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E3 2005: PS3 Official
PlayStation successor named. The future is here.

May 16, 2005 - Straight from Sony's press conference here at E3 comes the big news we've all been waiting for...PlayStation 3.

I'm blasting up this article as the conference is still going on, but I'm going to keep on updating with official details as they roll in.
The first word: The name of the next Sony super system is definitely PS3 or PlayStation 3. Nothing fancy or surprising there. And, at least Sony didn't go with PlayStation 361 to outdo Microsoft.

Sony isn't joking around either, the PS3 is the focus of the conference. More details as the come.


E3 2005: Xbox 360 Arrives
First shot of the console on the show floor, crazy custom faceplates included.

May 16, 2005 - E3 2005 doesn't officially begin until Wednesday, but that didn't stop Microsoft's brand new console, Xbox 360, from showing up early. On a tour of the show floor I caught a glimpse of Microsoft's booth. The complex set-up for Microsoft's massive booth is still under construction. It features a long walkway that likely leads to private demo rooms. Sit-down gaming stations that look like skinny C's with seats currently spot the floor, but its unclear if these are for a specific game or if every station will be include such an odd design.

What the booth is still being pieced together, one aspect is already complete. On the side of the booth are glass displays holding Xbox 360 machines, controllers and even a variety of custom faceplates.

Sure, I knew the XBOX 360 was going to be at E3, but now I have picture proof. All that remains is figuring out a way to crack open the glass and abscond with my own 360.


Nintendo Revolution Revealed!... a little

Nintendo didn't have too many things to say about the Nintendo Revolution. All they said was that it was going to be the size of 3 stacked DVD cases, and that it was going to be backwards compatible. But not with GameCube games. So I assume that you are going to be able to hook the Revolution up to a computer via USB port, and then you can put ROM's on there, making Nintendo profit from the pirating of their previous consoles' games. But here's some pics:


Dashboard Clock

P.S. A big thanx to Gamefaqs for letting me use SOME walkthroughs.