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.hack Part 1: Infection (PS2)

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- Walkthrough|
When you first start your game, you're greeted with a short movie consisting of
a reading of sorts of an epitaph.

After this, you hear Kite talking for a minute "IRL" (In Real Life... aka, not
game-Kite), and you get to choose a Username and Character Name for The World.
For purposes of this guide, if you rename Kite, remember the name Kite. 'Cause
I'll call him that.

Now, you get to see Altimit OS for the first time. You can change the look if
you want by going into Accessory and selecting one of 3 looks (orange, red,
blue... that's all you have now).

Read your mail, read the news, then once you're ready (if you're not on the
demo, you may as well save), go to The World. Here, you can Login or go to the

The first BBS posts are pretty much just explaining the system. Read through
'em, get to know them, since you'll be using this for the next 60 hours
(figuring 20 hours a game... maybe more... though you're probably not playing
them in order and in one sitting... feh. Whatever.) A few posts about the News
items you may have read (if you cared), but nothing major.

Now, once you've read the BBS, head to Login. You'll head to Mac Anu, the Delta
Server root town.

  |Mac Anu|

Once you login, you'll be greeted by Orca. He'll tell you to call him Orca, and
not Yasuhiko, his IRL name. Then he'll go through a short tutorial of inviting
someone to your party.

You'll notice emoticons. A lot. Especially :-)

Next, Orca will lead you through a tutorial about keywords.

  |Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field|

More tutorials. Camera, Attacking, and Chat Commands.

Now, Orca's quite the high level (level 50, actually), so go around fighting
whatever you can, and let him do most of the work. He'll do upwards of a couple
thousand damage, and you get 60 EXP per Goblin that he kills for you (in one
hit, might I add). Not that you shouldn't fight too, just don't get yourself

Once you've cleared the field, head to the dungeon. Another tutorial, about
treasure chests, including 2 for you free just for starting out.

*cough* Yeah. So, keep on, and there will be a cutscene involving a mysterious
white girl being chased by what seems to be a high-level monster (Orca makes a
reference to "something like that in this level?" which leads me to believe it)
If you've seen SIGN, you know who the girl is. I won't spoil it for those that
don't, however. :-p

Now. Dungeon time.

The entire dungeon is pretty much tutorial. Just get used to seeing it for a
little while.

Floor B1:
Head forward, and you'll see a two-way split. Head to the right, where the girl
went, and you'll find a dead end with a Speed Charm. Now where did she go?

Head out, and down the other side of the split. Orca will explain trapped rooms
and you fight a goblin. Moving along. Stairs down.

Floor B2:
Empty hall. Keep moving.

Uh-oh. 3-way split. Which way to go?

In front of you is the Gott Statue, signifying the end of the dungeon.

But, if you want a bit more experience and treasure first, head left and right.

Leave the room after opening the Gott Statue chest, and there's another
cutscene. The girl from before gives Orca a book, and a monster appears (the
same from before). Just when you think it's gonna be a boss fight... Orca takes
a stand. And, unfortunately, it doesn't look good for him.

Orca is taken out, and the next you know, it looks to be coming after you.
But you get a System Error, and the book floats down on you (It's the Book of
The Twilight, an Event Item).

Look, it's a man-guy.

A monologue by Kite (the game doesn't show the real world, just The World, so
it wouldn't show what actually happened). Now, you're back in Altimit.


You'll have mail explaining you can only login to the Delta and Theta servers.

Go to the BBS, and Kite will post a message about Orca. Nothing new here
other than that, go Login.

Heh. You can't. I wonder why.

Quit, and you should have mail. It's from "Au]$". The message is partly
messed up, but it says:
  To the one who holds the book.
  Skeith is looking for me.

  There is no time.
  Please. Help me.

That sounds bad. Go back to The World, and try logging in now. Nothing on the
BBS yet. What? It works now? Wow.

  |Mac Anu|
You log in, and find yourself being circled by a female Heavy Blade User.
She'll confront you about staring at her, and ask if you're a newbie. Kite
won't answer, so she leaves.

Walk down a bit. The man to your right is a Recorder. If you're not playing
the demo, he can save the game for you.

Keep walking. Off to your right, just before the bridge, the path leads down,
and to an healing item shop. Buy some if you want, if you feel you have enough,
whatever. Your call.

Do weapon shopping if you want, trade with some of the people there.

Credit: fedor56301@yahoo.com - Name Koji
If you can, find Koji in Mac Anu. He has a weapon called the Reitei, a very
nice level 11 Thunder weapon. He's not too demanding on the trading, you can
probably offer the treasure you found from Bursting Passed Over Aqua in the
Gott Statue. If you can't find him now, wait until after you've gone a bit
farther (after the next field, actually), and you'll be able to go to a field
and come back, each time generating new people to trade with, such as Koji.
This weapon will last you for a good while (though I don't think you can
upgrade it at any Springs on Delta, you'll have to wait a bit until Theta.)

When you are ready, go to the Chaos Gate and Examine it. Black Rose will come
back to you, asking you to take her to the Forbidden Hidden Holy Ground. Battle
level 7. Not a good idea, but you have no choice.

  |Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground|
Big cathedral. Head towards it. Kite will fight a Goblin (cutscene). Black Rose
about pissed her pants. Who's the newbie now?

Another cutscene, around a statue of Aura. And who shows up... but Balmung of
the Azure Sky. He comes in, kicks some ass, and tells you to leave. Pretty
standard routine for him.

Black Rose attacks the infinite HP monster, and Kite flashes back to Orca.

He hears a voice, telling him to open the book. Here, you use Book of Twilight.
No choice. You use it.

Kite gains his mostly unique ability here, the ability to data drain. And his
clothes change. For whatever reason. You find a Virus Core M, and Balmung calls
you "the same as the virus". Another series of cutscenes.

  |Mac Anu|
If you want some better trading items, or just a good weapon to have around,
head back to Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field. You can throw your amateur blade
in the Spring of Myst there and get Phantom Blades. Or you can do smart trading
with items you found and possibly get Shadow Blades, an even higher level.

The trading people are random, so I can't tell you for sure if you'll find any-
thing in particular, just look around, talk to people, and try to trade.

Anyway, you can log out now, and there are a few new posts on the BBS. Or so
it seems. Your post about Orca was deleted. Odd.

There's also a post about a game of Tag. It's a Goblin. If you beat him, you
win something. He gives you keywords or it. May as well try, right?

But first, go check your mail. You'll have 2 mails, one from Helba and one from
Black Rose. Reply as you want. News about "The World for Idiots". Whatever.

  |Mac Anu|
Let's go play Tag. Login, and you'll be back in Mac Anu. Wait. Maybe no tag
yet after all. Those guys have interesting news... Go find the Catgirl and the
guy with her. Mia and Elk. You'll see a cutscene with them, and Elk talks
about Aromatic Grass. *cough* Mia wonders about the bracelet neither Elk nor
Kite can see. Yup. Now go play Tag.
It's the Detestable Golden Sunny Demon.

  |Detestable Golden Sunny Demon|
You're greeted by Stehoney, and asked to play tag. Well, that's the point of
coming here, right?

Chase him around, attacking him. If you're having trouble, feel free to use a
Speed Charm to help out. Otherwise, it's not difficult. Not like he attacks
back or anything.

Yay, you get the Goblin Cap for beating him. As well as 130 EXP. Not bad.

Now, find that annoying bouncing thing. Investigate it, and you'll get the
Mandragora Key Item. It's Grunty Food. There are several of these, and they
will come in handy once you can get to Theta.

Just go around, examine stuff. Whatever. Then Gate Out.

Call up Black Rose to join a party, and head on back over to Bursting Passed
Over Aqua Field.

  |Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field|
It can never hurt to level up, and 2 swords are better than 1. Or is it, 3 are
better than 2, in this case? Whatever. In the rooms next to the Gott Statue,
the Portals will be back. Kill, and take treasure.

The Gott Statue is, of course, still gone. So go ahead and leave. For me, it
was enough for level 2. Hopefully for you as well. Also, if you didn't before,
you should have gotten All Dungeon Portals Open this time. That's good.

You may want to continue leveling up. Head to a new field (just choose one...
make sure it's not too powerful).

Now, once you think you're ready, log out. Go read the BBS. You should have
several new Keywords to use. Such as Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand. That's
where you wanna go.

  |Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand|
When you arrive, you're greeted by another Twin Blade user, dressed a bit like
a ninja. He tells you he came because he saw the message on the BBS, but the
Admin turned him away. Feh. Find the dungeon, and head in.

Sure enough, the Admin tries to turn you away. So? Ignore him and move on.

Nothing in the first room but the Admin. Move along, defeat the monsters, and
move along again. Assuming you leveled up enough, it shouldn't be too

Move forward in the next room (west) and get the treasure lying beyond the
door. Now leave, and go down the other path. Following it leads to the stairs.
Get the symbol in this room, and head down.

Head forward into the next room, fight, and move along. Follow the forward

At the break, head to your left (east). Get the treasure, and head back down
the other path. Fight, move along, and down stairs.

Move forward, along the path. No enemies. And that green stuff from the ground.
I can't see how this would give anyone a good feeling.

In the next room, Kite sees a rather large monster. "... Data Bug?!"

|Boss Fight: He{dhu&__er (Headhunter)        |
|HP: 250 (after DD)                          |
|                                            |
|This fight's pretty straightforward. Hit it |
|repeatedly until you see "Protect Break!".  |
|Then, Data Drain it like it ain't no thang. |
|Now it has normal HP, just beat the snot out|
|of it.                                      |

After the fight, you'll meet Mistral, who asks about your abilities.

And so it looks like you're not the only one who didn't listen to the Admins.
Nice enforcement job, huh?

She gives you her Member Address, and so you can get a Wave Master in your
party now.

You have no choice to go on and finish the dungeon. Kinda sucks, but oh well.
Next you know, you'll be back in Mac Anu.

  |Mac Anu|
Whee, look, Piros. A Heavy Axeman. A victim class of ugly translation.

He asks to you watch him save a friend. Yeah. Right.

Go ahead and agree. He says he'll meet you there. Do your stuff, and head off.

  |Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage|
You should see the dungeon immediately west of where you start. Just head there
for now, ignore the field.

B1: Still no Piros. Hrm. Straight. At the break, heading right will lead to a
portal and some urns. Left is a portal, some boxes, a Golden Egg, and a chest.

The forward path is where to go to find Piros. Well, on the way, at least. To
the right of the fork is some more treasure-y stuff. Left is the down stairway.

B2: A tip. Don't try to take on a Headhunter alone with level 6 Kite. You know,
the boss we just fought. Just don't try it.

Go straight, and north. Continue north. East. East more is portal, North are
the stairs down.

B3: East is a portal, west is the Gott Statue. But don't forget the purpose of
coming here. Head back to the intersection, heal, and go north.

To fight a simple Rock Head. Not that powerful any enemy, and not a Data Bug
as was, I'm sure, to be expected. Just kill it. Wood works well, since it's
Earth and all.

He gives you his member address, so now you can get an arrogant Heavy Axe with
you as well. Again, automatically back to Mac Anu.

  |Mac Anu|
You'll get a notice that you got new email. Log out, and go check it. First is
a warning about your investigations. Then, a notice about winning a contest,
and quite likely a friendly email from Black Rose. Let's go claim that prize.

You get a Book of Law. Apparently its use will boost your character level. So,
try and use it.

Insallation Error? Character override forbidden? That's odd.

Soon after you get this, or maybe you have already, you should get more email.
It may take a few, but soon you'll get one from Mia, asking you to meet her to
learn about your bracelet (specifically, about Gate Hacking). So, go meet her.

  |Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls|
So, to get to the bottom of the dungeon... alone. Could be a little tough.

An admin telling you to go away. Again. Bah. Keep on.

B1: West. North at the symbol is treasure, south treasure and a continuing
path. East and down.

B2: East, and make your way north. In the 3-way, E and W both have treasure.
North lies where you need to go. And west is the way down.

B3: Mia will talk to you again. Head west. Treasure, corpse, and south. Whew.
Tought fight here. For me, at least. East is another portal. North from there
is a dead end with stuff. South portal. From there, west and south. Stairs
down. Finally.

B4: South and west. North. East. South. Continue. Down.

B5: North. See that purple mist? That's a signal. It means "Heal your ass best
you can 'fore you walk through this door." Especially when you're soloing like

|Boss Fight: __ed^|} (Red Wyrm)              |
|HP: 850 (after DD)                          |
|                                            |
|Skills and scrolls as much as you can. Stay |
|out of range of his. Just keep at him until |
|you see "Protect Break", stopping only to   |
|heal. If your choice whether or not to DD   |
|the Red Wyrm again or not, but don't risk   |
|a bad Infection meter for it.               |

  |Mac Anu|
And auto-gate. I really would like to get a Gott Statue beyond a boss one day.
Mia and Elk both give you their member addresses. Wow. 6 people now (including

Mia's a blademaster and Elk's a wavemaster. Mia happens to have 666GP when she
joins you.

Mia'll lead you through a tutorial on Gatehacking involving Closed Oblivious
Twin Hills.

Hack the gate. Ooh. Purty colors.

  |Closed Oblivious Twin Hills|
You can make a choice. Go for the Field All Open or go to the dungeon. I went
for the FAO, for one, because it's an AO, and two, I needed the levelling.

But it's up to you.

B1: North and north. And north. North-down. And... north? Wow. Ooh! Lemee
guess this one! North! Now there's a split. I wonder if the north path is the
right one. Well, west is a long hallway. But it doesn't go anywhere other than
to an Immature Egg. East continues past the next room, but leads to a dead end
with a chest. Which leaves... wow. North. And north-down.

B2: North... look at that. A boss door, to the north. Heal, rest, wait for your
SP to return.

|Boss Fight: *tone^t (Stone Turtle) HP: 1090 |
|                                            |
|It's easier with 3 people. Elk will be near |
|useless until you DD, as the guy seems to be|
|unaffected by skills and scrolls. Just keep |
|at him alongside Mia, and let Elk handle    |
|healing. Once you can DD him, give the Skill|
|command and use as much Wood as you can on  |
|him, he shouldn't last too long (not even   |
|long enough for me to note his max HP...)   |

  |Mac Anu|
Yay, auto-warp. And new mail.

Lots of new BBS posts as well. And news.

Lots 'o stuff. Log back in, and there's Balmung. And then Helba. Gettin' crazy

Logging back out will bring more. Emails and posts.

There's another email from Aura, a bit harder to decipher...

I want to be born. To live.   (Thanks to too many people to name, sadly for the
That is all I want.             help on line 1... still no clue on line 3...)
<?>. <?>.
Bearer of the bracelet. Help me.
Before there are any more

The email from Black Rose enables you to head on over to Theta server.

You could, at this point, either go ahead and go to Theta server, or head to
look for the Spiral Edge. I'm going for the Spiral Edge first, but if you want
to head to Theta, skip ahead.

At this point, only Piros and Mistral are available to adventure with you. So
invite them along, and let's go.

  |Raging Passionate Melody|
The dungeon is *directly* north of where you start. So head north, and go in.

B1: You'll see Natsume waiting inside, afraid to go in for the Spiral Edge.
Head past her north. East leads to a portal, treasure, jars and urns. North is
a large area with 2 portals and several chests. West then south leads to the

B2: South and south. West wraps around north to loot. East leads directly to
loot in the next room, and continues on east. It then wraps north to the stairs.

B3: North and north. East is a portal. West is the last portal. North is the
Gott Statue, with the Spiral Edge and some treasure. You can choose to give the
Spiral Edge to Natsume, and she'll make a certain comment, and give you her
member address. Yay.

Now, to Theta.

  |Dun Loireag|
Wow. Talk about a name change... Dona Loriak was the romanji of the JP name...
Black Rose is waiting for you here.

Look! Puchis! If you head to the south of the town, you can feed one for the
purpose of raising it. You can either just give it food or use my guide later
on (well, Stan60's, but it's here) to determine what one you want.

  |Quiet Eternal White Devil|
This is where there was another Aura sighting. North quite a ways is the
dungeon. I'm not sure how far it is south, but that may be quicker.

B1: North and north and north. East eventually leads to loot, but there are 2
portals in the way first. West, south, south, south is stairs, or break east
before the least south for a symbol and some loot.

B2: South. South is a portal and treasure. East is one of several "nothing
rooms". Another is east again.

East of there is another. And another. North is loot, south is a portal and

Back north, west, west. North is a large room with a portal. North again. West
is portal and loot. East is portal, then north to the stairs.

B3: North, east, east, north. Keep on and you'll find... nothing. It's a dead
end, at the end of the dungeon, with no Gott Statue. Odd.

Head over to Delta.

  |Mac Anu|
There's a scene with Mia and Elk... Mia seems to not understand a basic human
emotion... odd. Then Elk comes to talk to you. He asks you to accompany him to
Plenteous Smiling Hypha.

  |Plenteous Smiling Hypha|
A rather high level place, in comparison to others. But not too bad. Though it
does have to be just you and Elk...

North of you is the dungeon.

B1: North. East is treasure. West is a path ot T2 room. North to T1 room.

In T1 room, east is treasure, north is treasure, and west is T2 room.

In T2 room, south is path to O room, north is path to treasure, and west is

B2: West. North. Ha. Elk insulted me (in battle... "Staying alive is important
you know."). North again. And again.

B3: Again. West is a portal. Heal before going north, it's a boss-door.

|Boss Fight: Ki/er S^&asker (Killer Snaker)  |
|                                   HP: 1330 |
|                                            |
|Just pound on him a lot. Use a First Aid!   |
|command to keep Elk at that while you pound,|
|as this guy's got some bite, and Elk won't  |
|be much good otherwise until you DD. After  |
|the 2 Words of God come up, DD him ASAP. Do |
|not be like me and miss your chance to DD   |
|while he Restores Protect, just do it. Use a|
|Mage's Soul if necessary. Once you DD, issue|
|a Skills! command so Elk will help you bring|
|him down, but if you lasted this long, the  |
|rest is a piece of cake.                    |

They leave you all alone. Apparently you don't matter to them at all anymore.
Oh well. Not like they won't still come with you.

Log out, read the boards, and check your mail and news.

Log back in, and Mia gives Piros a "Magic Love Potion"... heh. Looks like we
have to go find the cure... invite the other of your choice to go with you and
Piros. High level area...

  |Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold|
Find the dungeon. I really can't remember the direction I went to find it...

B1: North. North again is a portal. West and north and north. Downstairs.

B2: East. South. West. South. Treasure. West. North. Down.

B3: North north north. Down.

B4: North. West. North. East. East. Get the Gott Statue. Now to go for the

B2: South. West. Follow the trail to the Custom Remedy.

  |Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder|
This is where the Kotetsu Sword is supposed to be.

You'll see the dungeon directly west of where you start, so head over that way.

B1: Sanjuro's disappointed. Aw. Head on anyway. North and north to a fork. Go
East for minor loot, West for stairs.

B2: West west. West is loot, north is a portal and stairs.

B3: East is a portal, as is north. West is the Gott Statue. Wow. Lookit that.
The Kotetsu Sword that isn't here...

If you give it to Sanjuro, he'll give you his Member Address and a Tolerance
Book. Much more useful than Piros' Diary...

Head over to Theta...

  |Soft Solitary Tri Pansy|
Don't miss the chest behind you. South. East. East. South, and you should get
an All Field Portals Open. But there's still a lot to check out before the
dungeon... East, South for 4 chests. North, East from there for a Piney Apple.
Then West to the end for some more Piney Apples. Now East East North North
West West for the dungeon.

B1: Kite is forced to take the Love Letter to Gardenia. North North. East East
for some loot, East East for more. North for another break. East and west are
again loot. North is Gardenia, who runs downstairs. Follow.

B2: West is a portal. East is where you need to go. South at the next break for
another portal and treasure, north to follow the path to Gardenia again, who
goes downstairs again.

B3: East or west doesn't really matter, they wrap around to the same place. If
you're going for the All Open, go east, there aren't any portals west as far
as I can remember, but there are several east. When you get to the center,
directly north of where you started, head north. More chase.

B4: East of the O is the last portal. West is the Gott Statue. Get it first.
North is a battle where you help out Gardenia. She'll give you her member add-
ress for helping her out. Yay.

  |Cursed Despaired Paradise|
Your next destination, the real place where Aura was seen on Theta. But... it
was locked. And you need a Virus Core Q to get in.

Log out and you'll probably have email from Mistral, asking to play with her
sometime soon. Respond, and log back on. She'll be talking to Apeiron. He'll
end up giving you the item. Mistral will ask you to go with her to a dangerous

  |Collapsed Momentary Spiral|
Another locked area... but you can get in here.

Find the dungeon. Whee, Data Bug.

B1: North. East at the break for loot, west for stairs.

B2: East east. South. East. East.

B3: East. East. Heal. North for boss.

|Boss Fight:W*dSto^k (Thousand Trees) HP:1090|
|Earth it, be sure to tell Mistral to use    |
|her Skills, and just beat on it. If you     |
|beefed up since the last boss like I did, it|
|shouldn't be much of a struggle. When you   |
|Data Drain him, you get a Virus Core Q, just|
|what you needed. Convenient, huh?           |

  |Cursed Despaired Paradise|
Let's try this again. Hack the gate and go in.

These hacked gates are always dark...

B1: South. East and west are loot. South. South south.

B2: South. West. South is a long passageway with a portal. North is down.

B3: North north. And you find Harald's Note. And Epitaph 00.

Summon Gardenia and whoever else you want to your party.

  |Beautiful Someone's Treasure Gem|
To the dungeon.

B1: North. North. North. East and west are loot. North are the stairs.

B2: North. East is a path with portals and loot. West. North. North. East.
East. Down.

B3: East. North most is the Gott Statue, where you will find a Graceful Book.
The rest is portals and loot.

Log out, check the board, check the news, and check your mail. Then head back
to the board. There should be a post to Orca from Bob. He said he'll meet at
an area that is probably Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field. So head over there.

  |Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field|
Bob greets you when you enter the field, tells you about Linda, and gives you

Let's go meet Linda now.

  |Buried Pagan Fiery Sands|
B1: North. West is a couple portals. East is one portal. Follow the path (no
breaks) to find the stairs.

B2: North. East is a small path with a portal and some loot. West is a break.
West more is a portal and loot, north and east to another break. East is a loot
room, north is Linda and an auto-gate. Bah.

  |Lonely Silent Great Seal|
Why are there these level 22 areas on Delta? Stupid supposed "level cap" on the

Oh no. Gate Hacking. Need an O, which you should have, 1 C, which you should
have, and 4 Bs, which you might have. If not, go data drain until you get them.

Ack! Gate hacking and it's not night. Well, yes it is. But it's not dark due
to all the snow.

Get to the dungeon.

B1: North, portal. East for a couple of portals and loot, west for the path.
At the next break, north is lots of portals and some loot, east is a portal
and the stairs.

B2: East. East and South are loot-y rooms, north is a path. At the next split,
west is a portal and loot, north is loot, and east is a portal and stairs.

B3: Just follow the path, no breaks on this floor. When you reach the end, it
is another white room. You get another piece of the Epitaph and auto-gate.

Log out and read your mail. Another mail from Black Rose about where to go.

  |Great Distant Fertile Land|
B1: North. East is 3 portals and 3 chests. West is another break. South from
there is a portal, north are the stairs.

B2: North. East is a portal and a loot room, north is a loot room, and west is
a portal, loot, and stairs.

B3: West. South is a loot room, west leads to the Gott Statue. Get it first.
Now go back and go north. You'll find Meg talking to an Admin, who promptly
leaves. The Admin pressures her into keeping it a secret by convincing her it
is a dangerous place. Bah.

Now you're trying to get to the board quick, before an Admin deletes it. Too
late. Read the rest of the posts, check your mail, and check the news.

Go to The World, but quit without logging in. You'll have mail again.

This is it. Chosen Hopeless Nothingness. Hope you're ready, 'cause it's where
you're gonna fight the last boss.

You also have mail from Aura.

  I can't run any more.
  If Skeith catches me...
  There's still time. There's still
  time. There's still time. There's
  still time. There's still time.

Log back in, make sure you're at a respectable level (I'd say around 30 at
least), and head to Chosen Hopeless Nothingness with your favorite party.
Your favorite party with Black Rose in it, anyway.


  |Chosen Hopeless Nothingness|
B1: East is a portal and loot room, north is a portal, west is a portal, loot,
and stairs.

B2: North. East and West are both paths to loot and portals, north are the

B3: Just follow the path until the break. Here, north is a portal and loot.
East is a portal then a portal and a break. South from here is a portal and
loot, north is a portal and stairs.

B4: Follow the path until the break. It doesn't matter which way, both have 3
portals on the way to the same place, and both have 4 chests. Just pick either
north or west, whichever you like more. Either way, when you get into a room
with 1 portal, 2 chests, and exits to the north, south, and east, go north.

B5: North. North. Make sure you're fully healed and at your peak now... 'cause
the next door north is the last boss.

|Boss Fight: Skeith                  HP:4500 |
|You're pretty much just gonna need to beat  |
|him senseless until you can Data Drain him. |
|Set First Aid! as a priority. You need to be|
|constantly on the defensive while fighting  |
|him. He can Data Drain, which isn't good. It|
|takes both an Antidote and a Restorative to |
|recover from it. If you see him go up into  |
|the air, run the hell away. Be prepared to  |
|Ressurect, 'cause someone's probably gonna  |
|die when he does this. Just don't let it be |
|all 3 of you.                               |
|                                            |
|After you Data Drain him, it's pretty much  |
|the same, but let your wavemaster(s) in on  |
|the action. He's quite a bit easier, I'm not|
|sure he can Data Drain or Judgement, but he |
|can still jump into the air, and it still   |
|hurts like hell.                            |

Watch the pretty movie. Watch the credits. DON'T TURN THE GAME OFF. Save your
game when it asks you. Now read your mail. Read the news. Now go read the BBS.

You can either go fight the last Goblin King now, or go to the hidden dungeon.

Either way, you need to get back to Mac Anu.

I'll do the Goblin King first.

  |Detestable Golden Gate|
Dear God. This is the worst of them by far. My recommendation is picking up
a Bom-Ba-Ye, many Mage's Souls, and many Speed Charms. Speed Charm first, then
go at her constantly with Staccatto (I found it best due to how cheap it is
combined with how many times it hits). When you run out of SP, use a Mage's
Soul. If you let Martina sit there for a minute, she'll put a Health Charm on
herself. Don't let that happen. Healing 17 HP every couple seconds really hurts
on this. Once you beat her, she'll give you the Imp's Pin and tell you to equip
the Goblin Items for "something good" (Summon Goblin skill).

  |Hideous Someone's Giant|
It might be in your best interest to not take a Wavemaster with you, unless you
want to use them for First Aid purposes. 'Cause the boss is Magic Tolerant, so
it's gonna come down to your physical prowess, not Elk or Mistral's strengths.

B1: Follow the path north and east to a split. South is a portal. East is loot.
North is the path. Follow it. At the split, west is a loot room, and south are
the stairs.

B2: South. Well, we know what's south of here, why not look around first? Since
that boss is stronger than Skeith, might wanna hold off as long as possible.
Or not. Whatever. East is a path leading to loot and portals.

Rest up before heading into the next room.

|Boss Fight: Parasite Dragon         HP:9999 |
|If you did bring a Wavemaster with you, tell|
|him or her to First Aid, and everyone else  |
|to use Attack Skills. If you don't have a   |
|Wavemaster doing so, hang back, don't attack|
|a lot, and focus on keeping the others alive|
|for the whole fight.                        |

And... that's it.

You've now completed all story parts of .hack//Infection. And a few non-. Yay.


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P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.