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<!--StartFragment-->Sharlene Walkthrough

* I recommend you play through the game yourself without this guide,
unless you really get stuck and frustrated when you might want to check
up on something. Also, this guide does not spoil any of the plot
besides whom you may fight. *

1. Royal Commons

After a video, Sharlene starts in a small house. Pick up the bow
inside, and equip it, and then search very close by for a pot, which
you can either equip on your head, or keep your personal respect and
leave it in your inventory, until you can get something better.
I recommend that you walk around getting the feel of the game, and
getting palmira cash on the way. When you are ready, find the save
point, which is southwest of the house. At save points, you can shop
for palmira equipment and repair what you have, switch between
characters, and other things. I recommend stocking up on life extracts,
which can help a lot.
When you are done at the save point, unequip your weapon and examine
the statue. It will move out of your way. Reequip your weapon and
continue up the path, but do not go into Saranad hill yet, make sure
you find the mushroom, which can be used to get half off your next
purchase at the shop, and talk to the priestess. Once you have talked
to the priestess, proceed to Saranad Hill.

2. Saranad Hill 

In Saranad Hill, there is a fountain of life you can use to restore
your health if needed. North of the fountain is a Lake/pond of some
sort, make sure you pick up one of the small flowers and don't move to
deep into the lake, you can drown and die if you aren't careful. Once
you have the flower, talk to the man standing next to a sword that
seems like a marker for a grave (which is next to the fountain.). Talk
to him a few more times until you give him the flower and he gives you
the sword star. If you want, you can go through the set of pillars west
of the save point and continue up the path till you find a dog. Follow
it, and kill the ghost that appears when the dog enters a small cave.
You get a palmira ore when you finish it, and a mushroom is nearby.

Return to the royal commons, and the area that the house is in.   If
you go up a path that is northwest of the house you will find a wall
with three women. Examine it and it will descend. 
3. Human Research Lab level 2

You end up in a small room with another statue(known as the room of
founder), and a bunch of squids. Open the chest in the room before you
fight them, the bloodclaw inside it helps a lot. Hopefully one of the
tentacle things dropped a pair of speed boots, if they didn't, don't
worry for now, they just help a little when fighting a Bodalums you
might encounter later.

When you exit the room, walk up the stairs to the west. Watch out for
the 4-sided star traps, you can avoid them by walking over one of the
edges fast enough. Go ahead through the hallway until you find the West
Rest Room, which has contains the Master Key 2F. Also in the room are
some yellow golem monsters, the bodalums mentioned earlier. They run
fast, and it helps to have the speed boots equipped. The spear helps in
this small battle as well. Right outside of the rest area is a
collapses man. Examine him to get a billiana fruit. Then find the
commander's room where you have a boss fight.

Ammit is rather easy if you stocked up on life extracts and have
divine light for your bow. You can beat almost every boss in the game
by having the right weapon and enough life extracts. 

After the fight, take the sacred rod flip the switch and push the
button. The Sacred Rod is very useful for killing the kinds of enemies
in this dungeon, so I recommend taking advantage of it.

If you push the button, it opens a gate near the upper green room, but
the gate slowly closes. Run to the gate, and you shouldn't have a
problem making it in time. Walk in the room a small bit after the door.
There are three containers and a platform in the middle. Examine the
platform and type in blue red black. You need a billinna fruit every
time you use the machine, so if you mess up you can get another one
from a man who is in a room near the lower green, but you have to push
the button in the commander's room again.

After you type in the correct colors, you will get a teleport palmira,
which u can use on the transport symbol south of the Room of Founder.

4. Human Research Lab level 1

You end up in the lower level of the lab. Don't worry, it may seem
difficult, but It really is rather easy. You don't have to go on the
moving platforms that are above the transport symbol at all, but u
might have to go through the four-sided transport symbols instead. The
main thing to do here is to unlock the element seals. To unlock them,
equip a weapon with the same element, and examine the seal. Then use a
weapon with the opposite element (with an attack) to destroy whatever
is inside. I will give a list of what you can use. Note: In the fire
room, you get flayed skin Armour, so I recommend doing that room before
the ice room. Also, you can get plamira ore in the lightning room.

Object  - to destroy it- skill, if necessary
ice seal- majestic sword
fire seal- blood claw
earth seal- Sacred staff
lightning seal- Solta bow
Icy room- Flayed skin Armour- fire raid
Tree-     Solta bow    -Divine light
Fire rings- Majestic sword- Ice raid
Lightning - Sacred staff - summon tree

Once you have destroyed the seals, go the teleport with the statues
around it. It will bring you to a different room. Simply proceed and
talk to the girl, and she will unlock another teleport symbol for you.
Go back through the teleport symbol to human research lab lv1, and then
go the teleporter in the west.

5. Human Research lab Continued...

You are still inside the lab, but at least we get a change of scenery.
Walk forward off the platform, but make sure that there is a door in
front of you. The way this part of the dungeon work is that you need to
go on the moving platform until it moves to where you want it to go. I
recommend going to the isolated area first, which has a save point. You
can enter the side of the room and get into a trap that can get you a
few items if you want, but I don't recommend it. Back at the save point
color your armor dark blue (I'm pretty sure you cant use a headband for
it), and then use the platform to move to the walkway with the same
door that the isolation area had.  Inside, equip the solta bow and your
blue armor and examine the statue. It will reveal the left angel wing
key. Examine it again to take the key.

Return to the previous room, and use the platform to go to the room
with the fire seal. equip the bloodclaw to open it, and then in the
next room, go to the room that doesn't have two wing shaped keyholes.
Advance forward in that room and walk over the purple poison until you
get to the room with a mirror. You can fight a few mirror versions of
yourself, very easy, and almost all of them drop palmira ores. When you
kill them all, the mirror breaks. Then proceed to the next room and
pick up the right angel wing key. Return to the room before the poison,
and go into the room with the door that has two angel shaped keyholes.
Use the keys kith the door and proceed forward. I don't want to say
whom you fight next, but it is very easy, and you shouldn't worry.
After the fight you are transported to...

6.The Abandoned Road

Not fun. Not at all. I don't like this area, so I won't give compass
directions on how to get to the places described in this version, but
practical directions. From the start, proceed forward and drop down
when you reach the end of the path. Then continue along the path until
you reach a fork, where you should take a left. Once you reach a small
bridge, cross over it, and take either path and once you did what you
need to, take the other path. One path leads to a red slime and a
spider monster; the spider monster drops a purple sphere, which you
need to pick up. The either path there is a cave blocked by boulders
and a save point. Use crush on the boulders and pick up the elite bow. 
Then return to the other side of the bridge, where you came from and
continue the path you would've taken. Walk ahead until you reach a path
with another path under it. Jump down onto the path on the right, and
walk forward, over the lava to the treasure chest to get the red
sphere. turn around and walk along the path till you drop down, onto an
area on the other side of the bridge. Return to the path you were on
before you dropped down to get the sphere and continue forward until
you find two pedestals. Place the spheres on them and walk across the
magic bridge. Then walk forward until you reach a room with a man who
THE ROOM, Sharlene doesn't really get too many mushrooms... after the
mushroom, walk forward and meet...

Red Breeze

He is easy. If you controlled him, his accuracy would be about 2 and a
half. Dodging his attacks is as easy as spreading butter on a piece of
bread. I just used Sacred Staff from long range and I killed him very
shortly. After you beat him, he thanks you for being kind, though you
had just beat him up with a stick/sword/bow/frying pan, and he
teleports you to...

7. The Soaring Tower

this is quite fun after the Abandoned Road. Sure, there isn't as good
stuff, but it is nowhere as painful. Anyway, you can save, and whatever
you want to do. Then walk to the other end of the room that has a pair
of feet. Unequip your weapon, your helmet, and your body armor and
examine the statue. It will teleport you to another room.

You appear on a platform. Reequip everything and walk around it until
three duck like creatures spawn. Kill them, and you will notice a
bridge moves down for every one you kill. When you can cross the
bridge, do so and walk north into a room with a large Red Giant. No
biggy, just tackle him with your sacred staff and you shouldn't have to
hit him more than thrice. He drops a treasure key. Afterwards, walk to
the east room, and open the chest with the mushroom in it. Then walk a
little bit north and find the archer. I'm not completely sure about
every requirement for this, but I equipped red woven boots and an Elite
bow and it opened a door for me. Note: you need to walk into the
platform with the equipped items; you can't stand on the platform and
then equip the items.

After you unlock the southwest door, walk to it. Inside are two chests.
The east one contains a life extract, but has poison in front of it, so
opening it is a waste. The other chest contains a cape statue body.
Return to the platform that you killed the duck things on and examine
the statue to teleport you back. Then examine the feet to put the cape
statue body back on them. Unequip your weapon and headpiece, and you
will be transported to...

8. The Soaring Tower Lower

Reequip your weapon and Armour. Walk up the next two flights of stairs.
Near the path to the elevator, there spawn about 11 monsters, 1 at a
time, all of which drop red fruits, very good for building stats, but
once you've killed them all you have to leave the area and return to
fight them again. Anyway, a bit away from the stairs you just came up
from is another set of stairs that go downward, which you should
descend. Turn off the machines in the order red, blue, green and turn
them back on as blue red green. This should activate a door with a
golem behind it. Take the elevator that is near the machines and you
end up where the golem is. Kill it and it drops a Caped Statue Head. 

Return to where the save point is. Examine the statue nearby and you
are teleported back to the previous section of the soaring tower.
Examine the statue there to put the head on its shoulders and examine
it one more time to teleport to...

9. Soaring Tower Upper

This area is straightforward. Wander down the path until it seems like
a dead end. It is similar to the bridge in 7.Soaring Tower. Just kill
the monsters and the door will open gradually. Continue the path until
you reach what is a split it paths. Go forward, the path on the left
leads nowhere. A bit further ahead you reach the ice room. The door
opens the same way. Just continue yet still, until you happen to reach...

Ice boss

There are a few ways to beat him, but I will only note the easy way. 
the easy way, use the Elite bow's third palmira action, explosion arrow
at him from close range, and he should go down in three or four hits. 

Go a bit further, and her scenario ends. Head to the final battle
section of this guide for last boss tactics.

Sharlene Weapons and Armour

Darius Walkthrough

Same note as in Sharlene Walkthrough.
* I recommend you play through the game yourself without this guide,
unless you really get stuck and frustrated when you might want to check
up on something. Also, this guide does not spoil any of the plot
besides who you may fight.*

1. Saranad Hill
Darius finds himself unconscious in the middle of Saranad Hill. After a
sort event, walk over to the nearby sword that is sticking out of the
ground and pick it up. Then, head to the northeast path, grab the
mushroom by the water and then turn around to the area Darius started
in. Take the northwest path near the save point and continue the path
until the path branches to two paths. Take the northeast one, walk
ahead and walk down the short path leading southeast. Talk to the man
you find there twice. Then return to the previous split in the road and
take the other path. Jump down the cliff and follow the dog. Take the
frost armor lying there. Return to the man, which can be done by
following the path that you were taking and jump off the short cliff
there. Where the old man was is a large Bashgud. Some consider him to
be a boss, but you must realize that he is a random enemy later on, so
I don't. to kill him just use Solta Sword's combo attack, no biggy. He
drops a palmira ore, and the man opens the gate for you. Go through and
head into...

2. The Royal Passage
The first thing interesting you find are two chests. The one closest to
you is trapped with an imp, and the other contains a red fruit. If you
walk ahead a little more, you will see a save point, and that a bit
further up. a bird is destroying the bridge control. If it does, it
just makes your job a bit more difficult, but I recommend killing it.
Examine the control and back up very quickly because a bunch of arrows
will be shot at the spot in front of the control and knock you off the
cliff, if they don't kill you first. The path right next to control can
be taken if the bird destroyed the control, but a bunch of spears rise
from the ground on the path making it more hazardous. In between the
save point and the control are two chests, one is behind a lot of ice
which can only be destroyed with a fire attack, such as flare raid from
solta sword and flayed skin Armour. Behind the ice is tylissa mask,
which will be very useful later, but not required. The other chest is
on a side path, and it contains a valbec club. Return to the save point
and there is a bridge that crosses over to a new part of the map. Up
ahead is an Order Knight, who I don't respect as a boss either. Just
use flare raid when he is about to attack you, or if his guard is down,
a few times and he should go down fast. You get a Palmira ore, and
guard boots behind his throne. Head down the path to the east and equip
the boots to go up the lift. If you go in the room with the lift and
don't go up, and turn around, Krisalis will scold you. Anyway, once up
the lift, you will be around...

3. Castle Rieubane Outside
Walk forward a bit until you see two bridges, one going north, the
other going west. Take the north bridge, pick up the dragolos nest, and
go back across the bridge. Then take the east bridge and follow the
path until you reach the save point. Then head up the east path, drop
down to get the dragolos boots, walk on what seems to be a tree branch
to get back to the path. Head back to the save point and walk towards
the castle. A large bird will swoop in and take a sphere from the
bridge, so you cannot cross. You will need to go to one of the three
nests and take it. If you aren't fast enough the bird will take another
one. If you do get back in time, put the sphere in its proper place and
walk across the bridge and enter the castle. The rocks to the right of
its entrance seem crushable, but strangely, they are not. 

4.Castle Rieubane
You begin in what I call The First Room, it is rather important because
there are quite a few ways you can go from here. On the left part of
this room is a mushroom. From TFR, go north and then head west, past
the save point. In the chest there is a pair of royal boots. The guard
lift in that room only goes to a healing pod of some sort, not much
important. From the room with the royal boots, head west into the other
side , and enter the small door to the north. Take the pumpkin head on
the table, and continue into the next room. Go up the lift, find and
deactivate the iron grate device. Return to The First Room, and head
into the west hallway. Take the lift there, and walk to another lift
upstairs and take that. The soul of goddess is in a chest in the room.
Also, make sure to pick up the (cooking) pot nearby. Return to tfr, and
head into the east hallway, over the poison, and into the courtyard. 
Examine the statue and place the soul of goddess on it. This opens a
staircase into TFR, so walk back over there  again, and head up the
stairs. There is another save point behind the stairs, and once you are
ready, equip the royal robe and examine the chains on the north door.
You will be attacked by the first real boss, imo.


Not too hard, you can either use long range attacks from the podium(I
found it easier to fight him on the ground with long range
attacks...but most prefer to fight him there) or you can go close to
him and hit him with a a strong weapon and dodge his attacks. I prefer
using long range, but the skilled could go for the other approach.
Also, watch out for the few poison spots on the ground.

After the battle, activate the operating panel on the podium. But
instead of going inside the next room, walk to the west wall, and put
the Tylissa Mask on the rack nearby. It should open the wall to reveal
about 4 chests, and a lift a bit more to the west. Inside the chests
are a red fruit, and icon of loyalty, ???(it was empty for me) and the
northeast chest has a trap. Go up the lift, and inside those chest are
a Dark Guide Post and a Blessed Mask. Return to Xenovius's lair, and
walk in the door to the east of the podium that is going northward. Use
the lift to ascend. Ahead you will fight Trandin, "the demon"


The second real boss. No biggy if you have at least 3 life extracts,
just avoid his lightning attack and don't attack with a fire weapon
such as solta sword. After you fight him, walk into the east room, talk
to sienna and take the lift down into...

5. The underground Shrine

Needed items for area: Armament with fire magic, such as solta sword
and flayed skin armor. An armament with ice/water magic such as
majestic sword and frost Armour. An armament with earth, such as
serrated blade is needed as well.

This is the most common place to screw people up, BUT FOR EVERYONE
THE LIGHTNING SEAL. Anyway, you start at the north wing, the center
wing connects the four wings (north south east and west, duh).
The south wing contains a statue, and contains mirrors once you have
activated the seals.
The west wing has three branches, to its west is the green door. To its
north is the chamber of beginning, and the white door. To its south is
a sealed door with the royal boots inside. To its east, is the center
The east wing has the red door with the ice seal to the north, ___to
the south and a new hallway in the east. The new hallway has the exit
(to the royal commons) to the north, with a chest on the path(it was
empty for me), and to the south is a door containing heroic necklace.

First thing to do, is to walk down from the save point in the north
path down to the center chamber. No hard task, but make sure to watch
out for the electric monsters on the walls that can knock you down into
the pits on either side of the path. Once you reach the center chamber
you will fight a rock golem, not a boss fight, and you will need to
fight a few more. There is a large chance he will drop palmira ore.
Head to the chamber of beginning, which is north of the west wing (the
west wing also has a rock golem similar to the center wing's golem).
There you will find a red orb-like object floating above an alter of
some kind. Use an ice attack, such as ice raid, on the orb. Make sure
it connects with the orb and that the statue turns red, and that a red
door opens. 

After, head east, past the center wing and into the east wing.
There is yet another rock golem here, and you should go north into the
red room. Use a fire attack on the orb inside. Make sure you don't
activate the lightning orb yet.

Don't activate the lightning orb. First, go to the mirrors in the south
wing. When mirrors are activated, a monster appears, and you cant move
that particular mirror again until you kill the monster. Activate the
red mirror to open the green door. Head over to the west wing to pick
up the infamous Zul's Toy! It is a great weapon after you upgrade it to
full, but it sucks before then. It costs about 8777 to upgrade around
1000 the first time and the rest the second time, so I recommend using
a mushroom for the near 8 thou. It may seem like a lot, but it is an
investment, I made that much money back fighting the monsters in the
mirror room trying to figure the puzzle out. After that, activate the
red mirror again, and head to the yellow room, south of the east wing,
and use earth/tree magic on the lightning orb. This will open the white
door, which is near the chamber of beginning. 

Head over there and pick up a red fruit in the chest. Return to the
south wing with the mirrors, and adjust the green mirror. South of the
west wing is a pair of royal boots. Return to the mirrors and adjust
the red mirror. Go to the hallway east of the east room and head south.
Inside is a heroic necklace. 

Return to the mirrors. Adjust the red mirror and then the green. If it
doesn't open a door when u adjust the green, adjust it again, twice.
That should open the exit, which is north of the chest with the heroic
necklace. Equip guard boots and hop onto the lift in there. Now you
will find...

6. The Royal Commons

Here you will find a priestess and be asked to find a Royal Medal. Walk
to Saranad Hill, taking the mushroom on your way. Down the path to
Saranad Hill, you realize, that the path is still blocked from before.
Equip a weapon with crush, and knock it out of the way. Most likely,
you will remember this place, so walk to the water, where you found a
mushroom before. Here you will find that man and his dog sitting by the
shore. Though it seems like some of the nearby monsters are attacking
him, they don't have any effect at all. Talk to him and he will give
you the royal helm. Return to the royal commons, and go the statue that
Sharline used to teleport to the Human research lab, equip all the
royal Armour, helm, chest, and boots and examine the statue. It will
attack you.

Royal Guard

He isn't that hard, mostly because this is the first boss fight with
Zul's hammer. It only took me about 3 or 4 hits to kill, just make sure
you reequip your usual armor and use a life extract before the fight
begins. When he dies, he will drop a holy medal. Return to the
priestess and use the telepad to get to...

7. The Ice Cavern

A cave of ice. Sounds fun doesn't it? Cliche, but still. Before you
even start, your path is blocked by ice, and since you were just in the
underground shrine, you should have a fire weapon to break through it.
The path splits, and you should take the east path, and walk to the
nearby chest. It contains a Palmira ore. Return to the where you just
destroyed the ice, and head west and up the stairs. Head up the next
flight of stairs as well. Make sure to beware of the weak ice, and walk
up a third staircase. When up here, use a fire spell on all the
icicles, dropping them down, and fixing the path onto a lower floor.
After you burn down all the icicles, you can either save yourself time
effort, energy, and many other things by jumping down right to the
exit, or you can go down two flights of stairs and use the path to the
exit. The last puzzle in this level is a statue holding a sword. Equip
the majestic sword and stand on the platform nearby. The exit should

8.The Coliseum
The coliseum is pretty straight forward, so I wont describe much here. 
You find trandin, Morpheus sharline and a few monsters down below. Of
course, you have to fight a boss...


He has two attacks, his first is when he jumps and strikes down at the
ground, and you can dodge it easily. He also has an attack a lot like
landslide, which isn't too hard to dodge either. He breaks a hole in
the ground, and you fall down into a place much like hell, except
instead of devils there are some large spider-crab things. Though of
course this place is...

9.The Abandoned Road

Fire and brimstones... as I said in Sharline's part of my guide, I hate
this place. Anyway, when u start in the abandoned road, there is a
weapon, the Defender that seems to have been dropped by the last boss.
A little further there is a save point that I advise you to use. The
southeast path is rather useless, the chest is trapped, so I don't
recommend going down it unless you want Palmira. Instead, go across the

After the bridge, go north, and then northeast. Drop down from the
northeast path and head east. Talk to the man and get the Scarlet
sphere. Return to the split right after the bridge and take the other
path. On the way, grab the mushroom.  A bit after the mushroom, when u
return to an open-air area, there is an intersecting path underneath
you. Drop down and head to the southeast. Walk over the lava to get the
azure sphere. Walk back up the path and drop down at the end of it.
After the drop, you will be close to the save point. Return to the path
after the bridge with the mushroom, and this time, don't drop down,
just continue north. You will fight Djinn.


Put the spheres in the pedestals to the left and right. This should
lower Djiin's barrier. When you walk onto the platform in front of
Djiin immediately he will take a swing with his staff. The best time to
use a long-range attack (you cannot hit him with short range attacks)
is right after he swings, and misses. I recommend using ice raid to
beat him. 

After you beat him, cross over his bridge and walk ahead until you are
inside a building, with Sienna and an unknown man. Before you talk to
them, grab the heavenly axe. Then you are brought to... 

10. Soaring tower

First thing to do here is to change the color of your Armour to red, or
if you have different pieces that are red you can use them as well. At
the end of the hall is a red statue. Examine it and you will be
teleported to a new area. Equip guard boots, and go on the horizontal
lift. Then head to the south room, which is west of where you are now.
Kill the monsters inside and grab the sealed key. The east room has a
chest with a mushroom inside. Head to the north room, but the path
between the east room and the north room is a huge spear trap, so I
recommend going around. Inside the north room are three huge slimes.
They have a poison that seals Palmira actions, and they jump onto the
ceiling every now and then. They also absorb all elements, so you are
best to just hack at them from close up with a strong weapon. After the
battle, head back to guard lift and examine the statue to return to the
previous area. Change your armor to blue, and examine the blue statue.
It should bring you to...

11. Soaring Tower Lower

this is pretty much the same thing as in Sharline's walkthrough here,
but there are a few differences.

Walk up the first flights of stairs, and on that floor, find the other
set of stairs that goes downward. There are 5 mushrooms around there.
Head back upstairs, and go up another set of stairs.  A bit away from
the stairs you just came up from is another set of stairs that go
downward, which you should descend. Turn off the machines and turn back
on the green one. This should activate the blue statue near the
entrance to turn green. Head back over there. You know the drill, wear
green Armour and examine the statue... oh wait, that's weird, there is
no color green so we have to use yellow, anyway do so, and turn your
armor yellow. Examine the statue to teleport to...

12. Soaring Tower Upper

This area is straightforward. Wander down the path until it seems like
a dead end. It is similar to the doors in Sharline's scenario. Just
kill the monsters and the door will open gradually. Continue the path
until you reach what is a split it paths. Go forward, the path on the
left leads nowhere. A bit further ahead you reach the ice room. The
door opens the same way. Just continue yet still, until you happen to


Zapatia is rather easy. Just use a long-range attack from far enough
way, and he can't hit you, but you can keep blasting him. 



This fight may be hard, or it may be easy. I beat him with Zul's toy,
but it seemed a bit too easy for a somewhat last boss, so I used a
different strategy. Another good way to fight him is to use a quick
weapon, perhaps with a combo. I recommend The Tear Blade with aerial
combo. Morpheus only seems to be able to do three things, Throw
fireballs, throw earth blasts and teleport. While he is throwing the
fireballs or earth blasts, dodge them, strafing to the left and right
and use a combo, or a few attacks at Morpheus before he teleports. He
usually teleports some place very inconvenient for the view to see. You
can see little bits of yellow energy where he goes, but there is also
energy where he comes from, so don't get confused. Just keep at him and
you will be fine. Don't worry about using too many life extracts; you
can restock before the final.

And thus, the scenario of Darius ends. Head to the final battle section
of this guide for tips on the final bosses.

Darius Weapons and Armour

Final Battle

Ahhh, an RPG player's worst enemy. You will fight with both Darius and
Sharlene against two bosses. Darius is in the first fight and you can
pick either of the two opponents for him to face. You cant switch
characters in the save point screen. I recommend you have Darius fight
Krisalis, and that Sharlene should fight Trandin. 

Note: when after you finish sharlene's scenario, she has no equipment
on. Make sure to reequip her.


If you chose the teleport energy closest to the save point, you will
have to fight this. You are teleported to an unknown plane of existence
with nothing but an orange sky and a hundred or so connected hexagons.
There are no walls on the sides of the hexagons, so you can fall off
rather easily.

This monster is rather nasty if you have a terrible sense of balance.
Its main attack makes itself invulnerable for a few seconds while it
destroys the hexagon underneath it. You can't stop it from taking the
hexagon, but if you time it right, when the hexagon just begins to
fall, you can hit him once. Also the direction he faces when he stops
is the direction he will go first when he starts again, so you can have
him go right to you and you can hit him hard, but you fall if you don't
time it well enough. Also, he uses a yellow energy attack that can
knock you down, so when he glows yellow, make sure you wont get knocked
off the hexagons.

Also, he is rather fast, so make sure you are using speed boots to
catch him.


He is a demon, or at least half demon so you should expect him to be a
little challenge. He absorbs all earth attacks; so if you are using
Sharlene, don't use her Sacred Staff at all. He has an attack that
shoots 3 energy blasts, though it always hits you if you are close.
Make sure you hit him hard when he is down on the ground as there isn't
much you can use to hit him while airborne. I recommend using the
katana. I beat him to a bloody pulp with it at the Palmira low level.

After you beat them both, you have an option to save, and you see the
ending. Unless of course, your ps2 sucks and freezes up after you save
and miss the whole ending like I did. Once you save the game, if you
reload it, you will end up at the beginning of Sharlene's scenario,
because you used her last. On a side note, if anyone would like to fill
me in on the ending, it would be much appreciated.


Dashboard Clock

P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.