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Golden Sun: The Lost Age (GBA)

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[1]. Begin a New Quest

        You'll be asked to input a password or not. This is used if
you have completed the first game, Golden Sun. The password will
transfer the data, along with items recieved, and levels gained,
only if you completed the game. The names of your characters will
also be transferred. Passwords are classed into Gold, Silver, and
Bronze categories. Gold trasfers all the data, but is done by a
very large password, while Bronze is almost the opposite. If you
don't have Golden Sun, answer 'No', and you'll be asked to name
Felix, then Isaac. Enter their names, and the story begins.

[2]. Before the Fight

Venus Lighthouse

        The game starts with Jenna, Felix and Kraden at the Venus
Lighthouse where the electrical barrier was. Felix moves the statue
onto the switch to turn it off. He gives his farewell to Jenna, and
leaves to meet Saturos and Menardi. After Felix's leave, Jenna feels
worried about Felix and that she should've stopped him. Alex appears
in front of them, and he's not in favor of Felix leaving either.
Instead of leading Jenna and Kraden out of the lighthouse, he decided
to check on Sheba, whom he was worried about. Jenna will get angry at
Alex and at Kraden about Felix's actions. Alex will talk about the
reason why he wants the lighthouses lit, and will stop before the
rest goes on. Jenna will automatically leave, and the electrical
barriers appear right after your disappearance. You'll now finally
have control over Jenna. There should be another door right beside you.
Continue the path and go through the next doorway. There should be two
doors to take. Go to the southern one. After, you'd be close to the
entrance, but to get yourself an Herb, go to the right past the
southern door. Do this little jumping puzzle to get an Herb in a chest.
Return to the room before and then go south to exit.

Venus Lighthouse Entrance

        You're outside the Venus Lighthouse. Go south, until suddenly
a group of people and a group of guards shows up. They want Sheba
back. After giving threats, Alex will come out and tell you to meet
him in Idejima. He'll take care of these guards. They won't let you
through, so he goes up to one of the guards, and throws him up in
the air using a burst of water from the ground. He goes up to another
guard, and does the same. When there are two guards left, the group
of other people flee because they're scared! Then Alex stares the two
guards down until they disappear from the screen, but he also leaves
temporarily. Now, go west from where you are, at the end of the path,
a Ruffian blocks your way, and you'll have to go into battle with
him. Your first battle is easy, use Fume psynergy and defeat him.
You'll get an Herb after the fight. Once the battle is over, exit.

Suhalla Gate

        Suhalla Gate. To the north, another Ruffian shows up. One
Fume can finish the job with an Herb as a reward. After, run through
the path of stairs. Go up or down on any vines you find. Explore
everywhere, then soon enough you'll find a doorway. When you attempt
to go in, three Ruffians show up. Use the same battle techniques, use
Fume each turn to take them out one-by-one. Once that's finished,
enter the cave, and continue down. Go through the path, until you
find a Psynergy stone. When you get close to it, a Punch Ant will
ambush you. Attack it with your fire Psynergy to beat it. Continue
through the path. You will eventually exit and appear on Idejima.


        Here you are, on the island that was shown before the end of
Golden Sun. Kraden suddenly spots the ship that's docked here. He
jumps in to check what's inside, then comes back out. It was
Saturos's ship, and Jenna and Kraden are suppose to be there waiting.
But the, Kraden notices the "thingie" is missing that makes the boat
run. Alex appears once again, and their plan is to leave on the boat
once the beacon lights up. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs, and
everybody looks at the Venus Lighthouse's way. It has been lit, it
looks like Isaac's battle with Saturos, Menardi, and the Fusion
Dragon has ended! The island of Idejima is broken apart, and slowly
drifts away.

        This is a familiar scene to those Golden Sun players who have
conquered the game. Jenna and Kraden are found lying on the ground,
and they talk. They talk about Isaac, and Felix, and are wondering
where they are. Suddenly, Alex shows up and tells them that there is
something they need to see. The two follow him, and on the shores,
they suddenly find Felix and Sheba alive but unconsious. This is the
ending of Golden Sun, but now in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the quest
finally continues.

[3]. Lost in the Sea


        The group wonders if Felix and Sheba will ever wake up. And
to their words, Sheba's eyes open. She wonders, and stands up. She
announces that Saturos and Menardi are gone. Now she wonders if
Felix will wake up, and to her words, he does. Now that the
unconsious are up, the group wonders what to do, since they're on
a floating island, and they don't know where it'll go to. But, then,
they believed that their saved because they found another continent!
Sheba notices that they're passing right through and that they're not
going to make it. A sound of crashing water is heard, and Felix
looks. A tidal wave is coming their way! It comes and storms down on
them in a white flash.

        When the screen comes back to color, everybody is lying on
the ground. It looks like Idejima has bumped into another continent.
Felix wakes up first, and asks if you want to check for your
injuries. First you'll check your arms. Your arms are still attached,
and that's a good start. Your legs are working fine too. Yup! You're
fine. Now, you control Felix, go to Jenna and check if she's okay.
She'll be happy to see you. When she joins your party, wake up
Kraden. Lastly, go to Sheba. They all join your party, but are we
missing somebody? Where's Alex? He has disappeared! It looks like the
ship has, too. The group suspects that he set out to find the ship so
he can light the lighthouses...

        The group decides to go to the Great Western Sea to look for
the lighthouses. They all decide to go, but have second thoughts
whether to let Sheba come. She announces, that it's her "destiny" to
come. After pestering them, Sheba was allowed to come. After a series
of questions, leave the island of Idejima, and enter the Overworld of
Weyard for the first time!

A.    I N D R A   C O N T I N E N T

[4]. Idejima To and Through Daila


Find a Nearby Village

        Once you're on the World Map, head south. You'll immediately
bump into a friendly, peaceful village called Daila.


        Explore everywhere, buy items, weapons, and armor for your
party. There's nothing to do here for now, but you'll have to come
back when you've recruited your fourth member. Once you're done
visiting, it's time to meet your first Djinni.


Obtain Your First Venus Djinni

        Once you leave town, you'll find a sparkling red dot flying
around (doesn't it look familiar, GS players?). It will stop and
notice you. It'll come closer, then appear as its visible form. This
is a Venus Djinni, it'll ask you a question, then it'll become your
ally. Once you learn more about the Djinn, you'll be wanting to use
them all the time. Echo has become your ally! It can be very helpful.

Get to the Kandorean Temple

        Now that you're on the World Map again, go southwest, then
southeast to reach a Temple filled with meditating monks.

5. Learn the 'Lash' Psynergy

Kandorean Temple

        At the entrance of the Kandorean Temple, the guards will not
let you through no matter what you pull. To get in, head for the
east, then go north. Use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' Psynergy to blow the
ivy away, and go through the cave. At the end, climb the rope, and
you'll appear outside of the temple, but inside where the guards
cannot see you. You'll find three monks meditating, but inside
you'll also find another three. In this automatic sequence, Master
Poi of the monks appear at the top of the room, and asks how
well the three monks inside the temple are doing. Each of them
could levitate, but not too well. Once Master Poi disappears, you
have to solve the maze to earn an important new Psynergy, and a
new Djinni, too.

Solve the Puzzles

        You will find yourself in a room full of pillars. The first
thing you want to is go north where you'll find a Mimic that looks
like a treasure chest. Fight and defeat it, it'll drop a Game Ticket
when you're finished. Now go to the left side of the room and just
keep going until you reach a doorway. The first thing you want to do
is going down and left. You will meet the monk that thought he could
pass the test. He has fallen. This little maze can make your eyes
boggle, but you can see right into it. For percise directions, from
the red stone near the man, go right to the next red stone. Then go
directly up, then left, and north two steps. There is another opening
in the right side you can go to. Then you can go up again, and reach
an open area where you can climb a ladder. Do so, then go down past 2
rocks, and when you reach the end, jump on the pillars. Jump 2x to
the east, 1x to the south, 1x to the east, 1x to the north, 1x to
the east, 1x to the north, 2x to the west, 1x to the north, 1x to
the east, then finally 1x to the north. Go through the doorway.

        Through the cave, you'll eventually reach two paths. Take
the left one, since the right path leads to a dead end. At the end
of this path, is another doorway. Here, you'll see rushing water.
Climb down the ladder, and run all the way down. There will be an
opening of water that you can run across. Accomplish this by holding
'B' and running north-east. There will be two ways you can go, you
want to go north other than just right across. Continue running up
the river, and when you reach the top, finally go right and down the
dry path. This will take you to another cave door.

        This next puzzle room contains a pillar and two gysers. Push
the pillar on top of the left gyser if you want to get a valuable
Psynergy card, which changes your class and lets you learn new and
strange Psynergy. Once the pillar is on, run to the right gyser, and
stay on it until the gyser brings you up. Once at the top, you can
jump down and recieve the Mysterious Card, an item that will change
your class and give you special psynergy. Jump back down on the
gyser, and move the pillar from the left to the right gyser. Stay on
the left gyser, and it will bring you up to the next puzzle.

        Climb up the ladder and walk on the tightrope. No balance is
needed, but there is an obsticle on the second one you should watch
out for. To avoid this, there is a pathway through the pillars that
leads to a doorway and a pillar. The doorway leads to a deadend, so
go to the pillar, and use Felix's 'Move' Psynergy. Move it right,
then jump across, and continue moving it until it blocks the water
flowing down. Now you can safely walk across without any water
pushing you down and to the lower level. Do not take the ladder when
you arrive at the end. Go to the right and run down. When you reach
a deadend, jump left, go down, jump right, go down, and jump left
again to get by the rocks. Jump across one more time and down the
ladder. Exit by running down.

        Here, you'll spot a Mercury Djinni and a rope. Don't worry
about that yet, you will soon learn the Psynergy that is required to
reach it. Run by, up the ladder, and through the doorway. Then to
the doorway to the right of it. Run around, and you'll reach a
ladder. Climb the ladder, and you'll find a sign. The sign will be a
message from Master Poi and to summarize, telling you to move the
boiling pot without touching it. If you do move it by touching it,
you'll get burned! But you won't lose HP. Use Felix's 'Move', and
move the boiling pot either left or right. Before going any further,
be sure to equip the Mysterious Card on Sheba. Jump over the spot of
lava, and at the end, you'll reach your first boss.

        Three Chestbeaters. They look a lot like the apes in Golden
Sun, but they are a little bit different. This battle can be won
very easily. Have Felix use Echo, the Djinni, then summon Venus right
after. Jenna can use her Fume on one of the apes, and because Sheba
has the Mysterious Card, you can use her Juggle ability to damage all
the apes very badly. If your HP is running low, use Felix's Cure, or
any Herbs that are equipped on your party members if you haven't
already. These apes are resistant to Sheba's Jupiter Psynergy, but
are weak against Jenna's Mars Psynergy. One thing you should note,
is that these apes know how to use items! They will use Herbs on each
other whenever HP becomes low. Contiue these tactics, and the apes
will be defeated. You'll also get a Nut at the end.

        After your battle, a ladder will mysteriously appear. Climb
it, and run through the purple corridor. Once at the end, and to a
new room, you will find Master Poi. He'll be surprised that none of
his students have passed and that a stranger like you did. In this
room, you will also see a rope. He has seen your powers, and has
decided to pass along the Psynergy that has been passed down for
years, given to those followers of the temple. He demonstrates the
power to you, by going to the rope, and extending it to the nail.
Follow him and climb the rope, and examine the rock. Equip this rock
to any party member, and 'Lash' will be available to you. Now, you
can go back and recieve the Mercury Djinni that you saw before. You
don't have to redo the whole temple. Just go backwards until you see
it. Use the new Psynergy 'Lash' on the rope, and climb up. Watch out!
This Djinni will attack you. You have to defeat it in a battle before
it joins you. Use the same tactics as you did while fighting the
three apes, and it will fall soon enough. Once it joins you, return
to Master Poi and exit from there by going down a slope outside. Fog,
the Mercury Djinni works best on a Mercury Adept, but you won't have
one for quite a while. Continue on!

[6]. Visiting the Shrine of the Sea God      


        Return to Daila, and go east. You'll discover a cave
connected to a tower This is the Shrine of the Sea God.

Shrine of the Sea God

Save the Two Boys

        When you go inside, you will discover two boys, Riki and
Tavi, Tavi being the one stuck at a higher level across a river,
while the other is trying to get him down. There is also a rope and
a nail, and that is where 'Lash' would come in handy. Riki leaves to
find some help. Use 'Lash', and Tavi will climb down. Riki returns
and finds that he is safe. They will both thank you and leave.
They'll mention that there's a critter they're trying to catch. I
wonder what that can be?

Chase the Jupiter Djinni

        Now, climb the rope and get to the doorway. In this next
room, there are wooden bridges that connect from one cliff to the
other. Walk through the first two bridges, but don't go through the
doorway that is at the end. Go south, and you'll spot the Jupiter
Djinni. Unfortunately, the bridge that leads to it is a bit broken,
and will collapse if you attempt to walk on it. Walk on it to fall,
then climb the ladder to reach it. This Djinni is very stubborn, and
it won't be the last time before you see this kind of behavior. Before
you climb the ladder, the Djinni will spot you and flee, but only
across a bridge. Get across and it will fly away. Chase after it, and
go through the doorway at the end. Here, you'll immediately spot a few
Djinni footprints. Follow the directions that the footprints are going
to. The footprints will end at water, and here there will be three
staircases you can take. Out of the three, take either the top left or
top right. Walking on a bridge will cause the Jupiter Djinni to flee
at the lower level. Go back to the three staircases, and take the bottom
ones. Climb down the ladder, and run through the path that the Djinni
took to find it again. It will then flee once more on a purple ledge.
Don't attempt to chase it now, because it will run away whenever you
get close. Move the pillar with the torch up so it fits right into the
wall. Now attempt to chase it, but it cannot run anymore because of the
fire. You've finally trapped it, but it will attack you! When you first
battle it, it might attack you before anyone else does. Defeat it quickly
before it runs away. It is weak against Earth, so use Felix's Spire
(if you have it), or unleash Echo or Venus. With Jenna, you can use her
Fume and Sheba can try using Juggle if she still has the Mysterious
Card equipped to her. It has about 175-196 HP. If it runs away, leave
the room and just come back. It will then most likely stay for a few
more turns. Once it is defeated, it joins your party. This Djinni is
called Breath. Its powers will heal some of a party member's HP and will
always go first in battle despite anyone's Agility. It will give you 43
EXP and 89 coins once defeated. You can set it on Sheba, it will work
best on her. Jenna will have to hold the  Mercury Djinni Fog until you
get your fourth member. Your job is done here for now, but you'll have
to come back later in the game. To exit quickly, use Felix's 'Retreat'

[7]. Through the Dehkan Plateau


        Go south of Daila, then take the east route. Continue the
light-colored paths, and at the end you will find some sort of a
mountain. It is the 'gate' to get to the other side of the mountains.

Dehkan Plateau

        Through a few stairs, you'll come across a whole bunch of
cracks on the floor and an unreachable treasure chest. The lighter
colored cracks allows you to step over only once, then they become a
bit darker. If you walk on the darker cracks, it will drop you down
to the lower level. You wouldn't want to fall down, but in this
case, there is no other way. Drop down to the lower level. In this
cave, there will be two doorways to go through. To get to the
treasure chest that you saw earlier, go to the bottom door. In the
treasure chest is an armor you can equip on a party member. This
will either raise any character's defense by 13 or 14, so choose a
character that currently has low defense. Once that is finished, go
through the top doorway. Now you're at the other side of the cracks.
Get to a new screen by heading right. In this screen, you can either
get the treasure chest, or continue on. These grey pillars are just
like the cracks you met with earlier. The uncracked pillars allows
you to jump on them once without falling. After jumping, cracks will
appear. If you jump on it again while cracked, it will collapse and
you will fall with it. The ones you are seeing are uncracked, so you
can only jump on them one time. Jumping on the top pillar leads to a
treasure chest, which contains an Elixir. Once it is recieved, jump
back, and let it fall. You can climb the vine to get back. Now jump
across on the first pillar, then across on the second pillar. At the
north is an oddly shaped pillar that looks like a large nail dug to
the ground. This can be knocked down after acquiring a new Psynergy.
You will learn that in this gate. For now, head south, run through
the path, and you'll find a pillar that is unreachable unless you get
to the other side. Don't worry about that one yet, head north of that
pillar, and you'll come across another path full of cracks. Between
two rocks is one crack. Walk across, then to the right crack that is
a lighter color. Then go up a little bit, and jump to the right above
the hole. Continue going up a bit, and walk across the last crack.
Then you're through! You can then head north to a new screen.

        Another pillar puzzle, but much larger. There is also a
treasure chest you can find here. To get it, jump on the first
pillar that is available to you, then the pillar in the west (not
the south one), then on the pillar that is to the right. Once you
jump on it, jump back, and jump again to make it collapse. Climb the
vine to recieve a new weapon called the Themis' Axe for Felix. If
you're at level 8, most likely your attack will jump from 55 to 79.
This may be different in other games. This axe is no ordinary weapon,
it is an artifact that unleashes a power in battle. The time it is
unleashed cannot be determined, because it is based on the Luck your
character has. It unleashes a lot more common than a Critical Hit,
and that is depended upon your 'Luck' status. These unleashes can be
useful, they are very powerful and it doesn't require any Psynergy
use. This weapon, in this case, unleashes a power called Stone Justice.
Artifacts can be sold in shops for a ton of money, and they
can be bought back again, but for a higher price. Once the axe is
recieved, go up the stairs, and exit. Come back to restart the puzzle
all over again. This time, with fresh new pillars, jump to the only
one available to you again, then jump on the south pillar. Keep
jumping across to get to the other side. Head north until you reach
a deadend, and jump on the pillar, then to the one beside it, go up
a bit, then jump to the left pillar to reach the other side of the
rock that was blocking your way. Run all the way around to get to
the new screen.

        You'll find another 'cracked-floors' puzzle, only that this
time there are no dark cracks. You can even run across all of them
once without falling. Get through, and you'll discover a Mars Djinni
on the other side of the wall. You'll get to it later. You'll also
find out that you've reached a deadend. Go back to the cracks and
fall through. Go through the doorway, run through the path to reach
another doorway. Now you're outside again, but this time you're on
the side where the Mars Djinni was. You'd think it would be as easy
as the first two you already have, but this one runs away as soon as
you get to it. It will go across a light-colored crack, and jump
down through a hole. You can't get through unless you fall, so fall
down the crack that the Mars Djinni left. Use the doorway to exit
the cave and you'll spot the Djinni again at a higher level than
you are. Head down, climb up the vine, and run to where the Djinni
is. When you get to the Djinni, it will run away, again. It will
scurry to the right to the next screen. Follow it. Now it's on a
bridge. It will jump over the whole and run away as soon as you get
close to it. Don't follow it this time. Instead, go down the vines,
and across on the two tightropes. Since you have 'Lash', you can
get the treasure chest here. Move the first pillar two times to the
right, and climb up the vines that cover it. Use 'Lash' on the
ropes, and climb up to the chest. Up here, you'll spot the Mars
Djinni again. In the chest is a Nut, which recovers 200HP anytime.
Climb back down through the ropes and down the vine. Move the second
pillar two times and climb down. Run through the twisted path and
climb the vine. After you climb it, the Mars Djinni will see you,
and use a strange new Psynergy on the oddly-shaped pillar. A big
fist appears and pounds the pillar down. The Djinni runs through
and to a new screen.

        The Mars Djinni can be spotted, again. This stubborn one
runs away again once you get close. It will jump on the pillar,
forming a bunch of cracks, scurry to the next pillar and do the
same. It goes on top of a crack, and falls through. Now it has
left you pillars that cannot support you. Climb down the vines,
and move the other pillar to the right two times. Climb it and
run to the right. Here are two fresh new pillars that hasn't been
jumped on. Jump on the first one, and jump back and forth until it
collapses. Now go north and around, until you reach a pillar with
vines. Use Felix's 'Move' and move the pillar to the left. Then
move it again. Climb it, and jump on the second pillar until it
collapses, too. Go up and climb the vines. Push this next pillar
all the way down to the lower level. Run all the way around and
meet with that pillar you just dropped. Use Felix's 'Move' and
move it to the left. Now, run all the way back to where you just
pushed that pillar down. Jump across and go through the doorway. In
the cave, run through and get to the next doorway. This next room
is filled with numerous cracks, and the Mars Djinni. If you get
close to it, it will use its strange Psynergy to knock you down
to the next level. You want to go to the light-colored crack that
is one step north-west of the very first light-colored crack. Then
go up two steps on the crack, three steps right, two steps down,
and straight to the right. Go through the doorway here. Then go to
the next doorway. Don't mind that pillar. You're outside again,
going up leads to the three holes that the Djinni fell into. Go to
the most eastern hole and fall. Look who you have fallen on. It's
the Djinni! After you hit it, an orange box-like gem pops out, the
Mars Djinni will get mad at you, and escape using the doorway. Grab
the Pound Cube, and equip it onto one of your characters. Now you've
learned a new Psynergy, 'Pound'! Now go through the doorway, and
through another one. The Djinni is here with two different kinds
of pillars. Don't even try to go close to it, it will then become
impossible to reach. Go directly south, down the vines, and use the
Psynergy, 'Pound' to pound the odd pillar down. This will trap the
Djinni, and it won't be able to run away again. Be careful with this
Djinni, it will attack you, too. Unleash everything you've got, the
Mercury Djinni that you have will come in handy while fighting it.
It has about 156-231 HP. Once it is defeated, it'll give you 58
EXP points, 93 Coins, and will join your party. A perfect ally for
Jenna! Cannon is finally yours now. That was long!

        Now you have the Djinni, make sure you set it to Jenna. Now,
climb down the vine, run across, and climb up the vine. Use the
doorway to exit. Run along through the next two doorways. Once
outside, head down through many staircases. When you see a pillar,
make sure you go to it. Push it into the hole so you'll have a
shortcut to get through. Keep going down the stairs, and you'll
eventually find the exit.


        Finally out, you can spot a strange ship on the beach
nearby. That ship is the ship that was on Idejima! You can't do
anything for now, unless you want to explore how massive and
beautiful this ship is, but just remember where it is so you can
come back.

Get a Multielemental Tablet

        What is a Multielemental Tablet? It allows you to combine
two or more Djinni of different elements and summon a large monster
to attack enemies. There is one nearby, so from your ship, go left,
and you'll see a cave. Inside, use Felix's 'Move' to move the pillar
one step to the right. Now use 'Lash' on the rope, and climb up. Jump
across using the pillar you just moved, and get to the tablet. This
one allows you to summon a monster named Zagan using a Venus Djinni
and a Mars Djinni. You've got those now, so you can summon the
monster anytime (as long as the Djinni are in Standby)! Exit the
cave and continue on.

Find Your Next Destination

        There is only one town to visit right now, the town of
Madra. There is a wavy river that stretches far, and it might block
your way to get there. Find two bridge and get through, Madra is
almost directly south of you where you found your ship. You're going
to find your fourth member here, except he won't join your party for
a long while yet.

[8]. Someone in Prison


        Once you get to the entrance of this very peaceful and
colorful place, two men appear and speak with you. Kraden will
appear, also, and speak with them. They'll mention the place called
Champa, decides that you're not from it, and lets you pass.


        Go in, buy weapons, armors, and items for each of your party
members. Hopefully, you have gained lots of money in battles against
monsters and bosses. If you don't have enough for something, you can
always come back, or wait until the next town. The next town
sometimes has better weapons and armor. Make sure you buy Herbs and
Nuts, they will be extra helpful and would save a ton of Psynergy.
When buying weapons and armor, if one of them raises a character's
stats, don't buy it yet! There may one one beside it that is even
better. Doing a little math, you can save coins and buy the best
thing. The more costly weapons and armors are usually better that
cheap ones. Make sure you remember to get circlets for the girls and
armguards for the boys in during your journey!

Visit the Jail

        The jail is the small grey building that is found in the
southwest of the Mandora. Once you're inside, you'll get into an
automatic sequence. It seems like somebody is locked in jail, and
is being spoken to by some of the townsmen. He has blue hair and
his name is Piers. He just happens to be your fourth member of
your party, but you can't get him yet. Piers is locked up in jail
because the villagers have him confused with a pirate from the
village of Champa, which is located on the Angara Continent. If you
can bring the village elder, Piers will be free. Piers will get
angry because of a man named Shin, always saying he's from Champa
and making Piers mad. He'll then he'll use his 'Frost' Psynergy on
the puddle underneath Shin. Kraden notices his Psynergy right away.
The puddle becomes a frozen pillar, and the man is stuck on top of
it. He'll jump off and run away with the rest of the men. Piers
will face the wall, and will only say a few words to you, and if
you use Sheba's 'Mind Read' ability, you'll find out that he's sorry
that he used his Psynergy in anger and hurted an innocent person.
A Black Orb is found in the mayor's house, and when you try to get
it, a lady will stop you. There's nothing more to do in this jail
for Piers, so exit. Two villagers will see you, ask if you're heading
towards the Osenia continent. A permit is needed to get through, so
she grants you permission to cross.

Go to the Underground

        There are actually two entrances to get inside. One is
through the ladder that the little girl is staring down, or from
near the cemetary that is near the entrance to Madra. You can learn
a new Psynergy here, so go through the cemetary entrance. Go to the
beginning of the town, and go directly east to find a girl and a
cemetary. From the cemetary, go north to find a ladder. Now you're

[9]. In the Underground

Madra Catacombs

Earn the 'Tremor' Psynergy

        Climb down the ladder and get to the new screen. There are
now two doors you can take, you can talk to the man if you go south,
or you can continue on by going north. Once you're done talking to
the man, go north, then climb down the ladder. In the new screen,
climb up the vine and use Felix's 'Move' to bring down the pillar.
Walk across, and go down the vine that is at the end. The doorway
that you see, is the one you should go to. Inside, jump to the
right, then go down the staircase and into the door. You'll find
a treasure chest that contains a gem that you can equip to learn
the Psynergy 'Tremor'. This Psynergy won't do you any good for a
long while yet. Your job here is done for now, you'll have to come
back later, but it's time to exit.


        Make sure you go to an Inn before you leave to restore your
HP and PP from battles. Remember where this village is -- you'll
have to come back later.

Watch out for Iron!

        Yes, well, there is a Djinni lurking by this area. Roam
around the west of Madra, eventually in a random battle, a Venus
Djinni will appear. Make sure you don't let it run away, or you'll
have to leave the Overworld and come back! Iron is weak against Mars,
so burn away at it. Doing leathal damage using summons and Psynergy,
Iron will go down easily. Finally one more for Felix!

[9]. To the Next Continent


        From Madra, go northeast to find a bridge, that leads you
closer and closer to the Osenia Continent.

Madra Drawbridge

        Two men are found guarding on the bridge. They will let you
through, so run by until you exit.


        From the bridge, go east to get to a continental crossing,
getting by here will let you get to a new continent.

Osenia Cliffs

        A shattered Champa boat lies here, with many people here,
too. To get a great weapon for either Felix or Jenna, go north, and
climb down the rope, onto the ship. Then jump up, then to the right.
Use 'Lash' on the rope to extend it, and climb it. You'll find the
treasure chest that contains the Pirate's Sword. If Felix still has
the weapon that you got in the Dehkan Plateau, equip this one on
Jenna. This weapon is also an artifact, and will unleash an attack
called Dreamwave. Get back to the entrance, and climb up the vine.
The vine leading down will lead to nothing. Jump across on the rock,
climb down the vine, and go right to exit.

B.    O S E N I A   C O N T I N E N T

[10]. Navigating Through the Yampi Desert


Get to the Yampi Desert

        On the Overworld, go southeast, in between mountains. Then
go east to enter Yampi Desert, your next destination.

Yampi Desert

        In this desert, there are pillars similar to the ones you
encountered while in the Dehkan Plateau. Nagivate to the south, east,
the north, past the unreachable treasure chest, then east. In the
new screen, you'll find the Madra's village elder and his company,
that cannot get to the higher level of the ledge to get to Alhafra.
You will have to help them by navigating through yourself and
finding a way. Coninue south, then east to get to a new screen.

Get the Jupiter Djinni

        You can find yourself a Jupiter Djinni here, but it'll take
a completed puzzle to reach it. First, use the Psynergy 'Pound' on
the first pillar. This is the left one. Once you have done that, go
right, avoid the two pillars that are beside each other, and use
'Pound' on the next pillar after the two you passed. Go north, then
a little to the left, and use 'Pound' on this pillar. You can climb
up to the next level once you have done that. Climb it, go left,
jump across on the pillar, go south, jump across to the right on the
next pillar, avoid the slope, go south, jump across on the two
pillars, then finally jump to the right on the last pillar to reach
the Jupiter Djinni. Be careful, this one attacks you. This Djinni
has about 166 - 224 HP. Be ready to heal if needed, and make sure
you use Venus against Jupiter. It will fall easily. A new ally for
Sheba, Blitz can shock enemies. Now with two Jupiter Djinni, you
can summon the heavenly hunteress, Atlanta.

        There is also a treasure chest here. Slide down a slope,
and use 'Pound' on any of the pillars since they are no longer
needed. Get through, and you will eventually reach it if you keep
going northwest. You should've been able to spot it while jumping to
the Jupiter Djinni. Inside is an Antidote. Now you can continue on
to learn 'Scoop'. Go back to the part where you used 'Pound' on the
pillar that allowed you to climb to a higher level. From here, go
southeast to find a slope you can use. Slide down, then go east to
get to a new screen. There is a Psynergy stone here so you can
replenish your Psynergy Points. Out of the three pillars, use
'Pound' on the middle one. Climb up, and head north.

Hit the Scorpion

        In the next screen, when you go a little bit north, you'll
spot something moving underneath the sand. Your objective here is to
time your 'Pound' on a pillar so it hits the moving object at the
same time. An easy way to accomplish this is to set 'Pound' on
either the buttons L or R to use it quickly. To do this, go to the
menu, then to your Psynergy, go to your character that has the
technique, press either L or R, then select 'Pound'. Now whenever
you press that button, you will immediately use it. Go to the left
side of the pillar. Press the button that you set for 'Pound' when
the moving object lines up with the green bush that is right across
from you.

        The Scorpion moves in a clockwise motion, shown as dotted
lines. 'P' stands for 'Pillar'. Press the button that triggers
'Pound' when the scorpion reaches the number 1.

.                   .
.                   .
P   Bush            1
.                   .
.                   .

        This would cause it to be hit by the pillar as it is moving
down when you used 'Pound' on it. Once it gets hit, it will reveal
itself as a red scorpion, and moves on to the next screen. Follow
it to the east.

        In the next puzzle, hitting the scorpion becomes much more
harder. Instead of moving in a square, it alternates its route. It
might not start at where I have the number 1 at, but that is its
pattern. The scorpion moves in the ascending order of the numbers
that I have listed below:

    .            .
5.............6  .
.   .         .  .
.   .         .  .
    .         .

        When the scorpion gets to number 2, press the button that
triggers 'Pound' to successfully hit it. It will flee to the north.
This next one is the last one before you have to fight your second

    .            .
8...P.........1  .
.   .         .  .
.   .         .  .
    .         .

        From the pillar that is right beisde number 6, press the
button that triggers 'Pound' when the scorpion appears a little bit
before number 5. When you hit it, it will go to the circle of rocks
and stay. Before you go up to it, heal your party members. Once you
meet it, it will reveal itself once more, use 'Scoop' on the sand
beneath you, and make you fall to the bottom level. It jumps after
you and attacks. You will then have to go fight it. It has about
1024 - 1071 HP, and is weak against fire. Unleash a fury of Djinni
and summons, they will do lots of damage. Sheba attacks first, and
Felix attacks last, yet he has curative Psynergy, and the scorpion
attacks before Felix makes a move. If Sheba is hurt, let her use
her own Herb if she has them, and let Felix heal himself. Just make
sure that none of your party members fall, you won't be able to
revive them until you reach a sanctum that is found in villages and
in towns. The battle shouldn't take you long, keep slashing it with
your Djinni and it should be finished quick. After your fight, it
will give you 440 EXP, 228 coins, and a Vial. It will also
give you a green gem called the Scoop Gem that you can equip to
learn the Psynergy, 'Scoop'. Your job here isn't quite over, yet,
you still have to help the group of people get through this desert.
Take one step back from the middle where you first dropped, and use
your newly recieved Psynergy, 'Scoop'. It will cause a gyser to rise.
When it goes down, step on top, and it will take you back to the
higher level.

Help the Village Elder and Company

        Now that you have 'Scoop', exit the puzzles. To get off of
the ledge, go east and down a slope. Exit that screen, too. Go left,
the use 'Pound' on the pillar. Climb up, and keep going left until
you are out of the screen. Now go southwest to find four rocks. Use
'Scoop' on the middle to reveal a hidden ladder. Go down, through
the cave, and climb the ladder at the end. Once you're out, you'll
find yourself very close to the village elder. Climb up twice, run
across, and climb down, where everyone can see you. They'll thank
you, and go through the way you went to get up there. They all
disappear. Now that's finished, you now have to get past the desert.
Continue north.

Puzzles Throughout the Desert

        You'll find the same rounded parts of sand as you did
before. The first two will bring you nothing, but the most
southeastern one contains 315 coins. Enter through the doorway, and
you'll encounter a new puzzle. The rushing sand will take you to
whichever direction it is flowing. You can't go backwards, so you'll
have to get carried away until the sand takes you to that spot
again. Ride in the sand, until it takes you to the very north.
Quickly jump off onto dry land. To get to the other side, hold 'B',
and northeast on your control pad. This shouldn't let the sand carry
you away. To get the treasure chest, go south, then let the sand
carry you away, then quickly walk on the dry land where the chest
is. Inside is a rare item, Hard Nut, it will boost any of your
character's Defense stat by about 4 points. Get carried off and get
back to the top (the part before you lept to get the chest). In this
rushing sand, make sure you don't get carried down back to the
beginning. Run up on the sand, then off, then on to get to the top
easily. You can quickly get between the three rocks so you can use
'Pound' on the pillar and reach the next treasure chest. Be careful,
the sand pushes you very quickly. Inside, you get a new weapon for
either Felix or Sheba. If you bought that artifact for Sheba in
Mikasalla, the weapon is good for Felix. It's called the Blow Mace,
it unleashes Boost Hack. After recieving the weapon, get carried down
the sand river, and quickly squeeze through the right side to get on
dry land. Climb down the ladder, and get to the next screen. Continue
this new path to get to the next screen.

        You're almost done, just this one last obstacle. Get carried
down the large sand river, and you'll find 9 rocks aligned to make a
square. If you had Sheba's 'Reveal', it would point a direction. You
won't be able to do anything about this yet. Run to the right, and
you'll find the exact same rocks as you saw before. They too, point
out a direction, and you won't be able to do anything about this
yet, like before. Keep going east, and climb to the next level. Run
past the two sand rivers, using the same technique as you used in
the last puzzle. Head south to reach a rope and nail. Use 'Lash'
on the rope, and climb the rope afterwards. The chest can be found
when you go to the right side while being carried by the sand. The
treasure chest contains a Trainer's Whip, that sort of acts like the
card you recieved at the Kandorean Temple. It changes a character's
class, and lets you learn new and strange Psynergy for battle. You
can always de-equip it, so it wouldn't hurt much to try. It'll turn
your class into a Tamer class, allowing you to call forth monsters
to help you attack, at the price of psynergy points. Once it is
recieved, drop down. Climb back up, run through the two rivers, and
this time, climb up to the higher ledge. Run above the sand, and
across. When you reach the second hill of sand, make sure you try
to go to the left side while you fall, because if you are able to
squeeze through the rocks, you can find your exit. Once you're
through, there are two ways you can take. For now, take the north
exit. You'll have to come back later to take the south exit. Once
you've taken the north exit, you're finally out, and on the

[11]. Defeat the Pirates


To Alhafra

        The town of Alhafra is found just north of where you exited
the Yampi Desert.


        In Alhafra, if you go a little bit north, the Madra people
that you saw in Yampi will appear. They will follow the old man here
to the house. What you should do here is give the pirates a little
visit. Go to the east of town, past the beach and to the next screen.
You can see a large boat, and a whole bunch of men, that happens to
be pirates. On the boat, there are rocks and logs that prevent the
boat from sailing. They want to take it and sail away from Alhafra.
Go inside the boat, and you'll be fighting another boss.

Fighting Briggs

        Briggs is the pirate from Champa that has the people of
Madra worried. They also think that Piers is him. Now it's up to
you to defeat him and release Piers of his imprisionment. Once you
spot Briggs, he'll be speaking to one of his men. Jenna gets
angry and speaks, causing Briggs and one of his men to spot you.
Time to battle!

        This battle is a little tricky, because Briggs has a
special technique cthat calls more pirate members to join the battle.
The thing you should do is knock him out first. They are weak against
all elementals, so unleash anything you have, whether it be Psynergy,
Djinni, or summons, they will do a lot of damage. Make sure when
attacking all the enemy's party, that you have the larger arrow on
Briggs, or single Psynergy works well. The battle starts with one
pirate member, but in the battle, Briggs will eventually call more 
members. Prevent a whole army of them by wiping Briggs, like I
stated before. You'll get a Vial when you're finished. You will be
glad when you defeat him.

        They'll lie all over the floor in pain. A girl will show up
and speak to you. As his wife, Chaucha pleads to you, not to put him
in jail. Then, Madra's elder and mayor shows up with the mayor from
Alhafra. Briggs and the fallen pirates get up. The guards take them
to jail, and everyone leaves, except for Chaucha. She also leaves
after. Before you leave, go south and use Felix's 'Move' on the box.
Go through, go right up to the half-fallen box, and use 'Tremor' to
drop it. Grab the Large Bread that just fell, and head out.

Removing a Few Weights

        You'll be required to remove the boulders and logs that
prevents the ship from sailing. Start by using Felix's 'Move' on
the rock below the log down. Jump across and push the rock furher
down until it falls. Jump back, go to the very left of the log,
and push it down as well. Go down on the long wooden pole. Push
the rock until it falls. Then use Felix's 'Move' on the box beside
you to make a bridge. Return back to where the log was, and walk
across on the pole. Climb down the rope, and jump across to the
right. Use Felix's 'Move' to bring the box over. Head back to
where the log use to be. Go up, climb up the rope, and use
'Lash' to extend the second rope. Climb up, then climb down
vines. Use 'Pound' to knock down the pillar. Jump on, and continue
the path. When you get back to the box, use Felix's 'Move' to move
the box over to the left. Get behind it, and move it into the water.
There is still one rock left to go, but you'll need to learn a new
Psynergy before you are able to do that. When you try to exit,
Kraden will ask if you are sure to leave. Once you get out, go and
speak to the young boy that's crying. The item you recieved in the
ship will make him happier. This will gain you access to an area in
this town. It is to the left of the mayor's home. Inside you can find
a new armor, a lucky medal, and a few coins. exit Alhafra.


Rest Up and Exit

        If you go north, a lady will find hidden money in a pot. This
clues you in to knowing that you can find secret coins in the pots.
In the pot to the right of the lady, you can find a Lucky Medal. Also
nearby, you can find a little boy crying, so since you have the Large
Bread you got in the ship, give it to him. He'll stop, and will let
his dad let you go through a secret path called the Alhafran Cave.
There's not a lot you can do inside, so and exit Alhafra, unless you
want to shop more or stay at the Inn.


        Get back into Yampi Desert, the other way leads to a broken
bridge so the Desert is the only way to get to Alhafra, unless you
get your ship.

Yampi Desert

        Go south, past a sign, and down the sand waterfall to get
through. Then go through the cave, past the circle of rocks, and
out of Yampi Desert. There is a Psynergy Stone in the circle of
rocks, but you'll need Sheba's 'Reveal' to find that.

[12]. Visiting Garoh and Mikasalla


        Back on the Overworld, go east, south, then west to find a
village called Garoh.


        You will have to get to the top of the mountain here to
actually reach Garoh. There are a series of pillars and slopes
that you have to use in order to reach the top. Push down any
pillars, and slide down any slopes. It will gradually get darker as
you get higher, and once you are at the top, it would seem as if it
was night. In the next screen, run up until somebody speaks. Your
party appears, and at the north, a wolf child appears beside a small
pool with a reflection of the moon. The child sees you, and quickly
runs away. Kraden knows what that wolf child is a Lycanthrope, born
with special powers like Adepts, so now you should take the time to
explore around.

        When you reach the inside of the village, all of the people
here are hooded. The shop and the Inn keepers are underground. They
won't provide any service for you. One thing you should check out
is up the stairs at the north of the village. After half-way up,
you will witness a 'Reveal' effect, and an adult Lycanthrope appears.
He'll suddenly see you, use 'Reveal' again, and disappear back into
the large rock. You can't do anything about it until you learn the
Psynergy 'Reveal'. Now you know that you would have to return to
this village, so leave and exit. Don't be afraid to explore around
a while longer, but you won't find anything important. To get down
the mountain, push all the pillars down that are blocking your way,
and go down any slopes that you see.


To the Second Village

        From Garoh, go south, past a bridge, west, past another
bridge, west, past yet another bridge, then southwest.


Rest Up

        There is nothing much to do in Mikasalla, yet, but you can
buy a new artifact and other weapons and armor for your party. The
artifact is worth 1600 coins, and it great for Sheba to equip. Jenna
can also equip it, but you might have equipped that one weapon you
got in the continental crossing to Jenna. The weapon unleashes a
Jupiter attack that might bind the enemy's Psynergy. After shopping,
go to the Inn if needed. There is a Mars Djinni here, but you won't
be able to reach it until much later in the game. Exit the town.


Find a Mercury Djinni and a Combo Tablet

        There is a Mercury Djinni that you can obtain in a random
battle. If you go north of Mikasalla, then east, then north, walk
around a bit. This area is near a cave. In a battle, you might
encounter the Djinni. The Mercury Djinni has about 287-341 HP, and
is weak against fire, but resistant to water. It won't be as hard,
but you should defeat it as soon as possible. Sheba tends to lose a
lot more HP than Felix or Jenna, so you can use Felix's 'Cure' if
needed. Just make sure she doesn't lose all of her HP. Also rely on
your current Djinni and the summons you have. After it falls, Sour
joins your party.

        Once you appear on the Overworld again, check out the cave
at top. There is another Combo Tablet in it, so once you're inside,
use the new Psynergy 'Scoop' on the darkened patch. Climb down the
ladder to reach the other side. Then get to the Combo Tablet. This
one allows you to combine 1 Mars and 1 Jupiter Djinni, summoning
Megaera, the goddess of vengeance!

[14]. Learn 'Reveal' From Air's Rock


Travel to Air's Rock

        Return where Mikasalla lies. From there, return to Garoh.
From Garoh, head east, then north, and enter the desert-like
plain. When you set foot into it, you'd expect to enter a larger
place like the Yampi Desert, but you don't. On the desert-like
plain, go west, to find a pink-colored mountain. That place, is
Air's Rock. Keep an eye out for places that look like that.

Air's Rock

Using Sheba's 'Whirlind' to Get Through

        There is a suspisious rock that is found when you enter
Air's Rock. That is your key to remove the sand that blocks your
path. Beside the rock, face in the same direction as the path you
are heading to. Using Sheba's 'Whirlwind', you can blow away the
sand that blocks your way. For example, if you were to blow sand
that is in the north of you, stand behind the rock, facing that
direction. You'll have to do this throughout the whole mountain.
Clear the north sand wall. Head north, left, down, left. Go on
top of the rock and use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to blow unsightable
sand away. Go back to the right, then up. Here you'll spot a large
purple tornado statue, and a treasure chest. Watch out! The
treasure chest is actually a Mimic. You can get rare items and
lots of experience if you decide to battle it. It is weak against
fire and has about 392 - 434 HP. You also get 272 EXP, 241 coins,
and a Lucky Medal. With that done, go right, then down. Keep
continuting the path until you meet up with four rocks. Go right
from here. Then south to a whole group of rocks. From the rocks,
go right, then down to meet another strange stone. Use Sheba's
'Whirlwind' to blow away the sand. Head back to the bunch of
rocks, and go south. Continue the path to reach another stone.
Use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to blow away the sand, and use it again
right after to open up a path to a treasure chest. Head back to
the group of rocks and go north. Go right, then up to reach a
stone. Use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to blow the sand away. Go back
to the beginning of Air's Rock. Use Felix's 'Retreat' if you are
impatient. From the beginning, go north, right, down, and left to
reach the same stone. Use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to clear the left
path. Return to that spot and go through now that it is cleared.
Find the stone, and use Sheba's 'Whirlwind'. Go down to get the
treasure chest that contains a Smoke Bomb. Now, return to the
beginning and go north again. Go left, down, left, then up. At
the end, you'll reach that purple tornado statue. Use Sheba's
'Whirlwind' to witness a huge tornado blast to clear away the
giant sand wall. Now you can climb higher.

        When you reach the top, go left. You can also spot tiny
tornadoes that appear from the statues. Climb up, go to the left,
then climb up again. Drop down the slope and let the tornadoes
carry you off. Drop down a slope again, then let another tornado
carry you. Now you can push the pillar down. Continue to the
right and push another pillar down. If you want to get a treasure
chest, go right, then climb down. The treasure chest contains a
new weapon, that can be given to Felix only. Once you're done,
climb back up and head left. Climb up, then go right, climb down,
and get carried by a tornado. Climb up, then push the pillar
down. Get carried by the tornado, then climb up.

        Here, climb up. You will have to avoid being hit by a lot
of tornadoes. If you do get hit, you'll drop to the bottom and
you'll have to try again. Move right after a tornado is released,
so you're moving behind the tornado. Go right after you completed

        You're almost to the Air Shrine! Climb up, and use
Felix's 'Move' on the first pillar, and move it to the left.
Climb down a little bit, and jump off on the platform. Slide
down the slope, and go right on top of the right statue to get
blown to the top. Move left, then use Felix's 'Move' to move the
second pillar to the left. Jump across, then slide down to be
carried upwards by a tornado. Climb up and across.

        After you climb higher, fog appears. This makes it so if
you ever climb higher, it will take you to the same screen. Just
like a loop, and you have to stop it. Use Felix's 'Move' on the
pillar and move it to the right. Now you have to get back down.
Get back to the last puzzle, and slide down two slopes to get to
the lower level of the two pillars. Climb up to the top again,
pass the two pillars, and continue. Now you've reached the other
side of the foggy place. Climb up to the pink tornado statue,
and use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to clear all the fog away. There is
a treasure chest here, to get it, climb back down, and repeat
the steps that took you to the part where you pushed the pillar
down so the path would be open to the pink tornado statue. Now
on the right side, climb up to reach the chest. Inside contains
some sort of shield that can be equipped by Felix only. It
unleashes a tiny splatter of rain upon the enemy, then Felix
runs to them and slashes them, also causing them to lose some
Attack in the process. Climb back down, and hurry back to the
left side. Now on the left side, climb up.

        This is the opening of the temple. Go north and use
Sheba's 'Whirlwind' on the pink tornado statue. This will cause
lightning bolts, and opens up a new doorway. Climb down, to reach
the Inside Air's Rock.

Air's Rock

Climb to the Sixth Floor

        Yet, after all of the Whirlwinding, there's still much more
to do. Six floors to the top, and you must complete them to reach
the area to learn 'Reveal'. Now you're here, you might as well grab
the Psynergy Stone that appears right beside you. There is also a
combo tablet found here, but we'll get to that sometime.

        From here, go south, left, up, and around. Easy enough, yes?
It will soon get harder. Once you've reached near the end, a giant
statue is found here. It looks like the tiny ones that blew tornadoes
before. Keep running south and around again, then climb up to the

       The second floor. You can find out by looking at the number
of dots that appear on a square in front of a doorway. Go right and
through the next doorway. Continue the easy path, if there are two
paths, one of them has rocks to block your way. Continue through,
and soon you'll hit yourself with a pillar puzzle. There are two
kinds of pillars, a normal one, and one you can use 'Pound' on.
First thing you want to do, is move the most western brown pillar
to the right two times, and up one time. Then go to the right grey
pillar and use 'Pound' on it. Now move the brown pillar in the
same square on top of the pillar you just pressed down. Climb up,
then jump from brown pillar to brown pillar, then across to make
it. Jump behind the rock, and use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to blow the
sand away. Jump back down and go through the path you just opened.
Facing down, use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' on the stone to blow away the
next sand wall. Climb down, go left a bit, climb up, and head down
through the new path. At the end of the path, move the pillar on
top of the orange square. Run all the way around to the beginning
of the pillar puzzle, then go left, south and to the right, and
back to reach the ledge near the pillar you just moved. Now you
can jump across and through the staircase that leads to the third

        Here at the third floor, is a water and pillar puzzle,
with a combo tablet included. Go north, climb down, run across,
and climb up. Head north and move the pillar over. This will
cause the water that is blocking your path to stop. Go past the
hole, then go north, right, and north. Climb down and run left
past the water. Use Felix's 'Move' to move the pillar to the
right. Run up, and stand beside the hole facing the pillar. Use
Felix's 'Move' and move the pillar back so it blocks the hole
again. Climb up, jump across, and get to the end of the path. Go
south, climb down, and move the pillar on top of the orange
square. Go left and climb up, head south, left, then south. Move
the pillar to the right, then go back. Jump across the pillar
you moved before, then south. Move the pillar here to the right
once. Slide down, go left a bit, climb up, go past the hole on
the wall, and continue south.

        You're outside once again. Jump across the ledges to
reach another doorway. Go up, climb down, and use Sheba's
'Whirlwind' while facing west. This will cause the large statue 
to turn, allowing you to cross. Jump across, climb down, go to
the left, and climb up. Go left, and run through the whole path
until you reach a stone. Use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to move the
large statue. Return back to the way you came in, but this time
go north and across the tightrope to reach a pillar. Push it to
the right to knock it down. Walk through the tightrope again,
then go immediately south. Walk on another tightrope and continue
the long path, to reach a doorway, that leads to the fourth floor.

        Here, if you want to recieve an Elixir, go left and get it.
Going up takes you on a long path. At the end, climb down, jump
across all the floating platforms, then jump down. Jump down
further, then climb up. Jump across, and climb down. Use Sheba's
'Whirlwind' on the stone to move another identical statue, so you
can walk across it. Climb up, and walk the tightrope. Walk another
tightrope, and climb down. Use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' on the stone to
move the statue again. Climb up and run across. Jump down to the
pillar and onto the tightrope. Head south, then right, and continue
the jumping to get to the doorway.

        Being outside once more, jump across and climb down. You'll
go by the sixth floor doorway, but you won't get there yet. Keep
climbing down, and go through the doorway. You'll enter a large
purple crystal room that contains a large blue Psynergy stone in
the middle. Examine it if you are low on Psynergy. Run through
until you reach the other doorway.

        You will spot another huge statue that looks like the tiny
statues that blew tornadoes. It's almost time to awaken it and the
others that are found in the Air Shrine. Jump across on the many
floating platforms, to reach the large pink tornado statue. Use
Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to awaken the large and the small wind statues
that you see here. One thing you should do before leaving this area,
go back to the doorway, go right, and jump through the floating
platforms there. At the end, you'll appear outside the Air Shrine.
Push the pillar to the grey square. Now get back inside. Go back
to the small wind statue, and stand on top of it to get blown to
the top. This will take you to a much higher floor, and to another
pink tornado statue. Use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' again, and it will
awaken the rest of the statues. Go on the floating platform, and
use Felix's 'Move' on the pillar. Jump across and move it again.
You're back at the beginning, but that's okay. Get to the small
wind statue and get carried to the treasure chest. Inside are
Vials. Use Felix's 'Move' on the pillar and move it to the
orange square. Now, run south and around to get to the doorway.

        This looks familiar, and this time you can go to the left
doorway instead of the right. Go north, climb down, and push the
pillar to the orange square. Return back to the beginning, and
be carried off. Jump on the pillar you have moved, and go north.
In this room, move the statue all the way up. Then get carried
to reach a treasure chest that contains a Clarity Circlet for
either Jenna or Sheba. They both can't have it at the same time,
so see the difference of Defense that goes up for each of the
characters, and choose the character that has the most change.
Slide down the slope. This time, move the statue down five times
and get carried. This will take you to the next doorway.

        First, move the pillar to the orange square. Go left, then
down, and jump on the platforms. Jump until you reach the ledge
with the pillar blocking the water. Use Felix's 'Move' to move it
to the left on the orange square. Get back to the beginning, to
where you pushed the first pillar down. Go south, and to the
next doorway.

        It's the third floor. Climb down and run to the right
until you meet tightropes. Go through, then down, through another
tightrope, climb up, then through the third tightrope. Head south
and through the doorway at the end. At the new room, go left, then
use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to clear away the sand. Then use Sheba's
'Whirlwind' while facing down to move the statue over. Now go
through the new path you opened. Climb down, and run southwest to
find the newly placed statue. Climb up to meet it, and get blown
across to reach a treasure chest. Inside are 666 coins. Slide
down the slope and go down. Go right and climb up. Before you go
through the doorway here, go past it and push the pillar down.
Now, go through the doorway that you went by.

        Floor five! Almost there. Go southwest, and continue up
to reach a treasure chest. It contains Vials again. Keep
going up, and walk beside the wind statue. Use Felix's 'Move' and
move the statue to the right. Return back to the beginning of floor
five, and go up. There shouldn't be any more tornadoes to push you
down because you just blocked it! Go up and through the doorway to
floor six.

        The last floor. After going through the path and to the
next screen, climb down. Get blown by the tornado, then climb up.
Keep climbing, until you reach the top. Jump on all the floating
platforms, and go through the door.

        You're finally here, where Sheba will learn 'Reveal'. The
room's bottom is filled with purple clouds, and with floating
platforms. Go up and jump through. The platforms will disappear
one-by-one as you jump on them. When you're at the end, you'll
find a tablet. Examine it, and Sheba will come out to talk to
you. She'll examine it, and the tablet will start to float.
Energy starts to fly out of the tablet, and into Sheba, causing
her to float in the air. Soon, both of them will drop down, and
Sheba will finally have 'Reveal'! The work has paid off, hasn't
it? To get a treasure chest, go left. Use Sheba's 'Reveal' when
you meet a circle of platforms. Inside is a Psycrystal. Head
back, and go to the right side. Do the same, and you'll be at
the entrance.

        What has ever happened to the combo tablet? Use Felix's
'Retreat' and we'll get it! Since you've done all the puzzles,
getting to the third floor should be easy. The third floor is the
third screen from the beginning. Once you're at the start of the
water and pillar puzzle, climb down, run to the right, and climb up.
Go north, then move the pillar to the left. Go left, then down, and
push the pillar here to the right once. From the pillar you just
pushed, go north, jump across another pillar, go up, climb down, go
to the right, climb up, and go north until you reach a wind statue.
Get blown to the left, and run down. Go behind the stone, and use
Sheba's 'Whirlwind' one last time. This will cause the pillar you
moved before to be carried across the room. Slide down, jump across
on the pillar again, then south, slide down, and you're there. Push
the pillar to the right, then jump across. There it is! The combo
tablet is yours! It will allow you to summon using two Jupiter and
one Venus Djinni. Time to exit using Felix's 'Retreat'! Use it twice
to get out of Air's Rock!

[15]. Returning Back to Garoh


To Garoh

        After a long puzzling time in Air's Rock, and having Sheba
learn 'Reveal' in the process, you can now return to Garoh and
discover the mysteries of the werewolves. Journey to Garoh, it is


Use 'Reveal' to Find the Werewolves

        Climb up the mountain, just like you have done before. It
will gradually get darker once again. Once you've reached the top,
return to the odd rock that is found northeast in Garoh. The
Lycanthrope will appear, then disappear in a flash of his own
'Reveal'. Now that Sheba obtained its power, you can enter his home.
Use Sheba's 'Reveal' to find an opening in the rock, then enter.

Follow the Wolf Child

        Go north, then the wolf child appears and runs back to the
right at the sight of you. Go after it, by jumping to the right,
then going north. In the next screen, go up, jump left, continue the
path, and finally go north. You will stop, and notice an odd-looking
pillar. A 'Reveal' vision appears, and a door appears where the
pillar lies. The Lycanthrope comes out, with the wolf child behind
him. It's time to listen to an important story.

Listen to the Story

        First, the he reveals himself as Maha. He explains how they
got their strange powers, like the 'Reveal' that you saw earlier.
When he learned 'Reveal', he had lost his human form. The child
became a werewolf because he looked directly at the full moon.
Everyone that was hooded outside were werewolves and will be human
again in the morning -- except for Maha. Maha then suggests that they
rest at the Inn before they talk again.

        It's the next morning, and you'll all see regular people
outside, no hooded, or cloaked ones. You can find the wolf child
right at the entrance of his cave. Return to Maha's home, follow the
same path, and he will appear from the rock once again. The party
feels that the people here got their wind power from the large
psynergy stone in Air's Rock. Even though it's far away, they suspect
the wind is carrying it's power to them. Then, Master Maha will bring
out a Jupiter Djinni, that, Jenna is surprised of. Ether joins your
party, a good ally to Sheba. Exit the cave.

Leaving Garoh

        Again, buy any weapons, armor, or items you may need. If you
feel weary, go to the Inn. Now, let's get that treasure chest that
was at the beginning of Garoh where you first met the wolf child.

        From the weapon shop, go directly north to find an entrance.
This entrance is beside the Sanctum door of Garoh. Once inside,
go left, then down to find platform pillars. They are formed in
a ring, so use Sheba's 'Reveal' to find the middle platform. Jump
across, then go through the doorway. Run across the path to reach
the next one that will lead you outside. Now, go down, past the
tightrope, and to the treasure chest. Either Felix or Jenna can
equip the Hypnos, Sword, but if you have followed the weapons
throughout this walkthrough, it will be perfect for Jenna. Your
job here is done. Go on the tightrope, and down the slope. Leave
Garoh like you have done before.

[16]. From Osenia to Gondowan


Stopping at Mikasalla

        It's time to leave the continent of Osenia, and to a very
familiar continent, that Golden Sun players will know of. It's the
continent of Gondowan! Unfortunately, you won't be able to visit
the places like Lalivero, or Suhalla. Now, from Garoh, find your
way back to the Indra Continent. To do this, follow the same
directions it took you to get to Garoh, except reverse the order.
The regular order is found in the earlier chapters. It also wouldn't
hurt to level up a bit, it would defiantely come in handy later on
in the game. While traveling back to Indra, make a pit stop at


Get your Mars Djinni

        You've got unfinished business to do here. There used to be
an unreachable Mars Djinni here. Now you have 'Scoop', you can
finally reach it. Go southwest of town to meet a chicken and a sheep.
Use 'Scoop' all around that area if you want to discover a Sleep
Bomb. The ladder is found right in the middle of the whole fenced
area. Here is the underground area similar to the one that was found
in Madra, except it's a lot shorter. Go north, then up the ladder.
You should appear outside once againin the exact same area where the
Mars Djinni was. It will also join you immediately. You'll also spot
a treasure chest while acquiring the Djinni. Now that's settled, exit
the whole place, except don't leave Mikasalla yet. Once you're at the
entrance, climb up the ladder near the Inn. Don't climb up the second
one. While on the first one, you can jump to the right. Go through
your path and recieve your treasure. Well, it's not that big, but
you'll never know when 82 coins will come in handy. Now you can exit


Check on Piers

        Once you've crossed the continental crossing from Osenia to
Indra, you should be near Madra, where you first met Piers. Let's
check on him, shall we?


        The two men that were in Madra will come to speak to you
again. Apparently, Piers is not in Madra, but far away in Gondowan.
Well, it too, also seems that you are going there as well. Piers has
left to retrieve the Black Orb from an African viliage called
Kibombo, because it has been stolen from Madra and he needs it for
his ship. Let's follow him.


To the Gondowan Cliffs

        No more pit stops, time to get to your destination. Go
northwest of Madra, past a bridge. Then southwest again, and past
another brdge. You'll immediately spot a third bridge, go through it.
Then to the left, you'll discover the Gondowan Cliffs.

Gondowan Cliffs

Getting Through

        Here, you'll immediately spot a puppy. Yet, why is it there?
It is giving you a clue to get through the cliffs. Do you see the
rounded patch it's sniffing? Use your 'Scoop' Psynergy to reveal a
hidden gyser. Quickly walk on top of the hole, and let the gyser
carry you up. Hop off, then slide down the slope. Jump across to the
left. There is a red mushroom at the higher cliffs, it's not very
important, but you'll get that later. You have two choices now. One,
you can slide down the slope to find a deserted cave. If you came to
the cliffs a lot earlier, you'd find a lot of men, but apparently
they have disappeared. If you chose this path, head north, use
Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to blow away the vines to reveal a hidden
doorway. Get back to the entrance and hop onto the gyser. Get back
to the part where you spotted the red mushroom. This time, climb up
the vine. Then go northwest, and up another vine. Then, up another.
Go left, where you'll find three slopes, and a Mars Djinni. You'll
get that one later. Choose the middle slope. Once down, you'll spot
a green mushroom. This one is important, and will lead you to yet
another Mars Djinni, not the one you spotted earlier, but the one
that two elders are keeping in their house in Madra. You'll know
now that you'll be making a return trip to Madra. Once down, jump
across, and up. Don't go down the slope yet, while up, use Felix's
'Move' on the tree stump to create another bridge, that will take
you to the Mars Djinni. Now, go down the slope. If you want to get
back to the beginning, go right, up the vine, and use 'Lash' on
the rope. Otherwise, go down and climb down the vine. From the first
step once you've climbed down the vine, jump three steps to the
left, two to the north, one to the left, one to the north, one to
the left, go up, one to the left, two to the south, one to the left,
three to the north, two to the right, go down, two to the right,
three to the north, then two to the left to reach the vine. Go north
up another vine, then down a little. Just a little so you can jump
across to the left. Go north, up the vine, go right, then down to
find a treasure chest. Nothing great, but you'll get yourself a
Sleep Bomb. Return to the vine and head south. Go down another vine,
then head north up two more vines. Go past the tightrope, then up
another two vines. Go directly south to find the Mars Djinni.

        This one will fight, and it fights pretty good. With plenty
of HP (about 344-434), this one hits you with Blast, Dragon Cloud,
and all the ones Jenna knows. Heal frequently, while your Djinni are
going to Standby one at a time, your stats are being lowered. Procne
hits it with an all-mighty blow of 150. When that battle is done,
Kindle joins your party. It will also give you 228 EXP and 273 Coins.
Now, we seem to have three Mars Djinni, three Jupiter Djinni, two
Mercury Djinni, and only two Venus Djinni! We'll be meeting up with
anoter Venus soon enough.

        Return to the tightrope. Walk across, climb down two vines,
head south, the west, to find the exit.

C.    G O N D O W A N   C O N T I N E N T

[17]. Resting at the Village of Naribwe


Get Chill and Visit Naribwe

        Ok, wait right here. Go to the left and find a bridge. Then
after crossing it, go south down another bridge. Go to a forest
around here and you can find Chill, the Mercury Djinni. You're going
to be in the village of Naribwe soon so this Djinni is southwest
from there. That should be just where you are. Walk around the
little forest and try to get Chill in a battle. Defeat it and you'll
have another Mercury Djinni! Chill will have about 272-425 HP and will
give you 234 EXP and 282 coins. After you're done, head directly north,
shortly you'll meet up with Naribwe.


Rest Up and Gain Some Items

        A nice peaceful village, you can upgrade your weapons,
armor, and gain more useful items. After many fights in the Gondowan
Cliffs, your HP and Psynergy must be low. Take a break, and go visit
the Inn. Near the Inn, is a rope and nail. Use 'Lash' to extend
the rope where the treasure chest is. Inside is a Thorn Crown a
useful armor that can be equipped on anyone. It will raises two stats
up, so choose the right character to equip it. After, go to the
middle of the village where the fire is. Go inside the house that is
the left of it. Go through, until you're outside, then use Sheba's
'Whirlwind' to blow away the vines. Climb up the ladder, and use
Sheba's 'Reveal' to reveal a treasure chest. Inside is a Unicorn Ring
that you can equip on any party member. These rings are useful, they
can be used anytime, even in battle. Each ring has a special ability
that can heal or attack. Well, looks like you're done here. Let's
travel to the Kibombo Mountains.


To Kibombo Mountains

        Yet another short path, go directly north of Naribwe, then a
little to the right. Here are the Kibombo Mountains, it'll be tough
to get through, but you can do it!

[18]. Sneaking Through the Kibombo Mountains

Kibombo Mountains

Sneaking Through

        Whatever you do, you do not want to be spotted by any guards
here. They will not permit any being from getting through. Time to
be sneaky, you must be sly and get through barking dogs and watching
guards to successfully get to Kibombo.

        Go north, up the three stairs. While you go right, the screen
moves up, showing one guard you have to avoid. They are guarding this
place until a person named Akafubu completes the ceremony. They have
mentioned that a person has knocked out some guards and went through,
we wonder who that person can be? They show that the place will be
heavily guarded, because of a ceremony that is happening in Kibombo.
Go right, and push the box to the right four times. Then push it up.
Use Felix's 'Move' on the second box and move it to the left one
time. Climb up the vines and jump across. Climb up another vine and
head northwest across the plank near the first guard is. Push the
pillar over, go across and climb up the vines. Head up the stairs,
and watch out for this wandering guard. There is a box that will help
cover you. Push it over two times, then climb up. Run through, and
slide down the slope. Push this box to the left so it surrounds the
guard and a vine is revealed. Then search along the north and find a
chest. Inside is a Disk Axe, perfect for Felix. Climb up that last
vine, use 'Lash' upon the rope, and climb over. Run down, and push
down the pillar. Return to the rope and continue up to a new screen.
Go to the box, but not down the vine. Use Felix's 'Move' and move it
to the left once. Then push it to the left, then down once. When the
guard appears right below you, push it down and send the box
pummeling down upon him. He's trapped inside, so go down the vine and
get the treasure chest. Inside contains a Power Bread, it raises up a
character's maximum HP. Go to the left and climb the pillar filled
with vines. Jump across and push the pillar down when the dog is on
the lower side of the pillar. This causes the dog to be trapped and
you won't be bothered. Climb back down and run up, but watch out for
the guard on the left. Go inside the cave, and use Sheba's 'Reveal'
to find a Smoke Bomb in one of the crates. Then head outside. It
seems like the dog is outside again, right to the right of you. Be
on the left side of the box, and use the 'Tremor' Psynergy to knock
the box over. The bone on top will fall and the dog will immediately
take it. This stalls the dog, while you can grab your treasure chest
at the southeastern part. Inside is a Tear Stone, used for forging
weapons later in the game. Head back where the dog is, then go
northeast, and use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to blow away the vines. Go
inside the doorway, and go through the path in the cave to reach the
end. Go up the two vines and run across to the left. Climb down the
next two vines, the head directly south. Well, well, well. Looks like
there's another Jupiter Djinni to get, we'll get to it after you
acquire Piers, your fourth member. Go down all the stairs until you
reach the bottom. Jump over to the left, head up, then you're finally
through. That wasn't so hard, was it?

[19]. Finding Piers at Last


To Kibombo

        Go left across the bridge, then northeast. You will notice
instantly that the sky turns dark as you move. Still walking, you'll
find Kibombo.


Sneaking In

        It's all dark, and a ceremony is approaching. The Inns and
shops are even closed, and all the people are gathered at the north.
They won't even let you through, and thus, you'd have to sneak in
once again. First, go to the very beginning of the village, where all
the red poles lie. Through the side, are openings where no rock
blocks your way. Once through, use 'Lash' on the rope and climb up.
Now jump across on top of the red poles and get to the other side.
Head north until you meet the Sanctum's keeper. Jump to the left
across the poles beside him. Jump three times to the left, one time
south, three times to the left, one time south, then one time to the
left, avoiding the water puddle nearby. Through this path, you can
jump on top of the roofs of the houses. Jump across again to reach
the side. Now head up.

Acquire Piers

        As soon as you reach the new screen, somebody will speak.
The screen will move to the right where a lot of people are, and
the person who just spoke. He is planning on becoming Kibombo's new
witch doctor! You'll immediately spot the Black Orb, the item that
was stolen from Piers. A big monkey statue that seems asleep, holds
the Black Orb. Once you gain control, it's time to go up. But look
who's just nearby, it's Piers! He will speak to you as soon as you
meet him. Jenna, Sheba, and even Kraden appears to talk to him. They
speak to each other, Piers explains that the people here are planning
to sacrifice the Black Orb to the Gabomba, the large statue that
appears before them, in order to wake it up. After, the ceremony is
about to start. The chief Akafubu, uses 'Lift' and lifts the Black Orb
high in the sky. Piers is then shocked, that he may lose his Black Orb
if the ceremony is a success. The Akafubu chants and the eyes of the
Gabomba awakens.Then, they close, and Akafubu cannot tell why it is
happening. Piers is then determined to get it back, by fixing the
circuits inside Gabomba. He then looks for a way to get through
without being spotted, but is still confused. Kraden then tells you
to help him, and demonstrate that you can use Psynergy. Go up beside
the pillar, and use Felix's 'Move' to pull it back. Piers notices
that, and is delighted. After a lot of Babi and Lemuria, Piers is
going to go after the Black Orb, until Kraden suggests that he gets
help from them. They agree, he joins your party at level 18. Finally!

[20]. Inside the Gabomba


Piers's Stats

        Piers joins your party at level 18, it won't matter if
you're below him, though he has more EXP gained than any of your
party members, he levels up slower. Gradually you'll be at the same
level as him, and then he'll be the last to level up! It's strange,
but it's been made like that so your party levels will be even
throughout the game. Piers also carries two Mercury Djinni named
Spring and Shade, so now you can even de-equip the Mercury ones you
have now and give it to Piers.

Find a Way Into the Statue

        Now with Piers in your party, climb up the vine to recieve
a Psynergy stone, if you have not went to get it while demonstating
your Psynergy to Piers. Climb back down, then run through the whole
path around until you reach the other side. Climb down the vines,
and go towards the back of the Gabomba statue. Piers will notice that
there is something strange on the ground. Kraden will see that there
are four cracks, and they will not make a person fall once stepped
on. He asks you to use your Psynergy, then Felix will use 'Scoop'
upon the bottom square. Everybody will spot an arrow pointing upwards.
Felix will use 'Scoop' on the top crack, then on the left, then on
the right. All the arrows point to the middle. They think the arrows
point to an entrance, but they couldn't get through since the
entrance is underneath the rock. They think that there's another
entrance nearby. Go back to where the vine was, and use 'Scoop' on
the crack there. It will reveal a ladder, so climb down, and you'll
enter the Gabomba.

Gabomba Statue

Through the Puzzles

        Once you're here, go left, and continue the whole path, past
red gears, until you reach a ladder that leads to two more gears.
Climb up, then get pushed, then climb up the next ladder. In this
next room, seems like a very large puzzle. You can gain some
experience by fighting a Mimic, that appears as a treasure chest
southeast of you. It is resistant to wind but is weak against fire.
With a lot of HP, it will take a few turns. It will give you 400 EXP
and 380 coins and a Hard Nut once defeated. Once back to the screen,
head up, then go one step to the right, then down to reach another
treasure chest. Inside contains A Bone Armlet, good for either Jenna
or Sheba. Once that's finished, return to where you were, then head
for the ladder you see to get to the next room.

        We see a lot more gears this time. It really shows that
Gabomba is a machine! Go down, left, then up to find a rope. You have
to use 'Lash' at the right time, because the gear with the nail is
turning all the time. To make things easier, put 'Lash' as a L or R
button. When the nail is as close as it can be to the rope, use it.
The gear will stop and the tightrope will be available. There's no
point in climbing it, as it will lead you no where. Return to the
red gears. They have stopped now, so go through. Go left, then use
'Lash' on the rope there if you want to. Otherwise, climb up the
        A lot more gears, but a Venus Djinni, also! You'll get to it
soon enough. Go down, then jump over the gap. Continue left, then go
up, then right, and up the ladder.

        And I said the last room had a lot of gears, this room is
full of it! Go south, then right, then down. Don't go up the ladder
here. You'll be trapped, and will be forced to go back anyways.
Continue running all the way up, avoiding the gears. Once you try to
turn left, you'll spot a rat. It'll spot you, then jump on the gear,
and continues from gear to gear. That's the key in completing this
puzzle. Go left, then down, and jump over the gap to reach the
ladder. Here, go to the next ladder, by going left, then through.

        In this room, go left, up, right, then down. Out of the
three paths, go to the left and continue south. At the end of this
path, you'll find a shining gear, and two pillars on each side. Use
'Pound' upon the pillar. Now to get to the other side. Exit this
whole area, and return to the part where you first saw the rat. From
this exact area, go right between the blue and red gear. Hop on top
of the red gear from the right side. Once the gear is carrying you
through, quickly jump onto the blue gear. Then jump on the green
one to the right of you, then to the green one below you. Jump on
the blue one, then onto the green one. Jump onto the blue, then
across on the two green ones. Jump on the red gear, and you're
finished. Get to the other side, then go left, to find a ladder.
Then, go down the next ladder. Go left to find a treasure chest that
contains an Elixir. Now return, and go right. You'll soon find
yourself on the side with the second pillar. Use 'Pound' to cause
the shining gear to fall down. Now everything is reversed, and now
you can get through parts you couldn't get to before. Now exit this
area, and get to the same screen where the rat jumped. Find the two
red gears that are parallel to each other. One of these will take
you to the Venus Djinni. Take the left, one, and after falling,
you'll find yourself right near the Djinni. This one will fight,
so prepare yourselves. This one may run, too. It's strangely weak
against Jupiter, and resistant to Venus, so attack with Sheba and
her Jupiter Djinni. It has about 366-668 HP (I defeated it using
Boreas, causing a large unaccurate HP estimation). It'll also give
you 279 EXP and 340 coins. After the battle, Steel joins your party.

        Now, use 'Lash' on the rope. Climb through, go down the
small ladder, then go and return to the ladder up north. Go south,
right, then down, and finally go up the ladder that you avoided
before. Now that the gears go backwards, the two red ones here will
push you in instead of pushing you out. Use 'Lash' on the rope if
you desire to. Now, go up the ladder.

        Here's something new, it's some sort of mini-Gabomba inside
Gabomba! The large orange thing here is surprisingly the tongue. Go
right and climb the ladder. Akafubu will immediately speak. You'll
find yourself at the head of the Gabomba, where the eyes lie. The
large statue's face appears before you, and Akafubu is willing to
try again. He uses 'Lift' once again, and the eyes of Gabomba opens.
All four of you will notice sparks appearing on the floor. They all
disappear quickly due to the odd paths that moves them. The eyes then
close. Akafubu is then upset again, and decides to try again later.
Kraden has an idea, and if you can fix this, the Black Orb will be
spared. Akafubu will try again in 20 seconds, so you have a clock to
fix up the circuits of Gabomba. Don't worry, if you're too slow,
he'll state that he'll try again in another 20. So take your time if
you need it. Once you gain control, head towards the pillar, and use
'Pound' upon it to start. It will cause some of the floor to float,
and it's up to you to move the the floor directions around so that
the sparks from both the red and blue eyes get to the miniature
statue in the middle of the room. When you use 'Pound' on the pillar,
you have to step on the arrows beside it to rotate the pieces. When
one part is placed correctly, you have to use 'Pound' on it to put it
down. If you mess up, use 'Pound' on the pillar again. The piece with
the dots won't do anything, so leave that for last. Beware of this
part, I can't help you. Each of our games will generate a different
puzzle for you to deal with (I've seen two different ones so far).
You can have any number of tries so keep going. When you're done,
wait a while, until Akafubu speaks. He uses 'Lift' once again, and
you get to watch the sparks go through your path that you created.
Gabomba's eyes open before you, and sticks out its tongue. It quickly
devours the Black Orb, but leaves its tongue out to the open. Akafubu
is delighted, and enters Gabomba through the tongue path. Piers and
company looks at the small statue of Gabomba, where the tongue is.
They wonder where the Black Orb is, also. Then, to their words, the
Black Orb appears, and goes underneath the small statue. Sheba peers
down underneath to try and see where it went. Akafubu then appears,
and Piers is angry because of the theft of the Black Orb. Jenna tells
Akafubu that they fixed Gabomba and he is no more than a statue. He
doesn't believe this, and so Jenna takes him to the puzzle room.
Akafubu then puts in a red jewel inside the small statue of Gabomba.
It moves aside, revealing a new path behind where it used to be.
Akafubu then enters it. Now follow him. Go straight up, then you'll
go down an elevator. Continue going up, and you'll find Akafubu,
another small Gabomba statue, and the Black Orb, sitting in the
statue's hands. Go past Akafabu, and examine the Black Orb. The room
will get dark and the Black Orb floats up high. The statue speaks to
you, speaking about the black magic Akafubu posesses, and that it
itself gave it to him. When Akafubu leaves, a treasure chest is given
to you. After a few more words, the treasure chest disappears since
Akafubu hastly leaves. He gives a message to deliver to Akafubu, and
it tells you that you can posess the black magic as well. It'll reveal
a hidden ladder to the right of you. The room will return to normal,
and the Black Orb falls back down. Felix then goes to it and recieves
the Black Crystal. Both you and Kraden leave to give the message.


Rest Up

        You're back in the village, inside the Sanctum hut. You all
explain to Akafubu's father about Gabomba, but Akafubu himself feels
very angry because you were allowed to posess the same black magic
that he does, and turns his back away from you. You may not know
what he means yet, but you'll get back inside Gabomba once you obtain
the Cyclone Piece. Down the ladder that Gabomba showed you is a room
filled with grass. 'Cyclone' is needed to get through. Once you gain
control of Felix again, leave the hut, and you'll discover that the
sky is normal and the darkness has disappeared. Go buy weapons,
armors, items, and heal if needed. There should be a few weapons and
armors that you'd want to upgrade. Also take a look at the artifacts.
It looks like your job here is done, but you'll have to come back
sometime once you have learned Cyclone, the new field Psynergy that
you'll be recieving really soon.

D.    G O N D O W A N ,  I N D R A ,  O S E N I A   C O N T I N E N T

[21]. Return to Madra


Going Back to Madra

        You need to go through the Kibombo and the Gondowan Cliffs to
get back to Madra. But since Piers is in your party, you can now
check out the places that were unreachable, unless you had his
'Frost'. The first place to use that technique is in the Kibombo

Kibombo Mountains

Get Your Jupiter Djinni

        Once you've reach the Kibombo, you should've spotted
a puddle near the exit while storming through. From the exit of the
Kibombo, jump across the river, and go up three stairs. From
there, go south and you'll find the puddle. Use Piers's 'Frost' to
make an ice pillar. You always must be careful with Piers's 'Frost'
and 'Douse', as each of them take 5 PP to use them. Always be
accurate and know where you're using them, because you don't want to
waste too much Psynergy. Head back north and go up one more time.
Then head south, and jump across using the newly created ice pillar.
Climb up the vine to find a sapling. You need to use 'Growth', which
requires a character to have at least 1 Venus and Mars Djinni. Just
move one Mars Djinni to Felix, and he'll have the technique, only
if he has a roster of Venus Djinni, and no other element, and
vice-versa. Once you have 'Growth', use it on the sapling, then
right after, if you want, return the Djinni back to its original
owner. Climb up the vine, and you'll find the Jupiter Djinni. It
will defiantely attack you, so prepare. It is weak against earth
but resistant to wind. It has about 346-469 HP, and once defeated,
it'll give you 225 EXP and 309 coins. Waft becomes your ally! Now
that's finished, it's time to continue on.

Continue On

        Now that Bouquet is in your posession, climb back down, jump
back across using the ice pillar, and go up. Go right, then down,
then right, then down. In the next screen, don't forget to grab the
treasure chest that you left behind. Inside is an odd-looking
weapon for either Felix or Piers. Continue your way south to exit
this whole thing.


        Go all the way south, past Naribwe. Then when you see the
Gondowan Cliffs, go to it.

Gondowan Cliffs

Find an Important Item

        Go right, then up, and climb up the two vines. Walk through
the tightrope, then go down. Climb down the two vines, then climb up
the vine you see next. Jump to the right, go up, then climb down the
vine. Continue through, then you'll be back on the stepping stone
puzzle. Navigate yourself through it, to reach land once again. Go
right and up a vine. Use 'Lash' on the rope and climb across. Go
down the vine and down the slope. Go right, then up, and use Piers's
'Frost' on the puddle. Climb up the vine nearby and jump across using
the ice pillar. Go up the next four vines. Go down the one vine you
see nearby. Use Piers's 'Frost' on the puddle, then go north, up a
vine, then go south. Jump across using the ice pillar and go down the
slope. You'll see another slope, but don't go down this one! Go past
it instead, and you'll find a Healing Fungus. It may not look much,
but this item will grant you a Mars Djinni. Though it won't make any
sense at all now, you'll understand once we get to Madra. Now go down
the next two slopes, up the vine, across the rope, down the vine,
down the slope, and go to the northeast. You're at the entrance of
the Gondowan Cliffs, so exit the whole place.


        You know where Madra lies, just go east and follow the
bridges until you find it. Remember, it is directly east!


Meeting Your Enemy At Last

        You've always wondered when your enemies will show up, and
this is the time. The only problem is, that only one of them will
show up and that one won't bother you yet! She's wondering where
her sister is, named Menardi. Hmmm... When you head to the mayor's
house, you'll spot Karst right away. She'll also see you once you
pass her. Just continue towards the mayor's house.

Learn Cyclone and Get Permission

        Once you enter the room, the mayor will immediately see that
Piers is back. They'll also know that he retrieved the Black Orb
back. Once you gain control, leave the house. The young Mayor will
contact you again and will speak to you outside. He gives you the
Cyclone Chip, once equipped, you'll learn Cyclone. It creates a
whirlwind and blows away grass from below. It's very much different
than the 'Whirlwind' technique. He'll also give Piers pemission to
sail the ship using the Black Orb. After he leaves, Karst speaks to
you about Isaac. It's very strange that she knows a lot about him.
She also mentions that she is Menardi's younger sister! She wants
revenge for her sister's death. Karst then quickly leaves. There's
something you can do here since Sheba knows 'Reveal'.

To the Catacombs!

        The entrance from the cemetary is blocked off, so take the
ladder beside the girl near the shops.

Madra Catacombs

Extra Items

        Make your way around until you find a concrete door that
doesn't seem to budge. Use Sheba's 'Reveal' to find a hidden switch
beside the door. Push on it and the door will open. Next, follow the
stone path up north, turn to the left, and the first opening you see,
go north. You'll find a puddle, so you can use Piers's 'Frost'
psynergy to start the puzzle going. Next, go to the right towards the
vine pillar and push it into its socket. If you go south where the
rope is, you can find a treasure chest with an Apple inside. Now go
to the right.Push the pillar into its socket and return to the vine
pillar. Climb up and head over to the right of the whole cavern.
Remember to jump on top of the pile of rocks, it's hard to tell but
you can jump on top of them. Keep going around until you see the
pillar you pushed earlier. Jump across and use your 'Lash' psynergy.
Climb and slide down the slope and head towards the ice pillar. Jump
across and head towards the highest level of the building. Go inside
and into the left door. Be on the left side of the bookshelf and use
your 'Tremor' psynergy to knock the chest over. It dropped to the
lower level of the building. Head back outside and go south. At the
end you'll find some vines and a treasure chest. Inside is a Mist
Potion. Next, slide down. Now head back to that castle and enter the
doorway on the first level. Inside, go straight to the north. Enter
this room and you'll find the treasure chest that dropped. It's the
Ruin Key! Now you can open a secret door. Exit this room and take the
right door. Then go down the stairs and you'll find your big red
door. Use your Ruin Key and the doors will slowly open. Fire will
light up the room, leading you to a new combo tablet! Now you can
summon Moloch. You're all done here, use Felix's 'Retreat' and get
outta here!

Swap for a Mars Djinni

        Go to the area with the four houses. Go inside the
northwestern one to find two elders. If you go up the stairs, you'll
find a Mars Djinni inside a fence. Give the elder the Healing
Mushroom, and he'll bring you the Mars Djinni down. Char becomes your
ally right away! Give your thanks and exit Madra.

[22]. Sail Your Ship


Find Your Ship

        It's time to backtrack to the ship you left behind. The Black
Crystal is now with you, and you can use it to sail. Piers really
wants to go back to his home. Go northwest of Madra, through one
bridge, then north, through another bridge. Then go north a little
bit and then to the east. You'll find the Dehkan Plateau again, and
the ship. Enter it.

East Indra Shore

        If you haven't been here before, Kraden will speak about
Saturos and Menardi's ship. They think that this could be it. When
you gain control, head south and to the right through all the shallow
water. Get on the ship and examine the dragon door. Piers will appear
with the Black Crystal and open it. Now let's get inside and get the
ship moving!

Lemurian Ship

Destroy All the Enemies & Set Sail

        With a very nice inside and jolly music, the ship is
infested with squid enemies. Once these enemies are defeated in
battle, they transform into a water puddle, as sick as it may sound.
You can then use the puddle to turn into an ice pillar. This is when
Piers starts to lose a lot of Psynergy, because with over ten
puddles and five PPs are used every time, you have to make sure you
use them wisely, or else Piers won't be able to use his 'Frost', or
heal, or whatsoever. Let's get started on the first enemy. From the
entrance, go to the next door, and you'll immediately spot one.
It won't attack you right away until you examine it. Each Aqua Jelly
are weak against fire and have about 198-245 HP each, and each will
reward you with 96 EXP and 99 coins. This first one, can be easily
defeated with Felix's Ragnarok and another single attack. Once it
turns into a water puddle, avoid it. There's no purpose for this
one. Go straight down and defeat the next one if you want to get the
treasure chest. Inside is a Potion that recovers all HP of one party
member. Continue down the stairs and through the next door.

        There happens to be six Aqua Jelly all cluttered up! You
can't reach them yet, so go right to the next door, and the door
after that. It's another room filled with them. You can train and
defeat them all if you desire to. Now, when all are defeated, except
for the one at top, move the box to the very bottom right. Then use
Piers's 'Frost' on the ones beside the box. You've now created a
path you can use to jump across. After you've jumped across, go down
to a door. Here, push the box until it falls, so you have a shortcut
to go back. Go towards the right and enter the door. This room is a
little bit harder, with all the pipes around the Aqua Jelly. Go up
and climb down the ladder. Defeat the Aqua Jelly and use Piers's
'Frost'. Jump across using the new ice pillar and climb down the
ladder to find the next target. Defeat it and use Piers's 'Frost'.
Go up to the box and move it 1x to the west and 1x to the south.
Now return to the beginning of this room. Climb down the ladder and
defeat the Aqua Jelly. Use Piers's 'Frost' and jump to the other
side of the room. Climb down the defeat the next Aqua Jelly. Use
Piers's 'Frost', then go north and defeat the next one. Use Piers's
'Frost' once agian, then head to the beginning of the room. Go north,
jump across, and jump further using the last few pillars you've
created, including the box you moved earlier. Now at the north of
the room, go down the ladder and defeat the second last Aqua Jelly
and use Piers's 'Frost' afterwards. Why did I say second last when
there were a whole bunch in the other room? You'll find out soon
enough. Head back around and jump across to get to the door, then
go through the next door after that. Immediately the last Aqua Jelly
will flee and hide underneath a metal bridge. Go towards it and
defeat it. Use Piers's 'Frost' and walk over the bridge. Enter the
door, and the door after that. Now heal! Heal all your party members,
and set your Djinni whatever way you please. Go down the steps and
jump across using the boxes. You can only get to the middle Aqua
Jelly. When you do examine it, they'll all gather, and combine into
Aqua Hydra!

        This is one tough cookie, with an unbelievable amount of HP!
For a start, attack it using all your Djinni, but make sure you use
the Mercury Djinni Shade, as it creates a great protection and it
is the very first to act, no matter the speed of the enemy or the
party. Once all of the Djinni of an elemental group are on Standby,
unleash your attacks! When they're resting to be set again, attack
using Felix's Ragnarok and with your best Psynergy moves. Using a
level three or four summon creates so much leathal damage, you wonder
when the Aquahydra will go down. Its attacks include Douse, poison
inflicting attacks, lowering your party's Defense status, and even
tsunami waves. It's weak against fire, just like the Aqua Jelly. It
has a whopping 2633-2794 HP. It'll give you 1251 EXP and 2095 coins
only if you defeated it using a Mars Djinni (I defeated it using Mars
Djinni Cannon). You'll recieve less if you didn't. It'll possibly
give you a Vial when defeated.

        When you've defeated the boss, the room is 'Aqua Jelly-less',
but the area you're in has filled in water. The treasure chest that
appears underneath you is unreachable, unless Piers learns 'Parch'
from Aqua Rock. That won't be for a while, but the item inside is
a Mist Potion that recovers all your party's HP. Go left and up to
the door, and through the door after that. Go south and down the
ladder. In this cavern, go to the right pillar and move it on top
of the water drop square. Then, use Piers's 'Douse' upon it to fill
the top with water. The pillar will sink down, being identical with
the opposite one. The door opens, now go inside. Run through the path
until you reach the last doorway. Here, Piers will appear and take
the Black Orb out. The room will light with gold and the ship moves!
You've finally set sail, now we can journey to a lot more continents
and islands!

[23]. Return to Kibombo

Options of Your Ship

        There are many things that you can do with your ship, not
only do you sail from continent to continent, but you can also fish
for weapons, armors, items, and coins! Pressing 'A' will allow you
to search in the water. You either find something or don't find
something. Much later in the game, the ship will be upgraded, and
you'll be able to soar through the air! If you find a wide river
opening, you can squeeze through and still sail. Once you're in
a river of a continent, you can jump off anytime you'd like, even
if it isn't a beach.

Weyard Ocean

Find an Opening to Kibombo

        You want to head towards the Gondowan Continent. Go to the
north, then around the Indra Continent until you reach Gondowan.
There is a small island between Gondowan and Indra, on it is a
lone dock, with some people, a dog, a boat, and a small house. It
isn't important now, but you'll be needed to visit the dog when
you're in the trading sequence. Avoiding the island for now, to
the left of the island are two beaches. Dock your ship at the larger
one, then start running.


        Go west, and you'll find the Kibombo. Then to the north is
Kibombo. We now have to go inside the ladder that the Gabomba statue
revealed, and learn the black magic that Gabomba and Akafubu spoke


Get to Gabomba Once Again

        Remember to heal at the Inn if you feel a little woozy from
traveling everywhere. Then, head to the north, then into Gabomba, by
walking on its tongue and getting in.

Gabomba Statue

        In the familiar room, head north. Keep going through the
path and go down the elevator. Then keep going north until you reach
the Gabomba statue, and the ladder. Climb down.

Gabomba Catacombs

Blow Away the Grass with Cyclone

        Make sure you equip the Cyclone Piece to a character.
First, we'll get a Venus Djinni. Go down and climb down the ladder.
From the ladder, go just a little bit to the left, then immediately
northeast, so you're beside the wall. Going north just a little bit
past the two pieces of grass until you align yourself to be as close
as you can be to the large path of grass in the northeaster room. It
sounds very confusing, but if you use 'Cyclone' near that patch of
grass, you'll reveal some sort of hole, then fly in the air being
carried by a tornado, and get dropped in, and into a new room. When
you drop, you'll drop right near the Venus Djinni.

        This one attacks, and is weak against wind, just like Kiss.
It has about 451-585 HP and will become easily defeated if you
inflict the Stun and Sleep status upon it using Blitz and Waft.
After the battle, you'll recieve 360 EXP and 358 coins. Then, Mud
joins your party, making an even number of elemental Djinni for your
party! You should now have four of each element. Your characters will
be a lot more powerful if they have their own elemental Djinni, as
in Felix having all Venus, and Jenna having all Mars. It'll just
make things a lot easier!

        Now that's finished, slide down the slope, go down, go up
the ladder, then to the right, then north, and through the stairs.
Slide down the slope, and you'll find yourself at the beginning
again. Don't move from where you slid down. Go left and use 'Cyclone'
on the patch of grass, and you'll find another hole. You'll be taken
down by the tornado. Here, go left, then north, then to the right
where you'll find a doorway. In this area, there is a large patch of
grass. If you use 'Cyclone' here, you'll uncover a Mint item. Now, go
further north, then down the ladder. When you go south, you'll find
a small patch of grass, using 'Cyclone' reveals a hidden puddle. Use
Piers's 'Frost' upon it, then climb back on the ladder and jump over
using the ice pillar. Then, when you go north, you'll find six pieces
of grass, when you use 'Cyclone', it will reveal 6 puddles. They are
not used for anything. Use Sheba's 'Reveal' in that area to reveal a
hidden doorway.

        Here, you'll be near rushing water. Go left, then run across
the river. Stop at the middle, and you'll be able to squeeze to the
top when you run up. Keep finding a spot to squeeze through until
you're at the highest point, where you see the water falling down.
Go to the middle, go down, and make a direct 'U' to get to the very
left of the river. Run along to the left, then use 'Cyclone' upon
the grass to find a hidden puddle. Use Piers's 'Frost' to build up
a pillar. Now head back to the beginning of the whole puzzle. Once
you're at the beginning, where you first touched the water, run all
the way across to the other side. Go to the left and climb the
ladder, and jump across using the ice pillar you created. Enter the

        Climb down the ladder. The patch of grass that appears nearby
includes a Mad Plant monster once 'Cyclone' is used in the right
spot. Sort of like a Mimic, it'll be good for experience. It's weak
against fire and resistant to water. It has about 430-519 HP, and 
will give 321 EXP 347 coins, along with a Game Ticket. Continue up
and up the ladder. The small Gabomba statue will speak to you, and
will give you the black book that will grant the new Psynergy. This
is also like the card you recieved in the Kandorean Temple, your
class will change and new Psynergy will be given to you. You can
equip and de-equip it anytime. This place is finished, to get out
quick, use Felix's 'Retreat'.

        You should appear on the tongue of Gabomba. Exit Kibombo and
get back to your ship! Don't forget to heal if you need to!

[24]. Forge Some Weapons

Weyard Ocean

        By now you should have a forgeable items, but where to forge
them? Within Osenia you can find a village with a blacksmith. Sail
out of Gondowan and head towards Osenia once more. In the southeast
end of Osenia is a beach, look at your map if you need to. If you can
dock your ship there and head up north, you can find a village called
Yallam and a swamp called Taopo Swamp. Even using the boat to go up
the river and stopping when you see a bridge with a village will be
great as well. When you find Yallam, enter it.


        There are lots of things you can do here. Make sure you have
your forgeable weapons and items with you! Go towards the west of the
village and you'll find a big house with a chimney. Enter it and talk
to the man on the bed. Sunshine will take your items and forge them
within a day. This 'day' would be like taking a rest at the Inn,
going into the sanctum and coming back out, or exiting Yallam and
coming back. You should always save before you hand him items since
what he forges is totally random. Whenever you get these items during
your travels, be sure to come back here because as you get stronger,
some of the weapons and armors will become pretty much useless if you
forge them too late.

        To the east within the village are some kids playing around.
A person named Yepp has writen some songs for the children. If you
play around with them, they'll actually tell you how to get through
some sort place.. hmmm.. we'll have to remember and think about what
this information could be used for.

        This certainly won't be the last time you'll visit Yallam.
We'll come back later! Go through Yallam by going up. You should be
on the other side of Yallam now. Now go around the mountains towards
the left and go down. This is a straight path with a few bridges and
rivers. At the end you should find Taopo Swamp easily.

Taopo Swamp

Don't Sink!

        Go to the right and enter a new screen. Go towards the tree
stump and use Felix's 'Move' to push it towards you. It sinks all the
way down.. Go up towards three bushes of ivy. Use Sheba's 'Whirlwind'
on the first one from the left to find a doorway. Enter it and go up
north. Use 'Scoop' on the blue item sticking out to find a Tear
Stone. Exit this cave. Go down the little staircase and step on a
bubble leaking out from the swamp. These bubbles are going to save
you from falling into the swamp like that tree stump. That means you
have to quickly move from bubble to bubble before you completely
sink. You sink pretty fast so watch out. And, one last note, it's
okay if you fall in, because you'll just start at the beginning again
where the first bubble you touched was. Then go southeast to the next
one. Then go southwest. Then go to the left two times. Then go down.
You should still be leaning against the dock's wood. Now there should
be two paths to go. Go to the southeast path. Then go to the right,
then a little ways northeast, then directly right again. The last
part requires you to run in the shape of an "M" to reach the end. Go
up the stairs. There's two paths to take. Use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' on
the ivy and go into the doorway. Keep going until you hear some water
running. In the right path, water comes through the holes on the wall.
Wait until the water stops, then move forward. Wait for the next one,
then move forward. I suggest you to assign Felix's 'Move' to one of
your L and R buttons now! When the third hole stops spitting out
water, quickly move in and use Felix's 'Move' on the pillar and push
it towards you. This should stop the water from pouring down on you.
Continue on to the right. A Venus Djinni is here.. and you're going
to get it right now. Go up first though and take the staircase. Go
through the path until you reach a buried Tear Stone. Use 'Scoop' to
get it out. Return to the part before you left the Venus Djinni. Go
to the right and solve the same puzzle as you did on the other side.
Wait for the water to stop, then move. Get the pillar to cover the
hole again using the same technique. The force should cause the water
to spout where the Djinni is and push it down to a lower level. Now
fall down the slope second from the left. You should fall down near
the Djinni. Jump over to meet it. It has about 164-678 HP.. and will
give you 519 EXP and 432 coins. Flower joins your party! You're not
done yet though. In any way you want, return to the beginning before
you entered this cave. There should be a sapling beside the doorway.
Use 'Growth' on it (you should know how to get it by now). Climb up
and fall down two slopes and enter the doorway here. You're back in
the cave. Keep going through, passing a pillar on the way. There
should be another water puzzle. Go through and you should see a
little dip in the ground that can be used to fill water with. The
problem is, is that you have to use Piers' 'Douse' on it, then
immediately his 'Frost' and jump across before the water comes down
and melts it up and makes the water disappear. It's important that
you assign his 'Frost' and 'Douse' in both your L and R buttons. As
soon as the water stops flowing, immediately cast 'Douse', then
'Frost' afterwards. Then right after, climb up the ladder and jump
across. Do this quick enough! Slide down the slope afterwards, go
to the left, then down the staircase. Go to the right avoiding the
rope and into the doorway.

        It looks like you're in a volcano.. Go down south and you'll
find a shining red magma rock. Use Piers's 'Douse' on it. The rock
will freeze. Use Felix's 'Move' and push it over. Jump further down.
You should find some water nearby. Avoid the water and go down. Get
pushed down into the puzzle. Jump to the left towards another hole
where the gas is coming out. It's going to push you down, but as soon
as it stops, immediately go up and jump to the right before more gets
blown at you. Keep jumping until you reach to solid ground. Go to the
left and jump over the lava until you find another shining red rock.
Use Piers's 'Douse' on it. Then use Felix's 'Move' and push it up.
Go back to the part where the gas was pushing you down. Go south and
jump through the whole path until you get to a treasure chest. Inside
is a Vial. Go back up again, wait until the gas stops, and quickly go
to the right again like last time. Jump down and get onto the real
ground and go a little ways to the right. Jump over again so you get
right near the red molten rock. Use Piers's 'Douse' on it. Pull it
in by using Felix's 'Move'. Use that rock and jump across. Go north
to the next screen. Go north again and find a pillar that has a huge
rock on it. Go right beside it and use 'Tremor' on it. The rock will
fall down revealing another molten rock and will clear the path for
you. Go up and around to be near the molten rock. Use Piers's 'Douse'
on it. Then push it all the way down. It'll make a little bridge for
you. Use that to jump across and go in between the water and lava.
This is the new path that was made when you used 'Tremor' on the
pillar with the rock. In this room, there's a really shiney molten
rock in the middle. Use Pier's 'Douse' on it. The room will get dark.
Push the frozen rock down and go down to a new screen. Go northeast
and around until you get to a new screen. There's another molten rock
here. Use Piers's 'Douse' on it, which will cause the room to go dark
again. But- part of the room is stil shining. Use Sheba's 'Reveal' to
find something shining in there. Pick it up and use 'Scoop' to get
some Star Dust. Well, that's all you need to do here. You got some
items that can be forged. Use Felix's 'Retreat' to get out of this

        Before you leave, you can use the bubbles to get to a part
with a treasure chest. Inside is a Cookie. You should've at least
spotted it when you first arrived in Taopo Swamp.


        Head back to Yallam and forge your items.


        It might take some time to get the items you want, so stick
around for a while, there's no rush :)

E.    G O N D O W A N   -   A N G A R A   C O N T I N E N T

[25]. Travel to Champa

Weyard Ocean

Travel to Champa - Home of Briggs

        Our next destination is going to Champa, a small village on
the coast of Angara. You've heard me right, the continent that you
started in at the beginning of Golden Sun! For its location, if you
look at your map, you can see a large desert in the continent of
Angara. Right below the desert is a fairly large beach. Keep going
right, being right beside the beach, and you'll find Champa at the
very end.



        Sort of looks like Madra, with all the bright lights from
the sky. Go north, and check out the shops. If you go inside the
shop, the storekeeper has some pretty new artifacts. Watch out, the
mace artifact with a red blast from the top is cursed. Cursed weapons
cannot be de-equipped unless you go to a sanctum and pay for the fee.
Even so, eqiupping it again will result in the same pattern. Though
it is a powerful weapon, you'll be cursed in the battle as well. In
battle, you'll be damaged if you use Psynergy. Though a lot of these
weapons you can buy here are effective, there's some more powerful
on in the next destination. If you're a rich traveler, buy everything
here, otherwise, save 10300 to get an awesome weapon for Felix or
Piers. Pack up items and anything you'll need. Also stay at the Inn
if you didn't at Kibombo.

Your Antagonists are Here

        It's surprising that Briggs isn't the antagonist I'm
speaking about. You won't meet him yet, until later in the game when
you make a second visit to Champa and Alhafra. Once you exit Champa,
Alex will catch you from the north and speak with you. Then,
eventually, Karst will join from the right. Then, lastly, Agatio
appears from the left. Will they fight you? They don't. No fights
with them until later in the game. Very important information in
their talk here, the lighthouses, what Alex plans to do, what becomes
of Babi and the bad guys. Alex starts to make a leave until Kraden
gets upset. Sheba gets upset, then Alex leaves. After, Jenna gets
upset. They all seem to be angry with Alex. Who wouldn't? Alex seemed
like a good person until he suddenly is seen with Agatio and Karst,
who are related to Saturos and Menardi! Before you leave yourself, go
to the right and use Sheba's 'Reveal' in the circle of stones to find
a treasure chest that contains a Viking's Helm. Now, off to the
Apojii Islands, which is at the very east, and quite far away from

F.    I S L A N D S

[26]. Solve the Puzzles of Aqua Rock

Weyard Ocean

To Apojii Islands

        It's a long path, but I'll try and make it sound quick. From
Champa, go directly east until you can go no further. This means
going to the edge of the world map! Then, go south following the
falls to find the island. It may seem short, but it will be quite a
path to take. Find your beach and go inside.

Apojii Islands

Douse the Water Droplet

        Before you want to do this, you possibly want new weapons
and armor. The most expensive weapon is pretty pricy - costing
10,300! It does up the attack a whole bunch for Felix and Piers,
and it's also an artifact. There's a Jupiter Djinni here, but you
can't get it until Felix has learned 'Sand', a Psynergy that allows
you to burrow underground. Now, to the large water droplet statue,
it's found right in the middle of the village, surrounded by water.
Use Piers's 'Douse' upon it, and it will cause rain, and a rainbow
color in the water surrounding it. You'll see the rainbow go from
the river, into the ocean, and to Aqua Rock. The five green statues
that would block your way into Aqua Rock is now pushed back. Now
exit the Apojii Islands and hop onto your ship, it's time to go to
Aqua Rock!

Weyard Ocean

To Aqua Rock

        You should know where Aqua Rock is, after seeing the rainbow
go towards it. Dock at the beach, and enter Aqua Rock!

Aqua Rock

Find Your Way Into the Inside

        The green statues spitting water out are now pushed back.
You may notice that the very right statue is tipping over towards
the edge. You would want to use 'Tremor' to knock it over, but
nothing will happen. Go left, down, left, then up. Climb up the
mountain, and before you go any further, wait for the water up
above to stop for a while. Then quickly run to the left. Climb up,
wait for the water to stop, then run to the right and climb up
again. There will be two ways to climb, both with water running
down. You can't go anywhere by going to the right side, so climb
up the left. Wait for the water, then keep going. When you get to
the part with two climbing ways, keep going left, towards the
pillar. When you reach the top, use Felix's 'Move' to move it down,
then push it in front of the mouth of the statue so no water will go
down. Climb down and get to the other side of the pillar. Use
Felix's 'Move' just one step away from the pillar, so you can move
it to the right, pulling it towards yourself. You want to get the
pillar to cover the mouth of the right statue. Now that no water is
flowing through the right statue, climb all the way down, then take
the right path to climb. Once at the top, go to the right and get
carried by the rushing water. Then, don't move. Quickly go to the
right without being carried off the cliff to get the treasure chest.
It's a Nut, it can be useful in battles, instead of using Herbs. Get
carried further down. Climb down the cliff, and use Piers's 'Douse'
on the grey statue. Go to the left and get swept away. Stop, then
quickly go to the right without falling futher south. Get swept away
by the river you just created earlier using Piers's 'Douse'. Follow
the one-way path until you find an identical water droplet statue.
Use Piers's 'Douse' to cause rain, and you'll make the water you
see here rushing up, instead of rushing down. If you go on top of
that water, you'll get carried further into Aqua Rock. From the
statue, go down, left, then up, where you'll find another climbing
frame with water going down. Climb up the left path to get to a
treasure chest, which contains an Elixir. Go to the right path to
continue on. Be careful while climbing, time your movements right
to get past the water that rushes down, and stops. Once you've
reached the top, climb up and go left. Push the pillar over, then
head back to the right. Climb up, and jump on the river. You'll get
carried up, closer to the inside of Aqua Rock. Get to the right side
of the river, then use Felix's 'Move' on the blue stones to create
supports for you when you cross the next river. Go to the bottom
stone, then cross. Go to the very top, and cross to get a treasure
chest containing an Oil Drop. Climb up, and go to the left, and use
Piers's 'Frost' on the water puddle. Go further up and use Piers's
'Frost' on the two puddles up north. Now head back down, go to the
right, and climb up, and up again. Go towards the two ice pillars
beside each other, and jump across to get this treasure. It's a
weapon for Felix, Jenna, or Piers, and it brings your Attack by a
whole lot. You can give it to Piers to make his Attack even with
Felix and Jenna. Jump back across and head to the single pillar, and
jump across this one. Climb down and run to the left. Climb down
once and use Piers's 'Douse' on the water droplet statue to cause
rain, and a new opening in the water. Climb down, and jump on top of
it to enter the inside of Aqua Rock.

Aqua Rock

Solve the Puzzles

        For Golden Sun plAir's, this looks a lot like the Mercury
Lighthouse. Go south to a new screen, then grab the Psynergy Stone
right beside you. This is a massive puzzle, and you could get lost
very easily. Try going to the right side, jump 1x to the right, 2x
to the south, 2x to the right, then 2x to the north. Then go up the
next door. Here, go north, and push the first pillar to the right.
Go in between the two pillars, and use Felix's 'Move' to move the
second pillar towards you. Then use Fellix's 'Move' again, except
on the first pillar, and pull it towards you. Then go to the right
side of the second pillar and use Felix's 'Move' to move it to the
left. Climb up and get to the treasure chest using the two pillars.
Inside is a Vial, that could help restore your HP. Continue
down, and into the new doorway. Use Felix's 'Move' and move the one
pillar to the right so it blocks the water from running down. The
water will disappear and you'll be able to climb down. Use Piers's
'Frost' on all three water puddles. Use all three of them to get
across and to a new doorway. Go south, then when you meet a two way
path, go south first. Jump over the floating platforms and enter the
doorway. You'll find a treasure chest which contains some Ice Powder,
which can be used to attack with ice in a battle. Exit and return to
the two-way path, then go north to the doorway there. Then go to
the next doorway. Jump over to the left towards the water droplet
statue and use Piers's 'Douse' upon it. It will create a bridge
over the water. Walk through until the end. In the next puzzle, go
to the left. Jump over all the platforms until you find yourself at
the left side of a water spout. Use Felix's 'Move' on the pillar and
push it away from you. It should cover the second water spout and
should prevent water from leaking out. Go into the water to get
pushed out. Go to the pillar that's covering the water, and go past
it. Go through the path to reach the doorway. In this next puzzle,
you'll find a grey statue and a water droplet. Before you use
anything, climb down and push the furthest north pillar once to the
right and once to the south. Then climb back up and use Piers's
'Douse' on the grey statue to fill up the bottom with water. Then
use Piers's 'Douse' on water droplet statue to make the bridge
across the water. Go through the doorway, then continue the path
to another doorway, and the next one after that. You'll enter a
purple crystal room, looking almost exactly like the one in Air's
Rock, and like Air's Rock, it too, also has a large Psynergy Stone
in the middle. You can't get to it yet, but go through the next
doorway. Climb down, and run down, jump through the platforms,
climb up, and to the next doorway. From where you are, go directly
left and fall down the river, make sure you're heading towards the
left, too. You should be on the other side of the river, and so
continue down. Right before you start climbing down, go up about
three steps, then go right a little bit. Get carried down and you'll
stop at a rock, right near a pillar. Use Felix's 'Move' on it and
move it away from you. Go back to the area where you went up about
three steps from the climbing area, and go to the very right, and
time yourself so you'll fall on to the top of the pillar you pushed.
Then you'll reach the treasure chest, and inside contains another
Tear Stone, identical to the one you found in Air's Rock. Slide down
the slope and enter the doorway. Jump through all the platforms, and
continue to the right. Then jump over.

        Go to the left and enter the doorway. Climb down, then go up
and climb up. Use Piers's 'Douse' on the grey statue to fill the
room with water. It will cause the platforms to rise and you'll be
able to cross with them. Get across, climb up, and go through the
doorway. Jump on the platform, and keep going left. Through the
doorway is another puzzle. First thing we'll do is get the treasure
chest. Push the blue rock once to the left. Then use Piers's 'Frost'
on the puddle, then use Piers's 'Douse' on the grey statue. Jump
through until you reach it, inside is a very valuable Water of Life.
It's very rare, and you can get only one in all the shops together,
through the artifacts. It revives one character and restores all HP
on that character. Felix should have Revive himself, due to all the
Venus Djinni he currently has. Just make sure you don't sell this
weapon, and you should save it until one of the hardest battles.
Now, exit this puzzle and return to reset the whole thing. This time
you want to push the blue rock all the way to the left, then use
Piers's 'Douse' on the grey statue, then jump across all of the
platforms to get to the next doorway. In this next path, jump across
on all the platforms on the water, then use Felix's 'Move' on the
pillar. Then push it all the way to the right. Continue up and into
the doorway. Push the pillar all the way into the grey circle, then
climb up and jump on to the pillar. Head north and through the
doorway. Walk across the long tightrope and go all the way to the
right. Jump on the platforms, then enter the next doorway. This
puzzle is the same as the one you have encountered before, except a
lot more harder. Here is how the blocks are aligned:

Water Droplet              1. Move #2 up two spaces.
   Statue                  2. Move #2 right eight spaces.
     |       9------End    3. Move #2 up two spaces.
     |       |             4. Move #3 left two spaces.
     |       |             5. Move #5 down three spaces.
     |       |             6. Move #5 left two spaces.
     1---2-3-4-5-6         7. Move #5 down one space.
         |       |        
         |       |        
         |       |        
         7       8        

        Your final result should look like this:

Water Droplet
     |       9---2--End
     |       |   |
     |       |   |
     |       |   |
         |   |
         |   |
         |   |

       Now, climb up, use Piers's 'Douse' on the grey statue to
cause the water flowing, then use Piers's 'Douse' on the water
droplet statue. The bridge should go through #1, #3, #2, #5, #4, #6,
#2 to end. Walk across and you're through. Go through the next door
and push the pillar down. Jump across and go up. Jump through the
platforms and continue through. The treasure chest that you spot
is a Mimic. You should have four of each element of Djinn. One blow
from Thor and Meteor will take care of this enemy very quickly. You
can get quite a lot of EXP and coins for this enemy, since most
likely Sheba will attack with Thor first, then Jenna will attack
with Meteor, Mimic's weakness, and finish it off. Continue through
the path and to the next doorway. You'll be in the purple crystal
room with the big Psynergy Stone, touch it to restore your Psynergy.
Then continue on. You'll emerge from the waterfall and you'll be
right near the next water droplet statue. Use Piers's 'Douse' on
it, then it will create a bridge on both sides. Go to the left and
grab the treasure chest, which contains some useful Lucky Pepper,
that will increase a character's Luck status. Continue down, but
don't go left. Jump on the platform at the south of you to get off
the bridge. Get to the treasure chest, and recieve the Aquarius
Stone. Now, go to the left across the bridge and go all the way
south. Take the left door other than the right. Here, go to the door
that's closest to the green water spitting statue. This should be
the door that you haven't been to yet. Place the Aquarius Stone on
top of the stone pillar and the water that appears before you will
move to the side, revealing a path that leads to a secret door. Run
through it, and enter.

        You're almost finished. Jump through all the platforms on
the water, and get to the tablet. Examine it, and Piers will appear.
This procedure should look familiar, as you've done the same thing
for Sheba when she learned 'Reveal'. After all the light disappears,
Piers will finally learn 'Parch'! It can be used in special spots to
make the water disappear. You'll suddenly notice that the water rises
to surround you. Now with Piers's 'Parch', you can make the water
drain. Just stand right beside it, then use it. The water should
disappear, then you should make your leave. There is one thing you
need to snag before you entirely leave Aqua Rock. You need to grab a
Mercury Djinni that sits nearby. Exit the whole area here, then go to
the very right and enter the doorway. Climb up and go north. Out of
the two doorways, go to the bottom one. Climb down, go right just
before you walk on the water. Then go up until you meet against the
wall. Quickly go right, then climb up. Head north and you'll spot the
Djinni, taking a bathe in the water. Use Piers's 'Parch' on the statue
spitting out the water, and all of it will disappear. Climb back down
and grab your Djinni. This one attacks, unfortunately, make sure you
save just in case this one runs away. You'll see many of Piers's
Psynergy attacks, so make sure you heal at all times. If all of your
Mars Djinni are Set, Jenna should have an ability like Wish and Wish
Well, that heals all of your party's HP. Another alternative, but
quicker strategy, is to follow the same strategy as you used against
the Mimic you might've encountered earlier. Have all of Jenna and
Sheba's Mars and Jupiter Djinni on Standby. Then attack with Thor
and Meteor. After those turns, the Mercury Djinni is history. It
will give you 571 EXP and 457 coins if you defeated it using Meteor.
Once that's finished, Steam joins your party, making five Mercury
for Piers! Now, head back to the previous room, where you exited
from the room that you placed the Aquaria on. Then head south, where
you'll find a treasure chest in the water. Use Piers's 'Parch' on it,
then climb down and get it. Inside is a Rusty Sword that cannot be
equipped. Just keep that for a while so you can do some synthesizing.
Now, you can exit by climbing up on the left side and leave. Exit all
of Aqua Rock and the Apojii Islands.

[27]. To Izumo and Gaia Rock

Weyard Ocean

Nagivate to Jipan Island

        Now that Piers knows 'Parch', it'll become very useful in
your travels. Though there is some time before you do use it,
there is yet another technique that needs to be learned. Your next
destination is to Jipan Island. It is directly north of the Apojii 
Islands. There are two in a straight line, as you can see in the map
by pressing the 'R' button. The smaller one is closest to you, but
that's not Jipan Island. It's the one further north, past the small
island. Go there, dock your ship, and pay a little visit to Izumo.


Shopping and Resting

        You should really check out the shop they have. You should
have a lot of money by now, because of all the monster encounters
in Aqua Rock. There is a great sword for either Felix or Piers,
that's worth 10,000 coins. There will also be a lot of weapons and
armors that you should be able to afford, and it will bring up your
stats by a whole lot. Make sure you sell the weapons that you're not
using, like the ones you've replaced when you found better ones
while traveling. Rest at the Inn for 60 coins. If you use 'Cyclone'
on the large patch of grass, just southeast of the village, near an
old woman, you can find yourself two free Antidotes to take. Just
northwest of the village, inside the house that has two men guarding
the door, is a girl crying, because her love went to slay the dragon
in Gaia Rock, and hasn't returned. You can't do anything for her,
until you slay the dragon, Breath her love, and complete Gaia Rock,
and that's where we're heading to right now.


        Gaia Rock is just northeast of Izumo, it's real easy to see.

[28]. Slay the Dragon of Gaia Rock

Gaia Rock

Climb From the Outside

        Go north, right before you enter the large entrance. Then go
directly left. Start climbing, then push the pillar over. Climb up
further, then go to the right and climb down. Use Felix's 'Move' to
move the pillar on top of the grey square. Go to the right, then
climb down at the end. Return to the left, climb back up, and jump
across using the pillar you pushed. Continue to the right, then
climb up two times.

        Keep climbing up, then head to the left. Climb down the vine
to reach a tresure chest, which contains a health restorable Nut.
Otherwise, slide down the slope. Climb up, then continue left.
You'll see a demonstration of what you can do to the long vines that
you've encountered and climbed. You can use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' near
unreachable vines, and swing across like Tarzan. It's really neat,
and you can test it out yourself here. Climb down twice, then face
the vine. Use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' and it'll cause the vine to move
back and forth. Felix should grab hold of it when the vine comes your
way, and all you have to do next is press the 'A' button to swing
across. Now, use Felix's 'Move' on the pillar and move it to the
left. Swing back across, then climb down the nearby vine. Run to the
left, then climb back up, and you'll end up right beside the pillar.
Push it to the left so it falls. Climb up twice and head to the left,
where you'll get to a new screen.

        Here, you don't want to swing across, because it'll leave you
to a deadend. Climb down the nearby vine, and reach the very bottom.
Run towards the left, then climb up the vine. Go right and swing
across. Climb up the vine afterwards, and swing to the left. Climb up
twice and you'll enter a new screen.

        You'll find two very familiar statues. They're the angry
faces of the statues in Air's Rock. Go in between them, and climb up.
Now, make sure you don't take one movement to the left, then up, or
else one of those statues pops out from the wall and knocks you down.
Take the right path, and nothing will bother you. The thing here to
remember, is that if there are two paths, take the longer one. Once
you're just at the end of the path, next, go to the left. When
finished that path, the next one seems a little bit more confusing.
Take the left, then left again. When you're done climbing, keep
climbing up, higher and higher, until you reach the next screen.

        A pillar can be spotted here, and you want to get to it. Once
across, go through the twisted path, until you find a chest. Inside
is a valuable Apple. It increases a party member's Attack status.
Return to the pillar and jump back across. Head south and climb down.
Go to the right and climb up. Use Felix's 'Move' on the pillar, and
move it down three spaces. Return to the beginning and jump across
using that pillar. Then continue and complete the series of climbing
up and down, and eventually you'll reach four pillars and a stone
platform. Examine it, and your menu will come up. Use Sheba's
'Reveal' and a green doll will appear. You'll grab it and keep it,
without it, you won't be able to defeat the Serpent, the dragon that
needs to be slayed. Your job outside is done, so use Felix's
'Retreat' to get out quickly.

Solve the Puzzles

        You're now back at the entrance. Now enter Gaia Rock! In Gaia
Rock, you'll immediately spot the same platform as the one you saw
earlier. Examine it, and when the menu appears, use the Dancing Idol.
It will jump and appear before you. The two red dragon-like statues
will move, revealing two doors. Go to the right one first. Follow the
straight path, then up the stairs. From the two paths, choose the
southern one, the north path is blocked. At the end of this path, go
down the steps, and you'll find yourself near a patch of grass. Use
'Cyclone' right in the center, and once the leaves have cleared out,
floating platforms of leaves will appear. This will be your ticket to
get to other places inside. Now exit this whole room until you get
back to the area with the two dragon heads, unless you want to waste
some more PP on 'Retreat'. Now to the left side. This is another long
path. At the end is another doorway. You'll end up in the area with
the floating leaves. It's time to use them to jump across. Go to the

very bottom. Jump right to the first patch of leaves. When it moves
to the south, quickly jump to the next one and so on. This next one
moves south again, reaching to the next patch on the right. Then,
this one moves to the right. It goes up, meeting with the one on the
left. Then when it goes further north, go to the right patch. This
last one moves north and it takes you to a new path to walk on. It
was really a one-way path on the leaf trail, but let's move on. Head
to the new doorway.

        Run through the snakey path. At the end you'll find two
paths and another platform to use the Dancing Idol on. There are also
three shadows and one beam of light coming from the patch of leaves.
Your next goal here is to uncover all four beams of light upon the
serpent that rests here, formally known as the Orochi. Without doing
so, the dragon will become virtually impossible to defeat. The beams
will just weaken it which is exactly what you want. First, out of the
two paths, choose the the left side of the room. This is a pretty
long path afterwards but hurry along. Soon later, you'll find nine
patches of grass. If you use 'cyclone' here, you'll meet with an
enemy called the Mad Plant. This enemy is weak against the power of
Mars and strong against the power of Mercury. Its HP is around
485-618. It also gives you 630 EXP and 451 coins. What does it drop?
It seems like a Nut or a Potion is given. Continuing your way, go
south and enter the doorway. Before climbing, go down the stairs and
walk across until you meet a doorway. Inside, you'll find a platform
to put the Dancing Idol on. Once you have done this, the dragon
statue nearby will move, allowing the light to shine into the hole.
This is one of the four lights needed to weaken the dragon. Exit out
and get back to the entrance where you went down the stairs. This
climbing frame is similar to the one you encountered in Air's Rock.
You've got to watch out for the stone heads that pop up if you hit a
certain area. Climb up and out of the two paths, go down first. Then,
there's three paths. Take either the top or the bottom one. Then,
this last part is quite wide. Avoid climbing at the very bottom to
prevent getting hit by a stone head. After you've reached the ground,
use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to swing across on the vine. Go down the
stairs and go north to the doorway. You'll encounter a large spider
web with a white platform in the middle. Use 'Cyclone' on the web to
send the platform dropping. Then find a slope at the top to slide
down on. Amazingly, the three beams are found here. Once you've
reached the bottom, use the Dancing Idol on the white platform, which
causes the third beam to shoot out. While you're at it, use 'Cyclone'
on the leaves to uncover the fourth beam of light. All that leaves is
the second one which is at the west. Use the Dancing Idol one more
time and that will weaken the monster. Your job is only half done,
exit out of this room by going to the right. You're back at the
beginning of this whole puzzle dealing with the four beams of light.
Head back south to exit this whole entire area. It's a long way back,
so if you want, use Felix's 'Retreat' to get out of here. You want to
get back to the area before you entered Gaia Rock.

        When you're here where the two dragon heads moved over for
you, go north. At the next room is a puzzle involving the 'Move'
psynergy. Out of the two tree stumps, use Felix's 'Move' to move it
up one space. Now get behind it and move it up one more time. Use
'Move' and move it to the right. Now go to the very top and take one
step away from the next stump. Carefully use 'Move' and pull it
towards you. Now from exactly where you are, take two steps down and
go to the left so you are positioned two steps behind the stump. Use
'Move' and push it to the right. Now take a step back behind the
stump and start pulling it towards you with 'Move'. After two times,
use 'Move' to push it to the left, opening the path. Once you've
taken a stroll through this area, enter the doorway. Now the tricky
part. This last puzzle can really take away a lot of PP. There are
four paths and a green sapling in the middle. Equip Felix with a
Mars Djinni or likewise with Jenna. Using 'Growth' on these saplings
will show you the right path. The path is totally random so I can't
help you there. During the maze, there's a Mimic and a Rusty Mace used
for forging a weapon. Once you're done, you'll witness a boy, Susa,
feeding liquid to the Serpent. He'll be happy since the beast has had
its fill and he could slay him before the next full moon. He's
actually serving the Serpent Dragonsbane, it's suppose to weaken it.
If you didn't shine light upon this dragon, the boy will ignore you
and keep serving the dragon. Since you have weakened the Serpent, he
will attempt to kill it with his sword. He leaps but the Serpent acts
as if it didn't feel it. The Serpent gets mad and breathes fire on
Susa, and he becomes unconcious. Go and help him! What I'd do first
is retreat and go to the Izumo Inn, then come right back. Make sure
you prepare yourself, this is one tough battle.

Defeat the Serpent

        Many people believe that the best way to win is to summon all
of your monsters on the first turn. But believe me, this Serpent hits
hard, and if you have low defense because all of your Djinni are on
standby, you're going to get hit pretty good. Fighting this beast is
almost like fighting the Fusion Dragon from the first game of Golden
Sun. Be at level 25 at least and you'll do fine as long as you use
very good strategy. Put all of the elemental Djinni to their rightful
owners and make sure they're on set. Now encounter the dragon and the
first thing you should do is summon Piers's Shade. It always goes
first and it puts up a great defense for the party. Now, summon each
of the Djinni one by one, and when you get the chance, summon the
bigger monsters to cause great damage. It's weak against Jupiter but
strong against Venus. One deadly attack that the Serpent has is a
one-hit KO move. It will poison you, so make sure Piers is ready
with his 'restore' or if you have Antidotes ready. He has an
overwhelming HP of 3168-3756, giving you 1995 EXP and 2898 coins.

Return to Izumo

        The Serpent will be in pain, and Kraden will appear. The boy
will also come up and slay the dragon so that Kushinada's life can be
spared. Kushinada was that girl who was crying in Izumo. He leaves to
meet her. The ground shakes and a tablet appears. It's not a Combo
tablet, but it's a tablet that lets Felix learn 'Sand', which allows
you to burry in sandy places. Your job is done, so use Felix's
'Retreat' and let's get out of here!

        You're out of Gaia Rock.. but Susa has fallen again. He's not
dying, he's just tired. He'll want you to find his sister. Return to
Izumo and you'll find out that everybody is celebrating because of
the defeat of Serpent.


        Enter the huge house beside the one with the two guards,
which is found in the top left area of the village. There, you'll
talk with a few people, including Kushinada. You'll talk about the
Serpent along with Psynergy. A lady will demonstrate the psynergy
'Move', showing that she knows of this kind of magic. Soon later,
Susa appears. After a long speech about Psynergy, and how elements
are the building blocks of all matter on Weyard, talk to Lady Uzume.
Give her the Dancing Idol you recieved in Gaia Rock and she'll give
you a Mars Djinni in return. It's Coal and it greatly increases the
party's agility. Leave, then Susa will come and meet with you again.
He'll tell you that he has left his gift for you where the dragon is.

[29]. The Hidden Area in Izumo


        There's something you can do while you're still in Izumo. Go
through the bridge, down the stairs, and go left a little bit until
you're beside the big tree. Now go up so you're walking under the
bridge. You'll see six pillars, with one of them not in the right
spot. Use Felix's 'Move' and pull it to the right. The man nearby
will look in surprise at what you've done. Use Sheba's 'Reveal' to
find a hidden entrance in the middle. Below Izumo is a small puzzle,
involving the 'Sand' psynergy you just got.

Izumo Ruins

        First, don't touch the two pillars, not even using 'Pound' on
them. Go to the right water puddle and use Piers's 'Frost' on it.
Then go to the yellowish spots on the ground and use Felix's 'Sand'
to burrow. Go south through the first pillar, then press a button or
get off the yellow patch to come back. Then use Piers's 'Frost' on
the left puddle, then use Felix's 'Sand' again to get back to the
beginning. Go to the right past the first ice pillar and climb the
ladder. Jump across all four of the pillars to get across. Go up to
the next puzzle.

        First, go left. The other paths are a bit blocked for now.
Go down the ladder, and use 'Pound' on the pillar to knock it down.
Then use Felix's 'Sand' and burrow through. Below the solid pillar,
use Felix's 'Move' and push it to the right once. Then use Felix's
'Burrow' and go up the ladder. Now move left all the way, come
around, and move on until you reach the pillar you moved. Jump
across, climb down, and enter the level below.

        To get Phantasmal Mail before you go further on, climb down
and climb up the ladder beside you. Then to the left when there's two
paths. At the very end, jump over the two pillars and reach the
treasure chest. Then return to the beginning of this area. Go down
from the ladders and use 'Pound' on one or both of them to get
through. Go to the left, but don't go up the first ladder you see.
Further on to the left is another one, so take it. Be beside the
green water and use Piers's 'Parch' on it. The water should vanish,
and an entrance should be available to you. Climb down and enter it.

        Well, well, well. At the end of this long path is another
combo tablet for yoru hard work! You'll gain access to Ulysses,
a powerful monster summon that requires 2 Mars Djinni and 2 Mercury
Djinni (notice the typo while you try and summon it -- 'An legendary
wandering mage' instead of 'A legendary wandering mage'). Anyhow,
you can use Felix's 'Retreat' to get outta here!

Weyard Ocean

One Last Thing

        There's a Djinni you can get since you have the 'Burrow'
psynergy. Sail to Apojii Islands, the one near Aqua Rock. Once you
arrive to this place, head south to the beach. Use Felix's 'Burrow'
and dive underneath the sand. Dig towards the right and through the
rocks. Re-appear, then keep running through the water. You'll find
yourself very near a waterfall. Go down and slide. Then walk up to
find a secret entrance in the waterfall. In this tunnel, avoid all
the ivy bushes except for the third one from the left. You'll find
an entrance here. You'll re-appear right beside the Jupiter Djinni.
It'll stop its rest beside the waterfall to join you without battle.
Haze has become your newest member, having the power to make one of
your characters invisible during battle! It can be very useful on
some fights. Go back in the waterfall and go to the right. Use 'Lash'
on the rope and climb up. Everything's set, it's time to embark on a
new quest.

G.    T H E   Q U E S T   O F   T H E   T H R E E   T R I D E N T S

[30]. Returning to the Shrine of the Sea God


Sailing Back

        You've been in tough puzzles, battled bosses and won. It's
time to engulf on a quest for the three tridents! What do they mean?
And what are they used for? A great secret awaits for the time when
the three pieces are united.

        Remember the Shrine of the Sea God? It was found way way back
in the very beginning of this whole story. Sail your ship all the way
back to the Indra Continent and park on one of those beaches. The Sea
God's Shrine should be the blue dot on the map. But wait! Before you
go to the shrine, return to Daila to pick up something you'll need.


Freeze Those Puddles!

        Head up to the very north of this village. Go inside the
sanctum and you'll spot a whole bunch of puddles. Freeze them using
Piers's 'Frost' psynergy and jump on. Get to the platform and grab
the Sea God's Tear. Now we can go to the Shrine of the Sea God.
Without this little thing, you'll be stuck at a dead end there.
Remember to sell any old weapons if your item capacity is a bit full.

Shrine of the Sea God

Journey Through

        Begin by climbing up the ladder after climbing down the first
one. Use 'Lash' psynergy on the ropes up in the north. Then into the
doorway here. In this room, cross the two bridges over the water.
When you meet the doorway, go south instead. When you see the broken
bridge, cross it. You'll fall, but climb up the ladder to continue.
When you cross the next bridge, don't fall down the slope. If you do,
you'll have to exit this room and come back. Lean against the wall to
get through. Run through and enter the doorway here. Go south in
either direction to find three entrances to take. Take the one at the
very south. In this room, you'll vaguely remember catching the
Jupiter Djinni Breath here. Head up northwest, then use Piers's
'Frost' on the puddles. Climb up the ladder, then jump across. Go up
to the doorway to continue on. This room is filled with pretty blue
water. Go to the very left and hop on. Go up north until you reach
the wooden pillar. Push it down, then walk on top of it. Go to the
right, and through the doorway. Go up north, then climb down the
ladder. Walk across the water down to the south, climb up the ladder,
then jump across. Go across the broken bridge until you fall off.
It'll take you to a piece of rope. From the beginning of the rope,
go down onto the shallow part of the water. Go north and climb up.
Inside this treasure chest is a Rusted Staff. It actually lowers your
power instead of raising it, but it can be good to sell later on.
Return to the rope and climb up. Head up to the north towards the
broken bridge. Fall down, and you'll get carried down the river.
Climb up the ladder here. In this room, climb down the ladder and
push the pillar over using Felix's 'Move' psynergy. Then you'll be
able to get to this area without redoing all of those puzzles. Climb
back up and enter the doorway.

        You're almost there! Step on the stones, go north, then step
on them again. You'll eventually reach the middle of the whole room.
There'll be a circle of stones blocking your path. Use Sheba's
'Reveal' psynergy to find a hidden stone. Jump across and you'll find
anidentical statue to the one you saw at Daila, the one behind the
Sea God's Tear you recieved. Examine the statue, and it'll ask for
the Sea God's Tear. Use it, and the water level will rise. You'll get
transported to the highest part of the shrine. Climb up the ladder.
Jump your way around to find the final ladder. Climb up and you'll
reach the very top where the first tine of trident is! Grab the Right
Prong, then use Felix's 'Retreat' to exit this whole place.

[31]. Puzzles of Ankohl Ruins


Begin in Ankohl Ruins

        You've seen this tower before while visiting Champa on the
coast of Angara. Return to the west with your ship. When you're
there, try and find an odd looking tower. Found it yet? It might take
a little while.

Ankohl Ruins

Solve the Puzzles

        If you've ever been here before, you'll quickly notice that
you'll be needing the psynergy 'Sand'. Now that you have it, the
tower should be completable. At the very top is the second piece of
the trident, the first piece was found in the Shrine of the Sea God
near the very beginning of the whole game.

        This whole place is beginning to look like Gaia Rock all
over again. Go up north and enter. Once you're inside, it may seem a
bit confusing. To start off, if you jump to the right and use Sheba's
'Whirlwind' near the ivy, you'll find three treasure chests that do
not seem to have anything inside. If you chose the left side and used
her 'Whirlwind', you'll find three chests with nothing inside as
well. Seems kind of strange, doesn't it? That leaves one area to go
through, and that's up north. Up north are three bushes of ivy. The
left and right ones leads to nothing, while the middle leads you
further in the puzzle. In the next room are seven stone heads, while
the middle head's face is missing. You can use psynergy to open
doorways. There's also two openings in the southwest and southeast
part of this room. Out of all the faces, four of them actually have
a purpose. Do not go through the middle one yet, but go to the one
second from the right. At the end of this hallway, use Felix's
'Move' and move the pillar to the right. Get out and go to the very
left head. Use Felix's 'Burrow' to get through. You'll get a Nut for
the party. Return to the seven heads. The one second from the left
has 210 coins. Back to the seven heads, the very right one has some
Ice Powder for combat. That's all the useful heads you should be
going through now. From the two doorways in this room, start going
to the southwestern doorway first.

        You'll see two bushes of ivy immediately. The one on the left
has a doorway hidden beneath it. Don't go to it yet, get to the south
and ignore the rest of the bushes. At the very end is a staircaise
leading to an upper level. Make your way around until you find a
piece of sand that is reachable. Use Felix's 'Sand' to get through.
Make sure you stay on the line so you can get a treasure chest
containing a Thanatos Mace weapon for everyone except Jenna. If you
want to boost Sheba's strength up to everybody else's, this is the
chance. Use the 'Sand' psynergy again but stop once you meet the
corner. Head up north and through the doorway. You'll immediately
spot a treasure chest here, but you can't get it until you solve this
puzzle. Up the screen is a piece of a stone head. Push it so it
connects. The head will then spew sand from its mouth. Head back down
and exit this area. Use Felix's 'Sand' to exit this area, too. Make
your way around until you find the next doorway. Remember I told you
not to go through the doorway that was covered with ivy? Now you
should go through it. Go through the doorway after that and you will
find yourself in the area with a lot of sand that you created. Climb
down and walk over. Make sure you grab the Power Bread from the chest
nearby. Use Felix's 'Sand' and go up north. Climb up and go through
the staircase. From here, go to the left, then to the south. Run
through until you find a treasure chest containing 365 coins. Return
back to where you started. Go south this time and through the entry
way. Make your way up until you're at the top. If you'd like to get
a Vial for the party, go to the left and use Felix's 'Move' to push
the pillar over. If you'd like to get that chest, go back down to the
beginning. Go up to the top and to the left again. Go up and you'll
be in the same room you were just in before. Use Felix's 'Sand' to
get the chest which contains the Vial. Now go back where you pushed
that pillar over. Go to the right and through the doorway. This small
room is filled with sand with a stone face there too. As soon as you
step on the square, the room will begin to fill with sand. Quickly
find the identical square to open the door before sand fills it up.
When it's opened, go through. Run through this whole hallway, enter
the door, then slide down the slope. You'll find yourself beside
one half of the stone face and a pillar. First push the pillar over,
then the stone face to its proper place. Now, go up the doorway up
in the north. Go to the right to the two ivy bushes. The left one
leads to nothing while the right one has a doorway. Don't go here
yet, go to the pillar further to the right and use Felix's 'Move' to
push it over. Get out of this whole area until you're back at the
pillar, vines, and the stone face. Climb down the vines and go into
the doorway. Make your way through until you find the next doorway.
Here, use Felix's 'Sand' to get through. When you appear, you'll
find yourself coming out of the middle head of the seven stone heads
in the beginning. Now, go to the southeastern path.

        Here, there are many bushes of ivy, but don't mind any of
these. Avoid all three of them before you start wasting Sheba's
psynergy. Make your way through until you see a piece of sand just
visible. Use Felix's 'Sand' psynergy to get through. Enter the
doorway here. When you make your way around, you'll find three more
bushes of ivy. The very first one has a doorway, and inside is a
chest with Muni Robe for Jenna or Sheba. The other two bushes are
empty. Once finished, go through the next doorway. Here, climb down
the vines. Go further up until you meet a big stone face. Jump to the
left, climb up the vines, and up the staircase. Go up and you'll find
some sand. Use Felix's 'Sand' and burrow through. Go to the first
ivy bush and use Sheba's 'Whirlwind'. Go inside and grab your chest
which contains a shining pink feather. Return outside and avoid the
next bush. Go down and through the doorway. You'll appear in a sand
room similar to the one you encountered before. It is the same
procedure, press on the switch and hurry to press the second one
before the sand covers it. Once you've passed this area, continue
through. At the end of this long hallway are a couple of bushes.
The first one you meet has a doorway. Inside, push the pillar over
and climb down for the treasure chest with a Potion inside. Get back
out, avoid the other two bushes and go through the doorway. Enter
the next one after that. At the very north, you'll find the missing
side of the stone face. Push it over and you'll find out that the
stone face has come alive! Now you have to go back a lot of ways.
Exit until you're on the left side of the room with the alive stone
face. When you've arrived, climb down the vines. The face won't
exactly hurt you, nor bite you, but it'll push you down until you're
not there no more. That's what the patch of sand is used for. I
suggest you assign Felix's 'Sand' on the 'L' or 'R' button for
easy access! When you're ready, Jump in front of the face and start
running down for your dear life. When you hit the patch of sand,
quickly press the button for Felix's 'Sand'. The stone face won't
know where you went, so when it safely passes you, uncover yourself
and start running up because the face will come back. You'll find
some sand where the head used to be, so press the button for Felix's
'Sand' and get through. Now that you've made it, climb up the vines
and through the staircase, then up the next one. Run through this
whole path, then stop to use Felix's 'Move' on the pillar here so you
can get back here very quickly. Now go down to the next room. You'll
find one half of the stone head inside a ring of multicolored blocks.
Sheba's 'Reveal' will show a hole in the middle. Use Felix's 'Move'
and move the piece of the head on top of the middle block so it falls
down to the lower level. Now, go down the staircase and push the
piece into the stone head's face. Sand will now freely flow from its
mouth. Exit this room and the next one. Use Felix's 'Sand' to get
though. Go through this doorway, and to the southwestern doorway.
Climb down the vines until you're at the very bottom of the sandfalls
where the final area awaits. Use Felix's 'Sand' and climb up the
sand. When you reach the top, go to the right and climb on the vines.
Run through this hallway and through the doorway. You'll find another
sandfall. Climb up using Felix's 'Sand' psynergy until you reach
the top. Go to the left and climb up the vines. You've finally found
the Left Prong of the Trident! Enjoy the beautiful view for a while,
then use Felix's 'Retreat' to get out of this place.

[32]. Journey South to Tundaria Tower

Find a Dock

        One more trident before this quest is over, and the last one
is longer than the last. It should be no problem for you pros! South
Island is found in the south, the most southern continent in the
whole entire map. It might take a while to reach it since you have to
sail around the Osenia continent and also, there aren't many openings
to dock your ship at. When arriving to Tundaria Continent, stop by and
examine the areas on the right side of the area. The rest of the place
is bordered by rocks and more rocks. Once you found the opening, hop
out, and continue on towards the west.

Tough Enemies and a Djinni in the Snow

        If you've explored this area a lot earlier before you went to
the Ankohl Ruins, you'll quickly realize that the enemies are very
difficult to overcome. Not to mention a Jupiter Djinni living here!
Journey your way around the trees and forests to find a blue tower
called the Tundaria Tower. That's your next destination. Remember
to keep healing when you get hurt! Also make sure you keep a few Nuts
and Vials handy and save often! You'll never know when you'll get
knocked out by a gang of monsters. While you're around this area, look
out for a Jupiter Djinni around here. The Djinni found here is called
Wheese. It has 590-853 HP, gives you 556 EXP and 781 coins. It's weak
against Venus and strong against the Jupiter element. Watch out for
its Spark Plasma because it's very powerful. You'll only find this
Djinni southwest of the Tundaria Tower.

[33]. Find the Bust Bit

Tundaria Tower

Reach the Top

        When you arrive, enter the tower. Inside is a great room with
water. There's also stairs going down. If you go north, you'll find
the piece of trident, but it doesn't come around that easy. It is
encased in a crystial of ice and you need a specific psynergy
technique to bust it open. To get around, use Piers's 'Parch' psynergy
on each side to evaporate the whole room. You can't do anything if
you head to the left door for now, so enter the right. Once there, go
directly south, then to the right. Continue until you reach stairs.

Sliding Your Way Through

        Head north first. Make sure you go to the very top before
stepping on the ice. At the very end are 365 coins. Then slide
across. You'll fall, then find a doorway. Enter, then head south.
This part can get really tricky if you don't do something right.
Climb down the ladder, slide to the right, then up north, to the
left, down, then to the right. Then go up north. You have a choice
here whether to get the treasure chest or to continue on. If you
decide for the chest, go to the right. Inside is a Mint, which
increases a selected character's speed permanently. If you decide to
do that, after you get the chest, go to the left, down, up, then
right. Climb up and enter. Go up north and enter the doorway that you
went through earlier. Now slide across again and return to the area
where you made your decision. Once you go to the left, climb up the
ladder, then into the doorway. Enter the next one after that. Now
there's three staircases that you can choose.

        If you want to get a Crystal Powder and a Hard Nut, go to the
left. You'll find a pillar. Use the 'Pound' psynergy, then continue
on. You'll see more of these now. You've got another choice to make,
whether to take the chest or not. Inside is a Crystal Powder. With it
you can attack enemies with ice. If you want this, use 'Pound' on the
pillar and get it. Then exit and return so that the pillar is back.
Climb up the ladder and jump across to get the Hard Nut. The Hard Nut
raises a selected character's defense permanently.

        If you want a chance to nab a Mars Djinni, go to the south
doorway. Slide down the path, then fall. You'll spot this Djinni
right away. This Djinni can be a pest sometimes, but you'll have to
go get it now. Start by going to the left. Slide to the north, then
right. Go up, to the right, the back to the left. Go down, then to
the right, then up, and you're there! Don't move a muscle yet. You
want to heal up and prepare your Djinni for a big fight. Just make
sure you save before you fight in case the Djinni runs off and you
have to do the puzzle all over again. When you're ready, slide to
the right and smash into the Djinni! So it'll get ticked off at you,
but that's no worry. Go to the right and fight! It's weak against
Mercury and strong against Mars. It should have about 664-792 HP.
It'll give you 794 EXP and 563 coins. This fight is very easy if you
stun it with a specific Mars Djinni of your own. Then smash it with
everything you've got. It'll fall, and the Djinni called Reflux will
join. Find dry land and escape this area.

        If you want to continue on to the top, go to the right.
Continue through until you meet some ice. Slide across and enter the
doorway. Keep running and running, then you'll eventually see two
brown pillars. Climb down and go south. Run until you reach the right
side of the room. You want to use 'Pound' to smash the middle ice
pillar and the right ice pillar. Then go up and find a brown pillar
above the triple ice pillars. Use Felix's 'Move' and push it to the
south. Then push it to the left. Finally push it to the north. Climb
up and hop onto the pillar. Now you can use Felix's 'Move' to push
the one brown pillar into its socket. Now climb back down and return
to the left side of the room. Stop at this pillar. Use Felix's 'Move'
psynergy and push it to the left. Then push it to the north. Finally
push it to the left. Climb back up and jump on it to get to the
double pillars. Push this one to the right and enter the doorway it
was blocking. Keep running and running through the doorways until you
reach a wall of ice. The reflection gives away the circle of stones
that allows you to realize that you need to use Sheba's 'Reveal'.
There'll be a hidden doorway in the middle. Enter and climb up.
You're finished the first part of Tundaria Tower! You'll reach
the very top where you'll find, not the trident piece, but a jewel
called the Burst Brooch. Use Felix's 'Move to push the pillar away.
Get the Bust Bit, then let a character equip it. Go south where an
entrance that has a weak wall. Use the 'Burst' psynergy to break it
open. You'll fall into the area before the ice wall. Now exit this
whole place using Felix's 'Retreat'. But come back though! You still
have business to do.

Extras Including the Trident Piece

        Once you're at the beginning where Piers used his 'Parch'
psynergy, go to the left. Then go south into a doorway. You'll find
another wall of ice, this time with a crack in the middle. Use the
'Burst' psynergy to blow it up! Then go through the doorway. Here, go
south to get two treasure chests. In them is a feather and a lucky
medal. Now return and go up. Continue on and you'll reach two more
chests. Inside is a Vial and an awesome sword for Felix or Piers!
Exit until you reach the entrance of this place. Go north, use the
'Burst' psynergy on the crystal, and retrieve the final piece to the
puzzle, The Center Prong.

[34]. Briggs At Large


Sail to Alhafra Once Again

        It's time to forge the three pieces of trident together to
form the trident weapon. But what is it for? You'll see soon enough.
The place to get the job done is at Alhafra, where you locked the
pirate Briggs and his minions away. Sail to the top of the Osenia
continent and stop at the very top beach which can be found to the
left of Alhafra. Then run and cross the bridge to reach it.


Remove the Last Weight

        Remember where the ship was? There's one more weight that
needs to be removed before the ship will be sailable. But don't
think that it'll be you who will be sailing it. Since you have the
Burst Brooch and the 'Burst' psynergy, you can blow a boulder up.
Once you arrive on the ship, jump across and climb down the rope.
Skip across the rocks and logs until you reach the boulder. Use your
'Burst' psynergy to blow it up. Then try to leave the ship. When you
do, two men will see you. They'll be happy to know that you freed
the ship. Then Chaucha and Eoleo will tell you that Briggs will be
happy and so they're off to tell him. When you leave, the mayor will
arrive. He'll be happy too. After being happy and offers you to have
some rest, you'll arrive in his house. Later, a soldier will arrive
telling you that Briggs is escaping with the ship. When the mayor
leaves, leave too. Get back to the area where the ship was. You'll
see six men including the mayor knocked down and the ship missing.
Briggs with Chaucha is sailing far away. He'll make a funny face
while they both sail away. You should go help, so exit Alhafra and
hop aboard!


Chase Briggs Down

        Where did Briggs go? He went to Champa, his home town.


Pass the Test

        Run all the way to the north of the village. you'll find a
few pirates, and Briggs as well. They'll be scared of you so
they'll flee. Follow them into the building. Go to where the two
pirates are and go through the doorway in front of them. Then go
north into another doorway. Run south, then go into the doorway in
the middle of the room. Then continue through this long hall until
you reach a very large well. Make sure you save here, you're going
to have to fight a boss before you can get the trident swordforged
together. Briggs will be with his grandmother, Obaba. His grandmother
will bring out something, and threatens you to leave. Say 'No' and
she'll toss it into the well. The ground will shake and a great red
monster will emerge. This Avimander is a big, red, dragon. It has
about 3577-3719 HP and is a fire element. Be warned that this boss
will absorb some of your fire psynergy. It's weak against the Mercury
element so make sure you summon many gods. Refrain from using any
Mars Djinni. It'll attack you with attacks such as Blast, along with
many others. Once you defeated it, it'll give you 2176 EXP and 1330
coins. It'll also drop a Potion. The creature will explode, then
Obaba will come to see you. After a little talk, Briggs will run
around the well with his grandmother chasing him. Chaucha will arrive
to stop the chase and both her and Briggs will run away. Obaba will
go near the well to wait for you. Talk to her, then offer your three
pieces of the legendary trident. She'll toss all three into the well
as it shines down below. Lava will erupt from the bottom, but when it
clears up, the trident weapon floats in the air. Use Sheba's 'Reveal'
to find a bridge towards the weapon. Grab it, then escape this
village. You finally have the Trident!

[35]. Trident Forged! Enter the Sea of Time


        After sailing across the world for some time, you may have
noticed a foggy area on the map. If you look on your map, it's the
big white cloud in the ocean. That's where you need to go next.

Sea of Time

Get to the Guardian

        Once you enter, do not move. You want to avoid being thrown
out of this part of the seas by the torrents of water. First, guide
your ship up into the first whirlpool. Then quickly go up to the
second one above. Stop at the small volcano. These things are the
trick to get through. Once you circle around them, sparkles will
appear. After three times, the water will stop for three seconds so
you have to move fast. The trick here is to start at the closest
point to where you're heading to. Meaning, if you want to cross
towards the right side, dock your ship on the right side of the
volcano so when three spins are finished, you'll be close enough
with time to spare. If you started on the left side and the water
stops, it'll take at least two seconds before you actually reach
the stopped water. Since we're going to the right side, stop your
ship on the right side of the volcano. Begin going either clockwise
or counterclockwise. Make sure you rotate without stopping or else
you'll have to start over again. If it begins to sparkle when you
haven't stopped, stop until they disappear and return to your
position. Now turn three times until the water stops moving. If you
did this right, you'll end up on the whirlpool to the right of the
volcano. Now move to the right so you're out of the whirlpool. Make
sure you keep your balance or else you can be knocked over easily
to the wrong river or whirlpool. Now go up to the next one. Go up
three whirlpools until you find another volcano. Position yourself
to the north of the volcano, then start spinning. When the water has
slowed down, go north. From the star-shaped rock, go to the left
whirlpool. Go past three whirlpools on the left side to reach another
volcano. Position yourself to the south of the volcano. When the
water slows down, go south. When you end up in another whirlpool,
go south to a calm area. Then go to the left past one more. You'll
find the next volcano here. Start on the south side again. Quickly
go to the south. Keep going south until you reach another volcano.
Start on the left side and spin. Go left and get onto a calm area.
Then go north all the way to the top. You'll find the final volcano.
Start on the north side. Spin, then quickly go north before the
water returns to normal. Here, go through the one whirlpool. Then
shop. Make sure you equip the 3 Trident Sword to any party member.
And make sure you save! Go up the final river to meet the guardian
of Lemuria, Poseidon!

Defeat Poseidon

        Players will quickly find out that this boss will be
unharmable without the trident weapon. Quickly prepare your defense
using your djinni, and when the character with the 3 Trident Sword
comes in, use it. A great sword will appear from the sky and stab
Poseidon. It'll harm the merman, but it won't kill him. He'll have
a whopping 4836-4958 HP, but he's weak against the fire element.
His mercury psynergy is very powerful and will target the whole
party at some times. You'll get 2930 EXP and 3762 coins along with
a Psycrystal. Poseidon will disappear in a cry of pain while large
stones appear from below, blocking the exit. Once you gain control,
go north to find yourself right near Lemuria.


        Past the Sea of Time is a more friendlier and more peaceful
place. Sail up north to find the great kingdom of Lemuria.

[36]. The Future of the World


        Just nagivate through this long path until you reach a place
to dock. You'll also realize that many ships are here too, that are
very much identical to yours. Get off the ship, and remember to get
that Mist Potion that was in your ship, since Piers should have
'Parch' by now. Run your way through until you find a blue statue.
Use Felix's 'Move' and push it to the left. Two Lemurians will see
you and notice that you have the power of psynergy. Piers will show
up, and the two Lemurians are astonished. They aren't sure whether
to let you in, since their king, King Hydros, has strict orders not
to let outsiders in. You'll learn a lot about Lemuria and what they're
like here. Eventually after gaining your trust, they'll let you pass
through since Piers is with you. Go north and you'll find the real
inside of Lemuria.

Play a Game at the Fountain

        Golden Sun players will know that this game is very identical
to the one found in a town called Tolbi. With the Lucky Medals that
you saved, you'll have more chances at grabing a rare item. There's a
few things you want to get here so make sure you save in case you
waste all of your medals. The point of this game is to hope that the
medal will stop moving on the middle of the fountain. For your first
time, if you don't hit any animal, the medal will hit the middle.
Hopefully you'll get a very rare and valuable Combo tablet! Inside
of the tablet is the monster named Eclipse, and it is a very powerful
dragon. It'll require three Jupiter Djinni and two Mercury Djinni to
summon. Also try to get some new weapons that are excellent for your
party. You can't use your coins to get them, and that's the only
difference. Not only are they unreliable, but you only get coins if
you make it in the circle. Make sure you equip your items you get,
but make sure you get the combo tablet here.

Explore Areas, and Visit Piers's Home

        Kraden will be very excited to have seen this legendary
place. You should go up north, where you'll be talking to the
Lemurian guards. Piers will show up and talk to you about a bit of
things, about a man named Lord Conservato, how Lemuria wasn't how it
used to be. He'll suggest you to look around until Conservato is
finished speaking to the king. When you gain control, head to Piers's
house, which is found northwest of the fountain. Inside, Piers will
find out shocking, terrible news.

        Speak to the Lemurian looking at the bird. Piers apologizes
to his Uncle for taking so long to come back. Then he reminded by his
uncle about his mother. Piers looks around, confused, why this room
is so messy since his mother was always neat. Then the shock has come
to him. He suspects his mother has fallen ill again. Though it is
said that Lemuria has no illness, Piers's mother had a weak heart.
His uncle explains that once the tidal wave washed Piers away, his
mother was already ill. That shock was too much for her. His uncle
tells him that she is now resting in the cemetary, Piers slowly backs
up, and runs quickly. Try and leave. Piers's uncle stops you and
tells you about Piers, how he's destined to leave Lemuria someday.
Then, he mentions Lunpa. He will write a letter so you can speak to
him. Wait, did he just say Lunpa?

Lunpa is Here?!

        Leave. Hurry to the right side of Lemuria. At the left side
is the cemetary. Piers won't join your party for a while so it's best
for you to leave him alone. While at the right side, you'll be
crossing a bridge and you'll spot a chicken, a rope, and a huge plant
sapling. Use 'Growth' on the sapling to cause a large vine to grow.
Climb down, run pass the cow, and use your 'Cyclone' psynergy in that
patch of grass. A Hard Nut is hidden here. Climb back up and use the
'Lash' psynergy on the rope. Climb up and enter the building. There
are three paths to go through, even though you might not notice it,
there are two on each side of the door. Go down either of them and
you'll find a large library along with a man. He's Lunpa, the
Righteous Thief that founded Lunpa in Angara a long time ago. They
begin to talk about Lemuria and the advanced civilizations that once
lived. Lunpa decides to go talk with King Hydros, until he is told
that Conservato is still speaking with him. He decides to go to the
king anyways. Now get out and head to the king's room. Piers is
already here, along with Lunpa and of course, Conservato.

Talk to King Hydros

        After Piers introduces you all, King Hydros announces that
the world is heading to a path of destruction. Then, we find out that
the Poseidon's return conjured up the tidal wave to send Piers away.
Then, Lord Hydros snaps his fingers, and a map appears in front of
them. This is the ancient world when Lemuria still traded with people
on the many continents. It shows a very large world. A time when the
world shined brightly. He snaps his fingers again and the map
changed. This is the map Lunpa had with him when he arrived in
Lemuria 150 year ago. This was a bit different. Kraden notices that
this map's world has shrunk since the golden age. Lord Hydros snaps
his fingers once more. He compares the two maps. Lunpa's map's world
is clearly smaller than that of the golden age. Conservato arrives.
He doesn't like Hydros telling you about these things. Lord Hydros
snaps his finger and the display disappears. Piers says that while he
traveled with you in the Eastern Sea, the world is even smaller than
the one in Lunpa's map. Kraden says the four elements are the
nourishment needed to sustain Weyard's life. Ever since Alchemy has
been sealed off, it has also sealed off the nourishment Weyard
needed. Lord Hydros states that Poseidon returned because Felix has
lit the Mercury and venus Lighthouses. It was dangerous to light it
since it could've destroyed the whole world. Hydros fears that
there's a possibility Alchemy will destroy the whole world. Piers
will agree to go out of Lemuria again, but Conservato pressures him.
By the laws, he will be banished from Lemuria forever. Conservato
leaves. Hydros would like you to light the remaining lighthouses.
Lunpa gives you an item that he found a long time ago. It can only
be equipped to an Earth Adept, and it's a very powerful technique.
The power, 'Grind', is the ability to clear the rocks in your path
so you can sail to the Western Sea. Grab the Grindstone, then say
goodbye to Lemuria.

        While you sail out, Sheba and Piers begins a little
conversation. She asks whether Piers is a lot older than Sheba and
the others. They sort of force him into telling. Everybody laughs at
Piers because he won't tell. He asks Felix to help, but Felix only
replies with '... ...', typically. They're all against Piers and
would really like to know how old he is. But to his last words in
Lemuria, 'I will not tell you!'

        Wait! There's a Mercury Djinni you can get here. Enter back
into Lemuria and find a large stone. You might've seen it while the
gang was talking about Piers's age. Go back there, use Felix's new
psynergy, 'Grind', and lower the rock. Get to the end and you'll
enter Ancient Lemuria.

Ancient Lemuria

        This place looks a lot like Lemuria itself, except it's
deserted and no people live here. Get off your ship and get to an
area with a blue statue. Go to the right and you'll end up at a
dead end-- but that's good! There should be some weeds on the
other side of the pillars, and that's where the Mercury Djinni
is. Use the 'Cyclone' psynergy and you'll watch the Djinni run
away. It'll be hiding under the blue statue now. Use 'Tremor'
right by it and get the Djinni. Rime will join you right away
without hesitation. Now you can get out of Ancient Lemuria and head
back to the outside.

        Leave the Sea of Time by using Felix's 'Grind' on the rock to
the left of you and just continue on until you reach the Weyard Sea.

H.    H E S P E R I A   -   A T T E K A   C O N T I N E N T

[37]. Animal Item Exchange!

Weyard Ocean

        We should start doing the Animal Trading Sequence now. If
you've been traveling, you'd have noticed that there are animals out
there that are depressed if you used Sheba's 'Mind Read' on them.
The first one starts way down south at the E Tundaria Islet! Go to
the east of the Tundaria Continent! It'll be a long way there, but
it's worth it :) There should be a tiny cold island with a little
village. That's where you need to go.

E Tundaria Islet

Reunite the Penguins

        This tiny little village has a couple of penguins that are
separated with each other. If you read the male penguin's mind, this
is what he says:

        "My darling Pengulina hurt her leg on the far shore and can't
swim back. Somebody please... Help her!"

        Go to the entrance and you'll notice some mini glaciers of
ice floating around. Get through this easy puzzle and climb up the
ladder. Go over to the log and push it down. Slide down the slope
near by. Walk over the log and get to Pengulina.

        "Ohh... My leg... I can't get back to my dearest Pengus..."

        So, your job is to literally push Pengulina over the log and
to Pengus. As soon as she is beside him, they will automatically say
something to you.

        "Thank you so much for saving my sweet Pengulina. Allow me to
give you this in return for your help."

        So, you get the Pretty Stone! That's one down, let's go to
the SE Angara Islet now! Don't forget to get the Psynergy Stone that
used to be near Pengulina, and a Lucky Medal inside a box inside the

Weyard Ocean

        This SE Angara Islet is found.. well, south east of Angara!
It's also the island northwest of the Sea of Time.

SE Angara Islet

See the Bird

        Over to the right you can find a Lucky Medal in the boat.
This mini puzzle deals with a puddle and box. First, there's two
small boxes. One can be stacked over another. Go to the higher box
first and push it down. Push the box over to the left so it's two
steps away from the puddle (or just a space in between). In other
words, if you were to push the second box down, it would land on top
of the box that used to be at a higher level. If that were to happen
and you used Piers's 'Frost' on the puddle, it'd create a bridge for
you so you can reach the vines! Climb up the vines and seek the nest.
The red bird will automatically come and sit in it. Use Sheba's
'Mind Read' and this is what he says:

        "Oh my! That stone you have! It's divine! Simply divine! I
must have it! MUST! I'll give you my very fancy neckerchief for that
fancy stone of yours!"

        You automatically get the Red Cloth now. You're done here!

Weyard Ocean

        Next is the N Osenia Islet. It's north of Osenia, or you can
say, the southwest island from the Sea of Time.

N Osenia Islet

A Depressed Cow

        In this tiny village, go to the left towards some pots on top
of sand. Use Felix's 'Sand' psynergy and dig underneath and through.
Go up north and you'll see a cow eating some grass. Use Sheba's 'Mind
Read' and this is what she'll say:

        "Oh! That red neckerchief is quite nice indeed. That would
lift my spirits. This really brightens my mooood! Are you giving that
lovely thing to moooooi? That's so kind of you! I should repay you!
Have some milk!"

        So you got some milk in exchange. Next is the West Indra
Islet! Don't forget to get a Lucky Medal from a barrel inside the

Weyard Ocean

        This place is found right in between Gondowan and Indra. Sail
over Indra and you'll find this place.

West Indra Islet

Give a Dog a... Milk?

        You'll find a puppy in the middle. You can find a Lucky Medal
in a barrel near a man at the north. Use Sheba's 'Mind Read' and this
is what he'll say:

        "Sniff! Sniff! I smell fresh milk! Hah hah hah! Are you going
to give me that milk? Are you? Huh? Huh!? I'll trade you this for it!
I caught it myself!"

Weyard Ocean

        Now you got a Li'l Turtle. The final place is the Sea of Time
Islet. It's the little island southeast of the Sea of Time.

Sea of Time Islet

Turtles Reunited

        There's a turtle here that needs a friend. Use Sheba's 'Mind
Read' and this is what he'll say:

        "I'm so very sad and lonely. I wish I had a friend to call my
own... Hey! You've got an itty-bitty turtle tot, don't you? Why don't
you set that li'l guy free with me? At long last, I have a friend!
Lonesome George I am no more! I'm so happy! I don't have much to
offer in return, but I can show you... my secret spot. Hop on my
back! And we're off!"

        And so you hop on George's back and he takes you to a secret
place called the Islet Cave.

Islet Cave

Get a Venus Djinni

        Run through until you get to a strange marking on the floor.
You can't do anything with it now, but you'll need to come back
later when you learn a certain technique. To the left you can find
some Turtle Boots. Other than that, go to the right and through the
doorway. Take the log and go to the right. Then go down by taking the
stepping stones and use the horizontal log to go up. You should meet
the Venus Djinni now! Save here and fight it. It should have about
687-810 HP. You'll get 729 EXP and 531 coins. Meld joins your party!
If you want, you can use the northern logs (the right one beside the
Djinni) and get a Rusty Staff. Other than that, you're done! So use
Felix's 'Retreat' if you want and get out of the Sea of Time Islet.

[38]. To the Western Sea!

Weyard Ocean

Use 'Grind' and Go Through

        From where you are at the opening of the Sea of Time Islet,
go to the west. Then go down south a bit so you're near the top of
the Indra continent. Remember where the Gondowan Cliffs were? Go to
that on the map using your ship. To be more simpler, go to the top
of the Intra continent and sail to the south while on the left side
of the continent.

Gondowan Cliffs

        There is a huge rock here that you might remember from
before. Use Felix's 'Grind' and take out the rock.

Weyard Ocean

        Now that you're through, go south and around the Gondowan
continent. You'll realize that the monsters here are a bit tougher.
There's a lot of places you could go and explore. Look on your map
and look for the Hesperia continent with a large body of water. This
continent is called Hesperia. To the northeast of Hesperia is this
tiny white island. Head there first.

Kalt Island

        Djinni alert! This one is easy to get and that's why you're
here right now. You can also see an Apple on a tree, but you can't
get it until you reunite with Isaac and his party. So, go into the
ice and you'll slide to the left. Slide down, right, up, left, up,
right, up, left, up, right, up, left, down, then left. Climb up the
ladder and use 'Lash' to pull the rope. Climb across and climb down
the ladder to reach the Mercury Djinni. Gel will join you right
away. You're done here so exit.

Weyard Ocean

        Go to the west side of Hesperia. There should be a
settlement there (or just a house) called the Hesperia Settlement.

Hesperia Settlement

Get a Mars Djinni

        Go up the staircases and find a little sapling to the left.
Get 'Growth' by giving Felix a Mars Djinni or Jenna a Venus Djinni
(assuming that you arrange the Djinni by the characters' elements).
Use 'Growth' on the sapling and climb up. Pull the box out using
Felix's 'Move'. There are three spots where you can push the box
down. Push the box all the way to the left opening. Climb back down
the vines and push the box to the right so it falls to the very
bottom. Climb down the vines again and use Felix's 'Move' to push it
to the right. Now you can jump on the box and climb up and get to the
Djinni. Tinder will join you right away. You can also climb up the
wall more to get a chestful of 166 coins. Your job here is done so

Weyard Ocean

        Let's get a Venus Djinni since it seems like Felix is running
short. Sail to the bottom of the continent and you'll find two large
rivers you can go through. The left takes you to Shaman Village Cave,
and the right takes you to the area where the Venus Djinni is. Go to
the right first and sail far up. Sail until you're a little above
where Shaman Village is. Just above the mountains around Shaman
Village, get off and search along the forest just above the mountains
on the right. In this little patch you can capture Petra. It has
about 744-874 HP and is weak against Jupiter. After you get it, it'll
give you 937 EXP and 631 coins. Return to the bottom of the continent
and sail up through the right river and keep going north until you
find a cave. Jump out and get inside.

Shaman Village Cave

        Here, go to the left and first use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' on the
vines. It will reveal a section to climb up. Run through until you
reach the other side. You'll also see a Mercury Djinni along the way.
Enter the doorway at the end and you'll find a pillar. Push the
pillar over. You can't get the djinni unless you learn 'Lift' and
that won't be for a while yet. So just jump over the pillar you
pushed and run through. You'll eventually reach the Overworld.


        The Shaman Village is right nearby! Go in and prepare for a
fun event.

[39]. A Challenge of Strength! Trial Road!

Shaman Village

        There's a lot of things to do here. First, go to the Inn.
Heal up, then find a stairway that leads to downstairs. Then go to
the left and down. You're outside again, so go up north and find
a sapling. Use 'Growth' on it and climb up. If you reach the top
you'll find some Spirit Gloves. Now get back to the beginning of
the Shaman Village. Now, you'll probably notice that these people
don't really like you being here. They won't say anything to you,
and if you use Sheba's 'Mind Read' on them, they definently show
their hatred against you. Go north across the first bridge, then go
to the left towards some rope. Try and enter this house here. Then
suddenly three men show up. The middle's name is Moapa and they
don't like you here either. Talk to him and show him the Shaman's
Rod. They'll be really surprised. They must give the Hover Jade to
the one who brings the Shaman's Rod back to them. But, isn't it
Ivan's? 'Tis a mystery. They decide to give you a challenge. Follow
Moapa and his men. Go back to the right crossing one bridge, then
go north. Keep going north and you'll find Moapa along with the
purple tornado statue. He asks you to remove the sand. Go up to the
statue and use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' on it. The huge tornado appears
and takes all the sand away. Then, they announce that Sheba is the
one from Contigo! They'll move up and so you should follow. There is
a treasure chest here as well. You can get that later. Here are the
rules Moapa explains.

Trial Road! Beat Moapa

        The room is filled with traps and snares. Use the power of
Contigo to avoid them. This road has four doors. To open them, you
will need to place items in these chests. The door is triggered only
when the treasure chests are filled to the correct weight. Try
putting heavier items, like weapons and tools, into the chests, or
the doors won't open. If you reach the door after your opponents do,
you will be at a serious disadvantage. You see, it will take twice
the weight to open the doors. Stand on the switch, and the number of
chests you need to fill will open. If you are last to each of the
four doors, you will lose eight items to the chests! If Trial Road
proves too much for you, press this button. This ends the battle,
though. A true hero would not surrender so easily. In order to reach
the battle at the summit, you cannot fail on Trial Road.

        There it is. So, it's almost like Colosso in the first Golden
Sun! I think it is a good time to save here. Make sure you go to the
left, climb up, and grab the Hard Nut from the chest. There are also
some chests that contains Nuts and other things for the battle.
Climb up and be the first one to the top. Then fight!

        The first part is to run up a sand fall. Once you're up one
you can go to the left and get the treasure chest, or go to to the
right to continue on. Climb up the vine and walk on the rope. Keep
going up and you'll meet your first door. Give up one of your
equipped weapon or armor or two if you were too slow.

        The second part includes logs. Push the first log up first.
Then push the bottom verticle log to the left. Then climb up the
vine and climb over to the pillar. Use Felix's 'Move' and push it
up. Then just physically push it to the right, then up. Push the
horizontal log back down and push this verticle log to the right.
Go on top of the log and jump over. The Shaman is quite quick so
you can't waste a lot of time getting the treasures. Jump over the
log and climb up. You'll reach the second door.

        The third part has five pillars. Push the left one to the
right, the right one to the left, and the middle one to the south.
Climb up and jump across. Just move on! You've got to be quick.

        The fourth part has two gysers and a piller. Move the pillar
so that it aligns with the gysers. Climb up and jump as soon as the
gyster comes up. They disappear quickly so you have to jump
immediately. Then keep jumping until you reach the end. If you still
have a lot of time, get the treasure which contains a Potion.
Otherwise, submit one more weapon or armor and you're at the end.
Once you're ouside climb up and wait for Moapa to ariive.

Defeating Moapa

        This battle is very difficult since you had to get rid of
some weapons and items during Trial Road. You still have your djinni
with you, but you must be careful about your defense. Any element is
very effective against Moapa and his two Knights. I recomment using
Shade on the first turn since it's a great shield and that it acts
first. Then don't use any djinni at all. Don't even summon Mercury
after you used Shade. After you used Shade, just use your psynergy
and your physical attacks, but don't move Shade so you can keep your
defense against attacking items such as the Crystal Powder and Briar
Seeds Moapa will use against you. Keep attacking, keep healing, and
just make sure that Felix has his 'Revive' psynergy just in case.
Moapa has about 3000 HP and each Knight has about 1786-1932 HP. When
you win, you'll get 3340 EXP and 2870 coins, and also you get the
Hover Jade when you're finished.

One Djinni to Get

        You'll be at the Inn after taking a rest. Go back outside,
and you'll notice everyone is quite impressed with you. Now that
shops and places are opened up, there are many things you can do now,
including snagging a Jupiter Djinni now that people around Shaman
Village will speak to you and open their houses for you. First, go
to the right side of the village and enter the two-storey house. Get
to the very top so that you appear outside again. Head to the right
and to the next screen. Go up and use Felix's 'Move' on the pillar.
Push it over to the left and head back to the beginning of Shaman
Village. Now, go to where Moapa was when you gave him your Shaman
Rod. Enter his home and go to the right side of the building. Go
downstairs and south, so that you'll appear outside again. Use
'Lash' on the rope and climb up. Continue through to the second
screen again. Now that the pillar is down, you can go get your
Jupiter Djinni. Aroma won't fight you. There's one more Djinni at
Trial Road but you can't get it yet until Isaac joins you. Now you
can exit Shaman Village.

[40]. The Reunion


Find a way in!

        Now you have the Hover Jade, you can now access long-awaited
Jupiter Lighthouse. It's best to transfer your data now if you
haven't already because if you do it too late, you can't do it at
all. You know where Jupiter Lighthouse is? Not on this continent for
sure, but in the Atteka Continent below. So use your ship and sail
downwards. To get to Jupiter Lighthouse, you have to go up a river
like you did last time. There should be only one river you can get
into in the Atteka continent, and that one should be on the right
side. If you sail right through, hopefully you'll end up on the left
side, coming out of another river. If you're here, you'll be
surrounded by rocks, and that's exactly where you need to be. Make
your way into the inner part of the Atteka continent and you'll end
up in the Atteka Islet.

Atteka Islet

        Climb down, look around, check things. If you go up you can
find enormous wings and people talking about fulfilling a prophecy,
attaching the wings to a sacred vessel, waiting until Mt. Jupiter
is in flames.. well, we get that part, but what on earth are they
talking about? We'll soon find out, hopefully :)

        Go left to the next screen. Look around here, check out the
empty house if you're bored. Look for a ladder nearby and climb.
Get all the way across and you'll find a treasure chest. Inside is
a Vial. Return to whence you came and find an exit. You'll end up
on the Overworld again.


Head to Contigo

        Don't forget to train a bit here too ;) Be sure you're well
above level 30. Go northeast and you'll find a HUGE crater and a
town named Contigo.


Djinni and Gambling!

        This is just like Tolbi from the first Golden Sun. You can
play all sorts of games by paying coins and using Game Tickets you
got from purchasing weapons and armors (you did keep them, right?).
There are a few Djinni around here, but there's one that requires
you to transfer data. If you don't, you can't get this one Djinni at
all and you'd have to ignore it. We'll come back later to get it, but
we'll focus on the other one right now. Go outside of Contigo for a
short second and come back so you're at the entrance. Immediately go
to the right and you'll find a circle of weeds. Use 'Scoop' on the
center. You'll dig out a Venus Djinni! Salt will join you right away.
Now you can go buy weapons and armors, and go have some fun gamblin'.

        When you're all finished having fun, get out of Contigo and
go northwest where you'll find the great Jupiter Lighthouse.

Jupiter Lighthouse

Solve the Puzzles

        Enter in the lighthouse. You'll quickly find out that there's
a wall that won't let you in. Go to the left and enter the doorway.
At the very end, you'll find yourself outside again. Stand on top of
the purple swirl and use 'Cyclone' on it. You'll be transported to
the underground. Run through, (you can also find a Mad Plant here)
and out of the two doorways, the first one takes you to a Psynergy
Stone. The second one is the right path to go afterwards. In this
next room, climb down a ladder. You'll find some mysterious purple
lights. Stand on top of the bigger purple circle and use 'Hover'. You
will only get 3 seconds to float in the air, or else you'll fall.
Once you're over, get to the end. You'll find another purple swirl.
Use 'Cyclone' to get transported to the upper level. You'll end up
at the entrace in behind the locked door. Push the pillar to its
proper spot to open both doors. Head up north and enter. First go
northwest and through the doorway. Avoid the puzzle on the right and
enter the next doorway. A 'log puzzle'. Go behind the most northern
pillar and push it up. Then go behind the southwestern pillar and
push it up. Now go behind the most northern pillar and squeeze
through. Push the vertical pillar to the left, then the one that was
beside it up. Go to the left of the vertical pillar and push it to
the right. Now you can jump over and get a treasure chest. Inside is
an Erinyes Tunic, equippable by anyone. Now go south and you'll end
up at a higher level. Use 'Cyclone' on the swirl to get up even
higher. Enter the doorway here. Be sure to go up north and use
Felix's 'Move' to push the pillar down, but don't climb the chain
yet. Head back down south and avoid the swirl. Keep going south.
You end up outside again, enter the next doorway and the one after
that and the one after that (whew!). Go north and you'll find a
circle of pillars. Use Sheba's 'Reveal' and jump across. Go north
up the staircase. Go to the right and down. Go and get off at the
right side. You want to get on the platform with the slope. Jump to
it and slide down. Use Felix's 'Move' on the most northern yellow
pillar. Move it all the way to the left. Then go to the southern
yellow pillar and push it to the left once. Then to go the last
pillar and push it all the way up. We're gonna get the treasure chest
now, so climb up the ladder and go north. Right by the staircase, go
and jump over to the right. Jump through the whole path, there's no
second paths because at the end is the treasure. Inside is a weapon
called Meditation Rod. Give it to either Jenna or Sheba. Get back to
the ladder, then go south. Avoid the switch and push the small pillar
on top of the bridge. Then step on the switch to make it fall. This
makes it easier for you to come back here now. Head back up and go
north to the staircase. Slide down. Go to the right and climb the
other ladder. Then go south. Then go left to another staircase, then
south until you get outside. It seems like you're at the Jupiter
Lighthouse Aerie, but nothing is going to happen yet. The opening to
the beacon is locked up. Run through all the way to the left side of
the lighthouse, don't step on the floating platforms, just go through
the doorway to the inside of the lighthouse again. Go north up the
staircase. In this room, go south and slide down the slope. Attempt
to climb the ladder. Someone will speak to your soul:

        Holder of the star...
        Show the power of Anemos!

Climb up the ladder and use the 'Hover' psynergy. This will
cause a great effect on the lighthouse. It looks like you revitalized
the power of Jupiter Lighthouse! You'll notice that the purple stream
will be seen throughout all of the lighthouse now and that you can
use 'Hover' on the purple bulbs. With the pillars floating, go to the
right side. When you go up north, choose the right staircase. Go up
north again and climb down the ladder. There is one pillar that isn't
floating with the rest. Push it all the way up so it floats. Before
you climb up the ladder, go south and find a red key on a platform.
Use the 'Hover' psynergy on the purple bulb and hurry to the left.
When you reach the platform, get the Red Key, and slide down. Now
climb back up the ladder and jump across. Go up the staircase. You're
back here again. Go down and get back to the outside of Jupiter
Lighthouse. Now that the pillar is gone, you can cross the bridge
with ease. Cross it and go through the doorway. Go up north and jump
a few pillars to get to the other staircase (since there were only
two staircases in this room). In this room, you should see nine
floating pillars at the right. Use Sheba's 'Reveal' to find a hidden
one, jump across, and get the treasure chest. You'll find a Psy
Crystal here. Get back across and go to the left to the other nine
pillars. Use Sheba's 'Reveal' and jump across. Go down and enter a
new room. You'll also spot the red door on the way. Get through all
the staircases until you end up outside again. Go up to the next
doorway. Use 'Cyclone' on the swirl to reach the higher level. You'll
be right at the red door. Use the Red Key you got to get through.
After getting through the doorway, you'll be outside. Quickly run to
the left. Avoid getting caught by tornados by hiding behind a purple
block. Once you pass this area, go south to a doorway and afterwards,
go north. Go to the left and get the treasure chest which actually is
a Mimic. Fight it for some experience. As always, it's weak against
fire and strong against wind. It roughly has about 1000 HP. It'll
give 1420 EXP and 700 coins (defeated with a fire technique). You'll
also get another Psy Crystal. After you're finished, go to the right
of the room and up the staircase. Then go to the left to the next
doorway. You'll find yourself in a pillar puzzle.

        Go to the right horizontal pillar. Push it down. Go up the
staircase. This part makes it tricky since there are cracks around
the place. You can choose to get the treasure chest, but you'll end
up falling down to the previous level. You can always come back up
and do the puzzle again. Be sure to not make a mistake since one bad
move can mess up this puzzle. Here are the steps to get the right
treasure chest. Skip this part if you don't want to get 360 coins or
a Mist Potion. First, go to the right and step over the first crack.
Go down one path-the path without a crack-and you'll find a crack
before the right treasure chest. Cross over to get 306 coins. Fall
down the crack to return to the pillar room. Go up the staircase to
return to the beginning of the puzzle. Redo the whole thing and be
right behind the crack before the right treasure chest. Go down to
enter a new screen. Come back and go towards the yellow pillar. Use
Felix's 'Move' and push it to the left. Now head back to the
beginning of this puzzle by crossing over the cracks at the right.
Don't leave this room, go to the very left when you reach the
staircase in this room and go over the crack. You should be able to
jump over the pillar and reach the treasure chest. Inside is a Mist

        If you didn't want to get the treasure chests, then follow
these directions. Go to the right and step over the first crack. Go
down the path without a crack and go down south. Enter a new screen.
Go through all the doorways and staircases until you find yourself in
a bare room with a single crack in the middle. Go up the staircase.
Oh ho, look at this puzzle. It's a room filled with cracks in every
direction! First, you see those light-colored cracks over to the left
by the purple bulb? Cross all of them and get to the bulb. Use
'Hover' and quickly go southwest to the pillar. Avoid this for now,
since you're going to drop a few levels to get the Blue Key. There
should be a clear path of light-colored cracks that leads to the
right purple bulb. Get over there carefully and use 'Hover' on it.
Get to the southeast and keep going. You'll find a lonely crack that
is very close. Jump on it and fall down. Fall down the next one, then
the next one... You'll plop down beside the Blue Key in the pillar
room. Now, you gotta get back to that puzzle filled with cracks! Go
and backtrack through the walkthrough in this chapter if you forgot
how to get back up there. Once you're back in the room before you
fell down to the Blue Key (the room with A LOT of cracks), get to
the yellow pillar again. Use Felix's 'Move' and push the pillar on
top of the switch. Then head over to the right purple bulb like last
time. Go southeast, then go south. The door is now open because of
that switch. Go left and please, avoid that last crack before the
door! Careless people might accidentally fall down and will have to
do the puzzles again. Get through the doorway. Soon enough you'll end
up at the left tower of Jupiter Lighthouse.. go further up to find a
statue of an archer. Use the block behind him and push it into the
hole. The archer will shoot his arrow at the left angel statue. The
angel will lift one part of the beacon's seal. It's time to finish
your job and get the other side lifted up. If I were you (which I'm
not), I'd use Felix's 'Retreat' to get back to the beginning of
Jupiter Lighthouse, since the puzzle to get to the right tower begins

        Get back to the main room.. this is done by entering into the
lighthouse and going north past the doors. This 'main room' is the
big room where there was a hole in the middle.. there should be a
light going up it now =P You'll know what I'm talking about if you
got there. You want to go to the left and through the same doorway
that you took at the very beginning. Climb down the ladder and use
Felix's 'Move' on the last pillar. Push it onto the purple bulb to
make it float. Climb back on the ladder and jump across. Go through
the doorway here, and in this room, go down south. In this room, you
will be back to the 'main room'. Push the block over to the left to
complete the circuit. Now step on that purple bulb that was just
brought back and use 'Hover'. Float over to the left and let yourself
fall. Go up and use 'Cyclone' on the swirl there. Go through the
doorway. Here, go north and find a yellow pillar and a chain. Use
Felix's 'Move' and push the yellow pillar to the left. This will
allow you to get back to the beginning easier. Head back down, passed
the door you first came out of, passed the angel statue, and to a new
screen. You'll be outside. Push the block with a rod sticking out
into the hole. The screen will turn green again and Felix will peer
down to the rod. It's a lightning rod Felix! Lightning strikes down
and almost shocks Felix.

I think you should use Felix's 'Retreat' to get to the
beginning again, just to make it quick. Get back to that 'main
room'. Go to the right and use 'Hover' on the purple bulb. Get to
the higher left platform again, but this time, use 'Hover' again on
the purple bulb there. Go to the left and let yourself in the beam.
It'll carry you up. Go to the right, climb down the ladder, go to
the left and use Felix's 'Move' on the left pillar. Push it to the
right. Climb back up and jump across to get the treasure chest.
Inside is a Potion. Jump back to the right and go down. Go through
the doorways until you find a blue door. Use the Blue Key to open it.
Get through and you'll eventually be outside once again. Use 'Hover'
on the purple bulb and move up. The statue will spout a tornado which
will carry you all the way to the right. Go through the doorway on
the right. Another statue of an archer! You know what's coming up
next. Go up through the next doorway. Go directly up and ignore the
doorway beside it. There's a Jupiter Djinni here... you'll need to
solve this simple puzzle to get to it. First, go northeast and use
'Hover' on the purple bulb. Push the block down. Slide down and push
it to the left into the most eastern hole out of the three. Go to the
newly made purple bulb and use 'Hover' on it. Quickly go northwest to
the next block. Use Felix's 'Move' and push it down. Push this block
into any hole you wish. This will cause the pillar at the right to
rise. Use 'Hover' to get to that pillar. Use 'Pound' to pop out the
blocks. Now connect the lines so that the purple extends all the way
to the Djinni. You should be able to use 'Hover' on the purple bulb
right beside the Djinni. Get to it and fight. This one has about
807-906 HP, weak against venus as always. You'll get 965 EXP and 643
coins along with Whorl. Slide down and return to the pillar. Use the
'Pound' psynergy to reset the puzzle. Now you want to complete the
lines by pushing the horizontal one to the top and the other one to
the right. This should make it possible for you to hover towards the
doorway. Next, a harder puzzle. Use 'Pound' on the pillar to cause
a block to pop out. Push it over to the right to make a path for you
to jump on. Jump over and climb down the ladder. Now you need to
arrange the pillars. To get the treasure chest, follow this diagram.

1-OOO-2O        Number represent blocks you can move.
|  | |||        O's represent the purple bulbs.
| O-OO-|        Lines represent steps away.
| |  | |        (Sorry if this thing is a bit too tiny.. but hey)

        To get the treasure chest, which is on the right side, you
need to:

                1. Push #6 up three times and right two times.
                2. Push #5 up three times and right one time.
                3. Push #4 up five times and right two times.
                4. Push #3 up five times and right two times.
                5. Push #1 right four times.

        Your puzzle should now look like this:

|  |  ||
| O-34-|
| |    |

        This path should allow you to cross over to the right. You
jump onto #2, over to #1, down to #3, to #4, down to #5, and over to
#6. Climb up the ladder and push the block from the beginning back to
its proper spot to let the purple flow through the lines. At the end
is a Water of Life! Get back to the beginning and through the door,
then come back so that the puzzle is restarted. Use 'Pound' on the
pillar, climb down, get to the puzzle. Now, follow these to get to
the left side.

                1. Push #1 right two times
                2. Push #6 up seven times and left one time.
                3. Push #5 up five times and left two times.
                4. Push #4 up three times and left one time.
                5. Push #3 left one time, up three times, left once

        Your puzzle should now look like this:

|  | |||
| 5-OO-|
| |  | |

        You should be going from #2 to #6, to #1, to #5, to #4, then
to #3 and reach the end. Climb back up the ladder and push the block
in. Jump across and get to the end. In this room, push the yellow
pillar onto the switch. The bridge should go up. Don't cross it, but
go through the doorway right beside the one you came out of. Here,
get through the zigzaggy path until you reach a doorway. Now, make
sure you don't move yet. You have to be cautious about the statue
head over to the southeast. It'll blow a tornado as soon as you get
in its path and that could cause you to start from the very beginning
again. First, go to the left and step over the crack. Go through the
short path without walking over the other cracks and run down
straight through avoiding a tornado the head blows. Stop before you
hit any more cracks. There is a large square hole that the face is
pointing towards and one crack underneath it that you can cross to
get to the left side towards the second head. Cross it and get blown
by the tornado the left head blows. Right when you stop, go up and
then right, crossing another crack. You're done, so go through the
doorway. This next puzzle might cause some difficulty. All around you
you are surrounded by purple bulbs. Don't move, but right where you
are, use 'Hover' and go to the left to get a really good weapon. You
will be constantly floating because of the numerous hover bulbs. You
must be extremely careful of these two heads. If they send you flying
towards the wall, you'll end up at the level below and would need to
start the puzzle over again. So, be right close beside the cracks but
still be on the bulbs to remain hovering. Go up a little (watch your
shadow so you know how far up to go) to cause the head to blow a
tornado, then quickly go back down. Right after the tornado goes
passed you, immediatly go up before the head shoots another tornado
at you. This second head is a lot more harder since there isn't much
room between you and the head. What you need to do is go over the
cracks and back into the purple field. You still want to go up a
little to cause a tornado to come out, go back down, and when the
tornado goes past you, immediatly go up and left over the cracks and
quickly back to the right to remain floating. If you're successful,
you'll remain floating and you'll be past the head. Go over to the
treasure chest and claim your Phaeton's Blade! Now get back to the
beginning of this puzzle. This time you want to go to the right. You
basically follow the same strategy, except the last part is a little
different. This time it'll be harder to get past the second head on
the right side. Quickly go to the right towards all the cracks and
lean against the wall while you're still going up. The tornado will
come but if you're fast enough you'll be able to get back to the left
without being blown away or falling down. Once you're successful, go
up and through the doorway. Go through the hallway until you appear
outside on the right tower. Go up and push the block into the hole.
The archer statue will shoot another arrow and hit the right angel.
Now the seal has been open and the beacon is revealed. Remember that
yellow pillar you pushed on the switch that caused the bridge to go
up? Fall down a few levels until you get back there. Cross the bridge
and go through the doorway. In this room, go down south and south
again past the archer statue. Outside again, cross the big bridge and
find a rope. Use 'Lash' and climb down, and go into the doorway. Run
through this path and get to the chains. Use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' and
swing across both of them. Go south, past the doorway here, past the
purple swirl and through the very, very bottom doorway. You'll appear
outside, and you'll hear some familiar voices...

Isaac in Trouble

        Garet? Mia? Isaac? Ivan? They sound like they're in trouble.
You and the gang go further outside towards the voices. Garet is
hanging along the edge with one arm! Mia's trying to help, but she's
not strong enough. Mia calls out to Isaac asking him and Ivan to
help. Then, Agatio comes in... he and Karst introduces themselves to
Isaac and Ivan and explains about the frozen land of Prox, home of
the Mars Clan. Garet and Mia falling down was part of their plan so
they can take on Isaac and Ivan two on two. Karst announces that they
will be fighting three on two, but where's Alex? It seems like he has
disappeared and that both her and Agatio has lost trust in him. Then,
they attack Isaac and Ivan. Down below, it's settled that you are
going to help before it's too late. Enter the doorway here and keep
going until you reach the area with the circle of pillars. Use
Sheba's 'Reveal' and jump over, then go up. Complete this puzzle
quickly by going to the right again, towards the platform with the
slope, then sliding down. Go to the left and climb up the ladder.
Alex finally finds you... he'll talk about your loyalty to Isaac and
will heal you before you fight. Before you go down, you'd better save
here. Also, transfer your data NOW if you haven't, because this is
your last chance.

        When you're outside, Ivan collapses. Agatio finishes Isaac
off with a mighty blow. You arrive and agree that if Agatio and Karst
leave now, you have to light the beacon because they were going to
kill Isaac. Kraden will take care of Garet while you go and light the
lighthouse. Isaac allows Felix to take the Mars Star from him. Piers
comes and says that he'll follow Felix in case Agatio and Karst don't
keep their promise. Go up and through the staircase. Jump across the
floating platforms and go south to get to the next screen. Then go
to the staircase beside you. Finally, go south to get to the Jupiter
Lighthouse Aerie. Agatio and Karst are waiting for you. You and Piers
take the Jupiter Star out and light it. After it was lit, Agatio and
Karst decides they don't need you anymore because the Mars Lighthouse
is in Prox. Karst jumps at Felix and steals the Mars Star. Piers asks
what will happen to Felix's parents.. are they still alive? Agatio
tells him that once all the lighthouses are lit, they will release
them. Now it's on! It's time to fight!

Defeat Agatio and Karst

        For the beginning of the fight, only you and Piers will take
on Agatio and Karst. Then later, Jenna will come. After a few turns,
Sheba will arrive. It's time to defeat them now! Karst has a special
ability called Djinnfest that will put one Djinni on each character
to recovery mode. This can make it difficult for you to summon Djinn.
Agatio has many powerful fire attacks that damages the whole party.
Have Piers summon Shade for some great defense for a few turns. Have
Jenna to use Healing Aura every turn since fire attacks won't be
doing a lot of damage to Agatio and Karst. Each character is best to
have their own elemental Djinni so that characters like Felix will
have Revive and Potent Cure to use. Piers will be the strongest one
in this fight so you should use him wisely. Keep Felix alive since
he's most likely going to be the 'reviver' in the team. Definently be
careful with Sheba and watch over her. Slowly cast up to four Djinni
on each character EXCEPT for Jenna. Jenna uses Healing Aura or Aura
every single turn. When the four Djinni become set after summoning,
summon Judgment, Boreas, and Thor. Then when those Djinni are in the
recovery mode, use the other Djinni and get up to four again to
summon some more. Always aim the larger arrow on Agatio because Karst
is almost useless if she's by herself. Always use Piers's Shade
whenever Shade comes back from recovery mode. If you keep this up,
they're gone in no time! I didn't calculate their Hit Points, but
they're pretty much high like every other tough bosses. They'll give
you 5813 EXP, 9020 coins, and Dark Matter used for forging.


        They're both down. Before you go and finish them off, Alex
appears and tells you to stop. Alex quickly goes up to Agatio and
Karst and heals them completely. Even if they were revived, Agatio
and Karst aren't very happy with Alex. They quickly leave before
Isaac arrives. Isaac seems angry towards Felix. Before they got into
a fight, Ivan suggests they should all rest at Contigo. Agree to that
suggestion and Isaac leaves. Felix will automatically head for the
elevator. Exit Jupiter Lighthouse and head southeast to Contigo.


The Secret

        Go north of Contigo and find a house. Inside you should find
Isaac and the gang waiting for you. Everything is now explained, why
Felix betrayed Vale, why he intended on lighting the beacons, and why
he's been avoiding Isaac all this time. Jenna explains that their
parents' lives were at stake. Kraden tells them all what happened and
why they're still alive. Kraden says nobody was killed that day three
years ago. Isaac believes that his father is still alive. Now they
talk about the lighthouses being lit. They say King Hydros have told
them that if Felix didn't light the lighthouses, Weyard will slowly
die. There's some conflict in this situation. It was always said that
if the lighthouses were lit, Weyard would be destroyed. If nothing is
done though, it will definently be destroyed. They're not too sure
what will happen but they will try to save Weyard. Then, a mysterious
voice speaks to you all..

        It's Hamma! She tells you that she's a decendant of the
Anemos and she was born in Contigo. Then, the secret is revealed that
Ivan was born in Contigo and that his sister is no other than Hamma
herself. She gave some hints about it when Ivan and her first met.
Master Hamma tells you to go to the land of Prox and light the Mars
Lighthouse before all of Weyard freezes. Even if Agatio and Karst are
going to light it, Hamma says there is a mighty force that doesn't
want Mars to be rekindled, and that if you all try, you'll all fail
too unless they work as one. Hamma has given you a gift for you so
you can get to Mars Lighthouse. When she leaves, Isaac announces that
this is Felix's quest.. but why? Anyhow, it's your duty to save the
world now, and with Isaac with you, you all should be a force to be
reckoned with!

I.    P R E P A R A T I O N S

[41]. Djinni & Tablet Hunt All Around Weyard


        Notice the new Overworld Theme and the new option during
battle to change a party member :) You can only change one per turn.
If the four people fighting are all defeated, the next four will take
their place, almost like an extra life. Be aware that there are some
Djinni you can't get without transferring your data. If you
transferred data and you have the Orb of Force with you, equip it. Go
behind the Inn in Contigo and use 'Force' on the stump. A Mars Djinni
will pop out! Shine will join you right away. You're finished here,
let's go get the others!


        Go southwest and into the Atteka Inlet.

Atteka Inlet

Fly as One

        First, go south until you find a boulder. Use 'Lift' on it
and 'Cyclone' on the weeds. A Venus Djinni should appear! Geode will
join you right away. Then go over to the right into a new screen.
Check out your new boat! It was upgraded and wings were added - the
Wings of Anemos. Climb up the ladder and speak with Hamma. Psynergy
is used to make the ship fly. Before you get on the ship, a man
arrives and gives you a gift from Master Hamet. This is only possible
if you transferred your data! Inside is a Orihalcon used for forging.
So, get on your ship, and use the power of Hover to fly as one!


        Use the 'B' button to fly, but be aware -- it consumes the
whole party's psynergy. Fly over the flat rocks down south. Sheba is
a little unhappy though. She still doesn't know who she is, and she
thought that if she went to Jupiter Lighthouse she would learn.
Kraden cheers her up. Let's continue on! Fly over the second set of
flat rocks.

Find the Coatlicue Stone Tablet

        Now that you're leaving Atteka, head towards Atteka Cavern by
going to the right of the Atteka Continent. Remember that river you
took to get to the Atteka Inlet? Take the same one. At the start, go
to the left, out of the two paths, go down. Out of the next two paths,
go down again. Out of the two paths, go to the right. When you spot a
large grey mountain, stay there. You can see another river on the
right side, correct? It looks as if the mountain was placed right on
top of the river you're on to block you way. Fly around the mountain
and get in the river on the right side. Now, don't move. Fly again,
but this time over the land and continue until you find another river.
Land your ship and jump out, you should be able to see a cave!

Atekka Cavern

        Go over to the right side and lean against the rocks that are
closest to the water. Use Piers's 'Parch' to clear the water. Climb
up the ladder and down the other to get the stone tablet. Summoning
Coatlicue is now available! You need 3 Jupiter and 3 Mercury Djinni
to summon her. Now let's get out of here and out of Atteka!


        Remember where Shaman Village was in Hesperia? Go to the big
continent above Atteka, go through the large body of water inside,
and through a cave.

Shaman Village Cave

Colossal Warriors Appear

        If you transferred your data, you're about to enter an event.
The three Colossal warriors from the first Golden Sun will come to
see Isaac. Isaac doesn't seem to overjoyed by the sight of them. They
tell him that they think Isaac didn't fight fair when he won. All
three of the fighters will attack you! They're not difficult. At the
end you'll get 1131 EXP and 748 coins. Forgive them and they'll leave
treasure for you to have. It's a Golden Shirt!

A Mercury Djinni to Trap

        Go up through the middle doorway. Use 'Lift' on the first
rock from the left. Go up and use 'Frost' on the puddle. Then go
further up and use either Sheba's or Ivan's 'Whirlwind' on the ivy.
Climb up and exit this screen by going to the left and down. Now go
through the middle doorway again. The ivy should still be gone and
the puddle should still be frozen. Out of all the rocks, go to the
very right one and use 'Lift'. Go up, jump across, and come down and
use 'Lift' on the rock beside it. Go back to the beginning but don't
leave the screen. Use 'Lift' on the first rock from the left and go
up passed the ice pillar. Climb up where the ivy used to be and jump
over the ice pillar. Get closer to the Mercury Djinni. When it tries
to run away, it'll see that its path was blocked because of the two
rocks you lifted earlier. After the fight, Eddy joins your party.
Find the exit of the Shaman Village Cave so you can get into Shaman

Shaman Village

        Go to the north where Trial Road was. Run through the
obstacle course again until you reach the top where you fought
Moapa. You should've noticed some purple things near the top and
that's where you need to go. When you get there, use 'Hover' on the
large purple bulb. Hover over to the left and enter the doorway. Use
'Lift' on the boulder. Get through the end of this cave until you get
outside. By the water, there should be a Jupiter Djinni avoiding any
contact with you. It should be doing the complete opposite of you.
Use Sheba's or Ivan's 'Reveal' to find a stepping platform in the
water. Since you're going into the center, the Djinni will also go to
the center, resulting both of you to clash into each other. The
Djinni will fall over to the right dizzy. It'll still fight though!
All Djinn should be easy to defeat now. It has about 763-912 HP and
will give you 1000 EXP and 660 coins. Gasp will join your party!
Don't forget to get an Elixir at the chest towards the north. Now
you can leave Shaman Village.

Weyard Ocean

        Do you remember where Kalt Island was? It was that little
white island just northeast of Hesperia. Well, you can go back there
and use 'Catch' to get the Apple. It boosts up a character's Attack
permanently so these items are always good. After you're done, from
Kalt Island, go a bit south. Look on your map and you should see a
little beach just a bit south of you. Well, a bit southeast anyhow.
If you sail over there and dock your ship, there should be a bridge
going up. Cross it, go north, and you should find Angara Cave.

Angara Cave

Get a Stone Tablet

        This place is basically a one-path way.. so you can't get
lost. At the end you'll see a stone tablet on top of a ledge and two
blocks. You need 'Carry' to solve this puzzle. Push the block on the
ground once to the right. Use 'Carry' and move it up. Get up the
ladder towards the higher block and push it to the left. Then use
'Carry' and bring it over to the left. The two blocks should be right
beside each other now. Climb back down and use 'Carry' on the right
block. Bring it on top of the left one so they stack on top of each
other. Climb up and jump across. You've got your stone tablet! Now
you can summon Haures! You need three Venus and 2 Mars to summon it.
Now you can exit this place. Remember this area because to the south
of the beach where you docked your ship, there is a place called Loho
that you'll need to visit later. Not now, but later.

Weyard Ocean

        You're practically done getting Djinni on this side of the
world. Well, if you missed a Jupiter Djinni from the first game, you
can always go to the SW Atteka Islet to get a random one. If you got
all of them by transferring data, there won't be any Djinni. Anyhow,
go back to the eastern sea by going through the Gondowan Cliffs again
(or your own method of going back).

        Go back to Yallam. Go to the northeast end of Osenia to find
an easy route to get there. There should be some flat rocks you can
fly over. Directly south from the beach is Yallam.


Forging and the Masamune

        Go back to Sunshine's house again. You see that half-broken
wooden pillar? If you transferred your data, use 'Force' on it to
break it. If you didn't.. you can't get one of the best weapons. Once
you broke it, jump over it and get to the left side where all the
weeds are growing. There is a hidden ladder. Get to the end so you
end up outside. Get the treasure chest and inside is the great
Masamune. You're practically done here unless you want to wait a long
time to get an Excalibur from Sunshine using the Orihalcon you got
after leaving Hamma. It's extremely rare to get it, so save before
you give items to him. You save, give him the items, go to a sanctum
or leave or use the Inn, then come back and talk to his wife to see
what item you got. If you're not satisfied or didn't get an item such
as the Excalibur, then turn off your game and do it over again since
the items he forges it totally random. Getting the Excalibur might
be a huge pain (like getting the Kikuichimonji from Fenrirs in the
first game) but lucky ones might get it in their first try. When
you're all finished, go back to your ship and leave.

Weyard Ocean

        There's going to be one more place to check out before you
head back to the western sea. Way up northeast is a small island
surrounded by numerous rocks. It's northeast of Angara. Check it out
right now.

Treasure Isle

        You won't be able to defeat the boss here yet, but you're
here to get some treasures and a Jupiter Djinni before you progress
farther in the game. The enemies shouldn't be too difficult since
you already had lots of training. You might've been here a lot
earlier ever since you learned 'Grind' in Lemuria. You'll be finding
a lot of treasure chests on the first floor which have nothing in
them. This is normal. Go north and you'll find yourself surrounded
by lots of water along with more treasure chests. These will also
have nothing in them. Jump onto the red switch and giant rocks will
rise. To bring them down, simply use Felix's 'Grind' technique. Don't
use it on the northern rock but use it on the eastern rock. Jump
across and enter a new screen. Jump down, avoid climbing the wall,
and be near a pillar beside a red switch. But, go around it and go
up and around to be even closer to it. Don't push the pillar onto the
switch yet however. Push it down once and to the right once. Go back
up and around and go right below the pillar. Use Felix's 'Move' and
push it up so it hits the switch. Go to the right and climb up the
wall and walk the tightrope. Jump over the rock that just rose up.
Climb down and enter a new screen. Step over the red switch. All
three rocks will rise. Go to the very right one and use Felix's
'Grind' on it. Jump over and head up north. Climb up the wall and
walk the tightrope. At the end, jump over the other two rocks to
reach the treasure chest. Inside is a Jester's Armlet. Now return
to the part before you climbed up the wall. Go to the left towards
the pillar and use Felix's 'Move' to push it forward to the left.
Then go down and use Felix's 'Grind' to pull the rock down. Go over
to the left rock and use Felix's 'Grind' again. The path should now
be cleared. Go up to the pillar and use Felix's 'Move' to push it to
the left. Jump through and enter the new screen.

        Out of the two paths, take the top one. This will lead you to
a doorway. Don't mind the treasure chest for now. Here, use 'Lift' on
the mini boulder. Avoid the pillar and go to the left. You can get a
treasure chest here which contains an Iris Robe. Otherwise go down
south. At the end of the path is a small boulder. Use 'Lift' to bring
it up. Go through the doorway. Here's a puzzle to solve to get the
Jupiter Djinni. Go to the very right and use 'Lift' on that boulder.
Go up north and jump over to the left. Next, climb up the wall. Go to
the left and jump on top of the tightrope. Don't walk it though, but
go to the left and jump towards the wall. Walk down this tightrope and
you should be right beside the Jupiter Djinni. Save, then fight it.
It'll have about 860-1205 HP and will give you 1197 EXP and 756
coins. At the end, Gale will join your party! Walk back up the tight-
rope, go to the right. From where the climbing frame is, go to the
right. Walk down the tightrope to reach a treasure chest. Inside is
a Fire Brand. Return to the beginning of the whole puzzle and exit.
Come back so that the puzzle resets itself. Now, starting from the
beginning again, we have to use 'Lift' on different boulders in order
to proceed in Treasure Isle. Go to the left and use 'Lift'. Go
further up north and use 'Lift' on this boulder too. Jump over the
ledge twice while going to the right. Use 'Lift' on this boulder to
get through. Then jump to the left so you're at the climbing frame
again. Climb up and go to the left. Walk down the tightrope and go
to the right. Keep going until you reach the end. Climb down and go
south. Push the pillar over to the left into its socket so that you
can return here easily. Go back up and up again through the other
doorway. At the end of the path, if you didn't transfer your data,
or you missed a Djinni from the first game, a Venus Djinni will be
right in front of the doorway. If not, then it won't be there. If
you'd like, you can take on the Star Magician. He is defeatable at
this level, but it is extremely difficult to take him on now unless
you use a very advanced and flawless strategy. Save before the door
if you want to check him out. If not, return to the part where you
pushed the pillar to the left for easy accessing. Go down and use
'Lift' on the boulder. Go through and go to the right. Go up into
the doorway. Go to the right until you end up choosing between two
paths. Go south. Then there'll be two more paths to take. Take either
one, but if you go left, then up, you'll find a Mimic to fight. If you
defeat it, you can get a Power Bread in return. Otherwise, go down to
a new screen. Go down and use Felix's 'Move' and push the pillar to
the left. Jump towards it and push it to the left so it's out of the
way. Jump through, climb up the wall, jump over the rock and down to
find six treasure chests. Unlike the ones earlier, these ones have
something in them. You can get a Star Dust, a Rusty Axe, a Sylph
Feather, 911 coins, a Psy Crystal, and a Cookie. Climb back to the
other side and get behind the rock. You can now use Felix's 'Grind'
to bring it down. Jump down and exit all of Tresure Isle. We'll have
to come back here when we're stronger so we can take down the Star
Magician once and for all ;)

Weyard Ocean

To Magma Rock!

        It looks like we're done preparing. Well, almost. Have you
noticed that it seemed strange to have an Air's Rock, Gaia Rock,
and an Aqua Rock, but nothing dealing with fire? And that Sheba
inherits 'Reveal', Felix inherits 'Sand', Piers inherits 'Parch',
but Jenna doesn't inherit anything? Well, it's finally the time to
visit the last of the four elemental rocks, Magma Rock!

        Exit the Treasure Isle area and use the Gondowan Cliffs or
any other path you choose to get to the western sea. To get to Magma
Rock, these steps might be a little bit confusing, but hey, it works!
Look on your map. See the very bottom tip of the Atteka continent?
Well, if you look directly east from it, you can find a little beach
on the left side of the Gondowan continent. Well, it isn't directly
east of that bottom tip, but a little bit up. Do you see it? If you
see it.. sail to it. Go up through the river. Keep going up through
it until.. you get stopped by some rocks in the river? Fly around it
using your ship. Once you're behind the rocks, go towards the bridge.
Dock there and head north. Magma Rock is here!

[42]. Last of the Rocks - Magma Rock

Magma Rock

Solve the Puzzles

        Go up and use 'Lift' on the boulder. You should have it since
Isaac's party joined you! Go straight ahead. Climb up, and go through
the doorway if you want to fight a Mimic. If you defeat it, you'll
get an Apple. Otherwise you can't do anything in that room yet.
Continue climbing up Magma Rock. You'll see a tiki head and two
pillars. Go to the right and climb up so you're beside the tiki
facing the left. Use 'Burst' on it to cause it to blow fire. This will
cause the half-broken pillar to fall and crumble. Then climb up the
wall towards the left where the broken pillar used to be. If you go
to the left you can push the pillar over so it's out of your way.
Climb up, then go to the left. Slide down the slope. Use 'Burst' on
the tiki, then immediately climb up and jump on top of it before it
blows and leaves you behind. You'll rise to a higher level. When it
takes you up, jump to the left before the platform goes back down.
Climb down and around until you find a pillar. You can push this to
the right to open up the indents in the wall leading up. If you climb
up, you'll reach a new screen.

        Nice! It's a sapling. Do you remember how to get 'Growth' for
your party? If you don't remember, here's how to do it. If each adept
owns their respective djinni (earth to Felix, fire to Jenna, etc.),
all you have to do is swap one earth djinni for a fire one. Doing this
with Felix and Jenna will give you 'Growth' for both characters! But
wait a sec, there's a treasure chest you can get. From this screen,
go to the very right part of the area. There should be some indents
leading south. This chest gives you an Oil Drop that can be used in
battle. Head back up if you went for this treasure. Wait! Don't bother
with the sapling yet. There's going to be a pillar stopping you, so
let's destroy it. Being at the right side of the area again, climb up
the indents just near the ones going down leading to the Oil Drop. If
you climb up, you'll find two saplings and a tiki head pointing to the
left. Use 'Burst' to blow up a pillar. Then out of the two saplings to
your right, use 'Growth' on the right one. Climb up and slide down to
find yet another tiki head. Use 'Burst' again to blow up a pillar. Now
slide down and you're back at the beginning. Finally, use 'Growth' on
this little sapling. Climb up and use 'Burst' on the tiki head with a
smirk on its face. You have to be quick again, because you have to climb
up and jump on its head before the platform leaves you behind. When
you're up, jump to the left. Push this pillar all the way to the left,
opening three paths. Climbing down leads to back to the beginning,
climbing up leads to a dead end because of a pillar, so that leaves
only one spot - the left! Go to the left to enter a new screen.

        There are four slopes here. First, we'll get a treasure chest.
If you take the slope second from the right, it'll take you 383 coins.
If you do get it, you can use the tiki over to the right to take you
back to the top. The slope second from the left is the only one that
takes you anywhere. Take it, and you fall right by some ropes. Use
'Last' and climb across. This next part is a little tricky. Light the
tiki by using 'Burst', then quickly go down the LEFT slope. Then go a
bit to the right and climb up to reach the tiki's top quickly. When
you make it, jump to the left after you've been lifted. Now climb up
and go to the right to reach the pillar. Push it to the right to move
it out of the way. Being right beside the pillar (on the left side),
climb up, but not all the way to the next screen. Go around so you
end up on the right side of the pillar. Take the new indents and climb

        While you're climbing up, you'll find two paths. Going up north
leads you to a deadend because of a pillar. Go to the left and jump
across a tiny gap. After here, there's only one part to climb on. If
you go underneath the rope you can find it. Climb up and use Felix's
or Isaac's 'Move' on the pillar and move it to the right. Now come
back down and around, and jump over the tiny gap again back to the
right. Go up and climb up twice. You should now be horizontally
aligned with all three pillars. Jump across all three of them until
you're at the end. Then come back to the middle and you should drop.
Before going across the ropes, use 'Burst' on the tiki to destroy a
pillar. Go across the ropes and drop down using the slope. Jump over
the little gap again. Go to the right and climb down a little. Now that
the pillar is gone, you can go up. Make sure you move this pillar to
the right so you can go right and enter a new screen.

        Here, climb up. Go to the right and climb down twice so you're
down a screen. If you go to the left, you can push a pillar over so a
way back down is created. Head back up to the screen you were on before.
When you're up here, go climb the left indents, and climb up the ones
just to the left of it. When you climb up here, you must avoid the
fireballs that the tiki heads are spitting out. If you get hit, you'll
fall back to the bottom. Basically, you have to wait and move right
after a fireball flies across your head. Take the path that seems
shortest to you until you reach the top. Wow! You're already at a new

        Go to the very right of the mountain and climb until you reach
a huge fireball statue. If you continue going to the right, you'll find
a tiki head that will trigger an event. Use 'Burst' to cause the
fireball to explode, creating an opening to the interior of Magma

Inside Magma Rock

Playing with Lava

        Go north into the door, then go up again. While you continue
going north, you'll eventually have to make a u-turn. Start going
south to return to the last room you were in. You'll find a huge
tiki and a little one. Jump across to reach the tiki closest to you
and use 'Burst'. This will send a fireball to the big tiki, causing
it to be awake and spew lava. You've got a room full of lava now..
but it'll prove to be very useful. If you go further south, you'll be
able to spot a Mars Djinni that you may have missed from the first
game. If you already have the 28 djinni from the first game, you
don't have to worry. Go north to enter the room. Looks like this
room is filled with lava, too. You should be able to find a moving
platform floating on the lava, and a blue triangle-like.. thing on
the wall. Just below that is the door. You'll eventually have to get
rid of the lava later on. Use the moving platform to get to the next
room. Here, go left, down, right, then down to enter a new room. To
get a Lucky Medal, continue going south to reach a chest in the last
room. Otherwise, go right, then south to reach a switch. This switch
will let the lava flow out. Go back up and you should find some
indents you could use to go down a bit. You should see 3 pillars on
the left, 3 pillars on the right, and a yellow pillar in the middle.
Push the middle one up so it aligns with the rest. Now go northeast
into a new room. See? I told you there was a door under the blue..
thing! Go through it.

        Come! Let's grab a Mars Djinni before we do anything drastic.
Climb down to the bottom. Now, go southwest a bit. Run underneath the
ropes and enter a new screen. Go south and southwest again. In this
room, you should be able to go directly west. Doing so will lead you
to the Mars Djinni. This one will definitely fight. It has some pretty
strong fire Psynergy such as Supernova, so if your party is still on
the weak side, it is recommended that you use Jenna to cast one of the
"Aura" psynergy each turn. It should have about 871-944 HP before it
falls and becomes yours. You will also gain 1041 EXP and 681 coins for
your efforts. After calculating your gains, Fury joins your party.
It will call forth wandering souls to attack! A nice addition to your
party.Leave this room and go north to the other door you didn't take.
In this room, you should spot an unreachable chest. Further to the
left is a yellow pillar. Push it down so it matches with the indent.
Return to the previous room. Go to the north where the large tiki
resides. Climb up to place yourself near the smaller tiki. Use
'Burst' to cause lava to spill out. Go to the right and follow the
slim path. Avoid hitting the switch because it'll cause the lava to
disappear. Walk across the ropes and go south to continue your path.
This moving platform will be able to take you to the chest you saw
earlier. Inside is a handy Mist Potion. Otherwise, continue going
south to reach a new screen. If you hurry to the right, you can beat
the platform. It'll be moving pretty slow, but if you can manage, jump
on it when it connects with you on your first try. If you fail, you'll
have to go back to the last room and come back to try again. After
jumping on it, it will immediately continue to the right and stop.
Jump off and enter a new screen. There will be a few moving platforms
along with a broken pillar. First, go towards the pillar and use
'Burst' to break it. Also, go to the left platform so you can use
'Burst' on the tiki. It'll break the other broken pillar. Now, jump
on the right moving platform and jump off. Head back north to the main
room and press on the switch to get rid of the lava. Go either left or
north, any way to climb down to the lower level where the lava was
covering. Run underneath the ropes again to enter a new screen. Go
south and climb up the first indents you see on the right. Go to the
left and climb down. Go southeast and you'll find your hidden doorway.

        Climb down here, then go south. You'll find a yellow pillar,
but you have to continue through the next door. Go north through
another door. When you go up north, jump to the left and continue to
the left. You'll find another tiki head. Use 'Burst' and lava will
fill the room once more. There will be many moving platforms floating
on the lava now. Start on the right side and keep jumping across as
soon as the next one comes in. When you reach land, go south. Keep
going down south until you find a chain hanging on the right. Don't
bother using 'Whirlwind' on them yet, because you'll end up stranded.
Continue to the south to a new room. Press on the switch to get rid
of the lava. Return to the room before. Now you can use 'Whirlwind'
on the chains to get across. After jumping twice, climb down. You do
see that huge, black, tall 'doorway' right beside you, don't you? Go
inside. Here, go to the right and get your treasure chest. It's a rare
Salamander Tail you could use for forging. Keep that for a while. Go
back to the left and head north. You should immediately see three
crooked aligned yellow pillars. Push them to their proper spots (there's
little circular indents). Go to the right and when you reach the end,
go northeast. Grab the chest that contains a Golem Core, another vital
raw item. Return to the room before, and go south to enter a different
room. In this room, you can push the yellow pillar to the right. Climb
up the revealed indents and enter the door closest to you. Being back
in this room, go north, jump over the gap, and continue until you see a
tiki head. Use 'Burst' to fill the room with lava. Now you can use the
floating platforms to jump to the yellow pillars you moved earlier.
After doing so, enter the new room. If you go to the right, you can see
the treasure chest again. Ah, well, if you missed it the first time, you
can get the Salamander Tail here. After going across, then down, you
enter another new room. Here, go left and down (this is the room with
the two chains if you don't remember). In the next room, use the
floating platforms to get across.

        Go up and push the yellow pillar to the left two times. Jump
on it, but go up. You've got to get rid of this lava now, remember?
Take the door on the left. Continue going up. Go up and jump over the
gap again, and take the door right beside you. Here, you can release
the gates so the lava can flow out. After the lava's all gone, return
to the room with the yellow pillar, the one stated at the beginning of
this paragraph. Now from the yellow pillar, you can go to the left.
Enter the room below the blue.. thing (what is that thing anyways?).
Ah, you're back at the first room of Magma Rock, where a Mimic used
to be, or still is depending if you fought it or not. Push the yellow
pillar all the way to the left so it's out of the way. Climb down and
use the pillar's top as a bridge. Enter this room.

        You're at the final room!! When you first jump on top of a
path on the lava, the center will blow up and throw some rocks to make
your path even harder. Don't worry, touching the fire won't do anything.
Jump until you reach the door at the end. Continue going up and you
find that one special door that tells you one thing - one of your
characters are going to learn an exclusive psynergy. When you jump to
the very end, each floating platform will disintigrate, but at the end
is the special tablet. Jenna finally learns her own psynergy, Blaze.
Cool name, isn't it?

        Go to the right and jump over all the platforms. At the end
you find a flame and a pillar. Stand on the LEFT side of the flame and
use Jenna's 'Blaze'. See its effects so you remember what it does. The
pillar drops and open the way back to the outside. So now, return to
the main room, which is the part where the flying rocks and fire came
at you. Be at the very beginning of this room. You know, there's a
flame that's closest to the green blocks.. do you see it? If so, stand
on the right side of it and use Jenna's 'Blaze'. Then stand on the
right side of the new flame and use her 'Blaze' again. The pillar drops
revealing a new doorway. At the very end, you'll find the shining,
glowing rock. Examine it and you'll get the Magma Ball!! The rock will
turn into ice afterwards (don't ask why, it's a mystery to me too).
Now you can get out of this place once and for all! Use Felix's
'Retreat' and say, good-bye! (and use it again if you need to!)

J.    F I N A L    S H O W D O W N

[43]. To the Mars Clan of the North, Prox!


Heading to Loho

        All right, now we're getting somewhere. We're almost done the
game, and we've got one more 'dungeon' left. I'll save the name for
later, really! D'you remember where Loho was? Following this walkthrough,
you shoulda been close to it since you were getting a multi-elemental
tablet. So.. I'm not gonna go into a lot of detail on how to get there.
Use the Search option and look for 'Loho' in this walkthrough for
instructions on how to get there.


        If you've been here earlier, the people here were in great
need of destroying the wall, but didn't have any ammo to destroy it
with. They had a cannon, but that wasn't enough. Now, you can present
the Magma Ball to them. After destroying the wall, you're open to
many things. You can use 'Lift' on the boulder and use 'Scoop' right
after to get a Golem Core. Then you can climb up the vines and get
the Jupiter Djinni Lull.. I was just thinking right now. It sounded
so much like a Djinni from the first Golden Sun, but it isn't. Ignore
me. =3

        Heheh. You're pretty much done here. The main point of going
here was to get the cannon from these people. They would fork it over
after blowing up the wall. So now that's finished, you can stare at
your ship in awe because it's got a new shiney cannon now...


To the Northern Reaches We Go!

        If you look at your map, Kalt Island is the tiny white island
way up to the north. If you can go directly north of that place, you'll
reach the area that remained a mystery to you ever since you've acquired
the Lemurian ship... Well, you know what I mean! Haven't you ever been
to the Northern Reaches but never knew what purpose it had? I sure did
when I first played! The Northern Reaches are way up to the north, north
of little Kalt Island. It'll take some time to sail up there, but
there's no rush at all.

Northern Reaches

Open the Way!

        After reaching the end, Kraden will mention that the glacier
in front of you can be broken by the new cannon you got. Align yourself
between the two rocks and you'll get the option of using the Magma Ball.
After blowing the glacier up, you're on your way to the last few final
places essential to the storyline!


        After traveling a little on the water, you'll soon realize that
the water freezes, preventing any other ordinary ship from progressing
further. Fly over and go directly north and you'll spot the only town
on the map, Prox.


Agree to Help

        Prox is a cold, dark, sad town. The people can handle the cold,
but the blizzard is getting worse. Talk to the townspeople if you'd like
to learn about the current situation. Get all your shopping done, because
you're heading to a lot of tough battles. When you're all set to go, save,
then go to the north part of town. After almost passing through town,
you'll find a group of Proxians waiting for Agatio and Karst to return
from the Mars Lighthouse. Puelle, the leader of the group is willing to
go to the Mars Lighthouse to look for them before it's too late. Go up to
speak with them. They're glad that you've returned (if you've played the
first game, remember when Saturos and Menardi rescued Felix from the
accident? They went to Prox with him until three years passed by). Isaac
and Kraden also appear to introduce themselves.. except the group of
Proxians aren't very happy to see him, because he was the one that killed
Saturos and Menardi. After sorting out their reasons, agree to help and
save Weyard before it's too late. Your first task is to find Agatio and
Karst, they are the ones that hold the Mars Star. Exit Prox and you return
to the overworld.


        Head up north. It's the final place. The music here is most
suitible, it's the final showdown after all! And the location.. geez.
Camelot is awesome. Not being sarcastic here! ;) What, a black sky with
purple lightning while there's a blizzard isn't good enough for yeh?

[44]. Revitalize the Mars Lighthouse

Mars Lighthouse

Unlock the Mysteries

        Once you enter the actual building, you'll find that this room
is full of ice. But.. it's strange since the lighthouse is THE Mars
Lighthouse, the lighthouse of fire. Your job is to venture through the
lighthouse and see what the problem is. Supposingly, Agatio and Karst
are already here, but they have been inside so long, the people of Prox
are getting worried.

        If you'd like, you can go directly right to find a treasure
chest. You have to use 'Pound' on the icicle first. The treasure chest
is actually a Mimic, and it can be a decent fighter depending how low
your levels are. After defeating it, if you choose to fight it, you
will gain 1668 EXP and 772 coins. One item you should take interest
in is the Cookie. It permanently increases a character's max PP. After
you're finished, go back to the entrance. Now, go north instead of east
if you chose to take on the Mimic. There should be three doorways. Step
up close to the middle one, but don't enter it. You can't do anything
in that room until you complete something later on. If you're about 1
or 2 steps in front of the middle doorway, go to the right just behind
the ice and enter the right doorway. Don't mind the huge block of ice
for now. Continue to the left. In this room, make your way to the
south and enter the doorway there. Again, it's a nice clean path, no
split paths. Go to the piece of ice and use 'Pound' on it to get
through the pipes. Keep going through the lighthouse until you notice
a Mars Djinni to the right and a big block of ice blocking your path.
Use Felix's 'Grind' psynergy to get rid of the ice and create a
little crack on the big block of ice you saw even earlier. Now that's
done, you have to move backwards and head back to that exact same
area. Once you're in front of the huge crack, use Jenna's 'Burst'
psynergy. Enter afterwards.

        You'll immediately see your first magic Teleport circle. Keep
an eye out for these, as it is necessary to use them to teleport from
place to place, which usually leads to new exciting places. First,
you should go left but skip the closest doorway you see. Keep going
to the very left and go up the little stairs. Here's a puzzle you
should be careful of, because you could recieve a lot of damage if
you foolishly make mistakes. There should be one dragon statue that
doesn't spew out fire. Stand in front of it, avoiding the flames from
the very right, and use Felix's or Isaac's 'Move' and push it to the
right. By doing so, you're blocking out flames. OK, so the thing is,
if you get hit by the flames, they will push you down and you'll have
to exit and re-enter to try again right from the start. Stand right
in the top left hand corner where the statue used to be. Make sure
you don't physically push it, unless you want to hurt yourself. Use
'Move' instead and push it one step closer to the moving flames. Now,
stand in front of the statue you just pushed and use 'Move' to push
it to the right. This should block out just a little bit of the flame
when it moves to the left side. This is where it gets a little tricky.
When the flame is at the very right, physically push the statue to
the right one once. The moving flame will quickly return to the left
side so make sure you hide in front of the statue so you don't get
burned. Keep this process going. It's okay to take a few hits from
the flame only if you're above one of the two squares that are
slightly longer than the rest. Strategically use 'Move' to go a
little faster if you desire. Once the statue is in between the first
and second moving flame, things get a little tougher. You're limited
to one square that prevents you from restarting again (the first part
had two squares, you can see for yourself), the flame moves much
quicker and it moves a shorter distance. First, you should use 'Move'
on the statue so that it is one step away from the space between the
first and second's flame's distance... ok, maybe that's a little too

                  This is where the
                  statue should be

o------Flame------o   o---Flame---o   X
                    ^                 ^
                    |                 |
                This square          Your
               is the extra          goal!
                space ^_^;

        Ok! Hopefully you got it where I think you got it. Step on
the "extra space" and use 'Move' since you can make contact with
items one square away from you. By this time, the statue should be
above the one extra square near the bottom, which prevents you from
falling down if you get hit. Each time you use psynergy, everything
around you freezes until you complete what you do. So, when the coast
is clear, place yourself just to the left of your goal. When the
flame is out of the way, quickly run one square to the left and
quickly pull out your 'Move' psynergy and bring the statue to you. In
order for this to happen, there has to be one square in between you
and the statue. After that, you can safely bring the statue to your
goal so it blocks out the last flame... holy, that took two paragraphs
to explain! Maybe I'm losing my touch..?

        Now it's an ice puzzle. You should be familiar with some of
these that you encountered in the Tundaria Tower. Enter the ice
puzzle. You should slide to the very left. Go up, right, down, then
left. Enter the next screen. When you go down, you'll find a torch
and a dragon head. Stand behind the torch and use Jenna's 'Blaze' so
that the flame lights the unlit torch connected to the dragon. The
dragon then throws a huge fire ball that almost breaks the large
piece of ice. Head back up and back to the beginning of the ice
puzzle. Go down instead. After, go down and meet with the half broken
ice block. Use 'Burst' and blow up the rest of it... you don't have
to check what's in the doorway because you can't do anything yet.
Instead, go to the right and enter. You'll find another dragon head
and two torches. Again, stand to the right of the flame and use Jenna's
'Blaze' to ignite the dragon. The dragon will clear all the icicles
that block your path. Go to the newly opened path. In this hallway,
go to the right and enter the first doorway you see. You'll find a
treasure chest containing a valuable Orihalcon. Return, and continue
going right. Enter here.

        If you stand still for a few seconds, you'll realize that a
huge fireball nearly misses you. First, go directly up and use 'Pound'
on all the icicles. Come back down and cross right after the fireball
hits the wall. Do the same on the right side, too. Once you're
finished, stand by the area where the flames cross. Those icicles you
broke act like safe spots you must take in order to dodge the huge
flame. So, quickly move from spot to spot until you reach the very top.
You approximately have 2.5 seconds to move from each spot. Don't worry,
this is quite easy. Enter the doorway after you're finished. Run
through the hallway and at the end, you'll find yourself in front of a
bigger ice puzzle. The prizes for completing this properly are great,
you may get to own a new mercury djinni! Wait, don't move yet. Turn
to the left and use Felix's 'Move' on the statue. Move it to the left
once. Many people miss this part and are left trying really hard to
complete this. Follow this: Go down, left, down, left, up, right, up,
left, down, left, down. This should take you directly to the djinni.
It will fight, so be prepared. It should have about 747-981 HP. You
will gain 1112 EXP and 720 coins afterwards. After, Balm joins! Balm
can revive ALL downed allies! After, go up and you're done the puzzle.
Here, slide down and get the treasure chest. Inside is a Teleport
Lapis, which is a very important field psynergy. This is your key to
complete the Mars Lighthouse and enter some secret places around
Weyard! Stand on the magic circle and use 'Teleport'. You'll be sent
to the south a bit. Go to the left and walk through the fire/statue
puzzle since the statue should still be present at the end. Once
you're at the first ice puzzle, go south again. Return to that doorway
I told you not to go to before. Inside should be a ring of blocks. Use
Sheba's 'Reveal' and it should uncover a secret magic circle. After
seeing it, be sure to use 'Teleport' on it while you're still in

        After de-materializing, you'll end up in the room where you
got the Orihalcon. Don't slide down, go up instead. OK, here we have
a face-paced puzzle. You're sort of almost timed. Be slow and you'll
have to start over.. But wait, let's start going down first and get
an artifact for the team. Behind the dragon head to the left is a
treasure chest containing a Valkyrie Mail. Return and get your 'Pound'
psynergy on one of your shoulder buttons (L or R) so it'll always be
ready to use. After you're ready, slide down to press on the switch.
You must race the flaming dragon to the end before it lights the
larger dragon head, which will send you to a level below, which will
mean starting over again. Quickly take out the icicles that block
your path and make sure you don't get confused. Make sure you feel
familiar with the path. Don't worry if you mess up a few times. As
soon as you reach the end, enter the doorway. You'll find another
magic circle. Before you use 'Teleport' on it, go up and run through
the hallway. You'll soon find yourself in a room near another magic
circle (where you would end up if you chose to teleport before doing
this ;)) and a dragon head blowing fire constantly on the magic circle.
Use 'Move' on the dragon statue and move to the statue to the right
so you block the source of the fire. Return to the last magic circle
and use 'Teleport' on it. When you reappear, go up the ladder and
continue. After the hallway, you'll end up near a treasure chest. You
are soon going to obtain the strongest weapon in the game (ok.. maybe
the Dark Sword has a slightly higher attack rate, but hey, it's
cursed), and the secret weapon that never showed up in the first Golden
Sun (because it was only found by gameshark, do remember that ^^), but
don't start jumping to the chest yet or else you'll slide right off,
hehe. Instead, go to the left and jump down from there. Jump three
times south, then immediately go to the right. and jump up. This way,
you won't slide off (you would if you took the bottom route), so watch
out for that. Once you make it through, open the chest... and inside
is the mighty Sol Blade! This little baby has 200 attack points and
unleashes one of the greatest unleashes in the game, if not, the
greatest unleash in the game, Meggido. Well, if you ask me, I like
Excalibur's unleash better ^_^. You can slide off the ice now, if you'd
like, lol. It's probably the only way to restart this puzzle so you can
continue on. Go south now once you're at the beginning of the room
containing the Sol Blade. Go through the next 4 rooms. When you're in
the room that has a path going straight up, with icicles left and right,
take this time to prepare yourselves. Some say that this fight is
extremely hard, so please, please watch out =DIt seems that Mars
Lighthouse has two guardians, but they're frozen right now. Go up to
meet them and save. SAVE! Oh, please SAVE! When you're ready, use
Jenna's 'Blaze' on the flames to light the other flame.. the ice will
be partially broken. Take a deep breath and finally use 'Burst' to
blow it open. 'Tis a shame that the dragons wouldn't die because of
the blast... but you know.. they are of some significance.

Defeat the Two Flame Dragons

        OK, so I will quote from the last paragraph that many people
found this quite difficult. But then again, there are some...
*cough* pro players *cough* out there that will laugh at what I just
said. I'll just let you know, that these dragons are like flies if
your party is level 70   8)

        There are two dragons, but 1 is slightly larger than the other.
Both dragons have about 5482-5600 HP. They are of the fire element so
use Piers or maybe Mia also if her data was transferred.. if you use
them as level 28 or so, I don't think they'll make it. Each turn, the
dragons regain 4 PP and strangely, when my Sheba's weapon unleashed
Nirvana, they restored an extra 20 PP afterwards... hm.. Their moves
also include Cool Aura, Rising Dragon, Fiery Blast, Cage, Djinn Fest,
Flame Breath, Supernova, and Rolling Flame. You may recognize these
moves from an earlier encounter. Cool Aura is their way of restoring
HP, Djinn Fest puts 1 djinni from each party member in "tired" mode,
Cage has a low chance of happening (I never got hit with it), and the
rest are just damage dealing attacks. Jenna would definitely play a
major role in this battle because of two reasons. First, her fire
psynergy would be completely useless against these dragons, and her
Aura spells are really great to use every turn in order to keep your
party in good shape. So if you're a bit concerned, throw an Aura
once every turn if you feel that you have enough PP. Don't be afraid
to use any of those Psy Crystals you may have if you start to lose
your PP very quickly. The two dragons can be fairly hard hitters,
but with party healing, it should be OK. Also, some Djinni like Shade
and Torch should be of some help, don't forget them. You will be able
to earn 5004 EXP and 3393 coins afterwards.

        When the dragons disappear, you'll find shocking news. They
take the shape of the fallen Agatio and Karst. After waking up from
their unconsciousness, they tell you that they were almost at the
beacon of the Mars Lighthouse. But Agatio and Karst are feeling cold..
and Proxians are immune to the cold. They speak of the "eye" that
made their minds go blank, telling them they did not have the will
to go any further. They beg you to take the Mars Star and light the
beacon, they want to see it once so they know they didn't die in vain.
So walk up to Agatio and take the Mars Star. The dragon head will then
speak to you...

You who hold the star,
open your heart and listen...
If you wish to reach the heavens,
give your star to me.

        Go up to the dragon head and place the Mars Star in. It's in
the Mythril Bag, many people miss it. Suddenly the whole lighthouse
beings to rupture, turning all that is ice to molting lava. The
dragon spits the Mars Star back out so claim it again.
Congratulations, you've revived the Mars Lighthouse! But you're not
done yet, your quest is notover. It's time to reach the top of the
lighthouse and settle this once and for all!

[45]. Free the Future of Weyard

Mars Lighthouse

Reach the Heavens

        Say goodbye to Agatio and Karst if you feel you need to.
Otherwise leave this area by going south. I can't guarentee that it
will work, but try using 'Retreat' to return to the beginning of the
lighthouse, that's where you need to go. If not, go through the rooms
one-by-one until you reach the very beginning. So, be in the very
first room of the lighthouse. You remember.. the one with the Mimic
there. Anyways, you want to take the middle door out of the three.
Jump over all the platforms until you reach the end. When you're in
the big room, go north and the dragon will once again speak to you.

You who hold the star,
open your heart and listen...
If you wish to scale the heavens,
set the four spirits aflame!

        You can do this in any order, so feel free to skip ahead to
do the others if you feel like it.

Light the Spirit of Water

Fish... With cold courage,
they ruled the water.

       Enter the chamber. Run through this hallway, dodging the
icicles that block your path. In the next room, you'll end up being
outside. Continue running and running until you enter the room with
a large ice puzzle. Starting at the right side, follow this: left,
down, right, up, left, up. You should end up on the left side of the
dragon head. Enter the next room and you'll notice some pipes in
there. There are two puddles, one at the top right and one at the
bottom left. We'll just refer those as left and right puddles. First,
freeze the right puddle with 'Frost'. Afterwards, push the pipe to
the left of it over so it connects. Next, go up near the door you
came in. Hug the left wall and go down. Place yourself in between
the two pipes. Push the one above you up. You'll notice the flame
appear elseware. Make sure you use 'Frost' on the left puddle so
that both puddles are frozen now. Head back to the door and go a
little to the right, then down the middle again. Push the pillar
you just pushed down so it hits the ice pillar. Go back to hug the
wall again and meet with the most southern pipe. Go behind it and
push it up. OK, so now the pipe should be all fixed now. Exit this
and return to the ice puzzle. Just restart the puzzle by falling
off. Now, follow this: left, down, right, up, right, up. You should
now be at the right side of the dragon head. Go up the ladder and
use Jenna's 'Blaze' on the torch to light it up. Lots of the ice
should now be gone. Get back down and start at the left side again.
Follow this: left, down, right, down, left. You should now be at the
end. After a room or two, you'll end up outside again. Go to the
very north and you'll find a blue flame. Stand behind it and use
Jenna's 'Blaze' on it. It will uncover the fish. Now you can exit
the water chamber.

Light the Spirit of Earth

Mankind... With the power of wisdom,
they ruled the earth.

        Enter the chamber. Walk through the rooms until you're
inside a small room with three statues. The left and middle one
should contain dragon heads spewing fire, so use 'Move' on the
right statue to reveal a door. Inside, you'll find 4 more statues
and another door. Don't enter the door, because that will be the
door you come out of if you screw up on a puzzle. The first door
on the very left is the only one containing something significant.
Use 'Move' on it and enter. After a few rooms, you'll find three
grey blocks. Jump over the edge to meet with the two grey blocks.
Push the left block to the left once, then up once. Whoever has
the Carry Stone should equip it. Use 'Carry' on the block and
move it up. Go to the right block and push it to the right once,
then up once. Use 'Carry' and move it up. Now you can climb up
the ladder and push the remaining block over since you've created
a bridge. Block the flames and go on the rope. When you've reached
the end, push the statue over to the right. Get Felix's 'Sand'
psynergy attached to one of your shoulder buttons. As soon as the
fire moves to the left, use 'Sand' on the sand square and reappear
when the flame passes to the right. Do the same for the remaining
part of this puzzle. Don't slide down the slope at the end, or
you'll have to do it again. Climb down the ladder and reach the
end of the room. Once you're outside, use Jenna's 'Blaze' on the
orange (or yellow...) torch. The image of a human will appear.
Now exit this area and finally, enter the wind chamber.

Light the Spirit of Wind

Bird... On the wings of truth,
they ruled the winds.

        Walk through a couple of rooms until you are left with
a choice: left or right cyclone teleport circle. Go to the left
one and use 'Cyclone' to be transported. Go up and take the
left teleport circle, do not take the right one! Afterwards,
use Felix's 'Move' on the statue and push it to the right. Now
slide down the slope, go to the right, and redo this puzzle.
Once you're at the beginning of this whole puzzle, take the
left teleport circle again. Now, instead of going to the left
like you just did before moving the statue, go to the right.
Now you'll end up where the flames used to be. Continue going
up and go down the ladder. Walk around until you find a ring
of stones. Use Sheba's 'Reveal' to uncover a hidden teleport
circle. Use 'Cyclone' while in 'Reveal' to get transported.
Now, your fingers have to be quick on this one. Might be
better to have 'Move' on a shoulder button. As soon as the
flame moves to the VERY left end (follow it as it goes), then
quickly use 'Move' on the platform on the left and push it into
the hole. Now you can get hit by the flames so you get pushed
down. Go back to the left, go up the ladder, then use 'Hover'
on the purple hover circle right before the flames touch you
when they move to the left. Hover over the flames and continue
going to the right. Then use 'Cyclone' on the last teleport
circle. When you reappear, quickly move to the left side before
you get roasted by the big dragon head right behind you. Grab
the chest that contains a Psy Crystal. OK, so now be prepared.
Right after the dragon spits out a fireball, start following
it down. As soon as you meet the edge, quickly use Sheba's
'Reveal' to find a middle platform. As fast as you can, jump
on it, then jump to the right and off. After doing this, you'll
find yourself outside. Use Jenna's 'Blaze' on the purple flame
and the image of a bird will appear. Exit this chamber and
return to the main room.

Light the Spirit of Fire

Dragons... Burning with might,
they ruled the fires.

        The first few rooms are quite easy, just run through them
until you reach the door to the interior. But just wait, go further
to the right and you can find the Alastor's Hood, an artifact. Once
recieved, enter. You'll find yourself in a room filled with lava
and two cracked walls. Go to the left first and use 'Burst' on the
wall to break it. This part is quite simple as well, just keep
jumping on the platforms on the lava and you'll eventually reach
the switch. Press it and the dragon head above you will ignite the
torch at the right side. Get back to the beginning of the room and
go to the left wall. Use 'Burst' and again, jump through until you
reach the end. Use Jenna's 'Blaze' on the newly lit torch and the
dragon will nearly break the middle wall. Return to the beginning
of the room and use 'Burst' on the wall. Jump through, going from
ladder to ladder until you reach the next room. It's another pipe
puzzle. Go down and push the pipe up. Continue on, going down
across the fenced floor, going down underneath and up again until
you're very near a dragon statue. Use 'Move' on it and push it so
it is one step closer to blocking the flames. Now return to the
area where you pushed the pipe up. Go right instead, down the
steps and up the steps again. Now you should be able to use 'Move'
on it one more time and push it to the left so it completely
blocks the flames. Return to that area now that the flames are
blocked. Go up and dodge the flames for now, then go to the very
top right. Go down the steps and back up. Go back to the first
pipe that you moved in this room and push it back down. Squeeze
through to the right, go down a little, then meet with the dragon
statue you pushed twice. Meet with the flames you dodged earlier.
Now that the fire is out, squeeze to the top of it so you're right
above its head. Continue going down, down the steps and up the
steps again. Then make a sharp counterclockwise turn and you'll
be at the end of this puzzle! You're outside again, and you know
what to do. Use Jenna's 'Blaze' on the red flame and the figure
of a dragon will appear. After that's finished, exit the fire

The Final Showdown

        Once you leave the last chamber, the dragon speaks again.

You have proven your worth!
The heavens await you!

        The dragon spews a large fireball, uncovering a magic
teleport circle. Save, get your party rested, everything you
need before this final encounter. Please save ^_^...... so
get yourself ready... and save... yup. Very important. ^_^

        When you reappear after using 'Teleport' on the magic
circle, jump across the floating platforms and take yourself
closer to the lighthouse's beacon. Then, a mysterious voice
speaks to you. Everyone then appears, wondering what it was.
Before wasting any time, Piers suggests that Felix should
cast the Mars Star in quickly. But, a strange invisible force
prevents him from doing so. All of a sudden..... oops! I
shouldn't be telling you this, silly me =D I will let you
experience this without me spoiling it to you. So, the final
battle commences!!

Fight for the Future of Weyard

        Ah, yes... the final boss. Now, if you thought that
the Flame Dragons were very difficult, this will hurt you.
Of course.. I've read review from some.. *cough* pro players
*cough* saying that it was so easy. Well then.. we'll let you
decide whether it's easy or not! (maybe you should be at...
level 40-50? 60 to be safe, eheh. Well, maybe that's a little

        There are a few stages to this last boss, and after
each stage, it uses different and stronger attacks. At its
first stage, it can use the following psynergy:

-Djinn Blast (makes one character's djinn completely exhausted)
-Fiery Blast
-Blast Breath
-Psy Boost (restores 20 PP)
-Flare Storm
-Earth Force
-Gravel Blow
-Quake Sphere

        This boss gets to have many, many turns after your
party makes a move, so you must be prepared to take the damage
when it comes to you. After a long and gruesome battle with the
first stage (first stage has A LOT of HP, probably around 6000)
the second stage awaits.

        The boss gets a couple of more turns in between, and is
also able to use these psynergy as well as the ones above:

-Desert Gasp
-Clay Spire
-Cruel Ruin (This is the one you HAVE TO BE WORRIED ABOUT!!!)
-Guard Aura (acts like Shade, Granite, Torch, except better)
-Serpent Fume

        Most likely, Cruel Ruin will be used almost every turn,
so please be careful. Put that Sol Blade in good use. Megiddo
will be very much needed here. Also be careful of Djinn Blast,
it's even worse than the previous Djinnfest. The protective
defense djinn will add to your party's defense, making them
live longer and easier for a couple of turns. Rotate them around
so they will always be ready. Resort to Wind psynergy to deal
some damage. There isn't a real good strategy for this one, so
try your best. And if the second stage wasn't good enough for
you, you're just going to love the third stage.

        Cruel Ruin is used every single turn, since the boss
takes a couple of more turns each time. That's almost 6 attacks
it could fit in before you get to choose what to do! My level 70
Sheba went down after a few Cruel Ruins (well.. consider the
defense, and the fact I wasn't watching the fight, just tapping
A, eheh) so watch out. No strong moves should be performed while
the boss has casted Guard Aura, you should wait a couple of turns
by using some intermediate psynergy and saving your advanced for
later when the shield goes down. Umm.. well, I'm sorry for the
bad strategy on this, it's more of explaining about it, so if
you beat it with this data and nothing else, you're considered
to be an Expert Golden Sun player ^_^

[46]. Aftermath and the Golden Sun

Mars Lighthouse

The Destruction

        Once the battle is over, you'll find out the rest of
the story, along with some answers you've been waiting for all
this time. Of course, I can't speak any of this for spoiler
purposes, so you'll have to discover it. Gah... yeah, there's
a lot that happens, 'tis a shame that this chapter isn't that

        So, after the main part happens, you'll be at Prox.
And.. something happens, and, I cannot tell. Well, if you're
that into knowing what happens, feel free to search around
the website until you find it. I'll try and make the pages
for your spoiling needs.

        I think that's all I can say. It is true that there
are many secrets to be uncovered and not explained in the
game at all. Many players are wishing for a third installment
to Golden Sun, but it has been many years since then. And
yes, the Golden Sun exists ;) You'll learn about that, too.
Congratulations! You have finally beaten Golden Sun: The
Lost Age and proven yourself as a worthy alchemist.

        Is there any more to Golden Sun: The Lost Age? Why,
sure there is! There are also secrets too! Might just be
covered in the next version ;) Hopefully it won't be too

The End!... or is it?


To be Continued... haha!


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P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.