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Well, here's the walkthrough.  At the beginning of each section
I've listed the place, shops, items, enemies and quests that apply to
the area.  For very large places with multiple areas, I've divided the
walkthrough into sub-sections.  The city of Lenele is a good example of
this.  Lenele is made up of 10 areas, and 2 of them are dungeons.   I
divided everything up to help avoid confusion and for easy reference.

1. The Destruction of Your Second Home

Place: Masad Village
Items: 10 GP
       Revive Scroll
       3 GP
       Cleansing Tonic
       5 GP
10 GP
       Revive Scroll
       Blue Pants
       Cloth Gloves
       Tristan's Libation
       Recovery Tonic
Enemies: Orenian Scout x20
         Barbarian Fighter (Boss)
Quests: Aesik's Sword (Aesik)
        Find Yago (Nath)

      Once the opening cinema is finished you enter a basic controls
tutorial.  When you have finished reading the tutorial (or skipped it),
you now have control of Joseph.  Run around and get used to the controls
of the game.  You should bring up the Spells menu with the O button.  I
suggest this so you can get the magic tutorial out of the way.

      Whenever you're finished head southwest toward a villager
named Mulik.  Just before you reach him you'll enter the dialogue

      Now that that's over, you're free to explore a new area.  However,
not far ahead you'll come across an Orenian Scout attacking a villager.
This will begin the basic combat tutorial.  After you kill the scout
the game will tell you about picking up items that the enemy has

      After that, walk a little further until you come across a man
named Aesik (he's crawling on the ground with his hands).  Talking to
him will give you the "Aesik's Sword" quest.

      Heading almost directly east from Aesik you can loop around the
area where you started.  Behind the barrels where you started will be
a dead villager 10 GP beside him.  There's also a Revive Scroll in the
crates next to the building a bit further from you.

      Head east and you'll see a scout harassing a villager.  After the
scout walks away, run him through.  Don't bother talking to the
villager, he doesn't like you.  On the other side of the building are
some barrels with 3 GP in them.

      Head north now and take the left path.  You'll go up the hill and
end up next to a barn.  Straight down the stone path will be a building
that's nothing more than some burnt beams.  Behind the house and to the
left along the fence line you'll find a Cleansing Tonic.

      Continue to run around the village killing all the scouts in the
area.  When you get to the well examine it to find 5 GP.  At the eastern
edge of the village you'll a see a large building with crates on its
left and right sides.  On the left side you'll find a Revive Scroll,
and on the right 10 GP.

      From that house, head down the path on the right side of it.  When
you get the fork, look behind the hut and you'll find the Blue Pants.
Once you grab the Blue Pants take the right path.  Continue on until you
come to a small hut.  There are some Cloth Gloves on the left side and
Tristan's Libation in the barrels on the other side.

      Now head south and then east along the riverbank.  After awhile
you'll come across three people talking in front of the bridge.  Talk to
Nath and he'll tell you to cross the bridge and take a boat to leave
Masad.  He'll also mention that Yago, you're old teacher, lives in
Lenele.  Finding out about Yago will give the "Find Yago" quest.

      Before you go across the bridge make sure you save, especially
if you haven't done so yet.  When you cross the bridge a short cinema
will play where you see the Barbarian Fighter, the first boss of the


Boss Fight: Barbarian Fighter

      The Barbarian Fighter isn't all that tough.  If you took the time
to kill every Scout you'll be at level 3 which helps.  If you're also
good at chain attacks you can kill him without him getting more than
one turn.


      Once you've dispatched of the Barbarian, grab the Recovery Tonic
in the crates.  From there just head straight toward the boat.

      After another cinema you'll find yourself on the world map.  It is
very important that the first thing you do is save.  The reason is
because if you get into an Encounter, you might not survive.  Right now
you just aren't strong enough to take on those kinds of fights (being
alone doesn't help either).  So if you get into an encounter RUN LIKE
HELL!  There is however one exception to this.  If there are Green
Bacites in the Encounter you can take them on.  Just try not to fight
more than one at once just to be on the safe side.

      Well anyway, back to the world map.  The game has already put you
facing southwest toward Lenele so just head in a straight line.  Lenele
isn't far from Masad so don't worry about getting lost.


2. The City of Gods

Place: Lenele
Areas: Lenele Outskirts
       Lenele Marketplace
       Lenele Old City
       Lenele Crown District
       Lenele Temple Plaza
       Temple of Urath
       Lenele Sewers (Dungeon)
       Lenele Palace Aqueduct (Dungeon)
       Lenele Palace
       Lenele Palace Plaza

      Welcome to Lenele, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Let me just say one
thing, this city is HUGE!  Lenele is made up of ten areas.  Some of
these areas are pretty big and can be confusing.  Not to mention that
there are several shops of each kind and a TON of NPCs walking about.
So, for your sake (and mine) I've divided this part of the walkthrough
into sub-sections.  I'll cover each area in a seperate sub-section.
This way it'll be easier for you to find things for you.  Also the
amount of NPCs brings up a point I'd like to make.  It's unnecessary to
talk to every NPC.  The only ones you really need to talk to are the
ones with the double exclamation points over there heads.  They're the
ones that can provide you with useful information, give you quests, are
parts of quests, or are merchants.  So anyways, on with the game.


2a. At the Edge of Vastness

Place: Lenele Outskirts
Shops: Weapon Smith x1
       Item x1
Items: Healing Draught
       20 GP
       Fiery Falchion
       Recovery Tonic
       Icicle Rune
Quests: Durgan's Lucky Charm (Durgan)
        Seeds of Aahur (Beelon)
        Crazy Iven (Crazy Iven)

      At the Outskirts you start at a stone bridge.  From there head
straight till you come to some stairs that lead down to a dock.  On the
dock you'll find Durgan who gives you the "Durgan's Lucky Charm" quest.
This quest is so long and such a pain in the arse that I'm putting the
solution in the Quests section.

      Well now that you've talked to Durgan, climb back up the stairs.
Head toward the crates straight ahead and grab the Healing Draught.
Then go southeast to some crates that are to the left of a wagon to find
20 GP.  Now walk along the wall of the city heading southwest and you'll
see two NPCs.  The one closest to the wall is Beelon who gives you "The
Seeds of Aahur" quest.  Next to the canopy is Crazy Iven who gives you
the "Crazy Iven" quest.  Head left from Iven and there'll be a platform
with a fish hanging from it.  Examine the fish and you'll get the Fiery
Falchion which ends the "Crazy Iven" quest.

      Northeast from those two you'll find a Recovery Tonic in the group
of crates.  In the southeast corner, you'll find a weaponsmith.  In the
crates nearby you'll also find an Icicle Rune.

      Head for the exit to the where you'll find an item shop and
another NPC.  The NPC goes by the name The Great Ragneli and he gives
you the "Ragneli's Robber's" quest.  *Note: Every quest that can be
finished on the world map will have it's solution in the Quests
section.  Now you're done with the Outskirts and are ready to move to
the Lenele Marketplace.


2b. Don't Forget Your Coin Purse

Place: Lenele Marketplace
Shops: Weapon Smith x2
       Armorer x1
       Item x2
Items: 15 GP
       Healing Draught
       Cleansing Tonic
       Lightning Rune
Quests: The Sword of Jarl (Jarl)
        Cerval's Game (Mercer)

      Well here's the Marketplace.  This area's kinda disappointing.  I
say this because it's so huge but there are only a couple of shops.  I
think they should've taken every shop in the city and put it here.  Oh
well.  Let's get it on!

      To your left you'll find a big area full of barrels, crates, and
carts.  All that's in here though is 15 GP.  To your right is an even
bigger section filled with merchant's booths.  Here there's two item
shops and one weaponsmith.  In the southern part of this section you'll
find a Healing Draught in some crates next to a red booth.  Also in this
section are some stairs that lead down to the river.  Don't worry about
that now, the path leads to the Sewers and we don't need to go there

      As you attempt to cross the bridge into the southern part of the
Marketplace you come across Jekhar.  Through a rather unpleasant
conversation he tells you that Yago is counselor to Prince Sornehan.

      After your through talking with Jekhar, continue across the
bridge.  At the other side there's a soldier on the right.  This is
Earis, the nephew of Aesik.  Giving him Aesik's sword completes the
quest and it gets you a Bastard Sword and 100 XP.

      Now we're going to continue down the right side of the street and
circle back to the bridge.  So, continuing on the right side, you'll
come across Jarl the Smith.  Jarl gives you "The Sword of Jarl" quest.

      Continue down the right side until you get to the bridge.  Turn
left, and go down the short street in front of you.  At the end of the
street you'll find a weaponsmith.  Krys the Lantern Maker is also there,
you'll need to come back to him later for "The Lord Chamberlain's Men"

      Leave the street and go down what is NOW the right side of the
main street.  Not far away you'll find Mercer the Tailor.  Talking to
Mercer gives you the "Cerval's Game" quest.  Continuing on, the main
street eventually turns left.  At the turn there's a  side street to
the right with a Cleansing Tonic hiding in some barrels at the end.
Standing at the turn is Bibrus the Bookseller, remember where he is
because he's part of a quest.

      Turning left you'll find a 'L' shaped street to the right, right
before the bridge.  Down here is an armorer.  Where the street turns to
form the 'L' you'll find a Lightning Rune in some barrels.  Take the
bridge here to go to Lenele Old City.


2c. Rat City

Place: Lenele Old City
Shops: Armorer x1
       Item x1
       Jeweler x1
Quests: Shards of the Ghimaadi (Varyssa)
        The Infestation (Merden)
        The Salt Smuggler's (Pedrog)
        The Merchant of Orenia(Aravind)
        The Beggar's Eyes (A Beggar With No Eyes)
        The Rag Doll (Weeping Butcher)
        The Salamanka's Tongue (Apothecary)

      For this part I'm gonna cover the southern section of the Old City
first and then the northern part.  Because of all the alleys here it can
get a little confusing to navigate.  Just refer to the in-game map if
you get confused.

      To your left from where you start there's an Item shop.  On the
northeastern side of the Keep nearby you'll find Varyssa.  Varyssa gives
you the "Shards of the Ghimaadi" quest.  Also, walking around the Keep
is Gebbin the Pawnbroker who is part of the "Durgan's Lucky Charm"
quest.  Southwest from the Keep you'll find Ivas the Gambler who's also
part of the same quest.  Toward the end of that same street you come
across a '[' shaped alley.  Down here you'll find Merden who gives you
"The Infestation" quest.  This quest is a good way to make some extra
money.  For every Bacite Tail you bring Mercer you get 50 GP.  At this
point in the game where money is very hard to come by this quest is
extremely helpful.  At the end of the street you'll find an Item shop.
On the left side of that building you'll see a thief named Pedrog.
Pedrog will give you "The Salt Smugglers" quest.

      On the raised part of the Old City you'll find an Item shop near
the Keep.  There's a street west of the stairs that lead to the raised
part of the city.  Down this street you'll find Dagis the Forger.  This
street will come to a dead end further on.  Here you see Starvus the
Skulk.  After you get Flece, you can come back here and get him to give
the key to the door he's guarding.  This door leads to Tancred's Haven.
This small area is covered in sub-section 2d.

      In the north section of the Old City, right next to the middle
bridge to the Marketplace is an armorer.

      In the northwestern part you'll see the burnt down ruins of two
houses.  In the ruins of the larger house you'll see two men talking.
Talk to the one named Aravind and you'll get "The Merchant of Orenia"
quest.  Just east of the south side of the smaller house is A Beggar
With No Eyes.  He'll give you "The Beggar's Eyes" quest.  A little south
of the beggar is a Weeping Butcher.  The Weeping Butcher will give you
"The Rag Doll" quest.  If you talk to the Apothecary (his store is next
to the southern most bridge) after getting "The Beggar's Eyes" quest,
he'll give you "The Salamanka's Tongue" quest.

      Well, your done here for now.  Leave the Old City and cross the
Marketplace to the northern bridge into the Crown District.


2d. The King of Fleas

Place: Tancred's Haven
Shops: Weapon Smith x1
Items: Health Tonic
       Health Tonic
Quests: Tancred's Assassin (Mahri)

      This area is made up of a couple of rooms.  From where you start
you can find a Health Tonic in the wall to the left.  Around the corner
is Gus.  He'll sell you a couple weapons, but you can also sell him
almost everything in your Inventory.  Round the next corner and go up
the ramp, turn left and go through the door.  In here is Mahri the
Crooked.  Mahr will give you the "Tancred's Assassin" quest.  There's
also a Health Tonic in the crate across from the doorway.  You're done
here so feel free to leave.


2e. Snob Hill

Place: Lenele Crown District
Shops: Armorer x2
       Jeweler x1
Items: 10 GP
Quests: The Encyclopedia of Heresies (Zefnat)
        Pomporo's Heirloom (Pomporo)

      The Crown District isn't as big as the Old City, and it's a lot
nicer.  Of course it can still be a little confusing at times.  The
Crown District also happens to be the gateway to the Lenele Temple
Plaza, which is right next to the castle.  On with the show!

      If you took the right bridge to the Crown District there should be
a small park with an open theater to your right.  We're gonna work our
way down to the south, stopping at all the important parts of course.

      From where you stand, you can go straight ahead and you'll have
three choices where you wanna go.  To the right is the park, but there's
nothing there.  Straight ahead is Torras the Jeweler, part of the
"Durgan's Lucky Charm" quest.  Right now, we're gonna go right.

      After a short distance there'll be a street to the right.  Not far
from that is a 'T' intersection.  Going right on the side street is
pointless so go to the 'T' intersection and take a left.  Here you'll
see Zefnat the Scholar.  Zefnat will give you "The Encyclopedia of
Heresies" quest.

      Now, turn around and go straight.  The path turns left and there
you'll a jewelry shop on the left side.  Continue on and you'll be off
the raised section of the Crown District.  Once again you have three
ways to go.  To the right is a well with 10 GP inside, but that path
leads you back north.  Left leads you to Pomporo who gives you the
"Pomporo's Heirloom" quest.  Going straight takes you south which is
where we need to go.

      Once you head south it will eventually lead to a large open area.
The white stone path leads to the Lenele Temple Plaza to the west.
Continuing south and taking the street to the left, will take you to an
armorer.  Another armorer can be found in the southwestern corner of the
area.  On the west side of the building north of the second armorer is
an Amethyst in some crates.

      Now you're done with the Crown District.  Head back to the white
stone path and go to the Lenele Temple Plaza.


2f. On the Church's Doorstep

Place: Lenele Temple Plaza

      There really isn't much to do here.  You can go left and then
cross the bridge to trigger a cinema and get Flece.  However, let's
head right and go to the Temple of Urath.  There we can get another
quest, yeah you read right, another quest.  I told you this place had a
ton of them.


2g. The House of Urath

Place: Temple of Urath
Items: Blue Glass Shard (Quest Item)
Quests: Elodach the Initiate (Jerve)

      From where you start, you can go straight.  That way leads to the
Hierophant behind the altar.  He'll tell you about the history of the
world.  That, however, is not why I brought you here.

      At the starting point head left to the second room.  To the left
of the top staircase, next to the double doors, is the Blue Glass
Shard.  Head up two more rooms and climb the stairs to find Jerve the
Elder.  He'll give you the "Elodach the Initiate" quest.

      You're done here so go back to the Temple Plaza.  Once you're
there head all the way back down the stairs and turn right at the end
(or left if you took the right staircase).  This will trigger that
cutscene I mentioned earlier.  After it's over you'll find yourself in
the Lenele Sewers.


2h. There's No Way I'm Gonna Walk Through That %*@#!

Place: Lenele Sewers & Lenele Palace Aqueduct
Items: Green Glass Shards (Quest Item)
       Signet Ring (Quest Item)
       Blinding Buckler
       Rag Doll (Quest Item)
       Chunk of Salt (Quest Item)
       Sewer Grate Key (Key Item)
       Silk Garments (Quest Item)
       Frozen Club
Enemies: Baby Bacite x10
         Bacite Shaman x4
         Broken Brass Golem x14
         Brown Bacite x7
         Green Bacite x15
         Iron Golem (Boss)
         Medevan Thief x3

      It's a good thing the PS2 can't reproduce the smell of your
surroundings.  If it did I'd throw this game out the window.  Anyways,
here's the sewers, the first dungeon of the game.  The only hard enemy
here are the Medevan Thieves, and that's only if you fight more than one
at a time.  Alright, time to stomp some monsters.

      Once you're in the sewers the game takes you through another
tutorial.  When that's over, you should consider turning around and
buying Flece some equipment.

      Whenever you're ready to move on, proceed down the entrance
tunnel.  To your right is a Brass Golem.  He'll tell you about his kind
and warn you about the Broken Brass Golems.

      After talking to the Brass Golem, continue down the tunnel.  Not
too far away you'll run into an intersection.  Left is a dead end (at
least it is for now, remember this place), straight ahead is a Broken
Brass Golem, and right is the path you want to go on.  Naturally, take
care of the Golem and then continue down the tunnel.  When the tunnel
curves you'll run into a wimpy Baby Bacite.  A few more steps from the
Baby Bacite will be an intersection.  There's a Golem to the left.

      Further down the main tunnel will be a group of 4 Baby Bacite's,
quiver with fear (yeah right).  Not far from there will be another
intersection, we'll come back here in a second.  Right go forward and
smash the two Golems at the end.  Now you can go back to the
intersection and turn left.

      Once in the next room you'll see sewage pouring down from the
ceiling.  That's just gross.  There's also 2 Brown Bacite's in the room.
When you've taken care of them make sure to grab the tails.  Now, the
room that you're in has four paths to take.  The left and right paths
lead to rooms just like this one.  The one straight ahead is blocked
off by two gates.  Right now go down the left path.

      Two Green Bacites on are the left, you know what to do.  After
claiming your trophies go down the right path from where you entered.
Up here you'll meet 2 Brass Golems that talk of history and opening
gates.  Once you're through with talking to them, go to the area right
behind the Golems and find 2 Green Bacites.  Head right further into the
room and you'll see 3 Brass Golems standing in front of some cranks.
These Golems control the gates that the other two spoke of.  For now,
get all but the Golem on the left to open their gates.

      Now leave the room and go left.  Continue going straight in the
next room.  In the room after that dispatch of the 3 Baby Bacites.  Both
the ways you have open to you are dead ends.  Straight ahead you'll find
the Green Glass Shard, and left are 2 Broken Brass Golems.  In the room
with the Broken Golems, there's also two switches on the wall.  The left
one can't be used but the right one opens up the gate at the very
beginning that I told you to remember.

      Head back to the beginning and proceed down the now open path.
Not too far down there'll be two Green Bacites guarding a hole in the
wall.  Once you've eliminated them don't go down the path they were
guarding.  Instead, go through the tunnel that's directly across from
the hole in the wall.  This narrow tunnel branches to the left where
there's a large room.  In here is a Brown and a Green Bacite.  You'll
also find the Signet Ring which is part of the "Pomporo's Heirloom"
quest.  Backtrack to the hole in the wall that the Bacites were guarding

      Go through the hole now.  What follows is a series of ramps
leading down to another hole in the wall.  Along the way you're going
to run into some Baby, Brown, and Green Bacites.  There's also a couple
of Bacite Shamans here.  It's best to rush the Shamans because they can
cast Lightning on you.

      When you get to the bottom, go through the next hole.  This area
is a large chamber where the Bacites apparently live.  There's 3 Green,
1 Brown, and 2 Bacite Shamans to take care of here.  In two of the green
huts you'll find a Blinding Buckler and the Rag Doll.

      You're done here so now backtrack to the tunnel that's blocked by
two gates.

      At this point you're gonna have to split Joseph and Flece up.
This next part can only be down with two people.  So, enter Solo Mode
(press R1 in case you forgot) and take control of Flece.  Have her run
back up to the room with the Golems and the cranks.  Talk to the left
Golem and have him open Gate A1.  The game will start jabbering on but
just skip it, I already told you the same thing it will.

      Take control of Joseph now and kill the Brown Bacite.  Position
Joseph between the two gates and switch back to Flece.  Have Flece make
the Golem open Gate B1.  Once that's done take her down to where Joseph
is.  She can't join him now because of the gate between them, but you at
least have her closer for when the two can reunite.

      Switch back to Joseph again and go straight (not that you have
much choice in the matter).  Kill the Broken Golem and go to where 3
more Golems with cranks are.  Speak to the one in the middle and get him
to open Gates A1 and B1.  Exit Solo Mode and eventually Flece will catch
up with you.

      Talk to the other 2 Golems and have them open their gates.  The
first Golem opens a gate to your left, which goes to the Palace
Aqueduct.  We want to go to the aqueduct, but not right now.  The Golem
in the back opens a gate behind you.  Go to that gate and take out the 2
Broken Golems.  Continuing down this way only leads to an exit at the
Outskirts so don't bother.  Turn around and go back to the 3 Golems and
head straight.

      As you continue, you'll come across 2 more Broken Golems.  After
the second Golem though are 3 Medevan Thieves around the corner.  Heal
the characters and save your game.  If the three surround you it might
be all over for you.  Now, what you need to do is try to fight them one
at a time.  If you have Flame Arrow you should use on the thief closest
to you.  Make sure he's at a fair distance from the others or they'll
chase after you as well.  After you've managed to take care of the 3
thieves you can pick up the Chunk of Salt and the Sewer Grate Key.
Continue down the tunnel and kill the Broken Golem in your way.

      At the end of the path, near the Old City exit, is Cerval.  He's
part of the "Cerval's Game" quest.  Run him through and grab the Silk

      Now here's the deal.  In the Palace Aqueduct there's a boss fight
and it's not all that easy.  If you feel bold enough, you can run back
to the Aqueduct and fight the boss.  Or, you can leave through the Old
City exit which will put you right next to Merden where you can exchange
those Bacite Tails for GP.  With that money you can buy better equipment
for Joseph and Flece.  Going back into the Sewers killing everything
multiple times wouldn't be a bad idea either.  Plus, you've just
finished "The Salt Smuggler's" quest which gives you 900 GP.  The choice
is yours, so make it.

      Whenever you're ready to move on, go to the Palace Aqueduct.  In
the first room you'll find a Brass Golem who's just walking around in
circles.  The next room however is where the boss fight takes place.
Heal your party, cast Protect, make sure Joseph's AP is full, save your
game, now step into the fray.


Boss Fight: Iron Golem
            Broken Brass Golem x2

      After a cinema the fight will begin.  All you've gotta do is smash
the Iron Golem and the 2 Broken Brass Golems.  That part isn't too
terrible a task.  The thing that makes this fight difficult are those 4
blue tentacles.  Those stupid things swipe at you constantly, causing
your swings to stop and killing the spell you just selected to cast.

      Anyway, the first thing you should do is nothing.  Yes, I did say
nothing.  The reason is because the Iron Golem will come at you on its
own.  The two Broken Golems will stay where they are as long as you
don't approach them.  When the Iron Golem makes it up to you just hammer
away at it.  It takes awhile to kill it since it has very good defense.
When the Iron Golem collapses into a pile of junk, approach the two
Broken Golems and take them out.  It's that easy.


      Once the Iron Golem falls apart, continue west.  A Frozen Club
lies right on the path just inches away from a Broken Golem.  Go into
the next room, climb up the steps, and circle around to go to Lenele


2i. Mission: Yago

Place: Lenele Palace
Items: Amethyst
       Healing Draught.
       Archer's Ring
       50 GP
       Fire Arrow Tract
       Yago's Key (Key Item)
       Yon's Amulet (Quest Item)
       Servant's Blouse
       Servant's Leggings
       Servant's Boots
       Servant's Gloves
       500 GP
Quests: The Amulet of Prince Yon (Flece)
        Find the Ring of Light (Yago)
        Find the Ring of Stone (Yago)
        Find the Ring of Fire (Yago)
        Defeat the Emperor Murod (Yago)

      Your mission, should you choose to accept it, infiltrate Lenele
Palace and locate Yago, a.k.a. Lord Yago, Counselor to Prince Sornehan.
Reconnaissance reports show that Yago's chambers reside on the third
floor of Lenele Palace.  The halls of the palace and Yago's chambers
reside under 24 hour guard.  You must find an alternate means to slip
into the palace undetected and locate the old beggar.  Should you be
captured, this agency will deny all knowledge of your actions.  This
walkthrough will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

      When you start off, Flece will tell Joseph to stay behind while
she goes into the castle.  You also learn that she's here to steal an
amulet for a man named Drego.

      Now, you have three ways to go.  Straight and left lead down the
same path where you'll find an Amethyst.  Right takes you down a path
that leads to a dead end.  If you hit the X button you can open a panel
in the wall.  You'll also find a Healing Draught hidden in a barrel.
Head up the stairs to the first floor.

      From the top of the stairs, turn the camera around and go through
the left door.  Go through the next door and you'll be in a hall.
There's a Palace Servant here who'll tell you where Yago is.  Go through
the doorway to your right and climb up the spiral staircase.

      This is where things start to get difficult.  The room you're in
now has its door closed.  Directly across the hall is another room where
a guard comes out of.  This guard's patrol goes down the hall and into
the room to the left of the huge set of double doors.  In that same
room where the guard's patrol ends, another begins.  The second guard's
patrol goes through the first set of double doors, and the hall and
just beyond the next set of doors.  Along this guard's patrol line,
there are two rooms to hide in.  Both rooms are just beyond and to the
right of a set of doors.

      Just down the hall is last patrolling guard on the second floor.
His patrol takes him from just before the next set of doors all the way
down to the end of the hall.  Along his patrol line there are two rooms
to hide in, both on the right side as well.  Across the hall from the
last room you can hide in is the room with the staircase going up.  At
the end of the hall is a stationary guard who is facing you.  To your
right of him is a bunk room with an Archer's Ring near the fireplace.
You cannot get to this room until later so don't try it.  Anyway, go up
the stairs to the third floor.

      In this room you'll find 50 GP in the desk in front of the stairs.
Now you'll have to be careful when leaving this room.  There's a guard
whose patrol takes him to the corner to the right and he can see you if
you leave.  When the coast is clear, exit the room but don't go out into
the large hall.  Two guards patrol this area, one the top half, the
other the bottom.  If you go right there are two rooms you can hide in,
the first door on bottom and the second door on the top.  In the room
on the bottom is a Fire Arrow Tract.  In the second part of that room
there's an Amethyst in the corner.

      When you can, leave this room and go down the hall that's straight
and slightly to the left.  There's a guard by the stairs but he isn't
facing you (just don't get close to him).  Go down this ']' shaped hall
and you'll see a cinema between King Bellias and a woman in a white
cloak.  Once this is over, go into the room and pick up Yago's Key.

      Exit the room now and turn right.  Walk into the corner where the
bucket is.  If you Examine this area you should be able to pick up Yon's
Amulet through the wall (glad to see that one of this games' numerous
bugs actually does some good).  Turn around now and go across the large
hall then turn left when you get past the next room.  If there's a guard
here refer to the "Alternate Way" at the end of this section.  Yago's
room is the door on the right.  Enter the room and talk to Yago.  This
starts a cutscene which then leads into a bunch of dialogue.  Yago gives
you four new quests (like that's all we need).  Once your done talking
to him, another tutorial begins.

      When you're done, leave the Palace and go through the Palace
Plaza.  Now, the next place you have to go to is the Iona Monastery,
which is east of Lenele.  The walk there is pretty long and you're going
to run into several Encounters.  If you haven't already, I suggest you
buy a Long Sword and Round Shield for Joseph and a Crossbow for Flece.
Since you now can summon you have two close-range fighters and Flece is
better suited as a ranged fighter.  Whether or not you have the money
for this, you should go down to the Sewers again and build up the power
of your new ring.  This will make the Blackfire Elemental stronger, and
trust me, it needs to be stronger.  You can also take this time to go to
Tancred's Haven if you haven't done so yet.  Before you leave, you might
wan to buy High Leather Boots, Leather Gloves, Silk Breeches, and a
Quilted Robe.  The reason is because you'll recruit Rosalind at Iona.
There isn't an armorer in Iona so if you don't buy these things Rosalind
will have really bad defense.

      Whenever you're ready to leave, exit to the World Map.  Iona is to
the far east and then north along the coast.  While you're out here you
might want to try and complete steps for some of the quests.

Alternate Way:  So you did everything and that guard in the hall won't
move.  Well there is another way, but I think it's random (it's only
happened to me once).  Head back down to the first floor.  Hopefully
the guard that was blocking the way to the kitchen is gone.  If he's
still there, I think you can get rid of him by getting caught on the
third floor a bunch of times.  Go into the kitchen and talk to one of
the people there.  One of them will give you the option to say that
you're going to take food up to Yago.  You'll get the food and a set of
Servant's clothes.  Put those on and you can walk through the palace


3. The Island of the Mad Monks

Place: Iona Monastery
Shops: Weapon Smith x1
       Item x1
Items: Recovery Tonic
       Cleansing Tonic
       Health Tonic
       Revive Scroll
       30 GP
       Sama's Book (Quest Item)
       Lightning Tract
       Icicle Tract
       Volume 67 (Quest Item)
       Fire Arrow Tract
       Tome of Revive
Quests: Novice Sama (Brother Eamon)
        Miala of the Iomani (Sister Miala of the Iomani)
        Qelah of the Muthavi (Sister Qelah)
        Tome of Gahnis (Monk)
        Tathal the Wanderer (Sister Bilan of Nahul)
        Wid the Terrified (Brother Wid)

      Well here you are, Iona Monastery.  After all that hiking and
Encounters you've finally made it.  This is one places where I wish
there was a Free-look button.  This whole place feels calm, unlike the
chaotic streets of Lenele.  Enough of that, onward!

      When you finally reach the Iona Monastery on the east coast,
you'll watch another movie.  After the movie you'll find yourself on the
docks.  In the crates in front of you there's a Recovery Tonic.  Just
beyond the docks is a house to the right.  Emmah, the lady in front, is
a mix of a weaponsmith and an item shop.  There's another house to the
left of Emmah.  The barrels next to this house hide a Cleansing Tonic.

      Return to Emmah's house and go right.  At the end of this path is
a rather intimidating looking Lift Golem.  Guess what he does.  Take the
elevator up to the next level.  Right outside the elevator is the Keeper
of the Gate.  If you talk to him he'll tell you that Abbot Laurent, the
leader here, can be found in the upper courtyard.

      Go through the gate and you'll find Brother Eamon.  Offer to help
him find the person he's looking for and he'll give you the "Novice
Sama" quest.  Head right and go through the double doors.  You'll find
a Health Tonic in the barrels under the stairs.  Go up the stairs now
and you'll be in a room full of bunks with chests at their foots.  In
the third chest is a Revive Scroll.  Exit this area back to the area
Brother Eamon is in.

      Continue past the kids chopping wood and up the stairs.  To the
right of the stairs is another set of stairs that go to the battlements.
Go up the stairs now.  To the right is Sister Miala of the Iomani.
She'll give you the "Miala of the Iomani" quest.  To the left is Sister
Qelah.  Qelah will give you the "Qelah of the Muthavi" quest.  Continue
to the left until you get to the stairs at the end.  You're now in the
upper courtyard.

      From the base of the stairs, go right and you'll see a tower with
a pair of double doors.  We'll come back here in a minute, right now go
to the left side of the tower.  Climb the stairs there to the
battlements.  Up here is a Monk who'll give you "The Tome of Gahnis"
quest.  Go back to the double doors now and enter the tower.

      Inside the tower you can find 30 GP in a crate under the stairs.
When you go up the stairs another movie will start.  Abbot Laurent will
force Rosalind to join your party at this time.  Rosalind will inform
you that the Ring of Light might be found in the catacombs below the
Crypt of Kings.  You'll have to talk to Brother Ovaard to gain access
to the crypt.

      Once the movie sequence is over, examine the chest closest to the
abbot to find a Citrine.  Leave the tower now to go back to the upper
courtyard.  Brother Ovaard is the only person in the courtyard that has
the double exclamation points.  Talk to Ovaard and ask him to give you
the key to the crypt.  Ovaard will tell you that the way to the crypt is
on the minor library.

      Now that you have the key, go through the narrow passageway to a
pair of staircases.  Climb up the steps to the top.  Up here is Sister
Bilan of Nahul who'll give you the "Tathal the Wanderer" quest.  Go
through the next narrow corridor and you'll come to an area with three
staircases.  Straight ahead lies the Great Library.  You can't go there
so don't bother.  To the left is a little park.  Brother Wid, who gives
you the "Wid the Terrified" quest, can be found up here.  Novice Sama
is also wandering around up here.  Urath's Feather can be found in the
very back.  To the right you'll find the minor library through a set of
double doors.

      Inside the minor library you'll find a Lightning Tract in the
bookcase straight ahead.  The bookcase to the right of that on hides a
Icicle Tract.  Right where the room starts to narrow there is a
bookcase on the right and left walls.  In the right bookcase is Volume
67 and the left one has a Fire Arrow Tract.  The second to last
bookcase on the right wall has a Tome of Revive inside.  The last
bookcase on the left is the way to the Iona Catacombs.  Also at the far
end of the library is a Wise Monk.  He'll give you a vital clue to the
puzzle that awaits you in the Catacombs.

      Whenever you're ready, head down to the Iona Catacombs.


3a. The Tomb of a God

Place: Iona Catacombs
Items: Chainmail Tunic
       42 GP
       Health Tonic
       Axe of Ikus (Quest Item)
       Red Glass Shard (Quest Item)
       Decaying Bulwark
       Bone Sword
Enemies: Bone Knight x43
         Bone Mage x8
         Bone Servant x39
         Carados (Boss)

      Alright, time to get the Ring of Light.  Prepare to fight a lot
of the undead.  Speaking of prepare, don't forget to equip Rosalind
with the equipment you bought for her in Lenele.  Let's do it!

      At the beginning you'll find yourself in the crypt.  The only
problem is you can't go on until you solve the puzzle.  For those of
you that want to solve it yourself, don't forget what the Wise Monk in
the minor library said.  For those of you that just wanna get on with
it, refer to the Puzzle Solutions section for the answer.

      When you're done with the puzzle, go down the newly revealed
steps.  At the bottom of the steps you'll come out in the body of
Vadagar.  Going left you'll come up against a Bone Knight.  To the right
is a long corridor, that's where we really wanna go.  Down this corridor
you'll come across several Bone Servants and 2 Bone Knights.

      At the end of the corridor you'll come to a fork.  Both paths
lead to the same place eventually.  What you should do is take the left
path.  I say this for one reason, Rosalind.  She's weaker than Joseph
and Flece so she needs all the XP she can get.  Also, you'll find the
Axe of Ikus lying on the ground.  Except for one small part, the left
path is entirely on dirt.  Before you go anywhere head straight onto the
bone.  Follow the winding bone path and you'll enter a small cave.  A
Chainmail Tunic, 42 GP, and a Health Tonic are in here.

      When you take the left path, follow this and you'll come to a part
where you have to walk on a bone.  The Axe of Ikus lies on the ground
just after you get off this bone.  Continue down the path and you'll
come to a 'T' intersection, go right.  After a long way down you'll come
to a room with a big ball resting on a pillar.  Examine the pillar and
the ball with begin to float and glow blue.  Turn around now and back
down the corridor.  Continue on until you come to a large room with
three paths.  The path to the right of where you are is the way you
would've come if you'd taken the right path at the fork.  The path
closest to you leads to the Ring of Light, but we're not ready to go
down there yet.  Right now, go down the path that's straight ahead and
to the left.

      Down this path you'll come across a bridge with parts of it torn
up.  There are several Bone Knights here so you'll have to use a little
more strategy than normal.  Further on down the corridor is a room with
a long flight of stairs.  At the top is another ball resting on a
pillar.  Obviously, examine the pillar to trigger the ball.  The Red
Glass Shard is also on the ground next to the pillar.  Backtrack now to
the large room with three paths.

      Once you're in the large room, head down the path that's to your
right.  Down this corridor you'll come to Sir Erthgi of Iona.  Erthgi
will tell you that you can't go forward until you solve the riddle of
this place.  You already took care of that when you activated the two
balls on the pillars.  If you go to the opposite side of the corridor
(the way that Erthgi is facing) you'll find a Decaying Bulwark behind
the large bone.  There's also a small path behind the brazier with a
Bone Sword there.  A little further down from Erthgi, the mouth of the
serpent will open.  This is when you need to do the usual boss fight
preparation routine (Full HP & AP, Save, cast Protect).  Whenever you're
ready, step forward and meet the boss.


Boss Fight: Carados
            Bone Mage x2

      What makes this fight tricky is that you get ambushed by 2 Bone
Mages from behind.  Taking care of the two Mages is the most important
thing in the beginning.  Have everyone except Joseph attack Carados
while you take care of the mages.  Once you've taken the Mages out join
the fight against Carados.  Carados should fall shortly after Joseph
joins the fight.


      After beating Carados cross the bridge to the altar and receive
the Ring of Light.  You're done here so leave the Catacombs.  Before you
leave the Monastery though, give the Axe of Ikus to Brother Wid.  You're
now done at the Monastery so leave when you want to.  Be warned though,
when you leave the Monastery you'll run into an Encounter with a tough
boss in it.  Make sure to save as soon as you get to the World Map.


4. The Undead Rider

Place: World Map-Encounter
Enemies: Bone Mage
         Bone Servant
         Ghost Rider (Boss)

      Get ready for the hardest challenge you've faced so far.  Murod
has sent one of his Four Riders to eliminate you.  After only taking a
few steps on the World Map you'll run into an Encounter.  A short cinema
will play and the fight will begin.


Boss Fight: Ghost Rider
            Bone Servant
            Bone Mage

      By himself Ghost Rider's a punk, but he also summons Bone Servants
and Bone Mages during the first part of the battle.  When the battle
starts summon the Blackfire Elemental immediately.  Charge Ghost Rider
after that point 'cause by now he's already picking on Flece or Rosalind
(it's usually Rosalind).  Once you get Ghost Rider down to 3/4 of his
life he'll hop off his horse and start attacking you with his scythe.
Rush him again and eventually he'll run away.


      When you've taken care of Ghost Rider you're free to leave the
Encounter area.  Head west toward Lenele now.


5. Bow to Your King

Place: Lenele
Shops: Weapon Smith x4
       Armorer x4
       Items x4
       Jeweler x2
Quests: Torva's Magic Lute (Torva)
        The Lord Chamberlain's Men (Torvel)

      When you enter Lenele another cinema will play.  We're here to
report back to Yago and end the "Find the Ring of Light" quest.  You can
also finish up a few more quests.

      One of the quests you can receive is in the Marketplace.  Next to
the middle bridge leading to the Crown District is Torva.  Talking to
him will get you the "Torva's Magic Lute" quest.

      Another quest you can now get can be found in the Crown District.
In the park with the open theater you'll find Torvel.  He'll give you
"The Lord Chamberlain's Men" quest.

      Once you've returned the items to complete the "Shards of the
Ghimaadi, Elodach the Initiate, and The Encyclopedia of Heresies"
quests, go to the Palace.  Yago can be found where you left him on the
second floor.  Approaching him starts a long dialouge sequence.  Follow
Yago into the Great Hall.  Talk to King Bellias and eventually a
cutscene will play.  After the cutscene is over you now have Jekhar.
Before you leave the Palace, talk to Prince Sornehan first.  Sornehan
is the man in black to the left of King Bellias.  Sornehan will tell you
to go speak to the Hierophant in the Temple of Urath.  Leave the Palace
now and go to the Temple.

      At the Temple, you'll find the Hierophant behind the altar.  Speak
to him and ask for the Blade of Tarun.  You can now leave Lenele.  Make
sure to upgrade everyone's equipment before you leave.

      When you go to the World Map head southwest.  Your goal is the
really big beige mountain.  As you approach it you'll eventually enter
an Encounter with 3 Khosani Warriors.  Show the Warrior the dagger and
he'll escort you to Saanavarah.


6. Children of Vadagar

Place: City of the Khosani
Shops: Weapon Smith x1
       Armorer x1
       Item x3
Quests: The Fate of Rhukha (Keeper of Lore)
        Secrets of Dakhanim (Ilaru the Priestess)

      Here we are, Saanavarah.  This place is just a big cave with a few
buildings.  Even though it's small, the city looks neat.  Well, on with
the show.

      After the short movie you'll find yourself talking to the Guardian
of the Stone Portal.  When the dialogue ends you just follow the
Guardian.  Nobody here that's worth talking to will help you so don't
bother.  Enter the chamber that opens and talk to the Ulsadana.  The
Ulsadana tells you that you have to pass the Ordeal before the Khosani
will help you.  When you're done talking, leave the chamber and you'll
talk to the Guardian again.  The Guardian will lead you to the entrance
to the Labyrinth.

      When you've completed the Labyrinth you can now talk to the
people.  From the Labyrinth's exit, go left to the main walkway.  Go
right down the main walkway and there'll be two houses on either side of
you.  Both houses have item shops, but you can find Elarh the Merchant.
Elarh is the person you need to give the Seeds of Aahur to.

      Once you've completed the "Seeds of Aahur" quest, go down the ramp
to the small path.  From here, go right and follow the path until you
come to a large temple.  Go left around the temple and you'll see the
Keeper of Lore.  Talk to him and ask about the "Chaos," this will give
you "The Fate of Rhukha" quest.  After talking to the Keeper, go forward
a bit and you'll come to a long flight of stairs that go up the temple.
Take these stairs and turn right when you get to the top.  Follow this
path and go right when you come to a pair of pillars.  This will take
you to an altar that juts out from the temple.  Here you'll find Ilaru
the Priestess.  Talking to her will give you the "Secrets of Dakhanim"
quest.  Turn around now and go right when you've gone up the stairs.
Follow this until you come to another pair of stairs and go down the
left one.  Take this all the way down and go make a U-turn to the
right.  Go straight until you see three Khosani standing beside a large
vault.  One is a weaponsmith, another an armorer, and the last sells


6a. Test of Mind and Body

Place: Labyrinth of the Khosani
Items: Reinforced Boots
       Studded Pants
       Ring of Fire
       Pyros Ring
       Ring of Blessings
       Chainmail Tunic
Enemies: Fire Imp x8
         Iron Golem x4
         Khosani Prisoner x4
         Onyx Golem x4
         Steel Golem x4

      Here is where the Ring of Fire is kept.  Get ready for some tricky
puzzles ahead and some tough enemies.

      In the first room you'll see a large emblem on the ground.  Do not
step on the emblem unless you're prepared for a hard fight.  If you walk
on the emblem 4 Iron Golems will come out of the walls at once and
attack you.  Also, if you fought the Iron Golems you'll find some
Reinforced Boots.  Before you leave the room, examine the gold tile to
the left of the entrance.  Memorize the number, it's part of a puzzle
later on.

      The next two rooms are part of the same puzzle.  You'll have to
depress certain blocks in the first room in order to open the way.
The solution to this will be the Puzzle Solutions section.  You'll know
if you got the right blocks because you'll be attacked by an Onyx
Golem.  There's also another golden tile on the floor with a number.

      After you've solved the puzzle, proceed down the staircase to the
next room.  In here you'll have to take on 4 Khosani Prisoners.  When
you're through eliminating them, examine the gold tile on the floor and
move on.

      In the next two rooms is another puzzle.  It really isn't that
hard once you figure out what to do.  Basically, the stones represent
tiles that you can activate in the next room.  When you rotate a block
you'll see a design on the other side.  The design means that a tile
has appeared in the next room in that place.  What you should do is go
into Solo Mode and put someone in the second room.  Rotate the blocks
so you can get the Studded Pants, Studded Leather, and examine the gold
tile.  Don't forget to examine the gold tile in the first room before
moving on.

      The next room is why you have been memorizing numbers here.  You
have to activate the numbered tiles in order to open the gate.  This
puzzle will be in the Puzzle Solutions section.  Be warned, when you
activate the first four tiles a Steel Golem will attack you.

      The next part of the test takes place in the rest of the
Labyrinth.  Go through the next room to enter a large chamber.  There's
a fork just beyond the stairs.  Both paths lead to the same place so it
doesn't matter which way you take.  As you go down the path you take,
you'll be attacked by some Fire Imps.

      When you reach the bottom, there's a wood gate that you can go
through.  Beyond this is the Ring of Fire and a boss.  Do the usual
pre-boss fight routine and move on.


Boss Fight: Giant Salamanka

      This fight takes place in three parts.  Charge the Giant Salamanka
and make sure to heal your characters.  This thing loves to cast
Fireball so be careful.  Once you've depleted 3/4 of its life it'll
move.  Pick up the Pyros Ring where it once stood.  There's also a Ring
of Blessings around the corner from where you are.  You now have time to
refill your characters so do it.  When you're ready, cast Protect again
and charge the Salamanka.  After you've it to 1/4 of its life, it'll
move again.  There's a Chainmail Tunic where it once stood.  Heal, cast
Protect and charge the Salamanka one last time.


      Once you've killed the big lizard, go to where you first fought
it.  There's a gate that leads to the City of the Khosani.  When you're
back in the city, talk to the Guardian of the Stone Portal to your left.
He'll tell you the history of the four summoning rings and where to find
the Ring of Stone.  Unfortunately, you'll need a map to get to the
Ikaemos Empire.  Refer back to section 6 for a walkthrough of the city.
Make sure to buy the best equipment you can because you'll have to face
another Rider when you leave.


7. The Phoenix Will Rise Again

Place: World Map-Encounter
Enemies: Phoenix Rider

      It's time to face the second of the Four Riders.  You'll want to
save right when you get to the World Map.  This can be more difficult
than the  last one if you're not careful.


Boss Fight: Phoenix Rider

      Thankfully, the Phoenix Rider doesn't summon monsters to aid him
in this battle.  However, the Phoenix Rider is strong enough that he
really doesn't need to.  Unlike the fight with the Ghost Rider, you
start out far enough that the Phoenix Rider won't attack you right away.
Take this time to cast Protect and summon your most powerful monster.
When you're ready, charge the Rider.  For this fight you'll have to be
very careful.  Phoenix Rider casts a lot of fire spells, including
Inferno which can knock nearby characters down.  When he gets down to
about 3/4 of his life, the Rider will dismount from his horse and
continue the fight.  After you take all his life away, the Rider will
fall, but it isn't over yet.  Shortly after he falls, the Rider will
resurrect himself.  Take this brief break to heal the characters that
need it.  Luckily, when the Rider rises again he is only at half life.
After you deplete all his life again, the Phoenix Rider will run away.


      Once you're on the World Map again, head back to Lenele.


8. In Search of Ikaemos

Place: Lenele
Shops: Weapon Smith x4
       Armorer x4
       Items x4
       Jeweler x2

      When you reach Lenele, head to the Palace.  Talk to Queen Galienne
and she'll tell you that Tancred might be able to help you find the map.
Now make your way across the city to Tancred's Haven, which is in the
Old City.  Since Tancred is poisoned, you'll have to talk to Mahri.
Mahri'll tell you to see the Apothecary, the same guy who plucked out
that beggar's eyes.  The Apothecary is to the right of the middle bridge
in the Old City in case you forgot.  He'll sell you the Ikaemos Swamp
Map for 10 GP.

      From Lenele, head southeast.  The Ikaemos Swamp can be found next
to a fork in a river.


9. The Fallen Empire

Place: Ikaemos Swamp, Ikaemos Palace Upper Level, Ikaemos Palace Lower
Items: Healing Draught
       Berserker Ring
       Ring of Shadows
       Ikaemos Armory Key (Key Item)
       Barbarian's Torque
       Brazen Dagger (Key Item)
       Sword of Maiming
       Elixir of Recovery
       Cupric Dagger (Key Item)
       Argent Dagger (Key Item)
       Pole Axe
       Auric Dagger (Key Item)
       Ikaemos Master Key (Key Item)
       Ring of Stone
Enemies: Bacite Shaman x23
         Gargoyle x28
         Gorgonne x5
         Green Bacite x72
         Green Imp x5
         Grey Stone Golem x7
         Ikaemos Priest-King (Boss)
Quests: The Ghost of Ikaemos (Munorus)

      This first part of this place is confusing to navigate.  You have
to meander through a maze of moss covered ground for awhile at the
beginning.  Try to bear with me here, alright.

      At the beginning, take the path to your right.  This will go on
for a bit.  When the path ends, take the one that's in front of you.
This path is short and leads you to a wide open area.  Turn right and
then go left.  From here, just head straight.  The path will go right
when you come to the edge.  Follow this and you'll come to a bridge.
Cross the bridge and you're through with that confusing mess.

      The area across the bridge is a big hill.  From the bridge, go
straight and there'll be a large ruin to your right.  If you go behind
the ruin you can go inside and find a Healing Draught.  Exit from the
ruin and head to the right.  You'll come across a cobblestone path that
goes to your left and right.  Go past the path and past the ruin.  When
you get to the other side of the ruin, go right and down the hill.  You
can go into a corridor in the large ruin to your right, but it's hidden
behind some large slabs of stone.  In the corridor you'll find a
Berserker Ring.  Go further down the corridor and it'll turn right.  In
here you'll find a Ring of Shadows.  Head back to the cobblestone path

      Back at the path, go right up to the raised platform.  Up here
you'll see two bridges.  The right bridge doesn't connect to the next
part so take the left one.  To your right is an altar.  To the north of
the altar is your goal.  You'll have to take on 4 Gargoyles before you
can move on to Ikaemos Palace Upper Level.

      You're now placed in a dark hall that's guarded by 3 Green Bacites
and 1 Shaman.  Down the hall you'll find two rooms, one on each side.
These two rooms have their own network of rooms.  Right now lets go in
the right room.

      In the right room you'll have to take on some Green Bacites and a
Gargoyle.  To the left is a kitchen with a Green Bacite and a Gargoyle.
On the floor you'll find the Ikaemos Armory Key.  Leave this room and go
into the room that's straight ahead.  There are 3 Green Bacites and a
Shaman waiting for you here.  If you go into the pool in here you'll
find a Barbarian's Torque.  There's a staircase here that leads to the
Lower Chambers but we're going to tak another way.  Exit this area and
enter the room across from you in the main hall.

      In the left room you'll run into some Green Bacites.  To the left
is a pair of Grey Stone Golems.  Also in this room is a wraith named
Munorus.  Munorus will give you "The Ghost of Ikaemos" quest.  Exit this
room and go left into the next room.  Kill the Green Bacite and go into
the next room.  In here is a Shaman and a Gorgonne.  Have Flece pick the
door lock and go to the next room.  In here there's a small pair of
rooms and a set of stairs that lead to the Lower Chambers.  In the pair
of rooms is a Brazen Dagger, a Garnet, and a Sword of Maiming in the
fire place.  Descend the stairs to enter the Lower Chambers.

      Directly across from where you start is a staircase.  Run across
the hall and up the stairs.  Eliminate the Gargoyles and Grey Stone
Golems in here.  There's an Elixir of Recovery to the left of the
stairs.  In the back of the room is a set of stairs and leads to a room
full of Gargoyles and Grey Stone Golems.  The Cupric Dagger is guarded
by one of the Golems.  Once you're done there, go back down to the hall.

      Once you're back in the hall, go right and kill the Bacites and
Gorgonnes.  Pick up the Argent Dagger, turn around, and go straight.
Go down the small flight of stairs and you'll be in a large chamber.
To the left and right are some Bacites and Gargoyles, but we need to go
right in order to move on.

      When you've gone to the right you'll see a ramp that leads down to
some water.  Walk down the ramp and confront the Green Bacites there.
All the way to the left, you'll find a Pole Axe between the large piece
of debris and the wall.  Go up the ramp to the next part.

      In the ruin to the right of the ramp you can find the Auric
Dagger.  Left are some stairs and some Bacites.  When you go up the
stairs you'll see that you can go two ways.  The left leads back to the
Upper Level, the right is a dead end.  Take the stairs to the Upper

      Once back in the Upper Level, make your way back out to the main
hall.  Turn right and you'll see a large statue.  Examine the four
circular switches and the door at the end of the hall will unlock.
When you approach the door you'll enter a boss fight.


Boss Fight: Ikaemos Priest-King

      There really isn't any reason to worry for this fight.  At the
beginning, summon the Red Minotaur and cast Protect.   He's invulnerable
to everything but blunt attacks.  So if you have any maces or hammers
you should equip them on Joseph and Jekhar.  His attacks don't take away
that much.  The Priest King does have a lot of HP though.  In a few
minutes you'll have won this fight.


      For winning the fight you should get the Ring of Stone, Ikaemos
Master Key and a few other things.  Now that you have the Ring of Stone
you're free to leave when you want to.  As usual, be prepared to fight
one of the Four Riders when you get to the World Map.


10. The Serpent Strikes

Place: World Map-Encounter
Enemies: Serpent Rider

      You'll have to be careful during this fight.  Serpent Rider can
constantly hits your characters with status effects throughout the whole


Boss Fight: Serpent Rider

      As always, cast Protect and summon your most powerful monster at
the beginning.  This guy can afflict your characters with practically
every status effect in the game.  His normal attacks can cause Poison
and Paralysis.  He can also cast Silence and Icy Sleep on you.  Charge
him and try not to use magic, that's when he's most likely to Silence
you.  When he gets down to 1/2 his life, Serpent will dismount his horse
and come after you.  Use this brief second to cast Protect again.  Like
the other two, he'll turn yellow and run when his HP's gone.


      When you're back on the world map, head toward Lenele.


11. The Prince of Treachery

Place: Lenele
Shops: Weapon Smith x2
       Armorer x1
Items: Woodsman's Axe
       Medevan Hatchet
       Guardian Heater
       Ring of Electrus
       Collar of Dexterity
Enemies: Bacite Shaman x8
         Blue Bacite x18
         Gorgonne x1
         Orenian Samurai x11
         Orenian Soldier x63
         Red Bacite x24
         Sir Horum
Quests: The Lord of Logaros (Lord of Logaros)
        Adeslani's Brother (Adeslani)

      Okay, who didn't think this would happen?  Prince Sornehan
betrayed his brother and now Murod controls Lenele.  It makes sense
though, how else would Murod know where to send his Riders?  Time to
sneak into the city.

      At the end of the bridge to the Outskirts you'll meet Pedrog, one
of Tancred's lieutenants.  Pedrog will inform of the situation.  You'll
need to make your way to Tancred's Haven where Yago waits for you.
Unfortunately, patrols in the city are ordered to kill on sight so you
need to go through the Sewers.  Pedrog will take you to the entrance.
There's a weaponsmith to the left of the bridge and an item shop on the
docks to the right.

      When you enter the Sewers, you'll immediately see that there are
some new faces here.  Kill the 2 Shamans and the Gorgonne then proceed
on.  Only a few steps away is a Blue Bacite that you have to kill.  At
the four-way intersection go right.  You could go left, but the gates
are lowered and there's no way to open them.  Follow this path and
you'll come to the exit to Tancred's Haven.

      In Tancred's Haven talk to Yago.  Yago will tell you to see
Tancred immediately before he'll tell you what to do.  Go upstairs now
and speak with the dying man.  Tancred will reveal to Flece the truth
about her mothers death.  When you're done talking to Tancred return to
Yago.  Yago will have Rosalind and Jekhar take the queen to Iona.
Joseph and Flece must go to the Temple of Urath.  Leave Tancred's Haven
and you'll be back in the Sewers.

      You only have one way to go right now so do it.  When you're back
near the exit to the Outskirts you'll see that the gates have been
opened.  The only way you can go is to the exit at the Marketplace so
make your way over there.

      When you reach the Marketplace you'll be able to draw your
weapons.  Your goal is the Temple of Urath, but you'll meet some heavy
resistance on the way there.  Taking out the patrolling guards is a
good idea, especially the Samurai, for more XP.

      There's a Woodsman's Axe in front of where the Weaponsmit was in
the tent area.  Near the entrance the Outskirts is the Lord of Logaros.
He gives you "The Lord of Logaros" quest.  If you go across the bridge
to the southern part of the Marketplace you'll find a Medevan Hatchet in
front of the Armorer's shop.  There's also a Guardian Heater in front of
the weaponsmith's shop in the southwestern corner.

      Once you've made it to the Crown District, you can find a Rind of
Electrus in the shop at the southern end.  You'll have to pick the lock
on the door to get in.  There's a Collar of Dexterity in the shop next
to the southern bridge as well.  In between the middle two bridge is
Adeslani.  She'll give you the "Adeslani's Brother" quest.  You'll have
to follow her for awhile and kill anyone you come across.  In front of
the jewelry shop in the northern area is an Amethyst.

      When you reach the Temple a movie will play.  After the movie,
do the usual pre-boss fight ritual.  Whenever you're ready, move on
and fight the boss.


Boss Fight: Tiger Rider

      The last of the Four Riders can be a tough opponent.  Tiger has
two main attacks: the first is a projectile which can paralyze you, the
other is his melee weapon.  He also moves around a lot more than the
Riders before him.  Hit him with Fire Arrows when he's running around
and regular attacks when he stops.  When he gets down to about 1/4 of
his life he'll dismount his horse.  From here on out, Tiger will assault
you with a barrage of melee attacks.  Beat him and he'll run away.


      After you beat the Rider you'll be treated to a startling cinema.


12. A Daring Rescue

Place: Tower of Eleh
Items: Felinus Pantaloons
       Recovery Tonic
       Thief's Gauntlets
       Health Tonic
       Springsteel Boots
       Boots of Stealth
       Slave Pit Key (Key Item)
       Tomb Key (Key Item)
       Boiled Leather
       Green Dragon Scale (Quest Item)
       Shadow Haramaki
Enemies: Orenian Archer x7
         Orenian Samurai x24
         Orenian Soldier x5
         Slave Driver x3
Quests: Heal Joseph's Hand (Joseph)
        The Emperor's Dragon Scales (Xueli)

      Boy does that SUCK!  Oh well, you'll now be in control of Flece
for awhile.  Stealth is the name of the game here.  You can fight, but
just make sure some other enemy doesn't come by and join in.  The Slave
Drivers are the weakest enemies here so feel free to pick on them.  Here
we go.

      From where you start, leave the alcove and go right.  A Samurai
patrols this area to be careful.  There's also a Slave Driver that comes
down this way.  Take another right and follow the path a short bit.
You'll see an Orenian Soldier not too far off.  To your immediate right
though is a place where you can go behind him.  When nobody is around,
attack the Soldier with a bow/crossbow and lead him to the back of your
hiding place.  You can fight the Soldier back here and no one will

      When you leave this hiding place, you'll see that there's a large
corridor to your right.  Another Soldier patrols on the other side of
the entrance to the corridor.  If he sees you lead him back into your
hiding place and take him out.  Enter the corridor and proceed down the
stairs.  This corridor is long and is patrolled by a couple of Samurai.
There are also locked doors on both sides.

      Go down the corridor and enter the first door on the right.
There's a Soldier in here so take care of him.  Behind the stacks of
logs to the right of the entrance is some Felinus Pantaloons.  There's
also a Recovery Tonic in a crate on the left end of the room.  Go to the
next door now and open it.  Some Thief's Gauntlets can be found on the
left side of the room.  Leave the two rooms now and go back into the

      Head left now and be careful of the Samurai.  Enter the room on
the right.  In here you'll find a Health Tonic.  Talk to Jinghui in here
and she'll tell you that Joseph is in a cell at the bottom of the tower.
Leave this room and enter the next room on the left side of the
corridor.  In here is some Springsteel Boots.  Enter the corridor again
and go all the way to the end.  There's a Lift Golem here that can take
you up or down, you need to go up.

      At the top you'll find that you have to kill a Samurai before
you can proceed.  Take out the Samurai and go down the corridor.
There's a door on the right just as the corridor begins to darken.  In
the room is the Slave Foreman.  He'll tell you that he doesn't have the
key and that you won't find it (well that's just great).  Leave the room
and go right.

      You'll come to an outdoor area here.  Go left and find the Boots
of Stealth.  Just over the small wall is a Samurai.  Beyond the Samurai
is a Slave Driver.  When you kill the Slave Driver you get the Slave Pit
Key.  On the right side is a raised section guarded by two Samurai.  One
of them guards a small hut.  When you've killed the one in front of the
hut, go inside and find the Tomb Key.  There's also some Boiled Leather
all the way on the far end.  Head back to the lift now and go to the
lower level.

      On the lower level, the elevator is in the middle of a very large
room.  There are three corridors to choose from, one to the north, east,
and west.

      In the west corridor there is a door on the right side.  Unlock
it and inside is a Shadow Haramaki.

      The north corridor is where we need to go.  On both sides of the
corridors' walls is a door.  We need to go through the right door.

      In the next corridor go left.  There are 2 Samurai's that patrol
this corridor.  You'll need to fight them individually or things will
start to get messy.  Unlock the last door on the right and go inside.
Talk to Joseph and you'll get him back along with the "Heal Joseph's
Hand" quest.  There's just one problem with Joseph, HE ONLY HAS ONE
HAND!  This means he cannot equip shields or two-handed weapons.  Well,
now it's time to escape from Eleh.  Go back to the lift and go to the
upper level.

      What you're going to have to do now is make your way down the
Tower on the front side.  You're going to have to go through a lot of
enemies before you make it to the bottom.

      When you've gone down about two levels you'll find a little path
behind the stairs.  You'll know when it is by a Samurai standing guard
at the bottom of the stairs and to the right.  Anyway, in the little
corridor is a Samurai you need to kill.

      After you've killed the Samurai here, open the gate at the end.
Talk to Yiyin and give him the Slave Pit Key.  You'll get 3,000 XP for
your good deed.  Go into the slave pit and talk to Xueli.  Xueli will
give you a Green Dragon Scale and "The Emperor's Dragon Scales" quest.
Also in the slave pit is Chengdai who's part of the "Durgan's Lucky
Charm" quest.

      Leave the slave pit now and continue your way down the tower.
There isn't anything worth mentioning about the trip down.  You'll come
across several Archers and Samurai and you'll only have to fight them
one at a time.  Close to the bottom though you'll have to fight an
Archer and a Samurai at the same time.  So descend down the platforms
and leave the tower.

      On the world map, you'll find Wolong to the south along the coast.


13. City Taken Hostage

Place: Wolong
Items: Anzhi's Box (Key Item)
       Minhe's Bowl (Key Item)
       Gulan's Knife (Key Item)
       Mangosteen (Key Item)
       Onyx Carp (Key Item)
       Stick of Charcoal (Key Item)
       Tears of Usaman
Enemies: Orenian Samurai x15
         Orenian Soldier x13
Quests: Find the Ring of Water (Rosalind)
        Find the Ring of Jade (Rosalind)
        Find the Ring of Four Winds (Rosalind)
        Find the Ring of the Forest (Rosalind)

      Wolong is like Masad, it's a dungeon disguised as a town.  There
are NPCs to interact with but there are also enemies walking around.
This place is rather big with open fields so I might have some trouble
describing some things.

      From the starting point, go right along the houses.  You'll
encounter a Samurai, but you know what to do with them.  Continue along
the houses and you'll come to an open field.  From this point you'll
want to head southwest until you come to a forest.  Rosalind and a
Gatherer named Sizhe can be found in the southwestern section fo the
forest.  Talk to Rosalind and you'll get the quests to find the next
four rings.  Talk to Sizhe and he'll tell you that he needs four things
before he can heal your hand: an Onyx Carp, a Widow's Knife, a Traitor's
Rice Bowl, and a Stick of Charcoal.  Before we go after these things,
go south and pick up Anzhi's Box which is at the edge of the woods.

      Now it's time to find the four items Sizhe needs.  Head back to
the north part of town near the harbor.  Go right and past three houses
There are two ways to go from here: To the right you can talk to Minhe
and ask for his rice bowl.  From Minhe, go forward and into the town
square.  At the southwestern corner is Gulan the Mourner.  Ask Gulan for
her knife.  Left you can talk to Zhimin who is standing on the dock.
Ask about the Onyx Carp and he'll tell you to get some fruit for his
bird.  Turn around and head to the stairs that lead to the town square.
Go left here and talk to Peizhi at the edge of town.  Ask him for some
fruit and he'll give you a Mangosteen.  Return to Zhimin at the dock
and he'll give you the Onyx Carp.  Once you have the three items, head
east to the end of town.  Go up the hills and you'll find Anzhi standing
near the edge of the cliff.  Ask him for a Stick of Charcoal and then
give him his box.  You now have all four items so head back to Sizhe.

      I'm not sure if this has any effect on the game, but on the
southern edge of town is an Orenian Solider standing on a bridge.  His
name is Haidi and he's feeling suicidal at the moment.  You can either
tell him to drown himself or fight for the Jade Temple.  Like I said,
I don't if this there's a point to this but I thought I'd mention it.

      Once you've returned to Sizhe, you'll take part in a rather
disgusting ritual.  Sizhe will then tell you that you need to do two
more things before you can get your hand back.  The first thing you have
to do is go into the Caverns of Wolong and eat a plant called the Tail
of the Rokhul (the same thing Aoqi used to poison Tancred).  The other
thing you must do is clean your wound in the Pool of Wonders which is
deep inside the Caverns.  You'll then get the Tears of Usaman to sneak
past the soldiers that guard the entrance to the Caverns.  Head to the
southern end of town where the Soldier named Haidi is.

      This next part can be intense.  You have to run through the
enemies ranks to make it to the Caverns at the top.  Your Invisibility
will, in all likelihood, wear off before you reach the top.  When this
does happen, you should be far enough that you won't have to fight many

      Save your game before you continue just in case.  When you're
ready, have all three characters (it doesn't work on everyone if only
person does it) use the Tears of Usaman.  After everyone becomes
Invisible, run past the soldiers and up the stairs.  Follow the path
and turn right when you come to a 'T' intersection.  Take an immediate
right and another sharp right and climb the next flight of stairs.
Continue along and you'll come to a large building with some walls
around it.  Enter this area and go to the back of the building where
you'll find the next flight of stairs.  From here it's a straight path
all the way up to the Caverns of Wolong.  You might want to take out
some of the small groups of soldiers for the extra XP.


13a. I am Whole Once Again

Place: Caverns of Wolong
Items: Razor Shortsword
       Red Dragon Scale
       Health Tonic
       Healing Draught (3)
       500 GP
       Shadow Medallion
       Khosani Sword (Quest Item)
       Frigidis Ring
       Ring of Water
Enemies: Azha
         Blue Minotaur x30
         Bone Knight x11
         Crystal Rokhul x40
         Frozen Bone Knight x30
         Ice Witch x13

      The Caverns of Wolong is a very large and confusing place.  This
place will also test your abilities in combat.  Without Jekhar or a
summon monster things are going to be pretty rough.  There's also a bug
in the game that cuts off your Chain Attacks when you go up against Blue
Minotaurs (or at least it does on the three copies I've played this on).
Just be patient and careful and you'll make it through.

      At the starting point, go down the path until you come to Caris
the Damned.  Caris is a Lich and he'll tell you about his three brothers
that are further in the Caverns.  Continue forward for a long ways and
you'll come to Drazin the Tormented.  Don't bother talking to him, he'll
just confuse you.  Drazin will basically say that one of the two ways
presented to you at the fork is the right way, but both are right.  Go
down the right path.  In-between the first and second Frozen Bone
Knights, look for a branching path in the left wall.  Down this path is
a Razor Shortsword.  Head back to the main path and you'll come to spike
trap.  Enter Solo Mode and have Joseph go through.  Just as the trap
springs, exit Solo Mode and continue through.  Flece and Rosalind won't
be hurt if you do it this way.

      This next part is a very open area.  Fight your way to a bridge
that's to the south.  Cross the bridge and head northeast.  This cave
has the Red Dragon Scale and a Bougu-Dou at the far end.  Southeast from
the Red Dragon Scale you'll come to a dead end.  However, there's a
switch to your right.  This switch opens a secret cavern in front of
you.  There are three Ice Witches in here so prepare for a hard fight.
In this room you'll find a Health Tonic in some barrels, Healing Draught
(3) next to the stairs, an Impaler at the top of the stairs, 500 GP in
some barrels next to that, and a Shadow Medallion at the other end.
The Khosani Sword is also here if you have the "Fate of Rhukha" quest.
Head back out to the main cavern now.

      Go through one of the caves on the south wall (they both lead to
the same place).  Ahead you'll come across Azha the Archlich.  You can
challenge him to a fight to the uh, . . death.

      There are three ways to kill him.  First, if you have a character
whose Dark Skill Level is at 10 you can cast Death on him.  Second,
backtrack just a little and you'll find a switch.  This triggers some
spikes to come out of the ground.  Enter Solo Mode and have one person
stand next to the switch.  Have one of the others challenge Azha.
You'll have to lure Azha to the area with the spikes.  When you get him
there switch to the other person and have them pull the switch.  This
will kill Azha instantly.  For the third way, if you still have a Katar
equip that and you can poison him.  It's takes awhile, but if you can't
get him to move and don't have the Death spell it's the best thing to

      Past the Archlich (or where he was if you killed him) is a fork,
once again, it doesn't matter which way you go.  Further up is Balis the
Demilich.  Balis will take you to the Pool of Wonders, but he wants the
bone of Azha for his troubles.  If you killed Azha and take Balis up on
his offer, skip the next paragraph.  If you didn't kill Azha go left
from Balis.  Here you'll find two paths to go down.  This is where
things get really confusing.

      Take the first path and make a 'U' turn to the right.  A few steps
later you'll come into a dark cavern.  Go straight to the wall and then
left, don't go down the path that leads to a light cavern.  Take the
first path on the right and go up the slope.  When you get to the river
turn left.

      In here is a path that'll take you under the river.  You'll have
to turn the camera southwest in order to see this cave.  Go down here
and you'll find a Frigidis Ring next to the third Crystal Rokhul.

      When you come out of the tunnel you'll be in a dark cavern.  The
only way to go from here is west.  After a short distance you'll find
yourself next to the river.  Go northwest and follow the path for
awhile until you come to another large cavern.  There's a path that goes
east into the next room where the Tail of Rokhul is.  Don't forget to
make Joseph eat some of this before you move on (the Tail of Rokhul is
the yellow plant).

      After you eat the Tail of Rokhul, head west.  You'll want to go
down a path that slopes downward and has two Blue Minotaurs in it.
Follow this path and you'll come to a fork.  Take the right path that
goes along a deep pit.  After you pass the pit, you'll be in a very
large cavern.  Head north and you'll find Ngaru's Ghost.  Talk to Ngaru
and he'll give you the Ring of Water.  To the left of Ngaru is the Pool
of Wonders.  Go there and you'll get your hand back.

      In this same cavern is a tunnel on the west side of the wall.
Down this tunnel is a Bow of Piercing.  There's also a switch at the end
that opens a secret panel in the wall.  If you go through this new
opening and turn right you'll come to the exit of the Caverns.


13b. Jaded Warriors

Place: Wolong
Shops: Weapon Smith x1
       Armorer x1
       Item x1
       *Note: these shops only become available when you return after
        liberating Wolong.*
Items: Battle Boots
       Hero's Chainmail
       Icy Dagger
       Ring of Expertise
       Ring of the Four Winds
Enemies: Orenian Archer x1
         Orenian Samurai x5
         Orenian Soldier x34
         Pijian (Boss)
Quests: Defeat General Pijian (Jade Temple Soldier)
        The Heir of King Bellias (Aoqi)
        *Note: the following quests are only available when you come
        back to Wolong after liberating it.*
        The Family Tradition (Fangyin)
        The Statue of Gaodi II (Caishi)
        Nandi the Gatherer (Nandi)
        Longyue's Hat (Longyue)

      It's time to liberate Wolong.  During your trip into the Caverns,
it seems that Aoqi and the warriors of the Jade Temple have come to
Wolong.  This next part has you crush the Orenian soldiers and defeat
General Pijian.

      When you're back in Wolong, descend down the first flight of
stairs and a Jade Temple Soldier will approach you.  The Soldier will
tell you that his detachment has been separated from the main force.
This will give you the "Defeat General Pijian" quest.  When the
dialogue is over, follow the Soldier down the stairs to the group of
Jade Temple Soldiers.  Talk to the Priest and he'll tell you to follow
the Soldiers down the platforms.

      Approach the group of Soldiers near the stairs and they'll charge
forward.  Follow them all the way down being sure to kill everyone you
come across.  At the large grey building that you have to go by, you'll
find some Battle Boots beside a column.  Across from the grey building
is a brown building.  Behind the building is a Hero's Chainmail.  When
you get to the village, make you way to the harbor where General
Pijian waits.  You'll also find an Icy Dagger on the western side of
the town square.  A Ring of Expertise is beside a lamp in the
southeastern part of the fields.


Boss Fight: General Pijian, Orenian Soldier x3

      This fight is difficult.  The three Orenian Soldiers is what
makes this fight hard.  You could focus all your people on Pijian, but
you'll take some serious damage in the process.  It would be better if
you took out two of the Soldiers (or all if you want).  One Soldier
can't inflict as much damage as  three.  Concentrate on Pijian at this
point.  Pijian has a lot of HP so it'll take little while to beat him.


      After Pijian's fall into the lake, you'll be taken to Aoqi.
Talk to her and learn some startling revelations.

      Once you're through with that long dialogue sequence, head down
to the city.  Jekhar waits for you between two houses in the
northwestern part of town (not the fields, the town itself).  Talk to
Jekhar and he'll give you the Ring of the Four Winds.  He'll also tell
you where the last two rings can be found.  Jekhar will join you again
after you're done talking to him.

      Leave Wolong now but come right back.  Wolong will magically
transform into an actual town (instead of a dungeon disguised as a
town).  You can get some new quests and buy some equipment.

      From the entrance, go forward to the entrance to the town square.
To you left is Likai (part of the "Durgan's Lucky Charm" quest) and to
your right is Fangyin.  Fangyin will give you "The Family Tradition"
quest.  Go into the square now and go to the roofed area.  Two men
stand under here, an armorer and Caishi the Sculptor.  Caishi will give
you "The Statue of Gaodi II" quest.

      Head east from here and you'll see a weaponsmith to the left of
the stairs.  Climb the staircase and then go left.  When you come to
the 'T' intersection you'll see a woman standing between two buildings.
Talk to this woman, Nandi, and you'll receive the "Nandi the Gatherer"
quest.  Turn around now and go south along the path you were on when you
left the town square.  At the end is a large house to your left.  Go
around the right side of the house and you'll see a man named Longyue.
He'll give you the "Longyue's Hat" quest.

      The items merchant can be found on the west side of town in front
of a large building.  That's all there is to do here so leave when you
want to.

      Back on the World Map, follow the road east of Wolong (the one
that goes along the coastline) and you'll find the Liangshan Forest.


14. *Cough* Can't . . . Breathe

Place: Liangshan Forest
Items: Left Arm
       Boots of Stealth
       Right Arm
       Khosani Helm (Quest Item)
       Eversharp Katana
       Bane's Kiss (Quest Item)
       Adamant Baugo-dou
       Grey Dragon Scale (Quest Item)
       Recovery Tonic x2
       Ring of Shadows
       Blank Parchment (Quest Item)
       Longyue's Hat (Quest Item)
       Torque of Time
Enemies: Elite Samurai x5
         General Wentao
         Generic Mage x3
         Oni Female x61
         Oni Mage x19
         Phoenix Rider (Boss)
         Serpent Rider (Boss)
Quests: Child of the Spirits (Piaobo)

      This is not a fun place to be.  At the beginning you've go to
avoid a poisonous mist.  You've also got to wade your way through a
horde of enemies, not fun.  All this for what is, in my opinion, the
second worst summoning ring in the game.  Oh well, it's gotta be done.
One other thing, DON'T leave the forest until you have the Ring of
Forest.  There are a couple of bugs that get triggered if you leave too
early, and they really mess up your game.

      Where you start from you'll see four Oni Females not far ahead.
Kill those four and continue down the path.  There's an Orenian camp
along the river bank, there are a few Oni Females and the Left Arm here.
Eventually you'll come to a Wounded Soldier standing in front of a
green fog.  The Soldier will tell you about the poison in the forest
and that General Wentao is coming to destroy the shrine.

      From the Soldier, you need to go west, up against the wall.  Stay
close to the wall and move forward until you get to a small group of
trees.  Pay attention, what you have to do now is enter Solo Mode.
With that single character, move forward and hug the trees all the way
around.  You will be in the mist but you won't get poisoned if you did
it right.  You'll come to a side passage that's guarded by an Oni
Female, take her out and do not enter Group Mode.  After you've secured
the area, switch to another character and do the same thing.  When
you've gotten all you characters to the side path proceed forward.
There are some Boots of Stealth lying about so pick those up.  After a
short distance you'll come to another bank of the green mist.  What
you're going to need to do here is enter Solo Mode and slowly move
forward, hugging the wall for dear life.  Once again, you will be in
the mist but if you stay as close to the wall as possible you'll be

      There, you should be past the mist now and ready to move on.
You'll have to head northeast from here and cross the river.

      Head south down the path.  Kill all the Oni Mages and Females,
they give good XP.  After you pass the large bones you'll see a circle
of pillars.  The Right Arm is lying next to one of the comlumns.  When
you get to the demolished village, go across the bridge.  There's also
a Spinesplitter, Khosani Helm, and an Eversharp Katana to the right of
the bridge.  The Spinesplitter can be found on the riverbank just south
of the bridge.  The Khosani Helm is next to the pit trap further down.
The Eversharp Katana is almost at the end of the side path, next to the
canyon wall.

      Once across the bridge, you'll find the Bane's Kiss next to the
south riverbank (only if you've given Nandi the first two items in that
quest).  After you get the Bane's Kiss, if it was there, head north.
This path goes on for quite some distance and there are a lot of
enemies around here.  Toward the end of the path you'll find a
graveyard along the riverbank.  In the back of the graveyard is an Oni
named Piaobo.  Piaobo will give you the "Child of the Spirits" quest.
Behind her is an Adamant Baugo-dou.  Further north is the Grey Dragon
Scale and two Recovery Tonics.  From here, head south along the east

      Along the way you'll come across a large tree that has a hole
underneath its roots.  Down here is a Ring of Shadows and a Blank
Parchment.  Not far from the large tree is a bridge.  Two old friends
wait for you on the other end of the bridge.


Boss Fight: Phoenix Rider & Serpent Rider

      This fight is a cake walk.  All you have to do is charge them and
they fall within a matter of seconds.  You'll still need to be careful
around Serpent with his status attacks.  When the fight starts,
everyone will charge Serpent so you don't need to worry about him.
Have the character you control go after Phoenix since he's the most
annoying of the two.  Be warned though, when the Riders die they
explode leaving a Fireball where they stood.


      After you've killed the double menace, pick up the items that
they left behind.  Go right from the bridge into the group of Oni's.
All the way in the back is Longyue's Hat.

      After grabbing the hat you need to go north.  Far down the path
you'll find a Torque of Time along the riverbank.  Further down from
there is the shine.  Approach the Guardian of the Shrine and you'll
begin talking to him.

      Now you'll now have to defend the shrine from the Orenians.  The
enemies during this part are weird.  There names say one thing when you
select to attack them, but if you use Assess it's something different.
I'm going to use the Assess names (except for General Wentao).  Anyway,
as soon as you're done talking to Guardian, turn around and go back a
bit.  You'll see a lone Elite Samurai running toward you.  Kill this
Samurai and three more will come at you.  After you're done with those
three two more Soldiers will come along with a Mage.  The last group is
a one Elite Samurai, two Generic Mages, and General Wentao.

      After that little skirmish is over, return to the Guardian.  For
your help you've earned the Ring of the Forest.  Go behind the shrine
and you'll find the way out of the forest.

      On the World Map, head directly west and you'll find the Jade


15. The Usurper

Place: Jade Temple
Items: Khosani Map (Quest Item)
       Tome [(Nhuvasarim Tome)(Quest Item)]
Enemies: Ghost Rider (Boss)
         Murod (Boss)
         Murod Oni (Boss)
         Og Mage x4
         Orenian Samurai x4
         Tiger Rider (Boss)
Quests: Capture the Demon of Light (Qifeng)
        Capture the Demon of Stone (Qifeng)
        Capture the Demon of Fire (Qifeng)
        Capture the Demon of Darkness (Qifeng)

      Now it's time to kill the man who's been in your way for too
long.  The Jade Temple isn't big by any means, but you do have three
bosses to take on.  Make sure you've done everything you can before
you leave.  Defeating Murod will close the gates to the Jade Temple.

      You start off in a courtyard with two Samurai blocking your way.
When you move on into the next courtyard you'll be ambushed by two more
Samurai.  On the other side of the fountain here, you'll encounter the
last of the Four Riders.


Boss Fight: Ghost Rider
            Tiger Rider

      This fight is pretty simple.  Cast Protect and charge them.
Tiger still has an incredible amount of speed to prepare to take some
beatings from him before he goes down.  Ghost, well he's an idiot so
don't worry about him, but he can Paralyze you.  Just like the last two
when they die they'll explode like a Fireball spell.


      You should get some good items from Tiger and Ghost so don't
forget to pick them up.

      Just ahead there are three staircases, each guarded by an Og
Mage.  Each staircase leads to the same place so take whichever one you
want.  At the top of the stairs are some more stairs and a building,
this is where Murod waits for you.  On the right side of the building
is the Khosani Map.  When you enter the building don't approach the
dais where Murod sits.  Instead, go along the right side of the room
and go behind the throne.  You'll come across a Steelcore Bougo-Dou
lying in a corner along the way.  The reason for going behind the
throne is because there are two Og Mages hiding back there.  We don't
want them to get in the way of killing Murod.

      When you've killed the Mages, save your game and approach Murod.


Boss Fight: Murod
            Murod Oni

      This fight has two parts to it.  The first part is frustrating.
Murod, unfortunately, has the ability to teleport and you can't stop
him from casting spells.  He loves to cast Freeze on you so be prepared
to cast Cure a lot.  When you've depleted Murod of all his HP the
second part of the fight will begin.  Murod will transform himself into
Murod Oni.  Murod Oni only has physical attacks, but they're strong.  He
also has a thing for picking on Rosalind so make sure to keep an eye on
her HP.  Hit Murod Oni with everything you've got and he'll go down for
the count.


      Don't freak out when you have control again.  Joseph has only
left the party for a short time.  Pick up the Tome left behind by
Murod Oni and leave the building.  If the Tome isn't there and you want
to complete the "Tome of the Nhuvasarim" quest you'll need to load the
game before the fight.  You can't complete that quest if you don't have
the Tome.

      Anyway, when you go back down to the courtyard with the fountain,
talk to Gongji under the roofed area.  This will complete "The
Emperor's Dragon Scales" quest.  Head to the end of this courtyard and
talk to Qifeng (a.k.a. Aoqi).  Qifeng will tell you that your next step
is to return to Medeva and speak to the Khosani.  This will give you
five new quests.  Tell Qifeng you're ready to go.


16. The Words of Vadagar

Place: City of the Khosani
Shops: Weapon Smith x1
       Armorer x1
       Item x1
       Jeweler x1

      You're automatically taken to Saanavarh and begin talking to the
Guardian of the Stone Portal.  Explain to him what happened and he'll
tell you to see the Ulsadana.  Proceed to the chamber and talk to
the rather angry Ulsadana.  She agrees to make the rings of summoning
again, but you must go to Iona and retrieve their sacred texts.

      Leave Saanavarh now and proceed to Iona.


17. What Do You Mean My Library Card's Not Good Here?

Place: Iona Monastery
Items: Summoner Gauntlets
       Burnt Robe
       Bow of Lynnai
       Haste Ring
       Blizzard Scroll
       Tome of Revive
       Icicle Tome
       Fire Arrow Tome
       Lightning Tome
       Ice Coffin Scroll
Enemies: Bone Knight x20
         Bone Mage x7

      When you reach Iona you'll notice that the place has become
infested with the undead.  You're going to have to fight your way to
the Great Library.

      As you enter the courtyard you'll be ambushed by three Bone
Knights.  Go into the tower on the right and you'll find a Bone Mage
and a Knight.  The Summoner Gauntlets are lying on the floor so don't
forget to pick them up.  Leave the tower through the hole in the wall
and crush the two Bone Knights there.  Climb the stairs up to the
frozen garden and kill the Knights and Mage there.

      Proceed forward until you get to the tower where Abbot Laurent
was.  Inside the tower and up the stairs, you'll find a Burnt Robe and
Bow of Lynnai.  On the battlements behind the tower is a Haste Ring.
When you've gotten those items, move on to the dual staircases that lead
to the Great Library.  Climb up the right staircase (the left one is
broken) and approach the Library and you'll see, huh . . Yago?

      After you talk to Yago you'll watch a cinema.  When the cinema is
over you'll be inside the Great Library.  Leave the Great Library now
and go to the the Minor Library (take the left staircase at the bottom
of the stairs from the Great Library).  There are a couple items in the
Minor Library to get.  A Blizzard Scroll is in the bookcase next to the
entrance.  A Tome of Revive is in the bookcase across from the
entrance.  When the library begins to get narrow, you'll find a Icicle
Tome in the right bookcase and a Fire Arrow Tome in the left bookcase.
In the back of the library there's a Lightning Tome and an Ice Coffin
Scroll in the bookcases on the right.

      You're done in the Monastery for now.  Exit to the World Map and
head for Lenele.


18. City of the Dead

Place: Lenele Outskirts, Lenele Sewers, Lenele City,
Items: Healing Elixir
       Cleansing Elixir
       Recovery Tonic
       Healing Elixir x4
       Dehilos Carving
       Parchment [(Tome Page 4)(Quest Item)]
       Parchment [(Tome Page 6)(Quest Item)]
       Ring of Mastery
       Fire Arrow Tome
       Berserker's Torque
       Healing Elixir
       Ring of Mastery
       Nobleman's Gauntlets
       Khosani Scrolls (Key Item)
       Umakil Carving (Quest Item)
       Recovery Tonic x3
       Aeros Medallion
       Horseman's Gauntlets
       Hero's Leggings
Enemies: Alligator Beast x1
         Frozen Bone Knight x18
         Galienne (Boss)
         Gorgonne x18
         Greater Gorgonne x9
         Lich x49
         Mummy x31
         Onyx Gargoyle x12
         Onyx Golem x12
         Sornehan (Boss)
         Sornehan Knight x12
         Steel Golem x6

      Now comes the HARDEST part of the game.  Jekhar and Rosalind now
have to fight an army (and I do mean an army) of enemies to make it to
Galienne and Sornehan in the Palace.  Equip Jekhar with his most
powerful weapon and make sure Rosalind has a good staff and bow.
Rosalind cannot sit this one out and attack with her bow and magic.  The
enemies here are tough and you will find yourself surrounded quite
often.  Fire magic is your best friend here.  Use Wall of Fire on every
enemy you can sneak up on.  If it comes down to a fist fight, use
Fireball and Flame Arrow on the Liches and Frozen Bone Knights.  So grit
your teeth and get ready.

      You start off at the entrance to the Outskirts.  Go forward and
through the cool looking blue cloud.  On the other side of the cloud is
a Lich, take him out and go east.  There's a Healing Elixir in a crate.
Now go to the western docks.  If you've gotten Durgan's Earring give it
to him to finally complete that quest.  Leave the dock and go forward to
the crates near the former entrance to the Marketplace.  Examine the
crates to find a Cleansing Tonic.  In front of you is a semi-circle of
crates and wagons.  Go around these and you'll find a Recovery Tonic in
a crate.  From here, go northeast to the other docks.  You'll know where
they are 'cause a Steel Golem guards the stairs.

      Lying on the dock almost straight across from the stairs is a
Spyglass.  Turn around facing the stairs and go to the right of them.
There's a broken dock there with a plank leading to a ledge that'll take
you to the Lenele Sewers.

      I am SO tired of the Sewers, how 'bout you?  Well, you need to
make your way to the exit to the Marketplace.  You will however, find
a Healing Elixir x4  near the exit to the Old City.  Also, when you
leave the last room with sewage falling from the ceiling, go right.  At
the four-way intersection go right and you'll find the Dehilos Carving
at the top.  When you get to the point where you can go to the
sub-basement, take that route and pick up the Parchment in the room with
the waterfall.  That's all in the Sewers so leave when you're done
killing all the enemies you want to.

      Well now that you've made it to the City the fun part begins.
You to go through a horde of Frozen Bone Knights, Mummies, and Liches
before you can get to the Palace.  Slowly make your way to the top of
the Marketplace and remember to cast Wall of Fire on unsuspecting
enemies every chance you get.

      When you get to the stairs, climb them and go straight.  A ways
down you'll come across some barrels with an Iolite in them.  Go east
from here to a ruined bridge.  Head north at this point and you'll come
to an area filled with crates.  There's 5 Iolite in a crate here.  Head
back to the stairs now and cross the bridge.  This next part is crawling
with enemies so you're going to have to be extremely careful.

      To your right is the park.  All the way in the southwest corner is
a Parchment.  On the other side of the park wall is a ramp that takes
you to the raised part of the city.  When you go up the ramp and turn
right you'll find a Healing Elixir in some crates on the right.  When
you get to the 'T' intersection there's a Ring of Mastery in front of
the door straight ahead.  Follow the path and you'll come to another 'T'
intersection a few steps away.  Turn right and continue on.

      At the bottom of the ramp leading down from the raised area is a
Fire Arrow Tome in a barrel.  From the bottom of the ramp go south.  In-
between the two buildings there's a Berserker's Torque lying on the
ground.  When you leave the alley turn right and you'll see an open
area not far ahead with lots of enemies in it.  There are quite a few
Liches here so you need to be careful.  At the very end is the way to
get to the Palace.

      Whew, you're finally at the Palace, but this place is crowded
with a fair number of enemies.  The second you step in the place you'll
be ambushed by two Sornehan Knights.  Open the Spells menu to cast Wall
of Fire or Blizzard and then cancel.  This will put the camera into Low
view.  You need to be able to see around in here.  Now, there's a Knight
guarding a staircase to your right and left.  Approach each one very
slowly and stick to the wall, we don't want to attract more attention
than needed.  As soon as the Knight draws his sword stop and wait for
him.  Luring enemies away from a group is important here so try to do
this as much as you can.  Near the right staircase is a Lich guarding a
Ring of Mastery.  Also, there's a large burn mark on the floor on the
right side of the room.  Near that mark are some Nobleman's Gauntlets.
When you come close to Sornehan and Galliene go off to the sides.
There's a Knight on each side of them near the pillars.  You'll want to
lure them away and kill them now.  If you don't you run the risk of them
jumping into the fight, and that's be really bad.

      When you've killed everyone here, approach Sornehan and Galienne.


Boss Fight: Sornehan

      This fight is a tough one.  By themselves, the two aren't all that
strong, but together they are very lethal.  Sornehan uses physical
attacks through the fight, and strong ones at that.  He can also knock
you down, which isn't a good thing at all.  His sword can also do Flame
Arrow damage.  Galienne casts all sorts of offensive and status ailment
magic, she also has a weak physical attack that can cause Icicle damage.
What you need to do is have Jekhar attack Galienne and Rosalind attack
Sornehan with magic attacks.  The reason for this is because Sorenhan is
completely invunerable to all physical attacks and Galienne is the
opposite.  Have Rosalind use Lightning, Flame Arrow, or Icile and
Sornehan will go down eventually.  Galienne will fall quickly under
Jekhar's blade so she's nothing to worry about.

      You should get a whole mess of items from the two including the
Khosani Scrolls.  There's also an Umakil Carving beside the throne and
a Recovery Tonic x3 behind the throne.  On the east side of the room is
an Aeros Medallion.  On the west side of the room are some Horseman's
Gauntlets.  Also, there's a small room in the far back on the west side.
Two Liches are in here guarding some Hero's Leggings.

      That's it, you're done here.  Leave the Palace and you'll
automatically be taken to the World Map.  Return to the City of the
Khosani now.


19. Reclaim the Fire

Place: City of the Khosani
Shops: Weapon Smith x1
       Armorer x1
       Item x1
       Jeweler x1
Quests: The Seeds of Aahur, Part 2 (Elarh the Merchant)
        The Ohmedilosi (Kiva the Priestess)
        The Hunting Horn of Vadagar (Saato the Priestess)
        Haenul and the Gemstone of Eraekor (Athodi the Priestess)

      It's time to get the Ring of Fire back, YAY!  There's also some
new quests here that have just been unlocked.  Make sure to get them
before you go to face Pyrul, the Demon of Fire.

      When you enter the city you'll see the Ulsadana standing right in
front of you.  Talk to her and you'll get the Ring of Fire back.  She'll
tell you to now go down to the Labyrinth and capture Pyrul.  When you
succeed she will have the Rings of Light & Stone ready for you.  Before
you go to the Labyrinth though, let's go get some more quests.

      Okay, from where you start, go forward till you have the two
buildings on both sides of you.  On the building to your left is Uligo
the Artisan.  He doesn't give you a quest, but he's part of "The King of
Talas" quest (that quest can be found in an Encounter).  To your right
though is the very displeased Elarh the Merchant.  He'll give you "The
Seeds of Aahur, Part 2" quest.  You thought you were done with that
didn't you?

      Go to the large temple now.  Now, before you climb the stairs to
the top level, go talk to Kiva the Priestess who is next to the large
entrance.  Kiva will give you "The Ohmedilosi" quest.  Climb the stairs
on the north side of the temple now to the top level.  Right at the top
of the stairs is Saato the Priestess who gives you "The Hunting Horn of
Vadagar" quest.  Turn right and go around the corner to the left.
Athodi the Priestess waits for you on the left beside a large door.
She will give you the "Haenul and the Gemstone of Eraekor" quest.

      That's all here for now.  Go to the Labyrinth of the Khosani now
to face Pyrul.


19a. Come on Baby Light my Fire

Place: Labyrinth of the Khosani
Items: Thermal Medallion
       Summoner Sabaton
       Scythian Bow
Enemies: Burning Bone Knight x27
         Fire Salamanka x11
         Khosani Heretic x16
         Pyrul (Boss)

      Alright time to begin capturing those stinking demons.  The newly
remodeled Labyrinth really isn't hard.  That is, except for the boss.
We'll worry about that though when we come to him, err it.

      Don't you like what Pyrul's done with the place?  Anyway, you find
yourself in the big chamber with the crest on the floor.  There are a
bunch of Khosani Heretics here so slaughter them so you can move on.  In
the next room are several Burning Bone Knights.  You'll have to go along
the left side of the room in order to move on.  Moving along you'll see
that there are a few Salamankas waiting for you.  Have Rosalind use
Blizzard to kill as many as you can without fighting them.  Leave this
room and go down the stairs into the next room where some Heretics are.
Salamankas wait for you after this room.  Once again, use Blizzard to
kill as many as you can.  There's a big group of Burning Bone Knights
waiting for you in the next room so make sure everyone is refilled.
Moving on there are also a few Burning Knights on the stairs ahead.
After the stairs is another room with 5 Heretics and 2 Salamankas.  When
you're finished with them move on to the next room where you'll find 2
more Salamankas.  When you try to leave this room you'll be attacked by
a Burning Knight.

      Now that you're in the large cavern, go left when you get to the
bottom of the stairs.  Follow this all the way down to the gated area
making sure to pick up the Thermal Medallion where the second pair of
Bone Knights are.  Make sure everyone's fully healed and save your game.
When you're ready walk through the gate and face Pyrul.


Boss Fight: Pyrul

      Like all the Demons, Pyrul is a punk, but he's the easiest of the
four.  He loves, and I mean LOVES, to cast Fire spells.  You need to be
very careful of Wall of Fire.  If he casts this make sure you move
whoever's in it's path out of the way.  He also has a breath attack, but
it doesn't do much damage.  Cast Faith and Protect to help against his
attacks.  Other than that just attack him with everything you've got.
Have Rosalind cast Icicle whenever she's not healing.


      After beating the fiery menace, go across the bridge and go left.
The Summoner Sabaton is lying on the ground down here.  Go to the exit
now, but before you leave pick up the Scythian Bow nearby.

      When you're back in the City of the Khosani, go to the entrance
and talk to the Guardian of the Stone Portal.  He'll give you the Rings
of Light and Stone.  The Ring of Darkness will be ready after you
capture the next two demons.

      Now there's no real order that you need to go in.  You can go
capture Luminar then Titus or Titus the Luminar.  The choice is yours.
What I'm going to do though is go after Luminar first.  I consider him
to be easier than Titus and the dungeon is really short.  So exit the
City of the Khosani and head to the Iona Monastery.


20. Capture the Light

Place: Iona Monastery
Items: Ring of the Gods
       Parchment [(Tome Page 2)(Quest Item)]
Enemies: Bone King x 12
         Bone Servant x5
         Lich x11
         Luminar (Boss)

      Well here we are, back at Iona Monastery AGAIN.  I'm getting
really sick of going back and forth from one place to another.  Oh well.
The only difference between this visit and the last is the enemy line
up.  You need to be careful of the Bone Kings.  They have a strong
physical attack that can bring Flece and Rosalind to the brink of death
in a couple hits.  Just keep that in mind and you'll be fine.

      Okay, your objective here is the Greater Library.  In the first
courtyard there are two Liches on either side of you.  There's also
a Bone King straight ahead against the wall.  Go into the tower on the
right.  There's a Servant in here, but the main reason for coming in
here is that there's a King waiting next to the hole in the wall.  If
you can, try to use Wall of Fire on him.  If you cant do that have Flece
Backstab him.  It won't kill him but you'll hurt him.

      Leave the tower now and you'll see a King guarding the stairs to
the snowy garden.  In the garden there are two more Kings and one
guarding the ramp to the next area.

      When you get to the fallen columns, you'll see 2 Lichs and 2 Kings
in the courtyard.  You can roast all of these guys with Wall of Fire
except for the King on the battlements.  On the battelments you'll find
a Ring of the Gods.

      Go to the narrow corridor that leads to the pair of staircases.
There's a King straight ahead and a pair of Lichs on both sides of the
corridor's exit.  You can take out these three with just two Walls of
Fire.  Go through the corridor and take the right staircase.  At the
top of the stairs is a Lich and two Kings.

      There aren't anymore enemies here, but if you go into the Minor
Library you should find a Parchment lying on the floor.  After you get
that go to the Major Library and fight Luminar.


Boss Fight: Luminar

      The biggest thing you need to be wary of is that Luminar can pick
your guys up.  Luminar only has physical attacks, but if he concentrates
on one character he can quickly reduce their HP. Just make sure you cast
Protect all the time and you'll be okay.  Also, don't cast Lightning
with Rosalind cause it refills him.


      Pick up the items Luminar left behind and leave the Monastery.
On the World Map head toward the Ikaemos Swamp.


21. The Stoned Demon

Place: Ikaemos Swamp, Ikaemos Palace
Items: Nobleman's Gauntlets
       Muhul Carving (Quest Item)
       Parchment [(Tome Page 3)(Quest Item)]
       Magus Leggings
       Hero's Sabaton
       Onslaught Ring
       Prowler Leggings
Enemies: Greater Gorgonne x7
         Onyx Gargoyle x21
         Onyx Golem x29
         Titus (Boss)
         Stone Statue x13

      Well at least we've only had to go here one other time.  When you
get here it might be a good idea to equip Joseph and Jekhar with some
blunt weapons.  The biggest reason for this are the Stone Statues.
They're invulnerable to all other types of physical attacks.  Unlike the
last time you were here the Swamp is dried up.  This makes walking
around a bit easier.

      Alright, right now you need to make your way across the swamp to
the bridge.  East from the bridge is a tree with some Nobleman's
Gauntlets lying at its base.  Cross the bridge now and go left.  You
need to make your way to the large ruin that's on the eastern side.
In the corridor inside, you'll find the Muhul Carving.  Make your way
back and go up the platform to cross the left bridge.

      Once you've crossed the bridge you need to go around the right
side of the palace.  There's a Parchment here that's guarded by an Onyx
Golem.  After grabbing the Parchment you need to go to the other side of
the palace.  There's a hole in the wall here that leads to the Palace.
Before you enter refill everyone and save your game.


Boss Fight: Titus

      In my opinion, Titus is the hardest of the first three demons.  He
primarily uses physical attacks, but he also three other attacks that
suck.  For one of them he can knock down everyone close to him leaving
you helpless for awhile.  He also charges forward knocking down everyone
in front of him.  To avoid this attack you simply need to be at his
side.  These two attacks make the fight a hassle.  The third he does
when he's almost out of HP.  He makes the ground around him rise up into
spikes hurting everyone around for 135-155 damage.  You'll know when
this attack is coming cause he starts glowing purple just before casting
it.  Blunt weapons are the best thing against him so make sure Joseph
and Jekhar have them equipped.  Another thing you might want to do is
summon the Jade Golem.  Sure, he's slow as a rock but he does blunt
damage and can't be knocked down.  Protect is a must for this battle so
make sure it's cast.  Other than that just charge him and watch your HP.


      After you've sucked him into the ring pick up the items he left
behind.  If you go up the southern ramp and head east, you'll find the
Magus Leggings in the ruin.  Go up the northen ramp and then climb the
stairs that are a little to the east.  Straight ahead is the Hero's
Sabaton hiding behind a corner to the left.  Taking the stairs to your
right you'll enter another room.  There's an Onslaught Ring to the left
of the stairs.  Go up the next set of stairs.  In the next room there's
some Prowler Leggings sitting in a corner.  That's all here so leave the
Swamp/Palace and go to the City of the Khosani.


22. It is Your Destiny

Place: City of the Khosani
Shops: Weapon Smith x1
       Armorer x1
       Item x1
       Jeweler x1
Quests: Fulfill the Summoner's Destiny (Ulsadana)
        The Mystery of Luleva (Athana of Sidaeh)
        Curse of the Crone of Savheo (Elioma the Priestess)

      Not much to do here.  Just grab the Ring of Darkness and the new
quests then book it.

      Upon entering the city, you'll begin talking to the Guardian of
the Stone Portal.  He has the Ring of Darkness, but you must speak to
the Ulsadana before he'll give it to you.  Go talk to the Ulsadana and
she'll tell you of the destiny of the Summoner.  Return to the Guardian
and he'll give you the Ring of Darkness.

      Now for the new quests.  From the Guardian, head toward the exit
of the Labyrinth of the Khosani.  Here you'll find a knight named Athana
of Sidaeh.  She'll give you "The Mystery of Luleva" quest.  Now go to
the temple.  On the east side of the temple is Elioma the Priestess
(she's next to two Salamankas).  Elioma will give you the "Curse of the
Crone of Saveho" quest.  That's all here so feel free to leave.


23. Conquer the Darkness

Place: Lenele
Enemies: Alligator Beast x1
         Black Knight x10
         Evil Joseph (Boss)
         Evil Urath (Boss)
         Frozen Bone Knight x18
         Gorgonne x18
         Greater Gorgonne x9
         Lich x49
         Machival (Boss)
         Mummy x31
         Onyx Gargoyle x12
         Onyx Golem x12
         Sornehan Knight x12
         Steel Golem x6

      Back at Lenele AGAIN!  I am so tired of this back and forth
bull*%@#.  Okay, well there aren't any changes here except for the
addition of the 10 Black Knights.  After this part you beat the game.

      Well, once again you have to make your way through the Sewers
and the City.  I'm not going to give you directions because you already
know the way.  Just make your way to the Temple of Urath.  When you get
there the final battle will begin.


Boss Fight: Black Knight x?
            Evil Joseph
            Evil Urath
            Your Summon Monsters

      Okay this fight comes in three parts.  For the first part you have
to fight Evil Urath, a big mother with huge black wings.  In the second
part you'll go up against the dark side of Joseph and some of the summon
monsters from the game.  For the final fight you'll be going toe-to-toe
with Machival himself.

      Evil Urath, well let's just say he's not fun.  He attacks only
with magic.  He has a Dark version of Flame Arrow and Inferno.  The
thing that really sucks though is that he has the Death spell.  When
you see him whip out a scythe, someone's gonna die.  There's about a
50/50 chance that it'll work.  Now, since he has wings that means he
can fly.  When he does fly it's to one of the balconies above.  Your
characters will chase after him when he gets to the balconies.  Before
you can get to the balcony you'll be attacked by Black Knights on the
stairs.  A new Black Knight is spawned about once a minute.  Now you
don't have to fight Evil Urath on the balcony, in fact I advise against
it.  You'll have to face the Black Knights and Evil Urath at the same
time, not fun.  Eventually he'll fly back down to the altar and you can
fight him there.  Cast Protect and Faith.  Protect helps against the
Black Knights and Faith is for Evil Urath's magic.  When you've managed
to deplete Evil Urath of his HP he'll transform into Evil Joseph.

      This part isn't all that hard.  Evil Joseph attacks only with his
sword.  The attacks aren't all that strong (as long as you have Protect
cast) but they do have the ability to knock down your characters.  He
also has the power to summon any monster on the rings.  I think the
power of these guys is based on the Ring Power for their ring so the
difficulty of the fights vary.  The order that he summons is Blackfire
Elemental, Poison Elemental, Blood Elemental, and Blade of Urath.  I
don't know what comes after that because the fight's ended by then.
Evil Joseph is a coward, he runs away frequently and you have to give
chase.  During this part the Black Knights can jump into the fray.
When you kill one, another replaces it.  Kill your dark half and then
you get to fight the Demon.

      Machival mostly uses physical attacks.  He does have the ability
to knock you down so be careful.  He also has an attack where he blasts
a dome of dark energy around him.  Meteor Storm is also in his arsenal
along with an attack that can Curse you.  Machival can also teleport a
short distance so you may have to chase him a little.  You'll want to
have Protect and Faith cast for this fight.  If you can, you'll want to
pick up the Sword of Summoners that was dropped by Evil Joseph.  It has
an attack power of 150!  However, it requires your Heavy Arms Skill to
be at 9.  Just hammer at him and watch your life, eventually he'll go
down for the count.


      Now that you've beaten Machival you have a choice to make.  You
can fulfill your destiny or walk away from it.  To fulfill your destiny
appraoch the altar, to run from it leave the Temple.

                         The choice is yours.



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P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.