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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GC)
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When you begin the game you will get an introductory scene telling you about
the world in which the game takes place.  You will have to create a name for
your town.  For the walkthrough I will use the default town name of "Tipa".
Press the "Start" button when after you create your name.

You will then get a screen with a diary on it.  When you are finished reading
it press "A" to exit.

You will then be shown five different options.  You can press left ot right to
rotate the options around.

Here are the five options:

Diary - This is a book that records all the information from your adventures.

Save Game - This is where you save the game.

Options - This screen allows you to change all of your options.

Bring a Friend - This allows you to import a character into your game from a
                 memory card.

Set Out - This is where you create/select a character to play the game as.

Choose "Set Out" and you will be asked to create a character.  Choose a slot
and create a character.  See the section "Characters" above for information on
the differences on the races and trades.

After you create a character the game will automatically jump you into a
scene with your character leaving home in search of myrrh.

The basic plot of the game is this:

Long ago, a substance called miasma covered the world of Final Fantasy:
Crystal Chronicles.  The substance called miasma is sort of like radiation.
It's invisible but permeates the air.  Prolongued contact with the miasma
begins to drain your life away until you eventually die.

However, certain crystals were found that can keep the miasma at bay.  Large
crystals are found in the center of towns to protect the entire town from
miasma.  The problem is that the crystals lose power after about a year and
must be purified by a substance called myrrh.  Myrrh is collected from myrrh
trees.  These trees are very rare and only produce a single drop every two

Thus, crystal caravans were formed.  These caravans are sent out by each town
to travel the world in search of myrrh trees.  They harvest the myrrh and
place it in a container called a crystal chalice and then bring it back to
their town to purify the crystal.

This is the story of your crystal caravan.

The game progresses in years.  After you gather 3 drops of myrrh, the game
will advance by 1 year.  The only way to get a drop of myrrh is to complete
a dungeon.  Once you complete a dungeon you will get 1 drop of myrrh from the
myrrh tree there.  However, once you get a drop from that dungeon/tree, you
cannot get another drop from that dungeon/tree for another 2 years because it
takes two years for the tree to replenish (grow) a new drop of myrrh.

So you can go back inside and complete that dungeon 100 times during that
same year and never get another drop of myrrh.  Once you have advanced the
game 2 years, you can go back into that dungeon and get another drop of myrrh
from it. 

In other words, you can get a drop of myrrh from a dungeon, EVERY OTHER YEAR.
So if you got a drop of myrrh from River Belle Path in year 1, you could get
the next drop of myrrh from River Belle Path during year 3.  Just add 2 to
whatever year you are on when you get the drop of myrrh from that dungeon.

Year 1 + 2 years = Year 3.  Not exactly 2 years the way we think about it,
but that's basically the gist of it.

I will refer to this as a cycle.  Basically a new cycle begins in a dungeon
once the myrrh drop replenishes.  So at the start of the game, the first
dungeon you go into will be on cycle 1 and stays on cycle 1 until you beat
the dungeon and then wait two years.  Then when you enter the dungeon after
two years, the myrrh drop will be replenished and you will be on cycle 2 for
that dungeon.  As cycles advance in dungeons, some items you get may change
and the enemies/bosses may get harder.

So you see, each dungeon has cycles.  Cycles aren't the same as years.  Keep
this in mind as you play through the game.

Now, throughout the game there are certain random events that happen while
traveling along the roads in your caravan.  Basically, your caravan will stop
and shake on the road just like when you enter a town or something, however it
happens on the road where there is no town.  It will then jump you into a
little side story of sorts and usually adds a page to your diary.  Sometimes
the events ask you for input as to what you want to do.  Since these events
are random, I will not list them in the walkthrough section of the FAQ.
Instead I will list them all in the "Random Caravan Side Events" section of
this FAQ.

[102] -- Tipa ----------------------------------------------------------------

Enter Tipa and walk around to see what your hometown looks like.  You can
create up to 8 characters of different trades in the game.  Each one will
occupy a slot in the town.  If you haven't created a character of that trade
yet, a moogle will be at the house and tell you nobody is home.

Here is a map of Tipa:

         XXX    XXX      ---------------------------------------------------  
        X          X    | Map Legend                                        | 
        X          X    |---------------------------------------------------| 
        X      {S} X    |  S  = Starting Point                              | 
         X        X     |  M  = Moogle House                                | 
          X      X      |  C  = Crystal                                     | 
           X    X       |  E  = Elders House                                | 
           X    X       | {S} = SECRET Item                                 | 
           X    X        ---------------------------------------------------  
           X    X       | House Trades                                      | 
           X    X       |---------------------------------------------------| 
           X    X       |  R = Rancher                                      | 
           X    X       | MI = Miller                                       | 
           X    X       | ME = Merchant                                     | 
           X    X       |  F = Fisher                                       | 
           X    X       | FA = Farmer                                       | 
           X    X       |  B = Blacksmith                                   | 
           X    X       |  A = Alchemist                                    | 
           X    X       |  T = Tailor                                       | 
           X    X        ---------------------------------------------------  
           X    X                                                             
           X    X                          XXXXXXX                            
           X    X      XXXX    XXXX      XX       X                           
           X    X     X    XXXX    XXXXXX...  E    X                          
           X     X   X  T  .                ...     X                         
           X      XXXX   ..                    ...  XX                        
           X          ...                         ....XX  XXXXX               
            X                                M          XX  A  X              
             XXXX                           XXX           .    X              
                 XXXX                      X C X           ...X               
                     XXXX                   ...                X              
                         X                                      X             
     XXXXXXXXX           X           XX                          X            
     X-|-|-|-X    XXXX    X         X  X...            X         X            
     X | | | XXX X    X   X        X   X   .          X X        X            
     X-|-|-|-.  XX FA X   X        X    X   ..      XX   X       X            
     X | | | .    .... XXXX       X      X B  ..   X    X       X             
     X-|-|-|-.                    X       X     XXX    X        X             
     X | | | .                    X        XXXXX       X        X             
     X-|-|-|-.  XXXXXXX           X                   X        X              
     X | | | XXX       XXXXX      X                 X        X                
     XXXXXXXXX              X       XXX      XXXXX  X        X                
         ~   X    XXXX   XXXX          XXX  X     XX        .X                
              X  X F  XXX                 XX  ME  .        .  X               
          ~  . XX   ..                      .   ..        .    X              
             .   ...                         ...         . R  X               
          ~  .               XXX                         .   X                
              .          XXXX   XXX                      .  X                 
          ~   .      XXXX          XX                     XX                  
              .    XX                X                   X                    
           ~   . XX                  X           XX     X                     
                X                    X          X X     X                     
             ~  X                     X ...    X   X   X                      
               X                      X.   .  X    X   X                      
                                       X MI .X      ---                       
                                       X    X   ~ ~ --- ~  ~                  
                                        XXXX        ---                       
                                                   X   X                      
                                                   X   X                      
                                                   X S X                      
                                                To World Map                  

Find the large crystal in the center of the town and walk around behind it.
You will see the word "Examine" come up on your screen.  Examine the area and
you will find an entrance.  Go inside.  This is a moogle house.  Inside you
will find a moogle that will initiate a sidequest in the game to go around
and find all the moogle houses and get a stamp from each on your moogle card.
Have him stamp your card.

You can also paint your moogle here as well.  See the sections on Moogle
Stamps and Moogle Painting for more information.

Now head all the way to the far left side of the town and go all the way up
the long path.  Near the top of the path that dead ends, search around until
you see "Examine" popup on the screen.  Examine the area to get a SECRET
item.  I will refer to this as a SECRET item in the game so you know when you
come across one.  The SECRET items in the game replenish themselves everytime
you complete a dungeon.  This gives you incentive to recheck this spot to get
a new SECRET item everytime.  Sometimes the SECRET item is of little value
like a seed or something.  However, occasionally you will get something really

For the remainder of the walkthrough I will use the following text to remind
you to go get the secret items after completing a dungeon:


So when you see it, you need to go and collect them all each time from all
the towns you currently have access to.

When you are done exploring, leave the town and take your caravan up on the
world map.

You will get a scene with some people and you will meet Mog and another
moogle.  This will jump you into a tutorial.  Go through the tutorial and exit
when you are finished.

[103] Year 1

[104] -- Port Tipa -----------------------------------------------------------

Head to the left and enter Port Tipa.  Head down the path to find a cave
entrance.  Go inside and speak to the moogle to get another stamp.

Leave the cave and if you head down the path you will see a familiar area.
This is where you were during the tutorial.  You can view the tutorial again
as well as change your chalice to the water elemental.  When you are ready to
go, leave Port Tipa.

[105] -- River Belle Path ----------------------------------------------------

Here is where the real part of the game begins.  Head down and to the right
on the world map and enter River Belle Path.  After a brief introduction, you
will have control back.

Here is a map of River Belle Path:

| Map Legend                                        |
| S = Starting Point                                |
| P = Pedestal (Opens Gate)                         |
| C = Moogle Cave                                   |
| M = Moogle House                                  |
| Road Signs                                        |
| S1 = Right - Roundabout Route                     |
|      Left  - Scenic Route                         |
| S2 = Right - Lots of Monsters                     |
|      Left  - Lots of Monsters                     |
| S3 = Right - Moogle House                         |
|      Left  - Old Road (Dead End)                  |
| S4 = Right - Moogle House                         |
|      Left  - Extreme Danger, kupo!                |
| Elemental Hot Spots                               |
| B = Water              G = Wind                   |
| R = Fire               Y = Earth                  |
| Treasure Chests                                   |
| 1 = Stone of Cure                                 |
| 2 = Design for Iron Shield                        |
| 3 = Silver Spectacles                             |
| 4 = Design for Bronze Sallet                      |
| 5 = Design for Novice's Weapon                    |
| 6 = Stone of Life                                 |
| 7 = Design for Bronze Armor                       |

                       To Boss

    XXXXX      XX       X  XX                   XXXXXXXXX
   XXX XX       XX   ~  X  XX                   XX     XX
   XX   XX      XX       X  XX                 XX   M   XX
    XX 7 XX      XX   ~   X  XX                XX       XX
     XX   XXXXXXXXX        X  XX               XX       XX
      XX           X    ~   X  XXXXX          XX        XX
       XX     S3    X        X     XXXXXX    XX         XX
        XX            O-----O       B   XXXXXX          XX
         XX            | | |             S4            XX
        XX            O-----O                         XX XXXXXXXXXXX
      XXX               X    XXXXXX                 XXXXXX        XX
  XXXXX                  X    XXXXXX               XXXXX X   5     XX
XX                       X  ~ XXXXXX       XXXXXXXXXXXX  XX        XX        
XX                      X X     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX    XXX       XX        
XX                      X  X     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   4  XXXXX     XX        
XX                      X 6 X     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX        XXXXXX    XX        
XXXX                     X   X  ~  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX    XXXXXX    XX        
    XXX                    X  X     XXXXXX                 XXXX     XX        
      XX          XXXX     X   X     XXXXX                          XX        
      XX         XXXXXX    O----  - ----O                           XX        
      XX        XXXXXXXX    | |--/- -| |                           XX         
      XX        XXXXXXXXXX O----  -\----O                     XXXXXX
      XX         XXXXXXXXXX   X         X                XXXXXXX
      XX           XXXXXXX    X    ~    X               XX
      XX                      X        X               XX
      XX     X                X        X               XXXXXXXXXXXXXX         
      XX     X               X        X                XX  X        XX        
      XX     X               X   ~    X               XXX--XX       XX        
      XX     X               X       X              XX   C           XX       
      XX    X                X      X              X                 XX       
      XXXXXX        XXXX    X      X              X                  XX       
      XX         XXXXXXXXX X        XO----|-|----OX                  XX       
     XX P       XXXXXXXXXXX     ~   X             X     3            XX       
     XXO--|-|--OXXXXXXXXXXXXX        X         P   XX       XXX      XX       
     XX         XXXXXXXXXXXXXX        X              XXXXXXX   X     XX       
     XX          XXXXXXXXXXXXXX   ~   X                        X     XX       
     XX            XXXXXXXXXXXX        X                       X     XX       
     XX            XXXXXXXXXXX         X                       X     XX       
      XX            XXXXXXXXX          X                      X     XX        
      XX             XXXXXXX     ~    X                       X     XX        
       XX                 P X         X                        X     XX       
       XX                   |O-------O                         X     XX       
      XX           XXX      = | | | |                         X       XX      
      XX          XX XXXX   |O-------O  S2                    X       XX      
     XX            XX   XX   X        X                        X     XX       
    XX             XX   XX    X        X                       X     XX       
   XX              XX  XX     X    ~   X                        X     XX      
  XX              XX  XX       X        X                       X     XX      
   XX            XX  XX        X         X                     X     XX       
    XXX         XX  XX    X     XXX  ~    X                    X     XX       
      XXXX    XXX  XX    XXX       X       XXX                 X     XX       
         XXXXXXX XX    XXXXX    B  X         XXX               X     XX       
                 XX    XXXXXX        X   ~       X              X     XX      
               XXX    XXXXXX          X         X   X          X     XX       
             XXX     XXXXX      X    X         X   XX          X     XX       
           XXX       XXX       XX 1  X    ~    X     X         X     XX       
         XXX                 XXXX   X          X     X         X      XX      
        XX               XXXXXXXX  X           X     X          XX     XX     
        XX       XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  X     ~    X     X             X     XX    
        XX      XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X           X      X     2      X     XX    
       XX       XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX      ~     X      X          XX      XX    
       XX       XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX              X      XXXX     X        XX    
      XX        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   ~      ~   X          XXXXX        XXX    
      XX         XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX              X       G              XX
       XX              S1     []O-----XXXX-----O[]                 XXXX
        XX                        | | X  X | |                   XXX
        XX                        | | X  X | |                 XXX
         XXX                  []O-----XXXX-----O[]         XXXXX
           XXXXXXX            XXX              XXXX    XXXXX
                 XXXX      XXXXX   ~        ~  XX XXXXXX
                    XX    XX XX                 XX
                    XX S  XX XX        ~        XX
                    XX    XX XX                XX
                  To World Map                                                

Enter River Belle Path and upon your entry to a dungeon you will always be
prompted to setup your command list.  Press the "Y" button to do this.  When
you are ready, exit the menu and press the "A" button to start the level.

To your right will be a raised drawbridge.  To lower it, simply drop the
chalice on one of the square switches on the ground and then go over and
stand on the other one at the same time and it will lower.  However you will
notice that the other side is still up so you can't get across.  In essence,
lowering either side of the bridge is pretty pointless so you might as well
ignore it.  It's a shortcut back from the other side, however you won't have
a need to come back.

Instead, go to the left and follow up the map over to the "B".  Kill any
enemies along the way.  Once you get to the "B" (Blue Water Hot Spot), drop
your chalice on it to change it's elemental type to water.  You will need it
to be water to get into the next area of the game later on.

Now go down on the map and grab the "Stone of Cure" from the treasure chest.
This will make things easier now that you can heal yourself easily without
wasting any food.  Also, if you picked up a "plume of phoenix (Phoenix Down)
after defeating any enemies, go into your command list and equip it.  By
adding one to your command list, it will automatically get used and revive
you if you die.

Now head on up to the gate blocking the bridge and kill the enemy there.
Anytime you see a gate blocking your path, there should be an enemy nearby.
When you kill that enemy, it will drop a round key that fits on top of the
pedestal near the gate.  Pick up the key and drop it onto the pedestal to
open the gate.

Now, use the map to explore the area and grab all the treasures.  Make sure
you go to the "C" marked on the map.  It initially looks like a wall but
when you get close to it you will see "Examine" popup in the screen.  Examine
the wall to reveal a cave opening.  Go inside and get your moogle stamp.

Come back outside and follow the map and grab all the treasures in the entire
area.  Make sure you always kill all of the enemies in an area because you get
some great items from them.

When you are ready, go to the small path that goes off the top of the screen
(marked "To Boss") on the map, and you will encounter your first boss in the

-- Boss Battle --
Name: Giant Crab

        This boss isn't too difficult.  Just avoid the electric ball he sends
out and get around behind him and attack.  He also uses his claw to attack you
physically.  Just watch his pattern and avoid it.  I would suggest combining
your Blizzard magic together and using Blizzara on him.  It will only take
about 10 Blizzara spells to defeat him.  If you don't have Blizzard, try
Fusing Life and Thunder together to create Holy and use that on him.  If you
don't have anything good to fuse a spell together with, just use standard
spells or get around behind him and attack him with your weapon.  Remember to
heal often and try to keep a Phoenix Down equipped in case you die.


You will receive your first drop of myrrh.

It takes three drops of myrrh to protect your village and advance to the next
year.  You will also get the option to read your new mail and send something
back to your family.  Send them something depending on what trade your family

You will also get the option of choosing which artifact you want to keep.  I
would suggest keeping the "Moogle Pocket" so you can permanently keep an
additional slot in your command list.

Now, you can go back through River Belle Path as many times as you want and
keep getting money, artifacts, etc.  It's up to you.  However you can only get
one of each artifact.


[106] -- The Miasma Stream (water) -------------------------------------------

When you are ready, head up to The Miasma Stream (Water) at the top of the
world map and go inside.  Once in the Miasma Stream, you will notice that you
must carry the chalice yourself, Mog will not be there to help.  Simply carry
the chalice to the other side of the path and exit.  You will then be on a
new area of the world map.  Our next stop is up the path to Marr's Pass.

[107] -- Marr's Pass ---------------------------------------------------------
Here is a map of Marr's Pass:

| Map Legend                                        |
|  S  = Starting Point                              |
|  C  = Crystal                                     |
|  M  = Moogle House                                |
|  B  = Blacksmith                                  |
| {W} = Well                                        |
| {S} = SECRET Item                                 |

                                                        To World Map          
                                                            X  X              
                                                            X  X              
                                                            X  X              
                                                            X  X              
                                                            X  X              
                                        XX                 X    XX            
                                      XX  XX     XX   XX  X     . X           
                      XXX            X  C   X  XX  XXX  XX     .   X          
                     X   X         XX........XX  ..   ..      . B X          
                  XXX ... XXXXXXXXX                            . X           
                 X B.                                            X            
               X  X.                                            X             
              X XX                                             X              
  To         X   .                                             X              
  World  XX   XX.                                              X              
  Map      X    X                                            ..X              
       X    XXXX                                           ..   X             
        XX                  XXXXX             XXXXX       .     X             
          XXX          XXXXX     XXXXX       X     XXXXXX.     X              
             XXXXXXX__X               X      X           XXXXXX               
                   X__X XXXX         X{W}   X                                 
                   X  XXX MX        X {S}  X                                  
                   X       X        X      X                                  
                   XXXXXXXXX        X      X                                  
                                    X      X                                  
                                    X      X                                  
                                    X      X                                  
                                    X      X                                  
                                     X    X                                   
                                     X    X                                   
                                     X    X                                   
                                      X   X                                   
                                      X   X                                   
                                      X S X                                   
                                      X   X                                   
                                   To World Map                 

Marr's Pass is a crossroads and central hub of this area.  You can choose to
enter Marr's Pass and travel to the left or right and exit it to continue
along the path.  Or simply move your caravan over top of it and pass it up
without entering it.

Head inside Marr's Pass and on the left side of the main path is a well.  When
the "Examine" pops up on the screen, examine the well.  This will give you a

Now along the left side of the town you will also find some wooden steps
leading down.  Go down the steps and examine the hole in the wall to go
inside.  Talk to the moogle there and get your card stamped.

[108] -- Jegon River ---------------------------------------------------------

There isn't anything to do at Jegon River for now, so you can head over and
take a look around if you want.

Here is a map of Jegon River:

| Map Legend                                        |
| T = Tristan (Boat Captain)                        |
| B = Boat                                          |
| Road Signs                                        |
| S1 = Right: Ironmine Downs                        |
|       Left: Pier                                  |
| S2 = Right: Pier                                  |
|       Left: The Plains of Fum                     |

                                      ~   ~                                   
                                  ~   ~         XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX               
                                               |   .       .   X              
                                     ...       |    .......    X              
                                    .   .      |               X              
                                    .. .. --------             X              
                                    ..B.. |T||||||             X              
                                    .. .. --------             X              
       XXXXXXXXXXX                  .   .      |               X              
  To      S2      XXXX               . .       |               X              
World                XXX             .        |               X              
  Map                    X            .         XXXXXXX        X              
       XXXXXXXXXX         X                            X       X              
                 XX        X          ~                 X      X              
                   X        X                            X     X             
                   X        X         ~   ~              X     X             
                    X        X                           X     X             
                     X       X        ~                  X     X             
                     X        X                          X     X              
                     X        X       ~                  X     X              
                     X        X                          X     X              
                     X        X   ~   ~                  X     X             
                     X        X                          X     X             
                    X         X       ~                  X     X             
                   X         X                           X      XX           
                  X         X         ~   ~              X        XXXXX      
                 X          X                            X       S1      To   
                 X          X         .                   X             World 
                X           X         .                    XX            Map
               X           X         . .                     XXXXXXXXXX       
               X           X        .   .                                  
              X            -------- .. ..                                   
              X            ||||||T| ..B..                                    
              X            -------- .. ..                                  
              X              |      .   .                                   
               X             |       ...                                   
                X            |                                           
                 XXX      XXX     ~   ~                                 
                                      ~   ~                               

Tristan, the boat captain, and the boat will not be at Jegon River until year
3.  Once he arrives, he will charge you 50 gil to use the boat each time you
cross the river.

When you are ready, leave and head down to The Mushroom Forest.

[109] -- The Mushroom Forest -------------------------------------------------

Enter The Mushroom Forest and you will get a brief introduction on the forest.

Here is a map of The Mushroom Forest:

| Map Legend                                        |
| S = Starting Point                                |
| M = Moogle House                                  |
| # = Platform (Arrows denote which way they will   |
|     take your character)                          |
| Elemental Hot Spots                               |
| B = Water                                         |
| Treasure Chests                                   |
| 1 = 30 gil                                        |
| 2 = Silver Spectacles                             |
| 3 = Silver Bracer                                 |
| 4 = Green Beret                                   |
| 5 = Moogle Pocket                                 |

                                 To Boss         XXXXXXX                      
                                               XXX     XXX                    
                                XX    XX      XX         XX                   
                                XX    XX      XX         XX                   
                                XX    XX      XX    5  M XX                   
                               XX      XX     XX         XX                   
                              XX        XX     XX       XX                    
                            XXX          XXX    XX     XX                     
                           XX              XX    XX   XX                      
                           XX              XX      ###                        
                           XX              XX     #|^|#                       
                            XXX          XXX      #v|v#                       
                             XXX        XX         ###                        
                               XX      XX        XX   XX                      
                               XX      XX      XXX     XXX                    
                       XXXXX   XX      XXXXXXXXX         XXXXXXXXXXXX         
                     XXX   XXX XX                                   XXXX      
                    XX   2   XXXX                                      XXX    
                     XX      XXXXX                                       XX   
                     XX      XX  XX                      XXX             XX   
                     XX      XX   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX            XX  
                     ###     XX                              XXX           XX 
     XXXXXXXXXXXXXX #-->#    XX                                XX          XX 
   XXX            XX#-->#    XX                                 XX     B   XX 
  XX                 ###XX    XXXXXXXXXXXXXX                     XX        XX 
XX                  XX  XX                XXXXXXX               XX        XX 
XX                   XX XX                      XXX             XX        XX 
XX        XXXX        X XX   XXX                  XX            XX        XX 
XX       XXXXXX     XXX XX  XX XXXX               XX            XX     4  XX 
XX      XXXXXXXX   XX   XX BXX    XXX              XXX         XX         XX 
XX      XXXXXXXX   XX   XX  XX       ###             XX       XX       XXX   
XX       XXXXXXX   XX    XXXX       #|||#XX      XX   XX     XX       XX     
XX       XXXXXXX   XX               #vvv# XX    XXXX  XX    XX        XX     
  XX        XXXXX   XX            XXX ###XX XX   XXXX  XXXXXXX         XX     
   XXX        XXX   XX        XXXXX      XX XX    XXX  XX 3XX          XX     
     XXX       X     XXXXXXXXXXX         XX XX                        XX      
       XX                                XX XX                       XX       
        XX                         XXXXXX    XXX                    XX        
         XX                      XXX           XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX     XX         
          XX                    XX                            XXXXX           
           XXXX      1  XXX   XXX                                             
              XX       XXXX   XX                                              
               XXXXXXXXX XX S XX                                              
                         XX   XX                                              
                       To World Map                                           

Make your way along to the map and grab the five treasure chests.  To the right
of treasure 5 is a the moogle house.  Search along the right side of that area
and when the "Examine" pops up, press "A" and go inside to grab another stamp.

Make sure you always kill all of the enemies in an area because you get some
great items from them like Iron.

Now head to the top of the screen to come across your next boss battle.

-- Boss Battle --
Name: Marlboro

        This boss isn't too difficult.  Just avoid the tentacles that come out
of the ground.  Equip Fire, Cure, and Clear in your command list.  Use Fire to
attack the Marlboro.  Use Cure to heal yourself when you get low on health.
Use Clear to remove any status effects it might inflict on you.  If you find
yourself low on health, simply run all the way down and away from the Marlboro
and heal yourself.  If any of the smaller plants popup, take them out first.


You will receive your second drop of myrrh.

After you defeat the Marlboro, you will get the option to read your new mail
and send something back to your family.  Send them something depending on what
trade your family is.  You will also get the option of choosing which artifact
you want to keep.  I would suggest keeping the "Earth Pendant" so you can
permanently gain an extra heart for your life gauge.


Now, before we head to The Mine of Cathuriges and the end of year 1, let's go
forge some new weapons and armor.  Head all the way back on the world map to
your home town (Tipa).  Talk to the Blacksmith there and forge yourself a
Novice's Weapon (Iron Sword if you are a Clavat), an Iron Shield, and some
Bronze Armor.  If you are a different race you can also forge an accessory
like a pair of gloves.  If you don't have enough Iron then you can either buy
some from a merchant or go get more at The Mushroom Forest.  It's up to you
but I prefer finding them versus buying them since they cost so much money
to buy.

When you are ready to go, head back and enter The Mine of Cathuriges.

More walkthrough COMING SOON!!!!


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P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.