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Beginning - Awakening

Choose the difficulty setting that you like, but of course I do recommend
Normal for all of you; unless you consider yourself an ultimate undefeatable
expert in action-RPGs or had already completed this game, then choose Expert.
Once you're done with choosing the settings, proceed.

There will be an FMV sequence, together with Kingdom Hearts' theme song called
Simple and Clean (PLANITb Remix), performed by Utada Hikaru. Once you can
control your character, there will be a mini-tutorial to teach you the basic
controls. Move forward and three other platforms will appear, asking you to
choose either a sword (for attack), a rod (for magic) or a shield (for

Once that's done (and you had confirmed your selection), the voice will ask you
to choose the item that you wish to discard. The calculation of stats that will
increase or decrease can be looked through the chart here, thanks to Ryan

Keep  | Give up | HP | MP | AP | Str | Def |
Sword | Shield  | 18 | 2  | 3  | 6   | 1   |
Sword | Staff   | 18 | 2  | 1  | 6   | 2   |
Shield| Sword   | 18 | 2  | 3  | 4   | 4   |
Shield| Staff   | 18 | 2  | 1  | 5   | 4   |
Staff | Sword   | 18 | 3  | 3  | 3   | 3   |
Staff | Shield  | 18 | 3  | 3  | 5   | 1   |

You will then be sent to the Cinderella platform where there a mini-tutorial
will guide you on the basics of attack. Slash your way through to reach the
Three Hearts Platform. Here you'll be given information on the basics of items,
opening treasure chests and using the items. Open the door to reach another

Talk to Tidus (from Final Fantasy X), Wakka (from Final Fantasy X) and Selphie
(Final Fantasy VIII). Choosing the appropriate answers will determine how fast
you could level up, and the info below is again, thanks to Ryan Cheang:

To level up quickly, choose the answers:
Tidus - Getting old
Wakka - To see rare sights
Selphie - Being number 1

To level up normally, choose:
Tidus - Being different
Wakka - To broaden my horizons
Selphie - Friendship

To level up slowly, choose:
Tidus - Being indecisive
Wakka - To be strong
Selphie - My prize possesions.

At the next platform, make your way through the group of Shadows and save your
game. Continue on to meet your first and easy boss, the Darkside.

Boss - Darkside

He's very simple, so keep attacking his hand. Don't even bother with his energy
attack on the ground. He will create some Shadows that, on defeating them will
produce HP balls to restore your health. After defeating it, you'll be snapped
back to reality, Destiny Islands.


[2.2] Destiny Islands

Talk to Kairi and choose to help her find some things. She'll send you to
collect a few things, 2 Logs, 1 Cloth and 1 Rope.

1 Log - Could be found on the beach nearby after you talked to Kairi.
1 Log - Could be found at where Riku stands.
1 Cloth - Could be found at the wooden tree-house-like building.
1 Rope - Could be found on the place where Tidus is.

Give them to Kairi who will reward you with a Hi-Potion.

You can now choose to fight Tidus, Wakka, Selphie or Riku individually, and you
can even earn extra points to level up, to make your future areas easier. These
battles are optional, but could let you get used to the various battle
techniques used by the enemies.

Wakka's ball is repellable (by attacking the ball at the right time) while
Selphie is the easiest of the lot. Tidus will a bit tough but Riku will be even
harder to beat. All in all, you can even fight Tidus, Wakka and Selphie
together, if you're up to the challenge.

And here are some tips to fighting Wakka from Alex <katalex@erols.com>:
"At the beginning, when you fight Wakka, at a point where you have just hit him
with one of his Blitzballs, he will start lobbing Blitzballs into the air,
higher than he would normally throw them. He should appear to be dizzy. Those
balls land about the same distance every time. When he throws them normally,
you should stand where the Blitzballs would land if Wakka was dizzy. If you are
always standing at that distance or a little closer, you should hit him
everytime. Also, when Wakka throw the Blitzballs into the air when he's dizzy,
hit them at whatever angle and it will still hit him. This way, you can get a
lot of Potions at the beginning. It is much easier than battle somebody else if
you do it right."

And more training tips from:
During the early part of the game, you can level up quickly by parrying
Tidus's attack. Start a duel with Tidus and run toward him. When the distance
is close enough for you to hit him, do it and hope that he did the same. If
timed right (don't worry, shouldn't be too hard) your attack should be
deflected, along with his. There should also be a word displayed, Tech 2. That
means you successfully deflect his attack and gained 2 Exp. Points.
Now flee from him. He might do some gesturing like taunting or doing flips for
next attacks. If you hear him moaning, hit him once and he should be chasing
you. WHILE he's chasing you, turn back and measure distance to perform another
parry. It should work (hopefully). Repeatly do this and you'll level up in no
time. Beats how you train against Riku since he only offer 5p and parry offers
Tech 1.
If you think you're ready, you can gain Potions by fighting against all three
of the Final Fantasy Characters (Tidus, Wakka, Selphie) and gain Exp. Points
plus a Potion.

After talking to Kairi, the next cut-scene brings you to Disney Castle, so
enjoy it. After that's over, go to the cave that Kairi has been blocking.

She will be at the end of the cave, so go and talk to her. Talking to Riku will
initiate a race against him. Losing it won't affect anything, but you can try a
few times to win a Pretty Stone from the race. Talk to Kairi and you'll be
asked to get a few more items, 1 Seagull Egg, 3 Mushrooms, 2 Coconuts, 3 Fish
and Drinking Water. She'll give you a container to store the water.

1 Mushroom - Push the rock away near the raft, and walk into the cave. You'll
             find your first mushroom.
1 Mushroom - Can be found near the tower with the hanging rope.
1 Mushroom - Talk to Wakka where he'll show you the Secret Place. This is
             where the final mushroom is.
1 Seagull Egg - In one of the three trees on top. Climb from tree to tree to
                reach it.
3 Fish - Located at the shore near Selphie, the three fish will be swimming
2 Coconuts - Near Tidus where there are some coconut trees. Knock the trees
             to make two coconuts fall, where you can take them.
Drinking Water - Near where Wakka is, where you should be able to see the

Talk to Kairi once you had found all of the items. Before you continue, make
sure you had already done everything you wanted to, because you can't return
here... And before you move on, move the box away in that cove and climb up to
get a Protect Chain. Should be useful for now.

Talk to Kairi again, and it will initiate a long cut-scene. After that, the
whole place will be crawling with Shadows, but don't bother fighting them. Your
wooden stick won't hurt their puny lives, and you'll need the Keyblade which
you will be getting later.

Rush to the wooden dock to find Riku, and then you'll get the Keyblade, which
you can use to defeat the Shadows (but pointless anyway, since they give you so
little experience points, plus they keep appearing infinitely). Go to the
Secret Place, and here's where you'll find Darkside again...

Boss - Darkside

Uh, not worth mentioning, actually. Same strategy applies here, and one or two
new pathetic moves. If you've been battling Tidus, Wakka, Selphie or Riku, this
one shouldn't pose any trouble to you at all.

Thanks to Nick Warrior for this info:
"Did you know that if you jump on Darkside's arm and attack his head, and
defeat him by doing this, you get 20 EXP, and each time you attack his head,
you get 2 EXP?"


[2.3] Traverse Town

A cut-scene showing Donald and Goofy will appear.

Keep in mind - You're now in the First District. There are three districts in
all here. Go up the stairs and into the Accessories Shop, for your save point.
Go up to the back of the Accessories Shop and into the big door to the Second
District. It's best you get yourself familiarized with the surroundings as
Traverse Town might be slightly big for some of you.

In the Second District, you'll be attacked by a wave of Heartless. Run back
into the First District; go inside the Accessories Shop and leave again. You'll
then have a battle with Leon (who is actually Squall, from Final Fantasy VIII).

Boss - Leon

Okay, not much of a boss, and it's almost guarenteed that you'll lose anyway.
If you have been honing your battle skills, you should be able to defeat him.
Defeating Leon will let you acquire an Elixir later on. Losing or winning won't
have any profound effect except the Elixir you'll get later.


You'll end up in the Hotel room, with Yuffie and Leon (Squall) giving you an
explanation on basically everything, plus Aerith giving info to both Donald and
Goofy. Go out from the Hotel and head to the Third District; the exit could be
found near a large white building.

A cut-scene will ensue as you proceed, and you'll have Donald and Goofy in your
party, for the very first time - and fighting a boss with them as company.

Boss - Guard Armor

All parts of his body is defeatable, so concentrate on one part at a time. Not
too hard, but at the same time, not too easy either. Having a couple of Potions
equipped is useful, and if you ever lose to this boss, get some more Potions
and level yourself up.


After another cut-scene (it seems that Kingdom Hearts is full of
cut-scenes...), you'll learn your first magic, Fire, from Donald and the
ability Dodge Roll from Goofy (which is extremely useful).

There should be a few blue Trinity Jump marks for you, an easy one is at the
café on the left side at First District. You might want to stock up on some
Potions, Ethers, and buy new weapons for Donald and Goofy if you have the

Once you're ready to leave, you can exit by using the Save Point in the
Accessories Shop on by using the main door. Choose to pilot over to the world
above (the world with 1 Battle star, which signifies a world's difficulty
level). Flying a Gummi ship can be quite annoying, but heck, it's some kind of
rest you can take after mashing the controller's buttons during battles. Shoot
your way through to reach Wonderland.

[2.4] Wonderland

Follow the White Rabbit who's late to see the Queen. Talk to the Doorknob and a
table with two potions atop it will appear. Before you drink them, push the bed
away to reveal a small passageway, so you access to it later. Drink the potion
(it'll automatically select the right potion for you to drink) to become
smaller. Proceed through the next area by the door. Some Heartless will appear
and it's up to you whether you want to fight them or dash away.

Alice will be in trial ("Even though you're Queen, you can't be so mean!", at
least, something like that), and Sora wishes to save Alice. The Queen of Hearts
demands evidence to prove Alice's innocence. A save point and a new exit will
appear, so save first.

Head to the exit near the guards to Lotus Forest. The Chesire Cat will appear
and said that there are four pieces of evidence to get (you can always get at
least one of them, but that will decreases your odds in
something-that-will-happen-later-on and you will not get Blizzard from the
Chesire Cat, which means that it's better to get all the evidence.

Footprints - Explore the right side area to get your first piece of evidence,
             which is near two mushrooms.
Stench - After discovering the footprints, jump on top of the two mushrooms
         all the way above, and you'll see a passageway leading to Bizzare
         Room, on top of the fireplace. Here's where you'll find your second
Antenna - Exit Bizzare Room through a flip of a button, and re-enter Lotus
          Forest again (you might want to save too). Head all the way ahead
          where you'll find 3 mushrooms. Jump on the middle mushroom, and
          head right, to find your third piece of evidence.
Claw Marks - Give the yellow flower a Potion (you must have it equipped), and
             it'll make you big. Jump on the tree stump and hit the tree a
             few times, take the seed and eat it. It'll make you grow
             smaller. Jump to the two small mushrooms, go across the leaves
             and head for the entrance for Bizzare Room. Look around for that
             usual pink box and grab your evidence. The Chesire Cat will
             present you Blizzard.

As I haven't put in the 101 Dalmations info in the FAQ yet (don't have time,
school reopening soon), Alexis Craig helped me a bit for the dalmations in

"In the side quest for 101 Dalmations, there are three puppies in Wonderland
that you haven't noted.  They can be found by going up some of the mushrooms
but i'm not sure which mushroom patch and then the leaves before you hit the
tree.  It is in the blue chest that you can see in a high leaf.  If you look
hard enough, you can see it if you press select and look up, then follow the
leaf path, you can get it."

Now jump down and head back to the Queen's castle. Save first, and talk to one
of the guards below. The Queen will not look at the evidence, and instead, ask
you to choose one of the 5 boxes to present the evidence to her. If you get all
the 4 evidences, there's a 1/5 chance you'll get Donald and Goofy appearing as
the culprits (where you'll battle alone later). If you pick up the right
evidence, a Shadow will appear (Should you make a mistake, just restart the
game by doing a soft reset [LI+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start]).

Whichever evidence you choose, you'll have to fight a battle anyway.

Boss - Cards and Tower

If you have Donald and Goofy, it'll be even easier. They will support you by
attacking the cards, heal you or attack the tower itself. You can ignore the
cards, but you should fight off a few because they can be distracting. Your
main key item to fight is the tower, attack it repeatedly and tada!, it's all


Save, and head back to the forest again, and into the Bizzare Room. The Chesire
Cat will tell you to light up the oil lamps, so do as he says. That cat will
appear again, then head back to the Queen's Castle and save - again.

Head out to the Bizzare Room (the _other_ Bizzare Room, the one which you came
in through the first time), and the cat will talk to you again, where you'll
fight a boss.

Boss - Trickmaster

Nothing to worry about. Lock on to him and attack repeatedly till he falls. Get
in some combo. Repeat. Dodge some of his attacks and heal occasionally.
Finishing him off will get you Ifrit's Horn to equip and a Navi-G piece. Sora
will then discover the keyhole which is in the doorknob, and lock it. Alice had
been kidnapped and the party determines to find her.

With additional info from Michelle Hall:
"While facing Trickmaster,hide under the table for defense and lock on to him
and press Triangle so Donald and Goofy go after him and when hes down go and
attack him.If he destroys the table,and you still have a party member
alive,lock on and press Triangle and run around the in a circular form until he
starts walking towards you,the go a different way.When the table returns just
repeat.If your at least at level 17 when you fight him(Complete everything in
Wonderland except the boss and go to Deep Jungle and beat that world then go
back to Wonderland and face the boss.)Make sure you have Scan and Combo Plus
and of course Dodge Roll.He should be quite easy if you follow that."

Anyway, your job with this world has ended, so head to the Save Point and get
on your Gummi Ship. Proceed to the next world, the one after Wonderland. You
might want to get back to Traverse Town to stock up some useful items.

[2.5] Deep Jungle

The party will get separated in the beginning, and Sora will see that he is all
alone (emphasis on _alone_). You'd probably expect this, as mean ol' Sabor
appears and attacks Sora.

Boss - Sabor

Hardly a boss fight, since you'll encounter him randomly afterwards. He's easy,
and shouldn't pose much of a challenge. The basics is, attack, dodge-roll,
attack, dodge-roll, etc. His leap attack can be avoide easily, but, as in all
boss fights, just go ahead to the enemy and put in all your combos.


Tarzan will then join you after yet another cut-scene. Go out from this
tree-house and jump down. Save at the Tunnel, and into the tree trunk where a
mini-game of surfing will commence. This mini-game will not give you any items
until later on in the game.

Head inside the tent to rediscover Donald and Goofy. You can regroup your party
now (according to the manual, it's stated that a character will gain experience
points even if not in the party, so can anyone confirm this?), and I do
recommend to kick out Donald and bring in Tarzan if what I had stated is true.
This should make the game throughout even easier.

UPDATE 28th November 2002----------------------------------------------------
According to Ra' Sutherland, he confirmed that all members do power up even
though they're not in the party. "I confirmed this after reading your FAQ and
checking Donald's experience before and after fighting Sabor a few times." So,
there you go.
UPDATE 28th November 2002----------------------------------------------------

Now, you should find 6 slides around the Camp only, which is easy because
they're noticeable. Some should be on top of the tents, so look around. Once
done, head back to the tent to activate the projector, where you'll continue
the story.

Go to the Hippo's Lagoon. You should be able to see a vine on your left, so
climb it to reach Jungle: Vines. Jump your way through all the way to the next
area, Jungle: Vines 2. You'll see another cut-scene, so jump on the vines to
the next area. You should be able to find some vines to climb to above,
Climbing Trees.

Exit the area by going all the way to the top to the Tree House, which is where
you start off earlier. Go inside the tree house to watch another cut-scene.
Then jump down from the netting, into the tree trunk and back to the Camp

Enter the tent for another cut-scene, then head to the Bamboo Thicket. Fight
through the wave of enemies then enter to the next area, where you'll get your
Gummi pieces. Go all the way back to the Hippo's Lagoon.

From there, climb the vine, and go all the way to Climbing Trees, which means
that you'll have to go to Jungle: Vines and Jungle: Vines 2. From the Climbing
Trees, head to the Tree House to get your final Gummi piece. Then jump all the
way down to reach the Camp, again.

Well, save at the tent if you want and prepare for the upcoming tough boss
fight. It's recommended that you bring Tarzan along, because, as I had said
before, it _is_ tough.

Go all the way to the Bamboo Thicket, and you'll fight against Sabor again. The
same rules apply here, and even easier since your partners will help you. And
nope, this is not the battle I'm talking about. Go back to the tent and save,
and go all the way to Climbing Trees. Fight through this easy battle and then
you should go to the Cliff, which is the area after Bamboo Thicket.

Hit Clayton repeatedly till he calls upon Stealth Sneak.

Boss: Clayton, Stealth Sneak

Concentrate on Stealth Sneak only, the look-like chameleon monster. Hitting it
enough times will make it drop Clayton, which will be good considering Stealth
Sneak is more of a support type to Clayton. Target Stealth Sneak and attack it
till it dies, using dodge-roll to avoid its attacks and magic powers.

Once Stealth Sneak is dead, the only means preventing you from winning this
battle would be Clayton. So attack him with all you got, since he only has a
miserable piece of peashooter (okay, actually a hunting gun). Winning this
battle will let you gain the magic Cure, which is extremely essential for the
areas to come.


Proceed to the new area, and you'll be kicked up to Waterfall Cavern. You'll
need to jump all the way to the top (jump from ledge to ledge) to reach another
new area. Sora will then lock the Keyhole, gain the Trinity Smash and the
Jungle King keychain.

Since you had sealed the hole here, it's time to move back to Traverse Town.


At Traverse Town, go to the Second District. Head to the area behind the Hotel,
and use the Trinity Smash (Red). You should then proceed to the Sewers. Talk to
both Leon (Squall) and Aeris, and you should get the Earthshine from Leon,
which is actually a summon gem.

Anyway, talk to Cid at the Acessories Shop in the First District. He'll then
direct you to take a book to Merlin. Head to the Third District. Cast Fire on
the red, fire-looking door to open it. Go across the water by stepping on the
weird watery thing to reach the house.

Talk to the Fairy Godmother to change the Earthshine into your first summon,
Simba. You can examine the book, which is actually the world of 100 Acre Wood.
Leave the house and head back outside, where you'll encounter Riku. There
should be an empty house previously, so go into it to talk to Cid.

Now go to the Second District, and go to the Gizmo Shop and exit it by the
other door. Climb the ladder and you'll see the Red Trinity mark on the wall.
Use it, and ring the bell thrice. Then go to the keyhole that appeared. This
should activate a boss fight.

Boss: Opposite Armor

This is entirely easy...or perhaps not. You'll fight with the Guard Armor who
then will transform into the Opposite Armor. Take a different approach and
attack the body. Dodge-roll his attacks, attack, dodge-roll, attack. Repeat.

Thanks to Michelle Hall:
"After beating Opposite Armor, you'll get Ray of Light which raises your HP and


Anyhow, Sora'll lock the keyhole and secure the magic Aero, a protective spell.

[2.6] Olympus Coliseum

Go through the main door and talk to Phil. Try and push the big block, then
talk to Phil. He will then 'train' you to become a hero.

The first one's easy, just keep locking on the barrels and attack. The second
one should be tougher, but use the same 'locking-on' technique and you should
pass through, even though you may need a couple of tries to succeed.

Anyway, from the Lobby, head back to the Gates where Hades will give Sora a
ticket for the tournament. Save first, then talk to Phil again. Choose to enter
the tournament, and you'll have to fight through seven battles, most of them
you had fought before, so it should be very easy.

But your final fight against Cloud will be a problem. Losing in this battle
won't affect the entire game, but of course, who would want to lose? It's just
that you'll lose the experience points that the battle offers. Since I couldn't
win this fight either, I'm guessing that it mainly involves firing up your
magic, and most importantly, dodge-roll. Use Cure often, as it's very helpful.
A couple of Ethers should help out too.

Ah, Ted Bergstrand puts in some useful input about Cloud:
"You mentioned in your walkthrough that you could not defeat Cloud. I found
that jumping when he attacks is a very helpful tool.  When he uses his charge,
where he shoots across the stage use the roll. When he slams his sword into the
ground, quickly jump over to him and whack him.  When his sword is in the
ground, he has to stay stationary (he's pulling his sword up). The only other
thing I can suggest is to use cure a lot, or use potions.  I didn't use any
magic besides cure when I defeated him. Hope this helps."

After fighting with it, save, and run back to fight Cerberus.

Boss: Cerberus

Easy? Well, mediocre, in my humble opinion. Cure is an absolute must, but if
you don't have it (which means that you didn't follow my order of areas),
you'll need tons of Potions and Hi-Potions and whatnot. In the beginning, keep
attacking the heads until it starts firing dark balls at you. Dodge them, then
attack. Repeat. Heal when necessary. The battle should then end soon.


Well, save then head back outside to meet Cloud and get his autograph (okay,
just kidding ;)); you'll learn Sonic Blade from him. Anyway, there is nothing
more to do at the moment so quit from this place. Fly the Gummi Ship to

[2.7] Agrabah

Some cut-scenes flash through. Prepare to fight immediately, and later, you
might want to save at the Storage. Head to the next area, fight the enemies
then look around for a pole to climb, which is where Aladdin's house is

Move the chest away to reveal the Magic Carpet; there's also a hidden key to
unlock another area behind the drawers. Anyhow, move to the next area for a
cut-scene and a short battle. Use the key to unlock another area, but since
there's nothing to do here, leave the city through the Main Street to reach the
desert, where you'll encounter the Magic Carpet.

It'll bring you to Aladdin, who's ambushed by some Heartless thugs. Defeat them
and you're back in Aladdin's house again, where Genie will follow you as a

Anyhow, I'm quite lazy at this part, but to continue, you'll need to use the
high areas mostly and proceed through yourself. You'll need to unlock a few
areas to proceed. Try and reach Castle Gates. And heck, here's the rather
humorous pots boss fight. Basically, you destroy every spider pots in sight to
complete the battle.

Once over, head back to Aladdin's house and to talk to the Magic Carpet. Head
out to the Cave. You'll then encounter another boss fight...

Boss: Tiger Head

Jump onto the head and concentrate on attacking one eye. You'll fall a lot of
times but repeat the procedure above. It'll also shoot out something from its
eye, and Heartless for you to fight. Heal very often, including your teammates.


Once you're done, head into the mouth. Falling down the endless pit won't kill
you, but you'll just land into another place. Here, it's recommended that you
get Aladdin in your party to proceed to the various points in the game, so that
he can call his monkey to activate gems on those statues.

And here are some tips from Lam Diep:
- Infinite Fight -
During the Tarzan Stage, where you have to try and destroy a giant fruit,
there would be an infinite number of enemies. Have Donald and Goofy at this
part so they'll gain useful abilities. Stand on one of the branch or whatever
that is and stay away from enemy assaults. Donald and Goofy will repeatly
destroy the enemies while you stand there doing nothing. At this point, you can
wait for a day or two and gain good level up. Your 2 companions won't 'die',
they'll just get KO (Knock Out for the uneducated) and slowly recover.
You can leave the game motionless at this point and let Donald and Goofy do
all the fighting. Grab a bag of chips, go to your friend's house, play online
while leaving the TV turned off (but the PS2 on) and let the Exp. Points flow.

Anyway, land underground and proceed through by swimming to the various
chambers. Activate the gems held by statue monkeys by letting Aladdin whistle
for his monkey. Get through all the way until you unlock a door at the Treasure

Now, head back where you came through before from the tiger's mouth. You should
now make absolute caution to prevent yourself from falling down the holes
because you'll need to go across three screens to reach the Treasure Room.

Save first, then prepare for two boss fights.

Boss: Jafar

You'll have to chase Jafar around and attack him with your Keyblade. Avoid
Genie's attacks, which I think you'll hardly get hurt by Genie's attacks, and
rush after Jafar when he goes from platform to platform. You should be able to
finish him off after a while. You'll upgrade Blizzard to Blizzara after the


Go back to the previous room, save, and reenter again. Talk to Jasmine to
activate another cut-scene, then jump down the hole for another boss fight.

Boss: Jafar (Genie)

Your target is not Jafar, but the flying parrot itself, who's holding Jafar's
source of power - the lamp. Attack the lamp the parrot's carrying, and avoid
Jafar's attacks occasionally. Heal when your life's low. Other than that,
there's nothing else to say.


Cut-scenes after cut-scenes, exit Agrabah and go back to Traverse Town to stock
up some useful items.

[2.8] Monstro

Now, head inside the big mean whale's inside. It's pretty confusing but:
Chamber 1 -> Chamber 2 -> Chamber 3 -> Chamber 2 -> Chamber 5 -> Chamber 6 ->
Chamber 5 -> Chamber 4

Boss: Parasite Cage

Attack it repeatedly, and since you have Riku to help you too, this battle
should be easy. Dodge its attacks (duh); try and balance long-range attacks
(magic) and short-range, once you had run out of magic. Calling Bambi for help
is useful too, if you have it, as Bambi will unleash plenty of MP balls to
replenish your used MP.


Now, return to Mouth and onto the boat. Get the High Jump shared ability from
the treasure box, then save. Use the newly acquired High Jump to get into the
Throat, then jump all the way to the top to reach the Stomach. Here, Parasite
Cage appears again..

Boss: Parasite Cage

Use the same strategy above, except that this time around, it's meaner and
it'll attack with poison which will reduce your HP little by little. Magic and
short-range attacks work well here. You'd probably need a few tries before you
can actually defeat this big meanie. Defeating this will let you acquire
another new magic, Stop.


Well, Monstro will sneeze you out. There will be another tournament at the
Coliseum, and join it if you like, as you'll gain many items and useful magic
there, other than training yourself up. Return to Traverse Town to stock up on
items, if you like.

Note: Once you're out from Monstro, it is possible to return again by
      warping to that location. Either Donald or Goofy will say something
      like 'Monstro's gone, let's go before he gets back', but keep warping
      or Normal Drive to there, you'll eventually find him again. It took
      me around 6 tries.

[2.9] Atlantica

Aha. This is where things get funny, Sora turned into a merman of sorts, Donald
into octopus and Goofy a turtle. You'll learn how to swim from Sebastian.
Follow them (as they had told you to follow the arrows) all the way to Triton's
Palace. On the way, to open up those clams that contain items or save points,
you'll need to fire it up with the right magic according to the colour. Red for
Fire, blue for Blizzard and yellow for Thunder.

Head back outside and into Ariel's Grotto, as she had told you. Exit and head
back to Undersea Valley. You'll need to defeat all the Heartless in this area
to make the dolphin let you grab onto it. It'll then bring you to the Sunken

Go inside the ship and get the crystal trident. Go out and attack bad ol'
Sharky. Shouldn't be too difficult, and heal at times. Now, back to Ariel's
Grotto and put in the crystal trident at that particular spot in the middle.
Cut-scene on Triton, then back to Triton's Palace.

Next, Undersea Valley, kill Heartless, grab dolphin to go back to Sunken Ship.
Look around for a large rock, where Sebastian will get behind it to push it for
you. Go past into the next couple of areas and save after opening a certain

And tada! The big Ursula meanie is prepare to fight.

Boss: Ursula

She's a tough cookie. Watch the cauldron and cast the appropriate magic on it
based on the colour; it's actually the same thing to the clams that you had
opened previously. Red for Fire, blue for Blizzard and yellow for Thunder.
Successfully in casting the right spell with stun the poor evil thing, so
attack it with all you got.

Avoid her as she spins and laugh horrendously. If you're out of magic, just
smack those two eels around to get some HP and MP balls.


Ariel will then give you the shared ability Merman Kick, so equip it. Go to the
Calm Depths and use the acquired ability to go to ??? (the same torrent of
water which the dolphin had let you go through).

Boss: Ursula

Horror upon horror. She render herself ugly as she grow maniacally big, so just
attack her head. Only her head, nowhere else. Avoid her attacks, and heal your
companions and yourself as her attacks are quite powerful. Other than that,
she's easier than the first fight against her.


After sealing the ever elusive keyhole in Ariel's Grotto, you can now fly to a
new world. At least, head back to Traverse Town again to stock some potions and
useful items if you want.

[2.10] Halloween Town

From where you are, head to the Guillotine Plaza. Go to the laboratory after a
cut-scene, and you're asked to find Memory. Then, head to the Graveyard to find
Sally with the Memory. Return to lab to give the item to the doctor, then back
to the Graveyard again. Open the coffin to enter to a new area.

Talk to the Mayor, then play a mini-game where you'll have to choose the right
tombstone according to the order where the ghosts appear. Take Jack-in-the-Box,
back to the lab, give it away, cut-scene, Graveyard, Boneyard and to Moonlight

Activate the tombstone at the foot of the curly thing, and then head to the
Bridge to fight more Heartless than ever. Head to Oogie's Manor and go all the
way up to Evil Playroom. Save beforehand.

The three kids are simple, so just attack, attack and attack. Activate the
lever, head all the way down to the foot of the tower and left at the main door
(you'll need to do some hunting around here). Then go inside the Torture

Boss: Oogie Boogie

Nightmare from childhood? He's actually quite easy if you know what to do.
Dodge all his attacks as much as possible, and keep your party alive at all
cost to make this battle easier. Wait until the lights start glowing and hit
the switch when you're at the same side as mean Oogie. If you do it correctly,
you'll end up at the same portion as Oogie Boogie so smash him around. Repeat.
Oogie dies. Not.

I don't know whether this is the second form or not, as his whole mansion
collapses and he begin transforming into the ugliest beast alive, but probably
Ursula bags that prize.

Attack the seven dark orbs that he has on his body, you'll need to do some
climbing around and attacking the normal Heartless. Succeeding that will finish
off Oogie for good.


As usual, save, then proceed back to Traverse Town to stock up. Then head over
to the new world.

[2.11] Never Land

"I can fly! I can fly!". Not - at least, not at the moment. After some
cut-scenes, Peter Pan's all yours for him to join your party, though he seem
relunctant about it.

Proceed all the way (a long way) to the Freezer, climb up and then to the
Galley, and to the room above. Save, then activate the Trinity Tower (green) to
get into the Captain's Cabin.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Boss: Shadow Sora

Shadow Sora can be quite tough. He basically use some Keyblade techniques, and
after attacking and avoiding his attacks for sometime, he'll start using his
image-splitting technique. That will be the time where you'll need consecutive
tries to try and attack the real one. Other than that, he's not that hard to
defeat. Winning this battle will earn you Raven's Claw.


Examine the hatch and save here. Go back to the Captain's Cabin and exit
through the other door. At the deck, watch the cut-scene and get your Cure
upgraded to Cura. Then it's another boss fight.

Boss: Captain Hook

He's not alone, so fly around and attack the pirate ships and the rest that
kept popping up, but at the same time, deliver some attacks toward Captain
Hook. He can't fly, so use this advantage to attack him from above but be
careful, you can't do much combos while flying. Anyway, he's easy to defeat


That's the end of the battle, and another cut-scene shall land you at the Clock
Tower. Fly around at the four sides of the clock tower and you'll noticed that
one of them is set at the wrong time. Attack the hand responsible for the
mistake repeatedly, and you should be able to set the clock to 12, hence
revealing the keyhole (isn't this weird?).

Sora will lock it, and apart from that, you'll get a Fairy Harp, the shared
ability Glide and Tinkerbell as your summon. The only useful summons in the
game would be only Bambi and Tinkerbell.


Head back to Traverse Town and give Cid the new NaviGummi. He'll then upgrade
it. Stock on items and before you proceed further, it's recommended that you
join in the tournaments at Coliseum, if you want. Anyhow, warp to Neverland and
Normal Drive to the new mysterious area.

[2.12] Hollow Bastion

At Rising Falls, save at the save point and proceed all the way up by gliding
through from platform to platform. A cut-scene will ensue and you'll be
separated from Donald and Goofy again, armed with the measly wooden sword that
_will not_ hurt any Heartless at all. But fear not as Beast joined your team.

Proceed forward to reach the Castle Gates. Turn right and hit the red switch,
then take the elevator down. Here, almost everything would have the same
procedure. Go to the bubble thingy which will bring you to the new area.
Activate switches after switches, go new areas until you snapped on the final
switch which should unlock the main gate. Head all the way back to the elevator
that you came from and head all the way up.

Go to the double doors, cut-scene and a boss fight.

Boss: Riku

Beast now leaves you, but you'll get back Donald and Goofy plus your Keyblade.
Attack him repeatedly, dodge attacks, attack, dodge, heal, attack, dodge, etc.
He's quite easy really.


After that battle, you'll gain the final Trinity ability, Trinity Touch
(white). Climb the stairs and head to the left to the Library. Here, it's a
puzzle for you to solve which involves taking the misplaced books and putting
them at the right place. Should be very easy.

Once all the books are in place, hit the switch, save and through the unlocked
door. At the next area, you'll need to get 4 emblem pieces. One can be obtained
by activating the red Trinity, the second Emblem obtained by breaking those
pots at the sides of the statues, the third Emblem can be obtained by casting
Fire on all the candles, and the final Emblem can be obtained by pushing a
particular statue. You can also cast Thunder on some plaque to activate two
moving platforms.

Take all the Emblems and place them at the door in the middle (the same floor
as the entrance to the Library). You'll get to the Lift Stop but avoid it at
the moment, as they just bring you to items (if you intend to take them, then
go ahead; the switch is to change the direction of the moving elevator).

The road here's pretty straight, snap onto the switches and head all the way
above, pass Castle Gates, Great Crest, High Tower and finally into Great
Chapel. Nasty little Maleficent appears.

Boss: Maleficent

Ooh. Attack her repeatedly and when her platform that she's standing on gets
too high, attack it as well to bring it down. Avoid her magical attacks, as
well as those useless normal Heartless enemies (slash down a few if you want).
Quite easy, so keep slashing her and heal when your life's low.


Save, then proceed through.

Boss: Maleficent (Dragon)

She gets ugly fast, but still not as ugly as poor Ursula. Call out Tinkerbell
and cast Aero on yourself, also on your party members if possible. Then, keep
the slashing at her head, and avoid her attacks if possible (which is hardly
possible, since you're keeeping a close-range). She's quite easy for me, and I
hardly need to avoid her attacks as Tinkerbell keep healing me; also make sure
to keep an eye on your life bar so that you can heal yourself manually if
Tinkerbell didn't manage to heal your life too soon. You'll obtain Fireglow,
the final summon gem after the battle.


Return to where you came from, and save. Prepare some Potions for the upcoming
boss battle.

Head through the door and pass the princesses in captive until you reach a very
long cut-scene.

Boss: Riku (Ansem)

He's tough, _very_ tough, and I mean it. I usually won't say tough unless it is
indeed difficult. I lost to this guy more than five times, watching the
cut-scene over and over again till I practically could memorize the entire
dialogue that went through the cut-scene. The mistake I've done is by not using

In the beginning, slash all the way you want; you might also want to use
Arcanum on him, but I still recommend the normal slash-and-slash. Wait until he
mutters something and begins attacking (usually dashing madly). I did a
horrible mistake by dodge-rolling, which fails miserably here as he is quite
fast. The only thing you can do is _glide_. Glide over him and hover around and
when you see the chance, land down, jump and glide again until he stops.

When he did stop, attack him repeatedly; you might want to deflect his sword
attacks by pressing the Square button only. Repeat all the above and you should
be able to defeat him. Beating him will let you have the ability Ragnarok.


Once that's over, you'll watch a cut-scene and Sora will transform into a
Shadow. Make your way all the way down (jumping down is the best bet). You'll
more than likely land into the water area, so take the elevator up and into the
main entrance of the castle so that you'll enter Entrance Hall.

Watch another cut-scene and Sora's back to normal. After all this, the Heartles
in all worlds will be extremely difficult, but offering more experience points
at the same time. At the same time, this is the time to fight the optional
bosses, get all the items that you want in every world, complete the
side-quests, levelling up, enter the tournaments at the Coliseum, etc.


You'll be transported back to Traverse Town automatically, the secret base of
the gang. Head to Mystical House to transform the newly acquired Fireglow to
get your final summon, Mushu (from Mulan; he's that tiny dragon that likes to
crack up jokes).

Now head to the Sewers where Leon and Aerith were there previously (now Kairi's
there), and examine the sun painting on the wall to get a NaviGummi. Before you
leave, a cut-scene should appear between Sora and Kairi. Sora will then get a
Keychain, Oathkeeper. Go back to Cid and let him fix the NaviGummi on your
Gummi Ship.

It's best now to do everything you want to do, because you're rather close to
finish the game at this part. Use the new warp hole to go to Hollow Bastion.


From where you are, go all the way to the Library for a cut-scene. Now, go all
the way to the Grand Hall where you fought Riku (Ansem) before. Go to the dark
keyhole to fight against another boss (?).

Boss: Behemoth

I don't know whether this beast can be considered as a boss, as you'll fight
with him lots of times to come after this. Anyway, cast Aero on yourself and
jump onto its body; you might not succeed if it's moving, so jump onto its
legs, followed by his body. Lock on his head and attack it repeatedly. Try not
to fall but if you do, just climb onto its body again and attack. It's quite
easy really, but your partners will be so stupid (Donald and Goofy, obviously)
that they'll keep staying down below Behemoth's head and get hurt tremendously,
so heal them constantly.


Now that the keyhole of Hollow Bastion is finally locked, you can now proceed
even further to the game. Talk to Aerith repeatedly in the Library to get four
Ansem reports and an upgrade to Cure (to Curaga). Talking to Belle will enable
you to obtain the Divine Rose, a Keychain for Sora.

Save and get on the Gummi Ship to the final destination.

[2.13] End of the World

From where you are, you will see item boxes scattered around. Most of the time,
touching or opening them will initiate a battle against new Heartless monsters
such as the Envy Devils, that are quite tough if you haven't level up properly.
It is recommended that you complete Hades Cup before you come here, because I
was around level 55-60 when I reached here, dealing massive damage to them

Anyway, whether you take those items or not, go all the way to the end at the
vortex to reach another area. Here, for approximately nine areas onwards,
you'll encounter the save stuff. There will be a red beam which you should jump
in, and it'll bring you to previous worlds where you'll need to defeat all the
enemies that appear. You can also get an item in a treasure box but that's

The worlds that you'll go through will be according to this order:
Traverse Town
Olympus Coliseum
Deep Jungle
Halloween Town
Never Land
100 Acre Wood

Boss: Chernabog

Luckily, you can fly. Just lock on and smack him repeatedly, preferably that
you cast Aero (hopefully it'll be at least Aerora now...) on yourself. Attack
him with all you got, even though you might not hurt him a tiny bit, 'cause
it's still that 'invisible shield' situation (like in the tough boss fights in
the tournaments in Coliseum, Hades will be a good example) where you need to
deliver a certain damage in order to really hurt it. You'll gain the shared
ability SuperGlide after this.


Anyway, go inside the volcano and go portal after portal and Heartless after
Heartless. It's possible you could die fighting those Heartless so keep your
health up at all times. Then, you'll finally reach your final save point at
Final Rest. It's best to do everything you want to do now, side quests and all,
as you won't be able to do it anymore after proceeding. Which means that you'll
need to stock up tons of all your best items since you're not going to use them
anyway (like Elixirs, Mega-Ethers, etc) after completing the game. Oh yeah, and
make sure you have at least 30 minutes to spare for the upcoming boss fights.

Before you regret it, make sure you fulfil the requirement to view the secret
'ending' later:
100 Acre Wood locked
All 99 Dalmations found
All the four tournaments at the Coliseum completed (including Hades Cup)

Examine the door twice. It'll bring you back to Destiny Islands. Enter the cave
with Sora's and Kairi's drawing on the cave walls to initiate a cut-scene. Find
Riku...erm, Ansem.

Boss: Ansem (First Form)

He's not that easy and not that tough, but it's annoying with that Darkside
protecting him and disturbing you by 'capturing' you for a short moment. Dash
after him and attack with what you got; your partners will be almost hopeless
except for cracked yells of "Sora!" which meant healing for you. Cast Aeroga on
yourself too, it'll be very useful. Other than that, there are nothing else to
say 'bout him...


Now's the time to prepare your final stocking up and preparation; ignore your
partners as they won't be participating at the next one. Anyway, walk to the
place that appear quite suddenly on the island.

Boss: Darkside

He's absolutely toughened up, so heal often but otherwise, technique remain the
same. Attack his hand, avoid attacks, Aeroga, attack, avoid, attack, etc.


Boss: Ansem (Second Form)

Tougher since your partners are gone, and they won't be able to support you at
this battle. Use the same strategy as above; Ansem has one or two new moves but
otherwise, he remains the same with the annoying Darkside. Remember to HEAL
constantly, and cast AEROGA on yourself. Use Elixirs if you're running out of
HP and MP. Avoid his attacks by dodge-rolling.


Boss: Ansem (Finale)

Oh yes, the longest battle ever, but he's not _that_ tough, comparing with
fighting with Sephiroth...

Stay near his hideous face and smack it. Almost the same strategy applies here,
cast Aeroga, attack, heal. After that, you'll be in total darkness, but enemies
will attack you (since they're darkness, it'll be impossible to see them). Keep
locking on those Heartless and whack away, producing plenty of HP and MP balls
for you to replenish your life and MP bar. Once finish, hit that thing at the

At the next part, attack it repeatedly, together with things that started to
sprout on its body. Once you defeat it, head into that vortex of darkness
again. Here, you'll encounter Goofy so rejoice and start to protect him by
attacking the countless of Heartless that appear. It is recommended that you
cast Aeroga on both of you. Hit that thingy again at the end.

Now, smack that evil head again, and whack the sprouting things. Vortex,
Donald, Aeroga, attack Heartless, thingy at the end. Get it?

Ah...now's the real final battle, so keep the word 'finale' fixed on your mind.
Use all the Elixirs you want since you won't need it anymore, and now attack
his sorry face. With Donald and Goofy, it should be a no problem but keep their
lives as well as Sora's life up all the time.


Tada! Anticipate the next fireworks, the ending and credits. You earned it.

But wait! If you had successfully completed all the following:
100 Acre Wood locked
All 99 Dalmations found
All the four tournaments at the Coliseum completed (including Hades Cup)

You'll be able to view a secret ending, called 'Another Side, Another Story'
which has been the most controversial topic around lately, saying that it's a
preview for a Kingdom Hearts 2. Pray for it to appear.


Dashboard Clock

P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.