the path, making sure to grab
the Wood+40* on the way, then take the teleporter.

You'll be in Netopia's Internet. You can't go past Million's
SecurityCube, and if you head left into the next area, there's another
SecurityCube in the way too, so all you can do now is fight viruses.
When you've had enough of that, jack out.

Exit the store and enter the alley nearby.

Yep, these are the slums. From the drunk Yumlanders to the kid that says
"Who the hell are you?", there's mystery and danger in the air. Before
doing anything, go down to where you can see 4 Dumpsters in a row. Check
the topmost one to find a rat, and...A REGUP2! Heh. That's 23 MB of
Memory now.

Next to the kiosk is a radio you can jack into. Do so.

Follow the weird path until you get to a large open area. Search this
area for a Navi+20* chip! Further on, through a new path and to a new
open area, is another mystery data holding a BugFrag! There's a warp to
the internet, but you need Raoul's (the leader's) passcode to bypass the
SecurityCube afterwards. Jack out.

The two doors in this area only throw stuff at you, and you can't enter.
Go back to the main City and into the Hotel.

Lan will go up to the room, then notice that the hotel is...different.
Lan and MegaMan will get angry at each other, and Lan will toss his Pet
into a corner. Lan will walk out of the hotel without Mega, but walk
back in anyway.

Check out the room, and especially the desk near the bed. You'll get
HPMemory! 440 HP so far...Lan will refuse to pick up MegaMan, so don't
try to. Exit.

Not many things left to do in the city, so return to the Park/Castle.

Surprise! Standing in the Park is none other than Mr. Higsby himself,
from MMBN1, and trainer of NumberMan! It seems he closed his shop
temporarily and went around the world to find rare chips! Lan will tell
Mr. Higsby everything about their horrible trip, but Higsby will
convince Lan to return to the hotel and apologize to MegaMan.

Return to the hotel and speak to MegaMan in his PET. Problem: Someone
came into the room and jacked into your PET! MegaMan managed to fight
off the virus that was sent in, but the guy stole your passport! #@$%!

Now that Lan and MegaMan are teamed up again, talk to the old woman by
the hotel. She'll tell you to see *HIM* in the park.

Back in the park, the little black boy will talk about some "Queer
Electopian" that ran off. Hehehe, silly censors. *HE* is the old man in
the top-right corner of the park. The man will tell you to see Jim in
the back streets. So go to the city and into the dark alley.

Jim is the boy who told said "Who the hell are you?", hehe. He asks you
to give him a Guard* in exchange for help. Fortunately, he'll ask to be
paid AFTER you get your Passport back. Phew.

Jim says that your Passport is probably in the Undernet already. Now, go
to Raoul (near the basketball hoop) and talk to him. You'll need to beat
his ThunderMan to get his passcode! Shocking, isn't it?



Tactics: Doesn't ThunderMan look like a lame 50's spaceman? Hehe. He has
clouds that can shock you for around 60 damage and block your attacks.
The clouds use a + shaped shock that hits around it, and sparks that
move in a straight line. Thundy himself will raise his arms to signal
his thunderbolt attacks. When a tile flashes yellow, move away or be
thundered for 160 DAMAGE! Keep moving and dodging those mother$#%@
clouds. The most annoying and damaging thing you're in for is if you get
stuck between two clouds while ThunderMan's thunderbolts are raining
down. This really SUCKS. A tip: If you have AquaGuts, AquaCust,
AquaShld, or AquaTeam as your style, you'll take DOUBLE damage from this
guy's attacks. Use another style or NormStyl to fight.

A somewhat tiring and awkward, but still slightly gratifying move I
tried out was dodging attacks while constantly pressing START. It gave
me more time to react to some of the nastier attacks.

If you're using an emulator, and have a Joystick, you're even more in
luck. Assign the START button to a regular button and you can press
START easily, so you can survive attacks easily as well. I tried this
out on both the GBA and the emulator, and can safely say this:
Concentrate on winning the battle normally on your GBA.

It took me 5 tries to beat this guy. Good luck, this is one of the
toughest bosses yet.


Raoul will give you his code.

Before leaving, exit through the left side of the alley (next to the
restaurant and jewelry store), and speak to Mr. Higsby, who will give
you 3 cool chips! Quake2 W, TreeBom1*, and SonicWavI! Huh.

Now go to the radio and jack in, then follow the path to the Internet.

Part 26: Web site under construction- FOREVER!
Once you're in the net, unlock Raoul's SecurityCube and continue ahead.
The Navi up ahead tells you to search NetSquare for your passport.

Although NetSquare is to the right, you might wanna go to the left to
nab some mystery data. If you don't want to nab some extra goodies, skip
the next two paragraphs. Now, after heading left and entering a new
area, follow the path, then take the roller to a random mystery data.
Take the other roller out of the platform, and continue on. You'll come
across 4 rollers in some sort of a maze. Take the one pointing down to
continue on the path. Cross the pinkish bridge. Pass the SecurityCube
and take the roller south. Further along the road is a billboard that
says "Den Area 3". Yep, you'll be able to return home- slightly. Pass
that billboard and keep going until you see a long row of red rollers.
Ride them to a locked mystery data. Use an Unlocker if you wish, then
return to the previous path via the next roller. Continue along this
path and take another long row of rollers down.

If you head left from here, you'll reach Den Area 3! Ah...a reminder of
home. That blasted SecurityCube is still in the way, unfortunately.
Return to the Netopian Internet, then take ANOTHER line of multiple
rollers to a platform. There'll be two paths to the north and a single
one to the east. Take that east path to a BugFrag, then go north. You'll
pass a few rollers along the way, but they all return you to this path
anyway, so ignore them. You'll pass that SecurityCube you saw earlier,
then head to a billboard. Take the path going down to a little mazelike
area. Go all the way west, ignoring all the rollers that will return you
to the same path you just passed through. When you see a triangle of
rollers, take the one east and you'll soon find mystery data containing
Recov50*! Return to the triangle and go west now. You'll be back in the
path again, but now you can actually backtrack and leave the Area. Do
so, returning to the previous area near where you got in.

Back at the Navi who tells you to search NetSquare, take the southern
path. You'll see two rollers: One going up and one going down. Take the
one going down, then go along the path. Use the long bridge of rollers
to reach a platform with a random mystery data on it. Now, use the small
roller above to return to the main pathway, then follow the path AGAIN.
Man, how many times have I said "follow the path"? I need other words...

Anyway, sooner or later you'll find a white ramp. Take it up to a second
floor, then use the rollers to get to another ramp leading back down.
Keep on going, and you'll see a platform to the north. If you're keen on
getting BugFrags, continue on the blue path. Take the roller to another
path, then pick up the BugFrag at the rectangular platform. Use the
other roller to return to the platform we passed, then head up and onto
that platform.

Now, simply keep going north to another billboard. You'll see a road
going up, and one going right. Take the one to the right to a NetDealer.
This NetDealer's a good one, since all his chips are of the * code.
Sadly, no HPMemorys or PowerUPs. When you're done, return to the
billboard and take the other path.

Use the rollers smartly: I'm sure you should know how to get around on
them. Use them to reach another ramp to the second floor. You'll see a
purple roller leading to a familiar-looking Navi. Use it! It's
NumberMan! Buy if you want, and pick up the random mystery data. Now
return to the second floor path via the roller. Use the teleporter
nearby to warp to another section of the second floor, then use another
teleporter to reach the NetSquare Entrance!

In here, speak to everyone, then take the warp to the Main Square (a
green Navi stands in front of it).

Search the Square, and talk to everyone. I few people saw a thug Navi
with a passport leave the Square. Buy stuff if you have the money and
the time. Then return to the Square Entrance. Use the other teleporter
near where the purple Navi is walking to reach Net Area 3.

In this new area, you'll see 4 rollers. Take the third one from the top
to find a random mystery data, then use the teleporter. You'll be warped
to a path that will lead back to the 4 rollers. Take the bottom roller
to a new platform with two evil Navis! One of them is selling a passport
to the other- YOUR passport! He'll attack!

The battle is against 2 HardHead2s and a FullFire. Avoid the FullFire's
attacks, and attack the HardHead2s when they open their mouths to spit

After defeating these viruses, the Navi will return your passport and
jack out. Now, if you're interested in the Undernet...I can arrange a
tour, but it's not for the squeamish. If you don't want to go, just jack
out and skip ahead until you see the beginning of Part 27.

So you're going to the Undernet, huh? Alright. Take the teleporter
nearby to a new path, then follow it straight to mystery data containing
an HPMemory! Now, take a few rollers to a white ramp. Climb up it, then
grab the locked mystery data if you'd like. Otherwise, take the line of
3 rollers to a path you can follow. You'll see a split. One leads to a
teleporter and another to random mystery data. Grab the data and warp!

Just follow the rollers, down two ramps, and along the path. You'll come
upon Mrs. Million's SecurityCube, heh. Now, our tour is about to- Crap.
A program is blocking the way. Hey, you wanted the tour. No refunds!
Well, at least you know that as soon as you open up Million's
SecurityCube, you're just a step away from the Undernet. Now jack out!

Part 27: Chip on your shoulder
You should go back to Jim now. However, he'll ask for his Guard*! Hand
it over. Jim will tell you that some millionaire woman bought some rare
chips the other day. Remember Mrs. Millions? Go to the jewelry store and
talk to her. Pick the top option and she'll challenge you to a battle,
and to the victor go the spoils. Or in other words, your battlechips.
Fight SnakeMan!

HP: 600

Tactics: Whoa, what happened to cool SnakeMan? Oh, well...Guess it's
still him, in some ways. His attacks are pretty fast. Little snakes pop
out of the holes in front of him and dash out, so be ready to fire at
them: They can be killed in one or two Buster shots. He's tricky to
damage because whenever you move into the middle row to fire, he
retreats inside his pot thingy. Use MiniBombs and Quake attacks. When
you move to another row, he raises his hand and fires his weapon at you
for some damage. A cheap but effective way to win: Keep moving back and
forth between the top row and the middle row while constantly firing
your Buster. You'll avoid having to deal with his hand gun attack, and
you'll deal a little damage every time you move into the middle row
before he retreats into his pot. It'll take a while, but you'll avoid
95% of all damage. Later on in the fight, he'll use a claw-out-of-the-
pot attack, so beware. It's a cheap way to win, but I beat it on my
first try and only lost around 150 HP. It's easy.


Mrs. Millions will feel gratuitous and give you all your chips back, her
SecurityCube Code, and 10000 Zenny! Cool. Hang around to hear her talk
dirty to Lan...hehe. You got me so stimulated...heheeh. Silly Capcom.

Well, you've solved the mysteries. Return to the Hotel. Before going to
bed, jack into the Refrigerator!

Inside, go to the top-left corner and collect the BugFrag. Unlock the
mystery data in the middle if you can, then jack out and go to bed!

Part 28: The meeting of doom, destruction, and poorly-made coffee.
Lan will wake up, ready to head to that NetBattler conference. It's a
perfect morning in Netopia (Check your new mail, too), so take a walk
around the city listening to everyone, then head to the park and stroll
as well. When you're ready to go an important conference, where NOTHING
can go wrong, enter the castle.

In order to increase security at the conference, officials have created
a "fake" entrance to the conference via those closed-off stairs. The
"real" entrance is on the north wall. Simply touch the golden bells to
warp into the room!

Talk to everyone in the room, and the meeting will start. After some
discussion (That princess...get a load of her! Er...I mean...Oh no!),
the main screen will black out and everyone will fall into trap doors
located right beneath the table.

Lan will land in an old dungeon cell. After recovering, head out the
door nearby. As you head forward, Mega will warn you of danger, and Lan
will jump back as a spear slashes in front of him. To disable the trap,
jack into the green control panel.

In this ancient network, one of the first ever created, vampires lurk
and floors crack by themselves. Be careful. Follow the path until you
reach another green program. Right after passing him, a shadowy vampire
will appear. Don't touch him! Even touching one accidentally will damage
you for 100!

If you have fast reflexes, you can do this: Walk forward slowly, then
when you see the vampire begin to appear, run THROUGH the shadow and
back behind him. He'll head up by himself.

If not, Keep running. You'll see two paths you can take, but one of them
is a dead-end and will trap you, thus leaving you in the hands of the
100-Sucking Vampire (if he's chasing you). Keep going straight, ignoring
the one to the left, and keep going up. After passing a locked purple
gate, a vampire will appear FACING YOU! Meaning you'll have to put the
foot to the soot and run away if you prize your HP. If you run far
enough away from him, he'll disappear. Return to where you came from and
keep following the path.

You'll reach a loop, and most likely the vampire will be following the
loop, too. Dodge him and grab both mystery datas: One will have 1000
Zennys, the other, the CyberKey you need to open that laser door. Go
back and unlock it. Along the way, you'll hear of zombies from a program
that was caught by one of them and brought to a tomb. Man, poor program.
You'll see two paths beyond the grave thing. One has a program, the
other is empty. Talk to the program, then take the other path. Keep
running! A zombie robot will appear, and if you're caught, he'll warp
you back to the tomb. Uh-oh. Further on, A path split! Quickly take the
one to the right to reach a loop that contains a CyberKey and the next
CyberGate. Grab the key, unlock the gate, and pull the lever near the
large cog to stop the trap! Lan will tell you to jack out, but before
doing so, go up and take the path you skipped to reach an HPMemory
powerup! THEN jack out.

As you approach the door, Johnson (the blonde guy) comes on the phone.
Just as Lan goes to help him, he gets...go-go-goed. That sounds painful.
In the next room, you'll see the Princess! And the ceiling will start
closing in, which is the same way Johnson got smashed! Well, are you
gonna let the Princess's fine arse get crushed? I thought so! So jack in
and let's save that $#%@&!

Back with MegaMan, follow the path straight up. A zombie will appear
behind you! Run and when you see a branch pathway leading off, RUN
THROUGH all the way to the end. A vampire will begin to appear, but run
through it and collect the mystery data, Repair C. Return to the main
path and follow it, then go up the next branch. Go to the back and watch
as a TEAM of one zombie and one vampire start going down the path. RUN
YOUR MEGABUTT to that twisty branch you got the Repair from and hide at
the very end. Both enemies should pass, giving you a chance to return to
where you came from and take the path they took.

The vampire will most likely turn around and go back. Follow him from
behind (he won't turn around and bite) and when he takes a path split,
take the other path, since he'll turn around when he gets to a locked
CyberGate that you'll be opening in a minute. At the end of YOUR path,
you'll find the CyberKey. Then run BACK to that twisty branch, wait for
vamps to pass, then run (with Mr. Vampire behind you) and unlock the
CyberGate. Farther ahead, you'll find a program who will tell you about
a new enemy: Bandit. He'll steal Zenny! Eeyick. Take the path with
another program on it to learn that bandits love left turns, and further
on, you'll grab a mystery data containing a FullEnrg!

Back on the main path, a fast-moving bandit will appear behind you. The
more Zenny you have, the more he'll steal! Be careful! RUN and ignore
the first branch, and keep on the path. The bandit will run up the
branch you ignored, then double back and chases you again, albeit from
farther anyway. A little further you'll see a twisty branch, so go up to
the middle past the first turn of the branch and watch the bandit go
past you. After he passes, follow the path to a branch with a CyberKey
at the end. Get back on the main path. When you see a turn up ahead, a
bandit will come soon, running in your direction! Turn on your heel and
race back to the branch where you got the CyberKey. DON'T ENTER THE
BRANCH! Instead, run PAST IT. The bandit will enter the branch. Now go
BACK THE OTHER WAY and continue along happily, with your Zenny safely in
your cyberpocket. Take the next branch to a lovely Sword S, then
continue on the main path, unlock the CyberGate, and hit the lever!

Talk to the Princess, then enter through the door that opened. You'll
get a call from the Princess, but the phone was just turned on by
accident. She's fighting a Gospel Navi, but KnightMan will be destroyed
and Lan will say DAMN IT again! God, I love it. However, soon you'll
hear the dreaded go-go-go sound and the Princess will be pancake.
Sniff...she was cute, too.

Up the stairs, you'll find Jennifer, who's been badly wounded. She'll
tell you that a Gospel NetBattler actually HID amongst the real
NetBattlers! Eeyack! In the next room, Lan will be surrounded by flames
and say DAMN IT again! That's two times in one level already. Growing
up, I see. Anyway, Lan will remember his Wireless that Mayl gave him,
and toss it into the control panel beyond the fire! Press R to jack in
in style.

The Zenny-Stealing fun will begin right away. As you head forward, a
bandit will appear. If you remember the appearance trick...That's right.
Run forward, and when you hear the appearance sound, run back, Bandit
will run past ya. Now take the path to the right (>) and go down.
Collect the mystery data with a Submem, which will increase the number
of Subchips you can hold by one! Continue along and snatch the CyberKey.
As you grab it, a vampire will appear, so run up to the gate and unlock
it! A bit forward and Raoul will call...you can guess what'll happen.
Now that everyone's gone, Lan will notice that he's next to die, and the
only other NetBattler left if Chaud. That's right, Chaud's in Gospel.
Surprised me too.

Put that thought to rest and continue along. Up ahead, a bandit will
appear. Use the run-back trick on it, then go a little further and use
the same trick on the zombie. Take the branch nearby and grab a RegUP1,
then follow the path...augh, I'm sick of saying path X_x. In any case,
use the trick on the vampire that appears after the bend, then take the
path going down and grab the CyberKey. Immediately turn around to get
away from the vampire coming your way. Get back on the main path, only
to see a zombie coming at ya. Return to the teeny-weeny one-tile branch
nearby. The zombie and vampire will both pass you. You'll reach an
intersection. Go to the right to nab 1200 Zennys, then go up, slam the
lever, and jack out.

The flames are gone, so go through the door. Up here is Raoul. He's a
little crisp, but alright. After checkign on him, Chaud will walk in,
accuse YOU of being the Gospel infiltrator, and sic ProtoMan on you.
Time for some satisying JUSTICE!


HP: 800

Tactics: ProtoMan can use his sword to throw a 2-row wide wave of power
at you for 60. Move into the top or bottom row, depending on where he
fires it. After that attacking, he'll get in your row and slash, which
covers the whole row and deals 40. Sometimes, he'll move into your area
and slash a 2-tile wide area, so dodge and attack if you can. He also
has his red shield, and he'll abuse that when you get him around 500 HP.
He's fast, and damaging, but nothing too hot to handle.


Chaud will tell you that he's weak, and failed to defeat you, the
villain. Raoul will wake up and tell you that SHE was the real villain.
She who? Not my pretty princess? Er...go up through the rightmost door,
up the stairs...and there she is. That lying b- Oh, heh. Anyway, she'll
admit it, and then open the floor for you. But wait! Lan will toss his
wireless into the board! Now jack in!

This is the final computer. Yay! Take the left path. A vamp will appear,
but run through it is it does, head into the left branch, wait until it
goes down, then grab the mystery data, a CyberKey! Return to the start
and take the right path. Run through the next vampire as it appears,
wait for it to take the next road, then follow it. It will go up a
branch near the CyberGate, so hide next to the Gate. When it leaves,
collect the LongSwrd L and go through the gate. Up ahead is a tomb and a
zombie. Trick the zombie, then continue through the area. After a small
corner, a bandit will appear. Trick it as well, then keep along.

The next area is an infernal conglomeration of paths, enemies, and
mystery data. Dodge everyone, collect the BugFrag near the bottom, and
the CyberKey in the middle. Then go to the right, pick up the PowerUP
and upgrade the stat that you have less in (It depends on the style you
have). Head through the arrow to the next location.

Another screen of hell. Collect the FullEnrg on the outer rim of the
swirly area, then snatch the CyberKey from the center. Go to the top-
right of the place and go through the Gate. Welome to hell or something
like it. Dodge the baddy parade, collect the Recov120 U and some other
chip I didn't even bother to read, then go to the right and meet another
vampire. I was so sick of them I just ran into him and gave up my HP.
Now you'll get to a fork. Take the one to the left and dodge everyone
that will be aiming for you. Collect the CyberKey, get to the CyberDoor,
go through the CyberPath, and get ready for a CyberFight. It's about


HP: 800

Tactics: The KnightMan attacks! Finally. KnightMan changes colors often.
When he's gray, he'll only take 1 DAMAGE per hit. When he's purple,
he'll take more. His attacks include firing his Mace for 60 damage and
firing his Mace at the roof and rain down rocks for 40 damage each. To
hit him constantly, keep running up and down through the middle row,
firing each time and keeping him purple, while dodging his Mace. When
he's around 600 HP, he'll jump and crack the whole playfield! Er...tough
tough fight.

>>>BOSS DELETED (?)<<<

I got busting level 1 and left with 10 HP! W00t! Heh. Anyway, the
Princess will scare you into thinking that you'd have to turn off the
traps again, but she'll turn one on herself and she'll fall. Hehehe.

Back in the SAFE castle, you'll learn that the other people are safe,
including the Princess. Chaud will tell you the story of Creamland, and
tell you that he won't team up with you. Instead, he wants to defeat
you. Nice kid.

Part 29: Dancing with SnakeMen
The next morning, Lan will wake up all rested up. Your vacation's over.
Leave the hotel.

Before leaving the city, try to challenge Raoul, in the back alley, and
Mrs. Millions, in the jewelery store.


HP: 1000 (!!!)

Tactics: ThunderMan's back. His clouds are back, too. He has the same
attacks, but he's just hard. Er...good luck.



HP: 900

Tactics: Faster. Smarter. Not much harder. Oh, that rhymed. Just do your
best and kill those damn snakes before they kill you.


After some gratuitous moaning from Mrs. Millions, you'll be ready to
either continue with your adventure or explore the Undernet. Now, I
TRIED to explore the Undernet and write a walkthrough for it, but I was
utterly evaporated by the first virus I fought =P. I advise you stay
away from the place until the end of the game.

Before leaving downtown, talk to the man on the street corner, near the
restaurant. He'll sell you 3 items, all for 1000 Zenny each. Buy all 3
of them, then speak to everyone in town, and leave.

Back in the park, you can speak to everyone and enter the castle. The
invisible door still works, and you can use a small doorway in the
meeting room to return to the dungeons.

Talk to the man next to the board in the meeting room, and he'll give
you the ONBACode. This allows you to open that last SecurityCube!

Once you're done in Netopia, return to the bus stop and select
"Departure Lobby".

Talk to everyone here (especially that lady behind the counter, XD),
then check out the scientist reading the departures board. Poison? Oh,
nothing to worry about, nothing BAD ever happens to Lan, I'm sure.
Chaud's ready for another fight, so prepare to fight- and most likely


HP: 1200 (!!!)

Tactics: That's a lot of HP. And a single close-up slash will knock 200
HP out of your life. However, if your chips are damaging enough and
you're fast enough, you'll get through. Be careful you get him down to
around 400, because he'll start getting cheap and move around and attack
more often. Okay, that's not really cheap, MegaMan does it, but still...


After Chaud makes up an excuse for losing, run through the gate and into
the departure area. Pass through the X-ray machine, then you'll reach
one of those guys who asks you those questions. Answer correctly if you
don't wanna be stuck in Netopia forever...

In this waiting room, speak to everyone, including the two suspicious
looking ones, then check out the little shop where the old lady is. The
counter to the left of her can be jacked into! Took me a while to find
it. In the top-left corner is a program and a Lance P chip. Jack out!

Now check out the white postcard stand next to the lady for a RegUP2!
You should have 26 MB now. Now go and board the plane.

Part 30: Aero-chnophobia.

Watch the cute little cutscene...You'll actually be on the plane heading
home. MegaMan will wanna see the cockpit, so wake up. Speak to everyone,
especially the blonde guy in the blue shirt for a Repair L. Jack into
the TV in the back of the plane, head forward, and grab the BugFrag. You
can also buy Subchips from a Subchip dealer in here. Jack out and go to
the door on the other side to reach Business class.

Check the yellow curtain for an HPMemory (500! W00t!), then talk to
everyone and continue to 1st Class. There's a Retro Chip Trader here,
just so you know. Head down into the cockpit. Talk to the captain...and
watch as the plane hits turbulence. Lan will be asked to sit down.

Fortunately, it isn't TurbulenceMan, so after the bumpiness, Lan will
get up and you can keep walking around the plane. In Business class,
you'll see the Bug Scientist is gone, and the bearded man will tell you
about the plane's HighPower program. You'll find that scientist in first
class. Now go into the cockpit again. Talk to the pilots, then return to
Business. Talk to the man in the back, with the green shirt, to get a
SilvFist E! You'll go back to your seat for lunch afterwards.

Lan will be in trouble after eating too much...so take him to the
bathroom. Er...okay. Anyway, a huge spider will escape, according to a
stewardess you heat while Lan's in the bathroom. But it's no big deal.
MegaMan will want to ask someone about spiders, so talk to everyone
(again) and talk to that bug expert in Business.

As you talk to him, you'll hear a scream from the back. Get moving! Run
to where the bathroom was to find a flight attendant bitten by the
spider. MegaMan will ask you to find a doctor. Remember the doctor who
gave you the SilvFist E? Talk to him again. Now run back to the guy who
was bit. The doctor will treat the man, while Lan offers to catch the
spider himself. First, though, talk to the bug expert...again. He'll ask
you to collect a box (or hat), a stick, a string, and whiskey.

To get the whiskey, go back to the rapper. Answer Hellz ya! Hehe.
1- Chicky-chick BABY!
2- Make me go KABOOM!
3- Can ya digit LADY!
4- Oh my Lovefire!
5- Comin' to ya SOON!

After that jam session, you'll get the whiskey. Now go ahead into the
cockpit, and grab that captain's hat hanging on the wall. Now return to
Economy and speak to the old lady next to the scientist. She'll tell you
about her booming chopstick business and her husband, then give you some
chopsticks. Now, for the string...Return to the stewardess in the back
of the plane, near the bathroom. Speak to her for some thread.

With all 4 items, return to the bug scientist. After handing your stuff
to him, you'll hear a scream and learn that the spider scuttled into
First Class. Run in there and watch as you set up that trap and see the
spider crawling around. The spider will get drunk on the whiskey and
subsequently be captured. Lan will return to his seat.

A few hours later, the plane will go into severe turbulence. The right
wing is being attacked by viruses, and the only NetBattler on board was
bitten by the spider! Oh, wait, YOU'RE a NetBattler! Get up and talk to
everyone, then head off to the cockpit. Speak to the captain and you'll
jack in.

Part 31: Magnetic Mofo
Welcome to the Plane Computer. A path split leads you to a red and blue
strip thingy. I'll call these MagFields. Take the blue magfield to a
program you can speak to. Continue on to a 4-way split. Take the nearby
blue magfield to a round NAL platform, then head up. Ignore the red and
blue magfields and follow the path to mystery data holding 800 Zennys.
Now return to the blue magfield you skipped and roll down it. You'll
reach a red circle with a plane symbol inside it- this is just a
teleporter. Take it to area 2 of the Plane Comp.

Follow the path to another teleporter, this time taking you to Area 3.
Talk to the program who tells you what to do, then take the blue
magfield ahead. At the NAL platform, go left and then down. You'll see
two red magfields. Take the first one to mystery data with 3000 Zennys!
Now return to the two red magfields and take the other one. You'll reach
a split. Take the first branch you come across and follow it. When you
see a blue console on a black platform, go up to it and deactivate these
magnets! After the blue magfields are gone, head back left and run past
the red magfield. Keep straight to collect a FullEnrg Subchip, then take
the nearby red magfield. Then return to the beginning of the area, near
the program that explained the system to you. Remember the little path
blocked by the blue magfield? The field is gone now, allowing you to
reach another NAL platform. Take the next red magfield to a new path. Go
all the way down and snag mystery data for GrassLne N! Go up, past the
red magfield going in the opposite direction, and across to a path
leading to another console. Turn it off! Now return to where the program
was, and head up to the Right Wing Control. Fix it!

The right wing will stabalize, but now the rudder's acting up!

Back as MegaMan, go to the left and into the teleporter. Follow the path
through a couple teleporters until you get to area 4.


Dashboard Clock

P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.