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1. Baron Castle-Opening Scenes

Items: 300 GP, Tent, Cure 1

After witnessing the opening scenes, the King of Baron will tell you to go to the Village of
Mist. He will give you a package to bring with you. After you hear this, you are free to roam
around Baron Castle. You may walk around the castle if you wish, but to continue you must take
Cecil up to his room.

2. Town of Baron

Items: Cure 1 x3, Heal x3, Tent x4, Ether1 x1, Life x1

Weapon Shop:
[Thunder Rod:  700 GP]
[Cure Staff:   480 GP]
[Fire Claw:    350 GP]
[Ice Claw:     450 GP]
[Thunder Claw: 550 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Karate Suit: 4,000 GP]
[Headband:      500 GP]
[Silver Ring:   650 GP]

Item Shop:
[Cure 1:     30 GP]
[Life:      150 GP]
[Tent:      200 GP]
[Carrot:     50 GP]
[Heal:      100 GP]
[Ether1: 10,000 GP]

Inn: 50 GP

In the Town of Baron, you might want to buy some Cure 1 potions and gather some information.
You will notice that both the Weapon and Armor shop are locked. Don't worry, you'll be able
to get into them later in the game. Now you must head northwest to the Mist Cave.

3. Cave of Mist

Items: Cure 1 x2, Heal, Tent

This is a pretty easy cave to navigate through. During your venture, you will hear a voice
calling out to you. Who's voice is this? Don't worry, you'll soon find out. When you reach
the exit of the cave a voice will ask you if you wish to continue. Say 'yes' if you are ready
to go on. Say 'no' if you need to heal up. Once you say 'yes' a battle will begin.
Mist Dragon: HP: 465 Weakness: None
This boss is pretty easy to defeat. Have Cecil attack while Kain uses his Jump attack. You
can attack it for a couple of rounds, then it changes into a mist. You cannot hit it while it
is a mist form, plus it will counter attack you with an Ice attack. Just Parry, or use Cure 1s
to heal until it changes back into a dragon. After a couple more rounds it should die. If it
changes back into a mist for a second time, just repeat the steps listed above. After you kill
it, you can continue your journey to the Village of Mist.

4. Village of Mist.

Items: Must come back later

Weapon Shop: (Must come back later to buy these items)
[Whip:          3,000 GP]
[Dancing Knife: 5,000 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Bard Robe: 70 GP]

Item Shop: N/A

Inn: 50 GP

After you defeat the Mist Dragon, head to the village. Once you arrive there, the package the
king has given you suddenly bursts open. Then the village is burned right in front of your
eyes. Cecil and Kain find a girl there. They try to explain to her what has happened.
However, she does not listen to them and she attacks you. During the battle, she summons
Titan, who causes an earthquake thus causing the mountain to collapse. After the battle, you
will find yourself alone with the girl, and Kain is gone. You have no choice but to head
toward Kaipo Village located in the desert.

5. Kaipo Village

Items: Ether1

Weapon Shop:
[Rod:        100 GP]
[Staff:      160 GP]
[Short Bow:  220 GP]
[Iron Arrow:  10 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Cap:          100 GP]
[Cloth:         50 GP]
[Leather Robe: 200 GP]
[Iron Ring:    100 GP]

Item Shop:
[Cure 1:     30 GP]
[Life:      150 GP]
[Tent:      200 GP]
[Carrot:     50 GP]
[Heal:      100 GP]
[Ether1: 10,000 GP]

Inn: 50 GP

When you first reach Kaipo, you will automatically head to the Inn. You will receive a free
night's sleep then. In the middle of the night, soldiers from Baron will kick the door open.
They demand that you give the girl from Mist to them. Cecil will refuse to hand her over. You
have no choice now but to fight them. The soldiers have 27 HP and the officer had 221 HP. The
officer is totally optional to kill. If you kill off 2 soldiers, and have a lot of HP to
spare, you can give it a try to kill him. You will gain much more exp. if you kill all the
soldiers plus the officer. After the battle, Rydia will join your party. You now must go to a
house in the upper right hand part of the town. There you will find Rosa, suffering from
a terrible fever. You will find out that you must obtain an item called the Sand Ruby in order
to cure her. You must now travel to the Watery Cave to the northwest. However, before doing
so, You may want to gain Rydia some levels. I would recommend at least Level 5 so that she
will have learned Lit-1. This Spell is useful because many of the monsters in the cave are
weak to Lightning Spells.

6. Water Pass-South

Items: Cure 1 x4, Heal x2, Tent, 120 GP, Iron Ring, Elixir, Cure 2, 1000 GP, Ether1 x3, Ice
Rod, 200 GP, Leather Cap, Darkness Sword

In this cave you will come across Tellah the Sage. He will join your party after telling you
about the monster of the cave, and how he does not have enough power alone to defeat it. There
is a hidden cave inside a waterfall here, which contains some useful items. About midway
through the cave, there is a save point. Tellah will camp out here. After a brief sequence
here, you will be allowed to continue. Right before you exit the cave, make sure that you pick
up and equip the Darkness Sword for Cecil. Once you are outside, it might be wise to use a
Tent if you are low on HP/MP and save the game. Then proceed to the next cave.

7. Waterfalls

Items: Darkness Helmet, Darkness Gauntlet, Darkness Armor, Ether1
After a short venture through the cave, you will have to fight the boss Octomann. He isn't
really too hard to fight. Just keep having Cecil attack it, Tellah using Lit-1, and Rydia
calling the Chocobo. After a few rounds, it will start loosing its tentacles, and eventually it
will die.
Octomann HP: 2,300 Weakness: Lightning, Darkness
After you defeat it, the passage to Damcyan will open.

8. Damcyan

Items: Crossbow, Leather Cap, Ruby Ring, Cure 1 x2, 300 GP, Iron Arrow x10, White Arrow x20,
200, GP, Ether1, Tent

Here you will see that the castle has been ransacked. At the top, Tellah will find that Anna
has been mortally wounded. A bard will then come out and Tellah will attack him without
listening to what he has to say. After a few round's of combat, Anna will stop the fight. She
will then explain to them what has happened. Tellah is enraged at Golbez for the death of his
daughter and leaves your party. Edward will then join the group, and you will obtain the
Hovercraft. Now you must travel east to the Antlion Cave.

9. Antlion Cave

Items: 190 GP, Cure 1 x3, Tent x2, 210 GP, Life x2, Charm Harp, Heal, 250 GP, Ether1

This is a pretty short cave with a few weak enemies, with a couple of stronger ones within.
There is a save point midway through. At the end of the cave, you will fight the Antlion. It
is easy to recognize the Antlion room, because it is the only room that is like a big circle.
Antlion HP: 1,000 Weakness: None
This boss can be a little tricky to defeat. However, there is a way to defeat him with very
little trouble. First of all have Cecil and Edward parry. Then have Rydia keep summoning the
Chocobo over and over until it dies. That way it will only attack you for about 1-10 points of
damage. If you harm it with physical attacks, it will use counter and take off over 50 points
of damage. Once you defeat the Antlion you will receive the Sand Ruby. You must now take the
Hovercraft back to Kaipo Village.

10. Back at Kaipo Village

Items: Should have already collected them. If not look back at #5

After you retrieve the Sand Ruby from the Antlion Cave, come back to Kaipo and head to the
house where Rosa is. She will recover from her fever and fill you in on some loose details
about who Golbez is and how the King of Baron has somehow changed. Cecil will object to her
coming with you, but after some pressure from Edward and Rydia, he agrees to take Rosa along.
In the middle of the night Edward goes out by the lake in town to sing about how he misses
Anna. Then a Water Hag comes out and attacks him. This battle is fairly easy to defeat. All
it takes is 3 hits to kill. Note: There is no way to kill this boss, even if you have used a
Game Genie to get Edward to Level 99. I have done this before, and have taken off over 2,300
damage/hit, but even then it still takes 3 hits to die. In the morning, travel back over the
shallows, past Damcyan, and to the mountain pass that is near the Antlion Cave.

11. Mt. Hobs

Items: Tent, Cure 1, Heal, 350 GP, White Arrows x 10

Rydia will learn Fire-1 here with some encouragement from Rosa and Edward. There are two paths
to go on the mountain. The left path leads to a save point and a some treasure chests. The
right path will take you to another treasure chest and to the top of this mountain. At the
top, you will find a man surrounded by monsters. He attacks them and with very little trouble,
he defeats them. Then a big monster will show up. The party decides to help the man fight it.
Mombomb HP: 10,800 Weakness: Darkness
It is highly unlikely that you can kill off this boss before it explodes. However, using the
Game Genie it can be done. After a few rounds of combat, the Mombomb will explode. This
explosion causes severe damage to the party. To make matters worse, the Mombomb has now
become 3 Bombs and 3 gray Bombs. Bomb: 50 HP gray Bomb: 100 HP. After the explosion you
may want (or have to) have Rosa and Rydia heal up the party. Just have Cecil, Edward, and Yang
fight off the monsters. I typically have Cecil attack the gray Bombs since they are stronger,
and Cecil is the strongest in the party. I also have Yang kick since every little bit adds up.
I have Edward attack the Bombs since, he has a better chance of hurting them more than the gray
Bombs. After the battle, Yang will tell you about how he was attacked. Rosa will then tell him
about Baron using the Red Wings to get the Crystals. They then realize that Yang's hometown,
Fabul, is the next target. You must now head to Fabul.

12. Fabul Castle

Items: Cure 1 x4, Tent x2, Heal, Pan & Spoon (Must come back later), 500 GP, Black Sword,
Black Shield, Ether1

Weapon Shop:
[Fire Claw:    350 GP]
[Ice Claw:     450 GP]
[Thunder Claw: 550 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Black Helmet:     980 GP]
[Black Armor:    3,000 GP]
[Black Gauntlet:   800 GP]

Item Shop:
[Cure 1:     30 GP]
[Life:      150 GP]
[Tent:      200 GP]
[Carrot:     50 GP]
[Heal:      100 GP]
[Ether1: 10,000 GP]

Inn: 100 GP/Free if you rest in the King's room before the big fight

Once you enter Fabul Castle, buy any equipment and items that you might need. Also you might
want to stay at the Inn if you have low HP. Once you are ready, go talk to the King. He seems
kind of skeptical about the attack, until Edward explains to him what happened to Damcyan. The
King upon hearing this bit of information, will ask Cecil and the others to help. If you are
ready to fight say 'yes'. If you are not prepared say 'no'. Once you say 'yes' prepare to
fight. Rosa and Rydia will not be in this battle to help you so it may be a wise idea to buy
some Cure 1 potions at the Item Shop before proceeding. There will be 6 battles that you must
win inside the castle. Here is a brief description of each battle:
Battle #1: Here you will fight 2 Fighters with 65 HP and a General with 320 HP. Now it is not
necessary to kill the General, but if you do so, you will gain much more exp. You only need to
defeat the Fighters to finish this battle.
Battle #2: Here you must fight 1 Weeper with 100 HP, an Imp Cap. with 37 HP, and a Waterhag
with 48 HP. This fight should be easy enough to win.
Battle #3: This fight is just like the first one you fought in. If you are low on HP, try to
make it quick as possible. Yang, and Cecil should be able to kill off the Fighters in one hit.
Battle #4: Here you will fight a Gargoyle with 160 HP. It isn't too difficult to defeat, but
however, if you do not kill it quick enough, it will cast the Weak Spell, which leaves one
party member with 1-9 HP left.
Battle #5: This fight is exactly like the second battle you fought. You may be a little low
on HP here, so use this battle to heal up on. This is the easiest battle to heal on since the
monsters do very little damage as compared to the General-Fighter Combo.
Battle #6: Yep, you guessed it, another General-Fighter Combo. You don't have to kill the
General here, but it might be a good idea if you need the exp. since this is the last battle
that you actually fight in. Once you end this battle, the group will head to the Crystal Room.
Although you fight strongly against the attackers, you slowly retreat up to the Crystal Room.
At that time, Kain will show up. Cecil has not seen Kain since he disappeared after the battle
at Mist. He asks Kain to join them, but he wants a one-on-one fight with Cecil. Again, this
is not a battle which you can win, just like the Mombomb, unless you cheated with a Game Genie.
However, here is an interesting note. Kain at this point has 65,000 HP. I don't know why,
or where he got that much HP, but that's his stats for here anyway. Kain will defeat Cecil.
Then Golbez makes an appearance. You have heard so much about him to this point and you
finally get to see him. He orders Kain to take the Crystal. Edward and Yang, try to stop
Kain, but Golbez just hits them with a bolt of lightning. Rosa tries to talk some sense into
Kain, but Golbez captures her and leaves. Kain then leaves taunting words with Cecil as he
leaves. Rydia will then cast Cure 1 on the group. You now must head to the Inn. There the
group will decide how to get into Baron to save Rosa. They decide that a boat is the best way.
The King agrees to give the party a ship. Once on the ship, Cecil decides that they must talk
to Cid, in order to get an airship. However, the party runs into bad luck again. Leviatan
comes out from beneath the ocean and sinks the ship. Cecil will find himself alone on a beach
outside the town of Mysidia. If you remember correctly, this is the town which he stole the
Crystal from in the beginning of the game. He has no choice but to go there.

13. Mysidia

Items: None

Weapon Shop:
[Ice Rod:    220 GP]
[Flame Rod:  380 GP]
[Cure Staff: 480 GP]
[Crossbow:   700 GP]
[White Arrow: 20 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Gaea Cap:           700 GP]
[Gaea Robe:          500 GP]
[Silver Ring:        650 GP]
[Paladin Shield:     700 GP]
[Paladin Helmet:   4,000 GP]
[Paladin Armor:    8,000 GP]
[Paladin Gauntlet: 3,000 GP]

Item Shop:
[Cure 1:     30 GP]
[Cure 2:    150 GP]
[Life:      150 GP]
[Tent:      200 GP]
[Cabin:   1,000 GP]
[Heal:      100 GP]
[Ether1: 10,000 GP]

Inn: 200 GP

When you first get to Mysidia, try to avoid talking to people. They are still angry at Cecil
for the attack he led at the beginning of the game. Some of the people you try to talk to will
cause abnormal effects to Cecil. Head to the building in the middle of the town. There you
will have to talk to the village Elder. He will listen to Cecil's story. He will tell Cecil
that he must go to Mt. Ordeals to be able to fight evil with good. He also tell you that it
would be hard for him to make it with his Dark Sword. He tells Cecil to take the wizards,
Palom and Porom, with him. Now you should buy some equipment if you need it. I would
recommend buying 3 Gaea Caps, 2 Gaea Robes, 3 Silver Rings, and 1 of each Paladin item. Then
head out to Mt. Ordeals, to the east.

14. Mt. Ordeals

Items: Cure 1 x2, Ether1 x2

This mountain can be pretty tough to deal with. The major threat is the fact that almost all
of the enemies are undead. Cecil cannot effectively fight undead monsters, like he can almost
any other. Therefore, Palom and Porom, must do the majority of the fighting. If you must have
Cecil fight, unequip his Sword since he will do 1 point of damage with it. He's better off
fighting bare handed against undead. About halfway up the mountain, you will come across
Tellah again. After a brief conversation, Tellah will finally admit that his magic is not
strong enough to defeat Golbez. At this point, he will join your party again. He still has
the same Spells he did when he first joined the party. However, his Fire Spell can cause some
major damage up here, plus he has an adequate amount of MP to go along with it. Right near the
top of the mountain, you will start hearing voices. Porom will think that it is Palom making
noises, but he will insist that it's not him doing it. You will also find a save point up
here. I would strongly recommend that you save the game here. After you save the game, head
to the bridge. But before you can cross it, you run into the Fiend of Earth, Milon. He then
attacks the party.
Milon HP: 3,100 Weakness: None
Ghast: HP 170 Weakness: Fire, Sacred Power
Milton is not really too tough to beat. Just have Cecil attack him, Palom and Porom use their
Twin Magic, and Tellah either use his magic to attack Milon, or to heal the party. Just be
aware that Milon counter attacks with Lit-1 everytime he takes damage. After a few rounds,
he'll die. Now head back to the save point and use a Tent and save. Then head across the
bridge. Right before you cross it totally, use the Change command, on your menu screen. Then
finish crossing the bridge. MilonZ will then attack the party from behind.
MilonZ HP: 3,000 Weakness: Fire, Sacred Power, Arrows
MilonZ is pretty easy to defeat. Just have Cecil attack him, have Palom use Fire-2 on him, and
have Porom and Tellah, use Cure 2 on him. Just repeat this process, and after a couple of
rounds he'll be killed. Now, head to the shrine located in the middle of the ledge there.
Once you get there, Cecil will receive a sword. Then, he'll have a one-on-one fight with a
clone of himself as a Dark Knight. To win this fight, just have Cecil parry for 3 rounds.
Then he'll die, and Cecil will become a Paladin. Tellah will also remember all of his Spells
plus he will learn Meteo. A little note about the Dark Knight clone. He only has 1,000 HP.
Despite the controversy, that he cannot be killed, the fact is he can be killed. It'll just
take a little while to do. The end result ends just as if you Parried for 3 rounds. Now head
back to Mysidia.

15. Back to Mysidia

Once you have become a Paladin, head back to Mysidia. Once you arrive there, talk to the
Elder. He will tell you that Palom and Porom's real duty was to spy on you. It turns out that
there was no need for it after all. The Elder then notices the Sword that Cecil has. He then
explains a little bit about the Mysidian Legend. Tellah then urges you to get to Baron to get
an Airship to defeat Golbez. The Elder agrees to open the serpent Road. Now you can get back
to Baron.

16. Town of Baron Revisited

Items: Baron Key, 2000 GP, Thunder Claw

Once you use the serpent Road to get back to Baron, head to the Inn. There you will find
Yang, whom has not been seen since Leviatan attacked the ship. Talk to him, and to the party's
surprise, he sends Guards to attack you. After you beat the Guards, you must deal with him
despite Cecil's attempts to talk to him.
Yang: HP: 4,000 Weakness: None
To beat Yang, just simply have Cecil attack him, Tellah use on of the -3 Spells (Fire, Ice,
Lit) and have Palom and Porom use their Twin Magic on him. Once you beat him, he will rejoin
your party. He will also give you the Baron Key so that you can use the Underground Passage to
get into Baron Castle. You can also use this key to get into the weapon and armor shops. You
should also buy Yang some equipment here. Now you have 2 different choices here: You can
travel back to the Village of Mist. Here you can find the Tiara, Porom's best helmet, and buy
a Dancing Knife, Palom's best weapon. Or you can go to the Underground Passage. If you want
to go back to Mist, look at #17. If you go through the Underground Passage, look at #18.

17. Village of Mist Revisited

Items: Tiara, Cloth, Ruby Ring, Change Rod, 100 GP, Heal, Cure 1

Inn: 50 GP

Even though this town was burned to the ground earlier in the game, it seems to have been
rebuilt to an extent. You can now enter the Weapon and Armor shops, and stay at the Inn.
There are even a few good Items to collect now, so it might be worth the trip to come here.
**This is a totally optional event. Coming here does not affect the game at all.**

18. Underground Passage

Items: 1,000 GP, Cure 2, Ether1 x2, Life x3, Ancient Sword

When you first enter, walk to the right. There is a hidden passage leading to a chest with
1,000 GP in it. This is a pretty short cave, with lots of hidden passages, leading to a
different place. You will find a fair amount of chests in here. There are a few mid-strength
enemies in here, but none that can be a serious threat. Right before you reach the exit, there
is a save point. In that room, there is also a hidden passage that leads to the Ancient Sword.
Once you go up the stairs, you will be back inside Baron Castle.

19. Baron Castle

Items: Ether1 x4, Cure 2 x3, Life x3, Tent x3, Cure 1 x2, Heal, Elixir

Once inside Baron Castle, you will notice a strange atmosphere. There is not a person in
sight. Once you enter the main room, Baigan will come out. He seems friendlier than before.
He offers to help you out, but Palom and Porom see through his little trick. He then changes
into a monster and attacks you.
Baigan: HP: 3,500 Weakness: None
Right Arm: HP: 350 Weakness: None
Left Arm: HP: 350 Weakness: None
Baigan isn't too tough to beat. Have Cecil and Yang attack his body, Palom and Porom use their
Twin Magic, and have Tellah use a -3 Spell on it. Just make sure that Palom and Porom use
their Spell first. If Tellah uses his Spell first, Baigan will cast Wall, which will cause the
Twin Spell to reflect back onto the party. If Baigan survives the Twin Spell, plus Tellah's -3
Spell he will cast Wall. At that point, just use normal attacks against him, since he's all
but dead from those 2 attacks alone. After you defeat him, you are free to walk around the
castle. You can now take the treasures in the castle. When you are ready, head to the King's
room. However, if you need to rest, go to Cecil's room to rest. Once you are at the King's
room, talk to the King. It seems though he has changed since you have been gone. However, it
seems that he's been changed for quite some time. He then reveals, his true self, Kainazzo the
Fiend of Water. He then attacks the party.
Kainazzo: HP: 4,000 Weakness: Ice/Thunder when the water is around him.
This boss is a joke. Just have Tellah cast Ice-3/Lit-3, depending on the circumstances. It
should only take 1 hit to kill him. After the battle, Cid will show up. It seems that he's a
little bit PO'ed at Kainazzo, for locking him up somewhere. He then sees that Cecil is in the
room. After a brief conversation, he agrees to take the party to where the airship is. Once
you enter the small corridoor, you find that Kainazzo has set a trap there. As the walls close
in on you, Palom and Porom decide that the only way to save the party is to sacrifice
themselves. Cecil tries to stop them, but they turn themselves to stone, thus stopping the
walls from crushing everyone. After a sad farewell, Cid will take you onboard the airship.
Then before you can leave, another airship pulls up along side yours. Kain will emerge, and
tell you in order to save Rosa, that you must get the Crystal of Earth from Toroia. He tells
you that once you get the Crystal, that they'll exchange Rosa for the Crystal. You must now
head northwest to Toroia. At this point, you'll have a couple of optional places to visit now
that you've got the airship. If you just want to go to Toroia, look at #22. If you want to
head to Silvera, look at #20. If you want to head to Elban Castle, look at #21.

20. Silvera

Items: Silver Staff, Silver Knife, 5,000 GP

Weapon Shop:
[Silver Staff:  4,000 GP]
[Silver Knife:  3,000 GP]
[Silver Hammer: 8,000 GP]
[Silver Sword:  6,000 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Silver Shield:   1,000 GP]
[Silver Helmet:   3,000 GP]
[Silver Armor:   17,000 GP]
[Silver Gauntlet: 2,000 GP]

Item Shop:
[Heal: 100 GP]

Inn: 500 GP

This town is totally optional to come to. It does have the best weapon and armor for Cecil up
to this point. It also has the best armor for Cid to this point. After buying all the
equipment that you can afford, you can either head to Elban Castle, or to Toroia.

21. Elban Castle

Items: 600 GP, Cure 2 x6, Ether1 x4, Life x2, Cabin x2, 800 GP, Drain Spear*, Elixir*, Slumber
Sword*, 2,000 GP, Mute Arrow x10, Heal

*This items are guarded by monsters in the treasure chest. Here is a brief description of the
monsters guarding the weapons:
Elixir Chest-There are 3 Mad Ogres guarding the item. Just have Tellah cast Stone on them all.
It should kill them all in one use.
Slumber Sword Chest-There is a Staleman and 4 Skulls here. Have Tellah use Weak on the
Staleman. Have the next available character attack the Staleman. Then kill off the Skulls,
with Cecil, Yang, and Cid. Make sure Yang has a Fire Claw equipped, to inflict maximum damage
to undead. Also have Cecil equipped with the Legend Sword to do the same thing as Yang's Fire
Drain Spear Chest-There are 2 Black Panthers, and a Lamia here. Have Tellah use a -3 Spell on
all enemies. It should be sufficient to kill both Panthers. Just attack the Lamia normally
after the Black Panthers are defeated. There is nothing really exciting about this Castle.
However, there are a lot of treasures to collect here. Some like, the Drain Spear, Elixir, and
Slumber Sword, are guarded by monsters. There is nothing else to do once you collected all of
the treasures, so now head to Toroia.

22. Toroia

Items: 1,000 GP, Cure 2, Ether 1, Ether 2

Weapon Shop:
[Wooden Hammer:   80 GP]
[Great Bow:    2,000 GP]
[Fire Arrow:      30 GP]
[Ice Arrow:       30 GP]
[Lightning Arrow: 30 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Cap:            100 GP]
[Leather Cap:    330 GP]
[Cloth:           50 GP]
[Leather Robe:   200 GP]
[Ruby Ring:    1,000 GP]

Item Shop:
[Cure 1:     30 GP]
[Life:      150 GP]
[Tent:      200 GP]
[Carrot:     50 GP]
[Heal:      100 GP]
[Ether1: 10,000 GP]

There isn't really much to do with the story in this town. You might need to buy some armor and
weapons here, used once you get farther into the game. I'm including this information further
into the walkthrough.

23. Toroia Castle

Items: Twin Harp, Ether1 x3, Tent x2, Cure 2 x2, Ruby Ring x2

When you first enter the Castle, head to the middle room. There the 8 clerics will allow you
to use the Earth Crystal, for a good cause, if you can get it back from the Dark Elf. To the
left, you will find Edward, whom has not been seen since the Leviatan attack. He will explain
to you, that he ended up here afterwards. He will then notice that Rosa is not with the party.
Cecil tells him that she was captured in exchange for the Earth Crystal. Then Cecil mentions
that the Dark Elf has it. Edward will then give you the Twin Harp. Now you must head north to
a chocobo forest to find a black chocobo to fly to the Dark Elves' cave.

24. Cave Magnes

Items: Cure 2 x2, Cabin, Cure 3, Ether2, Life, Charm Claw

This cave has a strange field surrounding it. Indeed, this field will prevent anyone from
using metallic weapons and/or armor. Therefore Cecil and Cid will most likely not be able to
fight. Yang can fight, but you'll have to replace his Silver Ring with a Ruby Ring, thus
causing a loss of Defense. Same thing goes for Tellah. Replace his Silver Ring with a Ruby
Ring. You may need to replace his staff too, if its Silver. I find that making it through the
cave is easier to handle, if you outfit Cecil and Cid with non-metallic equipment so that all
can focus on all enemies. Here's how I would equip Cecil and Cid with all the available
equipment from previous towns:
Weapon: Great Bow with some type of arrow. I haven't really seen much difference in the types
of arrow.
Helmet: Gaea Cap
Armor: Karate Robe
Ring: Ruby Ring
Weapon: Great Bow with any type of arrow. As with Cecil, I haven't seen much difference in
which type of arrow I use.
Helmet: Leather Cap
Armor: Karate Robe
Ring: Rune Ring
This cave can be fairly hard to get through, considering the fact that you have weak weapons
and armors equipped. You should have only Yang, in the front row and Cecil, Cid, and Tellah in
the back. Try to have Tellah lay off using his magic, since you'll need it for healing. Have
him use his weapons as items, such as Ice Rods, Flame Rods, etc. in battle. The effect will be
little, but hey every little bit helps. You will find a save point halfway through the cave,
and another one at the end of the cave. At the very end, you will fight the Dark Elf.
Dark Elf: HP: 22,000 Weakness: Sacred Power
When you first fight the Dark Elf, he waits for a few rounds before attacking you. The first
attack that he attacks you with, hits your party with Fire-2, Lit-2, and finally Ice-2. This
attack does well over 600+ points of damage to your party. He will then use the Weak Spell
against everyone. Don't ask me how he can does this since Weak is a one target Spell only.
Shortly after, the party will go down. Edward will sense that they are in danger and he goes
over to his harp. He plays a song, and it will reach Cecil's group through the Twin Harp.
This song will prevent the Dark Elf from using his magnetic field against the party. Now you
can beat him. This time around his magic does not cause nearly as much damage as it did
before. However, he can still use Weak against one member of the party. Magic does not have a
lot of power against him, so just attack him normally. After you inflict so much damage to him
he changes into a Dark Dragon.
Dark Dragon: HP: 3,000 Weakness: None
This boss can be a little tough to kill. Just have Cecil, Cid, and Yang attack while Tellah
uses his Cure Spells after the Dark Dragon hits you with D.Breath. However, there is an easy
way to defeat him. Just have Tellah cast Weak on it and the next person to hit it kills it.

25. Revisiting Toria Castle

Items: Cure 2 x2, Heal x2, Ether1 x2, Ether2 x2, Elixir x2, 2000 GP, Great Bow, Fire Arrow
x20, Ice Arrow x20, Lightning Arrow x10

After getting the Earth Crystal back, head to Toroia once again. Once there, speak to the
Clerics, They will agree to let you use the Crystal as promised. Then you can hear Kain's
voice.  He will tell you to get on your airship, and he will take you to where Rosa is. Once
you get on it, you will be taken to the Tower of Zot.

26. Tower of Zot

Items: Fire Armor, Fire Sword, Poison Claw, Fire Shield, Earth Hammer, Wizard Robe

This tower is fairly long, with a lot of turns in it. There are also some fairly challenging
enemies up here too. If you run out of supplies, just head back to the point in the tower
where you started at. On either the third or fourth floor, you will find the save point. Use
a Tent or Cabin and continue your journey. Right near the door, you will fight Cindy, Mindy,
and Sandy, the three Magus Sisters.
Back-Sandy: HP: 2,500 Weakness: None
Middle-Cindy HP: 4,300 Weakness: None
Front-Mindy HP: 2,200 Weakness: None
To beat them, have Cecil, and Yang target Cindy. Have Cid either attack Cindy, or have him use
his Earth Hammer in battle. It will produce the same effect as the Quake Spell. Tellah can
use either his -3 Spells against Sandy or Mindy, or have him cast Bersk on either Cecil or
Yang. Bersk will not allow you to choose a target for whom the Spell was used on, but it does
increase the amount of damage that they cause. When Cindy requests a Wall, but she already has
on, note which character the Spell will hit. Then have Tellah use a Spell on that character.
That way, his Spell can hit Cindy without it bouncing back upon the party. However, it is
random who the Spell will hit after being bounced off of your wall. After you kill off Cindy,
have everyone attack, and Tellah use his Spells against the other two. After beating the Magus
Sisters, head back to the save point and rest and/or save. When you are ready, head through
the door. There you will run into Golbez. Cecil gives him the Crystal, but he does not return
Rosa to the party. Tellah sees that they have been cheated, attacks Golbez. He tries a few of
his Spells, but none of them have much effect. He then casts Meteo despite the protest from
the rest of the group. He defeats Golbez for now, but it costs him his life. After Golbez
retreats, talk to Kain. He will apologize for what he has done. Cecil will then ask Kain
where Rosa is. Kain will take you up to where she is being held at. Cecil will barely save
Rosa from being crushed. Afterwards, the party decides to have Kain join them. He protests,
but with some encouragement from Rosa, and Cecil he will rejoin the party. Now you must head
out of the tower. However, you must first fight the Fiend of Wind, Valvalis.
Valvalis: HP: 6,000 Weakness: None
There is only one way to defeat her. That is to have Kain jump while she is spinning. His
jump will neutralize her spin. Then have Cecil, Yang, and Cid attack her, while shes not
spinning. If your party does not need healed, have Rosa attack too. This will take several
rounds to win, so just keep following the pattern. Kain jump, have everyone else fight, Rosa
heal if necessary. If she spins, have Kain jump again, and repeat. Once you beat her, the
tower will begin to break up. Rosa will then cast Exit, and you will be back in Cecils room
in Baron. Kain will then talk to you a little bit about the Crystals. Everyone will believes
that Golbez has gathered them all. But Kain tells you about the Dark Crystals of the
Underground. He will also give you the Magma Key which is the key to open the Underground.
You must now head to Agart.

27. Agart

Items: Cure2

Weapon Shop:
[Rod:         100 GP]
[Staff:       160 GP]
[Spear:        60 GP]
[Boomerang: 3,000 GP]
[Short Bow:   220 GP]
[Crossbow:    700 GP]
[Iron Arrow:   10 GP]
[White Arrow:  20 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Iron Shield:   100 GP]
[Iron Helmet:   150 GP]
[Iron Armor:    600 GP]
[Iron Gauntlet: 130 GP]
[Iron Ring:     100 GP]

Item Shop:
[Cure 1:     30 GP]
[Life:      150 GP]
[Tent:      200 GP]
[Carrot:     50 GP]
[Heal:      100 GP]
[Ether1: 10,000 GP]

Inn: 50 GP

In this town, there is a lot of talk about the underground, and Dwarves. There is also a
telescope here. You can take a look through it if you wish, but it doesnt really provide you
with anything really useful. go to the well in the middle of town. When you get there, throw
you Magma Key into the well. It will cause an earthquake, which will cause the mountain to
cave in. Now you can head into the hole. Once you enter the hole, the group will see some
tanks fighting the Red Wings. The Enterprise will take some damage so Cid lands it. Now head
to the castle.

28. Dwarf Castle

Items: Dwarf Axe, 500 GP, Strength Ring, Ether1 x2, Elixir x2, Ether2, 500 GP, Cure2, Black
Belt, 1,000 GP, Carrot x3, Cabin x3

Weapon Shop:
[Dwarf Axe:      15,000 GP]
[Great Bow:       2,000 GP]
[Darkness Arrow:     40 GP]
[Fire Sword:     14,000 GP]
[Flame Spear:    11,000 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Fire Shield:  1,250 GP]
[Fire Armor:  30,000 GP]
[Wizard Cap:   2,000 GP]
[Wizard Robe:  1,200 GP]
[Rune Ring:    2,000 GP]

Item Shop:
[Life:      150 GP]
[Cure 1:     30 GP]
[Cure 2:    150 GP]
[Tent:      200 GP]
[Cabin:   1,000 GP]
[Carrot:     50 GP]
[Heal:      100 GP]
[Ether1: 10,000 GP]

Inn: 600 GP

Once you get here, you will be restricted to where you can go. You can go to the Inn and the
Item Shop, but thats about it. Once you buy any necessary items, and/or rest, talk to the
King. He tells the group that two of the four Darkness Crystals have been taken already. He
also asks you if you can use your airship to help support them. Cid tells him that the airship
needs repairs, as well as mystic silver to help it withstand the heat of the Underground.
He then leaves your party, while he makes the repairs. Giott then tells you that his Crystal
is behind his throne. Yang then feels someone eavesdropping on the conversation. No one else
can hear or see anyone, so the King orders the door to the Crystal to be opened. Behind the
King the party is attacked by dolls.
Cal: HP: 1,000 Weakness: None
Breana: HP: 300 Weakness: None
Calbrena HP: 4,624 Weakness: None
These dolls arent too hard to defeat. However, the will unite into a big one, if they are not
defeated quick enough. To beat them, have Cecil attack the blue dolls, Kain jump on the blue
dolls, have Yang either attack the blue dolls or Kick them all, and have Rosa attack the Red
dolls, or cure the party. If the dolls happen to unite into the Calbrena, have Cecil attack,
Kain Jump, Yang attack, and Rosa cure the party. Be aware, that the Calbrena uses a Charm like
attack to one party member. Also, beware that it you dont kill off the Calbrena quickly
enough, it will change back into 3 Cals and 3 Brenas, and youll be back where you started
from. If you can, I would recommend killing off the big Calbrena. You gain much more exp. and
GP from killing it then you do from killing the 6 dolls. After you defeat the dolls, Golbez
shows up. He talks about the crystals being the key to the moon. He then attacks the party.
After a few rounds he uses hold gas on the party. He then calls his Shadow Dragon to kill the
party. The Dragon will kill off Yang, Rosa, and possibly Kain. It then is ready to kill off
Cecil, but a Mist Dragon will come out and kill the Shadow Dragon. A item is then used to
remove the paralyzing effects of hold gas on the party. An unknown voice will call out telling
Cecil that he can move again. At that moment, Rydia will come out and help you fight Golbez.
Golbez HP: 22,001 Weakness: Fire, Sacred Power. Golbez has 22,001 HP, but you dont need
to take off that much to beat him. To beat Golbez, have Cecil attack him with the Fire Sword,
Kain Jump if hes alive, and have Rydia cast Jinn. After a couple of rounds, hell be
defeated. After the battle, Rydia will tell everyone what happened to her after Leviatan
attacked the ship. As the party starts to leave, Golbezs hand takes the Crystal away. Once
you exit the Crystal Room, King Giott will tell you about the Tower of Bab-Il and how all of
the Crystals are stored there. He also tells you that the tanks will attack the tower to
cover your entrance into it. The party decides to help, and hell tell you about an exit in
the bottom of the castle, and to leave when the party is ready. Now here is a weird part.
Right after Giott is done talking to you, have Rydia cast warp. Youll end back up in the
Crystal Room, but the Crystal will be there, even though you saw Golbez take it away.

29. Tower of Bab-Il (Lower)

Items: Ice Arrow x20, Ether1, Bandanna, Blizzard Spear, Ice Brand, Cat Claw, Cure 2 x2, Life
x2, Archer Bow, Ice Shield, Ice Armor, 2000 GP, Ether2, Tower Key

This tower has multiple floors to travel to reach the top. There are also a lot of Fire
enemies here, so make sure you pick up the Ice equipment you find while traveling through the
tower. About mid-way up, you will find a save point. If you need to rest, use a tent or a
cabin, and save your game and continue your climb. Near the top of the tower, youll find a
locked door. Dont worry about it being locked, youll find the key later on. At the top of
the Tower, youll find the Fiend of Fire, Rubicant, talking to Lugae. Hell mention, that all
of the Crystals, have been moved to the Upper Section of the Tower of Bab-Il and that Lugae is
in charge while hes gone. Lugae will notice the party and youll have to fight him and
Lugae: HP: 4,416 Weakness: None
Balnab: HP: 3,927 Weakness: None
These two arent too hard to beat. However, if the fight lasts a long time, Lugae will take
control of Balnab himself, but he presses a button causing Balnab to explode on one of your
party members, most likely killing them. Lugae then seems to get mad, and he transforms into
his true self.
Dr.Lugae 2nd fight: HP: 6,600 Weakness: None
He can be challenging at times to defeat. Just have Cecil attack, Kain Jump, have Rydia call
Titan, and have Rosa cast Bersk on Yang. This should make things much easier for you to beat
him. However, if the party needs cured, have Rosa use Cure-2 or Cure-3 if you have it. Just
keep repeating the process and hell die. Then he makes note that the Super Cannon is still
going to blast the Dwarves. Now take the Tower Key that you got off of him after he died, and
go back to the locked door. Once you get there, use the Tower Key. There you will see there
little monsters talking about the Dwarves going to get blasted. Then they attack you. They
arent really hard, just 3 Dark Imps. After you beat them, they do something to the Super
Cannon so that nothing can stop it. Yang then sees that there is no chance of stopping it, so
he knocks the group out the door, and then he locks it. Despite pleas from the group, Yang
stays into the room until it blows up. Now you must walk out of the tower. It may be a good
idea to use the save points that you come across on your way down. Once you start to cross the
bridge to head out, Golbezs voice can be heard, saying that you have amused him for long
enough. Then he starts the bridge on fire. The group starts to run across it, and right at
the end of the bridge, they fall, but land on the airship. Cid has finally finished the
repairs. However, just as your start to leave, the a Red Wing airship starts chasing you. The
Enterprise cannot outrun it, due to the fact the Red Wings have been modified. Cid tells Cecil
to take control of it. He then tells him to head for the upperworld. He also tells him to
head to Baron, and to have his workers modify the airship. He then says his good-byes, and
jumps off the airship and sets off a bomb, sealing the underground once more. Now you must
head to Baron Castle. Once you get there, go to the right side of the castle, and talk to
Cids helpers (they are dressed in Blue), and they will add a hook to the Enterprise. Now you
can go back to Mt. Hobs, and hook the hovercraft, and take it down to Elban Castle. Now you
can get into the cave that is visible there by crossing the shallows using the hovercraft.

30. Cave Eblana

Items: Shuriken, Heal, 1200 GP

This is a very short cave. Once you get through it, you will find an Underground town, which
houses the citizens of Elban Castle, which was overrun by monsters.

Weapon Shop:
[Power Staff:     2,000 GP]
[Ice Brand:      26,000 GP]
[Blizzard Spear: 21,000 GP]
[Short Sword:     4,000 GP]
[Boomerang:       3,000 GP]
[Archer Bow:      3,000 GP]
[Poison Arrow:       70 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Ice Shield: 10,000 GP]
[Ice Armor:  35,000 GP]
[Black Robe: 10,000 GP]

Item Shop:
[Life:      150 GP]
[Cure 1:     30 GP]
[Cure 2:    150 GP]
[Tent:      200 GP]
[Cabin:   1,000 GP]
[Carrot:     50 GP]
[Heal:      100 GP]
[Ether1: 10,000 GP]

Inn: 700 GP

There is also talk about the prince of Elban, Edge, who went after Rubicant alone. Now head
north through the door to follow him.

31. Pass to Bab-Il

Items: Ether1, Tent, Cure 2 x3, Cure 3, Cabin, Elixir x2, 800 GP, 850 GP, Life x3, Shuriken,
Drain Sword, Ether2

There are soldiers along this path who tell you about Edge wanting to fight Rubicant. They
also say that he went alone, despite protests from them. They also mention that he has a
terrible temper. Right near the exit of the cave into the tower, there is a save point. Also
make sure you grab the Drain Sword, in the hidden chest in the save point room. Also after
grabbing it, I would not recommend using it in this cave, since there are a few undead monsters
around. Hitting them with the Drain Sword or Spear, will drain HP from you and give it to the
undead. Near the exit of the cave, you will see Edge confronting Rubicant. He then attacks
Rubicant. It only takes Rubicant 2 rounds to defeat Edge. Edge though defeated, seems obsessed
with killing Rubicant. He then falls to the ground while attempting to chase him. The party
rushes over to him to see if he requires help. Edge, being a prince and all, is quite arrogant
and says that he doesnt need help. After a brief conversation, he agrees to join your group.
Now head through the door, and chase Rubicant.

32. Tower of Bab-Il Upper

Items: Cure 3 x2, Ogre Axe, Middle Sword, 2,000 GP, 82,000 GP

This upper section of the Tower is much more difficult than the lower section you did before.
It is longer, plus the enemies are more difficult. But I think that Edge will help you out
more that Yang. There are 5 floors to this place. There is also a lot of treasures to pick up
so I would advise that you grab everyone that you can find. There is also one save point in
this upper section of the Tower, and of course, it has to be right near the end. Once you get
to the very top floor, dont go up the middle right away. Keep going left, and you will find a
treasure chest with 82,000 GP in it. This should help you out with buying Diamond equipment
very shortly. Once you head up the middle path, you will be stopped by Edges parents.
However, to their surprise, the King wants to take them all down to Hades with him. The
parents then attack the party. It seems that they have been changed into monsters.
King Elban: HP: 60,000 Weakness: None
Queen Elban: HP: 60,000 Weakness: None
The King casts Fire 2, and the Queen casts Fire 1, but they never seem to attack the party. It
is highly unlikely that you can defeat them, but shortly after the battle begins, they regain
their consciousness, and stop attacking the party. They then explain to Edge about how theyre
no longer human, and how they must leave soon. Edge protests, but they finally decide to die
(suicide maybe?). After they die, Edge goes on a berserked rampage. Rubicant then shows up
and tells Edge that Lugae was the one that turned his parents into monsters. He apologizes for
that. Edge is still persistent on defeating Rubicant (these types of obsessions seem to be on
every Final Fantasy game in one way or another), plus he gains two new Spells here, Blitz and
Flood. Rubicant will totally restore your HP/MP, and then attacks.
Rubicant: HP: 25,200 Weakness: Cloak Closed-None, Cloak Open-Ice
Rubicant can be very hard to defeat. To make it easier, equip Cecil with an Ice Shield, Ice
Armor, and the Ice Brand, Kain with an Ice Shield, Ice Armor, and the Blizzard Spear. You can
equip Edge with an Ice Claw if you wish to have him attack Rubicant after he runs out of MP
from casting Flood. Rydia should cast Virus on Rubicant, since with Ice 2 or Shiva, you might
mistime the Spell and hit him while his cloak is closed giving him HP. Virus may not take off
as much HP as Ice 2 or Shiva, but it will never heal him. Rosa should cast Berserk on Cecil to
increase the number of attacks he gets, plus to raise his Attack power. She should also cure
the party with Cure 2 or 3 if you have it. Kain should jump to inflict the maximum amount of
damage as possible. Keep this up, and after a few rounds hell die. He makes a comment about
weak people joining forces to win, and that he respects your power. Chamberlain of Elban Castle
will then show up, and tries to urge Edge to go back to Elban Castle with him to rebuild it.
They group decides to finish off Golbez and to get back the Crystals. Now you must head
through the door. In the next room, you can see all of the crystals, but you take 2 steps into
the room, and you fall into a pitfall. The trap was set to prevent you from reclaiming the
crystals. You then fall into another section of the Underground section of the Tower of Bab-

Items: Cure 2 x2

This section only has about 2 or 3 rooms in it with a couple of items. Once you reach the
biggest room there is, you will find a Red Wing airship. The group decides to take it. Now
you must fly back to the Dwarf Castle, since it cannot fly over magma.

33. Return to Dwarf Castle

Items: Luca Key

Once you get the Falcon from the tower of Bab-Il, return to the Dwarf Castle. Once you are
there, talk to King Giott. Seeing that the last Crystal is in jeopardy, he gives you the Luca
Key, to get into the Sealed Cave, where the last Crystal is kept. However, there is still the
problem of the airship not being able to fly over the magma. Walk around the castle until you
find the hospital like room. In that room is Cid, whom everyone though dead after he jumped
off the airship and set off the bomb. Cecil tells him that all the Elemental Fiends have been
defeated. He also tells him that they must get the last Crystal before Golbez, and the airship
cannot fly over magma. Cid will get out from his bed, and with some help, makes his way to
modify the airship to fly over magma. Now you can travel to 4 different places: Tomra, the
Sealed Cave, the Land of Summoned Monsters, or the Sylphan Cave. If you travel to the Sealed
Cave, look at #35. If you go to the Land of Summoned Monsters, look at #36. If you travel to
the Sylphan Cave, look at #37.

34. Tomra

Items: Cure 2 x3, 470 GP, Cabin, 490 GP

Weapon Shop:
[Middle Sword:  7,000 GP]
[Chain Whip:    6,000 GP]
[Ogre Axe:     45,000 GP]
[Archer Bow:    3,000 GP]
[Mute Arrow:      100 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Diamond Shield:   15,000 GP]
[Diamond Helmet:   10,000 GP]
[Diamond Armor:    40,000 GP]
[Diamond Gauntlet:  5,000 GP]
[Tiara:            20,000 GP]
[Diamond Ring:      4,000 GP]

Item Shop:
[Life:      150 GP]
[Cure 1:     30 GP]
[Cure 2:    150 GP]
[Tent:      200 GP]
[Cabin:   1,000 GP]
[Carrot:     50 GP]
[Heal:      100 GP]
[Ether1: 10,000 GP]

Inn: 300 GP

There isnt really much to do here. You can buy equipment here and I would advise that you pay
the outrageous prices, since this is the best equipment you can get up to this point. Now
either head to the Sealed Cave #35, or the Land of Summoned Monsters #36, or the Sylphan Cave #

35. Sealed Cave

Items: Life x5, Long Sword x2, Ether1 x2, Cure 2 x2, Light Sword, Ninja Star, Elixir, 5,000 GP,
Ninja Cap, Ether2, Cure 3, Darkness Crystal

This cave is a great place to gain experience. All you need to do is to kill off all of the
trap doors in this cave. However, they can be quite difficult to defeat. If your party is at
low level, it will use Disrupt at least one time during the fight, instantly killing off one of
your characters. Often after defeating the Trap Door, you may also have to kill off another
tough monster, a Manticore. If you can kill off both monsters you can gain in excess of 6,000
exp. points per battle. There are 15 trap doors in this cave. Many of the trap doors lead to
dead ends. Here is a list of the trap doors which lead to items and/or the correct path to go.
Also included here is a list in which order to go through the doors to get to the Darkness
Crystal and the Evil Wall: Trap Door #2, Door #9 because of the save point, Door #11, and
finally Door #15. unfortunately by doing this, you will loose a lot of items and exp. points
from killing the monsters.
Trap door #1: This first door is in the first room below the entrance. You must slide down
the rope to get to it. There is a Long Sword and an Ether1 in this room.
Trap door #2: This door is located in the upperleft corner of floor B1F. In this room you'll
find a Cure 2 and an Ether1. Also in this room you'll find another 2 trap doors plus the way
to the next room.
Trap door #3: This is the door to the left. It is an empty room.
Trap door #4: This is the door to the right. It is also an empty room.
Trap door #5: This is the very right door on floor B2F. It is an empty room.
Trap door #6: This is the next door to the left. Inside, you'll find the Light Sword.
Trap door #7: This is 1 door left from #6. Inside there is a Ninja Star, Elixir and 5,000 GP.
Trap door #8: This is 1 door left from #7. It is an empty room.
Trap door #9: This is 1 door left from #8: Inside you'll find a Save point.
Trap door #10: This is the very left door. Inside you'll find a Long Sword and Ninja Cap.
Trap door #11: This door is in the very bottom left corner. Inside you'll find an Ether1 and
a passage to another section of the cave.
Trap door #12: This door is on the left portion of the screen when you get through the passage
from door #11. It is an empty room.
Trap door #13: This is the far right room on floor B3F, but don't go down the rope. It is an
empty room.
Trap door #14: This is the far right room on the bottom corner on floor B3F after you go down
the rope. It has an Ether2 and Cure 3 inside.
Trap door #15: This is the final door. It is located right after the second save point. Once
inside, you'll find the Darkness Crystal.
Once you manage to get through the trap doors you will find a save point. After the save
point, you will have to fight one more trap door, then the door opens and you can get the
Crystal. However, once you get the crystal and try to head out, the wall behind you starts
moving. It is the boss of the cave: Evil Wall.
Evil Wall: HP: 19,000 Weakness: None
This boss can be hard to beat, because you have a time limit to beat it. It slowly moves in
and once it gets close enough, it will use a Crush attack, which kills one party member
instantly. It continues to do this, until it is either defeated, or your party is wiped out.
To defeat this boss, have Kain Jump, Edge and Cecil fight, Rydia cast either Virus or Ice 3, or
Leviatan, if you went to the Land of Summoned Monsters first, and have Rosa cast Berserk on
Cecil and Edge, and also have her cure the party with Cure 3 or 4 if you have it at this point.
It may get close, but if you use the above strategy, you should defeat it easily. After you
beat the Evil Wall, head out of the Cave. At the exit, you will hear Golbezs voice calling
out to Kain to take the Crystal and come back to him. At first it seems that Kain is resisting
him, but then all a sudden Kain takes the Crystal then leaves. It seems that Golbez has all of
the Crystals now. Now you must head back to the Dwarf Castle again.

36. Land of Summoned Monsters: **You can actually come here before going to the Sealed Cave**

Items: Life x2, Cure 2 x3, Cabin, Ether1, Poison Axe, Ninja Sword, Defense Sword

This cave is short with about 3 floors to it before you actually get into the town. The town
also has 2 floors to it. **Be warned that the damage floors here can only be avoided by using
the Float Spell. Each step on the floor that flashes will inflict 50 HP of damage to every
character. It may not seem like much, but it can add up rather quickly.** There are also some
very powerful weapons in the chests here, so dont pass them up by any means.

Town of Summoned Monsters:

Items: Ether1, 2,000 GP, Rat Tail, 2,000 GP, 3,000 GP, Samurai Arrows x10, Elixir, Ether2,
Samurai Bow, Heal, Life

Weapon Shop:
[Whip:          3,000 GP]
[Chain Whip:    6,000 GP]
[Blitz Whip:   10,000 GP]
[Long Sword:   11,000 GP]
[Charm Rod:     5,000 GP]
[Lunar Staff:   7,000 GP]
[Charm Arrows:    110 GP]

Armor Shop:
[Aegis Shield:  20,000 GP]
[Sorcerer Robe: 30,000 GP]

Item Shop:
[Life:      150 GP]
[Cure 1:     30 GP]
[Cure 2:    150 GP]
[Tent:      200 GP]
[Cabin:   1,000 GP]
[Carrot:     50 GP]
[Heal:      100 GP]
[Ether1: 10,000 GP]

Inn: 1,200 GP

Down in the library, you will find the King and Queen of the Land of Summoned Monsters:
Leviatan and Asura respectively. When you talk to Asura, she will offer Rydia the chance to
call her during a battle. However, you must first defeat Asura to gain this power.
Asura: HP: 23,000 Weakness: None
Asura isnt too hard to defeat. Just be sure that Rosa knows the Wall Spell. Cast Wall on
Asura and all the Spells she tries to cast on herself will reflect back and hit one of your
party members. A quick and dirty way to beat Asura is to go to the Sylphan cave first, obtain
the Mute Knife from there and use the Duplication trick to make 4 extra Knives. To do the
duplication trick, enter a battle. Then go to the item screen, and put the pointer on an empty
space and press A. Then go to the weapon you wish to duplicate in your characters hand.
Then press A on that weapon. It will disappear from your characters hand. You can then
repeat the process with other characters, or win the battle or simply run away. Now go to the
equip menu and select any weapon with the character you used the trick on. Now equip the item
and there will be two of the equipped item. Use this trick to obtain a Mute Knife for Cecil,
Kain, Rydia, and Edge. Also if youve been to Tomra, you should have bought some Mute Arrows
for Rosa. With the Wall on Asura, just attack away. If you need cured, just stop attacking
Asura and either let her heal you, or have Rosa cast Cure 3 or 4. After you defeat Asura, go
back and save your game. Then come back and challenge Leviatan.
Leviatan: HP: 35,000 Weakness: Thunder
Leviatan has a powerful Tidal Wave attack that he uses quite often. Once he uses this Wave, he
then can hit you with Ice 2, until he goes back to his Tidal Attack. To defeat him, have Cecil
attack, Kain Jump, Edge use Blitz, Rydia cast Indra or Lit-3, and have Rosa cast Cure-3 or 4.
Keep repeating this process and hell be defeated soon. However, do not have Rydia try to cast
Asura if your party is low on HP. Asura may or may not cure your party. There is a possibility
that instead of getting Cure 2 or 3 cast on everyone, you will get Life 1 cast on everyone
instead. Once you defeat Leviatan, you will be able to call him during battle. Now head to the
Sylphan Cave, or to the Sealed Cave.

37. Sylphan Cave **This cave is totally optional to go through, just like the Land of
Summoned Monsters Cave**

Items: Cure 2 x5, Charm Arrows x10, Cabin, 1,000 GP, Elven Bow, Mute Knife, Elixir x4, Ether1
x2, Lit Arrows x10, Fire Arrows x10, Ice Arrows x10, Cat Claw, Poison Claw, Heal x4, Charm Rod,
3,000 GP, 2,000 GP, Cure 3, Full Moon, Avenger Sword, Medusa Arrows x10

This cave has the same damage floors that the Land of Summoned Monsters Cave does, meaning to
void that damage you must have the float Spell. If not, its 50 HP damage/step here. There
snt really much to do here. However, if you can make your way into the big house there, you
ill find Yang, with the Sylph faeries. However, they wont let you take Yang anywhere.
However, this does allow you to go back to Fabul Castle, and get a Frying Pan from Yangs wife
after you beat the Sealed Cave, and hit Yang in the head with it, only if you talk to Yang
himself. This allows you to get the Sylph call Spell, before defeating the Giant of Bab-Il.
Other than that, theres nothing much to do, except collect all of the treasures, and boy there
are quite a few of them in here.

38. Return to Dwarf Castle Again

After you finish the Sealed Cave, and Kain takes the Crystal away from your party, head back to
the Dwarf Castle. Cecil will tell the King that Golbez has obtained all of the Crystals.
Giott will then talk about something, and Cecil recalls it being the words in the Mysidia
Legend. Giott tells Cecil that the Elder must be wishing to raise the Big Whale. He tells
Cecil that they must hurry and get to Mysidia. The group then mentions that the passage to the
Upper World is blocked. At that moment, Cid shows up and he tells everyone that he is going to
modify the airship by adding a drill to the head of it so that they can dig their way out of
the Underground. To fly out, simply fly north of the Dwarf Castle to the big crater, and
youre out. Now you can do a couple of different things here. You can head to Mysidia, or you
can head to Fabul to tell Yangs wife about him and receive the frying pan, and then head back
to the Sylphan Cave in the Underground, you can take your hovercraft to Silvera Island, and use
it to cross the shallows, and give the man inside the cave the Rat Tail for the Adamant, and
take it to the Blacksmith south of the Dwarf Castle in the Underworld for the Excalibur, or you
can head back to Baron Castle to fight Odin in the basement. The only required step that you
take is to head to Mysidia and get the Big Whale.

39. Back to Mysidia

Once you arrive there, the elder prompts you to come to the Tower of Wishes with him. There
they will wish for the Big Whale. Not long after the Ship does raise from the water. The
Elder then tells Cecil that this is the Ship from the Moon. He also tells Cecil how to operate
it, and that while he was wishing, he heard a voice calling Cecil to the moon. Now you can
head to the moon by talking to the Crystal in the middle of the Big Whale. If youve already
given the Adamant to the Blacksmith, you can now go back down to get the Excalibur from him.
Now if youre ready head to the moon. If not, look at some of the optional items to do below.

40. Revisiting Fabul

Items: Frying Pan, Spoon Knife

Once you see Yang in the Sylphan Cave, you can now travel back here and talk to Yangs wife.
She notices that hes in the Underground. She says that she has something for him. She gives
you the Frying Pan. Now, head back to the Sylphan Cave, and revisit Yang. Talk to him, and
you get to choose an item to use on him. By choosing Pan, you literally hit him in the head
with the Pan, waking him up. He tells you that he cannot fight in his current condition.
However, you will gain the Sylph call Spell here instead of waiting to beat the Giant of Bab-Il
to obtain it.

41. Cave of Silvera Island

Items: Adamant, Adamant Armor!!**

Once you use your hovercraft to get here, give the man your Rat Tail. He will give you a piece
of ore called Adamant. You can take this to the Blacksmith in the Underground, and hell take
your Legend, and encoat in with Adamant making it into the Excalibur, Cecils second best
weapon. However, he will not give you the Excalibur, until youve obtained the Big Whale from
Mysidia. Also make sure you grab the Elixir from the Blacksmiths bookcase. His assistant
will start selling Ninja Stars, Shurikens, and Samurai Arrows later. I just found this out
recently, but behind the stairs leading up to the Blacksmith, there is a hidden path leading
to a chest with 1000 GP in it. Back at the cave, you can obtain the Adamant Armor. This is a
very rare and powerful armor. However, you will not be able to obtain it very easy. Look down
farther in the walkthrough for info on getting Adamant Armor.

42. Return to Baron Castle to fight Odin

Once you get back to Baron Castle, head down to the basement. The King there will tell Cecil
that even though he was defeated as a human by monsters, he mentions that he has gained
external powers to help you out as Odin. But, just like Asura and Leviatan, you have to beat
him first.
Odin: HP: 20,500 Weakness: Thunder
Odin has to be killed within 1 minute (I think, thats the time limit in the Japanese version).
Have Cecil attack him with the Excalibur, if youve got it, Rydia cast Indra or Lit-3, and Edge
attack with at least a Thunder Claw equipped, or have him cast Blitz, and have Rosa cast
Berserk on Cecil and Edge, and to cure the party. If you cant beat him, you can wait until
Kain rejoins the party, or to gain more levels.

43. To the Moon

After you have gotten the Big Whale and have either done any or all of the optional items
listed above, talk to the Crystal in the center of the Big Whale. Once you arrive there, head
to the big crystal palace that you can see. You will have to land near the cave closest to it
and walk the rest of the way.
Lunar Path 1st Cave

Items: Elixir, Cure 2, Heal

This is a short cave with 3 treasure chests in it. The exit is in the upper area of the cave.

Lunar Path 2nd Cave

This is another short cave. However, there are no items in here so just head south to the
exit. After you exit the cave, head west to the Crystal Palace.

44. Crystal Palace
Once you arrive here, head left for a HP/Status recovery spring, or right for a MP recovery
spring. When you are ready head up the middle. Here you will meet FuSoYa. He tells you about
the mastermind of the Crystals, Zemus. He also tells you about how he is controlling Golbez to
get the Crystals to reactivate the Giant of Bab-il to eliminate the living on Earth. He will
also tell you a little bit about Cecil which he never knew about. He will then join your
party. Now you can head to 3 different places: 1): You can get back in the Big Whale and
head back to the Earth, 2): You can head to Bahamut's Cave, which is a cave surrounded by
mountains, or 3): You can find a cave full of Namingway's in which one of them sells very
useful and expensive recovery items.

45. Cave Bahamut
Items: Samurai Gauntlet, Samurai Shield, Samurai Armor, Samurai Helm
This is a pretty touch cave with 3 floors in it. Many of the enemies that you fight down here,
you will run into later into the game. The first floor is really short with 2 treasures in it,
one concealed by a hidden path. On the second floor you will find the last 2 chests in the
cave and things can get really tricky. On this floor is a Behemoth, which you cannot run from.
Behemoth's have 16,000 HP with no weaknesses. The main way to defeat them is to have Cecil and
Edge attack, have Rosa cure the party, and have Rydia cast either Leviatan or Nuke on them.
Also have Fusoya cast Nuke too, or if you come here later, have Kain Jump. DO NOT have FuSoYa
cast Meteo or Rosa cast White on a Behemoth!!! If either Spell hits a Behemoth and DOES NOT
kill it, the Behemoth will counter attack the party with a Spell called Storm. Storm is very
much like the Weak Spell except that it hits every member of the party, leaving them with 1-9
HP left. If you really must use one of these Spells, make sure that the Spell has a chance of
killing off the Behemoth or look out. The third floor is a pain to do too, since there are 2
more Behemoths on this floor. If you must, you can kill one Behemoth at a time, exit out, heal
up and go back in since once a Behemoth dies, its gone for good in that cave anyways. After
you defeat the 2 Behemoths on floor 3, you will run into Bahamut.
Bahamut: HP: 37,000 Weakness: None
Bahamut can be a real pain to beat at times. He will start out at a count of 5 then count down
to 0. When he reaches 0, he uses Meganuke on the entire party. To defeat him, have Cecil
attack, Rydia cast either Nuke or Leviatan, preferably Nuke since it takes less time to cast,
Edge either attack or throw one of the following weapons: Light Sword, Avenger Sword, Spoon
Knife, Shuriken or Ninja Star, and have Rosa and FuSoYa cast Wall in the following order:
Cecil, Edge, FuSoYa, Rydia, Rosa. There is a slight chance that the wall on the first 2
characters will wear off before Bahamut uses Meganuke. That's ok, since it should only wipe
out Cecil and Edge, because their combined damage is about 1/5-1/4 the damage the Rydia can
cause with either Nuke or Leviatan. If FuSoYa and Rosa get the walls up before the time runs
out, have FuSoYa also cast Nuke, and Rosa use White, if she has it. After Bahamut's Meganuke
Spell is reflected back onto him, it should inflict 9,999 damage to him and it should kill him.
If it doesn't just repeat the process above and he should die within a couple more rounds of

46. Namingway Cave

There is nothing to do here except buy items.

Item Shop: (Can't really tell you which one sells items, its one of them)
[Cure 2:      150 GP]
[Life:        150 GP]
[Ether1:   10,000 GP]
[Ether2:   50,000 GP]
[Elixir:  100,000 GP]
[Cabin:     1,000 GP]
[Whistle:  20,000 GP]

47. Back to Earth

Once you have finished everything on the moon, and have FuSoYa in your party, head back to the
Big Whale, and go back to the Earth. Once you arrive back there, a Giant will appear out of
the Tower of Bab-il. It seems that this is the dreaded weapon that Zemus needed the Crystals
to operate. There seems to be nothing that the group can do about it. However, the Dwarves
have managed to get their tanks into the upper world and have started attacking the Giant.
They then explain that their fight is not to be fought alone. Then a couple of airships fly up
and they too, begin attacking the Giant. The attacks do not seem to be doing much in the form
of damage, so FuSoYa tells the group that they must head inside the Giant to destroy it. Cecil
calls upon Cid to get them inside the Giant. He does the job, and now you must navigate
through the Giant.

48. Inside the Giant

Items: Shuriken, Cure 2, Ether1, Cabin, Samurai Arrows x10, Life x2, Elixir

Once you are inside the Giant, you must battle your way up to the room that's labeled as
passage. Most of the enemies in here are machines, therefore Thunder should be your main Spell
up here. Some of the enemies are rather difficult to defeat like the MacGiants and the D.
Machins. Once you reach the save point inside the passage, and save, there is a good way to
make some experience points here. First of all you must run into an enemy called Searcher.
Then have a weak character like Rydia, Rosa, or FuSoYa hit it with their weapon. If you are
lucky, it will call a D.Machin. Now you must have FuSoYa or Rydia cast Weak on the D.Machin.
Now have the next available character hit it to kill it off. Now repeat the process again and
it will call another D.Machin. Make sure that you can find a good timing to hit the Searcher
so that the D.Machin doesn't cast Fire on the party very many times. Try to get the striking
order so that Rydia or Rosa hits the Searcher, and FuSoYa is the next character in order to
cast Weak on the D.Machin. If you repeat this about 10 times, you can earn over 80,000 exp.
points. When you start to head up the small corridoor that's to the north of the passage,
you'll run into the Four Fiends again. They explain to you how Golbez has revived them to
defeat you. Rubicant as always will restore your HP/MP and then you must fight them.
MilonZ: HP: 57,000-(He and Rubicant share the same HP. MilonZ takes about 25,000 HP damage
before he changes so Rubicant will have the left over amount of the 57,000.) Weakness: Fire
To defeat MilonZ, have Cecil attack him, Rydia and FuSoYa cast Fire3 on him, Edge attack him
with a Fire Claw equipped, and have Rosa either cast Cure-4 or White on him. After causing
about 25,000 damage to MilonZ, he'll die and Rubicant will appear.
Rubicant: HP: between 25,000-32,000 Weakness: Ice
To defeat Rubicant, have Cecil attack, Rydia and FuSoYa cast Ice-3, Edge attack him with an Ice
Claw equipped, and have Rosa use Cure-4 to heal the party. Rubicant uses Fire-2 and 3 and
Glare but since it hits every party member, the damage is quite a bit less than it would be if
used against 1 character. After you defeat Rubicant, he'll die and Kainazzo shows up.
Kainazzo: HP: 47,000 (He and Valvalis share the same HP) Weakness: Thunder
To defeat Kainazzo, have Cecil attack, Rydia and FuSoYa cast Lit-3, Edge attack with a Thunder
Claw equipped, and have Rosa cure the party. After dealing Kainazzo about 20,000+ damage,
he'll be killed and Valvalis will appear.
Valvalis: HP: between 27,000-20,000 Weakness: Sacred Power
To defeat her, have Cecil attack, Rydia and FuSoYa use Lit-3, have Edge attack with his Thunder
Claw still equipped, and have Rosa either cure the party, or have her cast White. After a
couple or rounds, Valvalis will be defeated. Once the Four Fiends are defeated, head back to
the save point, and save your game. Now head up the corridoor and fight the CPU.
CPU: HP: 20,000 Weakness: None
Attacker: HP: 2,000 Weakness: None
Defender: HP: 2,000 Weakness: None
This boss can be quite challenging to defeat even though it only has 20,000 HP. Start off by
defeating the Defender globe which is the bottom one. After defeating it, turn your efforts to
the CPU, the big globe. However, shortly into the battle, it will use a Wall making all magic
useless, except for Call and Ninja magic. However, do not use any Spells, until you think that
the Spell is good enough to kill it off. The CPU is kind of like a Behemoth in a way. If you
hit it with a spell like Meteo or Bahamut, which will go through a Wall, and it will kill off
the Attacker, and it survives, it will retaliate with an attack called Globel999. This will
cause 9,999 damage to a character, plus it will do it 2 maybe 3 times. To beat the CPU, have
Cecil attack, Rydia either attack or parry, FuSoYa attack or cure the party, Edge attack or
dart, and Rosa Cure the party or attack. Don't worry about the Maser attack of the Attacker,
it will always do that same amount of damage to you. The amount of damage that it causes is
equal to the first 3 numbers of a characters HP. Say for example your max HP is 5,843. In
that case Maser would cause 584 damage or roughly 10% of your HP. Once you kill off the CPU,
go ahead and finish off the Attacker.
After you defeat the CPU, Golbez shows up again. FuSoYa recognizes him and tries to talk some
sense into him. Golbez knocks him to the ground, and then wonders why he had so much hatred in
him. FuSoYa asks him if he remembers his father's name. He replies that it is KluYa. It then
turns out that Cecil and Golbez are brothers. Golbez is then determined to defeat Zemus for
what he has made him do. FuSoYa decides to go with him. After they leave, the Giant starts to
break up. Kain then shows up, and shows you the way outside. He then explains that he has
regained his senses after being controlled again. Rosa tells him about Cecil and Golbez being
brothers and how they went to the moon to defeat Zemus. The group decides to go to the moon,
however, Cecil insists that Rydia and Rosa stay on the Earth. Reluctantly, the two of them get
off of the Big Whale. Cecil, Kain, and Edge then head to the moon. They are about to get off
the ship, when Rydia and Rosa show up. They explain that they are fighting for the same cause
and rejoin the party. Now head back to the Crystal Palace again, and head up past the room
where FuSoYa joined you. If you are interested you can talk to the Crystals to get some info,
but you don't have to. When you are ready, head to the square in the middle of the room.
You'll be teleported to Lunar Subterrane.

49. Lunar Subterrane

Items: Life Staff, Murasame, Ninja Robe, Flame Whip, Dragoon Shield, Dragoon Helm, Dragoon
Armor, Dragoon Gauntlet, Artemis Arrows x10, Elixir, Cure 3 x2, Stardust Rod, Crystal Shield,
Protect Ring x2, Crystal Armor, Crystal Armor, Crystal Gauntlet, White Robe, Crystal Helmet,
Cabin, Artemis Arrows x10, Ninja Star, Crystal Sword, White Lance, Heroine Robe, Ribbon x2
Ninja Star, Masamune, Elixir, Whistle, Ninja Star, Ninja Star

This place is pretty complicated, so I'll go through it floor by floor. When you first get
here, you'll see two hidden passages. The one on the left will take you to the Murasame. On
the way there, you will find a chest with the Life Staff in it. When you finally get to the
sword, you'll have to fight Pale Dim for it.
Pale Dim: HP: 27,300 Weakness: None
Pale Dim isn't really too hard to beat. Just have everyone attack him and have Rosa cure the
party when necessary. However, you might want Rosa to use Float on her first turn since Pale
Dim can and will use Quake from time to time. After you defeat him, you'll get the Murasame.
Now head back to the place that you started at. The hidden passage on the right will take you
to the Ninja Robe. Now head down to the door leading to floor B2.
Floor B2:
This floor has a hidden passage leading to the Flame Whip and the Dragoon Shield. It also
leads to the door to floor B3.
Floor B3:
On this floor, you'll find the rest of the Dragoon equipment by heading down and to the hidden
passage to the right. The door to floor B4 is in the upper portion of the screen.
Floor B4:
On this floor, you'll find 10 Artemis arrows, an Elixir, 2 Cure 3s, a Stardust Rod, and stairs
that lead down to floor B5.
Floor B5:
When you first get here, head down and left but don't go in the door just yet. Keep heading
left, and you'll come to a chest which has the Crystal Shield in it. Once you have gotten the
Crystal Shield, go into the door. Inside the door, you'll find a Protect Ring, and a door
leading up and one that goes down. The one going down leads to the Crystal Armor. Once you
have the Crystal Armor, take the door going up. This door leads to the Crystal Gauntlet, and
also a door which leads further into floor B5. This door leads to the White Robe and another
door. This final door leads to the Crystal Helm on the very left side of the screen, the
stairs to floor B6, slightly to the right, and a door to a room with a Cabin in it almost all
the way to the right of the screen. In the room with the Cabin in it, if you walk around
enough, has an enemy called Pink Puff which come in groups of 5. These guys very rarely show
up and they very rarely leave an item called the Pink Tail (1:4096 odds or something like that
to get the tail). If you manage to get a Pink Tail, take it back to the man who collects
tails. He will give you the Adamant Armor in exchange.
Floor B6:
On this floor, you'll find a Ninja Star, 10 Artemis arrows, and a Cabin. If you go to the place
where the gap is narrow, you can walk across an unseen passage. Through this passage, you'll
find a Life potion, plus you'll be warped back to an unexplored portion of floor B5 where you
could see but not get to earlier on. Here you'll find a chest with a Behemoth in it. Defeat
it and you'll earn a Protect Ring. You'll soon come to a Save Point. Save your game and head
outside. Here you'll fight the Wyvern for the Crystal Sword.
Wyvern: HP: 25,000 Weakness: None
This could quite possibly be the hardest boss in the game. He uses Meganuke first thing
usually killing the whole party. To beat him, someone must first survive Meganuke. Have that
character use a Life potion on Rosa, then have her cast Cure 4 or Life 2 on everyone else.
Have Cecil and Edge attack, Kain Jump, Rosa cast Wall, and Rydia call Bahamut. Make sure that
Rosa has put up at least one Wall, because the Wyvern will use Meganuke again after he has been
hit with Bahamut. When you beat him, you'll get the Crystal Sword. Now head back to the place
you were on floor B6. When you get back there, go through the door on the right. Through this
door, you'll find a chest with the Heroine Robe in it, plus the door that leads to floor B7.
Floor B7:
On this floor, you'll see three doors. The first door on the left is the Save point. I would
advise you to save your game here. In the middle door, you'll have to fight the Plague for the
White Lance.
Plague: HP: 28,000 Weakness: Arrows
This boss can be pretty tough to beat too. To beat him, have Cecil attack, Edge throw
Shurikens or Ninja Stars, Kain Jump, Rydia cast Nuke, and Rosa cast White. He never physically
attacks you, its just that he uses Count and every character has about 10 seconds to live, and
there's nothing that you can do about it either. The Plague may take several tries to beat,
but just keep trying. Once you beat him, you'll get the White Lance. In the last room, you'll
get 2 ribbons by defeating the 2 D. Lunars.
D. Lunar: HP: 21,000 Weakness: Fire
These two aren't too difficult to beat. Have Cecil and Edge attack (The Crystal Sword will
inflict 9,999 damage to any undead monsters), have Kain Jump, Rydia cast Bahamut, and Rosa cure
the party. The only danger that these 2 present is when they cast Wall, they cast Virus off
the walls surrounding themselves onto the party. This is a very strong spell, but they usually
die before they do it three or more times. You'll get the 2 ribbons once they are defeated.
Now head to the upper portion of the screen to continue your journey to Zeromus.
Floor B7: Crystal Room #1:
On this floor, you'll find a Ninja Star along with Edge's best weapon, the Masamune, but you'll
have to defeat Ogopogo first.
Ogopogo: HP: 37,000 Weakness: None
Ogopogo is quite challenging to defeat. The first thing that he does is Big Wave, followed by
a Blaze attack. His single Big Wave attack causes over 1,000 damage to all party members,
while his Blaze attack causes 10% damage to everyone. His double Big Wave attacks causes 50%
damage which is calculated from the 1/2 the characters Max HP, not their current HP. If he
uses the Double Big Wave, and you don't heal up and he does it again, he will kill everyone.
He'll also counter with Blaze if you hit him with any Spells. To defeat him, have Cecil and
Edge attack, Kain Jump, Rydia either parry or attack him, and have Rosa cure the party. You'll
take quite a bit of time to defeat him. However, if you need more levels, the next 3 floors
are a good place to earn some. You'll win the Masamune from him once you defeat him. Now go
down the stairs to the next floor.
Floor B7: Crystal Room #2:
In this room, you'll find an Elixir, and a Whistle. Not very many items for such a big room
though. This floor is also a good one to make some exp. points in. You'll find the teleport
to the next room near the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
Floor B7: Crystal Room #3:
On this floor, you'll find 2 Ninja Stars plus the teleport to the final room here. If you need
to earn levels, this is by far the best room to do it on. You can run into 2 Evils Masks
(about 20,000 exp.), 2 Behemoths (over 20,000 exp.) 3 Red Dragons (over 30,000 exp.) and a few
other combinations well over 20,000 exp. You may even find a few rare items by doing this like
Glass Helms, Dragoon Spears, Crystal Rings, and a few others. The teleport is in the bottom
right corner of the room.
Floor B7: Crystal Room #4:
This is practically the last floor here. There are no items here. The only thing here is the
teleport to the room where Golbez and FuSoYa have finally confronted Zemus. After a little
discussion they attack Zemus. They appear to have defeated him, but his hatred comes back and
easily defeats everyone. Golbez and FuSoYa try to defeat him, but they are defeated too. Just
at that moment the Elder back on earth decides to have everyone pray for Cecil and the others.
Cecil gets up and Golbez gives him the Crystal. Cecil then attacks Zeromus (Zemus' hatred).
He only has 1 HP, but the wish from the Elder has reached Cecil and their wishes heal the party
completely. Now its time to fight Zeromus.

50. Fight with Zeromus

Zeromus: HP:??????? Weakness:??????????? It is unknown just exactly how much HP Zeromus
actually has. I just know that he has over 100,000 HP.
Zeromus is the final boss of Final Fantasy 2. To defeat him, start off by having Cecil use the
Crystal Golbez gave to you on him. He'll change to his true from. You may want to hold off
attacking him for a couple of turns since, after his transformation, he cannot be hurt right
away. He attacks often with an attack called Big Bang which causes about 2,000 damage to the
party. He also uses and attack called Black Hole which I have no idea what it does. To defeat
him, have Cecil attack, Kain Jump, Edge throw any and all of the following weapons: Excalibur,
Defense Sword, Gungnir Spear, Ninja Sword, Ninja Star, Shurikens, and any other spare weapons
that you have, Rosa should cast Fast on everyone (Edge can help out since the Masamune casts
Fast when used in battle) and she should use Cure 4 and Life 2 when necessary after the Big
Bang attack. Rydia should try to use Asura to cure the party also or she should attack Zeromus
physically since Zeromus will counter attack the party with the same Spell his is hit with.
For example if Rydia hits him with Nuke, Zeromus will possibly cast Nuke maybe 2 or 3 times
himself. I usually find that if you are about level 58+, Zeromus is quite a bit easier. If
you try and still can't beat him, try to make some more levels and try again. Zeromus will use
Meteo when his HP starts to get low, but don't worry too much about it. It doesn't do 9,999
damage to your party like it did to Golbez and FuSoYa. I can say that its safe right about now
to say that you've gotten Zeromus about beat. Just a couple more hits and he'll die. When he
dies, the screen will flash for a second, then he'll start breaking up like most of the other
bosses in the game. Well after he dies, he leaves with some taunting words, and dies out
completely. Now I don't want to spoil the ending by telling you all about it and besides, that
would take forever to type out anyways. So just go ahead and sit back and enjoy the ending to
Final Fantasy 2. You can also give yourself a pat on the back since you've just beaten a
fairly challenging game.


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P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.