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Final Fantasy X (PS2)

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Party: Tidus
Enemies: Sinscale, Sinspawn Ammes
Items: Longsword
Key Items: None

As you start the game talk with the people around you, and as soon as your
through signing autographs just walk around till the preparation for the
Blitzball match occurs. Walk your way through the people and to the stadium,
and after a long and dynamic FMV you'll find yourself in the heat of battle.
Apparently this "Sin" is the source of havoc, and you find Tidus and Auron
defending themselves. Just hack and slash away at the Sinscales; they only
have 100 HP and Tidus and Auron can both take them down with one hit. So
save your Overdrives for the upcoming boss later, if by a chance you did
earn them.

Several of these Sinscales will get in your way, and you'll have no choice,
but to fight them. Try to avoid attacking the ones that come from behind
since your main goal is to run towards the larger target.
Boss: Sinspawn Ammes/Sincales    HP: 1000(1000)/100
This battle cannot kill Tidus and Auron if you destroy the Sinscales first.
The boss will always cast Demi, cutting down your HP in half each time. So
anybody familiar with this spell would know that it cannot kill. Avoid
healing since it will do you no good until after the battle and just attack
as normal. Also, regardless of whether or not you earned an Overdrive in the
previous battles or not, you will have your guages nearly full. You probably
won't be able to perform the Overdrive motions in the amount of time they
give you, but that's okay! You'll learn to master them later as you see it
more often, and as it builds your way into your long term memory.

There's a save point just behind the defeated Sinspawn Ammes. Feel free to
save your game.

After the battle keep running, you'll encounter a swarm of these Sinscales.
You'll have to wait a while and have Auron tell you about destroying the
generator to the right. Unfortunately the last battle left you pretty weak,
and you can't attack the generator before Auron signifies to do so.

Submerged Ruins
Party: Tidus
Enemies: Sahagin, Piranha, Tros, Klikk, Geosgaeno
Items: Potion x2, HiPotion x2, 200 Gil, Ether
Key Items: Flint, Withered Boquet

Afterwards, an FMV breaks through. You'll soon find yourself adrift in water.
Swim down to where the little boy is on the platform. As you reach him,
Tidus' mind starts to wander and you find yourself in pretty much the middle
of nowhere. Swim up to the top left part of the map, and you'll find an
Al Bhed translator. Unfortunately it doesn't do you much good, but try to
find some place in your memory to store the location of it. Also on the same
platform is a treasure chest containing 2 Potions.

Now head to the top center of the map and save your game. As you make your
way through Tidus will fall to the waters below. If it wasn't anymore
obvious make your way to the center glowing orb. You'll encounter some
Piranhas, but after killing two a giant Geosgaeno comes after you. Attack
it a few times, but you'll soon notice that your chances are slim in beating
this thing. Just attack and Tidus will take care of the rest.

Make your way up the stairs, but as you do it gets colder. Go the leftover
campfire in the middle, but you'll need some materials to start a fire.
Head up the to top left through the door and up the stairs and pick up the
Withered Bouquet and pick up a HiPotion in the other room. Return to the
center room and at the bottom left door, pick up the Flint inside and start
the fire.

Tidus will go into one of his dreams, and for the first time since the
incident you'll see Auron. However, as the fire goes out so does some of
Tidus' chances of surviving.
Boss: Klikk    HP: 1500(400)
This battle shouldn't be hard. You'll exchange hits before a mysterious girl
comes to your aid. You can steal Grenades if you run out from Klikk and chuck
them back at it. Just use a series of grenades and Tidus' attacks and you
should be through. Heal if your HP drops below 100.

Salvage Ship
Party: Tidus, ???
Enemies: Piranha, Tros
Items: Potion x3, HiPotion x2, 200 Gil, Ether, Al Bhed Primer Vol. 1
Key Items: None

After the battle you'll encounter your first experience with the language of
Al Bhed. Unfortunately you have no idea what they're talking about and before
you begin to take off you are knock unconscious by the girl who helped you
in battle. On the boat talk with the girl, she'll tell you about the Sphere
Grid along with a visual presentation.

You are welcomed to save your game now. Talk to one of the guards and
receive 3 Potions and talk to the girl...this will immediately begin your
mission. Don't forget to pick up the Al Bhed book to the right of the Save

As you dive down, towards the bottom right part of the screen. Keep swimming
down towards the center and check the control grid to let you through.
Follow the map through to the other room and check the generator, but as
soon as you leave out of the room you'll be confronted.
Boss: Tros      HP: 2200(600)
When the battle first starts have ???? steal 3 grenades from Tros. Unlike
the last enemy you fought with her, you can't steal an infinite amount of
grenades. Keep attack as normal, using your grenades and Tidus' regular
attacks. Keep your HP above 200 and when Tros goes out of range, either heal
or use potions to keep your HP up. It's Nautilus Charge will do about 150 to
190 points of damage...so use a potion every now and then and keep alert.

Afterwards swim to where ???? is and head out, from here on out just dive
and keep following ????. Later Tidus will fill his stomach up and Rikku
and Tidus will talk for a while after revealing her name. You'll soon learn
later that Zanarkland was perished 1000 years ago, yet it was Tidus who
just witnessed Sin not too long ago.

Talk to Rikku and you'll learn a little more about your current situation,
but as Tidus starts to wonder a collision of sorts occur and Tidus finds
himself into the water again. It seems like you've reached lands Tidus can
get use to...Blitzball seems to be the hype around Besaid Beach.

Besaid Beach
Party: Tidus
Enemies: Piranha, Garuda, Water Flan, Condor, Dingo
Items: Antidote x4, Phoenix Down x5, HiPotion, Seeker's Ring, 400 Gil, Ether,
       Remedy, Brotherhood, Rod of Wisdom, Potion x2, Hunter's Sword
Key Items: Mooncrest, Al Bhed Vol. II, Glyph Sphere, Destruction Sphere,
           Besaid Sphere

Swim up to the shore line and later talk with Wakka. He'll cheer up Tidus
a bit and pretty much rephrase what Rikku had told you earlier. Now follow
Wakka and swim to the red target, and Tidus will later agree to joining
Wakka's Blitzball team. Keep following the red arrow, and as you reach the
arrow Wakka will show you the prayer...look familiar?

In the town take a chance to visit all the lodges and familiarize yourself
with this area. You'll encounter the Crusaders, and here you'll learn about
the history of the Crusaders and the lack of success they've had against

Now head into the center of town and check the statues and you'll soon learn
a something called "High Summoners." Apparently only a few select chosen
can be a High Summoner and if you talk to some of the people they won't
answer you since it is against the teachings. Now head out of the temple
and head to Wakka's lodge, which is to the top right of the lower part of
town. Take a nap and Tidus will go into one of his dream states, and
apparently this is an event of Tidus' younger self. Now as you wake up
return back to the Besaid Temple and you'll learn a little more about the
ritual of a summoner...or potential summoner.

However, Tidus decides to go in and look for the summoner but the rest of
the town folks cannot disobey the precepts. Now when you start in the
Cloister of Trials you'll have to pick the correct path...but the game
pretty much gives it away anyways. Touch the center glyph then the right
glyph, and now take the Glyph Sphere to the bottom door of the stairs.
Now as the door opens check the door panel and take back the Glyph Sphere
and proceed through. Put the sphere to the next available slot and instead
of going through that path, head down the same corridor and touch the
symbols across from the pedestal and take the Besaid Sphere. Now put the
Besaid Sphere on the pedestal. Now leave the pedestal alone and go back
to where you put the Glyph Sphere.

Pick up the Destruction Sphere and put it where you found the Besaid Sphere
earlier. Now pick up the Rod of Wisdom and now push the pedestal to the
center. Now as you do Wakka will come in and tell you a little more about
Guardians and Summoners and as you approach frather down a bit you'll
get your first look at a few of the main characters you will later approach
in the game. Now head out of the Temple and to the center of town and you'll
witness Yuna's first summon.

Later in the night Tidus will have his first encounter with the Blitzball
team he'll team up with. Now walk over to the left and talk with Yuna. The
upcoming decision on whether Yuna is cute or not won't really affect the
outcome of any scenario...it's just there for fun. Now talk with Wakka and
take a good night's rest. Tidus will go into one of this dream states, but
the exception this time is that you will get the opportunity to control
Tidus. Head and talk with Yuna and a sort of nightmare will ensue, and as
you wake up you'll discover a little more about Wakka and his brother Chappu,
who apparently looks like Tidus. Don't forget the Al Bhed Primer Vol. II at
the front desk of the inn. It's on the floor just near the entrance of the

In the morning save your game and head out. Wakka will give you a Brotherhood
sword and later you will encounter a couple of unavoidable, but easy battles.
Take this opportunity to try a few things with Wakka. You'll get a chance to
get some magic experience as well, so feel free to dish out whatver you like
from Lulu's arsenal. Now continue up and pray if you wish(it won't affect
anything potential) and continue on.

You'll encounter Kimhari, attack him constantly. He only has 750 HP, so a few
hits from Tidus will knock him down. If by a chance you lose down to 140 HP
or below, heal up...otherwise his Jump attack will get you. You'll acquire
a Hunter's Sword after the battle and your health will be fully restored.
Continue on, but you'll encounter another battle to learn the skills of, yep,
you guessed it, Yuna. Summons are a lot different from what you are
accustomed to from the last Final Fantasy games. Keep going on and when you
reach a save point, do what any any RPG veteran would do, save your game.

S.S. Liki
Party: Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Lulu
Enemies: Sinscale, Sin, Sinspawn Echuilles
Items: Potion x6, Remedy
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol. III

Head towards the ship, which is to the top right of the shore and when you
control Tidus talk with Wakka and the others. Talk with Wakka again and talk
with Yuna for a while. You'll soon find out that Braska's guardian, Yuna's
father, was Jecht, Tidus' father...but before you can talk any further the
ship is attacked. Defeat the Sinscales first, but as another wave comes at
you a dialogue appears prompting you to attack the fin.
Boss: Sin/Sinspawn Echuilles      HP: 2000/2000
This battle shouldn't be too hard. You can use Kimhari's Lancet attack to
attack from a distance as well as Yuna's summon. Her summon  could die in
this battle, but if you can have the summon use it's Overdrive attack, you
can deal up to 1100 HP of damage to Sin. Just use Lulu and Yuna's summon to
deal magic attacks to Sin. Take out two of the three Sinspawns since if you
take out all three...more will attack you. This battle isn't too hard. In
the next battle after Tidus falls underwater and Wakka saves him...avoid the
Sinspawns. They will come in an infinite number, concentrate your attacks on
Sinspawn Echuilles but keep your HP above 200...otherwise the Blender and
a few charging attacks from the Sinspawns will get you.

As the battle ends so does the shores of Kilika as there is little you can
do about Sin's attack but watch.

Party: Tidus, Yuna, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu
Enemies: Ragora, Lord Ochu, Sinspawn Geneaux, Yellow Element, Killer Eye,
Items: Potion x3, Luck Sphere, Ether, Scout, HiPotion, NulBlaze Shield,
       Mana Sphere, Remedy, Elixir
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV

Feel free to save your game when you get off the ship. Now head to the top
left part of the docks and witness the "Sending." Now head out of the inn and
make sure to check the surrounding huts for Vol. IV of the Al Bhed Primer.
Now talk with Wakka, and despite how cold hearted he may sound, head to the
temple afterwards...which is continously to the left.

Yuna will want Tidus to come with him...but although we can assume why, we
aren't entirely sure what's on Yuna's mind about Tidus coming with her.
You will get a bit of an explanation about Kimhari's Lancet ability during
battle. Continue on and go ahead and fight Lord Ochu, it's really not as hard
as you might expect.
Boss: Lord Ochu    HP: 4649
You can start out with Tidus, Lulu, and Kimhari. Have Tidus and Kimhari
attack as normal and have Lulu cast fire spells. When you are poisoned bring
in Yuna afterwards and have her use Esuna and heal the party if neccessary.
After you've scored a good 600-800 HP of damage summon Valefor, and have it
attack with fire spells. If you're fortunate enough, Valefor's overdrive
should initiate in this battle and it's Energy Ray can do a good 1000-1100
HP worth of damage. If it falls asleep just attack it, don't try to heal
since the Ochu will heal itself when it falls asleep. The Earthquake attack
can be avoided during the summon...otherwise try to keep your HP to the max
if possible and heal the poison status ASAP.

After the battle save your game and continue on. Make sure to talk with the
lady on your way to receive a HiPotion and continue to her right and you'll
eventually reach Sinspawn.
Boss: Sinspawn/Tentacles    HP: 3000/450
First attack the Tentacles...otherwise your magic will become useless. Once
the Tentacles are out of the way attack with magic at the Sinspawn...you
won't be able to damage it much when it's closed...but once it opens up
after it drops under 2000 HP you'll deal significantly more damage to it.
Make sure you heal the Poison status caused by the Venom attack ASAP and
attack as normal while keeping your HP above 200.

Make your way to the Temple and a few events will transpire about Chappu
and the upcoming Blitzball tournament. Pray at the temple and an event
should occur with Lady Dona, and later head up inside the center of the
temple. You'll have to go through another Cloister of Trials. Now take the
Kilika Sphere and continue through, but remove the sphere to negate the
flames. Place the Kilika Sphere all the way at the end, then remove it once
the glyph appears and set it on either side of the walls. Then touch the
glyph, and then take the other sphere(Glyph sphere) and place it on the
opposite wall of the Kilika Sphere.

Walk into the flaming room and to the right is a switch which will move the
pedestal to the room you are in. Now take the Kilika Sphere from the right
wall (NOT the one in the previous room) and place it on the pedestal. Go
back to the previous room and take the Glyph Sphere and put it in the slot
where you had just taken the Kilika Sphere from. Push the pedestal onto the
switch and then go down from the left and pick up the Kilika Sphere and place
it on the door at the end. Now go to the room you had just opened up and pick
up the Destruction Sphere and place it on the wall where you had just picked
up the Kilika Sphere and placed it on the door up front. Pick up the Red
Armlet and take the Kilika Sphere from the door and continue on through.

Talk to Lulu and Wakka a couple times and try to leave the room, and Yuna
will come out. You will now be able to summon Ifrit. Return back to the
village and back to the ship. You can test out Ifrit if you want. Now embark
to Luca.

Party: Tidus, Yuna, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu
Enemies: Worker, Sinscale, Vouivre, Sahagin Chief, Oblitzerator
Items: HiPotion x2, 1000 Gil, HP Sphere, Magic Sphere, Phoenix Down, Tidal
       Spear, 600 Gil
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol. V/VI/VII

NOTE: I suggest you save before picking up the Blitzball, you only get one
      try to perfect it. Also, you must listen in on Lulu and Wakka before
      picking up the Blitzball. BTW, you can still get the Jecht Shot, but
      if you want to win the upcoming tournament, the Jecht Shot is needed.

Head up to the deck and talk with Yuna and head up to the port and evesdrop
on Lulu and Wakka. Keep walking up and listen to Wakka and Lulu and check
the cabin just below to pick up Al Bhed Primer Vol. V. Check the blitzball
up on the port of the boat and Tidus will go into a dream state again. You'll
be prompted to attempt a Jecht Shot, but the problem with this is that there
is no prompt telling you what to do. You have to take consideration of where
the ball is and press the button motions(like Down-right if it appears in the
down-right position). If you are successful you will be able to use the Jecht
Shot for use in Blitzball.

You'll get greeted to the preparations of the Blitzball tournament, and
obviously the Besaid Aurochs are huge underdogs this year...again. When you
reach the locker room you'll go over some of the provisionals of blitzball.
It seems like a much more tedious game than it should be and the tutorials
are a task within itself. After the tutorial you'll be off to find Auron, but
first head downstairs and take the left stairs and pick up the Al Bhed Primer
Vol. VI on the floor behind the opposing team. Now go ahead and search for
Auron, but you won't find Auron. Instead you find Kimhari's old friends.

You'll soon learn that Yuna has been kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches and for
her safe return you must lose the game. However, Tidus and the party decides
to go look for her while Wakka takes care of the game. You'll encounter
a lot of Workers along the way as well as a boss.
Boss: Oblitzerator/Crane    HP: 6000/65535
This boss isn't too hard. Have Lulu use Lightning on the crane a couple of
times until it responds. Have Tidus use the Crane on Oblitzerator and it'll
deal a couple thousand HP of damage to it...that gives the party enough room
to finish it off.

Later Wakka will win the match for the team(how does their hair stay still in
the water like that?), but Tidus will take over for the injured Wakka. You'll
have to bear with this game, it's easily not the best of games and it places
many restrictions. You don't have to win the game...it's near impossible to
win the game since it's based on stats rather than skill. If you are down
late in the game Wakka will come in. It still won't matter however, the
Goers will win anyways.

However, before the party can celebrate "their best" a few Sahagin Chiefs
will attack you. Afterwards you will find Auron and join in a tough battle
with a Garuda. But before you fight another battle the Maester's Aeon takes
care of them.

You'll later learn the truth behind Sin and Auron will offer to become a
guardian for Yuna. Also you can pick up the Al Bhed Primer Vol. VII, it's
located on the floor in the lobby...you'll have to take the left path on
your way to seeing Auron offer his services to Yuna. Also note that it's
not the lobby before the Blitzball locker rooms, it's a room with red
carpeting...once you find the room you shouldn't miss it. After Yuna
accepts, talk with her and after a little scene...head off.

Party: Tidus, Yuna, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron
Enemies: Dual Horn, Bomb, Raldo, Funguar, Red Element, Raptor, Vouivre,
         Gandarewa, White Element, Chocobo Eater, Lamashtu, Sinspawn Gui,
         Chocobo Eater, Garuda, Thunder Flan, Ipiria, Floating Eye
Items: HiPotion x9, Red Ring, Soft x3, Lvl.1 Key Sphere, Antidote x6,
       Hunter's Spear, Fortune Spear, Tough Bangle, X-Potion, 1000 Gil,
       Potion x10, Serene Amulet, Serene Bracer, 400 Gil, Mega Potion x4,
       2000 Gil, Ether x2, Eye Drops x3, Ice Brand, Remedy x3, 600 Gil,
       Scout, Thunder Blade, Phoenix Down x2, Potion x10, 400 Gil
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol. VIII/IX/X, Mars Crest

Talk to the people around here, they'll give you various items just for
being Yuna's guardian. Also note when you encounter Dual Horns here, I
suggest summoning Valefor, they can't reach Valefor since it's a flying
aeon...thus you'll just get to attack at Dual Horn without any retaliation.

You'll eventually run into Belgemine...she's on the right overpass off the
road...you'll be engaged in a Pokemon battle of sorts by fighting with your
Aeons to see which is stronger. Belgemine will pick Ifrit, but his HP is
so high that it's difficult to win. You should be in Overdrive mode, if you
can use the Energy Ray twice in the battle then you should win...otherwise
cast Blizzard and use Shield when Ifrit is about to attack with Meteor
Strike. If you win you can acquire the Echo Ring, but you will receive a
Seeker Ring for trying anyways.

You'll eventually see a Blitzball on the road, instead of kicking it talk
with the kid first and he'll give you three Softs...otherwise if you kick it
he'll just complain. Eventually you'll reach an Al Bhed shop, and when you
save you'll notice that a Blitzball option opens up. After you're in the
shop head out and talk with Yuna and in the morning you will be greeted by
Mr.Rin and he'll give you an Al Bhed Primer and Mega Potions. Then head
out and fight.
Boss: Chocobo Eater    HP: 10000
This battle will probably be the toughest one you've faced so far. It's main
weakness is fire, so hit it with fire spells continously. Have Tidus attack
as normal and caste Haste if he has it on Lulu. Summoning is a bit of a risk
since he can easily take out both Ifrit and Valefor in one hit with his
special attack. Ifrit's Hellfire can do up to 3500 HP of damage per round,
this enabling you to kill him...if you use it twice and continue to attack
with fire spells. Every round of 500 HP you do causes him to be pushed back
into the edge behind him. However, if you fail to do at least 500 HP of
damage you will be pushed back. You won't lose if you fall off the cliff,
but you won't get anything from Rin. When it falls on it's back, Tidus and
Wakka can do normal damage on it.

If you won, then after the battle Rin will offer you a Chocobo for free.
Whether or not you decide to take up the offer on the free chocobo, head
up to your next destination. Be sure to keep a close eye on the ground for
the Al Bhed Primer Vol. IX. As you approach the gates you'll be told to stay
back...but luckily Maester Seymour comes to your aid and tells the guards
to let Yuna and her guardians in. I wish Square wouldn't make it so obvious
that this guy will be the guy you will fight later...the music gives it all

Also note, on your way to the Command Center, there is an Al Bhed Primer
Vol. X on the left, it's just left of the save point on top of the platform.
You'll have to go around to get it. When you reach the lift to the Command
Center go up and continue on. After talking with Kinoc, pick up the items
and head to the red arrow and talk with the man to initiate the fight.
Boss: Sinspawn Gui    HP: 4000(Head), 12000(Body), 800(Arm)
This battle will be tough, as you can tell by the amount of HP it has. Your
summons will come in handy in this battle. The arms will regenerate very
quickly, so taking them out is somewhat of a waste, but it doesn't hurt
provided you have the MP and the items to replenish. You should attack the
head first. Use magic(if you have any of the second level elemental spells
like Firaga or Wateraga) against it, and once the head dies attack the
arms...so you prevent them from blocking the attacks to the body. If you
managed to use the Overdrives of your summons(probably about 4x), then
this battle shouldn't take too long. It'll use Demi every other round, so
be prepared to heal. Have Tidus cast Haste on either Kimahri or Auron so
they can attack more often and quickly dispatch of the arms. After the
battle you'll see an FMV of what occurs afterward and you'll have to fight
this guy again. But this time Seymour will help you, and his magic and
magic defense is off the roof. Have him constantly use Firaga or Blizzaga
on the body(which has only 6000 HP now) and have the other characters
just heal or attack. You can use Seymour's Overdrive in this battle, but
it's the only time you will be able to see it in the game. The second
battle isn't too hard, but after the battle you get an enormous amount of

You'll soon find out that Kinoc was right, along with Auron, as the
machina failed to do much against Sin. Pick up the HiPotion and then talk
to Auron and continue up the path.

Djose Highroad
Party: Tidus, Yuna, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron
Enemies: Basilisk, Ganderewa, Bunyip, Garm, Funguar, Bite Big
Items: Soft Ring, Ability Sphere x4, 4000 Gil, Bright Bangle, Variable Steel,
       Phoenix Down x2, Ether x2, Mega Potion, Potion x10, Remedy, Halbred,
       Magic Sphere, Switch Hitter, Mega Phoenix
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XI

Note, this is the first time in the game you will hear Kimahri speak.
Make your way up the road and after you pick up the first treasure chest,
search behind a jagged rock just ahead to the right side of the road and
pick up the Al Bhed Primer Vol.XI. Also talk with the people around these
roads, they'll occassionally give you something.

As you arrive at the Temple speak with Yuna, or at least try to. You can
expect another trial too. When you enter the Temple, pick up both the
Spheres and place them on the door in front to open them. Now pick up a
Sphere from the door(either one) up front and place that sphere on
any one of the slots on the right side of the room. Do the same for the
other sphere. Now push the pedestal onto the platform below the energy
machina you just started.

Now take the charged Djose Sphere and put it on the slot to the right of
the center door. Now go back to the right wall and take the two Djose
Spheres and place them on the pedestal. Now go to the left part of the room
and step on the switch to move the pedestal back to the center and push the
pedestal into the lightning pit. Now that you can jump across, push the
pedestal up front and go back to the previous room and step on the switch on
the left side of the room.

NOTE: If you head upstairs before picking up the Magic Sphere, you can NEVER
      pick up the Magic Sphere from the Djose Temple again...unless you do
      the whole trials thing...which is essential for one of the more
      powerful summons in the game. XD

Now pick up the two Djose Spheres on the pedestal and go back to the first
room and place them on either side of the walls. Go back to the charged
Djose Sphere on the right from the door leading to the lightning pit and
place it on the left side of the door. Now take the lift to the upper level.
Now in here are five pedestals, push them all into the wall. A stairway is
revealed, but go back down on the lift. Now look at the left wall and touch
the glyph to reveal a Destruction Sphere. Return to the upper level and
place it on the center pedestal to receive a Magic Sphere.

Now head upstairs and wait for Yuna(talk to Auron) to come out. You'll
receive a new Aeon(Ixion). In the morning, go to the back of the inn and
check the treasure chest for the switch hitter. Go back inside and talk
with the person near Yuna(she's on the left chamber) to wake her up.

As you head out, talk with the people on the bridge to receive various

Party: Tidus, Yuna, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron
Enemies: Snow Flan, Funguar, Gandarewa, Bite Bug, Garm, Ochu, Bunyip,
Items: Lvl.1 Key Sphere x6, Mega-Potion, Ether, 5000 Gil, Antidote x4,
       Magic Defense Sphere, X-Potion, Phoenix Down x2, Dragon Scales x2
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XII

Continue up the road and you'll eventually see two of Kimahri's "buddies",
after the scene continue ahead. Take the time now to equip your party
members with the Lightningstrike Ability for the battle ahead. You'll
meet Belgemine again...she'll summon Ixion so you can only summon Ifrit
or Valefor. I suggest you summon Valefor first, his evade rate is very high
and that means a lot of missed attacks, and missed attacks build Overdrives
very quickly. Two shots of the Energy Ray from Valefor should finish Ixion
off. You'll receive two Dragon Scales if you defeat her, otherwise you get
the Summoner's Soul...which is a consolation prize(as well as the winning
prize if you defeat her).

You'll go through a tutorial on the Summoner's Soul now, which allows Aeons
to learn new abilities. Now continue on and save your game when you reach a
save point. After you've saved, reach the Shoopuf  Handler and ride the
Shoopuf. Later you'll fight a boss.
Boss: Extractor    HP: 4000
This battle shouldn't be too hard. The Depth Charges attack will drain away
about 350 HP, so be sure to heal after that. Keep your HP above 600 and you
should be fine. When it gets ready for it's Depth Charges, deal damage to it
for about 500 HP to bring it back down to avoid the Depth Charges. Otherwise
heal if your HP is too low. Note that only Tidus and Wakka can fight this

After the battle you will be back on the Moonflow. Go to the left and you'll
see a small object on the platform above the Shoopuf Handler, pick it up
for the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XII. Continue heading left to the next area.

Party: Tidus, Yuna, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron
Enemies: Treasure Chest, Bunyip, Bite Bug, Ochu, Garm, Funguar, Gandarewa
Items: Lightning Marble x8, Elixir, 3000 Gil, HiPotion x2, Mega Potion
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIII

You'll find Rikku on the shore ahead...talk to her to awaken her from her
sleep. Afterwards continue on the path to Guadosalam, but in battle you'll
get a chance to practice with Rikku's abilities. You'll eventually reach
Guadosalam, and by then you'll learn how to customize your weapons with the
help of a quick tutorial.

When you're in Seymour Maester's dining room, talk with your party members
and after a long scenario you'll get the shocking news. Afterwards head
to the room at the top left part of Guadosalam, and on the floor is the
Al Bhed Primer Vol.XIII. Now continue on to the top right(you'll have to
go through another ramp) to the Farplane. Pick up the Lightning Marbles
just behind the bottom left braching area of the room, it's a bit obscure.

You'll have to leave to the Farplane without Auron and Rikku. Head over to
Wakka to initiate the events, then talk with Yuna. Now afterwards head to
the party in front of Seymour's place. Talk with Lulu for a while and then
talk with Rikku, who's on the other side of Guadosalam. When Kimahri comes
out of the shop he'll tell you to buy some potions, do so and then go back
and talk with Lulu. Then go to the entrance to the Thunder Plains, Shelinda
will tell you that Maester Seymour has left...so what about Yuna? Talk
with the other party members and head out to the Thunder Plains.

Thunder Plains
Party: Tidus, Yuna, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron, Rikku
Enemies: Larva, Quactuar, Aerogue, Kasaiqqu, Gold Element, Buer, Melusine,
         Iron Giant
Items: Phoenix Down x2, Remedy, 2000 Gil, 5000 Gil, Water Ball, Yellow
       Shield, X-Potion, Ether, Hi-Potion x2
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIV

When you reach the Thunder Plains you'll be given a quick tutortial of what
to do. Press X just before the flash of light and you'll dodge the lightning
bolts, and make sure to dodge them carefully...you'll receive a prize for
your efforts. Also watch out for Larvas, they are mightily annoying and hard
to defeat with one character. Summoning Ixion is best in this area since
it can never die due to the frequency of lightning attacks the enemies cast.

Note that you can get Kimahri's best weapon here. You must check all three of
the Qactuar Stones and then follow the Qactuar spirit to a treasure chest.
Midway through your journey Rikku will become horrified of the lightning
storm as she wishes to rest. When you reach the traveller's inn talk with
Yuna. Talk with Rikku and later Rin will ask you how your Al Bhed is coming,
select the first option to receive the Al Bhed Primer Vol.XIV. Then head off
to the save point and save your game, but as you continue on, Yuna will have
finally made her decision.

Continue on and after a short conversation between Tidus and Auron, save
your game. Make your way around.

Party: Tidus, Yuna, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron, Rikku
Enemies: Iguion, Murussu, Xiphos, Evil Eye, Ice Flan, Snow Wolf, Mafdet,
         Wasp, Blue Element, Crawler, Spherimorph, Wendigo, Anima, Negator,
         Seymour, Guado Guardian, Chimera
Items: 400 Gil, HiPotion x2, Elixir, Luck Sphere, Lvl.1 Key Sphere,
       Lvl.2 Key Sphere, MP Sphere, 2000 Gil, Sleepy Cait Sith, Mega-Potion,
       Shell Targe, Remedy x3, 5000 Gil, X-Potion x2, HiPotion x2,
       Phoenix Down x3
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XV, Al Bhed Primer Vol.XVI, Jecht's Sphere

Just keep going around the trees. Eventually you'll learn about following
a butterfly. Touching the blue butterflies will cause treasure chests to
drop, touching a red butterfly causes battles to incur. While these battles
are great for AP, they are somewhat tough to win without the right abilities
and proper stat boosting. You don't have to touch the butterflies though.
I personally think it's damn annoying having to travel all the way back for
treasure chests, especially when the random encounter rate in this game is
so high. Just put the damn treasure chests around the trees along the way,

When you reach O'aka, check his items and say they are steep...he'll lower
the prices of the items. Also check across the branch from O'aka for the
Al Bhed Primer Vol.XV. Continue on and you'll eventually reach a boss.
Boss: Spheromorph    HP: 12000
This boss isn't too tough. If you have Rikku, try mixing an Arctic Wind with
a Lightning Marble if you have the Overdrive set. Have everyone attack as
you normally would, with Lulu casting magic spells, and Yuna summoning. Magic
will be the key to winning this game, but I'm assuming most of your
characters cannot perform magic. Have them stick with healing and attacking.
Watch for Spherimorph to attack with elemental attacks...if it attacks with
Water, attack with Lightning...fire, attack with water. Try to avoid using
your Summons' Overdrives, even though the boss attacks with Fire and is
obviously weak to water, an attack like Thor's Hammer will heal it. Use
Auron's Magic Break and Power Break to cut down the magic and physical
attacks. Try not to Scan it, otherwise it will counter with a magic attack
to all party members.

After the battle you receive a boatload of AP as well as the Jecht Sphere.
Now leave the place and continue north just ahead. You'll find another
Agency, and to the left end of the Agency is an Al Bhed Primer. Now save
your game and continue on. Yuna will temporarily leave your party, but
take the time to equip with lightning based attacks like Lightningstrike.
Boss: Crawler, Negator    HP: 16000(Crawler)/1000(Negator)
This battle could be your longest and toughest one yet judging from the HP.
Your first bet is to take out the Negator to make the battle much easier.
Bring in Wakka since he's the only one who can attack Negator. The Gatling
Gun attack is an attack to watch out for, it attacks multiple times and does
about 160 HP of damage each time, so some of your less developed characters
can fall...especially if they are alone. Tidus' Cheer ability is incredibly
useful in this battle. Have him cast it several times to reduce the damage
of the Crawler. Summon Ixion for this battle since it's weak against
lightning attacks. Use Thundara attacks constantly...but becareful as it
will counter with Assault. Also watch for the Mana Beam, I doubt you'll
deal enough damage before taking full impact, but as cruel as this may
sound, bring in a summon you know you won't need much, like Ifrit and use
Shield to take the damage for the party. HOWEVER, if the Negator comes back
and Rikku steals, then the Mana Beam is interupted. Have Rikku use Lightning
Marbles or any Lightning items if you have any.

Continue on into the Temple(expect another Trial) and talk with the Al Bhed
that is tied up for 400 Gil. Speak with Tromell inside and receive the Shell
Targe. Later check Yuna's orb of Jyscal to learn a shocking truth about
Seymour. Check around and talk with various people to obtain items, and save
your game and continue on inside the temple.
Boss: Seymour, Guado Guardians, Anima    HP: 6000(Seymour), 2000(GG), 18000
First talk with Seymour(move left from the menu) and Yuna's magic defense
will increase. Have your party members talk and increase their stats. In
this battle Yuna will be able to use her fourth summon Shiva...but you
already knew her name despite the ???? from previous FF's...right? Take
out the Guado Guardians first, then attack head on against Seymour.
Petrifying them is quick and easy way to knock them out, use the Petrify
Grenade to take out the two Guado Guardians quickly and painlessly. After
you deal some damage to Seymour, Amina will come. It will continously
gather power and use Pain...in which there is little you can do, assuming
you are summoning. Your Summons will play a huge role in this battle and
you'll probably have to expend all of them. If you can, try to summon just
before Anima gathers power and have your summons use the Shield ability to
deflect the attack. Since the Aeon is in Boost mode your attacks will do
about twice as much damage, so the 18000 HP isn't really as intimidating
as it might seem...it's really more like 9000. Also note that Anima uses
Pain virtually every round against your summons while he sometimes uses it
against the party. You'll have to finish off Seymour soon after Anima goes
down. Just attack him like normal, having Rikku use her items. But don't
expend too many items, you may need them for abilities later on.

Now make your way into the temple through another trial. Now when the new
path breaks free, pick up the Glyph Sphere from the center of the room.
Put that sphere on the pedestal and push the pedestal to the right to cause
the icicle to break. Then push the pedestal up, going from behind the
pedestal to break a set of icicles. Now follow the pedestal and take the
Glyph Sphere from the pedestal and put it on the far left. Go back up and
pick up the Macalania Sphere that just rose and place it on the pedestal and
push the pedestal to the right. Now go up and take the Macalania Sphere from
the right side of the room and take it down the ramp and put it on the next
slot on the left column(NOT the slot on the wall). Now pick up the last
Macalania Sphere(which is near the ice ramp) and place it on the center
column of the room(where you had picked up a Glyph Sphere initially).

Now go up to the newly formed bridge and step on the switch, this will
have the Macalania Sphere on the pedestal appear to the left of you. Pick
up the Macalania sphere and push the pedestal down the ramp. Now go back
down and step on the switch below then put the Macalania Sphere onto the
slot to the right part of the room, this will make the first set of icicles
reappear. Take the center Macalania Sphere from the center of the room
and place it near the icicle ramp descending down. Now pick up the
Destruction Sphere from the pedestal and go down and place it on the next
slot on the left wall and pick up the Luck Sphere. Now go back up and push
the pedestal to the right to break the icicles, then pick up the
Macalania Sphere on the right part of the room and put it on the pedestal.

Push the pedestal back down the ramp, then go down below and push the
pedestal to the right to reform the ice bridge. Now pick up the Macalania
Sphere near the ramp and place it on the center column and then go up
and head out. Becareful not the step on the switch! Otherwise you'll have
to start over again.

Now for a personal note. These cloister of trials are annoying, probably
nothing more than the prolong a relatively short Final Fantasy. I hate
writing a walkthrough on them too. And that Tromwell guy is pretty damn
annoying too...I wish we could fight him. <accent>Him and that funny accent.
</grand theft auto III listener on Chatterbox>

Now run and try to avoid the battles if you wish...but you have no choice
anyways(typical of Square). Tidus' Flee ability helps here if you don't want
to fight these battles that makes the game longer. You'll eventually reach
a save point, save your game and continue on.
Boss: Wendigo/Guado Guardian    HP: 18000/1200(respectively)
Ugh...Wendigo's attacks will knock you out in one hit. Watch for it...try
using Wakka's Dark attack. Also go for Auron's Power Break, but first off,
Petrify the other Guado Guardians(boy they're annoying) and Tidus' Cheer
ability. The Guado Guardians are annoying as well, healing the status
effect of Dark. >.< Steal HiPotions, if you can't petrify the Guado
Guardians, from the Guado Guardians and take them out quickly. Remove the
Berserk status on Wendigo after the Guado Guardians are down by using the
ability Threaten or a Remedy. Sleep also works on Wendigo, use Wakka's
Sleeper ball to put him to sleep. If you have any Darktouch abilities on
your weapons, equip them. This will blind Wendigo, plus with the sleep
ability you can just keep slashing away at him. Use the Power Break
ability consistently if you can, this will significantly reduce Wendigo's
attack power to a laughable status. I found that when I summoned Ifrit
and used it's Meteor Attack, Wendigo taunted Ifrit every time for three
times in a row and did not attack.

After the battle Wendigo will send you guys down below after he crushes
the ground. When you fall, talk with the other party members which initiates
an event leading you up to shore.

Bikanel Island
Party: Tidus
Enemies: Cactuar, Zu, Sand Worm, Sandragora, Alcyone, Sand Wolf, Mech Guard,
         Mushuussu, Mech Gunner
Items: Teleport Sphere x2, 10000 Gil, Mega Potion x5, X-Potion x4, Ether x2,
       Al Bhed Potion x24, Megalixir x3, Elixir, Lvl.2 Key Sphere,
       HiPotion x16, Remedy x4
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XVII, Al Bhed Primer Vol.XVIII, Mercury Crest

Head to the marker, but when you enter a battles you'll fight alone. After
you take some damage your party members will come to your aid. You don't
have to fight the enemies, but they give away a good amount of AP. Walk
towards the marker after the battle and you'll find Wakka. In the next
area just head to the right to find Kimahri, then go around and you'll
eventually reach Rikku.

During the battle have Rikku steal from the machinas, they'll fall apart
soon afterwards. Continue on around and in the next area, follow the marker.
There's a Sandragora guarding a treasure chest(you'll see it in a sandtrap),
it's quite tough to beat though. It does you in by turning your party
members against each other...so make sure you have some remedies available.
Use Fira and regular attacks against it. You'll have to fight it again to
get through.

An Al Bhed Primer is located within the desert to the left in the shadows
of ruins.

Party: Tidus, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron, Rikku
Enemies: Guado Guardian, Dual Horn, Chimera, Bomb
Items: HiPotion x2, Skill Sphere, Al Bhed Potion x10, Friend Sphere,
       Special Sphere
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIX, Al Bhed Primer Vol.XX, Al Bhed Primer

NOTE: You better get everything inside Home, after this event you cannot
      enter Home again...so be sure to get those Al Bhed Primers!

When you reach the covert base, you'll see a war waged between Yevon and
Al Bhed. You'll get into a lot of battles with Guado Guardians, who are
very annoying(and wussy might I add), all they do is cause status effects
and use magic. Take them out first...and when you reach your first save
point inside, go to the right and down the end(don't enter any of the
doors) pick up the Al Bhed Primer Vol.XIX, then head into the door. When
you encounter the two Chimeras, attack with Magic Break. Personally, Auron
was my best character, casting Haste on him makes battles so much easier
since he's easily the strongest of all my characters.

When you find the treasure chest it's decoded in Al Bhed, and depending on
how many primers you have collected will determine how you decipher it. It's
much like Wheel of Fortune, you don't need all the primers throughout the
game to decipher them. The passcode will differ everytime you play it. The
first number is given, then add. The next number is a given number then
subtract, and then multiply the given number by a certain number that is
given, then add the last number with the given number. There's also a code of
some sort to the right part of the room with four choices. Depending on what
you choose will determine what answer goes with which. The 3rd choice goes
with Brother, then Bikanel Island, then Al Bhed...in that order, this will
allow you to pick up a Skill Sphere.

Now return to the save point and take the door next to it. Continue on
through(make sure to check for treasure chests around and under the stairway.

Party: Tidus, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron, Rikku
Enemies: Dual Horn, Bomb, Evil Eye, Evrae
Items: Al Bhed Potion x4
Key Items: None

Now save your game and be sure to find items that will increase Lulu's magic
power and have Wakka equip a weapon that can inflict a Darkness status.
When you're on the airship you can take some time to look around, but after
you have made adjustments to your weapons and armor, save your game.

Now when you return back to the bridge talk with the captain and you'll
know where Yuna is. Now talk with the other party members and Cid and then
try to leave...you'll eventually know that the Guado have snuck aboard.
Now head around to the back of the ship and check the window to find Evrae.
Boss: Evrae    HP: 32000
Although the HP is quite intimidating, you will have to deal most of the
damage. Cid will do some damage by releasing his 3 sets of salvo, and each salvo
hits 10 times...but each missile only does 200-350 HP of damage. At the
beginning of the battle Cid will tell you to let him know when to move. Move
just before Cid's turn to attack with the ship's weapons. the Photon Spray
will hit multiple times to every character, doing up to 300-500 HP of
damage...so be sure to heal and keep your HP up. Your best bet is to stay far
away from the boss and use your remaining salvo. Note that even though you
may have the Poison Ward ability, it sometimes fails against this boss. I don't
know why either. I wasted a lot of Gil buying those Softs for those
abilities(Poison Ward), ugh. #$@%!! You can fight close and use Dark Break
against it with Auron, it'll at least spare you some damage. When you fight
too far away for too long it comes at you with an attack, then running back
becomes useless since it will use the attack to come back every time. If
Evrae uses Haste, use Tidus' Delay Buster or Slow to counter it. Don't use
it when Evrae is not in Haste mode though, otherwise he will be when he
uses Haste as a counter to Slow status attacks. My Auron typically does
about 1100 each hit, not sure about your characters, but whichever character
you have that can deal the most damage with physical attacks should always
be up front when you are close all the time. Only Lulu's Overdrive works at
a far distance however. Make sure to use all 3 of your Salvos against it,
you'll definately need it in this amazingly long battle. Also if it uses
Poison Breath, use an Al Bhed Potion by Rikku, which is amazingly useful
in this battle. She probably won't do you much good other than to use
Al Bhed Potions. Blinding and slowing Evrae down is the key to winning this
match. Be sure to worry about your HP first before reviving downed allies.

Party: Tidus, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron, Rikku
Enemies: Warrior Monk, Octopus. Seymour Natus, Mortibody, Cave Iguion,
         Phylegyas, Swamp Mafdet, Bat Eye, Sahagin, Yat-99, Evrae Altana,
         Grothia, Aqua Flan, Pterya, Maze Larva
Items: Skill Sphere, Lucid Ring, Rematch, Mega-Potion, Knight Lance,
       Elixir, White Magic Sphere, HP Sphere, Black Magic Sphere, Avenger
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol.XXII

NOTE: You better get everything in here, you cannot enter Bevelle Temple
      after this event is over.

You'll fight through a series of battles, you can blind the machina, but
you'll also encounter Warrior Monks. They are sorta like Guado Guardians,
take them out first and deal with the rest later. Take out the Warrior Monk
with the flamethrower first...he'll do a good deal of damage to all party
members. Blind the Ykt-63(the kung fu machina) first...his Thrust Kick will
knock a party member out of the battle. But unlike escaping, if your party
member loses this battle you'll have to start over again. Yes, I know you
didn't save...neither did I...it ticks me off since I lost to that Evrae
thing like 11x in a row...then I lost and lost to it 10x in a row before
beating it and learning my lesson. I know people are up for good challenges
and all, but this is #@$%ing BS...I wish I bought that Gameshark earlier. >.<

Now after you've defeated the monsters and witnessed a shocking event, head
towards the Temple...and you can expect another trial. Before the save point
on the hallway is an Al Bhed Primer Vol.XXII, it's just after the stairs
and it's a darkish brown color. Now go into the trials and push the pedestal
with the sphere in it. This is the most tricky of all trials so far. When
you first descend, just continue on. Now when you are on the moving platform
press X when you hit an "intersection" with an arrow turning right to turn
into a pedestal with a Bevelle Sphere in it. Now you will see two Bevelle
Spheres, take the sphere from the back and place it on the pedestal. The
pedestal should have two spheres, push it onto the walkway and then proceed
back up.

When you reach back to the initial platform take the second right and place
one Bevelle Sphere from the pedestal onto the slot. This will open a new
platform below. Push the pedestal back and you'll be on the initial walkway
again, now take the first left(you will have to either let yourself fall
off the runway to begin again or use the up and down arrows to turn 180 and
take a right instead). Now put the Bevelle Sphere onto the pedestal and
then push it back and go to the beginning of the path again(choose the up
and down arrow, down). Now continue down and take the first right, then
take a left(this left arrow was previously inaccessible).

At the end of the path take a right. Now take one Bevelle Sphere from the
pedestal and place it on the slot to the left. This will make a bridge
appear. Push the pedestal back onto the platform and let yourself fall off
the go back to the 3 direction pad again. Now continue straight down the
same path you were on before and take the second to last right. Now you
will see a Glyph Sphere at the end of the path, place it onto the pedestal.

Push the pedestal back and go back to the 3 direction pad. Now at this pad
take the down(or up, where you last revealed a bridge) path. Now pick up the
Glyph Sphere from the pedestal and place it on the slot to remove the glyph.
Pick up the Destruction Sphere and do not place it on the pedestal, instead
push the pedestal back onto the path and go back to the 3 direction pad.

Take the second to last right again, then place the Destruction Sphere onto
the slot. This should reveal a new path to the right. Go back and push the
platform onto the 3 direction pad. Go back to the area where you had inserted
the Glyph Sphere to remove the glyph(basically take the first right when
you come back onto the platform after putting the Destruction Sphere in or
go back to the 3 direction pad, choose down, then take the last right) and
take the Bevelle Sphere and place it onto the pedestal. Push the pedestal
back onto the path and go back to the 3 direction pad.

Now from here take the second right, then push the pedestal across OPPOSITE
from the direction you came from, basically opposite of the green arrow.
You should find yourself in front of some steps. Now go up and pick up the
HP Sphere, this will reveal a floor switch. Step on it and then the pedestal
shall appear. Take one Bevelle Sphere and place it on the slot and then
push the pedestal onto the new slot. Pick up the Knight Lance and you should
automatically go back. Now go across to the right. Whew...end of that!

Now when you reach Yuna you will be arrested, but you'll receive, by far,
your most powerful summon yet. Now you will later control Yuna after a series
of shocking events. You will have to fight a lot of these battles alone,
but summoning should help a great deal and Yuna fighting alone means tons of
AP. You'll find Kimahri and the right side and up. Further up the path you
found Kimahri is Auron. Continue to follow up the red arrow. You will meet
Isaaru...apparently he must fight you. You will have to fight 3 Aeons.
Boss: Grothia, Pterya, Spathi    HP: 8000, 12000, 20000
You will fight "Ifrit" first. Avoid using Shiva since he has a Overdrive
ready. Instead use Valefor or Ixion and use Shield. Infact, use Shield
everytime the summon has an Overdrive ready. Have your summons attack like
they normally would and use their own magic(except for Bahamut and Valefor)
against them to heal them. The last boss, "Bahamut", is quite a pain to deal
with. Use Shield to block the Mega Flare attack...otherwise it's a sure fire
victory. "Bahamut" will continue to do this over and over again...just attack
him as normal and repeat the Shield process...then the battle should be over.
You should be able to gain an Overdrive in this battle to finish off Spathi.
Note that in this battle, even though he summons same aeons with different
names, you cannot summon the same summon he summons.

Now swim your way all the way to the gates.
Boss: Evrae Altana    HP: 16000
Use two Phoenix Downs in this battle to kill it. Otherwise open the locks
behind you and unpetrify any character. Blind it if you can and use
Lightning Marbles or Grenades to damage it. Blinding and unpetrification is
the key to winning this battle.

Now swim your way out and you will meet up with your other party members.
Kinoc will later be dead(yay), and you will later encounter Seymour. It looks
like Kimahri will stay behind...but knowing Square, yeah right.
Boss: Seymour Natus, Mortibody    HP: 36000, 4000
Talk with Seymour to boost your characters' stats. Mortibody will probably
be the key to your victory. It will drain Seymour's HP to replenish it's own
and will use Cure on Seymour. You can use Reflect on Seymour to counter
this and have it heal your party. Have Yuna cast Protect and Shell on your
characters and have Tidus cast Hastaga or Haste on your party. Summoning
in this battle will be a pain and you should only use them if you have an
Overdrive ready since Seymour will banish them. Shiva's Overdrive will do
9999 damage to this boss, so don't bother with Bahamut unless you've boosted
Yuna's stats so much that he can perform well over 9999 HP of damage. When
you start to lose Seymour Natus to about 3000 HP and under and attack the
Mortibody, the Mortibody will suck life out of Seymour and replenish his HP.
This can be very annoying, but there are times when it doesn't cure
Seymour. Use that opportunity to strike Seymour to finish him off. When
Seymour casts Protect on himself, it's best to use magic...not unless you've
boosted Tidus' and Auron's attack power(my Auron did about 2200 HP of damage
even with Protect). If you have some of the wussy spells(like Fire, Water,
etc.), don't bother using them...unless your magic power is so high that it
will deal at least 1000 HP of damage per cast. Each time you knock off the
Mortibody it will have it's maximum HP drop off by 1000 until it reaches
1000. The Mortibody's physical attacks are something to laugh about since
they only do about 300 HP of damage(hopefully you developed your characters
so much that it only does that much damage), but it will use the Desperado
attack that can deal up to 600 HP of damage to all party members, which is
something to worry about depending on your HP. Having high powered physical
attack characters in this battle is a must since summons will be immediately
banished anyways.

The Calm Lands
Party: Tidus, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron, Rikku, Yuna
Enemies: Chimera Brain, Shred, Flame Flan, Mech Hunter, Skoll, Nebiros,
         Valaha, Epaaj, Imp, Yowie, Thorn, Defender, Ogre, Coeurl, Nidhogg,
         Defender X, Malboro, Anaconduar, Magic Urn, Dark Element, Ghost
Items: Lucid Ring, Fortune Sphere, X-Potion, MP Sphere, Mega Potion x2,
       Farplane Wind x60, Power Sphere x30, Lvl.2 Key Sphere x2, 5000 Gil,
       10000 Gil, Megalixir, Flexible Arm
Key Items: Al Bhed Primer Vol.XXIII, Al Bhed Primer Vol.XXIV, Al Bhed Primer
           Vol.XXV, Rusty Sword, Cloudy Mirror, Aeon's Soul, Jecht's Sphere

Now you'll be in the Calm Lands. You can't go back to Bevelle since the
guards will block your way. Save your game and talk with Yuna, who is at
the bottom. Talking with her will ensue probably the climax of the whole
game. Enjoy it and return back to the party. Now in the morning go back
to the woods behind you and check the treasure chest for a Lucid Ring,
then continue on and save your game. Now when you reach the mountain side
head over to the top left and pick up the Al Bhed Primer.

Watch for the Malboros in the field, any Final Fantasy fan would know that
these guys hit you with more negative status effects than you can prevent.
It's probably best to run away or to use your summons to defeat it. They
are very annoying...and yes, I have lost to them several times and have
became amazingly fustrated...what is it with Square that keeps reusing this
pile of garbage for an enemy anyways? I mean at least give us a chance to
prevent the status effects. But eh...you can't do anything about it, and
I probably shouldn't let one enemy ruin an entire game...but I'll just do
this now...you can cram your little Malboro, Square.

Head for the save point and you can ride the chocobo if you want, but
details on riding it will be explained later in the Side Areas section.
Head for the marker and save your game.
Boss: Defender X    HP: 64000
Ouch. The HP is twice as much as Evrae, and if that battle wasn't hard
enough. Have Auron hit the thing with Dark Break, Mental Break, and Armor
Break. Have Lulu use her second level spells, have Wakka use Dark Attack to
blind it(though chances are low since it is highly resistant to it). This
battle requires that you keep your characters alive. If they fall use a
Phoenix Down or Life, but if their HP is below 1900, then don't bother
healing them at full. Keeping your characters alive is the key to winning
this battle. All 3 characters should always be alive and no more than 1
character should be down...if you don't have enough Phoenix Downs go back
(yes, walk all the way back) and buy about 30. If you just followed this
walkthrough and did not level up then chances are you will have to buy at
least that many as I'm assuming your characters cannot take the hits too well
from this guy. If you're only taking 1200 damage from him then you've leveled
up extremely well. All this guy does are physical attacks. His Blast Punch
will take half of your HP off, but blinding it won't prevent the Blast Punch.
When you drop it to below 10000 or around that much it will cast Mighty
Guard. At this point Lulu's magic will be in effective...since it has
NulTide, NulFrost, NulShock, and NulFlame on. Use one magic spell(Watera,
Fira, etc.) and then use it again, it will be ineffective the first time
but it will break the barrier down. All your attacks pretty much will do
half damage, but there is little that you can do about it. This boss will
attack hard, so your Overdrives will build up quickly and you will be able to
use them several times. Cast Protect on all party members and caste Haste
or Hastaga on all party members to speed things up. Bring Yuna in for the
closing rounds of the battle and hope that she gets hit several times to
build her Overdrive. Then when the boss has about 9999 HP or less, and if
Yuna's Overdrive is built have her call Shiva's Diamond Dust to finish it
off for 9900 AP instead of 6600.

Go back and save your game and continue on through.

Party: Tidus, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron, Rikku, Yuna
Enemies: Grat, Grendel, Achelous, Maelspike, Santuary Keeper, Ahriman,
         Bandersnatch, Imp, Seymour Flux, Dark Flan, Behemoth, Nidhogg,
         Mech Defender, Splasher, Bashura, Grenade, Biran, Yenke,
         Mortiorchis, Mandragora
Items: 20000 Gil, Lvl.4 Key Sphere, Lvl.1 Key Sphere, Recovery Ring,
       Star Arm Guard/Pep Talk, HP Sphere, Defending Bracer, Fortune Sphere,
       Return Sphere, Lvl.1 Key Sphere, Mega Potion x2
Key Items: Braska's Sphere

Run up and you will later encounter Seymour Kelk Ronso. After much talk they
let you through, but save your game first.
Boss: Biran, Yenke    HP: Varies(the HP are concurrent with Kimahri's stats)
Use the Lancet attack often to acquire the abilities you don't have. Each
time you use Lancet and acquire an attack you don't have will initiate your
Overdrive. But you must successfully learn a new ability. When the two
brothers are together use Lancet, otherwise each of them will block your
attacks and significantly reducing the damage to single digits. When they
use Bulldoze they will move to opposite ends or closer to each other.
Use Thrust Kick if you can. Also try to knock both of them to about 200
HP without killing them, this way when you knock one out the other will
cast Berserk, but you can kill them more instantly. You can learn Mighty
Guard(arguably the best defensive spell in the game) only after one of the
brothers has used Mighty Guard. Use HiPotions to heal yourself and if you
did make Kimahri a magic user, have him use Watera or Fira against the two.

I remind you that it's very tough from here on out. Getting through this
mountain is tough, make sure to boost your stats. When you make it to the
next save point(which is pretty close, but since the game's rate of encounter
is so high, it's a long way) make sure to build your Overdrives for your
summons and for your characters(or whichever Overdrive you find useful).
Don't use them until you finally reach the next boss though, you'll
definately need it.
Boss: Seymour Flux, Mortiorchis    HP: 70000, 4000(respectively)
Now be prepared for a tough battle. Cast protect, Haste, and Shell on every
party member available, or at least every party member that can mean
something to you in this battle. Use all your Overdrives that you have been
saving up and talk with Seymour to boost stats. The Cross Cleave attack is
the attack to watch for. Seymour will sometimes cast Dispel on all party
members before using it, thus nullifying Protect. The Cross Cleave can deal
up to 3000 HP of damage against weaker characters and about 2000 to the
more durable characters. Unless you've been stat boosting like crazy, chances
are you won't survive after this. Use Bio on Seymour, though sometimes it
may not connect since he is highly resistant to the magic attack, but be
persistant in it. It'll be the key to your victory. Watch for Antropy that
puts one of your characters in Zombie Status...use a Holy Water, Remedy, or
Esuna to heal that character...otherwise the character will die from the
cast of Full-Life. Now depending on how you leveled up Kimahri and where you
had placed him on the Sphere Grid can make Kimahri barely useless, or
incredibly useful. My Kimahri did about 3700 HP of damage per attack after
talking with Seymour, but I also used the Friend Sphere to move him into
Auron's grid area. I highly suggest that you level up before coming back
and trying again if you lose. Chances are that you lost because you were
too weak rather than lack of good decision making. Keep casting Haste and
Protect on all party members, it's a must...even if Seymour does nullify
the attack. Cast Dispel(if you have it, otherwise shame on you) on Seymour
when he casts Protect and watch for your summons...they'll be banished
everytime you bring them into battle...but your main goal is to use them
for their Overdrives and nothing else. Use Diamond Dust twice if you can,
it always deal 9999 damage. If any of your characters are strong enough,
you can keep attacking Mortiorchis, and assuming you do over 4000 HP of
damage(like my Auron does, or Kimahri when he talks with Seymour), you
can make this a quick battle...but be sure to always keep Protect up.
When the Mortiorchis starts to attack on its own, take it down immediately
to disrupt the attacks. Watch for the Total Annihilation attack, it hits
about 20x(I didn't bother to count) and each hit does about 400-800 HP of
damage. Having Protect will help greatly. When Rikku's Mix is available,
combine the Lunar Curtain and Light Curtain to give the party Super Mighty
G. Protective spells play a huge roll in this battle, and so does using
all of your Aeon's overdrives. If you can successfully connect with all
5 of your Aeons' Overdrives, then you've pretty much won the battle. You
should do about 45000 HP worth of damage to Seymour, which is actually
a little more than that each time since Mortiorchis drains 4000, 3000, 2000,
and then 1000 HP consecutively for the remainder of the battle. So that is
about 55000 HP of damage, and if both your Kimahri and Auron can do at
least 3000 a piece before Protect is cast on Seymour, that's 61000. So all
you have to worry about is just 9000 HP worth of damage...easier said then
done but eh, I've done it. =D Also cast Dispel when he casts Protect(duh).

Now go and save your game. I'm assuming most of you wouldn't want to fight
this boss again. Now you'll soon control Tidus in Zanarkand, head for the
boat and go inside the cabin...you'll hear some spooky news inside, follow
Fayth out and talk with him/her. When you wake up, head around...but flee
for the enemies before you reach the save point, they just get tougher and

Now when you reach the save point you'll encounter a fork in the road. Note that
you can't get the Return Sphere and Recovery ring unless you complete
the trials, so you'll have to get the Lvl.1 Key Sphere first prior. The
path at the top left is the way forward, but from the right of the save point
pick up a Return Sphere and Recovery Ring, and at the very top to the right
is a Lvl.1 Key Sphere(I know some of you will need it). However, the gaping
ditch won't let you proceed upwards...so go left and around(yes, you'll need

You will eventually have Wakka, Rikku, and Tidus swim underwater without the
rest of the party. For me, it's my weakest group...what a coincidink huh?
Swim ahead and you will eventually reach the first trial of Gagazet. You will
have to hit the glowing sphere with Wakka's blitzball...it's not too
hard...just wait for an opening and bam! You've got it. Now swim back to
your party and go back to the save point.

There are a set of stairs that replaced the ditch earlier. Head up top as
you cannot head right(probably a hidden canyon). You'll reach three glowing
orbs, have Rikku go for the green, have Tidus go for the blue, and Wakka for
the red. Now go back to those lights and pick up the treasure chest, and in
case you might have forgotten, press O to submerge. Go back to the area that
was previously cut off and pick up the items that I told you earlier about.

Now save your game and head to the left...and be prepared. Note, I'm not too
sure about this and I will need some verification, but I've received a
Pep Talk instead of a Star Armguard, or the other way around. I'm not sure
why this is...but eh. Take the stairs up past the save point and go left
and walk through the rock path.

By the way, does the music here sound Final Fantasy IV-esque like? Like the
underground music? Bleh...could be my ears. -_-
Boss: Santuary Keeper    HP: 40000
This battle will be tough. Your first task is to cast Reflect on the boss
immediately...then call out Shiva. Make sure to cast Esuna on your characters
to heal the status effects. Though using your Overdrives won't be possible
in this battle if you've been hit with the Photon Wings. Put up Mighty Guard
or Super Mighty G if possible. Each time you use an Overdrive the Santuary
Keeper will counter with Curaga...which heals back any damage you might have
dealt it...sometimes. The key to winning this battle is Reflect, otherwise
you don't stand a chance. Note that your Aeons can be inflicted with the
Curse status as well. This boss is smart though, it'll cast Reflect on your
Aeons and then heal itself by casting Reflect on you. Unless you have the
Dispel spell for your Aeon, chances are you won't be able to counter it.
Now remember that you have Reflect casted on the boss, so cast Reflect on
yourself and then use the intended magic attack on yourself to damage the
boss. Bio works well in this battle too. Use Armor Break to break down it's
defense, use Shell to guard against the Mana attack, and Power Break and
Magic Break also works well. This boss will build your Overdrives fast,
depending on what Overdrive mode you are in. When it casts Regen, use
Dispel. Then make sure to cast Reflect back on the boss afterwards. If you
can cast Bio, Dispel, and Reflect...you are in good shape to win this

Go back and save your game and continue on. After a short event arises, check
the sphere that had dropped. This refers back earlier to the game, when
Tidus had cut off Yuna...now you see why. You'll later witness Deja Vu and
finally understand the meaning of the game's intro.

Party: Tidus, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron, Rikku, Yuna
Enemies: Ykt-11, Yat-97, Fallen Monk, Lady Yunalesca, Behemoth, Bashura,
         Dark Flan, Mandragora, Ahriman, Grendel, Defender Z, Spectral
Items: Luck Sphere, 10000 Gil, Friend Sphere, Lvl.3 Key Sphere, Spiritual
       Targe, Sun Crest
Key Items: Sun Crest

Continue your way through, you'll have to walk a long way though. The enemies
here shouldn't be much of a problem since you've dealt with them before.
You will eventually reach a save point, then head up and after the ghost
talks with you. The enemies in here are tough...watch for the Defender Z,
run if you must. Wait until a save point to fight these enemies. I suggest
you just level up like a...well, like crazy. It's not neccessary but a stat
boost here and there can really help you along the way.

You'll come across an intersection with the ghost of Seymour and his mother.
Afterwards take the right path and pick up a Friend Sphere(yay!), and later on a
Lvl.3 Key Sphere(finally!). To get the Lvl.3 Key Sphere you must look
for a path that descends down...it's basically near where the two tracks
are going in slightly opposite directions, to the bottom left of where you
had witnessed the Auron event.

If you ask me, this whole Zanarkand scene is almost like the Chronopolis
scene in Chrono Cross, but eh.

You'll encounter yet another Cloister of Trials...>.< Step on the first
glowing floor switch in front of you. Now step on the first three tiles on
the right, but not the fourth one up top. Then step on the tile to the top
left...this will make the room go bonkers...err...I guess that's how I can
describe it. Push the pedestal at the top left, remember to press X, then
head into the next room. Now this room is a little more difficult. Step on
the 1 below to see which switch to step on. The map below is obviously not
in proportion due to the text size, and I would change the text size but it
would alter the guide in an ugly way. 16 rows across, 17 columns down.

There are six pedestals


in the first room of the cloiser of trials. Below are the solutions to just
four. Follow them...=D The other two are not needed to be completed.

Note: You can start from the 1 under the display...and you must step on the
      tiles that is marked a number. You can step on these tiles in any
      order...but as you can expect, this is going to be quite tedious.

   A puzzle                      B puzzle                       E puzzle
   (Display)                     (Display)                      (Display)
------1---------              ------1---------              ------1---------
---------------X              ---------------4              ---------------7
-----2----5-----              -----2----3-----              -----X----3-----
------------X---              ------------X---              ------------X---
3-----X-----X---              X-----X-----5---              X-----X-----X---
-----X----------              -----X----------              -----2----------
----        ----              ----        ----              ----        ----
----        ----              ----        ----              ----        ----
---4        --X-              ---9        --X-              ---X        --X-
----        ----              ----        ----              ----        ----
--X-        ----              --X-        ----              --X-        ----
----        -6--              ----        -X--              ----        -X--
----        ----              ----        ----              ----        ----
----        --X-              ----        --6-              ----        --X-
X---        ----              X---        ----              5---        ----
-----X----------              -----8----------              ------4---------
-------X-----X--              -------X-----7--              --------6----X--

   F puzzle
----        ----
----        ----
---X        --X-
----        ----
--X-        ----
----        -X--
----        ----
----        --6-
X---        ----

Afterwards, take the Besaid Sphere and place it on the right middle pedestal
in the previous room. Then take the Kilika Sphere and place it on the last
pedestal in the previous room. As the save point appears, save your game and
continue onto the next room.
Boss: Spectral Keeper    HP: 52000
This battle will involve more strategy than brute. There are six glyphs that
the party can move to. Use your summons only for Overdrives...they won't be
able to escape the Glyph mines. Use the CTB window(top right, the bars) and
check the bar. If it gets almost dark purple(or whatever dark color,
depending on your contrast), switch glyphs. Before you begin to attack,
move characters in a triangle formation, so that when he strikes multiple
glyphs, he will only damage one character. This boss primarily will just
counterattack, but cast Protect and Haste(or Hastaga). Look for the Glyphs
to glow, if it emits a ray and your character is underneath, move. It's
not too important that you wear Berserk Ward and Berserkproof equipment,
but it might help. It doesn't neccessarily hurt to have Auron in berserk
mode...assuming his HP doesn't deplete. If you can use all of your Aeons'
Overdrives, you stand an excellent chance of winning. Bahamut should do
at least 11000 HP of damage now.

After the battle you'll witness a series of shocking events. Be sure to
save your game. If you need to unlock Lvl.2 and Lvl.3 Key Spheres, then
fight the Defender Z, they will always drop one of the two...with Lvl.3
being the rarer one. Level up and be sure to wear equipment that protects
against status effects like Darkness, Silence, Death, Confuse, etc.
You probably won't protect against all status effects(since the idiots who
programmed the game won't allow it).

Now continue on.
Boss: Yunalesca    HP: 24000(1st), 48000(2nd), 60000(3rd)
Don't use your Overdrives for the first form, save them. Attack like normal,
having Yuna heal and cast Protect and Shell. Have Tidus cast Hastega. Her
evade rate is somewhat high, so you might have a couple of misses in the
battle. She'll counter attack each physical attack with Blind and each magic
attack with Silence...so make sure you have armor than protects against it
or at least cure those status ailments immediately. Take this time to cast
protective spells and such, and keep your HP up. Her absorb attack will drain
close to 2200 HP. Keep in mind that when she does her little attack where it
seems that ice comes off...she just removed your barriers. >.< Now when the
second form comes to shape, she'll inflict Zombie status on all characters.
This poses major problems as you will need to heal. Quickly heal your
Zombie status and Yunalesca will cast curative spells on you. However, her
Mega Death attack kills all...so being in Zombie status will counter that.
You can Threaten Yunalesca, but if Auron is your most powerful member(which
I am betting he is), then you should just stick with him attacking unless
someone else has Threaten to freeze up Yunalesca...and hopefully prevent her
from using Hell Biter. Use Blizzaga if you have it. Unfortunately for you
she just keeps using Hell Biter...so you'll either need to finish her off
real quickly or keep a lot of Holy Waters and Remedies in stock. Your
best bet is to dispose of her quickly. When her 3rd form appears she'll use
Mega Death to kill all...so anyone not in Zombie Status will be killed.
She'll continue to use Hell Biter in this battle as well. Use your Aeons'
Overdrives now...they might not last long, but they should only be intended
to use their Overdrives. Yunalesca will just cast Osmose and Drain on your
Aeons, so you won't be able to heal them and they'll be low on life. Your
Aeons will also be inflicted the Curse status, which prevents using another
Overdrive. You may stand a good chance with Shiva in, assuming she can use
her Diamond Dust first and then use her Heavenly Strike. The Heavenly Strike
will sometimes freeze Yunalesca...allowing you to get in consecutive hits.
But you'd be a lucky bird if you were able to consecutively damage her until
the battle is over with Heavenly Strike. If you don't have any Holy Waters
or Remedies to heal the Zombie status, then kill the character quickly
and hope that you can revie them. Try to damage Yunalesca down to about
13000 and hopefully your Bahamut will do about 11000+ to Overkill her, this
gives you a whopping 21000 AP instead of 14000 AP. Avoid keep all three
characters out of Zombie form, otherwise when Mega Death hits, you won't be
able to revive. When you do revive, use a Phoenix Down only, no Mega Phoenix.
If you do, you kill the zombie character and leave the other revived
character(s) open to Mega Death. The key to winning this battle is to save
your summons for the 3rd form if you can, then use them all(with Bahamut
last) on the 3rd form. So I'm assuming you already have all Overdrives
filled...otherwise they'd be almost useless.

After the battle head back and then talk with Auron. You'll soon learn a
shocking truth about Auron.

Party: Tidus, Kimhari, Wakka, Lulu, Auron, Rikku, Yuna
Enemies: Demonolith, Great Malboro, Wraith, Land Worm, Gemini, Exoray,
         Behemoth King, Barbatos, Land Worm, Ahriman, Adamantoise
Items: Hrunting, Prism Ball, White Magic Sphere, Wicked Caith Sith, Infinity,
       Laevatein, Antidote Sphere, Stillblade, Skill Sphere, Mage's Staff,
       20000 Gil, Defending Bracer, Wizard Lance, Elixir, Lvl.3 Key Sphere,
       Lvl.4 Key Sphere, Defense Sphere, HP Sphere, Four-on-One,
       Defending Bracer, Attribute Sphere, Stillblade, Special Sphere,
       Phantom Ring
Key Items: None

NOTE: While this is the time to do some Side Quests, keep in mind that if
      you obtain more summons, you'll make the last battle tougher.

When you head outside you'll see Sin...and you'll later be given control of
the airship(finally).  Head to the rear of the airship and talk with Yuna.
You'll soon learn that you have to find Mika, the very one that betrayed you
earlier and make him talk. But as you head back to the bridge the plan
changes completely. Go to the highbridge in Bevelle and talk with Mika.
Then you'll talk with the Fayth.

When you talk with Cid, enter the passwords: GODHAND, Victorious, and
MURASAME. Make sure to input them in capital letters. The passwords will
reveal new locations scattered within Spira. These are obviously optional,
so they will be explained more in the Side Areas section. Select the Sin
destination and continue on.

Afterwards go to the back of the ship and go through the same path you went
earlier to fight Evrae.
Boss: Left and Right Fin    HP: 65000(each)
This battle really isn't too hard, depending on how you've leveled up. You
will first start off at a distance...so using Aeons' special attacks, Wakka's
Blitzball, and Lulu's black magic is the key. Take this time to build up your
Aeons' Overdrives by keeping your distance and using their special attacks.
When attacking from a distance cast Protect on everyone. When up close use
Mental Break and Armor Break against it. Watch for it to charge it's core,
that means a magic based attack, so anyone with Shell will take half damage.
After Gravija hits, it'll take 3/4 of your HP away. Be sure to use Mega
Potion or Curaga to heal.

Boss: Sin, Sinspawn Genais    HP: 36000, 20000
First take out Sinspawn Genais...you won't be able to damage Sin unless you
take out Sinspawn Genais first. The Sigh attack wil do about 1200 HP of
damage, but use Protect to cut it down to 50%. When Genais covers up it'll
counter attack physical attacks with Cura, so don't bother trying to damage
it...unless you use Auron. Cast Hastega and Shell to have the Gravija
attack take down 3/8 of your HP instead of 3/4. The boss will cast low level
magic, sometimes after Gravija. This will mean instant death for characters
if your HP isn't at least 680. Try to avoid using Overdrives, this boss isn't
too tough for you to use them. When the core charges and your HP is low,
don't bother to heal until after Gravija. Since Gravija is a gravity attack,
it cannot kill you.

After the battle save your game. While those two battles were long, they
were relatively easy...but don't expect that for long once you're inside.
Regular enemies can pose tougher challenges than the two bosses you just

When you're on the airship, head to the back of the airship. Talk with Yuna,
and you'll later head back to the bridge. Afterwards just head to where you
last spoke with Yuna.
Boss: Sin(Head)    HP: 140000
Ouch. Sin's Overdrive is an obvious killer. First cast Haste, Shell, and
Protect on all party members. When it gets close, use Mental and Armor
break. It will use a Demi attack every other round, so don't worry about
healing. When it's Overdrive is about to hit, make sure to bring in a Aeon
and use Shield. Don't bother to cure your status ailments unless you need
to heal since it will just keep casting the demi-status-effects attack. Your
party should be able to knock the boss down in time before it casts it's
Overdrive though. Even though it has 140000 HP, you should be strong enough
to deal significant damage to it. It's not that hard of a boss battle
believe it or not.

Save your game and continue on. Be careful, the enemies in here are tough.
Also notice the map, it only marks where you have been...so make sure you
don't miss any items.

                       |                  Key:
   X                   |                  X = Treasure Chest
    \----------------  |                  = = Waterfall, you must go around
    |               |  |                      to get them
    |               |--X              Start = This is where you first start
    |               |
    |             |
    |             |--------
  X |             |       |

I suggest you avoid fighting King Behemoths, they'll cast Meteor when they
die and most likely it'll kill your party members. Now equip your party
with armor that absorbs or nullifies elemental attacks...any one of them,
preferably an armor that Wards off 3 to 4 elements.
Boss: Seymour Omnis    HP: 80000
Seymour will use Firaga, Blizzaga, Waterga, and Thundaga pretty much every
round and up to four times in a row in this battle. For a summoning tip,
make sure your Summons are all in Overdrive mode. Avoid summoning an Aeon
that is using the same element Seymour is using...the summon will most likely
be banished...but sometimes not. Only use Aeons for their Overdrives in
this battle. Sometimes if you have an Aeon matching the same element Seymour
is using they'll be healed every round...but you must attack regularly or
use your Aeons' special attacks. Seymour will cast Ultima everytime after
Dispel...so if you can, cast Shell on a remaining character or have an Aeon
Shield it. Use all neccessary Overdrives in this battle and keep your HP
up. Have Kimahri use Mighty Guard in this battle...it comes extremely handy
since it casts Shell, Protect, and NulAll.

After the battle go back and save your game and continue on. Now the enemies
get a bit tougher here. You need to kill a certain number of fiends to open
each door...now that's asking a lot. If you ask me, and if you've been
leveling up, you don't need to open the doors just yet. You can continue on
ahead to the next save point.

Now when you see a giant structure fall, touch the emblem. Now in this next
area are several crystals that shoot up. Make sure not to touch them,
otherwise you'll be put in a battle...but you can run from the battles.
There are 10 items that you must pick up, all of them very useful. Pick up
those stationary crystals and after 10, the last battle shall begin. Make
sure to equip armor that protects against stone status too.
Boss: Braska's Final Aeon    HP: 60000, 120000
Now the key to winning this battle is to talk when the Overdrive is about to
build. Try to save your summons for the next form. If you can inflict Zombie
status on Jecht, then do so. Otherwise hit the Pagodas once in a while to
stop their movement. You won't be able to destroy them since they keep
coming back. If you can, use your Aeons to use Shield(but not their
Overdrives) just before Jecht's Overdrive. Although when you talk with
Jecht and his Overdrive doesn't stop building, don't worry about it. As long
as you talk to him the Overdrive will start over. But be careful though,
you won't be able to use the Talk command every time. Just save it until the
Overdrive starts to build. Use Armor and Mental break and cast Protect and
Haste on as many characters as possible. If the Overdrives initiates,
Jecht Bomber will hit, taking away 3/4's of the party's HP. Note that each
time you take down the Pagodas you'll have to damage them even more to take
them down the next time. Using a Zombie status will help tremendously in
this battle. Watch for Jecht's Beam...it will petrify a character and then
put that character out of battle...leaving you with one less party member.
Now in the second form cast Protect, Shell, Haste, and Regen continously
and heal any negative status effects. Hopefully you've saved your Overdrives
till this battle. I don't think I have to say much for the second form, and
if you have to do anything desperate...then do it...because this is the last
battle. Use Zombie Attack again on Jecht...watch for the Pagodas, if you
can't use a Zombie status on Jecht, good luck winning this battle. Note that
you must use the Zombie Attack continously...it wears off everytime the
Pagoda tries to heal him.

Now the next battle, well...it really isn't a battle, you will have to call
your Aeons and defeat them one by one. They only have as much HP as you
initially began them with prior to the battle with Jecht. You'll be surprised
by how much damage you do since they have high defense and magic defense,
much like Yuna's stats tenfold. You really can't die either, you'll be
revived. You can summon other Aeons since Yu Yevon cannot possess two Aeons
at the same time. Use a Zombie attack on Yu Yevon(99999), otherwise you
won't stand a chance. Use it after the Pagodas heal him, and when it tries
to use Osmose in Zombie mode, it'll actually give you MP since undead
characters hurt themselves draining living people. Once again you won't
die...Auto-Life is always on. Since this battle is so easy, I don't really
call it a battle since you can't die from it. By the way, Yu Yevon looks
kinda wimpy...you're telling me that tiny little midget is the source of
all our problems? Man...that's...err...scary...yeah...hi.

Enjoy the ending!


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P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.