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BIG NOTE: This walkthrough will only cover important and story-specific
stuff.  If you want the side-questy stuff, you'll have to find a different walkthrough.

4A. Outset from Outset (Outset Island and Forsaken Fortress) =

Outset Island -

After enjoying the recap at the opening, you'll find we begin with Link
asleep (seems to be a pattern in Zelda games).  Little sis Aryll wakes him
up and tells him that Grandma is looking for him.

You can explore Outset Island for a bit and talk to various people.  Poke
around in some houses if you wish or in the field, as there are Rupees to be
found.  If you wish, grab three pigs and carry them up to the pen for more
Rupees (to grab them, crawl up to them slowly, then stand up and pick them
up).  Now, to spend some of your new-found Rupees.  Head to the shore.  Note
the weird-looking ship in the water.  Swim inside.  This is Beedle's Shop
Ship.  Something you should really get your hands on in there is a BAIT BAG. 
Also, buy a serving of All-Purpose Bait and a Hyoi Pear.

After you're done goofing around, go and talk to Grandma and she'll give you
the outfit all boys your age receive when they come of age.  After you're done
your little chat, head out.  If you haven't already, go to the two floor
house and speak to each of the brothers.  One has several tips for the game
on the walls, and the other will teach you basic sword practice.

Now, go and speak to Aryll and she'll give you the TELESCOPE as your birthday
present.  Use it as she instructs and you'll see a postman dropping letters
off at the postbox.  Then, she'll instruct you to look up, so do so, and
you'll see a real big bird carrying a girl in its claws.  The two are being
pursued by a ship firing cannon shot.  The bird takes a hit and ends up
dropping the girl in the nearby mountain summit.  Being the helpful type you
are, you'll want to go and see what the commotion is about.  Aryll will
mention defense.

Head to Orca the trainer, and he'll teach you all the sword techniques you'll
need for now.  Once that's done, he'll let you keep the HERO SWORD, feeling
you've earned it.  Now, you can fool around chopping grass, small trees, and
bushes, or you head up the mountain path on the left side of the island. 
Climb up, chopping down anything in your way, then hop across the gap in the
suspension bridge, and head into the Faerie Forest.

Fairy Forest -

This is rather basic.  Head straight through the brush and circle around the
back.  Note the weird-looking rock sitting in this area.  Anyway, you'll also
want to note the Bokoblin opposite you.  Show him you've been practicing your
sword skills.  Once he's kaput, climb up the stump to the higher ground and
you'll eventually reach the girl, who turns out to be the leader of a group of
pirates.  Her name is Tetra, and she doesn't seem to think much of you.

Anyway, one of her cronies will show up to escort the both of you out.  As you
leave, you'll find Aryll on the opposite side of the bridge waiting for you. 
Then, things get pear-shaped.  Aryll gets carted off by that big bird thing. 
You and the pirates regroup down by their ship and you'll meet that weird
postman you saw earlier.  He'll explain that several girls with pointed ears
have been kidnapped recently, and that it would behoove you to head to the
Forsaken Fortress to find your sister, and Tetra will begrudgingly agree to
take you on as a swabbie...

You need to say goodbye to Grandma now.  Head up the ladder to find the family
shield is missing.  Head back down and you'll say your farewells to Grandma
and she'll give you the HERO SHIELD.  Now, talk to Tetra to get movin'.

Tetra's Ship -

So, you can converse with the scurvy dogs, but to get ahead, head below decks
and speak with Niko, who's quite relieved to no longer be the bottom of the
pirate food chain.  Niko will present you with a little challenge.  Here's the
basic gist: Step on the switch and some platforms will pop up.  You have to
swing from rope to platform and so on to reach the other side.  Use this time
to get a feel of ropes.  The platforms aren't very big, so make sure you're
facing the proper direction, and press A to let go at the height of your
swing, NOT at the bottom, because if you do, your momentum will carry you over
the platform.

Once you make it to the other side, Niko will let you have the SPOILS BAG. 
Nifty.  Now, head back above deck and speak to Tetra, who's in the crow's
nest.  She'll point out Forsaken Fortress, and you'll be just about on your
way there, in a rather unorthodox manner...

Forsaken Fortress -

You'll find yourself smack in the middle of the fortress.  You'll soon find
that Tetra can speak to you through a charm you're now carrying.  This area
isn't a true "dungeon" of sorts, but there is a Map and Compass to find, as
well as a Piece of Heart...

Oh, and you lost your sword.  Smooth...

So, I can't really give a standard "walkthrough" of this area, because it's
quite open-ended.  You can get around in several ways.  I will, however, lay
down some key points.

Here's the lowdown.  You'll notice outside are several searchlights scouting
around.  Avoid those if you don't want to be thrown in a cell.  Those are the
only problems outside, except for the problems of actually getting around and

Inside, things are a little more complicated.  There are two basic floors to
this area.  The lower floor has multiple Moblins patrolling.  Unfortunately,
without a sword, you cannot fight these guys at all.  If they see you, they'll
toss you in the cell.  To avoid them, pick up a barrel and you'll drop it over
yourself.  Move slowly behind the patrolling Moblins to get past them.  If
they "notice" a moving barrel, stop moving immediately and they'll soon lose

Now, in the odd chance you get thrown behind bars, it's not hard to get out,
just a bit time-consuming.  Climb up on the table and hop onto the shelves. 
Pick up the pot to reveal a little passage.  Crawl into it (use R to crouch)
and pop out the other side.

Now, there is a Map and a Compass on the upper floor in the two sections in
the southeast.  They're not terribly important, but there they are.

What IS rather important is the PIECE OF HEART.  It's in the southwestern
room on the first floor, which is just below the room with your cell.  If you
get there, you'll have to sneak behind Moblins to get out.  The room has a
cell, which you can open by a nearby switch hidden behind some pots.  You'll
find the PoH in the chest inside.

Now, about those searchlights.  Making your way around the upper floor, you
can find ladders that lead up to the three searchlight stations in three
locations, which are the southernmost outside path, then the ones directly
east and west of them.  Although you have no weapon, you can take out the
operators.  With no sword, you'll need to use their own weapons against them. 
Either block their attacks until you knock the weapon out of their hands, or
toss and break the nearby pot.  Either way, press A to grab a Boko Stick
weapon.  Pretty cheap model, really.  Use B to swing and A to toss it.  Knock
out the bad guy to stop the searchlight for good.  The one you really want to
stop you can only access from the west side, because it turns off the
searchlight which looks at the upper ledges.  The others just monitor the

Anyway, another key point to remember is on the north side.  You'll find a box
sitting on an upper ledge.  Push it down to the plaza and you have a quick way
up to the upper floor.  Handy.

The big important room is to the west of the aforementioned box.  You'll find
Moblins wandering around on the upper floor here.  Now you know it's
important.  Get in a barrel and sneak over to the far double door.  Open it
up to get on the upper ledges.  Sneak past the Moblin up here and continue
climbing.  You'll eventually reach an area with a largely missing floor. 
To get across the broken floor, you have to push yourself up against the wall
and press to sidle along it.  Once you reach the end, keep moving up the wall,
sidling a little more, and you'll finally reach the top, where you'll find
your sword (go you), as well as a peeved Bokoblin.  Teach him the meaning of
pain and you'll be able to enter the room where Aryll is kept captive, along
with several other girls...

Of course, things won't go as planned, thanks, once again, to the big bird. 
He'll take you before a large and mysterious-looking man.  This man will point
out to sea, and the bird will give you a nice toss.  As you lie on the open
sea, you'll be picked up by a strange boat...

4B. Setting Sail (Windfall Island and Dragon Roost Island) =

You'll eventually regain consciousness, and you'll find that it's the boat
itself that saved you.  It calls itself the King of Red Lions, and it offers
its services to you.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have a sail, so you'll need to
find one on the island.

Windfall Island -

This island has quite a few people on it, and several shops, too.  There's a
Bomb Shop near the water, but the prices are rather outrageous.  Go into the
town itself and you'll find several buildings.  There's a potion shop that you
can't buy anything from because you don't have a bottle.  Bummer.  There's a
rather extravagant-looking red door which leads to a fancy house, where some
guy will get very huffy if you bust his vases.  There's also a cafe, where you
can get a bit of info.  There's a school, where the teacher wants you to go
find a group of kids who goof off.  There's also a peddler who has your
awesome sail for sale!  Only 80 Rupees!  If you don't have enough, poke
around for pots hiding in bushes to find more Rupees.  Buy the SAIL.

Now, you could set sail, but there's one more thing to do here (or two).  Go
around the south side of the island.  There's a little path near the beach
leading up to a gravestone.  Sure, you can talk to Tott, who's hanging out
there.  You can also go into a nearby door.  You'll find the jail, and who
would be inside, but good ol' Tingle.  Find the switch to open the door behind
some pots and he'll be so glad he's out that he'll give you the TINGLE TUNER. 
Check his section to find out what to do with Tingle.

But wait, there's more!  Pull the box in the back of Tingle's cell.  Enter
the narrow passage.  Ready?  Turn right, left, go straight to the far wall,
right, left, left, right, right, right.  You'll end up in a grotto with the
PICTO BOX in it.  There's a big sidequest involving the Picto Box, so head to
the section in "Sea-Wide Sidequests" for more information.

There's more stuff to do on Windfall, and if you want to learn about it, go
to Windfall Island's section in "The Islands of the Great Sea".

You're all set here for now.  Go back to your boat and you'll set sail for
Dragon Roost Island.  Set up your sail using the item button and just point
yourself in the direction of the island (east), and get movin'!  Wheeee!
On the way, you may find some stopping points, with barrels and such, and some
Bokoblins.  They're not big cash spots, so don't go nuts looking for them.

Once you're about halfway there, veer south towards a island dotted with palm
trees.  You'll notice another boat here.  Talk to the divers, and you'll get
yourself a TREASURE CHART.

Once you sail far enough east, you'll reach the shores of Dragon Roost.

Dragon Roost Island -

Land and the King of Red Lions will give you "THE WIND WAKER", a baton which
gives one the power of the gods, or so they say.  You'll practice with it for
a bit, then you can head inland.  Head through the tunnel near the beach and
you'll see a monument out in the distance.  Swim out to it and you'll see a
stone with writing.  Oooo...  Pull out your Wind Waker in front of the stone
and you'll pull up your first tune.  Once you finish, the Wind God, Zephos,
will have a bit of chat with you.  He'll tell you about his brother Cyclos,
and how the smashed stone was once his.  You now know the Wind Requiem, which
you can use to change the wind's direction.

If you neglected to buy a Bait Bag on Outset, Beedle's Shop Ship is here. 
He also shows up in many other places, too...

Note the large number of Bomb Flowers dotting the landscape.  How curious. 
Take this opportunity to be a demolitionist and clear out some of those pesky
big rocks by throwing Bomb Flowers at them.  Climb up the hillside and find a
ledge that you can sidle across.  Bust up a rock that has blocks sitting on
top of it so they'll fill the gap and you'll be able to proceed through
another cave after speaking with the postman from before.

Now, you'll find that you've entered the realm of the Rito bird people.  These
folks specialize in flying and delivery.  They even have a post office right
in their cave.  But first, you'll talk to their chieftain, in the middle of
the room, who tells you about two problems: the dragon Valoo becoming very
upset recently, and Prince Komali, who is reluctant to perform his "rite of
passage" and get his wings.  You'll also be given a DELIVERY BAG.

First, head up to the upper floor and enter the first room to speak with Medli,
and she'll give you the FATHER'S LETTER, which will be put in your Delivery
BAG.  Go visit the Prince now.  He's on the first floor in the back.  Give the
Prince the Letter from your bag and he'll explain that he doesn't want to go
to the rite of passage.  Talk to him some more and he'll talk about his ball,
the Din's Pearl.  There's nothing more you can do for him here, so head back to
the main cave.

If you're strapped for Rupees, head up to the second floor and talk to the
guy at the post office desk.  You can sort letters for him for Rupees.  The
first time you do it, if you break 10 letters, you'll get a Rupee for every
two letters.  The second time, if you pass 20 letters, you'll get a Rupee for
every letter.  The third time, if you pass 25 letters, you'll get three Rupees
for every letter.  It's fun, and a good test of your reflexes.

So, now that all the extra stuff is done, head down to the lower floor, and
leave by the passage that the Rito guard is standing next to and you'll end
up in front of Dragon Roost Cavern.  Drop down the hole and talk to Medli and
she'll ask you to toss her up.  Pick her up, climb on the nearby stone, and
wait until the wind is blowing towards the far end.  Toss her then and she'll
give you your first EMPTY BOTTLE.  Fill it with water from the nearby spring,
then climb up the broken bridge and dump the water on the dried-up plants and
they'll grow into Bomb Flowers.  Pluck one and wait until its about to explode
before tossing it on the big rock below (you don't want it fizzing out in the
water).  Once the rock blows up, the pond will fill up again and you can
swim across.  Now, there's a small pool of lava ahead of you.  Pick the nearby
Bomb Flowers and toss them into the green pots on the statues so that they
blow up on them.  Once both statues are knocked into the lava, cross them and
enter your first dungeon.

*** LEVEL 1 *** Dragon Roost Cavern -

Entrance Room: Pull the blue statues out of the way to the next room.  Defeat
the two Bokoblins.  To leave the room, take one of their sticks, light it on
the torch, if it's not already lit, and use it to light the other torches. 
You'll earn a Small Key and you can open the door.  That pot with mist in the
room is a Magic Pot which you can use to warp once you find others.
Lava Pit: Toss a rock at the boarded-up door, then head left.  Drop off the
planks to a ledge, and pull a block out.  Climb on it, then continue on the
wood planks.  Head across the suspension bridge and try to ignore the Keeses,
because you're not exactly on stable ground.  Toss a Bomb Flower at the rock
to head to the next room.
Watering Hole: To cross the little pit here, toss a water jar into the lava
to harden it.  Hop over to the left side to get the DUNGEON MAP.  After that,
you can cross over to the far end.  Climb up the ladder and watch out for the
Red ChuChu.  Defeat him and proceed up to the next room.
Boarded Room: Head over to the far wall and defeat the Bokoblin.  Use his
sword to start hacking down the boarded walls.  Behind the second wall,
you'll find a Small Key.  Watch out for Red ChuChus.  Exit by the other door.
Lava Pit: Toss a pot at the Bomb Flowers on the wall to blow the rock, then
cross over to the locked door.
West Room 1F: Head towards the boards on the left to fight a Bokoblin.  Defeat
him, and use his stick to light the other boards on fire.  Step on the
switch and head through the door.
Western Cliff: Cross the suspension bridge and quickly deal with the Bokoblin
so the bridge doesn't get cut.  Climb the ladder and take out the Kargaroc to
get a Golden Feather.  Now, carefully sidle past the gap, avoiding the fire
jet.  Next, hang onto the wooden ledge and edge across it.  Climb up the
rocks and toss the Bomb Flower up here on the big rock to open the way to the
next room.
Stacked Block Room: Pull on the middle block so that the stack drops, then
pull it left.  Then, pull on the middle block again so that the stack drops
once more.  Climb up on the stacks to the doorway.  Watch out for Rats. 
You'll get a call from the pirates, so answer it.  Pull out the block and
hop up to the treasure chest to get the COMPASS.  Break the nearby pot with
sticks in it.  Grab one, light it on the torch, and throw it at the far
boards to burn them.  Get the Small Key in the chest.  Unlock the door and
Northern Cliff: Climb the stairs.  Take out the Karbaroo and take the Small
Key in its nest.  Unlock the door.
Dark Room: First, take out the Keeses a ways into the room.  Then, smash one
of the pots with sticks.  Light the stick, then start lighting torches and
burning down boards.  Once you light them all, the door at the far end will
open.  Oh, and there's a Joy Pendant in a treasure chest nearby.
Lava Pit: You can bomb the rock off this pot.  Climb in and you'll warp back
to the green pot at the entrance.  Cross the bridge to the next room.
Table Room: Defeat the Bokoblin.  Climb up to the wooden ledge.  Get the
sticks from the pot up here and use them to light the other torch and find a
TREASURE CHART.  There's also a Joy Pendant in the pot on the shelf.  Roll
into the wall to knock it down.  To leave this room, you have to defeat two
more Bokoblins, and they're sleeping in pots.  One on a shelf on the lower
floor, and one in the series of pots on low table along the wall.  Defeating
them will open the doors.
Magtail Room: That little worm across the way is the eponymous Magtail.  Toss
a water jar at it to cause it to roll up in a ball.  Hop across to the
platform and give it heck while it's curled up.  After it's toast, toss
another water jar onto the flame jet nearby.  Hop onto the platform created
and you'll get carried up to the next floor.
Boss Door Room: Yeah, but it's across a big pool of lava, so you're not
getting there yet.  Use the Bomb Flower to blow both rocks.  One has another
Magic Pot, and the other has the door to the next area.
Southern Cliff: You'll get a shot of Valoo from here, looking rather miffed. 
Climb up the disentegrating steps along the outside and enter the door. 
Defeat the two Bokoblins, and then the big Moblin (which has your first
Skull Necklace), to free Medli.  She'll give you the GRAPPLING HOOK as a
reward.  Use it as she describes to escape this cage area, then swing across
to the boards, which you can chop down with your sword.  Drop down back to the
entry point and face left to find more points where you can grapple.  Cross
all these points and you'll reach the next door.
Bridge Room: Cross the bridge and defeat the two Bokoblin to make a chest with
a Joy Pendant appear at the bottom of the room.  To get to the bottom safely,
take the stick lying nearby, light it, then burn all the ropes on the bridge. 
Stand in the middle and you'll drop down to the path below.  Leave by the door
down here.
Lava Pit: We're back here again.  Climb up the steps and into the cage.  Stand
in the center and use a spin attack (charge up B) to cut all three ropes at
once so the platform drops onto the lava below.  Head through the passage and
jump across the platforms and climb up the ladder.  To open this door, look
up and find a hanging switch.  Use your Hook to hang from it and the door will
open.  Hop back and enter.
Lava Passage: If you have Tingle, use the Tingle Bomb on the far side of the
room to uncover the DRAGON TINGLE STATUE.  Latch to the hook above and grab
it, and then turn on the hook to drop to the other passage.  Cross to the
other side.
Big Key Room: There's a Magtail here, and no water.  To stun it, it's best to
use your Grappling Hook on its face just as its jaws open.  It'll curl up and
you can pick it up and drop it on the switch, which needs constant weight. 
Open the chest and take the BIG KEY.  Leave and head back to the Lava Pit. 
You may want to go after the boss now, but let's take a little side trip,
first.  From the first floor Lava Pit area, go to the West Room 1F, which
had Red ChuChus and a Bokoblin.
West Room 1F: Take out the Bokoblin and grab his stick again.  Burn the stick,
and this time, throw it at the boards across the lava pit.  Use the Hook to
get across and take the TREASURE CHART.  Now, make your way, using Magic Pots
back up to the Boss Door Room.
Boss Door Room: Cross the room with the Hook, defeat the Magtail.  Open the
chests to receive Rupees and a Knight's Crest.  Enter the Boss Door.
*GOHMA*: This is what's been giving Valoo such a pain the rear.  The Gohma can
attack you with its claws or with fire breath.  You'd be wise to act before
he can unleash these attacks.  This fight takes place in two stages.  In the
first stage, use your Hook to latch onto Valoo's tail.  Let go as soon as
you find safe ground.  Valoo will knock down the ceiling onto Gohma, who's
armor will crack.  Do this three more times to completely destroy the armor. 
At this point, just use the Hook on Gohma's eye (L-Target it).  Once he's
pulled to you, slash with the sword.  Repeat until Gohma blows up.

Take the Heart Container and step into the wind funnel.  You'll find yourself
at the foot of the mountain.  Medli and Komali will congratulate you and
Komali will give you Din's Pearl.  Now, your destination is south.  If you've
already earned the Wind Requiem, use it to point the wind south, otherwise
head to the monument that the two Rito point out to get it.

On your way out, you'll find a fish, and he'll offer to draw you a map of the
island on your chart, and he'll tell you about his friends, too, who will do
the same.  Just find them splashing near major islands and spread some All-
Purpose Bait in the area.

While we're in the area, let's head back to Windfall Island (use the Wind
Requiem to point west).  Once you're back there, show your Wind Waker to the
guy dancing out in front of the grave and he'll show you the Song of Passing,
which you can use to change day into night into day.  Sounds just like the
old Sun Song, too.  Also, you can return some Red Chu Jellies for a free Red
Potion, if you wish, but there's not much else to do.

If you're up to it, head back to Dragon Roost Island and south to the Forest
Haven.  On your way, it'd be a good idea to mark Pawprint Island, which is
between Windfall and Dragon Roost, and the three islands between Dragon Roost
and Forest Haven: Fire Mountain, East Triangle Island, and Bomb Island.

In the same square as Bomb Island, look for something near the western part
of the square.  It's a submarine.  Destroy its occupants (mostly Bokoblins)
and you'll earn your second EMPTY BOTTLE.

4C. Familiar Forest Faces (Forest Haven and Forbidden Woods) =

Forest Haven Island -

Now, head south all the way and you'll find Forest Haven.  The KoRL will
drop you off near the shore.  So, start climbing up the hillside.  Take out
the Boku Babas and you'll earn some Boku Baba Seeds.  When you reach the end
of the path, use a branch to swing across, and make sure you land on solid
ground, as the water will sweep you away.  There are Octoroks up here, which
you can defeat by blocking their shots back at them.  Hop from land spot to
land spot to reach another branch.  Swing across it to a pool and enter the
Forest Haven.

Forest Haven -

Head up and around the back of the massive tree in this area, and you'll find
that it's, in fact, the Deku Tree, with a whole bunch of Chuchus on its face. 
Take this opportunity to get some Green Chu Jelly.  Roll into the Deku Tree
to knock them off and clean house.  You'll then have a long dialog with the
Deku Tree, which culminates in the task to find Makar, a Korok, and with
retrieving a leaf from the Deku Tree's branches.

So, run around the left side and hop into a Baba Bud.  They send you flying. 
Push forward to move forward as you fly.  Hop from one Bud to the next.  After
the fourth bud, hop onto a set of upper branches.  Use the Hook to hop to the
next set of Buds.  Fly up to the DEKU LEAF and claim it for your own.  Use it
to float across to where one of the Koroks point you.  Once you reach the
ledge, head out the door. 

You'll need to point the wind to the SW to coast over to the platform sticking
out of the water to the left.  After that, point the wind to the NW.  To get
over to the Forbidden Woods, you'll have to get caught in the updraft circling
the platform.  It's actually pretty far out, so coast out a good distance
before it gets between you and the Forbidden Woods, let it catch you and float
towards the tree.  Watch out for the Peahats and enter the dungeon.

*** LEVEL 2 *** Forbidden Woods -

Entry Room: Deal with all the Green ChuChus in the area.  Head to the right
side of the room to take the DUNGEON MAP.  Head to the left side and grab
the Boko Nut.  Toss it at the plant covering the door to destroy it.  Open
the door.
Tendril Room: Down in the basement is a Knight's Crest.  Bash up the Boku
Babas to take their sticks, then throw them at the plant on the chest.  To
get back out, and to the other side, you'll need to use both the Baba Buds
and the Deku Leaf.  As you get boosted up, float over to the next highest
Baba Bud.  Try to avoid the swinging tendrils so you don't get busted up. 
Find a way to the highest point in the northeast to find a Joy Pendant in a
pot.  Note that there's a chest to the southwest.  Unfortunately, you have
nothing to remove the plant on it with.  Head through the exit to the north.
Gondola Room: Flap the Deku Leaf at the switch on your left to get the
gondola over to your side, then flap in the opposite direction to move it
back to the other side.  Exit by the north door.
Buds'N'Gondola Room: Take out the Peahats by flapping at them with the Leaf,
then slashing them, and take out the Boku Babas.  One Baba leaves behind a
Bud.  Hop in and leap up next to the door.  Alternatively, you can hop up to
a nearby hole in the tree for a chest with 20 Rupees.  Call the gondola with
the swtich and head over to the other side.  Break the boards with your sword
and grab the Boku Nut.  DROP it on the Gondola (using R) and head back to the
other side.  Toss the nut at the plant on the door to get to the next room.
Surprise Room: Don't get too close to the Boku Nut, because tendrils burst
out of the floor.  Use the Deku Leaf to flap the Nut off its plant, then use
it on the plant on the door.
Korok House Room: Walk around the east side.  Hook across the gap over the
tendril.  Cross to the north side on the moving vines.  Take the Boku Nut
and walk over to the west door.  Toss the Nut on the door to open it.  Also,
keep climbing up using moving vines and you'll reach your second Magic
3F West Passage: There are Morths across the gap in this room.  Use Spin
Attacks to dust them off quickly.  The chest below contains 10 Rupees. 
Leave by the west exit.
Tendril Maze Room: As the name suggests, tendrils burst out of the ground to
form a psuedo-maze.  Make your way over to the left (south) side.  Use the
Bomb Flower to blow both the nearby boards, and the one in the far corner
(toss it over the tendrils).  The chest next to you has the COMPASS.  Make
your way around the maze to the other corner to get a Small Key.  You can
use the Baba Bud to get up to the platforms, one of which has a Joy Pendant. 
Leave this room and head back to the...
Korok House Room: Head to the north part and open the locked door.
North Passage: Flap the Gondola over to your side, and cross.  Avoid the
Peahat, as it'll be tough to kill with water all over the floor.
Hanging Pod Room: Take out the Mothula, Peahat, and Boku Babas.  You can use
the sticks to break up the hanging pods for some items.  Use the Baba Bud to
float up one level of trees, then another.  There's a chest high above you. 
To get there, use the Hook on the nearby stick, then climb all the way up
the Hook and onto the stick.  Hook to the next stick and drop onto the
platform.  Ride the moving vines up to the top and grab the Joy Pendant in
the chest.  Watch out for Peahats, and leave by the north door.
Mothula Room: Mini boss time in this room, in the form of a full-grown Mothula. 
You can either swat it with the sword when it gets low enough, or flap it
with the Leaf to stun it and then swat it.  Each swat removes one of its four
wings.  Watch out for its diving attack and Morth deployment.  When you clip
all its wings, it switches to ground mode, where it's basically a normal
Mothula that can take quite a few more hits.  Eventually, it'll go down and
the north door will open.  Open the chest and claim the BOOMERANG.  Look
above the south door and target both switches.  Toss it and the door will
Hanging Pod Room: Use the Boomerang on the two plants on the door and pass
North Passage: Use the Boomerang to remove all the pods in your way, then use
the Deku Leaf to cross the pit.  Take the Joy Pendant and leave through the
south door.
Korok House Room: Use the Boomerang on the five cables holding up the house
and it will make a nice big hole in the floor.  You can follow it down, or
you can take this opportunity to go back to...
Tendril Room: The second room of the dungeon.  Float all the way up the chest
in the southwest corner.  Boomerang the plant and take the TREASURE CHART.
Korok House Room: Drop down into the basement.  Enter the door down here.
Basement Passage: Boomerang the Peahat and the Morths.  Hop over to the right. 
Take out the Green ChuChus and avoid the grabbing vines and head to the
next room.
Big Flower Room: Cross the flower and grab the 10 Rupees in the chest.  Cut
the flower's four strands with the Boomerang and drop down.  Grab the Bomb
Flower down here and blow open the boards.
Treasure Room: To the right, in the corner, is Tingle's second statue, the
FORBIDDEN TINGLE STATUE.  Have him set a bomb to make it appear.  Now, start
crossing the platforms to the center.  Kill all the Boku Baba until one
becomes a Baba Bud.  Hop in and drift over to the upper platform.  Fan the
gondola switch to bring it over, then ride it to the other side.  Once there,
grab the Bomb Flower and toss it down the hole in the ceiling.  It'll blow
the plant on the chest and you're free to drop down and collect the
TREASURE CHART. Head back to the Big Flower Room.
Big Flower Room: Drop the flower again, and this time we're going to ride it
down the river.  Use the Deku Leaf to fan yourself in the opposite direction. 
Use your Shield to bounce back the Octorok attack and climb up to the
opposite side.  Enter the door.
Big Key Room: Climb up the slope to the top.  Use the Boomerang to hit all
five switches.  To do this, start with one of the switches next to the tree
and work your way around.  If you don't, you might not get them all.  Get the
BIG KEY and prepare for attack by Moblins.  Take out the two Moblins.  To
leave this room, use the Hook to attach to the branch above and swing up to
the door.
Basement Passage: Proceed back to the...
Korok House Room: Fan the rotating switch to start an updraft.  Hop in the
Baba Bud and ride the updraft with the Deku Leaf.  Use the Boomerang on the
two plants on the door down here and head through.
2F Passage: Take out the two Mothulas in this room.  Take the Joy Pendant
in the chest and press on east.
Boss Door Room: You're best just leaving all these pods alone, as they have
Green ChuChus.  You can use the sticks in the pot to light the covering of
the Magic Pot on fire to open it up, or you could just head through the Boss
*KALLE DEMOS*: This mutated plant has Makar captive.  It has two main
attacks, slamming its tendrils on the ground and burrowing them under the
ground to come up and attack from underneath.  What you need to do is cut
down all the tendrils attached the ceiling with the Boomerang.  As you can
only target five at a time, this isn't going to be easy.  Keep targeting and
throwing the Rang.  Once all tendrils are down, the plant will fall,
exposing the puny little central plant.  You have two options.  Either
whack it repeatedly nonstop and take some damage when the plant closes, or
hit a couple of times and retreat.  The option is yours.  Hit the central
plant enough times and you'll have successfully committed herbicide.

The Great Deku Tree will thank you for your efforts and give you Farore's
Pearl.  You can now leave the Forest Haven island system.

4D. The Hero's Trial (The Last Pearl and the Tower of the Gods) =

All righty!  Now, nearly the entirety of the Great Sea is open to you. 
Hooray!  You can take this time to explore EVERYWHERE and mark the entirety
of the map using the fishees.  Check Section 5: The Islands of the Great Sea,
to find out what you can get at each of the islands.  I won't bring up all
that stuff here...

However, I will mention stuff to get on the sea that will be indispensible.

For instance, head to coordinates A3, the Northern Fairy Island.  Speak to the
fairy and your wallet size will be increased so you can hold 1000 Rupees.

Next, go to coordinates G4 (yeah, I know it's a long way).  At the south end,
you'll see some seagulls in the middle of the water.  Float towards them and
a Big Octo will leap out.  To defeat it, target its eyes with the Boomerang. 
Several hits on all of them will remove the threat and release a Great Fairy
who will double your Magic Meter.

Also, look for some wiggling postboxes.  The first one you find will have a
PIECE OF HEART in it.  Keep checking postboxes in other locations, and you
may get more mail.

Okay, head for Greatfish Isle, where the King of Red Lions points you.  Once
you get there, you'll find it's a complete mess.  The water spirit, Jabun,
has fled from his home.  The Rito postman will come and explain about the
pirates that were here recently.  You'll have to head back to Windfall Island
to find them.

Now, with the storminess that just set in, it'll be perpetually night until
you do something about it.  Sail back to Windfall Island you'll find Tetra's
ship has docked.  The KoRL will suggest looking for them quietly.

Windfall Island -

Get onshore.  Notice that there's a light on in the Bomb Shop.  It's locked,
though.  Sneak around the back by sidling along the wall and climbing up the
vines.  Once you enter the shop, you'll see Tetra and her crew stealing bombs
from the owner.  Tetra will notice you, but won't say anything.  The crew
will take off, but not before you hear the password for sneaking into the
ship.  It changes every game, but if you forget, just ask your boat. 

Hop on the ship and say the password for Niko.  Once you get into the hold,
he'll have another rope course for you.  This one's tougher.  Stepping on the
switch gives you roughly two minutes to make it to the other side.  Make sure
you aim your jumps for the center of the swinging ropes.  In the case of the
moving ropes, it's advisable to wait until they stop moving to jump.  It's
quite difficult, but that's about all the help I can give.  Once you reach
the other side, Niko will let you take the BOMBS.  Tetra will tell you that
she's gonna head for the island the next morning.  Fortunately, time's
stopped, so you don't have to worry about that.  Your mission is now to head
back to Outset Island so you can find Jabun, so set sail.

Outset Island -

Have chats with everyone on the island.  You'll notice that poor Grandma has
taken ill...  If you want, you can train in combat with Orca.  Getting lots of
hits will get you prizes, such as a PIECE OF HEART.

Also, head up to the summit of the island.  Turn the wind west, hop up on the
very top of the broken bridge, and float over to the other side using the
Deku Leaf.  Now, enter the Fairy Forest again.  Use a Bomb on the big rock
and drop into the Fairy Fountain.  Speak to the Great Fairy to get the
second Wallet upgrade, which can hold 5000 Rupees.

Also, grab a Fairy while you're here.  Go to your house and give it to your
poor sick grandma.  She'll be all cured and give you Elixir Soup, which is a
super potion...

Your objective here, though, is to head around the back of the island.  You'll
get swept up in a big whirlpool.  Don't panic.  Take out your Bombs and you'll
pull out the ship's cannon.  Start firing away at that big stone door.  First,
bust up the top part, then the middle part, then the bottom part, and you'll
be able to enter.

Jabun and the KoRL will chat for a bit, and then you'll get the Nayru's Pearl. 
The KoRL will now tell you to place the pearls on the Triangle Islands.  There
are three of them, and their coordinates are marked on the Sea Chart.  Go to
each island and walk up to the small statue there.  Once all three are in
place, a big familiar shape will appear in the sea and a really big tower will
rise up out of the sea.  That's the Tower of the Gods, and you gotta go in.

Now, I suggest a few things before heading in there.  Obviously, you may want
to look for some more Pieces of Heart, but there are a few real important
things, too.

Go to Eastern Fairy Island (C5) and Southern Fairy Island (F4).  Use Bombs to
blow open their doors.  At each of these locations, you'll find a Bomb
carrying upgrade, which will increase your stockpile to 60, then 99.

Go to Rock Spire Isle (C2) and you'll find a special Shop Ship.  This one has
an EMPTY BOTTLE, a TREASURE CHART, and a PIECE OF HEART for sale.  They're all
quite expensive, but worth it.

All right, once you feel you're decked out, head into the Tower of the Gods
for some destiny-related action!

*** LEVEL 3 *** Tower of the Gods -

Key point about the Tower: There's a rising and falling tide throughout the
place.  Every twenty seconds or so, the water changes levels, from high to
low.  This will make for some tricky puzzling and getting around.

Main Lobby: Drift the KoRL over to the southeast corner, and hop off near the
submerged platform.  When the tide's up, swim under the canopy and head
through the door.
SE Room 1F: Take out the Yellow ChuChu using the Boomerang to stun it.  There
are three bombable walls here on the high wall.  When the tide rises, climb
up to the middle walls and drop Bombs next to the cracked walls.  One has the
DUNGEON MAP behind it.  Getting the third wall's a bit trickier.  When the
tide's down, push a box near (but not quite next to) the wall and let the
tide rise up.  Toss a Bomb just as it's about to explode at the wall and you
can get the Joy Pendant behind it.
Main Lobby: Go to the west side of the room and fire Bombs at the wall.  Cross
the wall when the tide's up.  Break open the pot of sticks and light one. 
Wait until the tide goes down and light the two torches by the lower door. 
This makes a chest with a Joy Pendant appear.  Now, head through the
northwest door.
NW Room 1F: Defeat the Red Bubble by fanning it with the Deku Leaf, then
slashing it.  Take the COMPASS.
Main Lobby: Now, head to the northeast corner of the lobby.  Climb up to
the platform and place either a pot or a statue on the lit button to enter
the next room.
NE Room 1F: Wait until the tide is low and drop down to the pit.  Pick up
the box and drop it on the button.  Ride the tide up and climb out.  While
the tide's low and the box is on the button, there's a light bridge.  Cross
and pick up the statue.  Cross the bridge back and exit the door.
Main Lobby: Place the statue on the cross indent outside and the gate nearby
will open.  Ride the KoRL through the gate and to the door.  Place both
statues on both buttons.
SE Room 1F: Wait unti lthe tide lowers and drop down to the floor.  Push one
of the blocks so that it fits in the line with the others all the way to the
unlit torches.  Now, climb up, break the pot with the sticks, light one, and
hop across as the tide goes up.  Light both torches and you'll get a Small
Key.  Avoid the Yellow ChuChus on your way out.
Main Lobby: Head for the southwest corner of the lobby and unlock the door.
SW Room 1F: Take out all Yellow ChuChus in this room to make a staircase
appear.  Walk up and pick up the statue.  Leave the room with it in tow.
Main Lobby: Walk up the stairs to the indent and place the statue.  The water
will now recede and you can go through the door in the center.
North Room 1F: There's a Beamos in the center of this room.  For now, avoid
its roving eye so you don't get zapped.  Carry each of the statues on this
side across to the buttons on the far side.  Once both are placed, the
elevators start moving.  Jump from one to the next.  Once you reach the
top, if you have Tingle, make him bomb the platform behind you and you can
get the GODDESS TINGLE STATUE.  Head through the north door.
2F Lobby: Not much to do here except head east.
East Passage 2F: Mind the Yellow ChuChus.  Hop onto the moving platform and
continue east.
East Statue Room: Climb the staircase and drop off the other side.  Read the
little message.  Press R to call the statue.  It will follow you close
behind.  Lead him around the twisty path.  When you reach the end, pick him
up and jump the gap.
East Passage 2F: Continue carrying the statue across the moving platform.
2F Lobby: The statue will hop over to a platform of its own accord.  Climb
the steps to the center dais and pull out your Wind Waker.  Pull left on the
stick to change to 4/4 rhythm and conduct left, middle, right, middle to
learn the Command Melody.  Now, the door to the west is open.
West Passage 2F: Use the Grappling Hook to cross the pit and head through the
West Statue Room: Use the Hook to cross.  Call the statue to get it active. 
Now, stand on the button.  A bridge!  But how to cross with the statue? 
Play the Command Melody and the answer will become clear.  Hop the statue
across the bridge, then break control (R Button) and swing across yourself. 
Pick up the statue and head through the door.
West Passage 2F: Drop the statue on the button.  Either use the Grappling Hook
or the Deku Leaf to swing across to the right side (south room).
Darknut Room: Aw yeah!  Time for some smackdown!  The way to beat Darknuts is
to use the Parry counter move just as it's about to swing.  That way, you'll
knock off its armor.  Once it's off, it's best to keep Parrying, because
Darknuts are quite good combatants otherwise.  Once it's dead, open the
treasure chest and claim the HERO'S BOW.  Leave the room.
West Passage 2F: Shoot the eye across the way to start some platforms.  Get
rid of the Red Bubbles again.  Use the Deku Leaf to get back over to where
you left the statue.  Hop across the platforms with it.
2F Lobby: The statue will return to its pedestal and open the gate to the
north.  Before we do that, though, let's go back to.
East Passage 2F: Take out the Red Wizzrobe with arrows, then hop on the
platform.  Shoot the eye and ride the new platform up to the next room.
Armos Knight Room: To beat an Armos Knight, shoot an arrow in its eye, then
drop a Bomb in its mouth.  Watch out for the results.  Beat both and you'll
find a Joy Pendant here.  Now, head back to the 2F Lobby, then to the Main
Main Lobby: Head to the northwest room.
NW Room 1F: Shoot the eye on the wall and collect the TREASURE CHART.  Now,
head back to the second floor.
2F Lobby: Leave by the north door.
North Room 2F: Take out the Keeses near the platforms if you wish.  Jump on
the left platform to drop down to the water.  Pull out a Bomb and toss it at
the wall just as it's about to explode.  Head through the door.
Wind Room 2F: Play the Wind's Requiem on the platform.  Take out the two
Armos Knights and open the chest to get a TREASURE CHART.
North Room 2F: Head through the door to the east.
Big Pit Room: There are several moving platforms here.  Jump on the one
before you, then on the one across from that.  Shoot an arrow at the eye
nearby to start that platform moving, and hop on.  Ride up and take the
Small Key.  If you're in the mood for a Joy Pendant, look across from you and
shoot the eye up there.  Another platform on your right rides up, and you
can hop to another platform, from which you can get to the eye platform. 
Now, look out over to the door and fire an arrow at the eye above it.  The
chest with the Joy Pendant will appear.  Make your way back to the entrance
of the room.
North Room 2F: To cross to the north side of this room, take two of the
statues and toss them one of the platforms.  Hop onto the other one yourself,
and unlock the door at the end.
North Statue Room: Nasty laser beams.  First, hop on top of the block.  Jump
and float over the beams using your Deku Leaf.  Call the statue with the R
button.  Now, take control of him with the Command Melody and have him hold
on the button (he can hop right through the beams).  Once through, pick him
up and leave.
North Room 2F: Toss your statue on one of the platforms.  Now, hop over to
the other side.  Grab three of the statues and toss them on the other
platform to raise it up and keep it raised while you go jump back and grab
the blue statue.  Carry it to the next room.
2F Lobby: The statue will hop to its pedestal and the three will activate a
beam of light.  Not scared, are ya?  Hop in.
3F Laser Room: Now, you have to grab pots sitting next to the Beamos'.  Get
close and quickly fire an arrow at the Beamos as soon as it starts firing
it laser to defeat it.  Once the three are in place on the buttons, take the
BIG KEY.  Now, shoot the Armoses in the eye with arrows and slash their bums
to baleet them.  Pass through the door to the north.
Outer Terrace: Destroy both the Beamos' and Kargarocs with arrows, and make
your way to the Boss Door.
*GOHDAN*: This boss consists of a giant head and two hands.  The hands
will attempt to interfere with your life with punches, swipes, and grabs. 
The head will breathe a series of fireballs at you which you should roll to
avoid.  The outer ring of the arena is electrified, so stay off it.  Shoot
the hands a couple of times to fend them off.  After that, his eyes will
open and you need to shoot those.  Two arrows each.  Once both eyes are
closed, the head will drop to the ground.  Toss a Bomb into it mouth.  Three
Bombs will defeat the Gohdan.  If you run out of arrows, the head will
snort out some extras.  Once the rock is down, take the Heart Container and
step into the column of light.

Now, climb up and use the Grappling Hook on the bell...

???? Castle -

You're now in a very monochrome castle...  Enter, and you'll see the forms of
many Moblins and Darknuts frozen in time.  As you walk in front of the statue
of that familiar-looking fellow, the KoRL will call you through your charm
and tell you about the seal on the special item you need to find.  To solve
this puzzle, walk in front of the statue.  See those blocks?  You need to
place them on the three triangles in the middle of floor.  To move the blocks,
you need to pull and push them by their corners so they rotate.  Once all three
are set, they sink into the ground and the statue moves.  Enter the basement. 
Take the blade.

Congratulations, you've earned the MASTER SWORD, the blade of evil's bane!

Color and time now return to Hyrule Castle.  Look around this little area to
see some familiar faces rendered in stained glass.  Head back to the main
castle hall.  Test out your new blade on the many Moblins and Darknuts that
have just awakened.  Be sure to collect as many Knight's Crests from Darknuts
as you can.  If you knock off both pieces of their armor, use the Grappling
Hook to grab it.  Anyway, once you've made a gruesome example of this place. 
Leave the way you came in (you can leave by the other door if you want a
glimpse at the land of Hyrule).  The KoRL will tell you that it's time to
return to the Forsaken Fortress and rescue your sister.

4E. Return to the Forsaken (Forsaken Fortress =

First thing's first.  Now that you have a Bow, head to Shark Island (F3). 
You should see a mad spinning cyclone.  Get close to it and Zephos' brother,
Cyclos, will pop out.  Shoot him with arrows as he tries to suck you in. 
Once you hit him three times, he'll calm down and teach you the BALLAD OF
GALES.  Now, you can warp around the Great Sea without having to sail the
whole way!

Now, sail to the Forsaken Fortress.  You have to Bomb open the gate to get
inside.  If you feel it makes it easier, you can also try to take out some of
the cannons that are firing on you.  Once inside, the KoRL will drop you off.

Head to the main door and you'll be greeted by an evil laugh.

*PHANTOM GANON* - This spirit floats around and flings energy balls at you. 
Once he throws one, use the Master Sword to reflect it back.  The two of you 
will knock the ball back and forth for a bit until one of you goofs.  If he
gets it, rush up and start slashing him.  Unlike previous incarnations of
this kind of boss, this one can also appear right next to you and slash with
his sword, so be alert.  Enough slashes will cause the ghost to retreat.

Open the chest that appeared to get the SKULL HAMMER.  Now, it's time to
proceed to the top of the fortress again.  You should know how.  There are
less ways to get up now, though.  The eastern room, while having a lot of
Miniblins, also has a ladder you can climb to get up.  There's nothing new
down here, so there's no need to dawdle.  There are no more ropes, either, so
use the Deku Leaf to cross gaps, and use the Skull Hammer to pound down stakes. 
Climb to the very top of the fortress and slam the stake with the Hammer. 
Enter the door.

You'll have a reunion with Aryll.  Soon, Tetra and her crew show up.  Tetra
takes particular note of the Master Sword, and promises to get all the girls
back to their homes.  Now, it's time for you to deal with some super bad guys.

That giant bird will fly back into the room and the tower will start filling
with water.  Now, it's a race to the top.  Run up the ramps quickly.  Don't
stop to fight any Bokoblins.  Often, the bird will peck away at a ledge to
remove it, but you're usually far enough across that you can jump the last
few feet.  If you do miss, there are grappling points around most of these to
get you across.  Once you make it to the top, the bird will slam its head in
your path to block you.  Whip out your Hammer and smack him one.  He'll fall
back into the water, and you can proceed to the top.  The hatch at the top
will close, and the bird will make it through at the last second.  Looks like
he wants a rematch...

*HELMAROC KING* - The bird will go for a long flight, then come in and land. 
He'll shuffle up close to you and slam his beak into the ground.  At that
point, whack him with the Hammer.  You need to do that five times to remove
his head-covering.  He has other attack besides the peck.  Sometimes he'll
dive and rake his talons across the floor of the tower, and sometimes he'll
attempt to flap you into the spikes encircling the platform.  Once you hit
him five times, the head-covering will break and he'll be vulnerable to the
sword.  Hit him about ten or so times with the Master Sword and he'll be
roast turkey...

Take the Heart Container.  Climb up the stairs and enter the door.  Let this
little scene play out, where some interesting facts are revealed...

You'll be back underwater.  Bring your guest to the basement of the castle. 

So, now you basically get the gist of the entire story.  You have to save
Hyrule, or what's left of it.  To do this, you need to power up the Master
Sword.  This is done by awakening two Sages and finding the eight pieces of
the Triforce of Courage.

4F. Gearing Up (Fire Mountain and Ice Ring Isle) =

Okay, first thing to do is to get the Ballad of the Gales if you haven't
already (go to Shark Island, get close to the cyclone, and shoot Cyclos
three times).  Use it to teleport to Mother & Child Isles.  You'll land in
the middle of the Mother island and meet the Queen of Faires.  She'll give

Now, we'll go to four locations, which can be done in any order...

Ice Ring Isle (F5) -

Aim a Fire Arrow at the ice-breathing dragon statue on the top to shut down
the island for five minutes.  On the east side of the island is a TREASURE
CHART if you're interested.  Disembark on the west side of the island and
climb up to the upper ice ring.  Watch your step here.  Make your way counter-
clockwise around the island until you reach some floating platforms.  Hop
onto the first one, then onto the moving one, then hop off onto the last
one, then to the dragon mouth.  Enter.

In this cave, make your way across the narrow ice slides.  Watch out for
Keeses, and follow the path all the way around to the chest.  Open it to
receive the IRON BOOTS.  The island's now permanently "off".  Put the Boots
on and walk past the wind blast to the exit.

NOTE: If you fall, use the Grappling Hook on the two pegs to climb up (climb
to the top of the hook to get on them).

Fire Mountain (C6) -

Aim an Ice Arrow at the flaming fire coming out the mountain to freeze it for
five minutes.  From the north side, start climbing the mountain.  There's a
point about halfway up where the path splits.  Take the right path and keep
climbing.  Eventually, you'll reach a jump you can only make with the Deku
Leaf (and favorable winds).  You'll soon be at the summit.

Inside the mountain, you'll find Fire Keeses and Magtails.  Hop across all
the platforms quickly so they don't sink.  Destroy all the enemies to make a
chest appear.  Open it to own the POWER BRACELET.  Lift the rock head and
leave the mountain.

Western and Thorned Fairy Islands (C1, D7) -

Both of these Fairy Islands have Arrow upgrades for you.  Land on them and
use the Skull Hammer to remove the obstacles in the way and enter for your

4G. Power of the Stone (Earth Temple =

All right.  Now that we're decked out with awesome stuff, let's go east from
Outset Island to Headstone Island.  Enter on the south side and lift up the
rock head.  Enter.  You'll see some marks on the stone.  Play those marks
with the Wind Waker (hold the Control Stick to the right for 6/4 time). 
You've now learned the EARTH GOD'S LYRIC.  Suddenly, a ghost appears, a Zora
Sage named Laruto.  She tells you that Ganondorf destroyed the sages upon
his return, and that another must be found to take the reins of Sage of Earth. 
You need to find the person who plays the harp.  If you've been paying
attention, that's young Medli of the Rito people.

Go to Dragon Roost Island and find Medli.  She's outside on the cliffs high
up.  Enter the post office and leave by the second floor exit.  To the right,
hook over to where she's playing.  Play the Earth God's Lyric for her and
she'll remember.  Head back to Headstone Island.  Play the Earth God's Lyric
once more in front of the stone and Medli will play along.  The door to the
Earth Temple will open.

*** LEVEL 4 *** The Earth Temple -

Controlling Medli - If you pick up Medli and throw her, she'll fly a short
distance.  If you pick her up and jump with her, she'll carry you (farther
as she gets deeper into the dungeon).  Use the Command Melody to take
control of her.  While in control of her, press A to start flying (a little
meter will tell you how much you can do it).  If standing under a beam of
light, press A and she'll use her harp, which can reflect.  You can even
break control while holding the harp and it will stay in its current
position.  Otherwise, Medli cannot defend herself.  If you lose her somehow,
she'll end up in a cage in the statue room on the first floor, which she can
just fly out of.

Entry Room: Pick up Medli and jump across the gap.  Pick her up again and
carry her through the door (you must carry her through doors).  NOTE: If
you leave Medli in another room, you can still get across this with the
Deku Leaf.
First Hall: Leave Medli and take out the three Moblins in the area.  Call her
and head up the stairs and ask to try flying.  Use the Command Melody to
take control of her and fly around for a bit.  Break contact and she'll
tell you that she can carry you further now.  Pick her up and jump across to
the pillar.  Drop her (not throw) and step on the switch.  Now, take
control of Medli again and fly over to the other switch.  The door will
Ante Hall: Take care of all the ChuChus here.  The Dark ChuChus cannot be
harmed by any of your weapons.  Lure them into the beam of light and they'll
turn into stone and you can throw them.  Now, take control of Medli and put
her in the beam of light.  Press A and she'll pull out her shiny harp.  Use
it to reflect on the invisible chest and you can get the DUNGEON MAP.  Also,
use a Bomb on the Magic Pot nearby to open it.  Leave by the east door.
Grinning Statue Room: The gas down below will jinx you if you enter it (you
can walk, but can't use any items).  To get rid of its effects, get some
light on you.  There's a hammer switch down there.  Put Medli in the light
and have her point her harp at the switch.  Return to Link while still
pointing the harp and hit the switch.  Leave by the south door.
South Room 1F: Take out the two Red Bubbles here.  Climb up the ladder on the
left and pull the block to expose a light shaft.  Have Medli light up the
chest and take the Small Key.  Watch out for the Floor Masters and return
Grinning Statue Room: Unlock the north door.
North Room 1F: Use a Fire Arrow on the tapestry to your left that has light
shining through.  Defeat all the regular ChuChus and lure the Dark ChuChus
to the light beam.  Once they become stone, place them on the buttons. 
Climb the newly-formed stairs with Medli, then push the large block off the
ledge to open the door.
Northeast Room 1F: First, push the only movable block onto the marking to
open a light.  Now, take Medli and have her shine light on all the markings
on the walls, and the statue on the other block.  This breaks them all down
and you can access two more blocks and another Magic Pot.  Push the other
two blocks onto their markings to get the COMPASS.  Throw Medli up on the
ledge and exit the room by the south door.
Poe Room 1F: Take out the Moblins, then head back to the entrance.  Take
control of Medli and have her fly up to the ledge with the beam of light. 
Use the beam from her harp on the two Poes to make them visible.  Now, use
Link to take out the Poes with the sword, which will lower a set of stairs. 
If you want it, have Medli light up the statues to remove them and take a
Joy Pendant.  Leave by the southeast door.
Coffin Room 1F: Drop down and walk near the coffins to open them.  Don't get
crushed.  Three of them have ReDeads.  One has ten Rupees, and the last has
a Small Key.  Once all are open, a ladder drops, and you can leave.
Poe Room 1F: Unlock the south door.
Stalfos Room 1F: You are challenged by a Stalfos.  Defeat him to face two
others at once.  Take them out and you'll get the MIRROR SHIELD.  Now, pull
out your sword so you're holding your shield.  Use it to light up the sun
above the door to open it.
Poe Room 1F: Get rid of all the bad guys, then position Medli on the light
beam.  Have her shine her light on the floor below.  Now, stop her there and
take Link and have him shine the light beam she directs on the mark to open
it.  Proceed through the wall.  In this little passage, you can shine and
redirect light on the statue and mark on the wall to get some Rupees.  Leave
by the door in this passage.
Grinning Statue Room: Position Medli on one beam of light and shine her on the
eye.  Shine yourself on the other eye to open the staircase below.  If you
want a Joy Pendant, go back to...
South Room 1F: Drop Medli on the switch near the other door.  Enter.
Southwest Room 1F: Shine light on the two marks to get the Joy Pendant.
Grinning Statue Room: Head down the stairs.
Misty Room B1: Don't drop down, because there's lots of jinxing mist down
there, as well as two Floor Masters.  To take out the Blue Bubbles, fan
them with the Deku Leaf, then whack them.  If you have Tingle, have Medli
fly you over to the hanging platform, then jump to the end.  Have Tingle
bomb the area with skulls and pots.  Take the EARTH TINGLE STATUE.  Now,
take Medli to the monument and play the Earth God's Lyric with her nearby
and she'll open the monument.  Head through the door.
Crossroads Room B1: Take out the two ReDeads (you can stun them with light). 
Use the light on the statue on the block, then on the two mirrors to get rid
of the bigger statues.  Take the west door.
Floor Master Room B1: Okay, walk across the mist on the floor, trying to
avoid the many Floor Masters.  If you reach the far end, you'll find a Small
Key, and the mist will disappear.  Defeat all the Floor Masters in this room
and you'll get a TREASURE CHART.
Crossroads Room B1: Take the east door with Medli.
Mirror Room B1: Take Medli and fly over the mist, past the Floor Masters. 
On the other side, push the mirror statue into place, then use the Hammer on
the peg to start shining light.  Head back to the...
Crossroads Room B1: Push the block to the wall.  Toss Medli up.  Unlock the
south door.
Mirror Room B1: Take out all the enemies, then stand Medli in the beam of
light, pointing her harp back in the opposite direction.  Use the Shield
to aim the light at the three statues.  The one on the west wall has the
Coffin Corridor B1: In the coffins, you'll find Rupees, other things,
two ReDeads, and a Stalfos.  Take all the bad guys out, and take the 20
Rupees in the chest if you wish, and play the Earth God's Lyric to open
the monument.
Boss Door Room: Take Medli down the stairs to the door down here.
Big Mirror Room B2: Control Medli and fly her to the button.  It drops a ray
of light.  Have Link move the mirror statue near it.  Now, stand on the
pedestal it shines on and remove the statue nearby.  Pull out that mirror
statue.  Now, have Medli stand on the pedestal and shine her light in a
southeasternly direction, onto the small pedestal with the harp marking. 
Stand Link on that and burn down the markings to get another Mirror Statue. 
Pull that out and you'll get the "chime".  Also, shine light on the
translucent chest for 50 Rupees.  Now, go to the southwest corner of the
room and pull that mirror statue.  Get on the pedestal and shine light on
both the statue and the chest.  Open the chest for a Joy Pendant.  Now,
pull on the mirror statue that was behind the big statue.  Put Medli on the
pedestal and have her shine her harp on the harp pedestal.  Put Link on it
and have him take down the four markings on the northwest wall, and one on
the west wall.  Pull out the last mirror statue and you'll get a "chime"
again.  Head through the west door you just uncovered.
Coffin Room B2: Shine light on the coffins to release Stalfoses.  You can
fight them one at a time, or all at once if you're feeling daring.  Take
them all out and take the TREASURE CHART that appears.
Big Mirror Room B2: Have Medli stand on one of the pedestals near the statue
and shine light on it, then have Link do the same on the other one.  Once
it opens, proceed through (you don't need Medli).
Big Key Room: First, take out the Blue Bubbles hidden nearby so they don't
curse you (use the Deku Leaf to put them out).  Now, take out the Darknut
and you can take the BIG KEY.  Head all the way back to...
Boss Door Room: You don't need Medli, so just leave her.  Climb up to top of
stairs and use the Deku Leaf to float over to the Boss Door.
*** JALHALLA *** - This big puffy bad guy is composed of several Poes.  He
can try to blow you into the spikes or fling fire on you from his lantern. 
To beat him, stand in one of the beams of light and shine on his lard butt. 
He'll become corporeal, after which you can pick him up and toss him into
one of the big spike barriers along the wall.  He'll split into his many
myriad Poe underlings.  Take them all out as fast as you can.  If you have
the Hurricane Spin, here's the time for it to shine.  After a short while,
they'll reform into Jalhalla.  Repeat.  As you deplete his Poe supply, there
will be fewer lights to use for your Mirror Shield and they'll disappear at
random.  Once you defeat all the Poes, his mask will get a little worried
and run off into a beam of light.

Take the Heart Container and step into the light.  Medli will assume her
position as the Sage of Earth and power up the Master Sword.

4H. Fury of the Gales (Wind Temple) =

Hope you have double magic for this part.  If you don't, get it now (check
the Upgrades section).

Now, for the next Sage, head north from Windfall Island to Gale Isle.  Hop off
at the shore and put on the Iron Boots.  Trudge up to the statue shooting out
wind and bash it with the Hammer.  Enter.

Note the marks on the stone.  Play those marks on the Wind Waker (hold the
Control Stick to the right for 6/4 time).  You've now learned the WIND GOD'S
ARIA.  Fado, the ghost of a Kokiri sage, will tell you to find the sage that
plays the same instrument as him.  A leaf cello/violin?  That would be Makar,
the Korok from Forest Haven.  Head back there.

NOTE: Although it would seem like you can do these in either order, you have
to do the Earth Temple first.  The new Wind Sage cannot be found until then.

At the Forest Haven, you should see notes coming out of a waterfall.  Attach
the Grappling Hook to the branch above and swing towards that waterfall. 
Let go and you'll fly through it and find Makar.  Play the Wind God's Aria
for him and he'll remember.  It's time to sail to the Wind Temple.

Head back to Gale Isle.  Enter and play the Wind God's Aria for Makar.

*** LEVEL 5 *** The Wind Temple -

Controlling Makar - If you pick up Makar and throw him, he'll glide for a
distance, just like Medli.  If you take control of Makar, he can fly by using
the A Button repeatedly.  If you find a patch of dirt, have Makar press A on
it to plant a seed, which will cause a tree to sprout.

Entry Room: Exit through the north door.
First Wind Room 1F: Take control of Makar and have him plant seeds on the
patches of earth to make trees and a chest with 100 Rupees appear.  Now,
float over to the far ledge and stand on the switch to remove the wind blast. 
Now, for Link.  Put on the Iron Boots and cllmb up on the spring.  While on
the spring, take off the boots and you'll get shot into the air.  Pull out
the Deku Leaf and glide over to the other side.  Carry Makar into the next
Gate Room 1F: Take out the Armoses and flap the rotating switch with the Deku
Leaf.  Have Makar plant seeds in both patches of dirt to open the door.
Ledge Room 1F: Have Makar fly up and plant seeds in all the patches.  After
he does so, he'll be captured by Floor Masters (jerks).  If you have Tingle,
drop down to the lowest floor and use a Tingle Bomb in the center of the
low ground to get the WIND TINGLE STATUE.  Leave by the east door.
Central Gate Room: You'll see Makar behind a cage.  Poor little guy.  There's
nothing you can do for him right now, so head east and take out the Armos
Knights and Peahats, then go through the door.
Gate Corridor 1F: Take out the two Peahats, then either drop down the hole in
the floor, or just use the Iron Boots on the other one to crash through. 
Flap the switch to raise the gate, then head to the other side and flap it
back down.  Leap off the spring with the Boots and land on the upper ledge. 
Flap the gate back up using the switch up here.  Take the Joy Pendant in
the chest nearby.  Head out by the south door.
Updraft Room 1F: Use your Deku Leaf to coast over to the button on the ledge. 
Hit it and the gate on the wall will fall.  Cross over to it.  Now, use the
updrafts to make your way further south to a chest with the DUNGEON MAP in
it.  Now, ride the updrafts to the west all the way, watching out for
Peahats and Red Wizzrobes, and you'll reach the far door.
Central Gate Room: Use the Iron Boots to slam on the switch, which will open
up the gate to the basement.  While you're up here, toss a Bomb on the Magic
Pot to open it.  Drop down to the basement and exit by the south door.
Spiky Room B1: Use the Iron Boots to drop down one of the cracked floors. 
Push the spring block to the mark at the far end of the room, and the other
block next to it.  Spring up to the upper floor and grab the Small Key. 
Don't leave just yet.  Now, go back down to the lower floor through each of
the other four cracked floors.  You'll face bad guys once you drop, such as
Floor Masters, Armoses, Red and Green ChuChus.  Once all five holes have
been made, a chest with a TREASURE CHART will appear.
Central Gate Room: Unlock the north door.
Wizzrobe Room: You've got a nasty Wizzrobe battle here.  This Wizzrobe can
summon enemies, in addition to the usual fireball attacks.  Just take him
out like any other Wizzrobe, slash or arrow, and you'll receive the
HOOKSHOT.  Use it on the north wall and use the Hammer on the peg up here. 
Exit the room.
Central Gate Room: Use the Hookshot to start climbing out the pit.  About
halfway up, float over to the other side with the Deku Leaf and get the
COMPASS.  Hookshot the rest of the way up, and over to where Makar is stuck. 
Stand to the side of the statue, pull out your Hookshot, put on your Iron
Boots, and use it on the statue to pull it down and free Makar.  Take the
Joy Pendant in the chest, as well.  Now, make Makar fall down to the B1 and
plant two seeds in the dirt patches, and the giant fan starts up.  Float to
the east door with the Deku Leaf and have Makar float over, as well.
Gate Corridor 1F: Do the same method as before to get to the other side,
then take Makar over.  Play the Wind God's Aria for him and the stone will
be busted.  Head through the door.
Darknut Room 1F: Defeat all three Darknuts here to open the gate to the BIG
Gate Corridor 1F: Flap the switch and head back to...
Central Gate Room: Cross to the west side using the Deku Leaf and Hookshot
with Link, and Makar's little propellor thing.
Ledge Room 1F: First, take out the Yellow Wizzrobe in this area.
Pillar Stairway: Take out all the Blue Bubbles up here by using the Hookshot
to drag them to you, and then slashing them.  Next, have Makar plant seeds
on all the pillars and the top.  Now, Hookshot up and take out the Floor
Master up here.
Central Gate Room: Now, have both Makar and yourself step on the two switches
and the fan will be exposed.  Ride the fan over to the chest on the left for
a Joy Pendant, and ride to the door on the south.  Enter the room.
South Room 2F: Defeat the seven Armoses and take the Small Key here.
Central Gate Room: Drop down to the bottom of the room and past the fan. 
Unlock the door down here.
Face Room B1: This is a tough fight room.  Take out the two Stalfoses and
the Yellow Wizzrobe.  After the messing, you need to pull down four stone
faces off the wall.  Use the Hookshot to get up there using the targets, and
use the Iron Boots to anchor yourself so you can pull the faces down.  Some
faces have Bokobilns in them.  Once the Bokoblins are down, a chest with a
TREASURE CHART will appear.  To leave this room, float over to the highest
point and Iron Boot the switch.  Leave by the east door.
Wind Wall Room B1: Defeat the three Bokoblins and the two Armos Knights. 
Take Makar and have him float over the wind wall and have him plant a seed
in the patch.  Now, use the Hookshot to attach to the tree and defeat the
Floor Master and Peahats.  Leave by the door.
Boss Door Room: There are three blocks here, and you need them to prevent
yourself for getting sliced.  Put your Iron Boots on so you can stand against
the wind.  Push the first block so that it blocks the first blade, then
likewise for the second.  The third block will be dropped into a little
ditch before it can get to the third blade, so go back and get the second
block, and pull/push it over the third block and in front of the third
blade.  Now you're across.  To get Makar across, have him fly up as high as
he can, over the wind gusts, and all the way to the end in the center, and
he'll drop right onto the threshold and not get blown back.  Take him to the
stone and play the Wind God's Aria and you'll be able to access the last
Magic Pot and enter the Boss Door.
*MOLGERA* - This is a very cool boss.  When the sand turns dark around you,
MOVE, because he's gonna pop up right there.  His tongue will stick out,
so Hookshot it.  When you drag it to you, slash the tongue repeatedly.  When
he pulls back, he'll spit out some young.  You can slash them, or tug on
them with the Hookshot to stun them, and then slash them.  Continue hooking
and slashing the tongue.  Eventually, it'll start leaping out of the sand
to attack you.  Keep on with the tongue-lashing and he'll give in.

Take the Heart Container and step into the light on the Triforce mark.  Makar
will power up the Master Sword to its true power.

4I. Shards of Courage (The Triforce Pieces) =

Now that your sword is maxed out, it's time to find the eight pieces of the
Triforce of Courage.  You should have the IN-credible Chart by now from a
postbox (if not, visit one and it should be there), which points out the
locations of all the Triforce Charts in the game.  Finding the charts is all
well and good, but then you need to bring them to Tingle so he can decipher
them (for a rather hefty fee).  Once that's done, just go to the marked place
on the chart and pull up the piece, just like you would any treasure.

Triforce Chart #1 -

Take a trip to the Islet of Steel (E2).  Note the several Cannon Ship
patrolling the area.  Use the Bomb Cannon to bust them all up and enter the
Islet.  The Chart is just inside.  Play the Wind Requiem on the wind spot.

Take the chart to Tingle.  The location of the piece is on Greatfish
Isle (B4).

Triforce Chart #2 -

If you haven't already, give 21 Joy Pendants to Miss Marie on Windfall Island
and you'll get the Cabana Deed.  Go to the Private Oasis (E5) and enter the
building.   Use the Grappling Hook on the structure in the ceiling of the
cabana to open a mini-dungeon. 

Inside this mini-dungeon, make your way around the walls to the right and
drop down the hole (or climb down the ladder).  There's a small crawling maze
here.  If you want to head straight for the next area, enter the left hole,
turn right, and follow the path all the way to the end, and turn right. 
However, you can take some side paths to get Rupees.  Once you reach the
second ladder, climb up.  There are two hammer pegs here.  Pound the right
one to open a gate back to the exit.  Pound the left one to continue on. 
Drop down this hole.  The left crawl-hole leads to 100 Rupees, and the right
hole leads on to another ladder.  Climb up.  Pound the hammer peg up here to
open another gate leading back to the exit.  Drop down the hole with no
ladder.  Defeat the two ReDeads.  Behind the pots is another crawl-hole. 
Crawl to the end and climb out the ladder.  You'll find the wind and Triforce
platforms here.  Play the Wind's Requiem to reveal the chart.  Now, pound
the hammer peg, and you can leave without doing any crawling.

Take the chart to Tingle.  The location of this piece is Gale Isle (A4).

Triforce Chart #3 -

Sail to Bird's Peak Rock (E7).  On this island, shoot down as many Kargarocs
as you can with the Bow, then use a Hyoi Pear (which you can buy from Beedle
the Shop Ship guy).  Once you use it, you'll attract a seagull.  Use it to
fly around and hit all six switches on the nests on the pointy rocks, which
will open the cave nearby.  Play the Wind's Requiem on the wind platform.

Take the chart to Tingle.  The location of this piece is Stone Watcher
Island (E3).

Triforce Chart #4 -

One of the few complicated charts to find.  First, go to Diamond Steppe
Island (F1) and use the Hookshot on the lowest palm tree (from the boat). 
Hookshot from tree to tree up the island.  Drop in the hole at the top.  In
this area, enter the pot ahead of you.  Use sticks to burn the tops of the
pots in the next room.  Enter the pot that's on the wall opposite the pot you
entered.  In the third area, burn the covers with sticks, then look for two
pots close to each other and enter the one on the right.  In the fourth area,
look for two pots close to each other and enter the one on the right.  Take
the GHOST SHIP CHART.  Looking at this chart, you can see where the Ghost
Ship will appear on nights of a particular phase of the moon.  You cannot
enter the Ghost Ship until you find this.  Also, the Ghost Ship will appear
on your Sea Chart when you open it at night.

Now, at any night, open the chart and warp/sail to the spot where the ship is. 
Sail into it to enter it.  Inside, you'll find a Yellow Wizzrobe and some
Poes, as well as (I believe) a Stalfos.  Defeat them all and take the Triforce

Take the chart to Tingle.  The location for this piece is Outset Island (G2).

Triforce Chart #5 -

Sail to Needle Rock Isle (E1).  Just west of the island are two Cannon Ships,
and one's colored gold.  Blast that one and take the treasure it leaves
behind on the ocean floor.

Take the chart to Tingle.  The location for this piece is Cliff Plateau
Isles (F7).

Triforce Chart #6 -

Sail to Outset Island.  Climb up the eastern hill.  Point the wind west, then
float over from the east hill over to the stone head on right side of the west
hill to enter the Savage Labyrinth.  Now, THIS is a fight.  In the Savage
Labyrinth, you'll face a new set of enemies on each of its floors.  Nearly
every minor enemy you've fought will represent here.  Oh, and the enemies
don't drop anything after you've beat them, so you're only chance for
"replenishment" is anything you bring in Bottles as well as the tenth and
twentieth floor, which will give you a few hearts and some arrows or bombs. 
The thirtieth and fortieth floors only have Rupees (albeit a LOT).

Here's how the floors break down:

Floor 1: 10 or so Keeses
Floor 2: 6 Miniblins
Floor 3: 4 Bokoblins w/ Boko Sticks
Floor 4: 6 Red ChuChus
Floor 5: 4 Magtails
Floor 6: 4 Keeses, 4 Miniblins
Floor 7: 4 Fire Keeses, 2 Magtails
Floor 8: 2 Fire Keeses, 4 Bokoblins w/ Burning Boko Sticks
Floor 9: 2 Moblins
Floor 10: An exit and some pots
Floor 11: 6 Peahats
Floor 12: 4 Green ChuChus
Floor 13: 5 Boko Babas
Floor 14: 4 Bokoblins w/ Burning Boko Sticks and shields
Floor 15: 5 Mothulas
Floor 16: 3 Peahats, 3 Boko Babas
Floor 17: 4 Green ChuChus, 4 Bokoblins w/ swords (in the pots)
Floor 18: 3 Mothulas, 2 Bokoblins w/ swords and shields
Floor 19: 2 Mothulas (flying)
Floor 20: An exit and some pots
Floor 21: 3 Red Wizzrobes
Floor 22: 4 Armoses
Floor 23: 2 Armos Knights
Floor 24: 6 Yellow ChuChus (in the pots)
Floor 25: 4 Red Bubbles
Floor 26: 2 Bokoblins w/ swords and shields, 1 Darknut
Floor 27: 3 Armoses, 1 Red Wizzrobe
Floor 28: 2 Red Bubbles, 2 Armos Knights
Floor 29: 2 Darknuts
Floor 30: Exit, pots, and the TRIFORCE CHART #6 .  At this point, you don't
HAVE to continue, but you can use the Mirror Shield under the beam of light
to crumble the statue and continue on.
Floor 31: 6 ReDeads (beam of light)
Floor 32: 5 Blue Bubbles
Floor 33: 6 Dark ChuChus (beam of light)
Floor 34: 5 Poes (beam of light)
Floor 35: 3 Mothulas (flying)
Floor 36: 3 ReDeads, 2 Moblins (beam of light)
Floor 37: 5 Dark ChuChus (beam of light), 1 Mothula (flying)
Floor 38: 5 Poes w/ lanterns, 2 Moblins w/ lanterns
Floor 39: 4 Blue Bubbles, 2 Stalfoses
Floor 40: An exit and some pots (just Rupees)
Floor 41: 25 Miniblins
Floor 42: 10 Red ChuChus, 10 Green ChuChus, 10 Yellow ChuChus, all in a circle
Floor 43: Hit the peg with the Hammer, 5 Red Wizzrobes
Floor 44: Dark room, 15 Bokoblins w/ various weapons
Floor 45: 4 ReDeads, 2 Stalfoses (no light beam)
Floor 46: 3 Moblins, 2 Darknuts
Floor 47: 2 Darknuts, 3 Red Wizzrobes, and electric barriers on the walls
Floor 48: 3 Stalfoses and lots of Bomb Flowers (use them)
Floor 49: 4 Darknuts and flame-shooting statues on the walls

So, you survive thirty floors and you get the chart.  Fifty gets you the PoH. 
You can re-enter this area any time to reclaim the Piece of Heart at your

Take the chart to Tingle.  The location of this piece is at Southern Triangle
Island (E4).

Triforce Chart #7 -

Sail to Stone Watcher Island (E3).  You need the Power Bracelet.  Lift up the
stone on this island and enter the hole.  Enter each of the four doors and
defeat the enemies (Bokoblins, Wizzrobes, Armoses, Moblins).  After that's
done, defeat the two Darknuts in the center room to open the barred door to
the chart.

Take the chart to Tingle.  The location of this piece is the Seven-Star
Isles (A6).

Triforce Chart #8 -

Sail to Overlook Island (A7). You'll need the Hookshot.  Use it from the boat
to attach to the lowest tree (it helps if there are waves in the sea), then
continue using the Hookshot to climb up.  Enter the hole.  In this cave,
enter each of the four rooms and defeat the enemies: Armos Knights,
Stalfoses, Bokoblins, and Yellow Wizzrobes.  Then, defeat the four Darknuts
in the center room to open the barred door.

Take the chart to Tingle.  The location of this piece is Two-Eye Reef (G4).

Good job.  You've assembled the Triforce of Courage.  Now would be a good
time to complete any remaining sidequests you've been putting off.  Head to
the Tower of the Gods and you'll be transported to Hyrule.

4J. The Return of the Hero (Ganon's Tower) =

Head to the basement of the castle and you'll find Zelda kidnapped.  Defeat
the two Mighty Darknuts that challenge you.  Head back to the main hall and
leave by the main exit.  Strike the magical barrier that separates the castle
from the rest of Hyrule.  Make your way along the path and use the Hookshot
to cross the broken bridge to Ganon's Tower.

Ganon's Tower -

Enter and be awed.  Cross over to the center of the room.  Note the huge
door ahead of you, and how it has inscriptions of four beasts on it.  You
must defeat four beasts from your past once again.  You can take these in
any order.

Southwest Path: Enter the southwest door.  Don't worry about the water
bottles.  Just use the Grappling Hook to swing across to the platforms in
the lava.  Once you reach the third hook, climb up to the top and float
over with the Deku Leaf.  Pass through the door and your inventory will we
reduced.  Defeat Gohma again.

Northwest Path: Enter the northwest door.  Fan the switch with your Deku
Leaf to get the gondola over, then jump onto it.  Float onto the moving
vine, then fan the switch when the vine reaches its lower position to get
the second gondola over.  Float over to it and move the gondola.  Float over
to the lower moving vine, then jump to the upper one, then over to the
ledge and enter the door.  Defeat Kalle Demos again.

Northeast Path: Enter the northeast door.  You have a gauntlet of coffins
before you.  Two have ReDeads and two have Red Bubbles.  In the next
gauntlet, there are four Dark ChuChus and two Poes.  You need to freeze one
of the Dark ChuChus with light and drop him on the button to keep the stairs
down on the other end.  Head up to the next gauntlet.  There are six Dark
ChuChus and a Stalfos at the end.  Take out the Stalfos, then use the
light beam next to these stairs to freeze a Dark ChuChu.  Carry him all the
way back to the switch at the beginning and drop him there, then run like
mad back to the staircase to enter the door.  Defeat Jalhalla again.
NOTE: An easier way to weigh down the switches is with the pots at the
beginning of the area.

Southeast Path: Enter the southeast door.  There's a Wizzrobe here that
will make life annoying for you if you give him the chance, so take him
out with whatever you wish to use.  Hop on the spring and spring off it
using your Iron Boots, and float past the spikes.  Spring off the next 
spring, only this time, float around to the left or the right of the two
wind jets (you can try the middle if you're bold).  After that, dispatch
the two Bokoblins and Hookshot up to the door and enter.  Defeat Molgera

Now, the door to the next area will collapse.  Enter.

In this hallway, you have two choices, left and right.  Head right and make
note of the torches on the walls above.  Note the number of flames on each
wall-hanging.  Go back and take the left door now.  Use your Boomerang on
the switches 1, 2, 3, 4, the same order that the torches were in.  Doing
that will create a portal back to the Great Sea, the one that Ganon
originally used.  You can use this to return and get anything you want. 

But, what you have to do is drop down the hole in the room on the right. 
You'll fight Phantom Ganon in this area again.  Once you strike him once,
he'll disappear, leaving his sword behind, which will fall to the ground. 
The sword's hilt is pointing towards a door.  Enter that door.  Do the same
thing several more times.  If the Phantom starts using giant purple balls
against you, you have to hit all the parts it splits into to avoid damage
and send it back at him.  At the end of this maze, you'll be granted the

You'll be transported back to the main room of this area, and Phantom Ganon
will be here.  Show him your new Light Arrows and he'll be erased for good,
leaving his sword behind.  Use it on the wall on the north end and you'll be
granted access to the final stairway.  Begin your climb.  Take out the
Moblin, then the Darknut, then the two Moblins, then the two Mighty Darknuts,
and the final door will open.

You will enter a watery room, and will find Zelda on a bed, and Ganondorf
next to her.  He will spin a rather believable tale about what really
happened to Hyrule.  He'll turn into (can you believe it) a giant blue pig

*PUPPET GANON* - A giant blue pig monster, with strings!  For his first form,
use the Boomerang to cut down the five blue strings supporting him.  The
hardest one to get is the tail, which stinks because that's the one you want. 
Shoot his glowing blue tail with a Light Arrow whenever you get an opening. 
Hit it with three and it'll be down.

*PUPPET GANON: SPIDER* - Now he's a spider thing.  You, again, have to hit
him in the shining blue tail.  This form's probably the easiest.  The trick
is to pan the camera up as high as possible, which will allow you to see his
reflection from the ceiling.  When he drops down, he'll release Keeses, but
if you've been watching, you'd know to go over to where his tail is and to
shoot it with a Light Arrow.  Three arrows beat this form.

*PUPPET GANON: SNAKE* - Form #3 is arguably the most difficult.  It'll slither
around very fast and drop Morths, which you can use for powerups.  Hitting
it with the sword or a Light Arrow in the face will stun it, but only very
briefly.  There are two good ways to stun it.  One way is to use a simple Spin
Attack, which will freeze it for a good three seconds.  Also, try blasting a
Bomb in its face.  At that opening, fire a Light Arrow to the tail.  Also,
it's harder, but where the head goes, the tail must follow, so just aim for
the head and the tail will be in that same spot seconds later.  It's tough,
but three Light Arrows will destroy the puppet.

Ganondorf will applaud your efforts and beckon you follow him to the roof. 
Hop on the rope and climb up.  Once you reach the top, find a grappling point
and use your Grappling Hook.  Climb on top of it, then keep climbing using
the Hook, stopping for pots if you need them.  If you're afraid you'll fall,
bomb open the Magic Pot, which connects to the bottom, so you have a route
back.  Hookshot over to the door and exit into the blue.

Ganondorf reflects on his homeland, then decides to remove your Triforce from
you.  Some other stuff happens, which I won't spoil for you.  Bottom line,
Ganondorf wants a piece of you...

*GANONDORF* - The King of Evil will draw his two swords and attack.  He's by
far the finest combatant in the game.  Simple strikes will just be blocked
by his superior technique.  The only way you'll get a decent shot on him is
to Parry one of his movements.  Zelda says she'll cover you with the bow, so
keep him busy so she can get a clean shot.  After a few of those, Ganondorf
will get miffed and swat her to the ground.  Keep your match up with him. 
Parry his attacks then repeatedly slash him while he's stunned.  Eventually,
Zelda will get back up.  Speak to her and she'll get the idea of reflecting
the Light Arrow off your shield.  Put up your shield when she fires and
Ganondorf will take some serious damage and stum him greatly.  Take advantage
of this and press A and you'll score a Parry attack that will put your enemy
out of his misery.


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P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.