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I was really lazy with this walkthrough, so bare with me. If some things aren't answered, just email me and the answers will be sent to you personally.

Watch the opening scene and after Yangus done talking, you are free to move
around. Break the barrels if you want, then talk with Yangus. Afterward, you
will be engaged into your first battle in the game, against 3 Slime. Surely,
don't tell me that's hard. Yangus is controlled by the AI, so you can only
control yourself. However, you can change the Tactic for Yangus so you can
control him as well. The Tactic should be the last one: Meireisasero. After the
battle, another scene and staff credits kick in.


Afterward, Trode will promt you with a choice. Just pick yes and get it over
with. After that, you will be in control again. Speak with Yangus to get him
to join you. Your destination is the bar, so open up the map and you should
see a Beer Mug to the north of the town. That's the bar. But before that, take
some time and explore around the town. Once you are done, head to the bar. Get
near the guy that's near the Bartender. A scene will take place, after that,
speak with Luinelo. After that, head out the bar. Before anything, head to the
well at one of the corners, since the guy that was here before is gone, go
down and take the Leather Shield. And you might as well going to the church and
save your game. Now head down to the central area where your wagon is. Well,
just the villagers picking on the 'monster' Trode, hehe. During the scene,
Trdoe will promt you with another choice, again, pick yes and get it over with.
Yurima will end up inviting you to her house and her house is by the well which
was previously locked. Talk with Yurima that's taking a nap, and the man named
Luinelo will come in. At the end, Yurima will give out your next destination:
A cave to the south of the town. Now, exit out the town from the NW gate.
Trode will just send you back in to sleep for the night. In the next day, use
the south gate this time. This is one big area, if you want to explore around
and do some leveling, by all means, I got up to Level 3 for both characters.
Once you are done, follow the main road. At the intersection, do as the sign
indicates, so right. You will see a waterfall from a distant. As you got near,
you should see the entrance of the cave.

<Waterfall Cave>

Continue along the straight forward path, at the intersection, obtain the map
and go either way. If you open up the map, you can see both ways lead to the
same path. But take the right path anyway, that leads to treasure boxes. On
B2, continue along the path. Eventually, a monster will block your way. Pick
yes and it will step aside. If you speak with it again and pick yes, you get
to fight it. It has more HPs than most of the enemies you fought with til this
point, but it's not that hard if you heal your character. After the battle, go
along the path and at the intersection, go left for a treasure box or right to
continue down to B3. B3 is just one boss fight, so make sure your guys are
fully healed. Zaban isn't all that tough. My guys are at level 5, with some
healings, it went down eventually. If you want to play safe, level up a bit.
After the fight and scenes, you will obtain the Crystal Ball. Time to return
to Trapetta.


Return to Luinelo's house. Get near him and scene will take place. After the
night, walk down the stairs for another scene. Well, you got your next lead.
Speak with Luinelo and Yangus, then head out the town. It's south again. This
time, follow the main road as well, but at the sign, go left. Continue, and at
the next sign, go right. Cross the bridge, and follow the path after the
destroyed gate. Continue the path and at the intersection, go left to the near


Two kids named Maruk and Poruk will engage into a battle with you. But this
fight will end quickly. Your destination is the house to north during day time
and as usual, explore around before you do that. If you sleep at the inn, you
also get to see a scene with Trode doing something. Within the North Mansion,
explore the first floor then head up to the second floor. Explore around and
take the stairs in the NW room to the third level. Speak with this maid here
and a scene with a rat going into a rat hole will take place. Exmine the hole
and your pet will be in control, hehe. Go down the stairs and using the broom
as the path, get to the table. You will obtain Jessica's Note. Head back to the
hole. Looks like Jessica went to the East Tower. Now go back down and go to the
door that's being blocked by Maruk and Poruk. Keep talking to them and select
yes then yes 2 more times. Poruk will come along. So head out of town and go
left. At the intersection, continue to the left.

<Lizas Statue's Tower>

The door is locked but Poruk will open it. The method is rather simple, hehe.
Poruk will also head back. Head in and go up stairs. The right door is locked,
so take the left door. Go down and continue along the path. Enter the door and
you are outside again. Collect the map and open it up. You really have one way
so go left. Go up the stairs, and head into the furtherest door. The near door
is the previously locked door, so ignore for now. Go down the ladder. Break
some barrels and open the treasure box. Go up the ladder and up again. Enter
the door. You are outside again. Now continue the path and enter the center
door. Ok, within this room, you have 2 mechanism on the right and left wall.
What it does is flip you around to the other side of the wall. Use either one,
they both lead you to the same room. Now go up the stairs, use the left one
first. A barrel has a Power Seed. Back track and take the right one this time.
Then to the mechanism to the left and head up stairs. Continue along the path
and go up stairs. Use the first mechanism you come to and open the treasure
box. Back track and continue along the path. Go up stairs to the top level.
Examine the Statue. Jessica will show up and think you killed his brother
Sarbert. Sarbert's soul that lies within the Statue will explain that the one
that killed him was Dormagus. Afterward, attempt to leave and Jessica will
tell you to go back to the village.


Head to the Inn and talk with Poruk. Enter and spend the night for free. On the
next day, go back to the north house. Go up to the second floor and to the
right. Jessica is arguing with her mother Aroza and she ended up getting kicked
out from her house. Now leave Lizas Village. Remember that sign near the East
Tower. Go there but this time, go right. Continue along the path and you will
be at the next location.

<Optional - Jessica's Normal Outfit>

Since Jessica's room in Lizas is available. You can enter it now. This was the
room that was blocked by Maruk and Poruk, as well as the room where you control
your pet to move around to get Jessica's Note earlier. Move to the second level
and check out one of the closets. You will obtain Jessica's Normal Outfit.

<Port Link>

As usual, explore around before going to the destination which is the Light
House to south. Get near Jessica and a scene will triggers. Jessica will pick
you to come with her to get rid of the sea monster. Pick yes and get it over
with. Make sure you are ready and save your game. Then talk with Jessica again
to advance. Pick yes again and let's sail. You will end up fighting this giant
octopus called Oceanon. It's not a hard fight if you use Tension wisely. And
do remember that Tension affects healing magic like Hoimi as well. My guys were
at Level 11 when I beat him. After the battle, few more scenes. Once you gain
back control, take some time and check out the ship first. Then go back in the
town and prepare a bit. Shop and save your game, once you are done, back to
Jessica that's near the ship. Just pick yes and she will join the party. Yangus
will end up talking about how Yangus and the hero met. After, head inside the
cabin. Make your way to the last floor and talk with Trode. Remember the thingy
he was making all these time? This is it, he made it, the Renkingama (Alchemy
Pot). As you can see by the tutorial from Trode, you can mix two items together
to form another item. This option is under Sakusen in the menu by the way.


As usual, explore around and shop. Within the inn, a person will give you the
Iron Nail. If you combine this with a Bronze Knife, you will obtain the Thief
Key. This is a must get for Treasure Hunters, since this allows you to open the
locked treasure chests. And you just got 3 of these treasure chests in the main
area. Once you are done, exist out from the other door in the inn. Continue
along the road, and you will at the next destination.

<Maiella Abbey>

Go deep inside the church and you will see 2 guards by a door. Talk to either
one to trigger a scene. You can't enter so use the rear door first, once you
are outside, break some barrels. Some has a Tiny Medal. Now let's get out of
this place. This time, use the other road, so go left. At the intersection,
as the sign indicates, go right to Dony.


Again, explore around before you go to the bar. Within the bar, the person you
want to talk with is the silver hair man, Kukule. After all that riot, Kukule
will take you outside and give Jessica a ring. Time to return to the Abbey.

<Maiella Abbey>

Back to the 2 guards. You are free to pass now. Enter the door and check out
the nearest room to the right. A barrel has a Tiny Medal. Then enter the door
near where you entered this place. That path will lead to the basement. Move
along and enter the door. Move a bit and you will get a scene between Marcello
and Kukule. Afterward, go back up and enter the center door down the hall. And
enter back in. This will trigger a scene with Kukule. Pick yes but the path
to the Director is blocked by 2 guards, so we will need to find another path.
Now exit out the Abbey, as you were to head to Dony. So it's the left exit.
But instead of going to Dony, go left and move down the path along the river.
On the path, you can also fight a "Lonely Joe". At the end of the path, you
will enter the ruin.

<Old Abbey Ruin>

Examine the Stone Monument. Do pick yes to use Kukule's Ring. This will open
up the secret path. Enter the ruin. Make your way down stairs. Continue along
the way and at the corner, check out those two Treasure Chests. The left one
is a Man Eater Chest. The other Treasure Chest is the Map of this ruin. At
this point, you can go north or right. Go right and take the ladder down.
Read some book and learn a new recipe for your Renkigama. Continue along the
path and there will be two rooms. One has a barrel that got another Tiny Medal
and another one got a Treasure Chest. Within the room that got the Treasure
Chest, use one of the doors that's near. Continue along and go down the stairs.
At B4, use the object to make your way across. Continue and open the door. You
should see this on screen monster. Talk with it and it's fight time. Ghost of
Grief can summon and has all party attack, heal and Tension then attack. Just
watch out your HPs when he uses Begirama. After the battle, continue your way
to the left. At the end, take the ladder up. You can back in the Abbey. Check
out the near barrels, one of them has a Tiny Medal. Go around and enter the
door. Then go up the stairs. Dormagus will quickly disappear and you should
now talk with the Director that's sleeping currently. Marcello thinks you
are some sort of assasin, and you all getting locked up, including that Trode.
In the jail, talk with everyone and move around. This will trigger another
scene. Kukule will come to the rescue. Examine that 'Torture' chamber that
Kukule threw Trode in and pick yes. Once you gain control, exit out. Now time
to get back to Director Odilo. After you cross the fire bridge, Kukule will
show up. The bridge will collapse, you four will break the door by force. At
the end, talk with the wounded soldier and Kukule. Then select yes to go up
to the second level. Dormagus will attempt to kill Director Odilo and Trode
shows up. Looks like these two indeed have a past. It seems Dormagus has
gotten Trode's original body and the princess from Trode, as well as Trode's
castle. Doukeshi (Clown) Dormagus will end up killing Director Odilo when Odilo
tries to protect Trode. After the funeral, exit out the room and enter the door
with 2 guards. Marcello will give you the World Map. Now let's leave the Abbey.
Kukule is standing by the exit and he will join the party. Your next stop is
Askanta. Remember the intersection near Dony? This time, go left and prepare
for a LONG way.

<Riverside Church>

You will be at this place while on the way to Askanta. One house has a barrel
that got another Tiny Medal. The other house is a Church and Inn. Do use that
if you want.


After a long way, you are finally here. Explore around and shop. When you are
done, make sure it's at night, enter the castle and head to Floor 4. King
Pavan is here, so talk with him. Looks like Queen Sissel died 2 years ago.
Anyway, go down stairs and Kira will show up. Now let's go meet Kira's
grandmother, so leave Askanta. A scene with Trode will take place. Now get to
the Riverside house that's near the Riverside church. The old woman here is
obviously Kira's grandmother. She will talk about this Mysterious Hill that
appears on a Full Moon. Now exit out the house and go behind the house. Now
go down the hill and continue along the path to the right. After a long run,
you will enter a cave.

<Hill of Desire>

Continue to north. At the first intersection, go left then right for a Treasure
Chest. Back track and go right at the first intersection. At the next stop,
go right. Go up stairs. Your destination is the top of the mountain. However,
do take some time to explore around. The map of this place can be found within
the well. At the top, wait and watch. See the shadow of the window? It's
reaching out to the wall. Once it's there, a scene will trigger and examine the
door. Continue the path and enter the door. Ishumauri will introduce himself
and talk to him after. You are inside the Moon World by the way. Ishumauri will
come with you. Let's get back to King Pavan.


Take some time and enjoy this scene. It's quite emotional. The next day, no
more moaning, instead, a feast. Life goes on, let the one you love live in your
heart, right? During the feast, head out Askanta. After the scene with Trode,
let's head to the next destination: Palmid. It's south of Askanta. Just open up
the World Map and check. You should see a path to south directly below Askanta.
If you still can't find it, get the instruction booklet that comes with the
game. It has a World Map. Although it only got few names written on it, but
Palmid is there. There should be a little Inn and Church on the way. Then next,
you should see another house with a man standing on top. Talk to him and try
to leave. Talk to Mory again, and pick yes. He will give you 3 Memo and to kill
3 different monsters. Now leave this weirdo alone, and continue to Palmid.


Your destination is the Informer's House then the Bar yet again, so explore
around before you go there. The Informer's House is access from the roof. First
of all, make your way to the SE corner and go up to the roof. Make your way
around then go down stairs. A scene with Yangus will take place. There are two
bars in this place, go to the north one and talk with Trode. Then head out.
Princess Mytia (the horse) will be gone. Now head to the SW house, that's near
the Scout Spot. You will find the thief and now head to the south bar. Pay the
man in front. Talk to the Bartender there and enter the room behind the
counter. Talk with the man here and it seems a female thief called Gerda has
the horse right now. Let's exit out the bar and out of Palmid, toward SW

<Optional - Jessica's Dancer Outit>

In Palmid, at the Armor Shop, you can buy the Dancer Outfit for Jessica. It
costs around 1300 Gold. This is another must get for Jessica fans.

<Gerda's Place>

Talk with the guard in front of the house. Then enter the house. Talk with the
female there. Gerda will end asking you to head north and get the Venus' Tear.
Well, go north. There should stairs going down and a door in north.

<Swordsman Statue Cave>

Within the dungeon, go north to trigger a scene. Then after, go left and go
along the path. Take the stairs down and continue along. Don't go in the first
door you see, instead, continue and explore around. At the intersection, go
up and you have 3 rooms. One is locked, the other two got Treasure Chests. One
of them is a Man Eater Chest. Some barrel also got another Tiny Medal. Once you
are done, back track and go right. You should see a door and a block of the
floor is empty. Touch the door if you want, but it's a trap. You will end up
one level lower. There is also a Treasure Chest here. Anyway, ignore the first
door and open the second door that's near. Continue down and you get see a
Statue blocking the way. Pull it out a bit and continue down. At the first
intersection, go right for some barrel with Tiny Medal. Then back track and go
to the left. Another Statue here, it's pretty obviously that where you should
pull it. Cross the bridge and continue. Enter the door and another puzzle.
Ok, use First Person view and check the ceiling, see that opening? Have the
Statue align to that spot horizontally and vertically. And voila, you are up
there and just one step to the Venus Tear. We got a boss fight up ahead, and
it uses bad effects a lot. Bring some items that can cure confusion and sleep,
some Amor Water, you should be fine. Anyway, open up the big chest and a fight
with 'Trap Box'. I have the hero and Yangus do Hi Tension while Jessica and
Kukule heal. After the battle, you will obtain the Venus Tear.

<Gerda's Place>

Back to Gerda, looks like she doesn't want to return the horse even though she
has the Venus' Tear now... But when Yangus begs, she returns the horse. Exit
out and let's go back to Palmid now the horse is back to us.


Back to the Informer's House. Danna will tell you that Dormagus has went to the
west. The problem is, how do you get to the west? He talks about this ancient
old Magic Ship at west of Port Link. Let's get out of Palmid and to west of
Port Link. There should be a small house on the way, as well as a well. Rest
and save your game in the house. Continue to the west, eventually you will see
a big ship. As you get near, a scene will trigger. Trode will point out his
castle on the map to you. So your next stop is Trodern Castle which is to the
north. There is a hollow passage to the west, use that to get to north.

<Trodern Castle>

If you try to open up the gate, you won't be able to. For few scenes, Trode
will start some flash back. Take some time to explore the castle. The library
you want to go is on Floor 1. You can check out the books. Some got great
recipe for Renkingama. Anyway, at Trode's throne, his minister is sitting on
it, but why? If you go to the room that previous sealed that Legendary Magical
Staff, more scene with Trode. Back to the library, to advance, read the book
at the NW corner. The gate to the Moon World will show up again, enter. Talk
with Ishumauri. At the end, his harp broke and we need to find this Moon Shadow
Harp. Let's get back to King Pavan.


He will take you to the secret treasure room. But everything is gone. Go in
that hole in the wall. At the first intersection, go right. At the next one,
go straight up. Continue the path to outside. Now go north.

<Mogra's Hideout>

Continue through the cave. At the intersection, go right. Collect the map and
advance. At B2, doesn't matter which way you go, they lead to the same place.
At B3, continue along the path and meet this big mole. Talk with it and pick
yes for a funny scene. Once you got enough, pick no. Then time for another boss
fight. This guy likes to confuse and paralyze your guys, so have a healer or
two to heal those bad effects. Concentrate on Don Mogura, the other ones, you
can ignore or use Boomerang so you can hit Don Mogura as well. Afterward, you
will get the Moon Shadow Harp. Let's get back to Ishumauri in the Moon World.
At the end, you'll be sailing. Well, if you open up the map, you will quickly
see this little island. Let's go there.

<Quick Update>

By the way, your Renkingama should have been powered up by now. It's now
Dai Renkingama (Great Alchemy Pot). You can combine 3 items now.

<Medal Princess' Castle>

The enemies on this island are pretty tough, watch out for your HPs. Enter the
house. There is an Item Shop and a Bank, as well as some barrel with another
Tiny Medal. Now head up to the second floor. Enter the room from either door
and get close to the King and Priness. Afterward, return to the first floor.
You can now trade your Tiny Medal to get items from Medal Princess. You will
need 28 Tiny Medals, then 36, then 45, then 52, then 60, then 68, then 75,
then 83, then 90, then 99 and finally, 110. Here is the prize list:

28 - Net Tights
36 - Stylish Vest
45 - Staff of Divine Punishment
52 - Gold Bar
60 - Falling Star Bangle
68 - Miracle Sword
75 - Mysterious Armor
83 - Orihalcon
90 - Metal King Helm
99 - Dangerous Bustie
110 - Metal Ball of Destruction

~ The West ~

Now let's get to the Western Continent, starting from the north tip of that
continent. There should a little church and inn. Now exit out and follow the
main road to south.


Your next stop is the Inn, so explore around before you go there. On the second
floor of the Inn, move down the hall and a scene will trigger. Looks like the
guy named Gearing that you been hearing from this town is dead. Seems to be
killed by a Clown... Fogh and Yukke went out for revenge. Now head down to the
basement of the inn, which is the bar. Speak with Bartender Master. Looks like
Fogh and Yukke went to the Northern Island Ruin. The exact location on the map
is actually NW. As you part your ship, you should see couple more people by
the shore with their ship. Talk to them if you want to. When you are done, go

<Darkness Ruin>

Within that dark aura town, you will see Dormagus enters the entrance. You can
try to enter but it's just plain darkness, you can't see ahead. As you run
around, you will hear Dormagus' laughing and you will be taken outside. Talk
with the trio outside, and learn about the Magical Mirror from the Royal Family
of Southern Beak. Southern Beak is about SE of Bergalak.

<Lapan House>

Just about SE of Bergalak. Talk with Carracci by the door. This guy will ask
you 3 questions. Although the questions and answers are always the same, but he
will put the answers in different order each time. As long as you put the
animal as top priority before answering each question, there shouldn't be any
difficulty. After, Carracci will let you in. Within the house, talk with Lapan.
listen to what he has to say and he will end up giving you the Deep Sleep
Power. Now head out, talk with Carracci to ride the Killer Panther. Continue to
the east of the World Map. This is the tricky part. Your next location is just
a bit to east of Lapan House, pass the lake. Just open up the map and check the
east of Lapan House, see that reverse 'U' shape area? This is where you should
be. The second tricky part is the tree and special light blue Killer Pather
called Baumlen won't appear unless the time is about morning... What you can
do is, wake up at the inn at night, ride the Killer Pather from Lapan House to
this location, then wait at the center, where stones forming a circle. As time
goes, the stones formed circle will have a tree and a light blue Killer Pather
will also walking around. Talk with Baumlen and make sure you use the Deep
Sleep Power on it. Now head back to Lapan. He will give you the Baumlen Bell.
With this, you can call up Killer Panther to the map. Greater speed than the
usual running, but still get random encounter. Now continue to SE. You should
see a Camp spot. You can buy stuff but they are expensive. The guy in the tent
will give you a recipe. Afterward, continue to east.

<Southern Beak>

As you get near, a scene will trigger. Ah, this is the country with Prince
Chagos, the one that Princess Mytia supposed to get maried to. Anyway, enter
the town. Next stop is the castle and meet with the King. Do whatever you want
to do before going there. King Clavius will end up getting you to get Prince
Chagos. The Prince is at 3F, west area. But he won't open the door. Now head
up to 4F and to the SW round room. Break the barrels and examine the cracked
spot of the wall. Your pet is in action yet again. Examine the hole and now,
this is what you have to do? See the other lizard around? Chase it so it drops
down that hole. After the Prince ran out of the room, move your pet back out of
the hole. Once you are back in controlling the hero, let's get back to King
Clavius. After a scene, leave the town. Chagos will end up giving you the
Lizard Powder. Now go east.

<Royal Family's Mountain>

Talk with the man by the house and one of the kids around. Rest inside the
house if you want. When you're done, head into the mountain. Just don't forget
to use the Lizard Power before entering. Ok, we are here for the Argo Lizard.
Walk by using the D-Pad. Running will scare them away. You have to defeat them
once you got near them. Prince Chagos will also help out in battle. But he is
so weak, good thing that he isn't a target. Sooner or later, he will just run
off. After the battle, you will obtain Argon Heart. Now head north and you
should be able to see another Argo Lizard but it's sleeping. Crossing the wood
bridge, pick up a Joro Fruit. With the fruit, get near the Lizard and throw it.
That will wake it up and jump toward you. Kill it and let's get the third one.
Go east all the way, and to the right to cross the stone bridge. This will
trigger another scene where the third Argo Lizard shows up. Continue the path
and pick up a Joro Fruit. Throw it off from the bridge, near the Lizard. It
will jump down. Now head down and when you are near, walk close to it. Defeat
it and the party will spend a night here. The next day, once you gain control,
run down and fight the 'Argo Great' on the way. Even though this is a bigger
size one, it isn't all that hard. Hi Tension, heal and attack. Everyone should
be able to heal, and at least one person can revive. Yangus and the hero are
my main attackers, Kukule and Jessica are the healers. If you got Rukani and
Skurt, that's great. Keep using that if you don't need to heal. Afterward, go
back to Southern Beak.

<Southern Beak>

You can buy some goodies here, but they are expensive, hopefully you have lots
of Gold. Once you are done, go up the east hill. You will find the Prince. This
guy is just helpless. He got a fake one and all these are saw by King Clavius.
Enter the castle and go to King Clavius. After the scene, talk with the King
by the windows. Now go TO 4F East. Open the previously locked door to obtain
some goodies, most importantly, the Magical Mirror that we are here for in the
first place. Exit out the room and a scene will take place. Looks like the
Mirror itself needs magical power first. Looks like some man to west will be
able to solve this problem. So leave this town and go east. By the left of the
camp, there should be a small path. Take that road. Eventually, you will be
there. However, he's not home. So continue further with that road. Eventually,
you will meet him. Princess Mytia will finally return to normal, well, for some
time. Talk with Mytia and drink the water. Anyway, after the scene, back to the
house of that Magician. He will tell you that the real name of this mirror is
called the Sun Mirror. To get the power back, we will need the light from this
Water Dragon. You probably fought it before. Bring the Sun Mirror to you, and
use it in battle. Now it's just wait for Water Dragon to use the attack. So,
wander around the sea and wait for the random encounter with the Water Dragon.
If you sail near the sea-side church up north of this continent, go SE. You'll
pass under a bridge (with a town called Liberarch in the middle) and you should
encounter the Water Dragon. If you still don't know the location, you could
also sail from the Medal Princess' Island and go west, as you did before to
get to this western continent. When you encount the Water Dragon, starts up the
battle using the Sun Mirror. Now wait til it uses Gigo Flash. While waiting,
might as well build up your Tension. Once it uses it, finish the Water Dragon.
You should now have the Magical Mirror into its original name and form, Sun
Mirror. Time to go to Darkness Ruin.

<Special Recommendation>

Before going into the Darkness Ruin, let's make an all powerful Sword. The
recipe is: Zombie Killer + Amulet's Holy Seal = Zombie Buster. It has Attack
Power of 65, a very strong sword at this point of the game. You probably have
a Zombie Killer right now, bought from Southern Beak Plaza. As for the Amulet's
Holy Seal, you need to combine Tattoo of Anger, Holy Water and Golden Rosario.

<Darkness Ruin>

Head to the center structure, see how a round shape thingy would there? Well,
let's use the Sun Mirror. Doing so will take away the Darkness Barrier. At this
point, you should know the boss of this place will definitely be Dormagus. Make
sure you are prepared. Be around Level 27 for your party, and with the Zombie
Buster if you took my recommendation, you won't have much problem. The thing
is, Dormagus uses magic and pretty darn good at it, if you got anything that
raise up magic defense, by all means, prepare those. You have to fight him two
times, just so you know. Also, MPs might cause a problem, so don't just stock
your characters with only healing items, but also MP healing ones. Anyway,
enough with the spoilers, let's head in the ruin. You have two doors: One to
east and one to west. Take the east one and get the map at the end. Now go for
the west door. Hit the switch at the end, this will raise up the platform. Now
back track and go north. Enter the NE door. Continue the way and enter another
door. Go down stairs and take the near stairs. Hit the switch and back track.
Pass the just lowered path, ignore the stairs that's near for now. Head east
and you should find another switch. Now take the stairs, cross the just raised
path. Continue the path and eventually, you will get to another switch. Raise
it, this will block the way ahead, so back track all the way and take the
stairs at west. At the end, take the two Treasure Chests. Now back to the last
switch you pressed, press it again to lower down. Forget the stairs that's near
for now. Continue to north and take the stairs up. Hit the switch and back
track. Take the stairs from before now, hit another switch. Back track and go
north again and lower the switch. Now you can go east to the next area. In this
area, which is B2, open up the map and check things around. The right path near
is obviously a dead end, so don't bother. Go west instead. One of the boxes
here is also Mimick which is just a stronger version of Man Eater Box. At B3,
a little puzzle. Two statues on left and right. Two buttons near them, blue
one is go right, red is go left. The statue will start moving once you step on
either button but stop if you step away. The solution is, point one point at
one of the bird's wing, the other point at the other wing of the bird. Once
you have done so, the path will lower. Go down and there is a little opening
to the right, basically, these water here will heal your HP and MP to full. If
you have Yangus' 'Whistle', you can train here, very good spot. At B4, before
you enter the door. Make sure you are prepared, really. Otherwise, Dormagus
will beat you pretty bad. At the beginning, he will multiply himself. I just
focus on the middle one. Once the middle one is out, the other two are nothing.
On the second battle, this time, it's just him in his transformed body, but
still can do two things in his turn. If you won the previous battle with not
much trouble, then this one is easier. He can dispell Tension so don't bother
with them. Well, you can try your luck. I have my hero attack with Zombie
Zombie Buster and sword skills, Yangus do the similar thing, Jessica to cast
support magic, and offensive if she doesn't need to do so or heal. Kukule is
similar here, attack or heal, full party heal. After the battle, Dormagus will
blow up and died into a pile of sand... However, this is not the end. Jessica
did pick up the Legendary Magical Staff...

<Southern Beak>

Exit out the Inn. Save your game, buy some stuff, you did just went through
some tough battles afterall. Once you are done. Let's go north of Southern


Not much freedom at this point, the villagers block pretty much everywhere,
except this one house. So, enter the house. Explore around the first floor to
gather some items. Afterward, go up to Floor 2, and enter the door to the
right. A scene will triggers. Evil Jessica will end up leaving upon your
entrance. Afterward, talk with Howard. Then head to Kranbartol's House. Now
head out of the house. The house you want is directly below the fountain near
Howard's House. So make your way around the town and enter the house. He will
tell you his father is at some tower up north and you will get the Stone Sword
from him. This will be needed to open the door of the tower. Do whatever you
need to do here, to go out of town by the north entrance. Continue to east.

<Rydon's Tower>

Use the Stone Sword to open the door. Obtain the map and go up. Enter the door
and in this area, walk to the north path. The bridge will lower but you can
still walk. Once you pass middle of the bridge, the other side lowers while
the side that previously lowered down will rise up. In this area, go right and
take the stairs up. Before you do anything with the statue, go right and hit
the swtich. Now push the statue up a bit to cause the bridge go down. Go down
and walk on the bridge. You will be on an upper level. Take the stairs up and
up. Walk on the bridge and it will lower. Continue to walk up and cause the
other side go down. Now take the stairs here and push the statue up again to
make the bridge go down. Go down stairs and walk on the bridge. Now take the
stairs down from the right. Ignore the near stairs and bridge first, go right
and hit the switch. Now go down stairs, push the statue left a bit to match
up with the floor. This will make the statue go up. Now take the statue to the
left of the red bridge to match up with the floor square. Go down and walk up
the red bridge. And then take the ladder up. You will see Rydon going up. There
are 3 stairs to go up, one to east, two to west. We will go with the further
west one first. Push the statue to up a bit to lower the bridge. Go down and
talk up this just lowered bridge to get to a Treasure Chest. Now go back down
and take the stairs that's near (so it's the right west one this time), walk
on the bridge to make it go down. Now push the statue out of the square block
on the floor. Go around and up the bridge. Continue to make your way up to the
next floor. Take the ladder to the top of the tower. Talk with Rydon here.
Still not much on 'Kran Spinel' yet, but he did spoke of the ancestor Lizas.
Well, to next location.

<East Tower of Lizas - Lizas Statue's Tower>

You were here before, don't tell me you don't know the way. Make your way to
the top room with the Statue and when you try to leave, a scene will trigger.
As for this point, we hear the Seven Sages for the first time. The blood of
The Sage has been passing down to the Kranbartol family, and right now, the
Arbart family (Jessica's family). Jessica is basically the last one since her
brother died. The eyes of Lizas' statue will drop, examine it to obtain Kran
Spinel. We got what Howard wants, let's go back.


Howard is just outside his house. Get close to him to trigger a scene. After,
go inside the house, to second floor. Talk with Howard. Pick yes and yes, then
go down the secret room. Collect the items and read the books. You will obtain
the book called World Barrier Full Volume. As you go up stairs, looks like Evil
Jessica is back. Give the book to Howard and he will heal you fully. Then get
out of the house, then head to the fountain that's near. You will be fighting
'Cursed Jessica'. She attacks 2 time per turn. Mostly magic then full party
sleep spell. She can also summon out Shadows to help her. But they are easy to
take out. Try to take out 2 then focus back on Cursed Jessica. It's easier than
fighting Dormagus. It takes more time because you can't really use much Tension
since she will just put you into sleep. Focus on special and magic, have at
least some one to heal each turn. I think Jessica can summon up to 6 Shadows,
3 on each side. I just take care of four, 2 on each side. I think she might
regenerate if you destroy all 3 on one side. After the battle, Howard will come
to help. Jessica's Legendary Magical Staff got knocked down, she goes back to
normal. When Howard promt you with a choice, pick no. Even if you pick yes and
try to finishing off Jessica, Trode won't let you. And the Legendary Magical
Staff is gone, so is Leopard. Jessica will join back the party and she talks
about the one that controlled over her was Darkness God - Lapthone. Looks like
this Lapthone has a thing to kill the descendant of the Seven Sages but that's
no surprise because the Seven Sages sealed Lapthone's Soul. Looks like all the
important person that have been killed by the Legendary Magical Staff are the
descendant of the Seven Sages. Now let's look for the Legendary Magical Staff.
Now go to Howard's house. He's in a room on Floor 1. Then attempt to head out.
A little scene will trigger then head out. Leopard that has the staff attacks
Cers, but when you show up, it ran away. Now go talk to Cers. Well, Sage Kupas'
descendant is dead. When Howard promt you with a choice, pick yes. Jessica will
learn two new spells: Begiragon and Mahyad. And we are off to find the Leopard.
We are going north again. There is an Inn and Church on the way. Once you are
done, continue to north. Enter the Tunnel and continue to north for a scene.

<Optional - Jessica's Magical Bikini>

At Liberarch Armor shop, you can buy Magical Bikini for Jessica for 13800 G.
This is another must get for Jessica fans.

<Medy's House>

Out of the tunnel and it's a heavy snow storm outside. Mid way through, another
scene. You will end up in a house. Head up stairs and talk with everyone. At
the end, you will obtain Medy's Bag for this person named Grad.


As you got near Oknis, more scene. Explore around and when you are done, go
outside from the door at the bar. Enter the center house, go down stairs and
explore around. Talk around with people to find out he went to the Medicine
Garden to NW.

*Wondering why you can't buy Armor/Weapon here? Armor guy is day shift and the
Weapon guy is night shift. And finally, at the Weapon shop, you can buy a
Dragon Killer, a bit more powerful than the current Zombie Buster.

<Medicine Garden Cave>

Make your way down, there is a way to left and right. Take the left to get the
map of this area. A note here, the Blizzard enemy here can sudden death your
guy, so make sure you got the MP and the guy to revive, or items. Open up the
map and the stairs to B2 is to NE. The path is pretty icy, so walk. On B2, open
up the map again. The stairs near gets you to 2 treasure chest. Once you are
done, go to the SW stairs. On B3, at the intersection, go left, icicles will
just fall down and block the path. Now go right, and continue to the stairs.
On B4, go right at the intersection. When you get pass an area where icicles
dropping down, wander around horizontally, that makes couple more drop down
and form a path. Continue along and cross that newly formed path. Continue your
way on, get close to the icicles to the right, that will trigger a scene. Pick
yes two times and you will be controlling your pet again. Make your way down
and another icicle will drop down. Now return. once you gain control, cross
that new formed path, examine the man there. Well well, this is Grad. Use the
bag from Medy on him. Then return to Oknis with him. As you leave the cave,
a bunch of wolves appear. You will end up fight 'Dozen Wolfen', yup, 8 of them
so don't bother going after them one by one, use all enemy attack magic, whip
and boomerang. After the battle, turns out the wolves are also controlled by
Lapthone's heart, he thought Grad is another descendant but Grad isn't. So the
wolves just left.


Once you are back, another scene. Now go down stairs and to the house under the
item shop. Go up and talk with the item shop owner. Now to his house. There is
a fat guy near his house, so it's easy to spot. After the scene, time to get
to Medy.

<Medy's House>

Well, we got more 'Dozen Wolfen' to fight. Then head down stairs, the further
room has more Dozen Wolfen then to the near room by the stairs. Now het out of
the house, head to the back path behind the house. As you get near, another
scene, turns out Medy can put up a barrier. Looks like she is the descendant.
Talk with Medy and the dog, then examine the stones around. For now, we hear
this God Bird - Lettice and the legend. Then talk with Medy again. Now go out
and see the house has been burned down. Leopard with the staff also got Grad
somehow. Before Medy gives in, she givs you the 'Final Key'. Her son gets saved
but Medy will die. Leopard will leave and you will fight more 'Dozen Wolfen'.
This time, it's 8 of them again. After the battle, more scene. Looks like the
Leopard went east. The Pope is to east, could he be another descendant? Your
next location is the island east of Oknis. If you open up the map, you can
easily spot it.

<Optional - Dragon Bone's Labyrinth>

This quest seems to have a time limit. You should do it as soon as you can,
after the events in Oknis. Now go back to Bergalak. Enter the NW house. Yukke
and Fogh here seem to be arguing about who to be the successor of Gearing.
They want a bodyguard, so you have to pick one. I don't think it matters who
you pick.

The location is to south of the western continent, way south of Bergalak.
This area is a desert and there is a church, as well as a well. The church
is NW while the well is NE.

The entrance to the dungeon is the middle of the desert, the mouth of the
dragon head bone. Anyway, within the dungeon, collect the map of this
dungeon. Open up the map and see there are two ways. Upper one leads you
to a treasure chest. When you are done, take the lower one. On B1, just one
way, easy enough. In the next area of B1, we got 5 paths. The NE corner is
the one to advance, take some time to explore around before that. In the
last area, the Trial Room, you will meet Fogh being attacked and Yukke will
eventually try to help. Then it's bosses fight for you. This can be a tough
fight, depends on when you take this quest. It's around the same difficulty
as Dormagus from before. Afterward, you will eventually get 600 coins. The
Casino will also opens in Bergalak.

<Savella Cathedral>

Explore around as usual, talk with people to gather information. Once you are
done, take the path behind the cathedral. Enter the house to meet with Marcello
whom is the one that gave you the World Map. After the talk, head out for a
scene. At night, one of the villagers will talk about a cave to east, under a
bridge. It's said that that's Great Pirate - Captain Crow's hideout. Let's get
to this cave then. First of all, know the location of Trapetta and Lizas on the
World Map. The bridge we are talking about is a bit west of Lizas and
technically speaking, NE of Trapetta. If you can't see this, get the booklet
that comes with the game, check out the World Map page. Check west of Lizas,
you have to see this bridge. Once you got the location, there is a cave just
under the bridge, well, that's our next stop.

<Pirate's Cave>

Go left and enter the door for some barrels to break. Then to the right, break
the barrels and open the door. A scene will quickly trigger and Gerda shows up
again. You do remember her, right? The one that got Princess Mytia (horse) and
you got the Venus' Tear for her to get Mytia back? Anyway, continue into the
room and take the stairs down. The first door you come has a map of this area.
After you pick that up, continue down the path and enter the door. Talk with
Gerda if you want, after, examine the steering wheel to north, this will reveal
a secret path. Gerda will quickly go in, follow. On B2, two stairs: One to east
and one to south. Take the east one and continue along the path. Eventually,
you will meet up with Gerda again. Continue and go around to west. Turn the
handle here and Gerda willl show up just near you, pass the fence. Now go back
to B2 and take the south stairs (actually ladder) this time. Exit out and enter
the next door. Continue along the way and enter the door. Gerda thinks she has
won but Captain Crow will show up by the Treasure Chest. Time for another boss
fight. Captain Crow attacks 2 times per turn, and he loves to Tension. If he
does, have 2 person defend or build up defend, the other 2 can Tension as well.
He likes to charge up to 100, then cancel yours and then release an all party
attack, deals pretty big damage. What you should do is, release your Tension
while he reaches 100, heal if you need to, then the he's at 100 Tension, defend
and if you not fast enough, use the magic 'Piolim' to speed up. Eventually, you
would defeat him. Open the treasure chest after the battle, you will obtain the
Sea Map of Light. Now, use the Sea Map of Light. See the white line? Use the
ship and go there now. The exact location is the north end of this white line.
Once you got near, a scene will trigger, now just follow the light path. At the
end, the ship will go through mountain and to the inside of Lettice's Island.
From your current location, head SE.


Explore around, shop and then head to the north house. Talk with the village
Chief and leave the village. Now head to west of the village, just about the
center of this island. Around the west rock of the village, there should be a
shadow around, of some bird, follow it all the way. Eventually, a scene will
triggers, a portal will appear. Enter it. Now head east to Dark Letitia.

<Dark Letitia>

Upon entering the village, a scene will triggers. Then take some time to check
out the village, once again. You will get new items, however. Now talk to the
Chief again. Select yes when he promts you with a choice, this will tell you
the location of the bird. Don't forget to save your game and now exit out the
village. Now head west of the village, still around the west rock, same place
where you see the shadow from before. It's a hill to the west of the rock near
the village. The location has a door like that's formed by rocks. Anyway, the
bird will show up and you will end up fighting Lettice. She attacks 2 times per
turn and man, that's about 200 per hit. She can dispell Tension as well, so do
not bother with that. Overall, quite an easy fight if you can heal a lot on
individuals. Her all party magic attack ain't as strong as her physical attack
so that can be easily healed with a Behomala. After the battle, Lettice wants
you to get back her egg from this demon called Gemon. So pick yes 2 times and
Lettice will take you there.

<God Bird's Nest>

Enter the cave. Go left and up the hill to get the map of this area. The path
is really straight forward once you got the map. Once you are ouside, make your
way up and enter into the cave again. Two ways here, top one gets you to the
'Break Illusion Ring' and the south way is the path to continue on. Once you
are outside, continue up and enter the cave again. On 3F, make your way to the
NE exit. On 4F, two exit to NW direction. Left one gets you the Demonic Whip
(I suggest you don't equip this) and the right exit is the one to continue on.
Once you are outside again, continue to make your way up and enter the cave
again. On 5F, right way takes you to an item called Saint's Ash, the left path
is the way to continue on. Once you made it to the top and head outside, you
should see a big bird like creature, this is the Gemon you must defeat. Talk to
it and fight Gemon and 2 more monsters: Darkness Bird and Death Turkey. Death
Turkey and Darkness Bird can be taken out pretty quick, if not, just focus on
Gemon. The thing about this is, he can reflect light magic, which is like all
the offensive magic you got. So don't use that. Tension works here, so have at
least two guys doing that. One heals and the other one can attack or support.
Easier fight than Lettice but have to watch out for his physical, if it gets
a critical, it hits a lot. After the battle, when you are promt with a choice,
pick yes. Go up and examine the 'God Bird's Spirit' to obtain it. What this
item does is, let's just say, Ultimate Transportation. Anyway, while flying in
air, head to north of Swordsman Statue's Cave.

<Triangular Valley>

Go up and a scene will trigger. After, Trode will be your on screen character.
Head to the bar and pay 9 Gold to have a drink. Now get out of the bar from the
entrance you came in from. Continue along the path and cross the bridge. Enter
the house and talk with the elf anmed Raju here. Pick yes 2 times and now head
back to the bar. This time, go out from the entrance on the bank/weapon/item/
armor shop side, and enter the treasure warehouse. Talk with the monster and it
will step aside. One of the boxes has the 'Darkness Great Tree's Leaf'. If you
use this, you will get a leaf mark on the World Map. This mark represents the
Leopard that's flying in air. So you have to chase it in air. Eventually, the
Leopard will embarks. Do the same.

<The Pope's Mansion>

As soon as you lands, a scene will triggers. The Leopard will fly pass you and
break through the windows. Now do the same, but through the door. Go up stairs
and enter the door. Talk with Leopard and start the fight. Compare to other
Staff owner previously, this one is weaker. It has an all party attack but it's
nothing that powerful. It can attack 2 times in a row, it uses physical a lot
of time but much weaker than the previous Gemon or Lettice. And it can't even
dispell out Tension. For me, just about 5 50-Tension. After the battle, well,
well, the ambitious Marcello will lock you away to Purgatory Island. As for the
Legendary Magical Staff, Marcello picked it up.

<Purgatory Island>

Talk with everyone and examine the jail door. After some scenes, talk with
everyone and examine the jail door again. Then examine the prist that's on the
floor. More scenes, then talk with Archbishop Nino. Looks like they've came out
with a plan. Ah, the good old stomach ache with a little twist. The party got
out, but Nino decided to stay. Once you gain back control, open up the World
Map. The leaf is now at, pratically the center island of the World Map. Go to
that island now.

<Holy Ground - Gord>

Go up to North once you are done exploring. Enter the door. Marcello is having
quite a party inside. He's trying to make himself the next Pope. Let's crush
him. He attacks 2 times per turn. Mainly physical attack then magic. His magic
does more than physical, and he also can dispell Tension. However, his all
party attack can be deadly, deal around 150 to 200 damage. You might want to
maintain your HPs high and play it safe with him. After the battle, Lapthone
will take control over Marcello. The staff's seal is now gone. Lapthone will
now reborn. He then picks his new body by throwing the staff into a statue...
Eventually, an island will rise up in air. The evil aura will cover over the
sky and the island slowly flies away. After, Kukule will try to save Marcello
but Marcello insists on dying. He breaks away from Kukule's hand but Kukule
quickly catch him up with the other hand, hehe. Marcello just said 'you will
regret saving me' to Kukule and give his ring to Kukule, then left. Now back to
the World Map. See the location of the leaf now? That's your nexy stop, well,
in fact, final stop.

<Final Destination - Darkness Castle>

Make your way into the castle, then head right. When you first come to two
doors, ignore them and continue to north. Up the stairs and forget the near
path to the left. Instead, go around to the right. Head up the stairs, at the
end, take the treasure chest and return. Now take that left path from before,
and we got lots of barrels here. Care to break them all? Once you are done,
continue down the path and up stairs. Go along the path and don't forget to
hit the switch. To the left of the fountain, there should be another stairs.
Go along the path and at the intersection, go left, then left again. Go along
the way, and eventually, you will get to a room to the left and a path up. Take
the room first if you want to get some item and a recipe from the book, then
go up. Eventually, you will be in a room with a path to the left and a path to
the right to go down. Go down and open the chest. Back up and take the left
path. Continue to the right and enter the entrance here. Ignore the stairs to
the left, pull the statue at right, and advance. Ignore the stairs here and go
outside. Continue along the path and obtain the Sage's Stone. Continue along
and go up stairs. Hit the switch and go left. Eventually, you will be in a room
with 2 stairs on each side and a room to north. Enter the room. In this room,
take the stairs on either side, then down the stairs to north. Continue to make
your way to the buttom. Take the stairs down to the next area. Examine the wall
to north to heal you. You can not enter any room here, so don't bother. Circle
around this place and eventually, there should be stairs to go down, do so.
Continue along the straight path. Make sure you are prepare for a fight. Ewwk,
ain't that Darkness God Lapthone look ugly? This isn't the last fight, so no
sense in wasting all items yet. But you do get healed after the battle, so use
your MP to the fullest. He attacks 2 times per turn as well, the deadly one is
the full party attack. The single target magic from Lapthone ain't that much
of a deal. Start up with characters to use support magic, quicken your react
speed. And don't forget to build up Tension. From that on, it's just Tension,
full party heal and support. He has one single attack that can cause around
350 damage, watch out for that. Anyone without that much HP would die and if
that happens, revive. If you have this magic called Magic Counter, this works
pretty good. If he starts to dispell Tension, make sure you focus on skill and
magic against him. If your healer is asleep, make you wake him up with a magic.
If anyone is blind, have him or her to charge. Lapthone will spend one move on
cancelling Tension. Eventually, you would beat him. For me, he got killed by
his own magic because I put up the Magic Counter a lot. That's a bit risky
since that affects healing magic as well. While some characters might not get
healed, the caster can get double healed. After the battle, attmeps to leave
and a scene will triggers. As you try to run out of this place, you will end
up fight Darkness Messenger and 2 Flame. After the battle, continue to running
out of the castle. Eventally, you will end up fighting Jessica Statue, Kukule
Statue, Yangus Statue and the hero Statue. Don't bother going after them one by
one, use all target spells. If you have to, single target on the hero or Yangus
Statue since these two got more HPs. After the battle, continue to flee out the
castle. Eventually, you will be fight 2 'Shark Demon Beast'. If you use your
best group attack moves, you should be able to take them out in one turn. After
the battle, continue to flee out, and you will come to fight 'Demonic Being of
Darkness'. This is tougher than the previous fights but this is definitely the
last one. So don't hold back and go all out. He attacks once per turn, simple
enough. But the physical damage cause around 200 damage. I have everyone to
Tension except the healer. I used about 4 50-Tension to finish it off. After
the battle, since you are outside, use 'God Bird's Spirit'. You will get a
scene, after the crazy flying of the God Bird, Lapthone's true form will show
up. Now it's ugly and fat. Lapthone will send out Gemon and attack you. You'll
end up de-transformed back to human and fall, but Lettice will come to save
you. Lapthone then put up a barrier around himself. In order to break the
barrier, Lettice gave you the Echo's Flute and wish you to gather the 'Seven
Orbs' of the Seven Sages. Here are the locations:

Purple Orb: Trapetta, burned down house near the inn
Blue Orb: Lizas Statue's Tower, top floor (Floor 7)
Gold Orb: Maiella Abbey, second floor of the Director's house
Silver Orb: The Pope's Mansion, second floor
Yellow Orb: Bergalak, second floor of Gearing's house (NW house), behind a sofa
Green Orb: Liberarch, just near/outside Howard's house
Red Orb: Medy's House, on the path behind the burned down house

*Basically, each location is where each descendant of The Seven Sages died

<Final Battle>

*This is your last chance to buy from the Southern Beak Plaza
*Get to an Inn, rest then head to a church to save.
*Each character MUST leave out one spot for a special item that you will get
before the final battle. You will need to use this item. If you are wondering,
this item is called God Bird's Staff, previously known as the Legendary Magical

Once you have obtained all 7 Orbs, now head back to Lettice. She is just west
of Letitia. Same place where she was. Select yes 3 times and she will take you
to Lapthone. This is it, the final battle of the game. He still heavy with
magic and attack 2 times per turn. To start the battle by using the God Bird's
Staff. Everyone needs to use it and you need to do this 7 times. And that's not
annoying enough, since Lapthone will attack you each turn and you need to use
God Bird's Staff from everyone on the SAME turn. The major part of this is
healing and knowing if you would stand against his attack next turn. Prepare
your HPs high and then have everyone to use the God Bird's Staff. Once you did
this 7 times, and all Seven Sages came out, a scene will take place where the
Seven Sages will break Lapthone's barrier. Now the battle truely begins and
before that, you will be fully healed.

I focus on using skills for each character. If you need to, heal with one guy
and the rest still attack. This is not exactly a hard fight compared to the
last time you fought him. In my opinion, the hard part was to summon out the
Seven Sages. However, he has one all party magic attack that does around 250
damage, make sure you have two characters to heal the party after. Also, if
he uses another one after, that's almost Game Over. I died like 2 times because
of this cheap combination. If you got World Tree's Leaf and World Tree's Drop,
don't hesitate to use them. This is the last battle, waste some items. Also,
he tends to dispell a lot, so don't push your luck with tension. However, do
cast some support spells even he's going to cancel them. If he dispells them,
that's actually good for you. Since got one, you get that support spell at
least for that turn, and Lapthone will needs to spend one of his two attacks
on dispelling. Less attacks from him, less danger for us. If you insist on
Tension, do it with one character, so when he dispell, he only wastes that
character's turns and support magic. You killed him before, if you level up
a bit from the last meeting til this point, you shouldn't have that much
problem at all. Overall, he gains few attacks, mostly full party ones. If you
can afford MPs to heal every turn on the party, you will be fine. He took me
about 3 50-Tension, that was quite short. I was expecting 5 or 6 of those.

After the battle, Lettice will take the party to Trodern Castle. Lettice will
reveal her true name as Lamia and yes, that's the same name as the Phoenix Bird
in Dragon Quest III. Lettice is what people/human call her in this world. In
her world, her ture name is Lamia. After, she will leave and the God Bird's
Spirit (Lettice's child) you have will also leave with her. King Trode will
finally return to his true form, same with Mytia. Like Yangus said, Trode's
true form ain't all that much of a difference from his 'monster'/cured form.
After, the castle will also return to normal, same with all the people. We'll
have another feast.



Once you gain control, head out the door and continue down the hall. You will
meet with Kukule then head upstairs. Take the door that's near. On 2F, open up
the map, see the stairs at east? Take that path. On 3F, go south a bit to meet
with Jessica. Continue along the path and enter the piano room that's to the
left of the guard. Select yes and more scenes will trigger. We will be back at
Savella Cathedral with the Priness. Chagos will show up, helpless as usual, eh?
Later, Kukule gets upset in the room and have a little talk with the hero. The
next day, meet up with Kukule and Jessica outside, then head yo the cathedral.
As you get near, a scene will trigger. Yangus will take you and make a way
through the crowd. Now head up and select yes 2 times for a scene. Yangus will
take care of the guard for you. Inside the cathedral, another scene will take
place. A messenger comes in and King Clavius will tell everyone the bride has
escaped. You will ran outside and meet up with your ally. They will take care
of the guard for you. Now head down to meet with King Trode and talk with the
Princess after. Select yes when she promts you with a choice. You and Mytia
will escape, then your ally. Chagos shows up and saw the guards have all been
defeated, then Clavius will show up to tell Chagos that he uses his rank as
a Prince, with power and money to think everything can be solved by those. When
Chagos dares to bring up the Argon Heart, Clavius gets more upset and take out
the real Argon Heart. Back to you and the Princess, you two will board on a
cart and away from Savella Cathedral with Trode. Your ally saw all these from
a distant and Yangus waves his hand to say good bye. Good Bye indeed, this is
the end of the game, the credits will kick in. At the end, you, the Princess
and Trode will be back at Trodern Castle. The End for now, with this ending.


<Bonus Dungeon - Path To Dragon God>

Make sure you make the end game save, with this, we can get to the bonus
dungeon and get to know the true identity of the Hero, as well as getting the
good ending. Now load the end game save, you will be in Southern Beak. Now head
to the inn and sleep. You will see this strange place. Now fly to the NW hill
of Southern Beak. There should some ruin, so drop down there. If you don't know
the location, it's east of Lapan House. Anyway, you will be at the place from
the dream. Examine the Dragon symbol on the plate, this will take you to a
secret location. Continue along the path and at the intersection, take the left
path to eventually lead you to a treasure chest. To advance, take the right
path. At the next intersection, go left for another treasure chest. Then go
right/north to continue. At the next intersection, go right for another chest
then go left. After a long way, you will be a poison swamp area, with another
treasure chest but this time, it's a 'Pandora Box'. After the battle, continue
your way. At the intersection, go left for another treasure chest. Then at the
next intersection, go right. Eventually, you will be transport into another
location. Along the path, you will see a grave. It's for a person named Eltrio.
Remember this name, hehe. Eltrio is Prince Chagos' uncle by the way. At the
next intersection, go left.

<Village of Dragon God Race>

When you try to open the door, it won't open. But when your pet, Toop, it opens
the door magically. Go up and get a cut scene. Chief Gluno will come to greet
you. Now go north into the village. Explore around and then head to the house
with a guard in front. Talk with the guard and then enter the house. We've got
Chiefs here having a meeting, hehe. Anyway, looks like this race has Dragon
and Human form people orignally, but Dragon God King try to performe a ceremony
to seal the Human form ones at the Heavenly Altar. But it failed, because the
ability to keeping in Dragon form needs lots of energy, so eventually, Dragon
God King sucks out all energies, hence why you see this place is so vacant and
outdated. Then talk with the chiefs. Looks like these oldmen/women here sort
of recognize the fact of yours. Could it be your dad? ^_^

Gluno will ask you if you want to go beat Dragon God King. Accept it by saying
yes. Now head out and go to Gluno's house. It's the one under the bridge. As
you enter, the person within will spoke out a name, Winia. Looks like another
one that previously in this village... Remember that name as well. At night,
go down stairs and talk with Gluno and others. One will tell you this Winia is
actually Gluno's daughter. With lots of curiosity, so she went to the human
world. By the time Gluno got her back, she's already in love with this human.
His name is Eltrio, the Prince of Southern Beak. King Clavius' brother and
Prince Chagos' uncle. Could these two, Winia and Eltrio related to you? ^_^

Now go back to the room and sleep. Next day, head back to the room with the
chiefs previously. Head down stairs and talk with the guard. At this point,
we are going to the Heavenly Altar to fight the Dragon God King. The item shop
and church here are now available, make sure you at least save your game. As
soon as you enter, a scene with Toop will take place. Which is weird because
that means when Toop first opens the door, it disappear then Gluno show up.
Now after you enter this door to Heavenly Altar, with Gluno behind, Toop then
quickly show up? Something is odd, could Toop and Gluno be the same person?

<Heavenly Altar>

This area looks really big and the items here are just about the best in the
game. The enemies here are tough but try to conserve your energy for the Dragon
God King. The paths eventually lead you the same way, this is not really much
of a dungeon yet. Grave of Winia is also in this area. If you just want to
speed things up, take the middle path from where you started. There are a total
of 2 treasure chests in this area.

<Optional - Jessica's Dangerous Bustie>

One of the treasure chest here is a Tiny Medal, the other one is the Dangerous
Bustie for Jessica. Just take the right or left path from where you started in
this area and you shall find it.

<Optional - Jessica's Mysterious Bustie>

If you combine Dangerous Bustie with a Light Dress, you can get the Mysterious
Bustie for Jessica. To get another Dangerous Bustie, you can collect at least
99 Tiny Medal and get it from Medal Princess.

<VS Dragon God King>

Once you made it to the next area, 3 paths again: Left, middle and right. The
left one leads you to a Tiny Medal. Right path is a dead end, so once you are
done with the left way, take the middle path. Two more paths, one to right and
one to left. Take the left for a treasure chest then the right one. Collect the
reasure chest by the bone, then continue along the path to get to a gate. This
is it, heal your guys and open the gate for a fight. Go up and a scene will
take place.

*Before this fight, you must know doing this fight will eventually make the
game to replace the normal ending with the good ending. If you want the normal
ending, make sure you don't fight this battle or keep a separate saved file.

This is not a hard fight at all since you are just here to wake this guy up to
realize what he's doing. He's not using his full power in this battle. He lacks
different attacks. It's either roars to make your characters can't move or a
full party attack that does only around 150 damage. If he bites, it could get
ugly because it could do around 400 damage. Use Skurt to the fullest to raise
your defense. If you got Dragon Killer or Dragon Slayer, combines that with the
skill 'Dragon Slash', that does quite some damage on Dragon God King. And if
want to further strengthen that, Tension. After the battle, Dragon God King
will turn back to human form. Turns out, Dragon God King knows who are you. The
truth now reveals: You are a mix between human and Dragon from this race. He
stops and calls out Gluno who is actually your grandfather. And guess what,
your pet Toop, he's actually Gluno in disguise. Now everyone will be back to
the village. Also, you now can take the Dragon's Trial and challenge Dragon
God King. That's much much tougher than the fight you just finished. After the
battle, Gluno will take out the Argon Ring from a treasure chest. You were
born in this place, your father is indeed Eltrio and your mother is Winia. This
all goes back to 20 years ago. Winia met with Eltrio in the human world and
fell in love. But Gluno won't allow that and separated them. Eltrio tries to
make his way to this village, on just before he got here, he died. Winia was
sad but she was already pregnant. She decides to give birth to you and after
she gave birth to you, because her body is weak, she died as well. So that is
just you alone. The chiefs decide to seal your memories in this place and send
you back to the human world. Gluno heavily against it but he couldn't do much.
With the Dragon God King's permission, Gluno is allowed to travel with you and
protect you in the form of a mouse. At the end, you will obtain the Argon Ring
and this is the item that proves who you are. With this, the good ending is in
your pocket.

If you go fight Lapthone and end the game, you will get the Good Ending.


<Optional - Dragon's Trial / The Hero's Dragon God Set>

Get back to the Dragon God King, and prepare for 2 consecutive fights. By the
way, Gluno will also come along in the form of the mouse Toop.

<Human Form>

As soon as you talk to Dragon God King, select yes to start the trial. Before
the fight, he will heal you. When he's at human form, start charging. He can
attack 2 times per turn. He has a move called Dragon God's Seal which works
quite good on the hero. That move binds the hero for several turns. When the
Hero's free, use the hero to heal and attack normally, then have the others to
charge. Couple 50-Tension should finish this battle quickly.

<Great Dragon of Deep Crimson>

The one from before. It attacks two times per turn. Like before, the deadly
move is its normal attack when it meets critical. Then the breath attack for
about 150 damage. Besides that he can also Manusa your party which is basically
make your attacks miss. I prefer to use attack based skills on that situation
and if you need to heal, try Jessica's Hustle Dance which costs 0 MP for about
70 HPs heal for everyone. Be sure to abuse that. After the battle, you should
get the follow options:

- Strengthen Renkingama (Alchemy Pot)
- Receive Awesome Team Monster
- Receive Dragon God's Sword
- Receive Dragon God's Armor
- Receive Dragon God's Shield
- Receive Dragon God's Helmet

I would go for Dragon God's Sword first. After you make the choice, he will ask
you to confirm. Select yes or no, up to you. In the end, he will send you back
to the village. If you want to continue the Dragon's Trial, go meet him again.

<Special Recipe>

You probably have a "Hagure Metal no Ken" (Liquid Metal Sword) at this point.
If you don't, the combination is Orichalcum, Slime's Crown and Old Sword. Once
you got the "Hagure Metal no Ken", combines that with Dragon God's Sword. This
will form Dragon God King's Sword. This is the best sword in the game.

<Continue - Dragon's Trial>

If you head back to Dragon God King, you will fight him in his human form again
and a new dragon form.

<Great Dragon of Deep Green>

It attacks 2 times per turn as well. It has a physical attak as well but the
annoying thing is this guy's breath attack which can cause sleep. He can also
use other bad effects like paralyze and poison. Make sure you heal them as soon
as possible. All 3 of those in 1 is quite deadly. If its physical gets critcal,
it does a bit more than the previous Great Dragon of Deep Crimson.

After the battle, pick Dragon God's Armor this time. Next fight...

<Great Dragon of White Silver>

This guy has physical attack that's much more deadly than the previous. It
attacks 2 times per turn as well. Besides that strong physical, and the single
target sleep move. Try to cast Skurt to the fullest to at least put up your
defense. Have one to heal, then one to charge, one to normal attack and one
to use support magic. Couple 50-Tension should finish this guy off.

After the battle, get the Dragon God's Shield this time. Before the next fight,
let's make sure you got this skill from Kukule: Tsumetai Emi (Cold Smile). This
decrease an enemy's Tension by one level/stage. It's learned from 52 points at
Chrisma for Kukule. If you don't have that, anything that can abort an enemy's
movement could do, such as skills from Jessica's Sex Appeal. However, I don't
know how effective that works. The next fight is similar to Captain Crow from
before, so... Let's get it on.

<Great Dragon of Gold>

This guy is another fan of Tension. If you let him get to 100-Tension, then you
are in for about 1000 damage. It attacks for about 2 or 3 times per turn.
Although he uses magic like begiragon and ionazun but they aren't that big of a
deal. When he charges, quickly use Cold Smile. Since he tends to charge then
attack. You should do the same. Have everyone but Kukule to charge up to 50
Tension then release it on Great Dragon of Gold with a skill. Kukule should
always to using Cold Smile. He has more HPs than the previous dragon forms,
but 5 or 6 50-Tension should bring him down.

After the battle, this time, get the Dragon God's Helmet. That's it, you have
the whole set. If you equip them all on the Hero, he will also get his clothes
change just like Jessica. Doesn't he just look awesome? Now next fight...

<Great Dragon of Black Metal>

This is like fighting a super version of a Metal Slime. This is by far the most
strongest one til this point. If you don't Tension then attack, you not going
to cause that much damage. Then to make the situation worse, you can't use any
offensive magic attack, including skill like Giga Break. Then he attacks for
about 3 times per turn, let alone his physical causes around 300 damage. If he
attacks the same person 3 times which is something he loves to do, that's like
instant kill on one character. You will healing and reviving a lot in this
battle. I suggest Kukule and Jessica to heal and related stuff. Yangus and the
Hero should always be charging and attack. He can also uses magic like
begiragon which isn't all that bad. This is a very time consuming fight. To
make the difficult even further, he can blind and put your characters to sleep.
The good thing about this is, he doesn't have that much HPs. With the Hero, if
you use about 3 50-Tension and use the skill 'Dragon Slash', that would mostly
finish it off.

After the battle, select to strengthen the Renkingama this time. You will then
get the Super Renkingama which doesn't use ANY time during Alchemy. Next...

<Great Dragon of Saint>

This guy is like a combination of White Silver and Gold. He attacks a lot with
physical and tends to charge. He attacks 2 times per turn. Sometimes tends to
charge 2 times. Besides that, an all party attack that does around 250 damage.
Cold Smile works here as well. But this times, if you have the magic called
Hubaha from Jessica, use that. Yangus and the hero should charge, leave the
healing to Kukule and maybe Jessica if she's free. Hustle Dance works here as
well. The rest is just another time consuming fight since this guy has more
HPs than the previous Black Metal.

After the battle, down to the last choice, so pick that. Thus, the true trial
now begins.

<Consecutive Dragon Fights - Great Dragon of Eternity>

This is totally insane. You fight them one by one before. Now you take on all
these forms CONSECUTIVELY. You still start the battle against his human form,
but this fight, he will transform into Deep Crimson, Deep Green, White Silver,
Gold, Black Metal, Saint and then finally, Great Dragon of Eternity. But before
these fights, let's make one Item: Mysterious Tambourine.

<Special Recipe>

Mysterious Tambourine, what it does is it increases the party's Tension up one
rank/level/stage. This will come in handy to kill off the dragon forms above
quick and fast, instead of consume up all your MPs before you even make it to
Great Dragon of Eternity. To make Mysterious Tambourine, you need 3 items:
Sun's Crown, Demon Beast's Skin and Angry Tattoo. You probably have both Demon
Beast's Skin and Angry Tattoo, Sun's Crown is the main focus. To make that, you
need Saint's Ash which you probably have and Skull's Helmet. This one is found
left of God Bird's Nest/Tower. You need to fly there. Just fly around the left
of that nest/tower, there should be a place to descend and explore a bit to
find the Skull's Helmet. There should be another one since I have 2 so I end up
making 2 Mysterious Tambourine. By the way, Mysterious Tambourine has infinite
usage in battle.

*You can also get the Ring of Prayer from the Bergalak Casino for 1000 Coins.
It recovers MPs, can be useful.

<Great Dragon of Eternity>

Once you defeat Dragon God King's human and his 6 dragon forms, you will be
fighting one last form. For my situation, I have two Mysterious Tambourine and
it took me next to no time to get to Great Dragon of Eternity. I mainly have
Kukule and Jessica to use that item and have the Hero and Yangus to attack. If
you just have one, you probably want to give the item to Jessica and have her
to use that item while Kukule can heal. Yangus and the Hero still be the ones
to attack. This one attacks 2 times per turn. Damage is about 300 and breath
attack can be reduced if you use Hubaha. Same old method before, use Mysterious
Tambourine and then attack. Even with that, still takes a while because this
form of Dragon God King has tons of HPs.

After the battle, you get nothing from all these works and Dragon God King will
send you back to the village. You can go back and fight him again in his human
and 7 dragon forms.


<Side Quests>

- The Monster Battle Road  -

Remember the 3 Memo from Mory? If you have beaten all three monsters, then head
back and talk to Mory. The location is still the same, east of Palmid. If you
haven't defeat Slarin, Joe and Puchinon, then here are their locations:

*Ace Slime - Slarin is just outside of Trodern Castle
*Lonely Joe - Joe is near Maiella Abbey. He's on the way of the path to the Old
Abbey Ruin. You probably beaten him before but you didn't meet Mory at that
time so it doesn't count
*Toretore Chibichibi - Puchinon is at the south beach of Gerda's House

Just don't forget to select yes to send them to Mory's Place after you defeat
each one of them. Now return to Mory. He will jump down to the front of the
door. Go down and talk with him again. After few scens, go down stairs to talk
with Mory again. Basically, this is a coliseum where you and your monsters
can form a team consist of 3 and can challenge up to 8 ranks. After his mumbo
jumbo, you are now a Monster Team Owner. You get a chance to name your Team's
name. Right now, your team only got Slarin, Joe and Puchinon. You need to go
around the World if you want new ones. At the end, you will obtain the Key of
The Coliseum from Mory. With this, you can participate in a Battle Road.

Prize for each rank:

G: Power Ring
F: Bunny Suits
E: Reasonal Ring
D: Gohatsu Bangle
C: Saint's Ash
B: Zanmatou
A: Hero's Spear
S: Dragon Robe

<Optional - Jessica's Bunny Girl Outfit>

Upon getting Bunny Suits, and if you have Net Tights (From Medal Princess if
you got 28 or more Tiny Medal) and Rabbit Ear Band (Combine Hair Band and
Rabbit's Foot), you can equip these together to have Jessica dressing as a
Bunny Girl, great when you are inside the casino? ^_^


<More Coming>



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P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.